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Raped! By my Brother!

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Hardcore, Incest

Author: Mystic47

Published: 07 May 2018

  • Font:

“Come on! I haven't been fucked in weeks, my nuts hurt, don't you care, can't you help?”

“What the hell am I supposed to do? I'm not going to fall over and let you stick your dick in me, I'm your sister and I'll never let you in my pants, get the fuck out of here! Go see Marcia, she's hot for your body.”

“Marcia is hot for any body, if I fucked her my cock would die of some kind of disease. I promise I'll wear something, you don't have to worry about that.”

My brother Marshall had come into my room right after I got out of the bath. I was wearing only panties and a bra when he opened the door and slipped through in just dark red briefs. It took me about zero seconds to see he had a big fucking erection under the material. He didn’t hint, he didn't stammer, stutter or even act embarrassed when he asked me to have sex with him. I was not only repulsed by what he wanted, I was as pissed off as a cornered cat that he barged into my room while I was half naked. “GET OUT you perverted asshole, go fuck Ralphie if your so goddamn hard up for family!” Ralphie was our younger brother and without a doubt was leaning toward boys and men, Ralphie either was or would be gay.

Marshall leaned back on the door rolling his butt so his groin was rocking back and forth “Ralphie doesn’t turn me on, you do, you're really fucking hot and I bet you are a hot fuck.” I grabbed my jeans and blouse and tried to push past my disgusting brother, since he wouldn't leave I was going to finish getting dressed in the bathroom.

Marshall blocked my way and said “I'll leave, you don't have to run from your own room.” He opened the door and backed out “But you have no idea how much fun we could have, too bad Sis.” The door shut and I was alone.

I started breathing again, the way he was acting, the way he looked at me made me feel like he was ready to rape me. I've been raped; two guys held me down while their buddy screwed me until he came twice, once in my pussy and once in my mouth. I tried to bite his cock off but one of the others started choking me so I let it happen. I was lucky just the one did it, I was afraid the others would too. I didn't tell anybody because I was somewhere where I wasn't supposed to be and out when my parents thought I was in my own bed.

I dropped my clothes and sat at my makeup mirror. I sat still for a long minute staring at myself, still mad at Marshall's behavior. Gradually I calmed down and started fixing my face.

I was done with eyeliner and mascara and was working on my hair when Marshall came back. He was still wearing just briefs but didn't have the boner, what he did have was a small sports bag in his hand. I spun around to face him, instantly regretting that I hadn’t put my clothes on when he first left. When my brother was close enough he grabbed me by my left wrist and pulled me off the little bench then spun me around and pushed me to the bed. I fell back “What the hell are you doing you stupid asshole! Let go of me and get out or I'll scream so goddamn loud they'll hear me in Russia!”

Marshall clapped a hand over my mouth at the same time he straddled my stomach, I was crushed to the bed under his ass. He reached into the bag and pulled out a short strip of duct tape then slapped the tape over my chin and lips. The tape sealed off my loud protests, I tired to shake it off but that tape wasn't going anywhere. I tried to wet my lips hoping the sticky glue would loosen but nothing worked. The only sounds I could make were muffled grunts of rage. I started banging his chest with my fists but he grabbed both of them in one hand and pinned my arms over my head. He reached again into the bag and retrieved a long velcro strip then bound my hands together. The only defense I had left was my feet but the way I was lying they were uselessly hanging over the bed to the floor. My brother sat up straight looking down on me and smiled, his eyes were laser sharp focused on me “I'm going to get laid today and you get to be the lucky cunt.” I shook my head violently, cursing him to hell as my heart thudded heavily. I couldn't believe my own flesh and blood could even think of treating me this way.

He rolled off me which gave me a chance to buck my back and try to flip over so I could escape off the bed. I managed to get to my stomach with my feet on the floor before he slapped my ass hard with his bare hand. The sudden, stinging smack shocked me, my fucking brother hit me! I yelped against the tape over my mouth then he banged my ass again. After the second swat he pushed me face down on the bed again. I wasn’t scared, just so fucking mad I could cut off his nuts and fry them before feeding them to Ralphie. “The more you fight me the more I like it and in the end you are going to like it too.” He jammed a hand between my thighs and grabbed my cunt like it was a squeeze toy. Even through my panties I could feel the work hardened skin of his fingers chafing me. More anger flooded my body and I tried to twist away again.

Marshall is a lot bigger than me so he handled me easily. He pulled me up to lie completely on the bed, I was still face down, lying on my bound hands. He grabbed my underpants and ripped them down my legs, I tried to kick him when he was close to my feet but he defeated my attempt by throwing a leg over mine to hold them still. After he ripped my panties off he drew them over his head until they were around his neck. My brother was wearing my chiffon underwear like a scarf against a cold wind. He flopped down beside me then unclasped my bra. It wouldn't come off my tied wrists so it fell open to each side. Marshall put his hands under my stomach then rolled me to my back. He leaned up on an elbow and looked at me from feet to hair, “You know Cassie, you look fucking hot. You should walk around naked all the time, save me the trouble of stripping you before I fuck you.” I tried once again to get up and managed to sit upright before he put a hand on my head and forced me to my back again. I tried to resist but the bastard grinned then smacked me between the legs, right on the lips of my pussy. “Mmmmmmm!” I managed to groan through the duct tape. My cunt stung and for the first time I felt tears form in the corners of my eyes.

He fumbled into the bag he'd brought with him and pulled out a blue tinted bottle. I recognized it. My lilac scented body oil. He twisted off the cap then held it over the junction of my legs then poured a generous dose of oil into my pubic hair. It was flowing through my hair then down the split of my body to the bed. Marshall put the bottle down then began to smear the oil over the lower part of my stomach into my muff then down and over my sex all the way to my butt. His hand and my body were covered with oil so when he bent his long finger and jammed it into my butt hole it went quickly and easily. I arched off the bed because of the brutal assault on my ass. It didn't hurt, just shocked the holy hell out of me. Up until he rammed his finger in me I held a small hope that he would realize how fucking nasty he was being and leave me alone. When I felt him twisting his finger in my butt I knew for sure I would be raped, there was no hope of him coming to his senses.

He pulled his hand from my body then stood beside the bed. He pulled down his briefs and I saw his weapon, it looked like a long thick bludgeon. I could only think of it as a baton he was going to beat me with. It sure as hell looked hard enough to hurt if he did hit me with it. He grabbed his erection smiled into my eyes and said “I'm going to stick this in you, in your pussy, in your ass and in your mouth. I will fuck you all three ways and you are going to enjoy it.” The only thing I was going to enjoy would be biting that fucking thing off if he tried to screw my face. He flipped me over, I was on my stomach again.

Marshall got all the way on the bed, he was behind me I couldn’t see but I felt his knees rubbing on the insides of my thighs, he was in position. He leaned down and put his hands on both sides of my head then said into my ear “Here I come Cassie” then I felt the end of his hard prick sliding up and down my crack. He hesitated only slightly then not too gently shoved his cock into me until the hair on his groin ground against my butt. The oil made the penetration slick, smooth and easy for him. My brother sighed into my ear “I haven't had a piece in eleven weeks, damn this feels good!”

The tears had stopped but I couldn't stop what the fucking bastard was doing to me. I felt his cock pumping, his groin slapping against my ass, he was hissing as he breathed through clenched teeth. I tried once more to roll out from under him but he was too heavy, I was too tied up.

He must have been super hard up because only a couple of minutes after shoving his erection into my cunt he huffed deeply then started firing hard surges of his fucking rapist lust into me. I could feel the millions of little Marshall bastards swimming around in me searching for an egg to attack. I wasn’t on birth control and my mind flashed briefly on what the spawn of my brother would look like and I cringed in terror.

He huffed and groaned for a half minute while his balls finished their mission. They must have deflated by several inches while the pressure bled off. Marshall pulled out of me then collapsed down, lying full length on me. “MMMMM!!!! UMMM!” Duct taped words that meant 'You fucking bastard! You came in me! What if I get pregnant!'.

“Mmmmphmmm! Mmmmmumm!” Translated –- “Get the hell off me you son-of-a-bitch, you're fucking heavy!!!” After a short rest my brother rolled off to my side, he was on his back so I caught a glimpse of his prick. It didn't look rested, it looked still charged up. I could feel his cum oozing from me and got even more pissed because not only could he knock me up now I would have to change my blanket. I tried to roll over again, I needed to get off my bound hands. I bowed up then crashed over to my side then to my back.

Marshall looked me up and down and muttered “I knew I would like you. You got a nice soft pussy, deep too.” My bra was tangled up in my arms half over my tits so he moved it up until they were bared. He put his big hand over the left tit and mashed it flat then started rubbing it in a circular motion. He smiled hugely, moved closer to me, rolled to his side then bent his head down to suck my tit.

I protested 'MMMMMMuuummmmmm!” My nipples are hyper sensitive and sometimes guys get too rough and hurt them. My brother's hand was driving spikes of bee stings through my left nipple while his mouth lathered on the other. He lifted his head then said “Okay, nuff playtime, I’m gonna fuck your butt now.”

“Mmmummmm. Muuuumuuu!” I told him exactly what I was going to do to him when he finally let me go. He easily tossed me up and over, again I was face down. I clenched my butt cheeks together, he wasn't going to get me easily. He lifted off the bed and out of my sight. Hands gripped my ankles and jerked my legs wide apart, I tried to kick loose but his grip was strong. All was calm for a few moments then I felt another splash of my lilac oil spilling down my butt crack. Just like before Marshall plunged a finger into me lubing up my nether hole. He pulled the long digit from me then I felt the pressure of his groin on my ass cheeks as the end of his fucking log forced it's heavy head into my tight ass. “UUUmuuuuh.”

Just about the time Marshall’s balls kissed my butt my bedroom door opened and Ralphie our younger brother walked in. He slammed to a stop, one foot hanging in the air, a step unfinished. “What the fuck are you two doing!?”

I couldn't see Marshall but I could hear him smiling “I'm fucking our sister's ass, come on up here and join me, you can practice for your boyfriend.” Ralphie bloomed bright red in the face then down his neck as he said “No, but enjoy yourselves” then retreated quickly from the room. I guess the tape on my mouth and my bound hands weren't enough of a clue that I was not willingly getting my ass reamed. Great, not only was my big brother a motherfucking sister rapist, my little brother was too gutless or gay to stop him.

I had a brief thought that I should shit on my brothers prick but then again I got rational. One, he would probably like it and two, I would have to clean the mess off my bed after he was done. Cum stains would be bad enough so I fought off the urge to crap over his plunging prick. Marshall was climbing to another blow out, I could hear his breath getting deeper, faster. He slammed his cock far up my ass and paused, I could feel it convulsing as he fought off cumming. When it quit quivering he pulled out of me, rolled me to my back then went to his knees over my stomach. He put his cock between my tits then with his hands folded the mounds over his boner and started stroking between them. It only took my brother a few humps of his ass until his cock started spewing again. I was looking at the end of it when he blasted away, a long string of cum arched up over my neck and splatted across the tape on my mouth, over my nose and into my right eye. I closed my lids against the shots of cum while he pulsed and emptied his balls on my neck and face. I fervently hoped he didn’t get any in my fresh washed hair.

He fell limp beside me huffing and sweating. I turned my head and nudged him with it. Marshall opened his eyes reached over and as gently as possible pulled the tape off my mouth. I lifted my arms then gripped the end of the velcro strap with my teeth and freed my hands. My brother smiled at me gently “Wow, you acted really pissed this time, it was great.”

“Yeah, today I got into a proper rage, it was fun thinking how many ways I would kill you or something. I think it was the tape on my mouth, I couldn't cuss or yell while you raped me and it made me really angry.” I pulled my panties from his neck and off his head.

“Did you see the look on Ralphie's face?”

I laughed lightly “Think he'll tell anybody?”

“Not after I talk to him. Had enough?”

“Come on Marshall you know better than that, now you have to get me off.”

“Like I did last time?”

“Nah, this time I want you to clean me up. Lick up your cum from my face and pussy, that should work quite nicely.” Since we started playing our games a year before I knew from experience my brother could rock my body a couple of times before I let him fuck me again, with my permission.

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Raped! By my Brother!

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