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  1. Alone at work
  2. Alone at Work Ch. 2
  3. Alone at Work Ch. 3
  4. Alone at Work Ch.4
  5. Alone at Work Ch.5

Alone at Work Ch.5

Categories True Story, Job/Place-of-work, Male / Female, Masturbation

Author: DirtyNerdyChick47

Published: 24 May 2018

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A few nights after Richard's birthday, he and I were alone at work again, but it was a busy night and I was able to avoid him for most of the night. With just over an hour left in our shift and no incidents, I'd thought I'd avoided him completely. Things were slowing down and Richard was starting to eye me so I decided I could hide in the restroom for a bit until the next shift started to trickle in and I'd be safe.

I'd only just stepped into the restroom, the door not even fully closed behind me when Richard forced his way in with me. He turned and locked the door, then turned back to grab me from behind. He forced me over to the sinks, pressed his body up close to mine, and wrapped his left hand around my throat. I whimpered in response and Richard just growled. I could see him behind me in the large mirror lust and hunger burning in his eyes.

"You thought you were in the clear tonight, didn't you?" He breathed into my ear, "You came in here thinking you were safe, but you forgot you belong to me, slut. Don't you, slut?"

He squeezed my throat causing me to choke and I just nodded.

"Good girl," He growled.

He used his right hand to unbutton my jeans while his left stayed firmly around my throat, just tight enough to make breathing difficult but not cutting it off completely. His right hand slid into my panties and he quickly found my clit. His fingers worked it back and forth slowly at first and then with more urgency. My body began to respond almost immediately. I let out a soft moan and I felt Richard begin to grind his hard cock against my ass through my jeans. He slid his hand lower unto my panties and slid his index finger into me slowly fingering my pussy.

"Ughn, please don't," I grunted, "Please stop."

"You’re begging me to stop," Richard growled, "But your hips don't lie."

He was right. I know I didn't want this, yet my hips were moving back and forth in time with his fingers and I could hear how wet I was already from his actions. Richard moved his fingers back to my clit, causing me to shudder and my knees to buckle a bit. I bit my lip to stifle a moan. Richard suddenly pulled his hand away and struggled to open my jeans more with one hand, so he opted to just force them down over my hips. I then felt him reach between our bodies and heard him undo the buckle on his jeans. Richard pulled me tight to his body again and I felt his naked cock hard and hot between my ass cheeks. He returned his right hand between my thighs and resumed finger fucking me while he slid his hard cock up and down between my ass cheeks.

"Mmmm, fuck, I love your ass." Richard moaned as he pumped his cock against my ass.

His fingers continued their work against my clit and the pleasure was too much, I could feel an orgasm building. I tried to fight it, but there was nothing I could do. Richard was pumping his cock between my ass cheeks faster and his fingers flew across my clit. I looked up at the mirror and saw a mixture of fear and lust on my face. I knew he owned me and part of me loved it. It was the final straw.

"Ooooh God, oh fuck, ahhh ahhh ahhh fuck," I moaned through gritted teeth as the orgasm hit me. "UUUUUUNGH FUUUUUCK!"

My body shuddered and tightened as the waves of pleasure washed over me. In the mirror I saw the fear was gone and I was lost in lust and pleasure. Suddenly Richard forced me to bend forward and I felt the head of his hard cock at the entrance to my still spasming pussy.

"Aaaahhhhh." I let out a long moan and instinctively started to push back.

The head of his cock slipped past my lips when we heard the alarm panel of our office door beep indicating someone from day shift had arrived followed by the keys beeping as they disarmed the alarm for the day.

"FUCK!" Richard cursed and pulled away quickly pulling up his pants and putting his cock away.

"Later, slut," He said rushing out of the restroom.

I stayed there, still recovering from my orgasm and breathing a sigh of relief. I collected my thoughts, cleaned myself up and went back outside. When I walked out, Richard was at his desk wrapping up as if nothing happened. I headed to my cubicle. The shift ended and I headed home without further incident.

When I got home, I walked in and undressed. Exhausted, I collapsed face down on my bed and passed out. I didn't remember falling asleep, but I know I hadn't been asleep long when movement on my bed woke me. Startled, I opened my eyes and lifted my head to look around, but was prevented from doing so by a heavy hand forcing my face into my pillow. I panicked and started thrashing and kicking to get free. Suddenly I felt the weight of a body on top of me pinning me down, preventing me from moving much. I started to whimper into the pillow still trying to get away but unable to move.

"Shhhhh, don't worry, slut I'm not going to hurt you," I heard a familiar voice whisper into my ear, "I just need to finish what we started this morning."

A cold shiver ran down my spine as I realized who was pinning me down. It was Richard. My mind was racing. How did he get in? I tried to think back to when I got home. Did I lock the front door?

"Good thing you left your door unlocked," Richard said, as if reading my mind, "It would have been troublesome if I'd had to break in through a window or something."

Richard shifted on top of me and that's when I realized I could feel his skin against my own. He was already naked and his hard cock was wedged into my ass again. I realized he was panting and I could feel him thrusting his cock up and down between my ass cheeks. Tears filled my eyes and I struggled to get away again raising my hips trying to buck him off me. He was too heavy for me to budge and my bucking only positioned my body to give him better access to enter me from behind.

Richard chuckled behind me as he shifted more gripped my hips and pressed the head of his hard cock against my tight pussy lips. I froze unsure what to do as Richard tried forcing his cock into me. I was too tight and dry for him to do anything but cause me pain. I yelped in pain but the pillow muffled my cries.

"Looks like I have to warm you up a bit first." Richard said.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and forced my head to the side causing me to yelp again. He used that moment to shove two fingers into my mouth. He slid them back and forth over my tongue making me gag but soaking his fingers in my saliva at the same time. He lifted some of his weight off me but used his forearm across my shoulders to keep my pinned down and slid his saliva moisten fingers between my thighs. He started rubbing at my slit from behind forcing my lips open and searching for my clit.

I grunted as Richard roughly rubbed at my pussy lips and clit. My hips wiggled in response, both in efforts to get away and in arousal. His fingers rubbed back and forth against my clit, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. Richard pulled his fingers away from my pussy and shoved them into my mouth again, wetting them once more and returning them to my cunt, roughly slipping his fingers into me.

"Uhgn fuck," I grunted then whimpered, "Please be gentle."

Richard laughed, "Is that really what you want slut?" His fingers moved to my clit again making me jump and moan. "You know as well as I do you like it rough and your wet cunt doesn't lie."

I then realized how wet I'd become while Richard continued his assault on my clit with his fingers. The obscene sounding wet squish as he shoved his fingers into me again easily now gave away my arousal. Richard finger fucked my wet cunt for a while while I writhed, moaned, and grunted in pleasure under him. He slowly pulled his fingers out of me, then pressed them to my lips as he adjusted his position behind me again. I could feel my wetness smear against my lips and they parted out of reflex. I sucked his fingers clean, tasting my pussy as I did.

"Good girl." Richard said into my ear.

He lowered his weight onto my body, again making it hard to breathe and his cock settled again into the crack of my ass.

"I'm so glad we got interrupted earlier this morning," He grunted into my ear as he raised and lowered his hips searching for the entrance to my tight cunt, "Because now I have you all to myself and I won't have to worry about interruptions."

"Ahhhhhh fuuuuuck," I moaned as he entered me as deep as he could burying a quarter of his shaft into my cunt, emphasizing his statement by sliding into me slowly so I could feel every inch of his big cock slide past my stretched lips. Richard used slow deliberate back and forth motions to force more of his hard cock into me, sliding deeper into my stretched pussy with each thrust.

"I'm going to take my time with you today, little girl," Richard moaned as he buried his big dick balls deep into my tight pussy, "You're going to be my little fuck toy for the rest of the day, slut."

"Ooooohhh, God nooooo," I moaned as my pussy spasmed around Richard's invading shaft. "Please, just fuck me and go."

Richard started pumping in and out of me breathing heavily into my ear as he did. His big cock slowly pistoned in and out of me picking up speed with each long, full stroke. He was using the full length of his big cock to torture me, knowing the pleasure it was sending through my body was too much for me to fight. The long slow steady strokes continued each time he'd fully enter me. He'd pause, holding his throbbing cock as deep inside of me as he could, letting me feel how much he actually filled me up. It was driving me wild. My hips were humping back in response and no matter how hard I tried to fight it I could not.

"If you want to me stop and leave," Richard whispered into my ear as he kissed and nibbled at my neck, "Say the word and I'm gone."

As he said it, he increased the rhythm and tempo of his thrusts and was sliding in and out of me faster with short fast half thrusts, followed by one long full thrust. He was stretching my tight cunt with his thick cock and I could feel my orgasm edging closer and closer. He knew what he was doing to me and he knew he'd already won this game.

"Ahhh ahhh ooooohhh, fuck uhgn," I moaned and panted, "Please..."

"Please what, slut? Do you want it, Mariah? Do you want me to keep fucking you?" Richard taunted as he slid his hard cock as deep inside me as he could before suddenly pulling out. "Or should I just go?" He said as the head of his cock slipped just between my wet pussy lips.

He knew I wanted him to keep fucking me, I was past the point of no return, so close to cumming and I didn't want him to stop. I wanted him to slam it in me, fuck me, punish me, punish me for being such a tease. I deserved it.

“Yes, fuck me. Fuck me! Do it! I need it!” I wanted to say, but I could not summon up the words, to actually ask him to do it. It would be an admission, a shameful confession that I was a slut, the slut he claimed I was. The slut that would willingly beg my rapist to fuck me. My head spun with emotion, lust, and reason.

“He's done this to you before,” I thought, “You've already given in and begged for it, you begged him to make you cum. Why is this any different? You just need to cum, don't you, slut?” I thought to myself.

"Come on, slut, your cunt is dripping wet. You need it, you need to cum, don't you?" Richard asked teasing my clit with the head of his cock, "If I’m wrong say it, like I said, say the word and I'm gone."

As he waited, he started rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slit, and it was such exquisite torture, sending electrical surges of pleasure shooting though my body. I shivered and realized I'd started to gently rock against him. I was ashamed that I was doing it, but I was a lost cause. My mind was giving in to the urges and demands of my body, letting it take control. I had no fight left. I just needed to cum.

"Please, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, please, you fucking bastard!" I moaned in frustration, "Please, make me cum!"

"Good girl," I heard him laugh. Then I felt him. His cock plunged deep inside me.

"Oohh yes! Yeesss! Ughn!!" My mouth open in a cry of ecstasy as I cried out in pleasure, and at the feeling of being filled, "I'm such a fucking slut!"

"That's right!" Richard grunted, "You're my slut! This tight little cunt belongs to me!”

As he spoke, his words hit me and I realized he was right. Here I was begging a man who is not only forcing me to take his cock, but a man who has done this multiple times, a man who obviously knows exactly how much of a slut I really am. Even I had no idea.

Richard continued his assault on my tight cunt, pounding me deep and hard with his fat cock. I was moaning and bucking beneath him, his body weight still pinning me face down to my bed as I writhed in pleasure from the pounding he was giving me.

"Uhgn uhgn uhgn, yes! Please, don't stop! You're gonna make me cum!” I panted, "I'm a slut, I'm a whore, I'm your slut, use my body and just fuck me! Just fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!"

My entire body stiffened as my orgasm tore through me. I was lost in complete orgasmic bliss, I saw spots and my vision became dark and narrow. Richard was pulling my hips back into him, grunting and panting. The sounds of our bodies slapping and the lewd squishing from his cock pistoning in and out of my soaked cunt filled my ears.

"Oooh, yeah, ugh cum ugh for me ugh slut. That's right, cum on this big dick," Richard grunted through gritted teeth behind me, "Oh fuck yeah, this is my cunt, you're my slut, my fucking slut. You need this cock don't you?"

"Yes, uuhgn I need it, uhgn I need it, uhgn I need it," I babbled as he pounded me, my whole body shuddering and convulsing as I came hard on Richard's cock, "I'm cumming, Richard! Oh God! Oh Richard! Ughn Richard! I'm cumming on your big dick! Don't stop! Please!"

I went limp as suddenly as I tensed up when my orgasm crashed into me. Spent and seeing stars, my ass still lifted as Richard pumped away. His hard cock throbbing inside of me.

"Oh fuuuck, I'm gonna cum, slut!" Richard bellowed, "I'm gonna fucking ahhh flood this tight cunt with my cum!"

All I could do is whimper and shudder beneath him as he used me. The aftershocks of the orgasm and the pleasure surging through me from Richard's cock was too much. I could feel his cock throbbing and swelling inside me.

"Ahhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" Richard moaned, "Ugn ugn ugn fuck yessssss!"

I could feel the hot splashes of cum inside me as my cunt spasmed and milked every drop of cum from his cock. Richard kept pumping until he was completely spent, then finally collapsing on me. I laid under him panting, trying to catch my breath. The weight of his body on top of mine made it difficult.

I must have passed out, because when I opened my eyes I was on my back, looking up at the ceiling of my bedroom. I tried to sit up and realized I couldn’t move. After a split second of panic, I noticed I was tied to my bed with a soft satin rope. I looked around my room and saw Richard standing at the side of my bed, his cock hard and menacing in his right hand. He was stroking himself, slowly looking down at my tits.

"Finally awake," Richard said, still stroking his hard cock, "Good, I was hoping I wouldn't have to start without you."

As he said it, he moved closer to me and leaned his face over my chest and reached down with his free hand to roughly grope and squeeze my tits. My nipples were getting hard. I felt myself starting to relax under his touch. My nipples were responding, but so was my pussy. I could feel my clit beginning to throb. God, he knew exactly what to do. He was playing with my tits, kneading then with his big hand, and tugging my nipples. I heard him moan under his breath. It sounded more like the growl of some wild animal. I watched as his tongue snaked out and flicked the nipple. He slid his tongue around it and took it into his mouth, his stubble scratching against my soft skin. I was getting lost in the sensations. He was making me wet. God, he was making me so hot, and I was completely powerless to stop him.

Richard took his mouth away and resumed pinching and pulling at my nipples, taking turns on each of them, stroking his cock over me the whole while. He grinned and straddled my chest, aiming his hard cock for my mouth. I willingly parted my lips and swirled my tongue around his head and swallowed his cock.

"Mmmmm, yesssssss," Richard hissed and threw his head back, "That's my slut."

I moaned around Richard's cock in response and bobbed my head back and forth along his shaft as he pumped his hips gently fucking my mouth. Richard groaned with pleasure as his hard shaft slipped in and out of my mouth. He slowed then stopped pulling his cock from my lips and looking down at me.

"Mmm, fuck, look at those big fucking tits!" He grunted as he lowered himself, resting his cock between them, "So big, so soft. Mmmmm, fuuuck."

He squeezed my big tits around his shaft and began fucking my tits. He moved slowly at first, but quickly picked up speed. His thumbs played back and forth across my nipples and he squeezed them around his shaft. It sent shivers through my body. Richard pumped his hips faster and I felt him stiffen and shudder on top of me. He froze in place suddenly, his eyes closed and his breathing shallowed.

"Not yet, not yet, not yet," He said just loud enough for me to hear, "Those gorgeous tits almost made me cum, slut, but I have plans for you."

Richard held his place with the head of his cock peeking out at my from between the top of my tits. I snaked my tongue from between my lips and flicked it across the head of his cock. Richard shuddered and groaned. I continued flicking my tongue back and forth before leaning down and taking the head of his cock between my lips.

"Ooooh, fuuuuck," Richard groaned, "You are such a naughty slut."

I nodded then sucked the head of his cock letting it pop from my lips and looked up at him. Richard just looked down at me and grinned. He started moving his hips back and forth again between my tits. I flicked my tongue against the head of his cock each time it popped out from between my tits, causing him to shudder and moan.

"Fuck, slut, your tits are amazing," Richard grunted as he pulled his cock away from my tits and lowered himself down my body, "But I need more of this tight cunt."

Richard held himself on top of me, as he guided his cock towards my opening with his hand. I felt the tip rub against my swollen lips, up and down, as probed around my slit. He was taking his time, deliberately holding back before sliding the thing inside me. Now I was aching for it, panting, willing him to do it. He was teasing me. God, I needed it.

"You like that?" he asked.

"Yeah, God, stop teasing me and put it in. Please, put it in!" I whimpered.

"You are such a little slut. I love hearing you say that," he said, but he still did not enter me.

I moaned in pleasure at his words. He had called me a slut, and it sent a throb of pleasure through my body.

"I am a Slut." I thought to myself.

He called me a slut. I felt offended, but deep down I knew it to be true. I wanted this, we both knew it and it made me feel so naughty.

"I am a slut," I gasped not realizing that I'd said it out loud, "Oh God, yes I am, I'm a dirty little slut!"

"You like that?" he growled quietly as he finally pushed his shaft inside me.

"Oh yes, I love it." I moaned.

"Love what, slut?" Richard said, pausing, "Do you love my cock inside you or me calling you a slut?"

"Both," I hissed.

He began to pump his hips quickly with long full thrusts. He was fucking me like the slut I am. Just what I needed. He increased his pace and drove his shaft as deep inside me as he could. God, Richard's cock felt so good inside me.

"Your body is so fucking sexy, Mariah," he whispered, "You're my slut and you love it, don't you?"

"Yes!" I gasped, "Oh God! Yes, Richard, I'm your slut! I'm just a dirty slut for you to fuck and I love it! I love your cock! Fuck me! Fuck me! Uuuuuugnh fuuuuuck meeee!"

I was cumming hard on his cock already. The dirty talk, and admitting to both of us that I truly was just a horny slut drove me over the edge. God, it felt so good saying it. Every time I called myself a slut, my pussy throbbed and I shuddered. Richard was pounding my tight cunt now deep and hard and all I could do was grunt and gasp as he used me.

"Uhgn, fuck," he groaned, forcing him cock deep inside me, then rotating his hips so his cock moved inside me in a circular motion, "You like it, don't you, Mariah? You like to be fucked like a slut, huh?"

"Oh oh oh oh uhh fuck yesssss! I love it! I love it!" I moaned.

I felt like I was in a state of constant orgasm now. Each time I'd come down from one, another would crash over me like a wave. Richard was dominating me, pounding my cunt hard, fucking me like a slut. He’d tied me to my bed to restrain me, so I'd know I was his plaything and there was nothing I could do about it. I just surrendered to the sensations, letting him have me, take me, fuck me any way he wanted, and I was loving every second of it.

"Oh fuck! Oh, Richard, I'm cumming again!" I grunted, "Fuck me, Richard! Use me! I'm just a dirty slut! I'm your slut, your fuck toy! Uuuuuuunhhgggggnn!"

I was cumming again as Richard fucked me senseless, his hard throbbing cock buried deep inside me.

"That's right, bitch, cum on my dick!" Richard grunted, "I'm gonna cum inside you, slut, I'm gonna cum deep inside your tight slutty pussy. I'm claiming this cunt! It’s my property and I’m going to use it whenever I want!"

"Yes!" I screamed, "It's yours, I'm yours, I'm a slut, I'm a whore, I'm your fucking slut!"

As I said it, I felt Richard stiffen and his cock swell inside me as he filled me with another load of his hot cum. I convulsed under him pulling at the ropes as I came yet again. I collapsed back onto the bed shuddering and gasping for breath as Richard continued pumping his cum inside me. It felt like he dumped a gallon of cum inside me and I could feel it leaking out of my pussy and down to my ass. Richard's pumping slowed until he stopped and just held his cock inside me. It was on fire and it still throbbed and pulsed as it slowly deflated. My cunt spasmed around it.

"Damn, I can't get enough of this pussy," Richard gasped in amazement as he leaned forward and bit my neck.

I shuddered and let out a whimper. Richard started pumping his hips again his semi hard cock slid in and out of my well fucked cunt. My eyes widened in shock as I realized his cock was coming back to life. Richard just looked down at me and grinned.

"Ooohh God, you're getting hard again." I gasped in shock.

"This pussy is just too good," Richard said with a grin, "I just can't stop myself."

I felt myself flush with pride as he described my pussy, and he slowly and deliberately fucked me. Oh God, it felt so fucking good.

I raised my hips to meet his thrusts, my pussy making lewd squishing sounds with each thrust. Richard reached up and untied my wrists one at a time without losing the rhythm in his hips. As my wrists came free, my arms instinctively wrapped around Richard's back and I bucked my hips into him harder.

"Fuck me, you bastard, use me like the dirty little slut I am, the slut you made me!" I moaned, "Fuck your slut and fill me with your cum!

"I didn't make you a slut, Mariah," Richard said, his hips moving up and down in time with my own, "I knew you were a fucking slut from the moment I met you. I just let it out of the cage you kept it in."

Suddenly Richard pulled his cock out of me, raised himself up, grabbed me by the hair and flipped me over. Before I could even react, he plunged his shaft back inside me deep and hard. He started fucking me fast from behind, gripping my hips and pulling me back against him.

"Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" I screamed, "So deep! Uuhgn, so fucking deep!"

Richard pounded me from behind over and over, panting and moaning. His cock forced itself as deep as he could with each hard thrust. Then suddenly, without warning, I felt his thumb press against my tight little asshole and apply pressure. He slowly shoved his thumb into my ass as he used my dripping cunt.

"Oh Richard, oh fuck, Richard, oh God!" I moaned over and over.

"Do you like that, slut?" he asked.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I panted, "Don't stop! Please! God, Richard, don't stop!"

I reached down between my legs and rubbed my clit furiously as I felt my orgasm coming. My whole body stiffened as another orgasm hit me harder than any previous one I'd had so far. My cunt gripped Richard's shaft and he grunted in pleasure.

"You're gonna make me cum again, slut!" Richard bellowed.

"Ahhh ahhh ahhh, cum inside me! Ooooh God! Fill my cunt with your hot cum!" I screamed as I came so hard.

"Ooooh, fuck yessssss!" Richard groaned and shoved his cock deep inside me and held it there. His cock pulsed and throbbed inside me and I shuddered as I felt him unload inside me yet again.

"Ooh, fuck," Richard said out of breath, "You're such a good little slut."

I just blushed and laid there panting. With that Richard pulled his slimy cock out of me went to the restroom to clean up and started to leave. He stopped at my bedroom door just before exiting.

"I mean it," he said, "You're my slut and I am going to use you whenever I want. Don't forget that."

I didn't look at him I just hid my face in my pillow until I heard my front door close and I knew he was gone. I felt sick. I got up and locked my front door, then I went into my bathroom I thought I was going to be sick so I hovered near my toilet for a moment before turning on the shower and stepping in. The cold water was a shock when it hit me and I let out a sharp gasp. The water was freezing but it felt good, easing the tension in my muscles. I let the water wash over me and then slowly raised the temperature of the water and began washing my body. My pussy was red and swollen when I looked at it in the shower and it was still dripping with Richard’s cum. I rinsed his cum off my body and as I did, I felt my body tingle.

My fingers had found their way to my sore clit and I was slowly rubbing it back and forth. My breathing had become ragged and shallow as I played with myself. It felt so good even though I was sore I couldn’t stop. I thought back to what just happened in my bedroom, I begged Richard to fuck me, I admitted I was a slut, that I was his slut, and I told him that I loved his big cock. I shuddered as I gently slipped two fingers into my well fucked cunt. The gentleness of my fingers felt so good after the rough fucking I’d just received.

“Uuuughn fuck,” I moaned, “Oh God, I’m such a horny slut.”

The words made me shudder again as the left my lips and as I finger fucked myself my free hand made its way up my body and found my breasts. I gasped at the sudden sharp pain as I twisted and pulled at my nipples. The feeling sent me over the edge.

Yesssss oh fuck oh fuck, I hissed as I came again and my knees buckled, “Fuck that was so good.”

I slid down my shower wall and just sat there letting the hot water run over me lost in a daze. After I’m not sure how long, I finally got up, rinsed myself off again and went to bed.

I really am a dirty slut.

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Alone at Work Ch.5

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