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Changing Nightmares

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Female Domination, Lesbian

Author: SwissArmyDick

Published: 31 May 2018

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(Big thank you to Kel for editing and proof reading this for me. I wouldn't have had the courage to post this at all if it had not been for you)

Those full beautiful lips and straight jaw line are what I remember the most about that night. The slight knowing smile, hair falling forward covering my view of the rest of her face. She hovered over me naked. Small but firm. Perky breasts exposed, milky white and sexy with piercings. My mouth watered thinking about cupping my lips over them. Danica was sexy, she knew what she was doing and how to drive a man (or woman) insane with longing. I wanted to touch her to flip us over and have my way with her. To press my face between her thighs and make her cry out my name in pleasure. The creaking of the leather straps holding my hands over my head reminded me that there was nothing I could do but struggle against their hold.

Danica’s lips trailed around my neck and nipped painfully on my collar bone, forcing another grunt from me. I could tell she was getting an almost sadistic satisfaction off my reactions to what she was doing to me. She knew how much I wanted to touch her. I had been doing it non-stop since the day we met. A little touch here on the shoulder, A little lean while in line at a movie or store. Yes Danica knew I wanted nothing more than to remove the leather bondage, and touch her. To tame a small part of an untamable woman.

She stopped biting me and leaned back on her knees straddling me around the waist. I could feel the heat from her crotch on my stomach now, forcing my cheeks to a dark shade of red. Danica could tell and it seemed to excite her. Her bright green eyes stated unflinchingly in to mine, daring me to look away. She then began grinding her hips into my stomach, pressing her heat into me.

I whimpered, embarrassed at her staring at me that way, and not being able to cover it up. I wanted to distract her with my own touch. I wasn’t used to being a bottom. In fact there was only one other girl that I had let touch me like this and it had been years since then. I turned my head away losing the staring contest. Again. I could not look away long though, she was after all a very beautiful woman. A very naked, beautiful woman. On top of me. My eyes raked her pale skin the way I wished my hands could, Starting with that small waist and moving up to her breasts. Then back down to her hips. I pulled at my bonds again, causing them to dig further into my wrists.

Danica could sense my discomfort and leaned in seductively. Graceful, dangerous, and as a wild as a panther. My heart pounded so hard, I was slightly worried about it breaking away from my chest all together. Her hands slid up my chest and along my arms bringing her naked body flush with mine. She whispered into my ear heavy and deep.


This did not make me relax, especially because as she spoke the words her right hand slid itself right back down my chest to my stomach. Sneaking between my legs, middle finger expertly finding my clit and rubbing into it. I gasped against her neck trying desperately to control my breathing. I sounded out of control and the embarrassment of it was making this worse. This wasn’t how it was supposed to turn out. Most of the girls I had been with, I had been the more experienced one, I found pleasure making them feel pleasure, and I usually took control even If I was on my back. The only time I found myself staring at the ceiling would be because I put myself in a position to be there. Danica was killing me. She made me feel like I had never been touched before. I felt the proof in my thoughts. A trail of goose bumps erupted from my neck to my pelvis. Awakened from the feel of her finger tips.


She whispered into my ear again, hair ticking against my face and neck. Her hot breath making me shiver and moan slightly. I tried to do what she said, working the individual muscles in my back and legs. Trying desperately to get control of my own out of control body.

Her fingers slipped inside me briefly and easily. I was tight due to lack of use but extremely wet because of who was touching me. I had been chasing this fantasy for months, watching her hit on everyone in the bar but me. Seeing her sit on other guys laps and make out with women. Almost intentionally leaving me out to tease me. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I moaned again into her neck, trying not to bite into her as she flexed her fingers back towards herself. Pressing into my g-spot

“ I said.. relax”

Her hands forced my legs apart, then she did what I could only describe as attacking my clit. She started to violently rub it quickly, jerking me back and forth. If I hadn’t been so lubericate, it probably would have hurt. It didn’t it, felt so good. My back arched and I let out a scream of pleasure. She pinned her free hand over my mouth, cutting off the sound efficiently. Securing the fact that we wouldn’t wake up the grumpy old couple living next door. I moaned again into her silky hand, smelling myself on her fingers. Turning my already fuzzy brain into jelly.

Why wouldn’t she let me touch her? I wanted to touch her so bad. my wrists felt like they would start to bleed, as I struggled against the leather bounds.

Her fingers slipped inside me again changing up the routine and throwing me off. It was hard for me to tell how many fingers there had been before but this time it was at least three. I grunted in pain and pleasure simultaneously. She didn’t give me a second to breath before she started to thrust herself in and out of me. I was dazed and struggling so much that I hadn’t noticed her pressing her chest into mine. She leaned into me again sticky with sweat, and other liquids.

Her teeth bit down hard on my neck, I cried out again yelling her name as if crying out to a god for mercey.

It wasn’t a surprise when I came into her hand, shaking and spasming,

“ please Danica.. I cant.. no more..”

I was breathing hard, my vision going in and out, drained from her touch. I thought she would let up. She gave only small break. Just long enough for her to hold her dripping fingers in front of my lips.

“ Taste it” she cooed.

I did what I was told to do.

It was sweet but slightly bitter, and It sent little shocks down my gut. Danica leaned in and pressed her lips to mine tasting me there. she moaned. I could feel her lips vibrate against my own.


She shushed me and pushed herself off me. Then the bed as well. My eyes trailed after her ass as she gracefully swayed to the door, her hair trailing down her back. The tips teasing her ass and me. I wanted to grab it and yank her back onto the bed. I wanted to get my revenge for the teasing she had done.

“where are you going?” I Demanded

Danica paused at the door her fingers on the light switch. she looked over her shoulder at me, giving me that half seductive, half dangerous smile. Then she left me tied there as she sauntered out the door.

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Changing Nightmares

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