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  1. I love playing with daddy
  2. I love you playing with daddy pt 2
  3. I love you playing with daddy 3

I love you playing with daddy 3

Categories True Story, Incest, Male / Female, Young

Author: Cockaddict1

Published: 22 May 2018

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My story continues...

Daddy took me to the bedroom and sat me on the bed bed and went to his dresser. He rummaged around for a few minutes and came back holding something that looked like a really thin red rope or cord. "Now princess I'm going to tie your legs together nice and tight, not because you are in trouble but I need your legs to stay a certain way, okay?" I nodded and said "okay daddy, I trust you"

Daddy laid me back on the bed and began tying my legs together. He started at my ankles and worked his way up until there were rings of cord from my ankles to just above my knees. Then daddy climbed on the straddling my knees but keeping his body high enough that although I could see his huge bulging rod and big hairy testicles, they weren't touching me. I stared as his rod with its veins and gorgeous purple head and my mouth began to water. Daddy chuckled and it made me jump and look up "I'm guessing that you like looking at daddy's penis" I nodded my head enthusiastically. Daddy moved up my body a little so he was over my thighs, "Tell me something honey... Earlier when you said you were just looking at my penis, you weren't just looking at it were you?"

My heart dropped, I wasn't sure if I was going pale with fear or red with embarrassment, I dropped my eyes from daddy's face but that brought my eyes back level with his penis. "No daddy, I wasn't just looking at it. I had touched it and put my mouth on it" I was still looking at daddy's dick and feeling sorrow, it was so big and hard and glorious that I was devastated that I might not get to touch it again. Daddy chuckled again and leaned over me putting his finger under my chin and bringing my eyes up to meet his, "Would you like to put your mouth on it again?"

My heart gave a leap and I said "yes please daddy!" his smile widened and he had me put my arms at my side so he could straddle my body over my chest, his big cock was bobbing inches from my face, he put one hand on the headboard while looking down at me and took his cock in his other hand. He leaning his hips a little closer and used his hand to rub the tip of his penis back and forth against my lips. I could feel the clear stuff coming out of his penis and wetting my lips. I stuck my tongue out so as he moved back across my lips my tongue went over the slit at the tip and tasted his fluid. Daddy made a small hissing sound and bit his lip "Do you like the way daddy's penis tastes baby girl?" when I spoke I kept my lips against his penis so when I spoke my lips moved against the head, "yes daddy, it tastes so good, it's better than anything" a shudder went through daddy's body causing him to close his eyes for a second and when he looked back at me his eyes were full of tenderness. "Baby, do you think you could lick daddy's testicles too?" I nodded and daddy moved farther forward until his testicle were hanging over me and he lowered his body so I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. The hairs felt strange on my tongue but I liked the way daddy's testicles felt. I licked them and nuzzled them and ran my tongue along them to my hearts content. I lifted my hands to help bring myself closer thinking that I would hold his sides but my hands came in contact with his butt cheeks and daddy made another happy noise so I held his butt cheeks and nuzzled, licked, nibbled and explored daddy's testicles. At one point I realized that there was a line of skin that went from daddy's testicles, between his legs and disappeared between his butt cheeks. I put my tongue where his crack began and ran it up towards his testicles, enjoying the feel taste and smell of daddy's privates. A huge shudder ran through daddy's body causing him to sigh and lean forward. "Oh baby, daddy loves you so much, you are such a good girl. But daddy needs to come now." I looked up the line of daddy's body and nuzzled my nose into his testicles with daddy's penis resting on my forehead "Can I lick your privates more later daddy?" another shudder ran through his body "Oh, daddy would like that very much princess. Daddy moved down my body but as he did I realized that his penis must have been making a lot of clear stuff because his penis touched my body as he moved down and it left wet spots, first on my chest and then on my tummy and then daddy's penis was resting between his body and my thighs a bit below my pussy. Daddy was face to face with me laying on top of me but not squishing me. He leaned in slowly and I though he was going to kiss me on the nose but he went for my mouth and instead of my nose he kissed my mouth using a lot of tongue. I kissed him back and sucked on his to tongue. Daddy gave a groan and leaned his head against my forehead "Baby, daddy really needs to cum now, you just make daddy's penis so happy it really wants to show you how much it likes you, do want that baby? Do you want to see how much daddy's penis likes you?" I nodded and licked daddy's lip. "Okay baby, normally a boy would put his penis in a girls vagina but I don't know if you are ready for that so I'm going to use your legs" he kissed me on the forehead and lifted his body above mine. I looked down the line of his body and saw he was holding his penis. He pointed the tip of his member at the crease between my thighs and pussy and then he started to lower himself sliding his penis into the crease, the moment his head touched my pussy I sighed and smiled. He slid in until his cock was buried between my legs, his shaft pressed into my wet slit and the head was poking out of the back of my legs. "Oh baby your pussy is so soft. Daddy is going to move his penis around and I need you to keep your legs tight together like you are trying to hug daddy's penis with your legs, can you do that for daddy?"... I nodded my head and squeezed my legs tight together.

"Oh yeah baby just like that, squeeze daddy's cock" he said and he started to move his hips up and down causing his cock to slide along my pussy and every time the head of his cock went over my clit it would cause me to squeeze tighter. The warm tingling feeling was building in my privates again. "Daddy I think I'm going to cum again" I whispered. Daddy didn't bother whispering "Yeah baby, daddy's cock makes you cum. Cum on daddy's dick baby, feel how good daddy's cock is for your little pussy" and he began to thrust faster. Daddy began to grunt and his movement was faster but less controlled. The tingle kept on building, my breathing quickened and then the feeling burst over me "Daddeeeee" I moaned and daddy's hips started to jerk and I felt his penis throb and throb and then I felt warmth. Daddy cock head was right near the opening of my privates and I could feel liquid squirting out of the tip of his penis and against my opening, daddy was whispering "baby yes, baby yes, good girl making daddy cum". Daddy continued to make small hip thrusts until his penis stopped throbbing. A lot of stuff had come out of daddy's penis, my pussy was covered in it. Then daddy withdrew his penis from the bed and rolled to one side.

I sat up with my legs still tied and looked at my pussy. There was a lot of thick white stuff all over it. I reached down and scooped some on two of my fingers and brought it up so I could look at it. It wasn't exactly clear but it wasn't a solid white, I smelled it and instantly knew I would like it, so I stuck my fingers in my mouth enjoying the taste of daddy's juices. "oh baby" daddy said touching my cheek, do you like the way daddy's cum tastes?" I nodded enthusiastically. Daddy reached down between my legs and stuck his finger in my slit and brushed his finger over my opening and then withdrew his finger covered in his own cum and then put his finger slowly in my mouth. I sucked all of the cum off of his finger and daddy sighed "oh baby I love you so much" he kissed me softly again and touched my cheek. "Let's take a shower and get cleaned up and then maybe daddy can show you some more grown up stuff"

Once we were in the the shower daddy started to clean me up. He took extra time to soap up my nipples and play with them. Then his hands moved down to my pussy and massaged the soap around, then daddy's hands slid along my sides until his hands were on my butt cheeks, he squeezed and massaged them and then he let his fingers slide into my crack and he rubbed the soapy lather over my butt hole. Once I was fully soaped up daddy took the shower head off the hook and started to rinse me down. Once he got to my pussy he held the shower head close to it. The water streams tickled my clit.

Daddy put the shower head up and turned toward me. "Now baby turn around and bend over and touch your toes but keep your knees straight, daddy is going to show you something you will like"

I did what daddy told me and between my legs I saw daddy getting down on his knees. "Oh baby, you have the most perfect little pussy and asshole" then daddy spread my butt cheeks with his hands and then I felt his tongue on my butt hole. He licked it over and over again and with each lick he got lower towards my pussy until he was actually licking my pussy. It felt so good I had to put my hands on the edge where the tub met the shower. "Oh you are so smart baby, giving daddy a better angle to get to your sweet pussy" and then he went back to licking it. Then his tongue went in my opening, it was a rush of pleasure as daddy stuffed his tongue in my pussy, moving it around and around. It felt so good, the tingling was so strong, I was about to cum when daddy withdrew his tongue. "Don't stop daddy please, it feels so good"

"I know baby but now that I made you feel good, don't you want to make daddy feel good?" I stood up and faced him, "Yes daddy, I want you to feel really good".

To be continued ;)

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I love you playing with daddy 3

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Comments (3)
Don'sdick — 23 May 2018 04:40
Part 3 & the diary are the same section of the story.. Really good, though.
I just can't wait for you to get your first real good fucking..
Write it as soon as possible.
ArchAngelMichael — 26 May 2018 17:26
barry97 — 29 May 2018 16:55
Daddy should be in jail where big bubba can shove his penis up daddy's butt.
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