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Magic blue pills part 1 Billy's bitches

Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Discipline

Author: Incest_rapist

Published: 31 May 2018

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Magic blue pills part 1

Billy's bitches

This is the story of how I made my sister and my cousin my sex slaves, or more accurately how I raped them and made them mine. The magic blue pills are basically Viagra on steroids, but I'll get to them later. Let me tell you about my family, my dad is rarely home, he has to travel a lot for work so it leaves me to look after the girls, I'm 21 and not in the best shape to me honest, I've got a bit of a stomach but that's just cause I'm a chef, never trust a skinny chef is my motto. My sister, Jane, I'd 17 almost 18, and is the number one spot on my wank bank, she's slim, got a nice arse and her tits are rather smallish, not tiny but enough for a good handful, we never got on, but I'll get to that later. My cousin lives with us, her parents died 2 years ago and has lived with us ever since, her name is Susan or Sue as we call her. She's just turned 15 and is number two on my list. Her body is rather underdeveloped with tiny tits, but she makes up with it with a perfect arse. In many ways she's the opposite to Jane in the fact that we get on great, often when watching TV, we snuggle under covers and I have to hide my erection from her. Speaking of my dick normally it's 6 ½ inches long and 2 thick, not the biggest but notice how I said normally. It's gotten to the point where I'm wanking 6 times more a day to the two sexy girls in my house. I had no plans to change it. But then my dad left saying he may be gone for 3 months. And things changed.

The day started off as normal, it was summer holidays so both the girls where home. I had to quit my job to look after them and was always home, me and Sue were watching something on Netflix when Jane walked in. “Sue you need to go to brownies” Jane said in her tough voice, Sue hated Brownies and if Jane wasn't home she wouldn't go but because Jane went when she was younger Sue has to go. “give me five minutes” she groaned turning over accidentally rubbing her but against my leg.

“it's a ten-minute walk and it starts in 8” she almost yelled “go now!”

“Jane leave her alone” I moaned not wanting to let Sue move, I was already rock hard and her warm ass rubbing against me was turning me on more. She was looking at me with daggers in her eyes as Sue got up and left, she didn't like arguing. After she left Jane was still staring at me angrily.

“why do you never side with me,” she asked annoyed “you're meant to be in charge and you Let her skip important things like brownies”,

“you mean sending her to a group where she learns to be a bitch like you yeah” I grunted tired of her shit.

Within a second, I’d been slapped, we may have had our differences but me and Jane had never hit each other. “don't call me a bitch I’ve had enough of your shit your useless around here, we just run free and you don't care” Jane was a stickler for the rules, a real swat, don't think she ever broke a rule in her life. The slap still stung, and with it made me think, she hit me, she wants me to take charge I'll take charge. I look at her, she was wearing small shorts showing off her curves and a tight white T-shirt with a black bra showing at the top. I stood up.

“you know what? “I asked, she backed up a little scared, knowing she'd messed up.


“You look really sexy when you're angry”

She got angry again “ you’re sick,” she spat at me

“take off your shirt” I said calmly moving closer to her

“Y-your being serious” I could hear the fear in her voice

“I won't ask twice”

She moved quickly trying to get upstairs, but to do that she had to get past me, I slapped her hard, she fell backwards onto the floor. Looking scared she said “Please, I’m sorry I hit you but don't do something we'd both regret”

“oh I won't regret it” I chuckled grabbing her shirt right between the tits and lifting her up with it, I looked her dead in the eye as with my over hand I tore the shirt in two.

“No please “ she begged as I tore off her bra

“you know I've dreamt of this for years” I smiled massaging her tut in my right hand making sure I had a good feel pinching the nipple ever few seconds “has anyone ever touched you like and his before?”

“No”*she mumbled a tear running down her face, my other hand was behind her keeping her in place “please stop, I'm sorry I won't tell anyone what's happened”

I pinch the nipple hard and ask “are you a virgin sis”.

She looked shocked and slightly in pain she let out a moan as I let go and moved to the other breast she said “don't…”

“answer the question” I said sternly

She pushed hard on my chest trying to get away only to fall back onto the floor again, I grabbed a clump of her hair and made her look me in the eye. We stayed like this for a minute, her still on the ground tears streaming down her face me towering above her, I was thinking of ways to torment her, ways to make her suffer, I decided on something simple. I plunged my mouth onto hers with my tongue probing the inside of her mouth. I pulled away to see her full-on crying, the look on her face told me that was her first proper kiss, putting two and two together I realised that today I was going to take my sisters virginity. I let go of her head and told her to stay still, I got my trousers off and let sprung my dick. She started to crawl away “stop this is wrong” she cried only leading to another slap.

“this can go one of two ways Jane” I said smiling enjoying seeing her squirm under me “one you suck my dick, then there's option number 2”

Grabbing her hair again I pulled her till she was eye level with my dick. “choice is yours, have you ever seen a dick in person before” She shoot her head, trying not to open her mouth, “good, your brother should be your first” as she opens her mouth to speak I shove her mouth onto my dick and start pounding, I feel her hands on my waist trying to push away but I keep going, after a few minutes she manages to it out of her mouth and starts coughing on floor. It was at this point I had to decide how far I was going to take this, I looked at her small perky tits and then down to her arse and legs, I thought back to how often she'd made my life hell, she looked into my eyes “I hate you” she sobbed “you’re sick”

This made my mind up for me. Without a word I grabbed her hair and dragged her upstairs, “Nooo” she yelled as she scrambled to avoid serious damage as we reached the top of the stairs, thinking about going into my room I thought a better idea was to go into hers, to violate her in her space, the idea made me smile. My dad was obsessed with privacy, so every room had a lock and key and couldn't be opened from either side without a key. Looking down at Jane I saw her on her knees her hands grabbing my arm trying to make me release her hair. I think of how to get the key from her till I see her door open.

Once in her room I throw her onto the bed, she moves quickly to the opposite side and jumps to her feet. “please stop,” she begged “this doesn't have to go any further”

I scan the room, I see some extension leads near the door and pick them up, thinking how to keep control. I jumped at he and after a quick fight I had both her hands pinned behind her back her face down on the bed, I used the leads to tie her arms together and with ease flip her face up, I slap her hard to make her know to stop moving, she does. After a small pause I start kissing her neck, I feel her try and pull away from me as I climb on top of her pinning her down, my ear next to her mouth I hear her crying. I pull away and look at her, I was sitting on her waist, she was crying hard, her face was wet, there was a bit of blood from her mouth from where I slapped her, I looked at her breasts, slightly red from where I pinched them, my right hand went to her breast and I gently played with it.

“Jane, I have waited for this for a long time” I grinned, I went to kiss her but she turned away, grabbing her face I made her look me in the eye, “I own you now”

I had no intention before this to do anything tomorrow or the day after, the thought hadn't crossed my mind but now I was in control I wasn't letting go, “no, stop its incest,” she cried as I sucked her tit, I bit her nipple and she let out a small cry.

I got up, she sighed relieved, until my had started searching her shorts pockets, I found her doors key, I closed the door and looked it, turning to her I grinned. “I'll ask you again, are you a virgin” I said slowly rubbing my cock, with genuine fear in her face she started screaming at the tip of her lungs for help, clearly forgetting all the windows were soundproofed. I pull down her shorts and panties at the same time go reveal a surprising shaved pussy, slightly wet from the foreplay, they were still around her ankles when she started kicking furiously, after getting them off I put all my weight onto one of her legs and grabbed the other, after lining myself up to her cunt I started rubbing up against her, hearing her screaming just made me harder, before putting it in I slapped her again to shut her up, grabbing her face I moved mine till we were looking eye to eye, I kissed her quickly then looked deep into her eyes, I see her tears and I say “don’t worry” a second passes, then she smiles, she looks happy for a second, then I put it in. Not gently, with one thrust all 6 ½ inches is inside of her, and she screams. I start a rhythm, the wet tight feeling keeps pulling me in as I pick up pace while she shrieks in pain, I hug her tightly my right arm on her neck my left hand on her arse making sure I go faster and deeper. “STOOOOOP.” I heard still pumping. I push up, so I could look at her again, I grab onto her breast and squeeze hard. “I'm going to cum” I grinned.

“pull out! Pull out!” she shrieked as I picked up my pace. I shot my load into her as her screams turned to sobs.

I stand up and admire my work, there was blood and cum seeping out of her vag, and on my dick, “get out” she cried sadly not looking at me. Ignoring her picked up a lamp she had on her desk, I tore out the cable from its base and from the wall and tied her ankles together. Looking at her clothes and clock I saw I had half an hour till Sue got home, I thought of all the things I could do with her. But first I wanted some more fun Jane. She was on her side facing away from me, I slowly lie down next to her after one arm under her and grab her tit, with the other I slowly rub her clit, she says nothing but keeps crying. “I'm going to fuck Sue when she gets back” I whisper in her ear as I kiss her neck, I feel her getting wet, “then both of you will belong to me, I'm going to fuck you tomorrow and the day after and after”

“fuck you” she mumbled through the tears

I let go of her tit and turned her face down. “what are you…” she started but stopped when she felt my hand on her arse.

“speak to me like that again” I said positioning my now erect penis against her arse hole, “and I'll fuck your arse for an hour, now apologies”

“I'M SORRY I'M SO SO SORRY PLEASE DON'T” she screamed out. I backed up and flipped her so she's facing me as I kiss her, I feel her tongue on mine and started up my dick with her pussy again, as she began crying again. I realised I had to go get ready for Sue. I stood up much to Jan's relief. I gave her a quick last kiss, no more than 3 minutes while fingering her, and said “I'll be back soon, I think Sue's going to have some fun first though”, before shoving some of her panties in her mouth to gag her.

As I left the room and locked the door I heard her crying and I knew I'd have her again before the day was over.

The first thing I did was go down stairs and take Janes torn clothes up into my room, didn't want Sue seeing them, yet. While I was up there I went into my dad's room and after a quick look I found them, the magic pills. I remember I found them when I was 18, I thought they looked a bit like E, so I took one, had a hard on for 4 hours, I wanked 50 times in those 4 hours, each time I came heaps, plus my dick grew to almost 10 inches and as thick as a can of coke. He had them from a business deal that went wrong and because they didn't even go to safety testing he had everything that was made, more than 10000 pills. I took a handful and put them into the pockets of the pyjama bottoms I'd put on and went downstairs. I didn't take any of the pills yet, I had a plan for them later. I put on the TV and sat on her sofa, I didn't know what was on I was too busy concentrating on when Sue was getting home. When she walked in the door my I almost came just from seeing her. “hey Sue, how was it”

“shit same as normal” she grumbled “where's Jane”

“took an early night” I lied, “why don't you go get changed then we can watch a film or something” she smiled and nodded she hopped upstairs and I had to sit in suspense, I wanted to go and do it while she was getting changed but I had to be patient.

She came downstairs in her Pj's, long tight grey bottoms which showed off her arse perfectly, and a tight grey shirt, I was a bit upset she wasn't wearing the white one which was almost see through, but I thought I'd be seeing those tits soon enough. She got a blanket and jumped next to me, normally I'd hide my erection but now I didn't care, it was digging into her side, but she moved a bit and I don't think she noticed. After ten minutes I made my move, my arm was around her waist and slowly I started moving my hand under her shirt and up, my hand was on her tit, small but hard I squeezed it and she looked at me confused, “what are you doing” she asked innocently.

“just showing you how much I love you” with my other hand I reach around the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss, it was different with Sue than Jane, gentler.

After a minute or two she pulled away “no, you can't do this, we’re family” she stood up.

“I don't care” I grinned standing up too and with my arm around her waist I pulled her closer to me, so my rock-hard dick was digging into her stomach and went into another kiss, but she turned her head away at the last second.

“stop it, please” she begged pushing her hands against my chest

“was that your first kiss.” I asked holding her close. She nodded, this just made me harder. “Sue” I started calmly “you've been here two years, I've looked after you for two years, for two years I've wanted to do this but I've been patient” with the hand that wasn't holding her waist I put it up the back of her shirt, just so I'd be touching some of her soft skin. “and two years I've never been thanked, or rewarded, a never has anything bad happened to you or Jane, I've kept you both safe, so now I'm taking what I’m owed” for the first time she looked scared, I don't think she was thinking about where Jane was more what was going to happen to her. Her parents’ home schooled her and wasn’t very popular in school, I don't think anyone ever spoke to her about sex. Till now. “I don't want to hurt you though, I'm going to let go of you and if you do what I say things will be a lot easier for both of us” she stopped pushing against my chest so took this as a sign of her being compliant. As I let go I heard her crying. I sat on the sofa, but she stayed standing looking at me. “OK Sue” I smiled. “please stop crying, it'll all be OK, I just want you to help me like I've helped you these two, years” after a few seconds she composed herself and smiled. “good now come here” I patted besides Me on the sofa. “and let me kiss you” her smile faded but she did as she was told. As she sat down I put my hand on the back of her head and went for a kiss she leaned back, but I doubt it was on purpose, didn't stop me from getting angry. I grabbed a clump of hair and pulled down, she let out a small shout of pain and I could see the fear in her eyes as a tear fell down her cheek “never pull away from Me again,” I smiled calmly “I hope this is the last time I have to hurt you”

“I’m sorry” she sobbed as I let go of her hair but keep my hand in place, I slowly go in for the kiss, we go from sitting to lying down, my free hand is on her thigh. After 5 minutes I felt her returning the kiss, this only lasted two minutes until I pulled away, looking down at her cute innocent face I asked “did you enjoy that” she nodded.

“I see why people like kissing” she said straight faced “is this all you want”

I started to laugh and fear returned to her face, “no, no, no Sue,” I sit up and she follows suit “please take off your shirt”

Her face turned red “no one's seen me without my shirt on before” she mumbled embarrassed.

I smile “ok then, well this is your last chance, if you don't do as I say I'll stop asking and start doing what I want, even if it means hurting you, now please, shirt off.”

She stood up and slowly took her shirt off, when it was on the floor I told her to keep her arms at her side so I could enjoy the view, they were perfect, little stumps with small hard nipples. “come sit on my knee” I said happily. When she did I immediately started sucking her beautiful tit and squeezing the other, I was biting her nipple and I heard her moan, after a while her moaning had got louder, and her breathing had quickened. “you seem to be enjoying yourself” I said still playing with one of her tits. She blushed and looked embarrassed as I started to kiss her neck. I was about ready to explode, I was thinking of making her give me a blowjob, but I would have had to take one of the pills to fuck her and I didn't want her first time to be with the giant drugged up monster which both her and Jane will be acquainted with later. I put my arm around her waist and lifted her up as I stood, in instinct her legs wrapped around me and her arms around my neck. When we were upstairs I unlocked Janes room and walked in, by now Sue had started to walk beside me holding my hand. When she saw Jane tied up and blood and cum on the white sheets she froze, but I pulled her hand and she almost fell in. I turned and locked the door as the girls stared at each other in silence. I turned and saw the two girls and knew what was going to happen for the rest of our lives. “bottoms off” I said to Sue.

“I've nothing on underneath” she blushed unmoving, as I moved towards her she dropped them rapidly. There were a few small hairs on her pussy I found it cute. I quickly threw off my top and dropped my pants, her eyes flew to my erect dick.

“first time seeing one” I asked knowing the answer before she nodded her head. I heard Jane mumbling through the panties in her mouth. “ahh Janes jealous of all the attention you're getting” I chuckled and turned her over, so she was facing up and pinched her nipple on her left breast. Sue was frozen in place watching me molest my sister and her cousin, “do you remember all the times we talked about how much we hated her snooty attitude” I asked Sue now with a finger sliding in and out of Jane “this is her punishment just as much as it's my reward, anything you want me to do to her”

She shook her head “I'd like you to let us go,” she snivelled “I don't want to do anything else, it makes me feel all… wrong.” I stood up and she flinched “I'm sorry” she cried

“don't worry” I calmly told her. “but that is the last time I let you off easy” she smiled and as I gently pushed her she fell to the bed next to Jane, I lined up my dick with her virgin pussy and started to kiss her, she started kissing me back on instinct by now. I pulled my head away and looked her in the eye “are you ready”.

She looked confused “what foooooooooaaaaahAAAAAHHH” she yelled as I shoved the length of my dick into her “STOP STOP IT HURTS GET IT OUT” she shouted tears streaming from her eyes. Her cunt was so tight it felt like it was pulling me further in with each thrust, I kept going faster and faster and came within 5 minutes. I shot my load in her and she screamed as I did so. I pulled out and fell in between the two girls. I put my arms around them and pulled them closer to me, so both their heads rested on my chest, Sue was still crying and didn't resist, Jane however tried to pull away and was yelling through her pantie gag. I turned and pulled them out while saying “what do you want sexy” and started playing with her breasts.

“Don't touch me” she spat “and don’t call Mr sexy, you’re sick, do you think you're going to get away with this, the moment we can we'll a call the police” I slowly undid her bonds and once her arms were free she tried to attack me “How could you have done this, we’re family”

I slapped her with enough strength to knock her to the ground then grabbed her tits and lifted her up by them. “I can do this because I own you, I can do whatever I want with you, you might as well get used to it. It's going to happen for the rest of your life, eventually you might enjoy it”.

“I will never enjoy it, not with you” she cried still in pain from my rough treatment of her tits.

I smiled and pointed to the ensuite “take Sue and go and get cleaned up” both the girls still and blood and cum staining your legs, Sue still had it leaking out of her. “and any time you speak to me like that deserves punishment”

“w-what punishment”

“well first I'm going to try and prove you wrong” I grinned “I'm going to fuck you a day if you cum I'm going to pull out and fuck you up the arse” she didn't move so I pointed again, still nothing. I grabbed her hair and dragged her into the bathroom, she screamed as I pulled her along the floor and I turned to Sue still crying on the bed. “Sue please go get cleaned up” she got up and made her way in, I closed the door behind them and stayed in place, I heard Jane try and plan to attack me, this made me chuckle, I could easily take both of them on. I was a big lad, I thought to myself as I swallow a blue pill.

I searched Janes room and found her and Sue's phone and did the same with the rest of the house for the land line. I then went to Sue's room, she was on the pill to regulate heavy periods, thought it would be good for Jane to start taking them too. This took me about 2 and a half hours. By now the pill was in effect and my dick had doubled in size, I almost ran to Janes room and flung open the bathroom door. Jane tried to run at me only to be kicked to the floor, Sue jumped at me but I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the back of the door and started roughly fingering her “Sue why did you go along with this” I said pulling out and dropping her “now if I don’t get to punish Jane tonight then you're the one who’s going to get it” I grinned, I don't think she knew how much pain she was going to be in but she would soon see it on Janes face.

Jane had started to crawl away, grabbed her ankle. I pulled her towards me and she turned over as I lined up my now massive cock up with her, “so you going to cry or beg” I asked “or you going to lie there and cum like a good girl”

“fuck you” she spat me.

I pulled her arse up in the air using her legs leaving her shoulders on the ground, “that's the plan” and I basically dropped into her, I entered her with force and she screamed. I started pulling her into me and slamming into her as fast as I could, I her scream had turned to sobs and I could hear Sue also crying. After 5 minutes I felt ready to explode “I'm going to cum”

“please not inside” she quietly mumbled “please”

I pumped all my load inside her. Her crying got louder but a look of relief fell on her face, she thought it was over. Thanks to my pills I was still hard and without pulling out picked her up from the waist end shoved her against the wall, I lifted her right leg up and started fucking again. I felt her tears as I kissed her neck, I went to lick them off her face just to scare her and then I heard it, she was moaning I pulled my head away from hers and grabbed her tit and started massaging it “cum for me” I grinned “cum for your brother”

“stop” she gasped “please”,

“cum for me, and then your arse Is mine”

I felt her tighten as she let out a soft cry as we came together. I pulled out and she flopped to the floor gasping for breath. I pulled her onto all fours and grabbed her hair to make sure she faced Sue. “Sue” I hummed “this is the punishment” and shoved my dick up my sister’s arse. Her scream was music to my ears. Still pulling her hair I started slowly pumping into her gradually picking up pace, I saw blood on my dick and grinned. “you're both going to do whatever I say from now on” I demanded “I own you”

I picked Jane up by her neck, so she was riding my dick and started both kissing her neck and fingerings her, I played close attention to the clit. 5 minutes later she had cum twice and I was ready to cum. I relieved myself in her and pulled out. I was still hard, but I knew it wouldn't last much longer. I realised I had taken the pill to early but just shrugged it off. I closed the toilet seat and sat down. Jane was collapsed in a heap on the floor and Sue was in the fetal position. I grabbed Janes hair and made her look at me “clean my dick” I ordered her, it was covered in blood and cum. “you've made a mess of it” it took her a minute but realising it was suck it or have it shoved up her arse again she put it in her mouth (struggling to do so) and slowly started moving her head up and down, “use your tongue” I told her as I grabbed her hair and pushed her deeper and faster. I pulled out and shot my load all over her face. Both the girls were crying when I stood up “you have twenty minutes, get clean, go to the toilet, clean your teeth” and walked out to make myself a sandwich.

Twenty minutes later I came back. With rope in my hands. I opened the door and Jane was back on the floor. Hugging Sue who was crying into Janes chest. “nice” I grinned. “why don't you give each other a kiss.” Jane gave me an evil look but when I returned it with my own she looked down at Sue and moved in to kiss her. I think Jane was enjoying it more than Sue, but it only lasted a minute. “Sue come here”. She came to me and I led her into my room, I decided to sleep there because I have the biggest bed. Also, Janes is covered in blood and cum. “lie down on your front,” she did, and I tied her hands behind her back and the I bound her ankles together. I did the same with Jane, but she found it hard to walk so I carried her, I think she hated me doing this. When I got them to my bed and tied up I lied down between them and wrapped my arms around them and gave them both a kiss. “see you in the morning” and I fell asleep grasping their boobs.

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Magic blue pills part 1 Billy's bitches

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