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A Slutty School Story -- Part One

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual

Author: Harley Raven

Published: 01 June 2018

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"Opal?" Mira called.

"Yes?" her best friend replied. Mira turned around and saw Opal standing there. Even though they were only friends, Mira had always wondered what it would be like to fuck Opal. Opal had long, black hair; big, brown eyes; and most importantly, a sex-perfect body.

"I..." Mira stuttered, "I... I guess maybe you were right all along."

"Huh? What? How? What was I right about, Mira?" Opal asked, confused.

"You know... In seventh grade."

That had been four years ago now.

"What about it?"

"In seventh grade. That was the year you decided you were lesbian."

"WAIT!" Opal shouted, making quite a few of the high-school students in the outdoor cafeteria stare, "What does that mean? You're lesbian?"

"Not exactly. You said that it was totally normal. And I didn't actually think so at first... But I guess you were right. I guess... For a year now, I've kinda been attracted to girls. But I still like Matt! So I figured out that you can actually do that. If you're bisexual, you can like one guy and one girl at a time. So that's me now. Bisexual."

Opal hugged her friend around the neck. Very tightly. In a friendly sort of way.

"So... Who do you like who's a girl?" Opal asked, curious.

"That's kinda the problem. I mean, you're a great friend, but... I guess what I mean to say is that I like you. A lot. I have for a while now."

Opal's eyes widened, but suprisingly, she did not look disgusted. She looked happy.

"Mira... Mira, this means a lot to me. If I'm honest, the reason I became lesbian was because I liked you."

Slowly, discreetly, Mira and Opal moved away from the rest of the students into an empty classroom.

"Opal! We can't go here!"

"Yes, we can. It's been empty forever. Well, a while anyway. And I stole the key to it..."

Opal reached into her skirt pocket and pulled out a key. She shut the door behind them and locked it. She turned down the lights, and because there were no windows in the classroom, the lighting was very romantic, like a candlelight dinner.

No words exchanged, Mira pulled Opal toward her and they began making out. Mira had already kissed multiple guys multiple times, but she couldn't deny the fact that Opal was much better. Mira unbuttoned Opal's neat, white, button-down shirt, revealing a purple sportsbra. Opal got the hint, so she stopped making out with Mira and she unbuttoned Mira's shirt.

"Wow, Mira, you're a lot bigger than you look..." Opal admitted.

"You are too," Mira said, undoing her own bra. Opal did the same. Opal pulled down her plaid uniform skirt. Her pink panties were very wet.

Opal blushed, "Sorry... I'm just exited..."

Turned out that Mira was too, because her panties were just as wet, if not wetter. While Mira undid her shoes and took off her socks, Opal removed her panties. Opal undid her shoes (she wasn't wearing any socks) and Mira took off her panties. They were both completely naked now.

"Mira," Opal asked, "Are you a virgin?"

"No, Matt and I fucked a few months ago..."

Curious, Opal asked, "Is he big?"

"Yes, at least eight inches... What, are you a virgin?"

"Yes," Opal admitted.

Mira couldn't believe it! Opal, slutty, sexy Opal! Opal, who every guy and girl wanted to be with!

Without another word, Opal sat down on the neat desk, her legs wide apart. Mira smiled and began to lick Opal's wet pussy. Opal moaned and moaned.

"Oh! That feels sooo good, Mira! I love it!" Opal moaned.

"Doesn't it feel wonderful?"

"Please... Keep going!"

Mira licked harder.

"Wait, Mira... I want you to eat my ass!"

Opal hopped off the table and bent over. Mira had no complaints and spread her tongue all over Opal's beautiful ass.

"Fuck yes!" Opal yelled.

"You taste so good, Opal."

After a while, Mira asked if Opal would play with her tits.

"That's one thing Matt's not so good at," Mira admitted.

Opal squeezed Mira's tits and finally bit her nipples.

"Does it hurt?" Opal asked, curious.

"Fuck yes! But in a really, really good way... Like anal! Oh, wait, you've never tried that..."

Opal moved down to Mira's cunt, and stuck two fingers inside it. Almost instantaniously, Mira had the most powerful orgasm of her life. Both the girls laughed and to her own surprise, Opal licked it up.

"Does it taste good?" Mira asked, because she had never had lesbian sex before.

"Oh yes, wonderful. Want a taste?"

"Yes please!"

"Then finger me, Mira!"

Mira obeyed and stuck her middle finger up Opal's vagina. Opal moaned in content.

"I love this! It feels so much better than I ever imagined!"

"Come on, Opal, haven't you masturbated before?"

"Yeah, but I was never brave enough to go down like this! Oh, you lucky girl... I feel like I'm gonna have a really good orgasm here..."

Opal was right. Mira was so exited that she almost wet herself (okay, she did), and with much content, she licked her friend's cunt clean.

"Mmm... Delicious. I love it..."

Opal instructed Mira to stand against the wall, like something she'd seen in a porn video.

"Okay," Mira said, but she really had no idea what Opal was doing.

Mira stood against the wall. Opal stood behind her, like they were spooning... You know, like cuddling! But then Opal surprised Mira: Opal rubbed her pussy against Mira's ass. It felt really good to both of them, unlike anything so far.

"Whoa... It's like a guy's fucking me!" Mira exclaimed, "Where did you learn this?"

"Pornhub," Opal replied, "I mean, it was with a guy and a girl, but I figured we could do it this way too."

After a while, the two friends switched positions, with Mira grinding Opal instead.

Then there was a knock on the door.


Author's notes:

I'm sorry this isn't perfect, it's my first time. I'm sorry if I made any grammar or spelling mistakes. I hope you enjoyed the story! Please tell me in the comments what you opinion on the story is. Also, stay tuned for part two. Hint hint: Whoever's knocking on the door will become an important part of the story (Mwah ha ha)!!! I think I'm going to do a whole series, actually.

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A Slutty School Story -- Part One

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