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  1. The Grudge Fuck Files ---- Harry Ashe Part 1 ©
  2. The Grudge Fuck Files ---- Huck Fimm 1

The Grudge Fuck Files ---- Harry Ashe Part 1 ©

Categories Diary, BDSM, Cruelty, Incest

Author: Inco Gnito

Published: 31 May 2018

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There is a physical law stating; Everything that can go wrong eventually will go wrong. This law convinced me that if something was bound to go haywire, another thing was bound to go right as well. People always said there is balance in everything so I was convinced Murphy’s Law should have a counterpart.

Yin had yang. My bad luck should come to an end sometime.

I was born poor.

I was the youngest of the family.

I had older brothers looking good and they had success with girls.

My sisters were stunning and my mother just looked fabulous, always being nice to everyone except for never being nice to me.

Oh yes, I was being seen at school and welcomed by others but only to be stepped on.

The odd moments I had a job there was always something happening outside my influence having me kicked out of the job.

Also, I did not have a car. Not that a car would do me any good. No cliffs in Des Moines.

It did not help my sibling’s father died in an accident and my father just ran off.

Oh, and my father was not entirely Caucasian. You might call it luck, I did not have to spend time to get tanned.

To top it all, my mother’s surname was Pennington and my siblings were having that surname as well. My surname is Ashe, which does not have to be bad. I just wonder why my father named me ‘Harry’. Yes. That’s me. Harry Ashe.

Some people might have a bad day or perhaps even a bad streak. I thought of myself having a wrong incarnation. I even thought a reincarnation into a shit fly might improve my life. Shit everywhere, right? I dreamed of blowing my loudhorn of plenty in this life. All I needed to do was to find the horn.

All this made me bide my time reading stories on the Internet and playing with my chemistry set. Whenever I read a story about a guy in a similar kind of purgatory he always had a girl living in the neighborhood to make him feel good about himself. The girl to make my life worthwhile had not moved into the state yet.

Should I also tell you I’m not a jock?

Sometimes I thought to be a cuckoo in the wrong nest.

Sometimes I thought it better had I not been born. Or, balanced out, sometimes I was convinced luck was due to come my way.

Like this day.

I get out of bed.

I come downstairs. As always I am the first out of bed and I set the table.

I eat.

I make my lunch.

I get my bag and step outside to go biking to school. It is a good thing it is already the last month before graduation.

I‘ve got one knack. No, make that two. I’ve got one knack for science, and one for math. Give me a problem and I can see the outcome of it. The problems of life excluded of course. It figures.

I bike to school.

I say hello to everybody welcoming me in a nice way. Keep counting, folks. There is nobody I say hello to today.

People think they are funny calling me Hairy Ass a zillion times. I do not agree with them. I give a few nods to some people working in the school but that’s all.

I enter homeroom.

As usual, I sit down in the back of the class. I’m one of the first and when my classmates come in I have blended into the background. I sit next to the window and the seats before me and next to me are the last being taken, in that order.

I kept it a secret to everybody I obtained a full scholarship to Yale. Not even the school knows. I knew how to achieve this. It did help I learned to do everything myself at a very young age. My scholarship including financial support comes from a syndicate wanting to enlist me on their payroll after I graduate college. Nobody besides the syndicate knows this and I cannot wait to leave Des Moines behind me with all its inhabitants and other jokers to think they are entitled to make my life miserable.

Lunch on my own. I did not mind being on my own during lessons and I did not mind being on my own during lunch. I was actually happy with this. I did not want any controversy in having a friendly face sitting at my table and to start being friendly with me after being hostile for a lifetime.

I always came home before my mother, sisters, or brothers did. I always played with my chemistry set. Yes, I am that kind of nerdy guy, but it is unbelievable what you can achieve with such a set. Complimented with whatever you can find in and outside of the house, mixing compounds, testing temperatures, trying different catalysts and being able to remember what has been tested helped tremendously as well. It got me a scholarship with additional financial support.

No, I was not looking for the Philosopher’s stone, but a concoction to acquire me world domination would be a nice start. Nothing wrong with a good dictator, right? The scholarship I was offered was based on a mix of chemicals in specified amounts. Besides having sold a fluid for a commendable amount of money I had some ideas to perfect the fluid and I had some other promising ideas on the shelve.

As there is balance in everything. I started out with H2S. The rotten egg smell. If anything this fowl could exist, I mean the stuff stunk almost as bad as my life, there also should be something smelling contrasting equally good. I found it. I sold the secret and I would get the money to come available to me on my 21-birthday. All I needed to do now was attending high school for the last 4 weeks and to prepare my life in New Haven to attend Yale.


Another one of my glory days starts. I come out of bed to go to school. It is not the same as every other day and I do not have the intention say anything to anybody if they are not nice to me. The days I would get to speak was becoming scarce.

Mom said,” Hairy, you didn’t make my breakfast today, so I didn’t make yours. Steve, here, don’t forget your lunch, dear.”

Steve said,” Hairy, you have to go to school on your bike today. My boss just called. I have an appointment elsewhere.”

This was going to be an ordinary day like all other ordinary days. Yeah, hurray. Leaving the house without having a breakfast. Not having a packed lunch ready. Well, this was my own fault. I could hardly blame someone else for oversleeping. I hurriedly grabbed a loaf of bread and stuffed it in my backpack while leaving the house and biking away. I had to correct myself. Something was right. Both my tires had enough air in them.

To be on time for homeroom I had to peddle like never. So I did. Going faster than ever. In the same good manner, it was safer to me not to trust anybody anymore, I did not trust my other road users as well. Today, however, I should not have trusted the road. About the last crossing to the street, my school was in, I must have missed something lying about on the road. In conjunction with my bike I went over the crossing in a spectacular somersault.

Everybody always dreamed about their moment on television and me, only at the age of eighteen, I now already would get mine. A lady together with a camera crew was filming the crossing. Thanks to my forward speed my fall was more of a sliding kind. The grind of the asphalt tore through my clothes and through my skin. I did not have to consult a fortuneteller; My near future would consist of picking scabs all over the left side of my body, my knees, and both of my underarms. Surprisingly, my bike was still in one piece. As I was not in shock yet, I walked back to find what had launched me almost into orbit. It was the oddest thing. I somersaulted because my front wheel was caught in a crack turning slightly to the right. On the end of the crack I saw something shiny and after a little wriggling I got it out. Getting my backpack off hurt a lot but I managed and an almost squared kind of black metallic mineral thingy almost as big as a Rubik’s cube disappeared into my bag before anybody could claim it as theirs. Heavy. The cube was very heavy. I decided to carry the backpack in my hand.

The filming lady walked over to me saying,

“Good morning, I am Carmen Gold, oh, wow, did your front wheel go into that crack, sir. That explains. Remember me not to go biking in this town. You know, I am filming this crossing by order of the town’s community services and they might be willing to help you sue the town for neglect.”

I looked at Carmen like I saw water burn. Nobody talked to me like this and to my own surprise, I answered in a friendly voice I did not know I had,

“Oh, thank you, Miss Gold. I am Harry Ashe. Nice to meet you. Would you mind I go to school? I’m already late.”

The sighting of burning water seemed to be a contagious phenomenon, I didn’t know whether she was astonished from hearing me saying my name or for wanting to go to school but it showed in her eyes as well when she said,

‘Yes I do mind you going to school, Harry Ashe, I have already called for an ambulance.”

“Miss Gold, I cannot afford an ambulance, I cannot afford being hospitalized, so I will just go to my school where the school nurse will apply some band-aids and the world will keep turning and once again all I’ll have is having missed my turn.”

At this moment the cameramen with all their equipment had already set up their gear near the crack and they made a shot of it with Miss Gold having a few says. The camera stopped and someone took me to my landing place and the camera crew followed. I was helped to the same position as when my slide ended, the red blood smears on the asphalt telling where that was. The camera started rolling, Carmen started anchoring,

“Good morning. I am Carmen Gold, your host of today, filming a dangerous crossing in this beautiful town filled with these kind of hazards in mid America, Des Moines, where an astonishing accident involving this now conscious person,” and I knew I had to answer because everyone outside the view of the camera was pointing at me,” Harry Ashe,” and Miss Gold continued,“ as you just saw, Harry Ashe came flying over the crossing after being launched with his bike caused by improper road care and ended his slide at this point. We are now waiting for an ambulance for Mr. Ashe.” When the camera stopped she said,” It’s a wrap folk,” and to me,” Mr. Ashe, I am not kidding, I am a lawyer specialized in personal injuries. If you give me carte blanche, I can almost guarantee you will win. Past judgment in similar cases will prove me right. I will settle for 10% no-cure-no-pay from your claim and I offer you 10% from any income out of the images of your somersault. Ah, there is the ambulance. Do you mind me coming to the hospital for an extended interview and the first indication of negotiations with the town?

‘No, miss Gold, I don’t mind you coming to the hospital. You are welcome.”


“Hello, Mr. Ashe. I’m your doctor. You have not broken anything. You only have bruises. We cleaned out the damaged skin tissue and we have implemented genetically enhanced skin repair nano-aids. Apart from inevitable scars, you will be as good as new in a few days. According to Ms. Ford, the scarring is a good thing. It makes your face ragged. She is outside. Are you ok with her entering your room?”

“Ok, doctor.”

Mis Carmen Gold came into the room making space for the leaving doctor and came standing on the left side of my bed.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Ashe, can I call you Harry, please? Please call me Carmen. I just spoke with your mother. She …,” I interrupted Miss Gold,“ I would appreciate it, Carmen, if you kept my mother out of all of your negotiations. She does not have any data pertaining my personal life so please don’t bother yourself with her. In the event you made an agreement with her, it is not valid.”

“Oh, I am sorry, Harry. She seemed so nice and loving towards you. Eh, no, I did not make any agreement with her. Indeed she did make some snide remarks after I said I am a lawyer. She will come in in a minute. I will put my phone up here with the camera on, ok? You never know what you get.

The town representatives were not eager to honor your claim but after I have shown them our footage they will understand it is in the town’s and the state’s interest to avoid the film going viral. The main reason I’m here is to get your permission to use the footage. You will get 10% of course. Yes?”

I looked Miss Gold in her eyes and I said nothing.


At this point, I just looked her in the eye.

“30%, you drive a hard bargain, Mr. Ashe. I’m trying to do business here.”

“The thing is, Miss Gold, I have always had to take care of myself so I know a little about the law. I want 90% from the income of the footage. If not, well, this town is full of lawyers. If you agree to be my lawyer, I will grant you 35% no cure no pay on any claim you can make out of my somersault.”

“That is awfully generous. You just want everything going your way, don’t you, Harry? I will agree with your demands. I know, it is not business-like but I’m curious where this will end. I like the commanding tone in your voice. It is so different from your mother’s voice.”

“Oh but, Carmen, I think it Is common sense for you to agree to my biding. Oh, and speaking of my mother, I would hate myself foul mouthing close relatives so I will suffice to say that the nicest thing she ever said to me was,” Hairy Ass, you clean up this awful mess,” after vomiting.

“Oh, my poor baby. No, she couldn’t have.”

“Oh yes, she could, Carmen.”

“Hmm, that isn’t right,” gently touching my arm, leaving it there.

“Carmen, I am only 18, Why are you coming on to me?”

“I am not. I…. oh, sorry.”

“Carmen, do you have some concrete evidence about my claim.”

“No silly, in this stage of the negotiations there is nothing on paper yet.”

Someone knocked on the door and Carmen answered, “Ok, come in.” I looked Carmen in her eyes radiating upset. She understood and I saw a subtle shift in her attitude. My mother came in.

“Harry, oh, Harry. You made us so worried. You could have died out there. Your sisters call me every half hour, worried sick as well, Steve and Peter have also called to ask how you are doing.”

‘No need for drama, Mom. I’m alright. The doctor said I’ll be discharged before dinner.”

“So you will eat at home, honey. Shall I make you your favorite?”

“Yes, Mom. Please do. I basically like everything, do you happen to know what I like best?”

“Now, honey. No need to be so cynical, darling. I’ll just make everything. I love you, you know that.”

So much for sincerity. Carmen took the word.

“Harry, it is time I put the pressure on the town’s council members. My colleagues are about to show them the footage. I’ll be back when I can.”

Carmen shut the door tight but conveniently left her phone on the shelf.

“Enough with the drama, poseur. The doctor said you would not have any negative side effects from your scratches so why are you still in bed? You can get dressed and drive me home. Or you can stay in bed here for a few hours more and walk home alone. Oh, by the way, today your favorite food is potatoes with gravy and vegetables.”

Mom walked around the bed and sat in the chair Carmen had been sitting in.

Good, my mother was her fresh self again. This was the hag I knew her to be until she said in a friendly voice she had never used to me before,“ I never saw you kiss a girl, Harry. This is a nice one, a keeper. Who is she? Where is she from? Isn’t she a bit old for you? Are you into older ladies? Milfs perhaps?”

Harry? Did she say, Harry? Have I fallen on my head in bed somehow? Did she offer herself?

“Why don’t you go home to prepare my favorite food, mom. I’ll probably come home when I’m discharged here.”

“That is a good idea, Harry. What was your favorite again?”

“Lasagne, Mom. Yours is acceptable, thank you.”

And then the world was coming to an end. My mother bent over me on the bed and kissed me on my cheek. Of course, I tried to duck to the other side of the pillow. That was the least damaged side of my body. Instead of my cheek, her lips touched my mouth. Damn, she even slipped some tongue in.

“Is that how you kiss the ladies, Harry. That is a big no. Your kisses have red signs all over them. I’d better teach you how to properly kiss a lady.”

I checked the window to see whether or not the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were galloping by. I could not check this because my vision was impaired with my mother's globes I looked right onto through the many opened buttons of her blouse. Mom gave me a full French smothering kiss with hands and foot. Faster than a rattlesnake Mom had slipped her tongue into my mouth again together with a rubbing hand in my crotch and one leg over mine for more leverage. This woman was scaring the shit out of me. I could not help myself and I grew myself an erection under the blankets. Yes, my mother might have been a hag to me for all my life but even so, she was a pretty hag. Good looking, a pretty face, nice flowing hips and big tits with no sag. Mom was not overly impressed with my growth spurt or was expecting it. I managed to break off the kissing and the groping in search of answers.

“Oh, and suddenly you are the expert in kissing the ladies, Mom.”

“Well, as a matter of fact, I did tutor your sisters, Birgit and Beryl quite well. And I think Steve and Peter will vouch for me. So yes, I can teach you a thing or two.”

How the hell did she get applied with a truth serum inducing horniness? This is madness. Is this my mother? This is not how I know my family. I decided to question her further with some ideas I had, but first,

“Kissing Beryl, Birgit, Steve, and Peter, Mom? When? How? Why?”

“Of course I kissed them. Mostly in bed, silly. I only sleep in the nude and why should I ever sleep alone and speaking for your siblings, what else are mothers for if not to be there for her children?”

She was vile when she came in the room. She was vile standing on the left side of my bed. She became weird standing on this side of the bed……

“Mom, can you please do something for me?”

“Sure, honey, everything.”

“Would you come stand on the other side of the bed, please?”

“Certainly dear, here I am.”

“Why did we never kiss before, Mom. You obviously made out with everybody else in the house?”

“Oh, come on. Don’t be daft, Hairy Ass. Why don’t you shave down there for once? Everybody does. You are so gross.”

I had two different people visiting me. And yet, she was one and the same.

“Perhaps I will get a shave. When we kiss, will you slip your tongue in my mouth again? Mom?”

“Hairy Ass, you pervert. I have had it with you. I’m going.”

“Don’t forget your handbag, Mom.”

“My handbag? Where?”

“Here, Mom. On the other side of the bed, next to your broom.”

Again Mom walked to the other side of the bed and picked up her handbag saying,

“Ouch, Harry, that hurt. Now kiss and make up with me,” repeating the kissing session with the difference she managed to scoop up my right hand into her décolleté. Admitted, I had some yanking sessions in my past in which I envisioned myself to paw her tits extensively and I was totally wrong within my imagination. This was much better. Of course, I made a tent in my bed.

Before I got the idea of having some pawing myself I broke the kiss off and said,

“Mom, it is time for you to go. I think Carmen will come back soon and I will have to do business.”

“Yes. I’m going. See you later, Harry.


Indeed, Carmen came back. With flowers in two vases. Carmen walked around the bed and put the vases on the floor. Negotiations didn’t take her very long.

“Congratulations, Harry. I made a deal with the council. I think you don’t have to worry about studying anymore. You can select where you want to go. To top that we still get to sell the footage so you’ll get some from that as well.”

“Carmen, studying has never been a problem. It is evident you know nothing about me. How much money are we talking about?”

“Past judgment said we should get 10 million. The footage really is incriminating the town being neglect. I first had a call with one of my seniors, he viewed the footage as well and advised to go for 20 million and the town agreed. The disadvantage is we now cannot use the footage. The town argued us not to use it. So your share will be 13 million dollars.”

“You have done well, Carmen. But you agreed my share of the footage to be 90%. I now get to have 18 million dollars. You basically sold the footage for 20 million dollars.”

Carmen gazed at me with her mouth open. Speechless, speaking anyhow,” I have to call my senior, Harry. I will be right back.”

Again I was bothered by a knock on the door and without waiting my sister came into the room.

“Not much sense in knocking on the door if you don’t wait for an answer,” I berated Beryl, my oldest sister of 26 and the meanest of the two. Both could easily be typecasted into one of Cinderella’s sisters.

“Hairy,” my sister Beryl started to ask,” Mommy wants to know at what time you’ll be home tonight. She needs to know at what time the lasagna should be ready.”

… …

“Now answer me, retard. I’m not here to have fun.”

… …

“You moron, I’m your sister, Beryl, you Hairy Ass. If you ignore me I will just go.”

“Thank you, Beryl, please close the door when you leave, or step to this side of the bed, please.”

Beryl let go of the doorknob and turned around talking and walking to the window side of the bed;

“That’s a first, Harry. For you to start a conversation and be nice for a change.”

I thought I already something different in my sister. I went all-in;

“Did it help you, Mom teach you to kiss?”

“You……How… Harry, you are not supposed to know that.”

“Mom was really nice when she was here. She gave me a few pointers as well. Kissing I mean.”

My sister’s reaction was next to the world reversing its rotation.

“Oh, good. Finally. I never liked it she made us act badly to you.”

I lay in bed, flabbergasted. Beryl bend over me and continued saying,“ I never dared to be kind to you with or without Mom around. I didn’t want to give you false hope. But with you on kissing terms with Mom I don’t mind to show you I love you, hmmmm,” kissing me on my cheek.

“Beryl, if you insist on kissing me, would you mind doing it from the other side of the bed. This side of my body hurts me more.”

Beryl walked around the bed and didn’t hesitate to kiss me openmouthed after saying,” If Mom is teaching you to kiss, I’d better monitor your progress.”

Did my sister really felt this way about me? It seemed so. She was behaving the same on both sides of my bed. Suddenly I was only interested to get to know Beryl better.

“Beryl, how come I you never see you with a friend? Obviously, you are one hot babe, so I don’t get it”

“I’m not sure why I’m telling you this…… But……. It is…. After……. I just……. I have trusting issues, Harry.”

“I don’t want to pry, Beryl, and I don’t want you to feel pressured but I think you want to tell me something. After what, Beryl?”

“I don’t think I’m able to tell you but I’ll do better. I owe you big time. Here, I think it is best you just read my diary. Please keep it to yourself. I will be in big trouble and so will you if anyone else get their hands on it.”

I stuffed the dairy safely in my backpack and saw the almost square thingy I picked up from the crevice in the asphalt thinking, < Is this possibly what is influencing people around me? > .

“Me reading your diary? I’m speechless. Again.”

“Well, if you are going to shut up again, I have a good idea.”

Saying this, Beryl started to kiss me again. She really made me curious what she wanted me to read in her diary. One thing I was sure of. This girl was as of now deleted from my grudge-fuck-files.

In the middle of a breather, Carmen came back into the room. Immediately Beryl was Beryl again saying,” If you want it like this Hairy Ass, then this is what you will get,” flipping me her finger and leaving the room.

“Wow, I’m not jealous of your family. I presume that was a sister?”

“Yes, Beryl, the oldest. 26. Still living at home, no friends. Mind-boggling.

“Are they all like that in their behavior towards you?”

“Yes, Carmen. They always are. I made a rule to myself not to say something back to people if they are not nice to me. The past few months held a day or two I haven’t said anything. Talking about something completely different; Do you have a car, by any chance? I don’t think I will ever sleep at home again and I want to save my chemistry set and perhaps, more importantly, I want to save my notes.”

“Sure, Harry. Anything. How long do you need to be at your mother’s house?”

“I’m not sure. One, maybe two hours. Do you want to stick with me? I could use you for protection against the verbal abuse.”

“Harry. Look into my eyes. Listen. You have your 90%. 18 million dollars. Can I do you an odd proposition?”

“Consider me a friend of yours. I do not hold grudges in business.”

“You do not act your age, Harry, really. I’ll shock you right away. Harry, will you please accept me as your slave?”

“Slave as in, you do everything I say? I tell you to walk naked on Times Square and you will?”

“Yes, Alex. If you tell me to jump off the Empire State building, I will. Somehow deep in myself I know you will be a good master and you will refrain from commands that hamper my health. Somehow I know I can trust you to rule over me with common sense. You know of master/slave relations?”

“Only from stories on the Internet.”

“I would appreciate it if you let me explain.”

“Eh, ok. How about you explain to me by trial and error, Carmen?”

“That is a good idea, Harry. Do I have your permission to say something, master?”

“So, that’s it from now on? Carmen, I’m alright with you to obey me. I'm not alright with you calling me, master. Never. My name is Harry. Use my name with respect and you will be good.”

“Thank you, Harry.”

“Carmen, I suggest a probation period of a few months. It is now the May 15. I’m going to New Haven in a month. If we are good, you can come with me.”

“Yes, Harry. Anything else”?

“What about your job? What happened?”

“I fucked up, Harry. My seniors are upset with me dealing this situation.”

So basically, if you fucked me in the deal, your senior would be happy?”

“Yes, Harry.”

Carmen got her phone. I said. “Carmen, I presume the camera is still working?”

“Yes, Harry.”

“Per what date will the money come available?”

“Approximately three months, Harry.”

“I need you to finance my life until we go to New Haven in a month.”

“I can finance your whole life, Harry.”

“I don’t need you to finance my whole life. All I need is this month.”

“Are you are going to study at Yale, Harry?”

“Yes, Carmen. It is to be kept a secret. Not even my school is aware. We are just going to disappear to New Haven the day school ends.”

“It is funny, Harry.”

“What is funny, Carmen.”

“I have a house in New Haven. Near campus.”

“In the event, you and I make it through our probation period Carmen, that will come in handy.”

“You just proved me right in a big way, Harry.”

“Elaborate with me, Carmen.”

“Most men would already have me pawed in a big way. I just knew you would use your intellect.”

“No fear, Carmen. I will check you.”

“Yes, Harry. You tell me when.”

“Are you ready to leave, Carmen?”

“You are asking me if I’m ready? Have you signed out already, medically I mean?”

“The doctor said to acknowledge with the hospital administration when I was ready to leave.


“Carmen, what are your living arrangements here in Des Moines?”

“You know how they describe a Rolls Royce’s torque and horsepower.”

“Yes, they are described as ‘sufficient’.”

“The same goes for my living arrangements here in Des Moines.”

“So you have room for a guest?”

“Anybody else but you, yes. There are two spare bedrooms, furnished. Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, I told you. I never kissed a girl and I never had a girlfriend. The girl you saw leave, my sister, Beryl, she was acting. I have reason to believe she is on my side. Check my backpack, you’ll find a dairy. Scan it. I will drive.”


“Oh, Harry. This stuff is awful. I thought I had it bad. Beryl’s situation is worse. She is being blackmailed. It would be wonderful if you are going to take of her. We are, you are.”

“You may include yourself, Carmen. You said your situation was bad as well. I have yet to read Beryl’s. What happened to you in a nutshell?”

“My father made me pregnant when I was thirteen. He got killed in a car crash before the child was stillborn. My mother could not cope with the disgrace. In a nutshell. I don’t trust people. Somehow, I don’t know why I know I can trust you. Every action of yours proves my instincts true. You have no idea how happy I am at this moment. And yes, we can take care of your sister. No problem. She loves you, you know. It says here, about every page.”

“Carmen, they are blackmailing Beryl, you said. Who is?

“Your mother is. Steve and Peter are abusing her. Your sister Birgit is fucking her brothers, but voluntarily. Oh. Oh, my god. Beryl is not related to you, Harry. Beryl came with her father. Your mother only met Birgit’s, Steve’s and Peter’s father after she was already born.”

“Oh. Auch. A genuine Cinderella story. Beryl, I’m so sorry for my thoughts.”

“She’s not here, Harry. What did you think, If I may ask?”

“Together with Birgit, I thought of her capable of being typecasted for one of Cinderella’s sisters.”

“I will make sure you apologize.”

“Carmen, we will be at my house in 5 minutes. When we get out of the car I would like you to carry my backpack. And to stay at my side. Whatever happens. Stay at my side. That is important. That you stay…,” “That I stay at your side. I get it, Harry.”


“The bag is awfully heavy, Harry. Kryptonite?”

“You certainly didn’t become a lawyer by accident did you?”

“Why, Harry, how did you come to think one could become a lawyer saving coupon?”

“Just stay by my side. Be warned for odd behavior.”

“First we enter the house and go to my room. It is the only room in the basement. Stay right behind me on the stairs down. They can be slippery. I have such funny brothers.”

Entering the house via the backdoor I see my mom sitting at the kitchen table.

“Hi Mom, meet Carmen, Carmen meet Mom. Mom, Carmen is helping me with some things.”

“Hello Harry, the lasagna is in the oven. I did not expect you this early. I didn’t expect you bringing company with you as well. A good thing Peter, Steve, and Birgit are out. I don’t expect them back before dinner. ”

“Is Beryl in her room?”

“Yes, Harry. She will be down for dinner.”

I decided to just ask questions to my mother. If the almost squared thing in my backpack is influencing people, it should work now as well.

“Mom, what are you blackmailing Beryl with?”

“I don… I… He… Steve… He…. They.. filmed her doing stuff. And then we… We… forced… ehhh… more films….. See.”

“Where are the films, Mom?”

“I… ehh.. I keep them in ehhhh…in my bedroom.”

“Go get them, Mom.”

“Yes, Harry.”

“Carmen come. We are going to get the first batch of things from my room.”

We saw Beryl in the living room,

“Hi Beryl, good to see you. Could you please help us with my stuff?”

“Sure, Harry. What’s happening.”

“I’m moving out. Come with me downstairs.”

In my room, I pulled Beryl in a tight hug. “I love you too, sis. Go to your room and pack a bag of clothes to last for a week. Don’t worry about the rest. You are coming with Carmen and me. We will never come back.”

“Harry, I can’t. Mom has leverage over me. I can’t go.”

“Beryl, trust me. Do as I say. I read your diary. I’m not going to leave you here with these people.”

“Oh, Harry, I love you, baby brother. I’ll go packing right away.”



“That’s it. I’ve got everything. Beryl, do you have what you need?”

“Yes, Harry. My whole life in three bags. I don’t believe it.”

“Let us go back inside then and Beryl. Please don’t be surprised at my mother’s weird behavior.”

Beryl pulled me into a hug in turn,“ You really read everything. I really love you, Harry. You’re something special.”

“There’s still a lot I didn’t read yet, Beryl.”

We went inside and sat at the table. My backpack hung on the back of my chair and I sat next to my mother. ”These are the films you asked for, Harry.”

“Are there more copies mother?”

“No, These are the only ones. I’m positively sure of that. I have a safe in my room and nobody knows the combination. Why did you get all these stuff out of the house, Harry?”

“I’m moving out Mom. I’m taking Beryl with me. You abused her long enough. How much did she inherit from her father?”

“All that money is gone, Harry.”

“No Mom, it isn’t. You, as her guardian, might have used some for your own benefit but I fail to see where her money ever benefitted her. So you owe her that money. To Beryl, it is not gone. How much should be there?”

“Beryl’s legacy was 73,000 dollars and the house.”

“Is there a mortgage on the house?”


“So, she can sell the house then, can’t she?”

“No, she can’t. We live in this house.”

“Not for long, Mom. It’s going up for sale.”

“And you are in debt with Beryl. Any ideas how you are going to pay her back?”

“You were much nicer to me when we were kissing, Harry.”

“When you took advantage of me in the hospital, you mean?”

“I never took advantage of you in the hospital. You are making that up.”

“I sure hope you remember what you did. It would be such a shock for you seeing it happen in court otherwise.”

“Harry, are you blackmailing me?”

“Mom, blackmailing is when you use leverage over someone to get something done the person normally would never do. I’m not making you do anything.”

“You were much nicer this afternoon when we were kissing.”

“At least you can remember it now. I suggest you enjoy the memory, Mom. I will remember this lasagna. It does taste very good. Thank you, Mom.”

All the time I was having this conversation Carmen watched me with awe and Beryl fell from one surprise to the other. It was at this point Mom was getting desperate and thought her hands on my leg would change anything. I cured her of that thought.

“Mom, do you really think imposing your hands in my crotch would miraculously save you from your dire situation?”

“But.. I… Harry …. Beryl, help me… Carmen?”

“No, Ms. Ashe. I’m not going to help you. Just be happy I will not help you like you helped me all my life.”

“Beryl, what do you know that I don’t?” I said with interest.

“The woman has been hiding behind the name of Pennington. But instead of wedding herself to Wilbur Ashe, she was never wed with my father, Jim Pennington. She only used his name. She never divorced your father either. I suspect her seeing him regularly. I couldn’t say anything, you know why. But thanks to a certain Mr. Harry Ashe, I can now speak openly. Thank you, Harry. I owe you. Bigtime.”

“Shouldn’t we take this to the police. Have justice take care of this mess, Beryl?”

“No, Harry. Going to the police would ravel everything up again. I don’t want that to happen. Dear Ms. Ashe is going to pay rent to me for living here. I will have it valued and she will pay 90% of the market price. Plus the inheritance she stole from me.”

“You heard Beryl, mom.”

“But… But… I… I don’t… I don’t have 73,000 dollars.”

“Do the best you can and or get help from Steve, Peter, and Birgit. They were at least equally evil as you were, Ms. Ashe.”

“You are ruining me, you can’t do that.”

“You still fail to see what you did, didn’t you, Mom. Carmen, Beryl, I suggest we leave and draw up contracts for out renting the house and then come back or have our lawyers take care of business.”

Both girls agreed with the out renting and the leaving.

“Bye, Mom.”



“Yes, Beryl.”

“You really don’t mind to take care of us for a whole month?”

“It is not of significance, Beryl. This whole month and I wish after that as well, Harry’s going to take very good care of me.”

“Harry said something like that as well but only in vague terms. Please, Carmen? Will you explain to me what is going on?”

“Come here, Beryl and let me hug you. You know Harry loves you back, right?” Beryl nodded yes,” Do you mind I love you too, Beryl?”

“No, Carmen, why should I mind?”

“Beryl, Do you have any idea what kind of relationship Harry and I are trying to establish?”

“No, I just thought…. I think… Yes, I think I didn’t think about it. I took a whole lot of somethings for granted.”

“Beryl, I am very much like you. I was abused in my youth as well. Because of being abused like you were in the past I feel love for you for being the same. The love I have for Harry is because we are so different and I do not mean different in our sex. I mean different in him so being certain and me being insecure. Harry is always so certain where I just can’t decide. In time you will understand. That is all you need. Time.”

“Carmen, you are talking riddles in oracles. I’m at a total loss.”

“Beryl, it has been barely a day the abusive situation you were in ended. Mine ended 13 years ago. I have been able to give it a place in the back of my mind with a lot of help from some psychiatrists. Harry and I are going to teach you how to visualize your choices to help you to choose.”

“I’m still at a loss, Carmen.”

“I chose for Harry to be my master. I wish Harry will accept me as his slave. Harry will be responsible for me and I feel, no, I know how to handle that responsibility. I recognized him for being responsible. I so do wish for him to accept me.”

“You mean like when Harry orders you to suck his dick you drop to your knees and you suck him.”

“I’d love to, Beryl and more if only he orders me too. I will do everything.”

“Where is that different from abuse, Carmen. Someone to order you around like you are a slut or a ragdoll. They make you feel so worthless.”

“No, Beryl. I don’t want to be abused by anybody. I want to be used by Harry. Because of his honesty and decisiveness. I want to be used by Harry because he is sincere and consequent. I want to be Harry’s slut because I get wet only because he says ‘Well done, Carmen’ to me. I will be Harry’s slave only to surf on his wake and observe him accomplish things. He has already accomplished so much and he is going to accomplish so much more.”

“The way you tell me this is making me want the same. What is wrong with me, Carmen.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Beryl. All Harry and I have to do is making you see what the choices are but first, you have to learn you are the composer of what is going to happen to you. We will teach you it should not be someone else making you choose but that it is you creating the choices you want to choose from and then confront the other what your choices are. Carmen, please understand that me telling Harry I want to be his slave is different from being told by some nobody I have to be his slave. There is a big difference between someone telling me I am a slut and acts violent towards me and feeling like a slut because I want Harry to use me….. And speaking of the devil. Here comes Harry.”

Through the window, I could see Carmen sink to her knees. I saw Beryl looking at her submissive position. When I entered the room I first walked up to Beryl, she was closest to the door. I embraced her and she embraced me.

“How are the scabs, I’m afraid to hurt you?”

“Never fear to hurt me, Beryl. Does your offer to monitor my progress in kissing skill still stand? They are a bit hampered now my access to my tutor has been cut-off.

Beryl pulled me into a lip lock, eagerly tonging me. Breathing faster. And then breaking off the kiss, “How can that be, Harry? I’m getting aroused only by kissing you. I never got wet kissing a guy before.”

“Carmen, can you explain this to Beryl?”

“Beryl, if you are the same as I am you already get wet being kissed by Harry. In the past 13 years, I kissed a few guys and nothing happened. Not even when they touched me. And then I met Harry. Harry got me wet just by looking me in the eyes. That is why I have proclaimed myself as his. That is how I enjoy him. I just knew he is the one. He is the only one.”

“Thank you, Carmen. Right before I got in you sank to your knees. Any reason to do that? Care to elaborate with me here.”

“Eh, Harry. I, eh. I did it because I want to, eh. I never had to ask….. Suck your dick, please, Harry?

“Request is granted, Carmen. You may proceed.”

Beryl’s mouth fell open. I took the gesture as an invitation to kiss her and slipped some tongue in. Again Beryl started panting. All I did was holding Beryl tighter than I was already doing. I also felt my trousers being opened and lowered. As were my briefs.

“Harry, whenever I was with your brothers and they started kissing me they would already be all over me with their hands, groping and pawing. You are not. Why?”

“Beryl, you never told me I was granted to touch you, so I don’t. Let us giving it the official term. You have not given me the mandate to groping and pawing. I have not been given the mandate to manhandle you. What’s more; You get pleasure from me giving love. You are about to get off only by being held tight. And yes, you made me read your diary. It says multiple times you want to feel me in you. That you wonder what it is like to suck my dick. I don’t act on that alone. You have to tell me what you want.”

“Harry, I do not know what I want. How can I tell you what I don’t know?”

“You can ask that question to Carmen later. She is occuuuuupiiiiiied at t-the m-mooooohment. Aargh, Carmen, that feels so good. Keep licking my shaft like that. Uhngnmm. Yes. Under the ridge. Uhnghnmmmm.”

Beryl sank to her knees as well and watched Carmen’s antics. Beryl’s hand disappeared under her own dress. I caressed Beryl’s and Carmen’s head to acknowledge them I was ok with everything. Beryl was the first to come. Just a second before I rocketed my wad into Carmen’s mouth which made Carmen to come as well.


“And that is all I know about the cube. I think the cube has something to do with it. I’m not totally sure. And I don’t want to test it on women. I mean, it would be rape. Even if women at that moment want sex with me, they probably want it because of the cube’s influence.”

“Test it on your mother and your sister. I would not mind anybody abusing them,” Beryl said.

“If you are afraid of later repercussions by doings of your mother you might want her to sign a contract. Because the wording of it would be in illegal terms, such a contract is called a void contract. She cannot get help, not with justice,” Carmen added.

“Carmen, do you mind if I set-up a basic laboratory in the basement?” I want to perform some tests on the cube.”

“But what if you destroy whatever is making the cube work if it works at all?”

“Losing function in the cube is no loss. I still would have Carmen.”

“What about me, are you forgetting about me, Harry?”

“No, I have not forgotten about you, Beryl. You forgot about me. I’m not including you until after you have decided what you want me to do. I love too much, Beryl. I am not going to do anything to you, you don’t want me to.”


“Well girls, that was it,” I said after a three-hour session in the basement,” The cube is no more. I could not break it. I could not open it. Then I tried to solve it in water and at 38° the cube dissolved. What is mindboggling is the cube not only dissolved but the water disappeared as well. It was a good thing I caught the fumes. It was probably not my most scientific moment but I didn’t know any better than to inhale whatever what was left of the cube. Any volunteers for a kiss?”

“Me,” said both Beryl and Carmen at the same time.

After each had her turn Beryl said,

“Harry, Carmen and I again talked about her submitting to you. I’m now convinced it would be wise for me to do the same,” sinking to her knees before me with her arms stretched to me and her palms up.

“Hmm, Beryl. Then you’ll be on probation for a month as well, we’ll all test this new relationship until I move to New Haven. In the event it all works out, you are going with me.”

“Yes, Harry. I’m going to make sure you don’t get disappointed.”

“I’ll make sure you don’t get disappointed as well, Beryl. I want to clarify a certain situation before it becomes an issue.”

“Yes, Harry, what can I do.”

“I have never got the opportunity to admire your tits. It’s about time you reveal them to me.”

“Haha, and here I was thinking I now might be granted to suck your dick, no, all the master wants is looking at my tits.”

“Beryl, never, ever, call me your master. Speaking my name with respect suffices.”

“Ok, Harry. I won’t do it again.”

“Beryl, your tits are beautiful. I like it how your nipples point upwards. They are alluring.”

I stepped into Beryl’s aura and caressed her tits. “Nothing wrong with the feeling as well. Carmen, get on your knees next to Beryl and kiss her.”

Both girls looked at each other with surprise and Carmen sat next to Beryl starting a heated session of kissing. I opened my trousers and got my dick out in the open. He was already saluting the general consensus in front of him. I gently pried him between both girls mouths and they happily welcomed the intruder. One moment he disappeared into a mouth, the other moment he was parked in the other. Such lovely girls.

“I’m happy girls, with the both of you getting along. Do you mind me borrowing your car, Carmen?”

“Will you be home for dinner, Harry, say 8 o’clock?”

“Wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. I‘m off to test my mother. Shall I film my encounter, girls?”

“Here, take my phone, Harry. Good luck.”


When I entered the house, nobody was in the kitchen. Both Mom’s and Birgit’s cars were parked in front of the house. They were not I the living room either. I went upstairs and I heard noises in Mom’s bedroom. I leaned myself against the doorpost and enjoyed the aftermath of me leaving the house the day before. I switched on the camera of the phone and set it securely on top of the doorpost.

“Suck my cunt, you stupid ho. Reap your reward for needing my money to pay for this house and help you to pay this debt to Beryl. I will have your mouth and your cunt working for it and if it is not going fast enough I will sell your ass as well, Ms. Ass.”

Mom was the first to see me,” Harry, how long have you been standing there?”

“No Mom, don’t let me interrupt your munching. I can see you have an extensive vocabulary in cunnilingus. It just seems Birgit is not answering it in a happy manner. Say Birgit, mind telling me what mother is doing wrong?” and I walked to the bed while I was talking.

“Hairy Ass? What the fuck are you doing here? Can’t you see we are busy, you.. you.. Why are you here, Harry? Oh, Mom, yes, that feels good, unghm, ughnm, yes, yes, yes, yeeaahhssss, uhngmmmmmmmmm.”

I thought it odd, Mom had not yet reconnected her tongue on her daughter’s cunt or clit and yet, there was an epic orgasm exiting Birgit, exciting her to no end. I thought she was now unconscious but after some clipping of her nipples and a bit squeezing of tit-flesh she continued moaning loudly.

Mom stared open-mouthed at me ignoring the proteins she could get from her daughter oozing out of Birgit’s cunt. “Mom, squat above her face and have her ream your ass. Bend over here and suck my dick. I wish you like what I’m going to do.”

“What awe you going to do, Hawwy”?

“I’m going to fuck your face, Mom, You’d better brace yourself on Birgit.”


“What’s going on here. Who’s car is in my spot?” Steve asked entering the bedroom with Peter. I was almost certain of the exhaling effect of the cube’s vapor on women. I thought the situation exciting because I didn’t know whether it worked on men or not as well.

“That would be my car, Steve. Why don’t you undress and have some fun too? You too, Peter.”

I was safe. My brothers undressed but took no further action.

“Everybody listens; this is going to happen, one way or the other. I don’t care whether you will cooperate with each other or not but I’m not patient enough to see you do it voluntarily. The four of you are going to buy this house from your sister Beryl for the sum of 450,000 dollars. I know it is not worth that much but the debt your mother has to Beryl from Beryl’s inheritance is included. All you four have jobs so I don’t think a mortgage will be a too great a problem. In the event, it is a problem I will give you some incentives to solve the problem for you.

Peter and Steve, as long as Beryl has not been paid the 450,000 dollars you are both going to give each other a blow job twice per day. Neither of you is going to like the blowing or the being sucked. Yes, that sucks, I know. I wish for you it is a temporary thing. I wish for Beryl to get her money. Both of you think blowing is gross, it makes you want to puke and when the other has his compelling orgasm after 20 minutes you will swallow the semen and become nauseous from the swallowing. After 20 minutes of being nauseous, you vomit. The one getting the blowjob does not like it either. It feels like the teeth of your partner continuously scrape the skin of your dick. So twice a day on each other. Start now, with your first of today. Remember. The situation will continue until the debt to Beryl has been paid. 450,000 dollars. You are to acquire this money in legal ways only. None of you is to have sex with anybody.

Mother, Birgit. The both of you will not be able to orgasm until the debt to Beryl has been paid. You also are obliged to acquire the money legally. Both of you are going to ream out each other’s ass for 20 minutes with your tongues. Both of you are going to ream out Peter’s and Steve’s ass for 10 minutes per day with your tongues. None of you will have sex with men or other women until the money to Beryl has been paid. Nobody will be dating for as long as Beryl has not been paid. Everyone, repeat what I just specified. Mom, you start.”

I had them repeat my orders until they got it right.

Up to this moment, I had the intention to grudge fuck my mother but now I had the opportunity I just could not get myself to do it. I thought this was enough. I considered myself lucky to be with Carmen and Beryl. I considered myself to be lucky in general.

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