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Dilema - Molly & Tracey and more Ch 2

Categories Diary, Blowjob, Cheating, Cum Swallowing

Authror: ohbegentle

Published: 31 May 2018

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The weekend went slowly, watching sports on TV, and mowing the lawn, all in all a relaxing weekend. I actually looked forward to work on Monday, hopeful of some contact with Molly.

I did have one pleasant experience, new neighbors moved in a family - husband and wife (Nigerians) and their teenage son and daughter. I did not get to meet them, I plan to at some point. I do have a soft spot for ebony skin or should I say Mr Penis has a deep interest, he stirred when the curvaceous wife and succulent daughter waved as they moved items into their new home.

Of course I paid more attention to my neighbors, often peeking out the window, when I heard their comings and goings next. Naughty of me I know, but Mr Penis insisted - my imagination wandered when I caught sight of either of the two women, both very attractive.

Well Monday was extremely busy at work[/u], and the opportunity to flirt with Molly did not present itself, merely a smile and a wave had to suffice. I did slip her a little hand written note, thanking her for a great time at the party.

Tracey was nowhere to be seen, time flew as I was so busy, and before I knew it it was time to clock off. Oh well, back same time tomorrow.

As the days passed, I had only limited contact at work with Molly which was frustrating, I asked if she was free for the weekend, but she had an outing with her boyfriend planned - bummer I thought. I walked past Tracey's office but she had been busy at a meeting. Mr Penis was not impressed.

[u]The weekend at home started meekly
, a sleep in and then into some household chores. It was about 2 p.m. in the afternoon, a rap at the front door, interrupted my laundry tasks.

Upon opening the door, I was pleasantly surprised, the stunning woman from next door was standing there completely soaked with water, her hair dripping with water, the t-shirt clung to her breasts revealing taut nipples, obviously no bra on, her shorts wet as well. Almost in tears she pleaded for me to help, "please come now, the tap has broken off in the backyard, I tried to stop it, as you can see unsuccessfully". I ogled more of this delightful picture, Mr Penis stirred, and I reassured her that I can help.

I immediately followed her, watching that cute rounded ass bounce around to the backyard, and seeing the problem - water spurting into the air, I turned off the mains water supply, having known where it was from the previous neighbor.

Well my neighbor was so excited and thankful, that having solved her problem, she forgot she was scantily dressed, her wet t-shirt covered breasts clung into my chest as she hugged me. I could feel her nipples(obviously more hardened from the cold water) pressing into me. What could I do but hug her back, my arms slipping around her thin waist and onto her wet shorts, holding her cute ass. Mr Penis was fully alert, encouraging me to hold her more firmly.

My neighbor pulled back from me, coyly looking down at the bulge in my pants and introduced herself as Angela. My eyes were both on her sexy eyes and those magnificent breasts, oh fuck I wanted to raise that t-shirt over her head.Mr Penis's message was do it and let me out, I'm sure my bulge was bigger.

Angela smiled, having introductions out of the way, I inquired where her family was, to which she replied her husband/son and daughter had gone to finish up all the moving arrangements, that they would be away until Sunday evening.

Angela then realized, what I had my eyes on, "Oh Gosh, I am almost naked the water has made my top see through, why didn't you tell me", she blushed and raised her hands to cover her breasts, her body shivering from the cold.

I replied "I appreciate beauty and besides there should be a reward for my heroics, ". "I will have to contact the a local plumber to attend to your taps, can I come inside to use your phone".

Angela indicated that was a good idea, and while I used the phone she went to change. After making the call, I sat in the kitchen, and soon Angela came in wearing a thick woolly dressing gown, saying this is all she could find, her things were still in boxes.

I watched intently, I could see she was nervous, her gown held together with a cord hiding that curvaceous body, Angela insisted on making me a cup of coffee and began rustling through the unpacked boxes.

Mr Penis hadn't retreated as yet and was in semi-attack mode, the bulge still present, Angela's ass swaying about as she moved from box to box. I hadn't had sex for a week, and my imagination flourished as I watched her movements.

Angela looked back at me, and apologized she could not find the coffee, it was here somewhere. I was about to reply, when I noticed the cord on her dressing gown had worked itself loose, so as she moved the opening was more revealing. Angela was apparently oblivious to this as she badly wanted to find the coffee to reward me.

I could see clearly her ebony breast and nipple lurking, wanting to pop from the gown opening, it appeared she had taken off her wet clothes and in a rush couldn't find anything else other than the dressing gown. Mr Penis pushed forward in my pants like a lightening rod aiming at a target, fuck I was real horny now.

Angela was my target, I stood and moved over to where she was searching, I took her arm and slowly turned her saying, "I really don't need coffee, but what I need to see is those magnificent ebony breasts".

A puzzled look came across Angela's face as she faced me, her look changed to surprise as I pulled away the cord from her gown. It happened in one swift motion as her naked body was revealed, the gown spilled open. Mr Penis was ecstatic, pre-cum organizing itself as he wanted out.

It was happening so fast, my mind was racing, her ebony skin and natural pheromones spurring on my lust and desire. I reached inside the gown my arm going around her waist pulling her forcefully towards me, before she could react my lips took hers, she resisted briefly then hungrily returned my passionate kisses.

My hands massaged her breasts and nipples, her moans getting louder, she attempted to say "we shouldn't" so my right hand slid down over her mound to her pussy lips, seeking her clit. Angela gasped "Oh Fuck" her hands undoing my belt, her hands forcing my pants down past my knees - Mr Penis sprang free, fully hard, pulsating and erect, salivating with pre-cum.

I had only touched her clit briefly when her body shook with a mini-orgasm, fuck she was really sensitive, Angela gasped and took hold of Mr Penis " wow, it's huge" she immediately dropped down to her knees before I could invade her pussy with my fingers, her tongue licked the pre-cum from Mr Penis. Angela's lips slowly engulfed his head and began sucking/licking. My body shivered and reacted, I took a deep breath as her hands held my shaft and expertly massaged my balls, those beautiful lips taking Mr Penis into her mouth, deep into her throat.

Fuck I smiled, and thought who's fucking dominating who here, she's one horny woman. Omg ...she squeezed my balls and sucked expertly, quickening her head movements. My body stiffened and shivered, my back arching as Mr Penis erupted deep in her throat, she held him and my balls tight, oh fuck, oh fuck oh yes.

I took a deep breath and looked down at this ravenous ebony beauty, she was licking the last of the cum from Mr Penis, savoring it's taste, her eyes met mine. Fuck there was hunger and lust still lurking there, I reached down and pinched her taut nipples - she let out a shriek of delight.

I pulled her up with both hands, forcing the dressing gown from her shoulders as I embraced her hot sweaty ebony body, her breasts crushing into my chest, our lips entwining in passion. My hand now slipping between her legs, easily locating the sea of love juices emitting from her pussy covering her pussy lips and clit , oozing down her legs. The first probe with my fingers, set off mini-orgasms, her body trembling, her legs wobbly, Angela gasped for breath.Mr Penis was in there lubricating his tip, he loved ebony pussy, he rubbed on Angela's clit- she responded with a shrill of delight, her legs sensing the need to part.

The moment was upon us, Angela's eyes pleading, her body yearning cock, big cock, there was a makeshift mattress on the floor in the corner. Angela pulled me aggressively towards it, then stood before me wrapping her arms around my neck she mouthed the words"FUCK ME". Mr Penis was fully charged.

I eased her onto the mattress, she lay back so vulnerable, so inviting, she oozed sex, her legs were spread.Mr Penis eyed off her pink pussy opening. I eased him to her opening, being well lubricated Mr Penis eased easily into her pussy lips, slowly at first, in a little, out a little, letting her adjust to his huge size. Angela's body was on fire, her nerve endings taking so much pleasure all over her body.

Oh Fuck, lust got the better of both of us, at the same time Angela pulled my ass towards her her widening legs, as I thrust Mr Penis into the depths of her womb. Slap, slap slap, skin against skin, faster , faster, harder. Angela was rocking with the movement crying out "FUCK ME" she didn't care if anyone heard. I plunged and pounded into her pussy, sweat pouring from us both, our breaths laboring the sexual tension was over whelming. Angela was crying with passion and lust as she orgasmed , my back arching as Mr Penis filled her womb with lustful cum, spurting into her pussy, my balls empting their contents.

I looked down at Angela, she had her eyes closed with a contented smile on her face, I eased beside her, snuggling in close, kissing her breast then her lips, she opened her eyes, and laughed "we shouldn't have, omg what a fuck, my pussy has never had a work out like that before". Angela hugged me closer, and we nodded off to sleep.

I awoke about 30 mins latter, and lay beside Angela admiring her natural beauty, her natural ebony skin was so smooth, I lightly touched her , it was sensual and erotic. Angela moaned a little as my hands explored her body, I believe she was half asleep, her body defying her sleep, her nipples became taut again, fuck what a sight.

Mr Penis was excited again[/u], and this time he was free and not confined, his eye wanting ebony pussy. The pussy was there, lubricated, available, easy, roll her over and lets fuck her. I'm hard and pulsating, let's go.....

[u]Well that is a beautiful body, fuck look at that camel toe, it's talking to me, take me .
.......I roll Angela onto her front, and gently massage her back, kissing her neck, as I manouvered behind her, between her legs, Mr penis is in position as I gently lay on her back, imprisoning her movements as Mr Penis enters her pussy from behind, deeper in deeper...Angela responds " hey, what are you doing...ohh ohh" I kiss and nibble on her ears and neck, then lightly blow in her ears, this gets an immediate response her buttocks thrusts upward and backward taking Mr Penis fully.

Well no more encouragement is needed, more aggressive thrusts follow, Angela moaning. I let her get to her knees as she rocks back in unison meeting Mr Penis's thrust , slap, slap, slap skin against skin, the jolting clashes sending erotic spasms all over her body. I have hold of her hips as she cries out " fill me, fucking fill me " I dutifully pound her ass repeatedly, as Mr penis empties a full load into her womb once more.

Angela rolls over and looks at me, "fuck what have I done, I am happily married". My immediate reply was " I think you haven't had sex in a while, that was some fuck. I doubt if your husband has fucked you recently, am I right".

Angela replies, "we have been having some problems, he is a good man .......this is our secret right"?

I kiss her breasts and nipples, getting some response, she puts her finger to my lips which I take in my mouth and suck. Angela removes her finger"omg that is stimulating".

I reply," I have no problems in keeping a secret at this point of time, just knowing I have the most succulent pussy in the neighborhood right next door is so comforting".

Thank you for your attention - comments welcome.

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Dilema - Molly & Tracey and more Ch 2

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Comments (1)
Loretta Roberson — 01 June 2018 21:35
great read as always cant wait for more
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