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  1. Rebecca, Do My Bidding
  2. Rebecca, Do My Bidding CH2
  3. Rebecca, Do My Bidding CH3
  4. Rebecca, Do My Bidding CH4

Rebecca, Do My Bidding

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Job/Place-of-work, Mind Control

Author: 1MTNMN45

Published: 24 May 2018

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Rebecca, Do My Bidding

Working for a software corporation has its perks. One of which is you are set up with the finest in computer hardware that there is. This is to ensure that the quality of product you produce is really on the top shelf. But it also means, for the industrious, that materials for personal use can also be made.

This whole ordeal began when my sister approached me about some way to lose some weight. After her failed marriage and subsequent divorce, she managed to put on a few extra pounds. Ok, so I lied, she didn’t put on a few extra pounds, she broadened her horizons in all directions. I mean I love my sister to death. But 214 pounds on a 5ft 3inch woman is simply too much. She didn’t just remind you of the Pillsbury dough boy, but rather the culmination of him and the Micheline tire guy rolled into one. She wasn’t just big; she was severely unhealthy kind of big. And seeing as how she is my only sister I could not just turn my head and do nothing.

I began doing some research on hypnotism and subliminal messaging while programming a simple graphics clip. The clip itself was nothing more than a few black and white striped overlapping spirals turning in opposite directions of each other. In the center of the spirals, written in very small letters, two short messages read, “I will listen to Dave” and “I will do what he tells me to do.” These would flash on the screen for 1/10th of a second each at regular intervals. The idea was to combine this with a simple audio track to hypnotize my sister so as to convince her to change her eating habits. It seemed like the best way to approach the situation and get some real results for her. Besides, when she is thin, my sister is a real knock out. And it really is a shame to see her overweight like she is now.

I was working on typing out the audio portion of the program one morning when Rebecca stopped into my office. Rebecca is an electrical engineer and works on the next floor down from my office. Aside from being a bit of a busy body, she is a genuinely elegant woman. At 58, the same age as my sister, it is hard to see how she lived past her twenties without being fucked to death. At 5ft 5 and maybe 115 pounds, her large D sized breasts almost make her look top heavy over her slender waist and long slender legs. I have only ever reacted to her in a professional manner in the office, always being careful to never hint at the fact that I would love nothing more than to grab her legs and make a wish while aiming for her crotch with my dick. So today would be no different as she came in and sat down with her cup of coffee.

“Good morning Dave,” she said cheerfully as she sat in my extra office chair and crossed her legs. “What are you working on so early in the morning?” she queried before she took a sip of her steaming hot coffee.

“Good morning Becca,” I replied as I clicked on the icon I made to open the spiral program. “It’s just a little side show I am working on in my spare time.” I was a little hesitant to tell her that it was for my sister and something completely personal since it really would fall into the category of misallocation of company resources.

“Really?” she said as she uncrossed her legs and scooted forward in her chair. “What is it?”

Without thinking I clicked on the icon to start the spirals turning and stood up. “Take a look,” I said as I stepped out from behind my desk, offering her my chair for a better look at my work. “I’m going to go and grab a cup of coffee. I’ll be right back.” Having said this I picked up my coffee cup and headed for the coffee maker in the break area. When I returned to my office 5 minutes later, Rebecca was still sitting in my chair with her eyes glued to my computer screen. As I stepped in and walked around to the side of my desk she did not move. “So,” I asked as I set my cup down on my utility table, “what do you think?” Again, Rebecca sat motionless with her eyes glued to the spinning spirals.

It was right then that it hit me. I had already programmed the messages to appear in the spirals. Had I just inadvertently hypnotized Rebecca? There was only one way to find out, and that was to conduct a little test.

“Rebecca,” I said in a very calm voice, “I want you to get up and close my office door.”

Without the slightest bit of hesitation Rebecca scooted back in my chair, stood up, and quietly walked over and closed my office door. With the task complete she just stood there facing the closed door with her back to me and my desk. Immediately my heart began to pound in my chest. She appeared to be completely hypnotized and under my control! So now I decided to push the envelope a little for a real test.

“Rebecca,” I again commanded. “Please have a seat but sit with your legs spread wide apart.”

Once again, without a moment of hesitation, Rebecca turned around a sat in my spare office chair. But this time, instead of sitting with her legs crossed, she sat with her feet spread as far apart as she could. The tan material of her dress slacks pulled up nicely between her legs, revealing a very nice camel toe crotch. Now my heart was thumping really hard. Ok, this was going to require a little thought. My research told me that I could place a post hypnotic suggestion with Rebecca and she would follow that command. So, first things first, establish the code word.

“Rebecca,” I said while getting out my small notebook and a pen. On the first page I wrote Rebecca. On the first line under her name I wrote ‘Scooterfish’ and underlined it. “From now on, whenever we are alone, when I say the word Scooterfish you will immediately return to the state you are in right now and be ready to follow any command I give you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Dave.” was her simple reply.

“Ok.” I really wanted to test just how far she would go with the commands and the post hypnotic suggestions when a somewhat twisted idea struck me. “Rebecca, when I count to three you will wake up and feel completely refreshed. You will not remember seeing the program I was working on nor will you remember anything we have talked about. But you will continue to sit with your legs spread wide open unless someone comes to my office. At which time you will sit as you normally would during an office visit. But every time we are alone in my office, from now on, you will always sit with your legs wide apart. Today, you will feel the need to go to the rest room. You will excuse yourself and go to the ladies room to pee. While you are in there you will take your panties off and stick them in your cleavage out of site. You will then return to my office and give them to me without a second thought. You will then go about the rest of your day as though nothing has happened. At 4:30 this afternoon you can come back to get your panties. Do you understand?”

“Yes Dave,” she responded again.

“Ok,” I said. I handed her cup of coffee to her before I resumed my seat. “1…2…3.” With a blink of her blue eyes I could immediately tell that Rebecca was back with us. “Thanks for stopping by this morning,” I said while trying my best to swallow the lump in my throat. If this whole thing was going to blow up in my face I would know in the next few seconds.

“Oh yea,” she responded as she again took another sip of her coffee. I noticed immediately that she was still sitting with her legs wide apart. She had not changed her position in the least. “If you will excuse me,” she said before she stood up. “I need to run. Have a good day.”

“See ya Becca,” I responded as she turned and stepped out of my office. So far, so good. She had not flipped out because of the command I had given her, nor did she seem the least bit concerned with her seated position. The next 5 or 10 minutes were going to either seal my fate, or open the door for some long awaited fun.

Five minutes later Rebecca came back into my office. Without saying a word she stepped up to my desk, reached into the crack between her breasts and produced one pair of white cotton panties. With the most casual look on her face she extended her hand and dropped them on my keyboard. I was speechless! All of the commands had worked! Without so much as a second glance she spun around and headed back out into the office. This just got interesting!

I blew the entire day away just think of, and writing out, the commands I was going to give to Rebecca. If she had followed everything I had said to her, and I had just come up with that idea off the top of my head, what would she do with a real set of instructions? As my mind raced my erection grew as well. Just how far would she go under my control?

As expected, at 4:30 in the afternoon, Rebecca returned to my office. She did not seem upset or anything, just as casual as always when she stops by my office for a little round of BS. “How ya doin?” she hummed as she came in and sat down in my extra office chair. As expected she sat with her legs wide open, allowing me a clear view of her now moisture stained crotch.

“Oh, I’m ok.” I responded while checking out her fabulous looking frame. “Scooterfish.” It was like a bolt of lightning came out of the sky and struck Rebecca right between her eyes. Instantaneously she froze in place and just stared out into the blank space directly in front of her. “I want you to speak very frankly with me,” I said as I reached into my desk drawer to pull out her panties. “If you want these back you have to use your at home language and speak very frankly to me. Do you understand?”

“Yeah,” she replied.

“First thing, get up and close the door. Then sit back down.” Again, without a moment of hesitation she got up and closed the door. With it closed she again returned to the chair and sat down with her legs wide apart. “I’m just wondering how you are doing?” I said with one eyebrow raised. I was really curious to hear her response.

Rebecca leaned back in her chair and got comfortable before she replied. “I don’t think I have ever had a day that my pussy has been so fucking wet. The whole crotch of my pants is soaked!”

HOLY SHIT!! That definitely was not the kind of answer I expected to hear. It by far and away exceeded anything I would have dreamed to hear from her. “So I take it that you like being in the office with no panties on?”

“Holy fuck yea!” she exclaimed. “I don’t know why I haven’t done this before!”

Now it was time to get really bold. I had always wanted to fuck her from the very first day I walked into the office. Now I was going to find out just how good her pussy really was. “Well, why don’t you let me see just how wet that pussy is of yours?” I stated as I rolled my chair back and prepared to stand up. “Go and lock my office door then come back over here to the front of my desk.”

As Rebecca did the task I had given her I stepped out from behind my desk and joined her in the open area in front of my desk. “Take your shoes and pants off and bend over so I can see your pussy.”

In the time it took me to unzip my pants, Rebecca had already shucked her shoes and pants and now had her ass aiming right at me. I could see the streaks of her girl cum running down the inside of her legs, and her beautiful pussy was displayed plainly in the nice wide gap between her legs. “Spread your feet apart, and you might want to hang on to the desk,” I said as I pulled my screaming boner out of my pants and lined it up with her sopping we hole.

Rebecca did as I commanded and braced herself against my desk. I wasted no time at all before I plugged her hole with every last inch of my man meat. She definitely was not lying; her pussy was an absolute sopping wet mess, allowing me to slide all the way into her with virtually no resistance at all.

“How does that feel?” I asked while I held myself in place by pulling back on her hips.

A little moan came from her mouth before she responded. “I like that.”

As I began pounding away into her I started asking her very personal questions. Things I had always wanted to ask a girl (not just Rebecca) but also personal details about her life at home.

“Your pussy is nice, Rebecca.” I grunted out as I mowed her lawn. “When did you lose you virginity?”

“I popped my cherry when I was 12 with my sisters curling iron.” she stated very plainly.

That honest answer earned her a few extra hard thrusts from me. “And how often do you have sex with your husband?”

“I let my husband fuck me two to three times a week.” was her reply.

“I see. So what is the wildest thing you have ever done sexually?” I asked as I increased the force of my thrusts.

“The wildest thing I ever did was to fuck two guys in the elevator of my college dorm.” When she said this, her pussy tightened up around my cock.

I was starting to get close to an orgasm now and began to really fuck her hard. “And what is the strangest thing?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” was her reply as she seemed to be searching for an answer. “There was the time I was pledging my sorority at college and I had to carry 6 gold fish in my pussy for an hour.” I definitely did not expect to hear that! “Or how about waking up from the aftermath of a very large college party to find a beer bottle stuck in me.”

“Was it just the neck of the bottle?” I asked as my driving developed a real purpose.

“No,” she replied as again her pussy squeezed my cock. “It was the bottom end of a Budweiser long neck bottle that they had stuck all the way up inside me.”

‘I’ll bet that hurt.” I replied as I thrust in deep into her and began fountaining cum directly into her uterus.

“Actually no,” she replied without a single bit of notice to the large deposit I was making between her legs. “I thought it felt pretty good. But the best part was when I pulled it out when I got back to my room.”

I held still for the last few squirts from my cock when I asked her, “You mean you didn’t take it out right away?”

“I couldn’t,” she replied calmly. “We were in the middle of a park and it was too light outside for me to pull it out from under my skirt without anyone seeing. So me and my roommate walked back to our dorm and I took it out there.”

I was shocked beyond belief at all of the answers Rebecca had given me. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined that she would have had such a colorful past. For a woman who was so elegant and so proper in the office, to hear about her life like this was quite a revelation. I was definitely going to find out more; just not today.

“Give me your panties please,” I said as I looked down at the base of my cock still fully embedded in her. Rebecca picked her panties up from beside my keyboard and handed them to me. “So here is what you are going to do from now on,” I began as I unfolded her panties so the crotch was right in the middle of my hand. “You will only wear skirts to work from now on with no panties or hose. Do you understand?”

“Yes” she replied as I pulled my still hard cock from her pussy and placed the head directly in the middle of the crotch of her panties. Once there I immediately pulled the cotton over my cock before I realigned and shoved my length back up into her, pushing her panties all the way up inside her. When I withdrew the panties stayed in place. A few more pushes later and the garment was completely tucked away inside her, plugging her hole with my cum deep within.

“And you will bring something with you to plug your pussy,” I said as I pulled my cock out of her now panty stuffed cunt “because I don’t want you leaking my cum all over the office when we fuck again. Now,” I said as I took a step back from her, “Turn around and clean up your mess.”

Rebecca did a quick spin only to come face to face with my cum covered dick. In a flash she was licking and sucking my length until only a very lite sheen of saliva was left. When I was satisfied with the task I had given her, I told her to stand up.

“Ok Becca, put your pants back on,” I began while I zipped up my slacks, “I am going to count to three. When I reach three you will wake up and not remember anything that has happened in my office this afternoon. You will feel refreshed and alert and happy you stopped by to see me. When you get home you will head straight for your bathroom and remove the panties inside your pussy and then take a shower. It will not bother you at all that your panties are inside your pussy. After you clean your pussy out really good you will go about your business just like any other day after work. And I will see you first thing in the morning, yes?”

“Yes Dave,” she replied as she zipped up her dress pants while stepping back into her high heels.


Again Rebecca blinked her beautiful blue eyes a few times, but I could again tell instantly that she was back in the now with me. “I’m glad to have stopped by,” she said with a smile as she turned toward my office door.

“Let me get that for you,” I said as I quickly stepped past her. I had to unlock the door without her noticing because having it locked was simply something that had never happened before in the last three years. “I hope you have a good evening,” I said cheerfully as she stepped past me and out into the hallway.

“Thank you, I will,” she said over her shoulder as she headed off toward the stairs.

Today was like a dream come true. I never ever imagined that I would have ever been able to fuck Rebecca. Now, not only did she have a large deposit of my cum in her, but her pussy was plugged with her own panties! This was the beginnings of what just might play out to be the best office job I have ever had. Tomorrow would be the tell for how future events would go. But if I am right, I am going to be very comfortable in Rebecca. And she will never know the difference.

The End CH. 1

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Rebecca, Do My Bidding

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