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Aerin takes the train and gets taken downtown.

Categories Diary, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance

Authror: aerin99

Published: 21 May 2018

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Early this morning I took the Sounder train. It was so crowded, as usual. I was pushed into the car to find myself pressed in an awkward position. I was facing a man. I didn't have my light jacket zipped. A hand slipped and touched the fabric of my sundress. He wore a straight poker face the whole time while touching me through my dress. He traced the outline my panties along my tummy. Slowly, he put his hand between my legs. He passed his fingers over my cut, and again. He was too skilled in the sly art of touching my pussy so no one else noticed. I was so scared and embarrassed but nonetheless it felt good. My legs opened of their own accord. My insides were burning hot. He sensed that I wouldn't offer any resistance. Quickly, he pulled my panties aside. He put the finger in my drenched honey pot. "...naughty girl. You are wet." He whispered to me almost so quiet I couldn't hear him. He touched me hard. I was wondering if I would not be able to stand any longer. He caressed my tits. He pinched one of my nipples very hard I almost cried out in pain. He groped my love button too. I didn't care a bit about those around while I swung my hips into it. I was overheated beyond my control when I got off the train at downtown.

I was only eleven years old when it happened; I had to catch the train home from school later than usual so it was during the peak for those traveling home from work. The train was packed so full I had to take my school bag off my shoulder so I could fit in the train car only to stand in the crush, my small breasts were pushed up against the back of the woman in front of me and there were people either side and to the rear of me.

I couldn’t move and to keep my balance i braced my legs in an open position with my large heavy school bag between my feet on the floor. The school uniform I wore consisted of a rather short check skirt and a white blouse, the cool air wafting between my legs was quite welcome in the stifling heat of the overcrowded car.

As the train started picking up speed I realized I had caught the express and breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the trip would be shorter than usual and I would be out of the crush sooner rather than later.

That was when it happened; I felt a warm hand brush against the cheek of my ass through my skirt. I couldn’t move from where I stood or turn around even as I turned my head I couldn’t discern who had the wandering hand and decided to pretend I didn’t feel it.

Again the soft brush against my now tensed buttocks, it was rather pleasant and obviously whoever it was didn’t realize what they were doing in the crush of the crowd. I stood quite still the gentle brush became a fondling grope of my buttock through the material of my skirt.

Then the hand lifted the hem sliding up my skirt and between my ass cheeks, caressing me between my legs through the thin material of my panties. I caught my breath in surprise, the feeling between my legs was tingling and pleasurable and although I knew this was wickedly naughty I kept quite still as the fingers rubbed my moist crack until my panties were quite wet.

The fingers slid my panties aside and fondled the folds of my sex, they felt cool against the wet heat of my pussy and I could feel them slide inside my vagina lips and across the sensitive point of my clitoris. I caught my breath again as the pleasure pangs bolted through my pussy, the excitement of being felt up in this way more than I could bear.

My pussy was slippery with hot juice and my hips moved back and forth with the sway of the train across the fingers that were turning me on so much. I felt the feeling grow more and more intense within my hole; I desperately wanted to feel those fingers to push inside my cunt. I felt so hot, so horny, so wicked I wondered if the owner of the fingers was having as much of a good time as I was, I hoped so.

I didn’t have to wait long until I felt one finger slip up inside, the hot opening enveloping the finger until it was inside me as far as it would go. I was breathing a little heavier and I could feel sweat upon my brow, I kept staring straight ahead as another finger pushed inside me along with the first.

I felt my hole grip the fingers as they moved in and out of me with increasing speed, I felt myself come! my hole squeezing and clamping with a knee numbing trembling feeling that made my mouth go dry. I had come into the hand of someone I didn’t even know; I had no idea of what they looked like or if they were female or male, although I was pretty sure they were male because of their thickness.

I still didn't dare look behind me, my trembling pussy sucking on the fingers still plunging in and out of the slippery darkness of my insides. I knew it wouldn’t take long before I came again and the fingers slid out of me and started to flicker across my rock hard clitoris until I felt like crying out with pleasure. I was juicing like an over ripe fruit, I could feel the fingers against my hot pussy were covered in my slippery excretions but I didn’t care.

The fingers worked hard against me and I had to bite my lip to stop from moaning out loud with the increasing pressure of the orgasmic feeling building inside me. The hand in my panties moved back slightly and thrust up my hole again, I was pretty sure it was three fingers this time and my knees nearly gave way with the pleasure.

The fingers worked my hole, my slippery horny hole filled with some stranger’s fingers on an overcrowded train; I hoped no one had noticed what was happening to me as the onslaught of another orgasm started to cause my body to quiver. I held on to the overhead-bar handle with both hands to steady myself my knuckles going white with the pressure, the fingers fucking my slippery cunt never stopped, they wiggled deep inside my hole while I came and came until I thought I would pee if it continued much longer.

Part of the excitement was because I knew I was being so wickedly naughty by just letting this happen to me and part was because it felt so fucking good I didn’t want to stop it, the fact that I didn’t know who was molesting me also added to the excitement as my cunt hole held on tightly to the fingers invading it’s quivering depths.

The train started to slow down and I felt the anonymous fingers withdraw from my swollen slippery hole, it stroked back and forth across my cum-soaked crack from the clit right back to my ass gently a few times as if trying to soothe it. I sighed softly as the hand vacated my panties and let my skirt drop back down.

As I picked up my bag I felt the gentle caress upon my buttock again then nothing until the train stopped and I made my way through the crush to the door. As I stepped out I took a deep breath of fresh air, my knees were still feeling weak and my mouth was parched.

I looked back over my shoulder at the window by where I had been standing, the crowd inside was still quite thick, and there was no way of telling who had been the owner of the fingers that had made my train ride home so sexually enlightening. I walked home from the station my panties saturated and the tops of my thighs sliding against each other lubricated with a thick layer of my juices that had started to soak through my panties.

I caught the late train often after that, hoping that by some slim chance I might come across the owner of the anonymous fingers again. I never did, but I did get to keep a very sexy memory from that time that I fantasized about often late at night or when i’m riding the train.

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Aerin takes the train and gets taken downtown.

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Comments (1)
ohbegentle — 21 May 2018 23:02
A good read ..are there more .....?
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