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  1. Living in Nevada a Long Time Ago
  2. Living in Nevada a Long Time Ago #2

Living in Nevada a Long Time Ago #2

Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Male / Female

Authror: Sticker Patch

Published: 09 May 2018

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Living in Nevada a Long Time Ago #2 - Cheryl Cums to Town

I hung up the phone and laid down with my head in Carmen's lap. I could smell her pussy and rolled over face down into her snatch. She purred and said "we still haven't fucked..yet". I pushed my nose further in and blew into her crotch which made her wiggle. She pulled me out of paradise and rolled me over and laid on top of me wiggling her hips and mashing her pussy into me. This made my semi hard cock start to wake up and she raised a little to pull my cock in line with the lips of her pussy and then spread herself and start rubbing me between her lips and on her clit. I guess you could call this dry fucking but with the amount of her cum on her mons down into her crotch it was far from dry and felt incredible. I asked her if she had rubbed pussy to pussy with Cheryl and she smiled and said, "all the time". After 5 minutes or so and getting turned on completely the phone rang! Damn not now..she leaned forward to pick it up and I slipped into her pussy to the hilt! "Oh that's nice" she exclaimed as she picked it up and I could hear Cheryl ask "Whats' nice"?

Carmen said "he just slipped his cock in me and it feels really nice"! To me that was an understatement and I just moaned incoherently..She may have been over 50 and it was after her "pause" but her kagel muscles were well developed and I could feel the end of my cock pushing on her cervix. She continued yakking with Cheryl while wiggling around and rubbing her clit on my pubic bone. I was busy wiping her cum from her ass area and rubbing it on her nipples and sucking them to attention. She hung up the phone and yelled "I'm cumming" and her pussy clamped down on me as she commenced to flood us as she squirted a bunch. It was all I coud do to not cum and I rolled her off me and asked if she liked doggie?? She rolled over, got on all fours head down and said "either hole" but prefered fingers in her ass and lots of clit and titty play..I mounted her and did as she asked by rubbing her ass with one hand and alternating between her nipples and clit.

She grunted "cumming" and tightened her pussy like a wet gloved hand and went flat on the bed breathing so I hard I thought she was gonna pass out. I stayed in her and shot 3 or 4 strong shots deep in her..she said " I can feel it in my womb" and I thought vasectomy..great idea..though she had had her "pause" I've heard of women getting pregnant after and I wanted no part of that!

We rolled over and I left my cock in her pussy. It was so comfortable snuggled against her ass and having her pussy hold me in with more contractions and holding her boobs. She finally caught her breath and said "by the way Cheryl is on the way"! I unplugged from her pussy with a pop and ran to the window.."Holy crap there's almost a foot of snow in the parking lot and still coming down"!

Carmen said " she said she had a 4x4 with snow tires, chains and a winch". I replied "yes, my truck and it'll take maybe 4-5 hours in this weather"! Carmen just smiled and patted her pussy and smiling. She said "lets clean up and eat something besides each other" and headed to the bathroom with a bottle in her hand. I asked "what's that?"..she said "Summer's Eve to wash my pussy out. I said "give it to me and I'll warm it up in the microwave". She turned and asked where I learned that as she gave it to me. I said "from Cheryl, she says it makes her feel all warm and tingly!" I put it in and set it for 30 seconds while she turned back to the bathroom.

I pulled it out and shook it. The bottle felt warm and as I went in Carmen was holding her pussy open and said "put it in and you do the flushing". I knelt down and pushed it gently in and she let lose with a torent of pee and groaned as I squeezed the bottle gently. She said "wow that feels nice" as I squeezed the remains in to her. I turned the shower on and adjusted the water a little cooler than she had it and stepped in. She was right behind me and grabbed the wash cloth and soap and I grabbed the hand held shower head and started teasing her nipples and coochie with it. She soaped the rag up and washed down my back to the crack of my ass and then the front paying special attention to my cock and balls. I grabbed another bar and started washing her with my hand all over paying special attention to her boobs and pussy. When I moved around to her back she still had hold of my cock and it was starting grow. I had my one hand on her pussy and reached around to her ass and started soaping up her butt hole and stroking her clit and pussy lips. She started thrusting her hips and moaning again while kissing me fiercely. She asked if I wanted to make her cum again and I said " it's up to her and didn't want to wear her out with Cheryl cumming!" She said "not to worry, give it a couple hours rest and she'll be ready".

I was running on empty and told her get dressed and we'd go to the Steak House in the back of the casino. I noticed she put on a warm thick sweater, no bra or panties, a knee length wool skirt with knee high boots. We crossed the parking lot and the snow had slowed some but there was at least a foot and when we entered the casino it was jumping even though the weather was so nasty. I told Carmen it was all captives of the storm with the truck parking full up. We entered the Steak House and it smelled wonderful. She stopped at the menu that was posted and said " escargo and black sea caviar?" I told her their prime rib and steaks are all Kansas Corn Fed and the sea food was all caught yesterday including lobster! We were seated by the Maitre D' that was dressed in a tux. I asked for a secluded booth and slipped him a twenty. Even though prostitution is illegal in the two main counties in Nevada there are special circumstances recognized with the application of money.

We had a corner booth in a dimly lit part of the room. Our waitress came up and introduced herself as Michell and was pleased to help us. We told her where we were from and she smiled and said "home of the Pussy Cat in the Circle"..we just smiled and nodded. We ordered drinks and Carmen said order food for both of us as she was starved and didn't feel like reading the menu again. I ordered two grilled prime rib dinners with all the fixins'. Michell nodded and asked if I came here often and I told her once or twice a month for a couple years. She asked if I had been to the Mustang in the Canyon and I replied yes to the bar and the gift shop. She smiled and said she worked there and I nodded with a smile. Carmen was shifting around until Michell was out of ear shot and she asked what was the Mustang. I told her the Mustang Ranch was a world famous cat house just outside the county and way out of my wallet!

The food and drinks showed up and was first class. It was very nice having Carmen sitting close to me but very little hanky panky went on as we were famished. Michell brought the bill and I gave her a $100 and told her to keep the change. She said next time in town stop by the Mustang and ask for her by name as this was her week off. Again Carmen was squirming around and when Michell left she asked what all that was about. I told her when a lady is on her monthly she does not work at the cat house and most work the bar or gift shops. Michell probably made a couple hundred a night working the steak house versus minimum wage at the cat house.

We headed back to the room. Carmen asked if I wanted to gamble and I told her private poker games are one thing but casion's are in business to take money not give it away. When we got in the room she grabbed on of my tee shirts and I stripped to my boxers. She asked how I met Cheryl?

I smiled and said lay down and I'll relate tale of debauchery and sex. A year or so ago a "friend" was getting married and his buddies wanted to have a bachelor party for him. I offered my place as I was sure my lady would be out with his intended for a bachlorette party. About 8 that night everyone started showing up, 8 guys or so and a pro from the Pussy Cat. It was Cheryl as I recognized her from buying her a drink or two. She grabbed me and laid a lip lock on me and said "this is great I know someone..the gang looked at me and I said I tell no tales and asked what she was here for?? They said she was a stripper and I showed her to the extra bedroom for her to change if needed. I showed her the stereo and she got out some cassette's (this was pre CD era) and started some songs she liked. I had my camcorder handy and she asked that I not use it..I said Ok and kept it low..she was downing tequila shots and commenced to get naked and within the hour was taking guys to the bedroom. She fucked and blew them all but me. I was standing at the fridge getting a beer and she showed up next to me butt naked and sweating. To describe Cheryl she was 5'2" and a little bubble butt with A cup titties with suck-able nipples. Her pussy was covered with downy hair and had flower pussy lips with her clit hood sticking out. She asked when I was taking a turn and I said I didn't like sloppy seconds, didn't pay for pussy and didn't like rain coats! She said cool and went back in the living room. The others were leaving like rats jumping off a ship and suddenly it was her and I. Her ride had left without her and she was pissed. She offered me $50 to take her back into town. I told her no problem and she asked if she could take a shower and I could watch. She picked her purse up and pulled a bottle of Summers Eve out and asked if she could warm it up in the micro wave. I told her jump in the shower and I'd bring her the bottle. I went in the bathroom and she was sitting on the toilet with half closed eyes and asked me to stick the nozzle in her pussy and wash her out. She said all the guys that fucked her had been wearing rubbers but she didn't like that smell either. I washed her out and she got in the shower. I went back to the living room and she should call if she needed help. She came back out dressed and handed me her panties as a souvenir. I took her into town and dropped her at an apartment she shared with 4 other girls during their week off. I refused the $50 and told her let's do dinner or something in the future and gave her my phone number.

I looked over and Carmen was curled up sound asleep. I snuggled up behind her and put my cock between her butt cheeks and went to sleep as well.. will Cheryl show up in my truck??

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Living in Nevada a Long Time Ago #2

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