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  7. SARAH 3X


Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Cuckold, Erotica

Author: CecilBCK

Published: 31 May 2018

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I often exchange sexual banter with one rather attractive fiftyish lady who comes into my shop.

I told her how good Sarah was and what she wanted and liked. I could see her warming to the idea. Don’t ever tell my husband but I have a much younger man who takes me to heaven on a regular basis.

He is very attractive and very creative.

I can arrange it, but my price is that I want to watch and talk. You will find that he will be unable to converse with you. You will learn why on the night.

In due course we arranged a time.

I made Sarah abstain from sex for 3 days to heighten her experience before his visit and I sprayed her with suntan the day before with a g-string on, so that when naked she would have a thin white area as contrast.

At the same time I shaved her pubic hair to my satisfaction.

While shaving her I could not help but to tease her vagina with the tips of my largest finger.

“Wait until tomorrow baby. A new man is going to please you while I watch.”

The moment duly arrived and I was very much looking forward to Sarah being satisfied by another man while I watched.

Introductions were made.

“Rodney tells me you are awesome,’ the other woman confided to Sarah.

“Don’t hold back because of me, your pleasure is our pleasure” she said as she undressed and teased the man she bought along.

“Not the biggest cock ever, but have you ever seen a thicker one? Today is oral sex only though. He really is looking forward to pleasing you Sarah. Rodney says you have an awesome sexual talent. Let’s make it happen. Ignore me. Concentrate on your two men and let them please you.”

By now we were both standing naked in front of a mirror, me behind you. Your high heels, suntan and white band around your vagina are an absolute turn on for both men.

I am behind you teasing your nipples. I can feel your excitement as you crave a new man to give you sexual release.

Before I give you to him I tease your vagina with the tips of two fingers as I stand behind you and tell you to open your legs.

“You are going to surrender that to a new man in a minute for your pleasure, and mine, while I watch and enjoy. Is that exciting?"

The other man is on his knees in front of you watching.

He still has not spoken a word.

I recommence teasing your nipples and ask you to put your arms around my neck so that your vagina is extended forward.

“Sarah is ready for you now. She loves being licked to orgasm. Don’t hold back.”

He is cupping your bum cheeks with his hands and urging you forward to his mouth.

When he opens his mouth to commence licking you to orgasm, it becomes apparent why he cannot speak.

He has three studs in a staggered row on his tongue.

His tongue was gentle, then probing as it touched the inner rim of your lips, moving slowly before invading you.

“Slowly, slowly, ever so slowly, she loves being teased,” I tell him as I continue to tease your extended nipples.

“Have you ever had that before baby? Is it good?” I ask still teasing your nipples and kissing your neck and aware of his very taut hands on your bum cheeks.

“Don’t hold back baby,” I whisper as I feel you nearing orgasm.

By now both your hands are on the back of his head urging him on.

After your second orgasm he inserts a very long finger into your vagina to stimulate your g-spot while still licking you.

Then two fingers as you orgasm again.

I am very turned on by the pleasure he is giving you and can sense that you ready and willing for a lot more.

He has a French tickler with tiny pearls along the tickler shaft close by.

He puts two long fingers into it and teases it over your cunt lips while I alternate teasing your nipples and digging my nails into your bum cheeks.

He insets it into you.

I can feel you enjoying it’s sensation as you orgasm again.

Then he teases you with a vibrator as he continues licking you.

I have both of my hands on your bum cheeks now urging you on and can feel the vibrator inside you.

You are on the brink again and he stops.

He puts the tickler on the vibrator and inserts it in you, varying the speed.

He seems to read you and keeps stopping to tease you as you near the brink.

“Like that baby? I love watching another man pleasure you.” I ask but don’t receive a reply as you orgasm again.

All the while I could feel myself building up to a huge orgasm, as my erection touched against you.

“In a hurry are you?” you ask.

“Let’s heighten the enjoyment and make it last.”

“Bring me to orgasm one more time with your tongue.”

For the first time the other woman spoke, “You are amazing Sarah. You have me really turned on. He is going to have to work very hard on me next time to emulate what he did to you. And your obvious huge turn on and enjoyment.”

Just to prove how confident Sarah is as a lover she asked me, “Would you like me to suck you to orgasm while these two watch?”

Simultaneously the other woman (Jan) and I both answered, “Yes, I would. Would love you to.

“Even better toyboy can lick me while I watch.

“I am so turned on from watching him give Sarah multi orgasms,” Jan said.

For years I have fantasised and wanted to have my ultimate orgasm with Sarah sucking me while another turned on and virtually anonymous woman watches.

“I love watching another woman sucking a man to orgasm, especially a well hung one,” Jan smiled, still flushed from watching her toy boy service Sarah.

“Been a long time though.”

And having her toy boy watching Sarah suck me to orgasm as well would really be something.

“Don’t hold back baby, make it really good for me and your toy boy. Show him what he missed out on,” I instructed Sarah as we positioned ourselves, me in an armchair in front of a mirror with Sarah on her knees with a very large floor mirror in front of us.

The other woman was already on a chair with her legs wide open urging her toyboy’s lips into her cunt.

I watched them as they watched me put on my figure-8 cock ring to enhance and sustain my erection.

Sarah was also watching them.

I felt sure she was watching to see if toyboy performed better on her. And also turned on by him sucking a second woman to orgasm in a matter of minutes.

As Sarah eased my cock into her mouth with two fingers while still watching the other two, Jan had a huge orgasm, followed almost immediately as she watched Sarah commencing pleasuring my cock.

“You can give me more later,” Jan said as she told toyboy to sit and watch Sarah fuck me with her mouth.

“I am going to join these two.”

She stood behind me and started teasing the very extended tips of my nipples as she looked down on Sarah working on me with her mouth and fingers.

“You are a star performer Sarah. I love watching. You have an awesome technique. Slow down. Tease him, and tease me while I watch.

“I love the way you suck the top of his cock, while you stroke the bottom part. I can tell he does as well.

“Tell me how good she is Rodney.

“How long can you hold out for?

“Do you like me teasing your nipples while she fucks you with her mouth?

“Would you like me to suck your cock one day?

“I am watching Sarah very closely.

“She really is very, very good.

“Would you like Sarah to reverse positions with me?

“What else would you like me to do to you right now?

“Don’t hold back.

“Fuck him harder Sarah.

“Much harder.

“Keep going.

“I can tell he is very close.

“Especially with me teasing his nipples while I watch Sarah swallowing his cock.”

“Fuck me baby, fuck me, fuck me” I plead.

“You are magnificent baby, the very best,” I grunted as I came while three people watched.

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