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Sister has unfinished business

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen, Virginity

Author: tonysex23

Published: 11 May 2018

  • Font:


When the condo doorbell rang, Jack was sure it was some bible thumpers; who else would it be at 10 o'clock on a Saturday morning? So, he couldn't have been more surprised or pleased when he opened the door to a blond goddess. She was tall, athletic, stacked, and just damn sexy in white shorts and a white blouse.

Unfortunately, she was also seriously pissed off.

Before he was finished looking her over she physically assaulted him, beating on his chest with the meat of her closed fists and calling him all sorts of obscenities. He just absorbed the attack until she cried, "You bastard. Why did you abandon me?" At that point, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. She began sobbing and he stroked her hair as looked down at her in his arms and said, "Hello, Kate. How's my little sister?"

After she calmed down, he helped bring in her luggage, enough to hold everything she could possibly own, and showed her to the spare bedroom. He let her freshen up a bit while he made two quick phone calls from his office and then came out to make them some green tea.

They spent the rest of the day catching up. Jack had "abandoned" her when he turned 18 and enlisted in the army, never to return home. When Kate turned 18, she also left home to pursue a modeling career in New York. And then, just a few weeks earlier, during their weekly phone call, their mother casually told Kate that she had finally heard from Jack and he was living in California. That was all Kate needed to hear. She immediately "retired" from modeling and went in search of her brother.

Their life experiences were certainly different. Jack had toured south Asia after his military service and then earned his college degree, started his consulting business, and created what he thought was a full life for himself on the west coast. Kate, on the east coast, became a popular bikini and lingerie model but found herself adrift among people she didn't even like.

Jack kidded her, "Are you saying that you couldn't find a man in all of New York City? I have to say, you're not the little girl I grew up with; you've developed into quite a stunner. I don't believe you can't have just about anybody you wanted."

She bit her lip as he spoke and when he finished she smiled and said "Thank you, kind sir. I think the problem was that I never could find someone I really wanted. The men I dated were happy enough to be seen with me but were real duds in the bedroom. Or worse, they were real wimps, too in awe of me to even try anything. I need someone who will spank me and use me properly."

Jack spluttered but recovered quickly. He joked, "Well, if the men you met were so bad, maybe you should have gone on the wild side and tried your own sex."

Kate laughed. "Don't think I didn't. But it was the same problem with the ladies. Even the doms wanted to be my subs. A girl just can't win."

They both laughed but Jack quickly changed that topic of conversation. They had always been close as children and Jack really cared for her and always watched out for her as they grew up and he really wasn't interested in hearing details of her adult sex life.

She, on the other hand, had always looked up to him as some sort of demi-god. With this mutual admiration it wasn't surprising that they really enjoyed each other's company once Jack steered the conversation into calmer waters. The day went by happily and quickly and the sun was setting when the doorbell rang again. Jack stood up and headed for his office, "I've got to take care of something, could you get that?"

Kate gave him a quizzical look but merely nodded and headed for the door. She opened it and stood eye-to-eye with her half-Asian counterpart, a stunning dark-haired beauty with dark bronze skin, an athletic build, high firm breasts and beautiful almond eyes. But, just like Kate earlier, this girl looked like she was seriously pissed off. "Who the hell are you?" the girl demanded.

Jack quickly joined them, laughing, and said, "Amy, this is my sister, Kate. Kate, meet my girlfriend Amy. She's usually not so nasty to people."

The two women made nice but were still assessing each other carefully when Jack continued, "I made reservations for three if you two would like to join me for dinner."

Kate had already noted Amy's tight black dress and left the room saying, "I'll be ready in 20 minutes." While she was gone, Jack quickly explained the situation to Amy who seemed slightly put out by her boyfriend having a long-term roommate. Kate dressed quickly and half an hour later, she came out in her own tight dress, only hers was white.

From Jack's viewpoint, the meal went exceptionally well. When they arrived at the restaurant, all heads turned as they walked in, and the owner himself made sure they had a prominent table where everyone could see the kind of guests who patronized his little place.

Jack couldn't help noticing some of the women checking him out, and he speculated that they wondered what kind of man deserved these two beautiful women. So, when they were done, Jack suggested they extend the evening by going clubbing and was a little disappointed when Amy immediately said she was ready to go back and Kate agreed.

When they got back to Jack's place, Kate said she was exhausted and needed to get some sleep. While Jack helped her get settled in, Amy headed right for his bedroom. She started searching under the bed until she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a toy box and was a little embarrassed to find it completely covered with dust. The "toys" had been her idea, but she never really felt comfortable using them. Now, though, things were different.

She searched through the box and quickly found what she was looking for. It was a metal bar with four soft cuffs with velcro closures. The two larger cuffs were at either end of the bar and the two smaller ones were in the center; just your typical spreader bar.

She quickly stripped, sat at the end of the bed and fastened the two larger cuffs around her ankles. She flipped herself over so that her ass was in the air, then pulled her knees up under her. She scooted down until her feet hung over the end of bed and then extended her arms down between her legs toward the two smaller inner cuffs. She cuffed her lift wrist and then secured the other cuff into a small circle that she could barely wriggle her hand into. It wasn't a true cuffing, but it would have to do. Then she waited.

When Jack finally said goodnight to his sister, he went into his bedroom to find Amy offered up to him in a sort of triangle. Her face was forced into the mattress by her arms pinned down between her legs. Her ass was up in the air at the end of the bed and her legs were spread wide making her fully accessible. He walked over and softly stroked all of her exposed parts noticing that her ass glistened with lube.

He moved to the side of the bed and leaned over to look her in the eye and said quietly, "You know, this position gives me ideas."

She dropped eye contact in submission and murmured, "Use lots of lube."

His already hard cock jumped. He knew that she hated anal. The first and only time they had tried it, she cried in pain until he was fully in her and she was only able to get through the experience by rubbing herself constantly. They never tried again, so this was a very big deal.

He practically used the whole tube of lube on her and over his entire cock before stepping up behind her on the bed. He placed his cock head against her now-slippery anus and began to slowly push in. She buried her face in the mattress to muffle her cries so that Kate wouldn't hear her pain because it did hurt. He kept pushing until he was fully seated inside her and then he paused, leaned forward, and gently asked if she wanted her hands released so she could rub herself.

She said, "No. This is for you. Don't be afraid to take me hard."

Well, of course, this made his cock jump again which only added to her pain. He began to move inside her, first slowly and then, holding her by the hips, faster and faster with greater force as he became more and more aroused. He could hear her muffled cries of pain, but she had granted total permission, so he let the sounds wash over him and add to his pleasure. He didn't try to prolong her agony but he did take her thoroughly and his orgasm was massively intense. He staggered away from her when he was through.

He quickly released her cuffs, gathered her in his arms and kissed her passionately, wiping her tears away. After a few minutes, she went into the bathroom to clean up and pull herself together. He left her alone and only went in himself when she was done.

When he was done, he returned to the bedroom and climbed into bed and pulled her close, looked her straight in the eye and asked, "What just happened? What's going on here?"

Her response was primal, "She can't have you. You're mine and I won't let her take you away."

That was truly the last thing he expected to hear. He was totally confused. "Do you mean Kate? Kate? Really? That's my sister you're talking about. You certainly have nothing to worry about on that score. My sister? Damn, you can't really believe I would even think about fucking my own sister. Do you really think I'm some sort of pervert?"

Amy was stubborn. "Did you hear even one word that was said at dinner? She's madly in love with you. She wants you and she won't be satisfied until she has you. It doesn't bother her that you're her brother. It's because you're her wonderful, marvelous big brother that she wants you. ... Sometimes you can be just so blind to some things." She turned her head away from him.

He didn't know what to say. The concept was just too silly to contemplate. He cared very much for his sister and he was extremely happy to have her in his home, but he had absolutely no sexual attraction to her at all. He said as much to Amy and hoped she could that see he spoke the truth. He held her close until she was completely calm and drifted off to sleep. Only then did he close his own eyes.

* * * *


When Amy opened her eyes the next morning, Jack was already up. This wasn't unusual. Throughout his life he was always the last to go to bed and the first to get up. She focused on her mission and quickly took a shower before returning nude to the toy box looking for two specific items.

Jack certainly needed his alone time that morning. He sat with his morning tea sorting through all that had happened since his sister's arrival and he found himself to be a little frustrated. Was Amy right? Kate had been unhappy in her modeling and even said that the last time she had been truly happy was before Jack left and that was why she had come to California looking for him. But, was there something more to it he wondered.

And what about himself? Did he harbor some secret desire for his sister? She was an intelligent, beautiful and sexy woman, but was she someone or something he wanted sexually? He prided himself on seeing things as they truly were, without sham or pretense, but was he missing something here that Amy was seeing? It all left him disturbed and confused.

He heard the shower in the master bedroom and knew that Amy was up and would have to leave soon. She was a highly successful real estate agent and probably had an open house that afternoon. But after half an hour, it became obvious that she wasn't coming out. He stood up and went to see if there was a problem.

When he walked into his bedroom, his cock went instantly from flaccid to rock hard. Amy was kneeling with her back to the bed, with her hands cuffed behind her back and a ball gag in her mouth. Drool had filled her mouth and overflowed down over her breasts and stomach. She never lifted her eyes.

He quickly stripped, remembering this very well. Oral sex was a standard part of their sexual routine and Amy was well skilled, but this was something totally different that had been a special birthday present to him nearly a year ago.

He walked over to her and carefully raised her head before removing the ball gag. He then placed the tip of his cock between her lips and she coated it with her saliva. He pushed in a little farther and she continued moistening more and more of his cock until it was fairly dripping from tip to root.

He straddled her kneeling figure, placing his knees down on the edge of the bed. He entwined his fingers through her thick, black hair, immobilizing her head, and then he took possession of her mouth with his cock. It reached the back of her throat and she gagged slightly. He pulled back and entered again, pushing slightly deeper, feeling her throat begin to open to him. He pulled back again and then thrust his entire length all the way into her and began to rhythmically pump in and out of her tight throat with her face being jammed into his pubic bone.

Anytime she made an effort to turn her head to the right, he knew she needed to breath, and he would pull out, pausing momentarily as she gasped for air before he returned to his own need, thrusting a little harder as a sort of punishment for interfering with his pleasure. When he did cum, he came hard, holding her face tight against his pelvis, rocking his cock deep inside her, and his load went straight down her throat. Finished, he slowly pulled out of her mouth leaving it in long enough to make sure she tasted him and cleaned his cock head.

He opened the cuffs and helped her to her feet. She hurriedly cleaned up, dressed and prepared to leave since she did have an open house to manage and needed to change clothes at home. She gave him a tight smile as she went out the door and said, "There, now maybe you can resist your little sister until I see you tomorrow." Jack could only shake his head in continued confusion.

* * *

It was afternoon before Kate got out of bed. She was still tired from her journey, so they spent a quiet afternoon and evening watching television together.

When they were kids, Kate used to sit close to Jack while the family watched television and would often press herself into his side especially if they were watching some scary movie. So, just as she had always done, she immediately sat next to him on the sofa, getting as close as possible.

Of course, things were different now. The gangly pre-teen with braces and a giggly laugh was now fully blossomed. It wasn't sharp elbows and the smell of bubblegum he was now trying to avoid but full breasts and the slight scent of vanilla. Jack wondered if Kate was aware of how things were different. Was she just re-living the past or, perhaps, planning the future? It really was damn confusing.

Jack wasn't even sure how his own body was responding to this stimulation. He felt funny, but that may have been because he was too worried about how he felt. His cock behaved itself, but was that because he truly had no sexual attraction toward his sister or simply because Amy had drained him enough to take the edge off? He remained in a bewildered state all day and well into the night.

* * * *


Jack sipped his morning tea and continued trying to make sense of what was going on and he thought he had found the key. He was overthinking the whole thing. The real problem was that Amy was simply a jealous woman. It didn't matter that the "other" woman was just his sister, she still acted as though there was some sort of competition going on.

Well, he wasn't going to complain about the competition aspect. Their sex life had been good, but this was sexual fantasy territory and he decided he was just going to enjoy that for as long as it lasted.

He reassured himself that he was quite normal and that his kid sister was just that, his kid sister. He would always watch out for her but in no way would he ever skeeve on her. He felt better than he had since this all started and went into his office to work on the financial project he had been neglecting due to all this excitement.

When he heard Kate moving around in the kitchen, he took a quick break to check on her. She said that she was still recovering from her journey and thought she might spend the day at the condo pool and get some California sun. He laughed and told her he was working but might join her later. She finished her brunch and went off to change.

She called out from the living room when she was heading out and he came to see her off. He knew she was a bikini model and would have access to the best fashions, but this was a revelation. What he saw was an icon of sex in a white halter bikini that looked as if it had been hand-crafted to perfectly fit and enhance her curves, creating perfect cleavage and accenting a perfect butt.

His cock twitched, but he was sure it was only because this whole package was professionally designed to make any male go weak in the knees. Well, actually, he hoped that was the explanation, but thanks to Amy's paranoia, he was now starting to feel guilty again. He managed to smile and promised he would join her later.

He returned to his office but found it difficult to concentrate and he was still in a somber revery when the doorbell rang. It was Amy and she was stopping by on her way to work just as she had promised.

She was dressed in her standard business attire. It consisted of a tweed blazer with a velour collar and a matching skirt that wasn't quite a mini-skirt but was still about two inches shorter than most business skirts. Beneath this she wore a satin blouse and black stockings. It was an expensive and classy outfit that hid a few suprises.

Amy stepped inside, looked around and asked, "Where's your damn sister?"

"Be nice. She's out at the pool."

"Good. ... In your office. ... Now."

Jack smiled to himself. Here we go again, he thought.

Amy was extremely happy that Kate wasn't there at the moment. At home, while she was dressing, it dawned on her that in all the other excitement, she had completely forgotten her own needs. And what she needed was a good fucking. She walked into his office, walked over to his desk and turned to face him as he stood in the doorway.

She removed her blazer and placed it over his chair. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra under her tight creamy blouse since it caressed her breasts and her hard nipples poked against the form-fitting material.

Without taking her eyes off his, she reached to the side of her skirt, unfastened the button and pulled down the zipper. She opened the skirt and let it fall to her feet. Underneath, she was wearing a red garter belt with long red straps attached to black stockings.

She wore no panties. The belt and straps framed her bronze skin and the groomed hair of her pubic area in a way that was a work of art. Stepping out of her skirt, she kicked it to the side. She leaned back against the desk, spread her legs slightly, and, pointing down between her legs, said, "Get your ass over here. This clit isn't going to lick itself."

Smiling broadly, Jack jumped to obey. "Yes, Ma'am," he said. He dropped to his knees in front of her and lifted his face into the job to be done. He licked her from bottom to top and then centered his mouth over her clitoris, pressing in and enveloping all of the flesh. He began to flick his tongue to form each of the letters of the alphabet.

Sometimes she made it to the letter "O". But not this time. Her orgasm was strong and she was quite vocal about it. She pulled his head into her crotch as she continued to quake and then pushed him away roughly when she was done with him.

Jack stood up and watched as she turned her back and bent over the desk. If the front view was a work of art, the back view was a carnal masterpiece of a peach bottom, framed by the garter belt and its two red straps with the black stockings below. Her pussy, centered in the middle of this display, was moist and glistening.

She looked back over her shoulder and said, "No funny business, now. Do me right." He stripped quickly, already quite hard from her display, and stepped forward to "do her right."

She really was overdue for this and he entered here easily and deeply. He held on to her hips and began quick strokes and she came quickly. While she quivered, he kept up the pace to begin working her into another orgasm.

He was fully in control of himself since she been draining him all weekend so when she came again, he just kept at it. When he finally reached the point that he was ready to have his own orgasm, he could tell she was nearing another, so he clamped down, holding back until they climaxed together.

A little later, Jack was back in his desk chair when Amy returned, skirt back on but carrying her jacket. Jack swiveled toward her. Her nipples were still hard under her silk blouse and, when she sat down on the sofa, her skirt slid up letting the garter straps peek out.

She looked so inviting that Jack gave some thought to taking her again, but he had a better idea. "Amy, since you finally get a day off tomorrow, how about we spend it together? Just you and me. Lunch, dinner, maybe a drive to the coast? How does that sound?"

Amy didn't realize what an emotional wreck she had become. She fought to hold back tears as she came over to be held in his arms. "That sounds wonderful."

* * *

After she left for work, Jack quickly changed into his swim trunks and headed downstairs for the pool. He saw Kate on a lounge chair in the sun and headed over. She sat up when he came over and said, "I'm glad you finally got here. Can you rub some suntan lotion on my back?"

What could he say. She handed him the bottle, turned over on her stomach and reached behind her and untied her top. He remained calm as he poured some lotion on his hands and knelt down to rub it in.

Even a brother couldn't help but notice the sensuous beauty of her toned muscles as he kneaded her skin. She really was a beautiful woman, but the sensuous feelings never crossed over to sensual ones. He wondered, once again, if it wasn't just his escapades with Amy that kept him from tenting his swimsuit.

He noticed the divorcee contingent at the other end of the pool watching in fascination from their usual nosy perches, but he thought he had more serious problems than those busybodies.

After they had been lying out for a while, Jack mentioned that Amy had stopped by and that he was going to spend the next day with her. Kate nodded, "That'll be fine. I need to get out myself and do some shopping. I don't have any California clothes to wear."

Jack thought of his aching back from bringing in all of her luggage, and shook his head. She went on, "Would you do me a favor, tomorrow, and ask Amy if I could take her to lunch on Wednesday? I don't think we got off on the right foot and I really do want to be friends with my brother's girl. I think we just need a chance to get to know each other better."

* * * *


After working a bit in his office in the morning, Jack drove over to see if Amy was ready to head out, but she surprised him by saying she wanted to stay in. This sounded like she wanted to play house and Jack was sure this couldn't be anything but a disaster.

One of the things he liked best about Amy was that she enjoyed her career. She wasn't interested in getting married and settling down to be a wife and mother, cooking and cleaning and raising kids. She was happily working to get her broker's license and had neither the time nor the desire to develop any domestic skills at all. She needed a service to clean her place weekly and she always said that she never learned to cook because there were so many good restaurants. So when she decided to make lunch for them, he expected trouble and got it.

How you can set off a smoke alarm making grilled cheese sandwiches remains a mystery, but Jack found himself waving a towel to disperse the smoke while he laughed himself to tears. Amy was crying too, but not from laughter. He tried calming her and then made them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

As soon as possible, he got them out of the condo and down to the pool where they could enjoy the sun and water but even that didn't help. Amy remained upset and he finally suggested they take a shower together to rinse off the chlorine from the pool. That, at least, got a faint smile from her.

Amy was already in the shower while Jack was still undressing, but he quickly joined her, stepping in behind her. He soaped up her back and continued down to her beautiful ass and she immediately thrust back into his groin and rolled into him.

He moaned slightly and then, with soapy hands, reached around to her breasts. They were too big for his hands and he had to squeeze in order to hold on. He flicked her nipples with his fingertips and they swelled quickly. Now she began to moan and he caressed her body as he moved one hand from her breast down between her legs to work her clit. Soon she shuddered into an orgasm.

Amy turned around in the shower and pushed Jack to do the same. Now she was behind him and she reached around with her right hand and grasped his hard cock. Jack always reacted strongly to this.

She held him with a grip like he had used as an adolescent but this wasn't adolescent masturbation. He had no control over the strength of the grip or the speed of the strokes. It was a familiar feeling, but so very different.

After stroking him for a short time, Amy pressed into him even closer and reached around with her left hand to cup and lift his ball sac. She wanted to judge how close he was to orgasm because she didn't want him wasting it. She took him just to the edge and then stopped. He moaned in frustration and then dragged her out of the shower.

He toweled both of them quickly and then picking her up, he walked into the bedroom and threw her on the bed. By the time she was done bouncing, he had crawled up between her legs and and roughly attacked her with his mouth and tongue.

When she was about to cum, it was his turn to stop and listen to her frustration until he lifted her hips and mounted her, seating himself in her pussy in one swift motion. They coupled in pure lust and by the time they finished, they both needed another shower.

Despite good sex, Amy was still depressed about the lunch incident and when Jack insisted that they have dinner out, she sadly agreed but insisted it had to be within walking distance. So, they walked hand-in-hand to a little Italian restaurant a few blocks away.

They talked about little things as they walked until Jack remembered Kate's request. He told Amy that Kate wanted to buy her lunch, and, suddenly, Amy was completely out of her funk.

She was animated as she said, "Your sister certainly led an exciting life in New York, didn't she?"

Jack was a little taken aback, but replied, "Well, yeah. She was a lingerie model and I imagine she met all sorts of strange and interesting people."

"You said she had girlfriends. I wonder how serious all of that was."

Jack just wanted to change the subject. "I guess she dated some girls, but she also dated guys. Really, I don't know. She started telling me stories and I just stopped her cold. I have absolutely no interest in the details of my little sister's sex life. I don't even want to think about it."

If Jack didn't want to think about it, Amy just couldn't let it go. All during dinner she kept coming back to the subject and kept voicing her speculations until Jack finally had enough and said, "Why don't you just ask her yourself tomorrow? How about that?"

Jack found himself a little bit annoyed at Amy and decided not to spend the night as he had originally planned. Amy didn't seem to notice that anything was wrong and as he was leaving, she slipped him a sealed note for Kate. When he asked what it was, she said it was simply directions to the restaurant where she and Kate could meet.

Kate was watching television when he got home and she was surprised to see him. They talked for a while with Kate going on and on about her shopping and even giving Jack a present of a plush white spa robe. Finally, Jack remembered the note. Kate read it, smiled slightly as she put it away, and said she was going to bed.

* * * *


The morning found Jack going through his usual routine of tea and business, but midweek was a little different. On Wednesday, he drove the widow Wilson to do her food shopping.

Miriam Wilson was in her early 40's, not really that much older than Jack, and certainly not old enough to be his mother. She had been a widow for five years when they met for the first time as she was being mugged.

Miriam had always taken a cab to do her weekly shopping since moving into her condo. On this particular Wednesday, she was returning home and the cab driver was helping her with her bags when this kid appeared out of nowhere, knocked her to the ground, grabbed her purse and took off running.

Jack just happened to be walking out of the lobby as this occurred, grabbed the kid by his flowing dreadlocks and pulled him to the ground, hard. Since Jack weighed about 100 pounds more than the kid, there really wasn't a struggle, but, as sometimes happens, the story was blown completely out of proportion by Miriam and the cab driver when they gave their story to the police.

When the police finally left, Jack could see that Miriam was still shook up, so he gathered her grocery bags and led her to her condo. He had noticed a box of teabags in her grocery bags and asked if she would like him to make her some tea. She smiled shyly, said yes, and excused herself while he prepared the tea.

The tea was ready by the time Miriam returned wearing a silk housecoat that was really quite modest but couldn't hide a voluptuous body. It was obvious Miriam took very good care of herself and while Jack usually preferred athletic bodies, she reminded him of the classic movie star Elizabeth Taylor in her prime. and he was quite impressed.

They sipped their tea and talked about what had happened when she grimaced and reached up to her shoulder. Jack could see she was in pain and offered to massage her shoulder. Miriam said please do, if he wouldn't mind. He hurried to get behind her and began carefully working her shoulders.

"That helps," she said. "You know Jack, you really are a hero, a knight in shining armor. I just know the city will be giving you some sort of reward for your heroics."

Jack snorted, "You know all that chivalry stuff is nonsense. I'll bet when a knight saved a damsel in the "olden" days, he probably just took his reward on the spot and the damsel didn't know what hit her."

Miriam didn't respond immediately, but finally looked up at him over her shoulder. She reached across to his hand and slid it down to her ample breast saying, "My hero can have any reward he wants any time he wants."

Jack wasn't reluctant to take her up on that and he led her to her bedroom and proceeded to claim his reward. Miriam hadn't realized how much she missed having a man and Jack found out what was meant by a "Cadillac ride."

* * *

Shopping, tea, and bed became something they both looked forward to each week, so he wasn't expecting problems when he knocked on her door this particular Wednesday. Miriam opened the door, not at all ready to go shopping, and said, "Oh, I didn't think you were coming."

Jack was perplexed. It turned out that the divorcee crowd couldn't stop jabbering about him and his hot new live-in girlfriend and it seemed Miriam had allowed that to fester and grow into something ugly. He laughed and tried to explain, but it was soon obvious that she wasn't listening. She had the look of someone who was steeled to ignore anything that didn't fit her preconceptions.

It wasn't a pretty sight and Jack really didn't understand what was happening, but he was an utter realist. He didn't get angry at irrational behavior or continue to make futile efforts to change it, he simply moved on. And with that he turned and walked away both physically and mentally.

* * * *


Things were going much differently for Amy and Kate.

When Kate arrived for their lunch date, Amy was already there, waiting with a drink in front of her. Kate ordered a drink and they both ordered chicken salad.

Wasting no time, Kate dropped Amy's note on the table and said, "So, you're interested in my New York experiences?"

Amy laughed, "Well, from the little Jack told me, it sounds like you had some wild times. I've never been to New York ..."

Kate's was all seriousness, "It really wasn't all that. In fact, I never really fit in. The best men were gay and then there were the women. ... The lesbian crowd thought I was slumming. It seems that if you like men, you're just experimenting. No bi's need apply.

"But I really didn't care. There were simply too many head games and way too much drama. And I never could understand what was so appealing about someone who's a man in every way except the one way that matters. Women dressing like men, with masculine haircuts and macho tattoos ... I don't know. I just didn't get it.

"But, hell, I did experiment. I still have some very, very close model friends. And we did have some good times. We talked about them visiting once I got settled out here."

Amy jumped in, excitedly, "Lipstick Lesbians. I've heard about that."

Kate smiled and shook her head, "I really don't like that term but there is some truth in it. Sometimes it's just nice to be with someone who looks good and smells better ... like you."

Amy blushed, but smiled, and Kate continued, "But, actually, you look a little tired and stressed. I'm sure all of this has been tough on you."

Amy tried saying that it was nothing a good night's sleep couldn't cure, but Kate wasn't buying that, "What you really need is a hot oil massage. It rejuvenates in a way you wouldn't believe."

Amy was sceptical, "Hot oil sounds like medieval torture and I don't think that's legal around here."

Kate laughed, "Well, actually, it's warm, aromatic oil and your place will be perfect."

Amy realized that this was pre-planned, but she also realized this might be just what she wanted. They finished their salads and headed off for Amy's condo.

Kate knew what she was doing and quickly began preparations as soon as they arrived putting the oil into the microwave and some towels into the dryer. She lit candles and incense sticks and told Amy to undress and lie face-down on the bed.

Kate took one of the now-warm towels and laid it across Amy's buttocks before dipping her own fingers into the now warm oil. If Amy was expecting a blatant erotic massage, she was surprised when Kate started with her fingers, moved to her wrists, ears, and the back of her neck. She was treating Amy's entire body as an erogenous zone.

It was indeed exactly what Amy needed and she soon found herself surrenduring to the sensuous feelings that only slowly developed into sensuality. When Kate had her turn over, Amy was at her mercy and Kate began to work on the primary erogenous areas. And even then, Kate worked methodically, cupping Amy's breasts and only slowly working up to her nipples. She then spread Amy's legs and worked up the inside of her legs. She climbed onto the bed and brought her face up the point of the triangle.

Kate blew on Amy's clit and her hot breath made Amy moan. Kate enveloped Amy's slit with her mouth and used her tongue to work her clit. To Amy, it seemed much like Jack's technique but with a definite knowingly feminine twist. It was almost more than she could stand.

Before Amy could recover, she found that she was expected to participate. Kate had moved further up the bed until her legs straddled Amy's head. Kate lowered herself down to Amy's face smothering her and then quickly lifted again. Kate was ready on the next time and had her tongue out as Kate lowered again.

* * *

Afterwards, as the lay together in bed, Kate held Amy close to her and they talked.

Kate started, "You know, you and I would make a great team. ... When you get your broker's license, I could work for you. You could show me the ropes and help me get a real estate license ..."

"Wow, that would be great! You'd be good at it. You've got just the right style for the high-end market. ... I really need to think about this. ..." She hesitated, "But, what does this mean for Jack and me?"

Kate laughed, "Nothing changes on that score. You're Jack's girlfriend; I'm just his sister."

Amy snorted, "Right. ... No, seriously, I know exactly what you're doing and now I don't know what I can do to stop you."

Kate pulled her closer, "Look, Amy, I'm serious. You're his girlfriend and it seems to me that you come out on top here. You have Jack and now you'll have me-in more ways than one. And I'm quite willing to share both of you. In fact, Jack's birthday is coming up and I know the perfect present. Do you think he might enjoy it if we double-team him?"

Dawning realization showed in Amy's eyes as she considered what all of this would mean in practice. Perhaps she was indeed the lucky one here. They talked quietly for a while longer before they realized they were both starving. Kate got up to see what she could put together from Amy's near empty refrigerator while Amy lanquidly watched her from the bed.

When they finished eating, as Kate preparing to leave, she asked Amy for one more favor, "Don't answer phone calls or texts from Jack, just give a short message saying you're busy with a client and will get with him later. I'll let you know when it's over."

Amy wasn't sure, "I don't doubt you for a minute, but do you expect it to be so easy? Jack is totally self-assured; I've never seen anyone get him to do something he didn't want to do."

Kate smiled wickedly, "I know how to push his buttons. It won't be that hard."

And with that, out she went closing the door behind her.

* * * *


The next morning started out in the usual pattern. Jack was up early in his office when Kate finally opened her eyes and made her way to the coffee. She was just fully waking up as Jack joined her and asked her plans.

"I'm a little hung-over," she told him. "I think I'll just go recuperate at the pool today."

"Are you and Amy OK now?" Jack had called Amy earlier but had to leave a message.

Kate smiled "I think we're better than OK. We get along really, really well. She now knows all your adolescent secrets, and, she's going to be my boss, you know. She's going to teach me the Real Estate business."

Jack finally did hear from Amy. She called and said that she had a tough closing going on and would get with him as soon as everything was taken care of. She also said to say "Hi" to Kate, her new employee.

He was happy that everything really was all right on that end, but it didn't help with the tension headache he was developing. Jack didn't consider himself to be over-sexed, but it had been longer than usual since his last orgasm and it didn't look like he was going to get any relief soon.

The rest of the day went quietly. Jack worked and Kate worked, too, on her tan. For dinner they ordered Chinese delivery and they ate in silence. After dinner, Jack went back to his office and Kate went to her room.

Back in her room, Kate was a little bit nervous since she needed to get everything exactly right and she knew she would have to take some chances. First, she searched for the most obnoxious music she could think of that wouldn't be so blatant as to make Jack suspicious.

Then, since her clothing was just as important, she decided on a short, pleated skirt that wouldn't be too tight. She really debated with herself about panties. While wearing them would seriously break the flow, not wearing them might be too obvious. She decided to take the risk and went commando. It was now time for action.

At first, Jack didn't know what the hell it was. It was loud, it was annoying, and it wasn't music by any definition he knew. Photos http://cpmlink.net/fgAXAA His headache exploded. Still, he remained calm. He knocked on her door and when she stuck her head out, he point to his ears and motioned his palms down to indicate she should turn it down. She gave him a shrug, went back inside and the sound moderated.

Sighing, he went back to his office and tried to concentrate on some spreadsheets, but no sooner was he settled than the noise started again. Unamused, he went back to her room, threw open the door and yelled, "For godsake, turn it down!" She did and back he went to his office.

Once again, just as he was settled in, it was back. This was simply too much. He jumped from his chair, ran to her room, threw open the door, and yelled "Goddamit, Kate, turn that off!." She stood up, stared at him defiantly and, in her most grating, whining voice, yelled back, "No! What are you going to do about it, spank me?"

The look in Jack's eyes told Kate that she had succeeded in pushing him over the edge. Her plan was working.

Jack charged into the room, yanked the speaker wires out of the computer, turned and grabbed her, dragging her over to the bed where he sat and pulled her over his lap. He flipped her skirt up and Kate waited for that first delicious smack.

And then ... nothing.

For what seemed like an eternity, Kate waited. She was near panic that nothing was ever going to happen when the first blow hit. And it was a blow much harder one than she was expecting.

She had wanted a spanking and by the third smack, she was afraid she was getting a beating. But by the sixth blow she realized that no two hits were in the same spot and he rubbed the target after each swat. Jack knew what he was doing and she took a deep breath and surrendered to the pain.

She didn't know how long he intended to continue but when she had taken as much as she could, she twisted out of his lap to the floor, grabbing and kissing his hands as she sobbed, saying she was sorry and thanking him. Jack never said a word. He lifted her from the floor, placed her on the bed, and covered her with a blanket.

Jack knew he should stay with her, but he had a lot of thinking to do and he walked out of the room. He stripped as he headed for the shower where he let the water pour down over his head while he tried to make sense out of what had just happened and what he had just done.

Kate had been right to worry about her panties because as soon as Jack saw she wasn't wearing any, he knew exactly what was going on and all of his anger evaporated.

When he looked down at his sister's bare bottom with his hand poised to strike, all of their conversations came back to him and he had to decide how to proceed. Now, standing alone in his shower, he knew full well that he had crossed a line with his decision and he wasn't entirely sure why he had, or where it would lead.

* * *

Stepping out the shower, Jack dried himself and then pulled on his new robe and headed for the living room. He sat staring into the empty fireplace trying to deal with the emotional conflicts he felt.

He was still sitting in silent thought when Kate quietly walked up behind him in her own white robe and placed a hand on his shoulder. Jack looked up at her and said, "Kate, we need to talk. Here, come sit down by me."

Kate looked down at him, "We do need to talk, but I don't think I'll be sittng for a while."

Jack's eyes widened in panic. "Are you all right?" He started to jump up.

Kate's kept her hand on his shoulder keeping him back on the sofa as she walked in front of him and said, "I'll be fine. Just let me kneel here at your feet." She paused and then whispered, "I'm sure you won't feel the need to be quite as harsh once you're spanking me on a regular basis."

Jack was still seriously worried that he had really damaged his sister and he wouldn't process her last statement until a good while later. She kneeled down keeping eye contact the whole time. "Jack, you have to know how very special you are to me. In fact, at your feet is exactly where I belong."

She continued, "Do you remember when I broke your baseball trophy? You had never been so angry with me before and you said I needed to be spanked. You don't know how much I wished you would have.

"I broke the trophy on purpose, you know. I had been at the movies with my friends and when I went to the restroom I saw you sitting near the back with Susie Turner. I stayed back and watched you two and I saw you kissing her.

"I was so jealous. I wanted you to kiss me like that and I knew you never would, so I went home and sat on your bed and cried. I wanted you to see me as something more than a kid sister. I wanted some sort of reaction from you, so I grabbed your trophy and threw it down on the floor knowing it would make you angry with me.

"And now I've made you angry with me again but this time you did spank me so now we can be honest with each other."

Kate stood up and stepped in front of him and stepped backwards. She opened her robe, dropping the collar down off her shoulders. Spreading her arms so that the robe framed her nude body, she said, "Jack, this belongs to you. Nothing that has happened to either of us over the years has changed that. I am your property and you can do whatever you please to me and with me."

Jack just stared. His sister was an unbelievably beautiful vision. In just a few short days she had tanned to a golden brown and her real bikini had created a tan bikini. Her naked breasts and loins were still milk white with pink nipples above and trim blond hair down below.

Between her display and her words, Jack was lost and his body betrayed everything he thought he believed. Jack looked down and saw his hardening cock push up through the folds of his white robe growing larger with a mind of its own.

Kate followed his gaze and she smiled when she saw what was happening. Gracefully she moved toward her brother and knelt down and quickly lowered her mouth to just over his cock.

He felt her hot breath on his cockhead as she lifted her gaze to make eye contact but Jack couldn't look. He was about to step over another line and he was still conflicted.

Kate had no such concern and smiling inwardly she lowered her mouth over him and began to bob her head trying to make this the greatest blowjob her brother had ever received. When his cock hit the back of her throat, he moaned and she began gagging herself rhythmically to let him know his pleasure was the most important thing.

Jack may well have been mentally conflicted but his recent lack of sexual release put his body in total charge and he took her head in his hands and began to set the tempo of her movements. Kate adapted to his rhythm and used her tongue to increase the intensity. With a grunt he came deep in her throat. He held her head down on him for a moment extra and then let her back off. He then pulled her onto the sofa across his body with her head on his chest and began to pet her hair. And that's where she fell asleep.

* * * *


In the morning when Kate finally awoke from a very deep sleep, she knew that her plan had failed. With tears in her eyes she saw that she was alone in her own bed when she should have been with her brother in his bed.

She tried going back over everything wondering what else she could have done, but it only deepened her depression. Listlessly, she got out of bed, ran her fingers through her hair to get it out of her face and pulled on a simple dress and went to make coffee.

She peeked into Jack's empty bedroom but she knew that he would already be in his office behind the closed door. She seriously thought of just barging in on him but she suspected that just might make things worse, so she drank her coffee and sadly waited for him to come out.

Behind the closed door, Jack wasn't in any better shape. He had had a rare restless night and had just thrown on his robe rather than dressing. His thoughts were going at high speed as he sat in his chair, barely able to concentrate on anything. He had crossed too many lines this past week and he wasn't sure where he was exactly.

Friday had been intense and he was only slowly coming to grips with it. He was finally able to consider the meaning of her comment about regular spankings which led to him thinking about his baseball trophy.

He was surprised when he realized he had been carrying anger about that for so long. That was the only time Kate had done anything like that and he thought she had started to change in ways that weren't very pretty. It was one of the reasons he didn't keep in touch when he went in the service. He could almost laugh about it now. Perhaps regular spankings were in order.

On the other hand, he still looked at her in many ways as his innocent little sister. So, though he knew that Kate had expected him to take her to his bed, he had put her in her own bed and let her sleep. Jack had been confused and frustrated all week and he still was.

He heard her moving around out in the living area and he took a deep breath. He had no idea what he would say or what he would do, but he got up, took his teacup in hand, and opened the door.

Kate had heard the his movement behind the door and she stood ready, defiantly, waiting for him with her hands clenched at her sides.

Jack walked out of his office, stopped, and was mesmerized. Kate's expression combined with her bed hair made her look totally wanton. His innocent little sister was nowhere to be seen.

He met her steady gaze and tried to keep from smiling. An offer had been made and he was about to claim what was his and step over the final line. Everything was going to be all right after all. She was going to be his and that was what was meant to be.

He noted her simple, strapless white sundress held up by elastic under her arms as it flowed down over her breasts down to her knees. Turning slightly, he set his cup on a side table before he deliberately moved toward her. Before she had time to react, he took her dress in both hands and pulled it down.

Her breasts quivered when the elastic stretched and pulled over them and the dress came down to her hips where it hung up. Jack bent forward and pulled it down over her hips and let it drop to the floor.

Kate made no movement of her own but just let him do as he wished and found herself standing naked before him again, only this time by his choice and his desire. He stood back for a moment looking at her.

Still without a word, Jack stepped to her side, reached up under her hair and took her lightly by the nape of the neck and said, "Come with me." Kate simply melted into submission and he led her to his bed where he had her lie down.

Jack dropped his robe behind him and climbed onto the bed between Kate's spread legs. She pulled her knees back and lifted her hips waiting for him. He leaned over her and, as he prepared to enter her, he whispered in her ear, "Mine."

With that, he took his pleasure and gave her what she most wanted and needed.

* * *

Surprisingly, it was Jack who fell asleep afterwards. Kate continued to lie on her back in that distracted afterglow that a truly satisfied woman feels and it was a short while until she could gather herself.

Smiling dreamily, she remembered that she had promised to call Amy. And that was indeed a priority. After all, along with everything else, they had a birthday party to plan.

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Sister has unfinished business

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