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Categories True Story, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Erotica

Authror: CecilBCK

Published: 10 May 2018

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Carmen and Ron were both in their late forties, and had been married, both for the second time for three years. Their up and down and tumultuous personal life was partly balanced and counteracted by an avid and lustful sex life, which was often very spasmodic due to long and wide separations.

They were on a short interstate working holiday and sitting forty floors up, in the piano bar of an International hotel, enjoying an after dinner drink.

Both had an vivid and profound interest in sexual variations and they often enjoyed discussing what if situations, involving a third person, none of which ever eventuated or was even remotely referred to outside their bedroom.

Carmen was considered by Ron to be a voluptuous size 14, with long well formed legs, with generous ham thighs which was a turn on for him. Her crowning glory as far as Ron was concerned, was her wonderful forty three inch arse which he enjoyed telling her constantly, “Was magnificent, and the flawless twin orbs of your beautifully proportioned arse are my ultimate turn on.”

Usually he told her this in bed as he was licking and kissing this part of her anatomy. He used to like putting her hand on his limp cock while she had her back to him and then as he licked and kissed her arse with his tongue, let her feel just how big his cock could get by kissing her arse.

Carmen liked and enjoyed the power her wonderful arse gave her over him, and also enjoyed being fucked from behind and the noise he made slamming into the twin orbs of her arse as he plunged in and out of her with his erection.

Often mid way through this, Ron would fantasise aloud to her that, “Some one should be watching this.”

Carmen often wondered if he really meant it or was just fantasising aloud, and also wondered how she would react given the opportunity.

As Ron went to the bar to order a second round of drinks, he noticed an obviously uncomfortable woman aged about forty, trying to catch the attention of someone behind the bar to order a drink for herself.

“Need some help?” Ron smiled.

“Can you order a gin and tonic for me, please?” a plummy English voice asked.

“I am here by myself for a few days on business and am fed up with spending every night alone in my room. This is not much better though. I feel strange in a bar by myself.”

“Would you like to join my wife and I at our table?” Ron ventured gallantly, at the same time running his practised eye over her. She was a complete contrast to Carmen. Fair hair, size ten, he thought, and not voluptuous like his wife but interesting and attractive, and very well dressed, in a dark blue two piece suit with a white silk blouse. The blouse was undone perhaps one button too many, Ron mused, but the white pearls she wore gave the outfit a touch of class.

“I would love to join you both. My name is Zena,” she said as they reached the table and Ron introduced Carmen and himself.

Ron watched for any reaction from Carmen as Zena seated herself opposite Carmen with Ron sitting between the two women. Always a keen student of body language Ron watched fascinated as Zena sat and crossed her stockinged legs. Zena’s eyes closely watched for any reaction from Carmen at the same time, and picked up Zena’s appreciative gaze on her bare, tanned legs as she settled into the chair. 

In no time Zena and Carmen were chatting away together about all manner of things, and as Ron came back with another round of drinks he was amused to see that both women had their legs crossed in exactly the same pose, a mirror reflection of each other. Carmen seldom wore stockings, preferring to show her well tanned legs to advantage and tonight was no exception, her simple but expensive white satin dress by now well above her knees. For Zena’s benefit, Ron wondered?

After a nervy start to the conversation Zena had told Carmen and Ron, in a very cultured English voice that she had just one night left in this city, before she flew out later the next day.

Ron was fascinated at what might lie hidden under the veneer of English reserve and expensive well fitting clothes, both sexually and in bedroom conversation.

Would her genteel veneer disappear if someone had her in bed, he wondered. 

As the conversation raced along Zena could not keep her gaze off Carmen's tanned and partly exposed bare thighs, asking almost inevitably, thought Ron, “Carmen how do you get such a good tan on your legs?”

At the same time Ron was sure that Carmen was showing Zena as much of her bare legs as she dared in a public place, just to tease her very obvious interest.

“My European blood I think. Actually I am the same colour all over. I love sun tanning nude. Ron likes to sit and talk to me while I do it. Especially when I am tanning my back. He loves to rub oil all over me and alternate with ice blocks on my nipples.”

Carmen was watching Zena for her reaction, and was not disappointed when she saw her eyes open wide and gleam with excitement. 

Carmen kept talking. “Ron is an arse man. He says my big arse is the best he has ever seen. He measured it one day with nothing but oil on it, forty three inches he claims. He loves rubbing oil into it while I sun tan. He gets a real hard on kissing it, you know, and he says it’s the best for a few other things, as well.”

Ron was not sure if the drinks had made Carmen so free with her conversation or if she was deliberately baiting Zena. Which ever, Ron was enjoying the sexual innuendo floating about and the rapport between the two women.

By now Zena was obviously rapt in the tone of the conversation, and was not sure if Carmen had said turn on or hard on. Hard on sounded far more interesting than turn on she thought, smiling to herself.

“Sounds terrific. I wish I could do those sorts of things back home in London. Too cold most of the time though, and no husband or steady man in my life to do it with any way.”

By now a definite frisson had developed between the three of them, even though Ron had not contributed much to the conversation, he felt he was definitely a part of the group of three at the table.

“Ever tried good Australian champagne, Zena?” Ron smiled, at the same time sending tacit signals to Carmen.

“What do you call good? I thought only the French made champagne. Any thing I have tried here seems like carbonated hock,” Zena said her hand on Ron’s arm.

Zena continued, “I bet you are going to say that you just happen to have a bottle of your best Oz champers on ice in your room upstairs.”

“Why don’t we go and try it then,” said Carmen, jumping to her feet and taking both Zena’s and Ron’s hands. “I’ll break out the old cliches. You can see our etchings and the view is fantastic.”

No one spoke at all during the short elevator ride up the extra six stories to their room.

“Have a seat ladies and I’ll open the champers,” Ron said, a slight edge to his voice.

As Ron dimmed the lights and poured them all a second glass, Zena said, “This really is good champers. I’m pleasantly surprised.” 

Ron was sitting opposite the two women who were sitting on a leather sofa, both with their legs crossed in identical style, and both seemed to be vying to see who could let their skirt ride up the most.

Ron could feel a tension between the three of them which permeated the room, a tension which he had never experienced before, and it was a tension which he could not easily identify.

Carmen stood and walked over to Ron, and took his hand as she guided him to his feet. “What else can we do to entertain Zena on her last night here, Ron?”

“Did you pack the scrabble?”

Carmen continued, looking straight at Zena. “I could start by showing you my all over sun tan,” her gaze never leaving Zena as she tried to gauge her reaction.

Zena’s agitated and very interested look and sexy smile was all the prompting Carmen needed to start undoing the zip of her dress, while both Zena and Ron watched, fascinated.

Carmen turned so that her back was towards Zena and as she undid the long zip on her dress and with her other hand pulled Ron toward her and started kissing him. 

The zip finished below Carmen's hips and Ron undid it, as Carmen asked, as slowly as his trembling fingers would allow, trying to tantalise Zena, and at the same time heightening Carmen’s obvious excitement and sexual build up.

Carmen wanted to have as much sexual impact on Zena as possible and as the zipper reached it’s limit, she shrugged out of the dress, still in her high heels and stepped out of it and stood with her back still to Zena, her legs apart, at the same time kissing Ron with passion, and pretending to ignore Zena.

All that Carmen had been wearing under her dress, apart from her perfume, was a flimsy white G string with double straps at the sides, which accentuated her sun tan and which showed as not much more than two white strings around her waist, the rest of the G string lost between the twin orbs of her magnificent arse.

Ron was watching Zena’s reaction. 

Zena supercool, merely took another sip of her drink and with a tremor in her voice which betrayed her outer calm, said, “Your suntanned arse really is magnificent Carmen. Absolutely fantastic. Can Ron kiss it while I watch?”

“Why not?” Carmen drawled.

“How will I know if he gets a hard on doing it though? You did say he got a hard on when he kissed your gorgeous arse, didn’t you?” Zena now very bold.

“Show her Ron. Get undressed and let her watch you get hard as a rock kissing my arse. And I mean hard as a rock. Can’t disappoint our guest, can we?”

Carmen helped Ron out of his clothes but left his brief and bulging underpants on him.

“You can remove his briefs Zena,” Carmen instructed.

Ron was taking deep breaths trying to slow down and play along with Carmen’s game. He already had an erection but was determined to make himself even bigger and harder by kissing the cheeks of Carmen’s arse while Zena watched.

Zena, still immaculately and fully dressed struggled to pull his briefs over his erection as he kissed Carmen’s twin orbs, hoping that Zena would hold his cock and feel it grow as he kissed his wife’s arse.

And to his great delight, she did. Ron felt sure that this was his best erection ever and he was starting to think of the best way to use it for as long as possible.

“I need two hands for that,” Zena said, her voice with a definite tremor of excitement, “my hand won’t go all the way around it.”

Carmen was still standing in high heels with her G string on as Ron knelt on the floor behind her, kissing and tonguing her arse. Zena still fully dressed, with both her hands holding Ron’s erection knelt on the floor alongside Carmen and starting to kiss and suck Ron’s erection, and slowly take it into her mouth.

Carmen watched over her shoulder, fascinated as a virtual stranger filled her mouth with her husbands cock, at the same time as he kissed the naked cheeks of her arse.

“You can suck on him all you like Zena, but you’re not having him.”

Ron spoke for what seemed like the first time in ages. “Let’s go into the bedroom. Carmen can make the rules.”

In the bedroom Carmen took control. ‘Sit there Zena,” she said pointing to a chair in the corner. “Take your clothes off though. We want to see you. Don’t we Ron?”

Zena stood before them and with great aplomb and obvious practice, slowly and deliberately undressed, chatting the whole time.

“This jacket came from Bond Street, this skirt came from Paris, blouse from Milan” and so it went. All the time Ron watching appreciatively and surprised at what a lithe body Zena had. Firm breasted, surprisingly large and very erect nipples, tucked in waste and even a fantastic, well rounded arse for a size ten. Her last item of clothes added even further to Ron’s turn on. “Crotchless panty hose, from Sydney.”

“Leave those on, and your shoes, as well” Ron instructed. “They look fantastic. I must get some for Carmen.”

“I want watch you to suck Ron some more, but he has to finish off by fucking me while you watch, Zena. All right?”

Zena led Ron by the hand and sat in the corner chair, which was just the right height for Ron to stand in front of her so that she could cup his balls with one hand, slide the other hand up and down his erection near it’s tip and suck on the head of his erection all at once.

“Do you like me doing this?”

Ron could barely distinguish which female voice was asking the question he was so immersed in his pleasure. Carmen standing close by, legs akimbo, in high heels, displaying her brilliant legs to maximum effect, obviously very turned on by another female sucking her husband. She could sense his slow yet intense build up, and was determined to have Zena watch him have his ultimate pleasure with her.

Carmen came and stood alongside Ron and started kissing him on his lips, watching Zena suck him at the same time.

“When you are ready Ron, come to bed and fuck me from behind, while Zena watches. Don’t be too long. I want Zena to hear you slamming into me.” 

While she spoke those words Carmen pulled her damp g-string off standing close to them, so that both Ron and Zena were aware of her doing it. She then put her hand on her husband’s very erect prick and took it out of Zena’s mouth.

“Sit there and watch, Zena. Talk to me while Ron fucks me from behind,” Carmen instructed as she positioned herself and Ron sideways on the bed only a few feet from Zena, with her feet pointing towards Zena.

Carmen had positioned herself perfectly so that as Ron entered her Zena would have an unobstructed view.

“Watch the way Ron does this Zena. It’s his specialty.”

As Carmen was saying this Ron was positioning himself to enter Carmen and used both of his hands to grip the cheeks of her arse, as he entered her, sure in his own mind he had never been so turned on ever before.

As Ron slowly slid his full length into Carmen he could see Zena playing with herself, through her crotchless pantyhose.

Carmen spoke first. “Can you see his cock going all the way up me Zena?”

“It looks fantastic”, Zena replied, her voice with a definite quaver.

“God you two have turned me on,” Zena said, though Carmen and Ron were so immersed in their own pleasure they barely heard her.

By now Ron was quickening the pace and tempo of his thrusts and was very aware of the noise he was making as he slammed against the cheeks of Carmen’s glorious arse.

“Ron has always wanted someone to watch him do this to me. And I must say I like it too,” Carmen smiled to Zena. 

“The noise you are making is fantastic,” Zena groaned, close to orgasm, as she masturbated herself. 

“Fuck me harder. Come on, really hard. Faster. Harder. Faster,” Carmen urged. “I am just so turned on. Harder. Faster.”

Ron was aware of some one repeating, “Harder, Faster. Harder, Faster,” as he plunged harder and faster. Was it Zena? Was it Carmen? Or had they both said it?

By now he had such a grip on Carmen that he was pulling her body towards his to meet his every quickening thrust.

“Is he good? Is he good? Is he good?” he was vaguely aware of Zena asking the question of Carmen just before his ultimate orgasm.

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