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  1. Becoming my wife
  2. Becoming My Wife - Part 2
  3. Becoming My Wife - Part 3

Becoming My Wife - Part 2

Categories Fantasy, Cuckold, Mind Control, Transsexual

Author: mrpiggy

Published: 31 May 2018

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As I awake my first coherent thought is to reach down and see what is between my legs. Definitely a pussy, so I'm still Michelle, that's good!

The memories of last night come flooding back. Having sex as a women with a man I picked up that night. The feeling of having him inside me and shoot his cum deep in to me. I remember kissing him afterwards as he lay on top of me, feeling completely sated, as his then semi-hard cock was removed from my sloppy pussy. I remember laying on the bed watching Chris dress as a puddle of his cum oozed out of me and fell between by bum cheeks to pool on the bed. He gave me his number and left me for the night, so I decided to sleep there an then.

I find that whilst having cum drip out of me was quite the turn on as I was going to bed, dried crusty cum is not the most pleasant, so after checking myself in the mirror, yes, still Michelle, I had a long warm shower and thought about my plans for the day.

I had experienced sex as a woman and quite frankly I wanted more but I was always kinky as a man and considering the situation I was in I decided there was no point in holding back. I wouldn't worry about what may happen in 2 weeks when My wife came back if I was still a woman, as something in the back of my head told me it would work out, so I was just going to enjoy the ride.

After spending time making sure I felt clean I had to decide what I was going to do today. Thoughts raced through my head. I could fuck two guys at once. Maybe lesbian sex? I would love to try and seduce one of My wife's friends husbands but how the fuck I would get away with that... Maybe if after we have sex I say it was a mistake and we can never do it again, I might get away with it. The thought certainly turned me on but I decided it was too risky for today. I always liked the thought of being blackmailed in to having sex as a woman, but how would I get something like that to happen?

I decided to simply get dressed and see what happened.

As it was a warm day, I went for a floaty white dress that ended just above my knees, but was very tight around my 34D breasts. I put the hoop earrings in again as I really had a kink about them and just wearing them felt amazing and left my hair hang loose framing my face. Just enough makeup and some barely there lipstick left me looking incredible, if I do say so myself. I can't believe how turned on I am just from the process of getting dressed but I guess that's what I get from being able to live out my fantasy! Seeing my wife's body look back at me, with her dressed exactly as I would want her to be, it truly is amazing.

It's about 10 as I leave the hotel and decide to walk through a park to get used to wearing the smaller heels out, considering my only other time wearing heels has been when I was a man walking in the house.

There were a few people out as it was a nice summer day, but as it was a Tuesday most people were at work. I did happen to see three boys in school uniform who looked to be walking in to a wooded part of the park and a thought crossed my mind. One of Michelle's friends is a teacher and I relished the thought of her having sex with her students. There's something about knowing how wrong it is that is just a huge turn on and whilst I would never have sex with anyone underage, these boys looked to be 18. I decided to walk nearer and see what I could do.

As I neared where the boys had entered the trees I started to hear them talking, there were three of them and it sounded like they were smoking. For some reason I had no nerves at all, it was as if being in the body had given me supreme confidence in myself, so I decided to just walk in.

"Excuse me boys, but shouldn't you three be in school" I say in what I hope comes across as a posh, school mistress voice.

The three boys just stop and look at me, obviously startled that someone is speaking to them, but then I can see that all three start eyeing me up. I guess it's not every day a gorgeous woman picks on you for not being at school!

Whilst they take their time I get a good look at the boys. All are around 6 foot tall and look to be 18. 1 of them is well built, tall and I guess he does sports, the others are on the slim side and both must be just under 6 foot. I would not say any of them are attractive, and the male part of me certainly doesn't fancy them, but my body and the dirty side of my mind doesn't care.

"What's it to you" says the more muscular of the boys

"Well I am a teacher, so it's my duty to ensure that everyone who should be in school is at school." I say as I walk right up to them so between the four of us we form a small circle. "Well that's not entirely true. What I should have said is that it's my duty to ensure every student is learning and I appreciate that not all learning has to happen in a class room"

The boys just stare at me trying to figure out my meaning. I take a hand and brush the side of my hair behind my ear whilst trying to give a cute look at all three boys.

"What if I said, that if one of you happened to have some place that we could go to that was a bit private, I could maybe give you three some private tutoring?"

The look on all of their faces was priceless as they all seemed to understand what I was saying but not quite believing it. I look between the boys, fluttering my eyelashes when the blonde boy says

"My house has no one in it until this evening"

"That's settled then" I say with a smile and reach to take his hand. "lead on"

We start walking off but I notice that the other two boys haven't moved so I say back "What are you waiting for? come on"

This gets the boys moving and we all start walking off.

On the way I make small talk and find out that the built boy is 18 and called Dan, blonde boy is Steve and dark haired boy is Mike. Steve's house was only a 5 minute walk and I held his hand the whole time, he didn't seem to mind at all and it made me feel hot seeing the looks that I was getting. With my makeup I would pass for being in my early 20's as I did always look a lot younger than I was so it wouldn't have looked to weird to anyone unless they happened to see my wedding ring.

Steve led us in to his house and then in to the living room where all four of us sat. I knew what I wanted, but I didn't want to just say 'let's all fuck', I wanted this to feel like my fantasies all be it with the twist that I was the teacher about to get fucked by school boys.

"Let me lay it on the line for you boys" I say with my serious face on, "My husband is a cheating piece of shit. I found him having sex with one of the students that I. He told me that the student seduced him and then blackmailed him in to having sex after she got some pictures of him. I don't believe a word of it. If I was your wife, would you cheat on me?"

"No" say Dan and Steve in unison

"Your are beautiful, he must be insane" blurts out Mike

"That's very kind, all of you" I say smiling at each. "What I would like, and please stop me if you don't want to do this as I completely understand, but what I would like is to go upstairs and for you three to pretend to blackmail be blackmailing me. I want you to act like you have something over me and then make me have sex with all three of you." I pause as this sinks in and then say "There is nothing that I won't do"

The three look at each other all most shell shocked not believing their luck. I want them to feel as if they are really doing me a favour, whilst I know they would probably kill each other for a chance to fuck me.

Before they say anything I continue. "If you agree, I want you all to role play that you are in control of me. You can talk dirty to me, call me names, and order me to do anything and I will do it because of the blackmail."

I stand up and the three boys stand up with me. I take Steve's hand, with it being his house, and he leads the way.

We go to the mast bedroom which must be his parents. There is a king sized bed and a single chair in the corner, I sit on the chair as the boys sit on the bed facing me.

"It might be odd at first" I say, "But remember I want this. Start by saying you have pictures of me or something and then make me do what you want. If it is too much I will say elephant three times, but otherwise remember that I am happy and playing along"

I look at the boys, and particularly Dan who I assume to be the leader , he doesn't disappoint.

"Look Miss, we have the pictures of you sucking Benny's cock. I think it's fair that you suck our cocks and then you can have the pictures and everything will go back to normal" He says standing up and moving towards me.

"Please don't make me do this Dan" I plead, looking up at him. "I'm married and Benny helped me at a moment of weakness"

"Sorry Miss, but if you do this today I promise that will be the end of it. Now get on your knees and help us get our cocks out" Dan replies.

By this point I am so fucking wet and can't wait to be handling three cocks, but I want to try and stay in my role as the reluctant teacher so I slip of the chair, let out a little sob and look up as all three boys are now standing around me. My hand moves up to Dans trousers first and there is already a large bulge showing. I undo the trousers and place my hand down his boxers, warring my fingers around his shaft to release his cock and calls. A nice looking 6" cock is now staring me in the face. I then move to Mike and see that Steve is getting his own dick out. Mikes cock is a bit longer than Dans but about the same girth where as when I turn to Steve I am surprised by a 9inch snake of a cock, I'm surprised it can even support its weight! The other boys are also surprised by what Steve is packing and I drop character to look up and Steve and mouth "wow" to him before giving him my cutest smile.

No words are needed for the next stage as I wrap my hands around Steve's and Mikes cocks to either side of me before closing my eyes and moving my mouth to first kiss and then engulf Dans helmet. My second experience of sucking cock and I can say that so far they all taste the same, skin with a hint of precum. I slowly work a rhythm with my hands and mouth and I start to feel all three boys moving with me, particularly Dan as he pushes more of his cock in to my mouth with each thrust. I can already feel that my knickers are damp through and before long my head movements are meeting Dan's thrusts until I am taking his full length in my throat. I never knew Michelle could control her gag reflex like this but it is certainly coming in useful as my throat convulses around Dan's cock as he presses my head against him. My eyes are watering like crazy and I have to pull my head away, leaving a trail of saliva dripping from my lips.

"Wow miss, you really love sucking cock!" Dan says looking down at me. I can tell he is getting in to this whole role-play thing, but neither Steve or Mike have said a word yet although my hands have been going on their dicks continuously.

"Dan, you are forcing me to do this" I say after getting some breath back. "It is wrong and I hate it"

Whilst still stroking the two cocks, Dan moves behind me and pushes the top of my back forward so that I have to let go of the dicks and fall forward on to all fours. Mike loses no time in moving in front of me and presses his dick up against my lips. I look up at him and can tell he is a bit nervous, so I keep eye contact and start licking around his shaft.

With my hands out of action Steve walks behind me to join Dan and I feel 2 pair of hands lifting my white dress up over my back revealing my cotton knickers. Both Dan and Steve start touching my arse and I can feel them reaching around to my pussy

"She's fucking dripping" I hear Dan say and this turns me on even more than I already am. I lift one arm up and grab Mikes thigh so I can pull him towards me more, showing him that I want him to fuck my mouth. I lift my head slightly so that I can look him in the eyes as he thrusts in to my mouth, as he then takes both his hands and runs them under my hair to pull my head towards him. His hands press my earrings in to me which again just make me feel so incredibly horny.

I feel my knickers being pulled down my thighs and I help my wriggling my legs and lifting my knees one at a time so that whoever is removing them can do so. I can only imagine what must be going through Steve and Dan's minds. Seeing a married school teacher on her knees sucking their friends cock, with her arse in the air and pussy glistening with its wetness.

I purposely move my legs together so that I can push my bum up in the air even more and give it a little wiggle. I hear trousers being removed and feel a pair of thighs move either side of my legs, before something starts probing at my sopping pussy entrance.

I can't help myself and push back against the cock, loving the exquisite sensation of being penetrated. A moan slips out of my mouth before Mikes cock continues its assault.

A few days ago the best I could have hoped for was dressing up as a woman and fantasising in my head. Now I am in my wife's body, on all fours and getting spit roast by some school boys who think they are fucking a married teacher. Just the thought could make me cum gallons.

I feel some hands on my waist that start gently pulling me backwards and I am happy to oblige. I realise that I haven't actually felt my arse make contact with skin, but the cock already feels like it's filling me up so I imagine it must be Steve fucking me. I start moving myself back and forth in longer strokes, taking more cock inside my pussy and more in my mouth. Steve's cock is sliding nearly all the way out of my on each stroke, but he still hasn't bottomed out.

I am loving this so much!

"My go Steve, I need a go in that pussy" Dan says.

Steve pulls out of me with a pop and I feel my juices slide down the inside of my thighs. I open my legs wide and this time feel a pair of thighs inside of my own and Dan pushes his cock in with no resistance at all. He is not as gentle as Steve and starts bucking in to me hard, holding my hips and fucking me like he only has 5 minutes to spare. I can feel an orgasm building and I free myself from Mikes cock so that I can push myself back on to Dan. We end up with kneeling on the floor almost like he's sitting and me right on top of him so that my back is pressed against his chest with his cock still inside me. I drape an arm backwards around his neck and rest my head on his shoulder as I gently lift myself up and down on him.

"Please finger me" I whisper and turn my head, still on Dan's shoulder, to face him.

He reaches round to rub my clit as I continue to slowly grind on his cock. My hand around his head pulls him to me and we start kissing passionately. The sudden tenderness of me grinding on him as he rubs my clit and has his other hand around my still covered breasts sends me over the edge as an incredible orgasm rips through my body. I moan in to his mouth as we keep kissing and use my free hand to push Dan's hand that is rubbing me harder on to my clit.

"FUCKKKK" I shout as the climax hits me and I am left quivering on Dan as he continues stroke my clit until I can't take it anymore. I rest my head backwards on his shoulder again, with his hard cock still inside me as I get my breathing under control.

"You are a filthy fucking slut miss" Dan says

I can't help but agree.

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Becoming My Wife - Part 2

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