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The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #3

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Teen, Young

Author: Red Czar

Published: 01 June 2018

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The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #3

Friday Morning

By the time Zane and Natalie finished their rendezvous in his car, they had to hurry to get to the school in time for class. They managed to park, share a quick kiss, and then bolt in opposite directions.

As Zane was making his way to class he ran right past Carly standing outside the door of her first class. When he saw her he had to stop for just a moment. He ran up to her, leaned in close, cupped his hand to her ear and quickly whispered.

“I just fucked Natalie”

Carly’s eyes bulged, her mouth gaped open for half a second, and then yelled at him “SHUT UP!”

Everyone around them turned to look. Carly continued to stare with her mouth hanging open. Zane just smiled back at her. As he slowly backed away from her in the direction of his class, he held up all five fingers on both hands and mouthed the words…

“Ten minutes ago”

Then he made a steering wheel motion with his hands and continued…

“In my car”

The bell rang and Zane ran to make it to his class. Carly was left staring after him in total shock. She could not believe what she had just heard. Through the next three classes all she could do was sit there daydreaming about Zane pinning Natalie to the back seat and just pounding her tiny little frame. Or Natalie perched on top of him riding him like a bronco. Or Natalie, naked, spread eagle on the hood of his car and Zane just taking her for everyone to watch. The more time passed, the wilder her fantasies became. By the time lunch came around she could hardly contain herself.

Finally the bell rang and Carly hurried to find Zane. When she did, she dragged him off to a corner of the lunch room where the two of them could sit alone, and demanded that he tell her every dirty detail. Zane related the whole episode to her and Carly sat there in rapt attention, reacting to every key moment. Then suddenly she realized Zane had stopped talking and was just sitting there silently staring back at her with a huge smile on his face. She had been following along with her eyes glazed over imagining the whole thing, even moaning along at all the pivotal moments, lost in the images in her head and the feelings they were stirring between her legs. They both realized that she was totally getting off on this. Carly’s cheeks turned a deep red. All she could say was “that’s so fucking hot!”

She said to him “You realize I’ve now gotten you laid three times, by three different girls, in the last three weeks” … “and two of them were fucking VIRGINS!”

Zane sat silently for a moment thinking about that, smiled, and then answered “Actually, it’s four. You forgot to count yourself. That’s what started this whole thing”

“That’s right! Oh my god you so owe me!” she said.

Zane waved his finger at her saying “No no no no, this is my prize. I won that bet fair and square, this is just you paying up, and you won’t be paid in full until I’ve fucked every girl on the entire squad. That was the bet!” They both sat silently for a moment.

Carly shook her head from side to side and said “at this rate you might just do it”

Zane grinned back at her saying “Damned right I will. Best bet I’ve EVER made!”

Carly conceded that he didn’t owe her anything, but they did work out a new wrinkle to their pact in which he would keep her up to date on who, where, when, and how, plus she would do her best to facilitate and encourage any little encounter. But she could not tell anyone anything that he revealed, including the other seniors. She had to let the rumor mill do its work. She was just so hot for every little detail. With each new conquest she was finding him hotter and hotter. She couldn’t believe how these girls just dropped their panties for him. It got her so excited thinking she was the evil mastermind behind all this. When she ran into Natalie later in the day, the only thing she could think was “I know what you’ve been doing you little slut”, and “how much of Zane’s sperm is still swimming around in that tight little snatch”.

The Party

The next day was Saturday and the cheer squad had their competition in the morning. It was just a local event and should be over early, so Carly had planned a big party at her house afterward. To the team it was just another post competition celebration, but in truth Carly’s only reason for throwing this party was to gather all of the girls together in one place, maybe add a little alcohol, and then toss Mr. Secret Vote in the middle, like raw meat to a pack of wolves. Carly planned to push as many of them as she could into Zane’s arms just to watch the chaos erupt.

Zane had run late at his own sport practice and so arrived at the party after it had already started. When he did, Chloe and Haley spotted him first and ran up to him squealing and screaming. As they both grabbed onto him and planted little kisses on him he wrapped an arm around each of them and pulled them close, planting a few kisses of his own. They were both wearing their tiny little bikinis, and he knew he could just peel those off at will without the slightest protest. He saw Carly watching him from across the patio but thought to himself, I could take these two up to Haley’s room right now and fuck both of them all afternoon, and he knew they would both agree to it. He was already thinking that would be more fun than the party.

Carly saw Zane walk in and instantly be claimed by the two freshman girls, with their hands and lips all over him for everyone to watch, and she could already tell what he was thinking, and what they were thinking. But Carly had other plans for him today girls. You’ve had your chance, it’s time to let somebody else play. She made her way over to them and removed him from their little sandwich saying “Come on, we have to talk”.

With a quick look and a shake of his head, all he could say to his two freshman conquests was “Sorry girls, maybe later” then with a quick wink back at them he surrendered to Carly pulling him away. To say they were disappointed would be the understatement of the year.

Carly led him into the house. All she could do was shake her head.

“Jeez man, you’re not even here for a full minute and you’ve got two of them ready to drag you upstairs and rape you. How the fuck do you do that?!”

Zane answered “Well you know, once they get a taste…”

Carly just rolled her eyes at him, but she did know, she was considering taking him upstairs for a quick taste of her own. Lately every time she thought of him fucking her sister or any of these other girls, she just wanted to throw him down and attack him herself. Her boyfriend had been getting their best sex ever since this whole thing started.

Carly explained to him that normally, the house was off limits at her parties. No one was allowed inside without her, her mom, or her sister. Her mom kept a very strict rule about no one in the bedrooms, and was known to just pop in to check. However, Carly was going to make an exception for him. If he needed a quiet place to work his charms he could sneak into the guest bedroom at the back of the house for some fun. That one was on the first floor. She would run interference for him if necessary. He just had to be quiet about it.

Zane just smiled at her and asked “Guest bedroom huh, is that where you’ve set up your secret camera?”

They both started laughing at that, until Carly realized that damn, she really could have set up her camera in there and recorded anything that went on! Why hadn’t she thought of that!

They walked back out to join the party laughing and ready for a good time.

Gossip girls…

Carly and Zane sat with the other senior girls, Julie, Sara, and Ashley, who were eager to gossip about how their plan was going. They were all in on it from the beginning and were fascinated watching Zane work his way through the squad. Or rather, watching the squad work their way to him. They all knew about Chloe. They also knew that Zane was giving Natalie a ride to school every morning. But neither Carly nor Zane had mentioned how far that ride had gone. They all figured he must have had his way with her by now, but in Zane’s typical fashion, he would never admit that he’d had sex with her. He wouldn’t deny it, but he wouldn’t confirm it either. Zane always felt that was private information. If a girl wanted to brag or boast what they had done, he was okay with that, but he would never talk about his conquests himself. Of course this being high school, and all of them being cheerleaders, rumors traveled fast.

As they sat there discussing who was making their moves on him and how, Natalie arrived with another of her friends. She was dressed in a pair of pants that looked like they had been painted on and a cute, loose, little white top. The bra that was underneath it was doing its best to take everything that Natalie had, which really wasn’t much, and thrust it out to meet the world. She looked sexy as hell.

Natalie walked over to where they were all sitting and the very first thing she did was lean down and give Zane a sweet juicy kiss. Leaning over just enough so that not just Zane, but everyone, got a good view of what she was offering. Heads turned, eyes widened, and every other cheerleader in the place knew exactly what had just happened. Natalie had staked her claim. Marked her territory. Covered him with her scent. The rumors of what was going on during those rides to school just ratcheted up three notches.

She then sat down on Zane’s lap and explained to Carly that she couldn’t stay long, she had to run off to some family event, but thanks for the party and congratulations on the morning’s competition. The squad had won practically everything they could, as usual. Carly had received some special senior recognition as well. They all raised a toast to the mornings win, and yes the punch had definitely been spiked. Everyone was getting a little buzzed.

They all then proceeded to talk cheerleader for a little while, which Zane really had no interest in, so as they talked, he concentrated his attention on Natalie’s legs, and back, and shoulders, and hands, squeezing and touching and caressing wherever he could. He was teasing her, tempting her, and he didn’t care who watched. Even though she had on long pants and her legs were covered, the feel of his hands caressing her thighs still made her pussy tingle and crave more of what she’d had just the day before. By the time she had to leave them her nipples were trying to push through her bra, Zane was clearly ready for action, and Natalie was sure everyone could see the wet spot gathering between her legs. It was a good thing she wore dark pants.

After Natalie left the afternoon proceeded as any party does. Lots of games and gossip and food. Secret booze snuck in when the adults weren’t watching. Not all of the girls there were cheerleaders, some were just friends. There were other guys there as well, some of them boyfriends, some just trolling and hoping to become boyfriends. Even in the midst of all those guys Zane was clearly the focus of all the girls’ attention. He was constantly getting touched “accidentally”. When they played piggy back wars in the pool Zane had a different partner every time. He spent his afternoon between the legs of half the cheer squad.

Sometimes the other senior girls would hang all over him too just to stoke the fires. He actually was longtime friends with all of them except Ashley, although he still knew her pretty well too. Carly, in the meantime, was watching everyone. It was like she could see who was plotting and planning and hoping for the right moment to spring. It felt electric to her, she had set all this in motion, and at any moment could open up exactly the right opportunity for any one of them. Every part of her body buzzed with excitement.

Let’s have some chaos!

Then something happened that caught Zane’s attention. That something was, Julia. Julia was one of the sophomore girls. One of the more popular sophomore girls. Zane’s eyes just drew to her like a magnet. Zane had always been attracted to her, but never had the opportunity to act upon that attraction.

Julia is about the same height as Zane, and had a perfect figure. She wasn’t super skinny like some of the other girls, but by no means was she fat. Julia had curves. Those big hips and plump perfect ass. A skinny little waist, and a sizeable pair of breasts for a girl her age. They were at least very full C-cups, if not Ds. But underneath all those curves, the girl was tight, and toned. Best of all was that beautiful face. Dark hazel colored eyes deep set under dark wavy hair that cascaded down over her shoulders. She had full perfect lips that Zane just wanted to start kissing instantly. Dressed in the simple cutoff jeans and dark t-shirt that she was wearing, she just smoldered.

Carly saw Zane’s obvious attraction to this beautiful girl and knew he had acquired his target for the evening. A good choice. Showering his attention on a sophomore, would drive all the juniors into a frenzy. They could not allow a junior co-captain, it should go to one of them. The fact that it had happened before only made it more urgent that they keep him away from her.

Zane got out of the pool long and somehow “casually” ran into Julia while he was still wet and slippery. As the two made small talk for a few minutes, the mutual attraction became more than obvious. Julia laughing, turning her head away, playing with her hair. Zane using his towel to dry off and flex his muscular body for her to ogle, and ogle she did! Zane then took out his phone and got Julia to pose for a few pictures for him on the pretense of putting her picture with her number.

Carly watched to see Julia huddle up close to Zane, very close, looking over his shoulder at the shots he just took of her. She would giggle at some, sneer at others, and finally they decided on the perfect shot to be “Julia” on his phone. This of course was Zane’s smooth way of getting both her picture AND her phone number, and clearly it worked. Zane then suggested she go change into her swimsuit and join him in the pool. That excited her and Julia eagerly disappeared for a short time.

When she returned, Zane’s jaw, as well as Carly’s, almost hit the ground. Julia looked stunning. Her top was a typical bikini top, tied together in front, between her breasts, in a tidy little bow. Those were definitely D cups. The bottoms were fairly conservative, not a string bikini. But the sides pulled all the way up over the top of her hips turning the suit into a perfect vee, drawing Zane’s eyes right to that one perfect spot. He was going to need to get in the pool fast.

But first, right now, he wanted more pics. Pics of her dressed like this. She giggled and demurred but let him take a photo or two. Even putting on her best sexy pose and duck face to accentuate those hips and breasts and lips. Now if only he could get that bikini OFF of her. Seeing this, Carly decide it was time to create some chaos. She quickly gathered the other seniors and whatever cheerleaders she could and herded them all toward Zane and Julia for a squad photo shoot. The next thing Zane knew, all of the cheerleaders, dressed in their tiny bikinis, were posing in front of him for pictures.

Most of the other guys pulled out their phones too and started taking pictures, but all of this posing was for Zane. He is the one they were looking at, and smoldering at, and blowing kisses too. When they threw their asses back or their chests out, it was always in his direction. Then Carly revved things up a little more by starting the selfies with Zane. Soon every girl had her arms around him, on his shoulder, or his ass, or his crotch, or was sitting on his lap taking selfies. They’d all smash their faces up against him and smile for the birdie, or start planting kisses on him for the camera. It was more of a photo orgy than a photo shoot. He got his hands on every single ass that sat on his lap. He even discreetly got his hands inside some of those bikinis. And there were definitely hands grabbing at his cock as they posed for selfies on his lap as well. He noted every single one in his mind to be targeted later. But right now he still wanted Julia.

In Julia’s head

Julia was excited when she arrived and found Zane was there, she had hoped he would be, and in the pool no less. The sight of him mostly naked and wet and showing off that tight body made her swoon just a little. Julia had had a bit of a crush on Zane since her freshman year. She had been surprisingly shy back then however and would never make any kind of move to let him know how beautiful she thought he was. Not just handsome, although he was, she thought he was just beautiful. She’d had a couple of dreams about him in the last year that she would never tell anyone about. She never dreamed however that she’d ever really have a shot with him.

She went on like that through her freshman year and most of this year, feeding her crush just a little bit every now and then, but mostly able to ignore it and concentrate on all the other boys who were constantly showering her with attention. Eventually her shyness started to subside and she had gained more confidence with the boys, even though most of them were always trying to grab her and grope her. She had found at least one who treated her like a normal human being, and he’s the one she had given her virginity to. She didn’t plan to, but in the moment she found the pressure to be too much and she couldn’t say no.

As she thought about that she remembered that she hadn’t been particularly impressed. All that fuss over THAT? It hurt. It was over before she could enjoy it, it was messy and sloppy, and stinky, and after a few times the guy seemed to just lose interest in her. It was so disappointing. She knew Zane wasn’t like that. He had to be the prince charming that she’d always imagined, and besides, all of the girls loved him. Even before all this secret vote nonsense he was easily the favorite of all the girls on the squad. It was no wonder the seniors had picked him for that task.

This secret vote business however did give her an opportunity she hadn’t expected. Every girl on the team was constantly flirting with him now. It would almost seem wrong if she didn’t too, and if he rejected her, she could blame her actions on the feeding frenzy. All she had to do was work up the courage try something. But he wouldn’t reject her. He would realize she was so much more than just one of the bitches trying to get him to vote for her. She could make him fall in love with her. It was just like every teen girls boy band crush, except this one she actually had access to. Julia honestly didn’t care about the vote, or being captain of the squad, she had another year for that, but she would so love to be with him like in her dreams. She looked at him over by the pool and just sighed quietly to herself.

She mingled around with her friends, trying not to be too obvious about wanting to steal glances at him. She tried not to seem so nervous when he actually approached her and started chatting her up. Her heart fluttered, and for a moment she couldn’t speak. He took it for shyness and thought it was cute. He thought she was cute! HE… thought she was cute! She finally calmed down and gathered herself up enough to be able to speak with him. She wouldn’t have been able to do that a year ago. She couldn’t believe how nice he was. He was so sweet and kind and perfect, and didn’t try to “accidently” grope her even once while he was taking her pictures, most guys would have. She was smitten all over again.

When he suggested she change and join him in the pool (he said “join us”, she heard “join me”), she ran into the house to change. Actually she walked, but in her head right now, her entire life was running at full speed. She had brought a few different swimsuits with her. Which one to choose. She’d love to wear the little string bikini, which showed EVERYTHING, and she could make sure those strings were loose so he could just give them the tiniest tug and she would be… another dreamy sigh. No. not with all these people around.

The bright orange one? It was bigger than the others, very conservative, covered her up very well. No. too boring. Not the tie bikini. It was black, showed a lot of skin, but the bottoms were sometimes bunchy and made her ass look fat. She did not want her ass to look fat for him. She decided to go with the tie top, and the last suit for the bottoms. They weren’t very showy but she could wear them high on her hips, which all the boys seemed to like. She really wanted to him to like it, and even though she’d worn the same thing at the beach a hundred times, with Zane out there she felt absolutely naked.

A little help

After the crazy little photoshoot, everybody jumped into the pool, and the games commenced. Handstands, whirlpools, piggy back fights, Marco Polo. This time Zane stuck to Julia for every one of them, and this time yes, Zane did steal a feel or two every now and then. Every single time made Julia’s heart flutter. His touch thrilled her, and although she wasn’t trying to, Julia stole a few discreet touches herself. His abs were so hard! So was his ass. So was his… yes, she “accidently” felt that once or twice as well.

When they got out Zane was the perfect gentleman and grabbed his towel, wrapped it around her shoulders and helped towel her dry. All the while, he himself was still wet and glistening in the sun as he held her close and rubbed her body. They may have been out of the pool but her head was still swimming. Carly casually walked by and noticed Zane was still all wet.

“Do you need another towel? There should be some by the changing stalls (there weren’t, Carly had just moved them) or in the guest bathroom. You know where that is right?”

She gave Zane a smile. That was Carly saying “get her to the bedroom boy!”

Zane gave her a wink that Julia didn’t notice, and said “Oh yeah, Thanks, we’ll be right back” Not “I’ll” be right back, but “We’ll” be right back. He had no intention of being right back.

Then still holding on to the towel around Julia, he led her in the house and down the hall to the guest bathroom, which was right off the guest bedroom.

They stepped into the guest bedroom and Zane pushed the door closed behind them. That made Julia nervous, but then he let her go and stepped into the bathroom where he grabbed a towel and started drying himself off.

Julia’s mind was going a million miles a minute. She was now alone, with her crush, in a bedroom, practically naked. She was more nervous than she had ever been with any of the boys who had actually seen her naked. But then, he was almost naked too, and she just could not stop looking at that body. Especially as his muscles rippled and flexed when he started to dry himself off. She steeled herself, dug into her last ounce of courage and said…

“Hey, it’s my turn!”

Then she grabbed the towel from him and took over the drying duty.

As she toweled off his chest and abs, he wrapped his arms around her pulled her close. She ended up crushed up against him with her arms up over her chest, holding the towel between them as he pulled her tight. Her face was just inches away from his. He stared into her eyes for a moment and then whispered to her

“You are so beautiful”

She looked down, turning a brilliant shade of crimson.

With one hand he took the towel from her, lifter her chin up, and leaned forward to kiss her.

She closed her eyes. They kissed. One short little kiss, and then one long one. It was heavenly. Julia’s head was exploding. Oh my god his lips are so soft! His body’s so warm. Should I open my mouth? Should I give him my tongue?

Zane answered that question for her, slipping his tongue into her mouth. They kissed soft and slow and sensuous for a few moments, and then they stopped. When they broke, they just stared into each other’s eyes. Wow! Was all either of them could think. They could both feel the sexual energy that filled the entire room.

Zane had known Julia since she was a freshman. She had always seemed nervous and shy and didn’t really talk too much. Over the last year she had really grown up, at least physically. Her body had developed into this amazing woman that he held in his arms right now. That body had seemed to give her a lot more confidence as well, as all the boys in school were constantly hitting on her. He had definitely seen her grow more confident and outgoing since joining the cheer team. Yet, they had never really spoken. Julia had always seemed so shy around him. Zane had also usually been attached, and Julia had always had a boy or two buzzing around her. She’d never seemed interested in him.

But now, after talking with her all afternoon, and swimming and playing, and now this. Wow, this girl was something else. This felt different. She didn’t seem like she was just trying to earn his favor to get a vote for cheer captain. There had not even been a single mention of the secret vote all afternoon. If that was what she was playing for she was doing it right. Zane could see himself really falling for this one, even after the voting was over.

Nervously, they sat on the bed and their lips drew them back together. They kissed again for a long time. Eventually they lay back on the bed and their hands began to explore. He didn’t go right for her tits like most boys did. He made slow circles around her tummy, which gave her chills. He slid his hand up and down the outside of her legs. More chills. She couldn’t believe how this had happened. Now she was in bed with him! At this point, she would let him do anything he wanted to her.

She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes as his hands slowly roamed about her body. Zane could not believe how sexy she looked lying there like that. He wanted to keep this picture in his head forever.

Then he realized he’d left his phone by the pool. Oh my god. I need my camera. He sat up, kissed her again, and said

“Wait right here! Promise me you won’t move a muscle!”

Julia was totally confused but didn’t know what else to say

“Um… okay”

Zane bolted out of the room. Where was he going? What was he doing? Do I just lay here and wait? Julia literally had no clue what was going on.

Meanwhile Zane bolted through the house right to the door. Then casually sauntered over to where he had left his phone, picked it up, and started heading back to Julia. On the way he caught a curious glance from Carly as if to say “What the fuck dude? Shouldn’t you be defiling some young thing right now?” He just winked at her and turned back toward the door.

As he turned he blindly walked right into Bella who had just arrived herself. They bumped a little, Zane excused himself for bumping into her and held his hands out to steady her. They traded greetings for a moment or two, Zane agonizing over every moment that kept him from getting back to Julia. Finally he excused himself so he could get back to that bed. That small encounter was the most he had spoken with Bella ever.

In the Guest bedroom

Zane bolted back to the bedroom to find Julia exactly as he had left her, stretched out on the bed, head propped up on the pillows, legs ever so slightly crossed and twisted at the waist. She was divine.

Julia looked at him and asked “What was all that about?”

“I needed my phone” he replied.

She looked at him with a combination of mistrust and suspicion. Mistrust as to what were you planning with the phone, and suspicion that he had lost his marbles.

“Why do you need your phone?”

He looked at her again and said “Look at you! I’ve never seen anyone look more beautiful than you do right now. I HAVE to have another picture to remember this moment”

She asked “Are you serious? Are you just playing with me? I’m just lying here, what’s so sexy about that?”

He looked at her and said “Just trust me” and then he held up the camera and snapped a pic of her lying on the bed.

Again, her mind was in a whirlwind. Oh my god is he trying to get naked pics of me? I am NOT taking my clothes off. Unless he takes HIS clothes off. Oh my god I want to take his clothes off! Should I just let him take the pic? What if he just…

And then she heard the click.

Zane climbed on the bed, crawled up tight to her and showed her the pic. It was just her lying on the bed in her bikini, big deal. Zane looked at it and took a deep breath, he clearly thought much more of that pic than she did. He turned to her, and said

“Is that not the sexiest bitch you have ever seen?”

Her heart melted. She’d never felt so good about being called a bitch before. It looked like a pretty boring average bikini pic to her, although on a bed, not the beach. But he looked at it like he’d photographed a goddess. At his request, they took a few more. She struck some VERY sexy poses for him, getting more and more into it with each one. Then she just got the urge, she pulled bra straps off her shoulders. She pulled the sheet up so it totally looked like she was completely nude. Now Zane was dumbstruck. As they sat next to each other looking at that pic, with her head leaning on his shoulder, her hands still holding the sheet up over her breasts, Zane suddenly lost all interest in pictures.

He turned and kissed her. She kissed right back. This kiss was more intense than any of the others they had shared earlier. Julia let the sheet drop and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her breasts were still covered by her bra but it was loose and making its way down. After a few more minutes kissing, his hands went to the bra, he started to pull it back up for her, but as he did Julia reached behind her back and undid it. Zane was very surprised when she took the bra from his hands and threw it on the floor.

He looked at her there, sitting upright, her breasts thrusting out at him. Her nipples were so hard. All he could think was Oh my god. All he could say was

“Oh my god, I didn’t think you could look more beautiful”

He stared at her for a moment. He reached forward and started to touch and fondle her breasts. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling in her body right now. Tingling from head to toe, especially her nipples. He kissed her again as his hands caressed her body.

Zane stopped and picked up his phone again. He pointed it at her again and asked “May I?”

The torrent in her head continued. Now, not only am I in bed with him, but I just took off my top for him. Not HE took off my top, I took it off for him. He didn’t even ask. Oh my god I so want him to touch me more. I love it when he touches me. I would just lay back and let him fuck me right now without even thinking about it, if he’d just ask.

Do I let him take pictures of me naked? Ugh, of course I will, I’d let him do anything.

She looked at him and nodded her approval. He snapped another pic. They came together and looked at it. It really was beautiful. Then she struck another pose. Snap. Then another. Snap. She was getting and feeling sexier by the moment. Before she even knew what she was doing, she peeled off her bottoms and struck the sexiest pose she could think of from all the art books and porn spam she had seen. Whay had she done that? She was now completely naked. Letting him take pictures of her completely naked, and he’d barely even touched her yet. How the hell was she completely naked and he had barely touched her?! Every other guy who had seen her naked and begged and pleaded and tricked her to get her clothes off. Here she had stripped herself naked for him and didn’t regret it for a second. No one else could have done that.

She didn’t care. She wanted to be naked for him.

She smiled. Zane was amazed by this. He looked at her and said

“Really? Are you sure?”

She just nodded. He snapped the picture. Julia had a nice little patch of hair just above her pussy. Neatly trimmed exactly along her bikini line. She looked exquisite. He snapped a couple more pics, they looked at them and reviewed a couple. Then Julia decided she could pose better for him, so they did some more.

Finally, as they were reviewing the last pic, Zane realized he was next to this incredible girl, who was completely naked, without him even trying to make that happen, and he’s taking pictures? What the hell is wrong with you boy?

He dropped the camera and attacked her. His mouth covered hers. His hands found her breasts, their legs crossed and intertwined. The feel and touch of her was perfect. Slowly he kissed down her neck, nibbling on her ears, which drove her wild. She was moaning and squirming and holding him so tight against her body that he could hardly breathe. When he could breathe, all he could smell was her heavenly scent wafting up from between her legs. That scent was more powerful to him than any perfume he’d ever smelled. His hand instantly dropped between her legs to find the source.

As his fingers started to explore between her legs, his mouth kissed and licked and nibbled its way to her breasts. He closed his mouth over her nipple, and Julia rocketed to the moon. Between his mouth on her nipple and his hand on her pussy, her body was in full overload. She started moaning soft and low and couldn’t stop. She wanted him to make love to her right now. This was beyond any of those dreams she’d had.

His hand started rubbing her pussy. Up, then down, all along her lips. She was so wet for him. He started to touch her clit and she went insane. Her whole body tensed up, but he continued his attention. She could not believe the feelings he was causing in her.

He slid his fingers between her lips, and just as he was about to penetrate, to drive her senses higher than they had ever been…

The door opened.

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The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #3

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