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The Price of Keeping a Dumb Secret, Pt. One

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, BDSM

Author: RevengeChief

Published: 24 May 2018

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Brian is a just-turn-18 junior in high school, with mostly A’s and some B’s, very athletic and is dating the hottest girl in the school. Veronica is also a junior and she is so hot that not only the underclassmen are looking up to her, asking her for advices but so are the seniors which is astonishing for a junior. However, this isn’t about a couple, this is about the jock and a price he had to pay to keep the dumbest secret from reaching to anyone’s ears in order to keep his reputation.

It all started on the very first day of spring break, Brian is home but Veronica is with her family in Mexico. While they may not be together, they still communicated with one another through a messaging app on their phone and one night, thing kind of got a little hot for the junior couple.

B: Truth or Dare?

V: Truth lol

B: Is it true that you…watch porn?!

V: Um…

B: Oh my god, you did not!

V: It popped up! Not my fault!

B: Yeah right! I pick dare.

V: Since you want to go there, I dare you to wear one of my thong.

Brian was a bit stunned, taking a few minute to ponder his thoughts before responding again.

B: Uh…what???

V: The dare is to wear my thong and I want proof. Tomorrow, Mister!

B: Lol but your house is locked, right?

V: There’s a spare key under one of the flower pots closet to the door. I want front and back pic!

B: Damn, girl! Relax, you’ll get it tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to bed, night boo. :-*

V: Night sexy, sweet dreams. :*

Brian wakes up the next morning and is surprised by the message he received after turning on his phone. Veronica had up the ante on Brian’s and the text reads “Babe, don’t forget my thong and since you’re wearing one all day, I figured the purple Calvin would look would good on you since I know you love it on me, you may love it on you! XOXO :*”

Brian, shocked by the change, returned a text to Veronica, asking her why all day now. She answered back saying that she would give him a reward, one that he’s been wanting to try and one she’s been one pushing back. Brian read the message multiple times before saying “Okay, babe. You got it.”

Couple hours later, Brian arrives at Veronica’s house, cautious because of the thought of walking into an empty house in the suburbs because who know who could be watching the house. After a couple of breath, he disregard that thought and walks up the steps to the porch with confidence. He reaches under one of the flower pots and finds the key that Veronica had mentioned. He then let himself in and quickly made his way to Veronica’s room, going towards her dresser and combing through the panty drawer before finding the purple thong. In Brian’s mind, he thought “Well, here goes nothing…” as he takes off his shoes, pants and boxers before putting on the thong. As Brian stand in front of the vanity to take a mirror shot, he’s impressed by how comfortable the thong feels and figured it won’t be that bad after all.

Leaving the thong on, he puts his pants and shoes back on before leaving. After he closes the door, he bends down to put the key under the flower pot but suddenly hears a voice the startled him.

“Nice thong, beautiful. Didn’t know panty raid means putting them on too.”

Clearly unbeknownst to Brian, who slowly moves up to stand straight, someone was around and they just happened to spot Brian walking into an empty house.

“Tell me boy…you stealing? Confused? Experiencing?” The man asked Brian as he walk up to Brian.

Brian decides to avoid answering the man’s question and walks away but stops when the man mentioned that he knew who lived in the house that Brian had just entered and when he heard that the man was going to call the owners about it, he went turn to begging mode as he ran back to the man.

“Sir! Please, no, you can’t. I know who lives here as well. Please, not a word about this can get out! I’m begging you, I’ll do anything for you!” Brian pleaded to man.

“Brian Jackson of Philip High? Well I’ll be damn… this would be a story to tell.” The man says with an evil looking smile before finishing with “but since you’re willing to do anything for me to keep this quiet… you do mean anything, right?”

Brian sighed as he knew he’s about to pay a price soon to keep a secret from spreading in order for his reputation to remain intact and says yes.

“Very well…follow me, boy.”

Brian follows the man to his home, which is across the street from Veronica, and they go into the basement. The basement is dark to begin then suddenly the lights gets turned on, the room suddenly looks like a torture room. Stockades, restraints on wall and floor, whips. As Brian is trying to process all of this, he gets forced to his knee.

“Whoa, what you doing?!” he asks the man.

“First of all, you said you’d do anything for me, your new Master, correct?” Master asked while standing over his new slave.

“Wh-what? Master?” Brian asked confused.

Master crouched down to be eye level with Brian and responded “When you said yes earlier, you agreed to be my slave for as long as I want. You disobey or you try anything funny, your secret gets out, understood?”

Brian could only just stand on his knees with his mouth open as he couldn’t believe what he just heard. As he’s trying figure out what to say, he gets blindfolded by Master. Brian starts to freak but Master tries to calm him down.

“Relax… Don’t freak out…” Master says as he undoes his pants. “Can’t freak out when you’re sucking, Slave.”

“Sucking what?!” Brian asked.

Master tells Brian that he’s going to be sucking Master’s cock and like he mentioned earlier, if he doesn’t do it, his reputation is gone so Brian opens his mouth slowly then Master slowly shove his thick long cock in, thrusting lightly as this is probably his Slave’s first time sucking a cock but it won’t be the last, his mouth isn’t going to be the only hole with a cock going in and Master’s cock won’t be the only cock he’ll be servicing.

Part Two coming soon.

In part two, Brian learns just how twisted his new Master is but he promised him that’s he is willing to do anything to have this secret remain a secret…even if it involves Veronica…

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The Price of Keeping a Dumb Secret, Pt. One

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