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  1. Marching Band Bus Ride Fun
  2. Marching Band Bus Ride Fun 2

Marching Band Bus Ride Fun 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Authoritarian, Blackmail

Author: planet earth

Published: 11 May 2018

  • Font:

“Okay guys, nice Job! Heck of a first half I’d say.” our band teacher yelled out to us. “Okay guys you have earned it, go get some concessions or just chill. Just make sure all of yall are back by the start of the third quarter. All right?” “Yes sir!” the band members cheered out. The band erupted into giddish talking as they get their instrument down and sat down after standing for the past hour and a half. Some got up to go find the restroom, others headed in the direction from which the smell of popcorn was the strongest, and others just layed down, rubbing their “chops” which help to soothe their mouth after playing for so long.

Keegan’s team was up 17-14 at halftime having just hit a thirty seven yard field goal as time expired. It was a super impressive kick for a highschool student and had left the band in a jovial mood and the home fans in a slump.

Keegan set down his drumsticks, and made sure his percussion instruments were secure. He looked around trying to catch the attention of Ann or Megan for his cock was already bulging as he knew that in five minutes he may very well be cumming in their mouths or fucking their brains out. Ann, being just as horny as Keegan was, looked back at him and gave him a bright smile and then proceeded to slowly trace her lips with her tongue. Keegan felt his dick jump in his pants, and he worried that he might not make it before the girls went down on him.

Keegan walked over to Ann, “You ready for a special treat? Don’t worry, it's free!” Keegan joked at her, patting her shoulder. “Where’s Megan?” he asked, eager to find a quiet place for halftime would only last so long. “She’s coming,” Ann replied and after a few seconds they both laughed at the “coming” part. “Sorry for the delay, where we going?” Megan said. “I don’t know,” Keegan said, “Lets just go over to the concessions, and see if we can leave the stadium or something.”

The three of them headed over to the concessions, giggling and talking dirty with each other. They walked around, looking for a suitable place when they finally decided to slip out of the stadium. They walked around the highschool and found a suitable wall. “No one’s around here. We’ll be left alone here I think.” Ann said, grabbing Megan’s right breast and squeezing Keegan’s tent. The three of the all embraced in a sort of hug, molesting each other, breathing heavily against one another. They backed up to the wall, using it for support as they continued their teenage horny hug.

The girls quickly removed their tops, exposing their breasts to Keegan in the faint November light. Megan pressed forward against Keegan and reacher hand down to Keegan’s crotch. She tugged at his belt, eventually sliding it off. The home team’s marching band had begun to play, pumping up the teens even more as they moved to the beat. Megan unzipped Keegans pants and was about to fish out his cock when someone rounded the corner.

The girls steeped back and tried to cover their breasts with their hands as their shirts were on the ground several feet away towards the stranger. Keegan straightened up immediately and tried to zip his pants up.

“Carter? What are you doing here? Can’t you see we would like some privacy man?” Carter was a freshman like them and a good looking one at that. He played trumpet in the band and was a pretty player. “Privacy, why? What are you guys doing out here?” Carter asked, smiling at them, looking right at the girl’s bare chests. “We're just trying to have some fun.” Megan told him, “Just sod off. Let us finish, please.” “You know, I could do that, but how would that benefit me? I might need a little encouragement if you know what I mean” Carter said raising his eyebrows in a seductive and charming manner. “Oh no, your disgusting, go away and don’t tell anyone or I’ll kill you.” Ann shouted at him in disdain, giving him the finger. “Okay if that is how you feel then I guess I’ll go and show this video of you guys having fun on the bus ride here to our band teacher.” Carter said, turing away. “What video, you did not record us you perv!” Megan shouted at him, “That’s illegal. You’ll go to jail.” she insisted, clearly frustrated. “True, I might but not before everyone in the school and your parents have seen it.” Carter said smugly, looking each of them in the eye.

“Fine, what do you want. Let’s just get this over with.” Megan said in a resigned tone, motioning Ann to follow her as she walked up to Carter. “Oh, I’m sorry ladies if I wasn’t clear. I don’t what you guys, I want Keegan.” Carter exclaimed with a devilish grin on his face. Keegan double over a little and stared at him with a mortified expression.

Keegan protested for a moment, trying to get Carter to leave him alone for his sake and also because the girls would surely gossip that he had done it with Carter at their marching band game. “Megan, Ann, I think you guys can head back now. Keegan and I got it from here.” he said, walking over to Keegan who was still leaning against the wall. The girls gathered up their clothes and left the two boys alone. Keegan started sweating, resenting what was going to happen next.

The band continued to play and they both could here some Seven Nation Army going down. Carter stepped up to Keegan and kissed him while pressing his body against Keegan’s. Keegan pushed back, still uncomfortable with the situation. “No. no, no.” Carter taunted to Keegan, “We have a deal. Come on, it's not that bad. Your lucky to have a trumpet player doing this for we trumpet players are experts with our mouths, especially our tongues.” Carter whispered into Keegan’s ear trying to woo him. Keegan gave a small laugh at this joke to which Carter took it as a sign that he was ready to get down to business.

“I know what will cheer you up!” Carter said, unbuckling his belt. “Here, get on your knees.” Carter directed him, gently pushing him to the ground. Carter finished unzipping his pants and unbuttoning them as Keegan sat their white faced staring up at Carter. Carter finally got his cock his free with poked Keegan in the face. Keegan moved his back but found that there was little room as the wall provided him with only an inch or so of distance. Carter saw this and soon moved closer to close the gap. “You know what to do” Carter said in an irritated tone, “I assure you, it’s very tasty. It’s the first thing I have every morning!” Carter said, laughing at his own joke while placing his hands on the wall, leaning over Keegan’s kneeled body.

“Keegan wrapped his hand around Carter’s elongated shaft and gave it a tentative tug. Carter’s cock measured about six inches and was clean shaven and uncircumsized. As Keegan admired Carter’s shaft, some precum dripped onto his chin leaving him a little unsure of what to do next. “Go on dude, lick it up.” Carter said, nudging Keegan’s head with his membrane.

Keegan obliged him and licked it off from his chin. It tasted kind of tasteless he thought. Not in a bad way but just in a different way. Keegan returned his focus back to Carter’s cock which was yearning for a warm mouth to take care of it. Keegan craned his head up and stared into Carter’s eyes. They stared at each other for a moment with Carter’s dick centimeters away from Keegan’s moist lips.

Carter continued to stare into Keegan’s brown eyes when Keegan finally opened his mouth and took the head of his cock into his mouth. Carter closed his eyes and let out an involuntary, “ugh” as the pleasure radiated from his cock.

Keegan was unsure of what to really so he just held it in his mouth, trying to work up the nerve to move his mouth up and down. He knew that sooner or later he would have to start sucking but he was just too embarrassed and overwhelmed. Not to mention that Keegan could feel his dick beginning to grow again, causing him ore confusion with his body. “I’m not gay. I’m not gay” Keegan repeated over and over in his head. “I like girls and boobs.” Keegan tentatively pushed his tongue out until it brushed the head of Carter’s cock which was halfway in his mouth. Keegan tried to rub hos tounge around Carter’s cock but could not find the courage to actually do anything noticeable.

“Fine then, I guess I have to do all the work here.” Carter said as he thrusted his cock into Keegans mouth. The force slammed Keegan’s head into the brick wall and caused him to gag. Carter’s first instinct was to clamp down his mouth but Carter sensing this shoved it all in and sternly warned Keegan, “Bite and I’ll make sure you choke to death on my dick”. Keegan, eyes watering and mouth stuffed with teenage cock nodded his head in submission.

Carter stared down at Keegan for a few moments before relenting hos vicious oral assault. Carter stepped back allowing his cock to fall out of Keegan’s mouth. Keegan gasped out for air and wiped his chin free of his precummy salvia that had run down on his face. Taking deep breaths, Keegan slowly recovered from the deepthroat. When Carter sensed that Keegan was sufficiently recovered, he stepped forward again with his stiff cock in the lead. “Let try this again boy,” Carter said with an arrogant smile, “The faster and harder you try, the faster I cum, and the faster you are done!” he continued, making it seem so mundane and simple.

Keegan gave out a small sigh and looked up at his task. As he gazed upon Carter’s perfect cock he was finally forced to accept his own excitement for his cock had made a noticeable dent in his pants. Carter stood there, pants around his ankle, leaning over Keegan with his head against the wall, and cock sticking right in Keegan’s face.

“Ugh, oh,” Carter let out another moan of pleasure as Keegan wrapped his wet lips around Carter’s cock. Keegan wasted no time in gaining speed. Keegan soon found himself going all in. Keegan quickly worked his mouth on Carter’s long cock, using his hands to stroke the base of his cock and also to rub his balls. Keegan now began to take more and more, sucking harder while twisting it in his mouth. He pumped the base of Carter’s cock causing more pleasure to run through Carter’s body. Carter started to thrust his cock deeper into Keegan’s warm mouth until Keegan’s nose was hitting his bladder. “Oh, oh, that feels so good. Yes oh my god, you're amazing.” Carter crooned out as Keegan began to swirl his tongue on the underside of Carter’s cock. Keegan licked up and down Carter’s cock, coating it in warm salvia. Keegan bent down further, taking Carter’s balls into his mouth. Keegan then began to furiously pump and jerk Carter’s cock as he slipped the balls in and out of his mouth.

“I’m gonna cum, oh god, I’m cumming, faster, faster, uhh,” Carter cried out in ecstasy. Keegan immediately popped Carter’s balls out of his mouth and engulfed his cock once more. Carter closed his eyes as Keegan bobbed his cock in and out of his mouth, sucking and slurping his engorged cock head. Carter let out one final boyish moan of pleasure before exploding into Keegan’s mouth. Load and loads of sticky cum spewed into Keegans mouth. He now knew the struggle Ann and Megan went through when they were trying to swallow his load. Keegan gagged down so much cum as he could, while continuing to suck up and down on Carter’s pole. “Oh yeah, slow down baby, oh yeah, just like that.” Carter moaned out, slowing his pace. Cum had dripped out of Keegan’s mouth as he gave his last little tongue swirl and suck. Finally Carter stepped back, removing his semi-hard cock from Keegan’s wet mouth with a satsyfying pop. Both boys looked at each other with triumphant grins, both very satisfied and happy.

Finally Carter said, “Stand up and turn around you little cumslut.” Keegan stayed on his knees for a moment before slowly rising. “Um, I don’t think we should, um I don’t want to do this.” Keegan stammered out, shaking a little. Ignoring him, Carter impatiently grabbed Keegan and spun him around. He then pressed Keegan firmly against the wall and eagerly said, “Come on dude. It’ll be fun. I be gentle, I promise.” Keegan did not respond but rather just stood there waiting to be anal-fucked.

Carter’s cock must have had no trouble becoming stiff for Keegan felt it penetrate his ass within moments of being pressed against the wall. Both boys let out moans and then laughed a little. “Ah, I see,” Carter said, smiling while slowly sliding in deeper, “You do like it you little slut. I thought you would be much tighter but I guess not. I slid in quite easily.” Keegan moaned out again in response and bucked his body, impaling himself on Carter’s sprung rod. “Ohhh,” Keegan moaned out loudly, disregarding their need to be discreet. “It feels so good, omg. Fuck me, fuck me, ooohh” Keegan let out, embracing the full extent of penetration. Carter did not need any more encouraging to split this boy open and started to fuck him with purpose and force. The night was filled with, “Oohs, ahhs, yays” as the Carter thrusted in and out of Keegan. Their flesh slapped together with force, creating that stereotypical sex noise.

“Hurry Carter,” Keegan groaned out, “Halftime will end soon.” “True,” Carter grunted back in response. Carter picked up his pace, slamming Keegan against the wall with his thrusts and tightly gripped Keegan’s shoulders as dropped his head back. Carter began to feel the familiar sensation as he rapidly fucked Keegan, “It’s time, yes, now, I’m cumming, so hot, yes,” he cried out. Carter exploded his load into Keegan’s ass. He filled Keegan’s hole with loads and loads of warm jizz, slowing his pace while arching his back and standing on his tiptoes. Rope after rope of cum squirted out from Carter’s purple cockhead. Finally, the orgasm passed and Keegan jerk forward, taking out Carter’s now soft cock from his butt hole.

Both boys gasped and laughed and leaned against the wall while recovering. They both smiled at each other and tried to catch their breaths. Keegan noticed some cum still on Carter’s soft cock so he bent his down and quickly lapped up the remaining jizz. “That was fucking awesome.” Carter declared, pulling up his pants. “Uh sure, it was good I guess.” Keegan responded, still unsure of how to respond. An awkward silence befell them as they put their pants back on and fixed their belts. They started to walk back to the stadium in silence.

They reached the stadium just in time as the home team’s players were charging back onto the field. They walked over to their section. Keegan met the eyes of Ann and Megan who were clearly full of laughter and were obviously gossiping about the boys. Keegan dropped his gaze and hung his head in embarrassment. Before Keegan rejoined his percussion section, Carter came up to him, placing a hand nonchalantly on his butt and whispered seductively in his right ear, “Sit with me on the bus ride back, and I’ll return the favor.” Carter did not stick around for an answer as he turned away.

Keegan’s first instinct was to reject him and that was his plan as he walked up the steps of the stadium. However, Keegan could not ignore the fact that his cock had perked up when Carter whispered in his ear.

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Marching Band Bus Ride Fun 2

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