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Dating App Yoga Adventure

Categories True Story, Domination/submission, Exhibitionism, Interracial

Author: storiesbycandlelight

Published: 01 June 2018

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This is a semi-fictional story based on an encounter I once had.

I wish I remembered her name, it started with a "J" or an "H" or a "G", either way it was as exotic as she. A dark skinned beauty I met on one of those silly phone dating apps when I was in mood for such things. We got matched early in the morning, with the sun barely above the horizon when I was out doing my side-gig and had some spare time. In her pictures she had dark eyes, a slim face with an inviting smirk, and head shaved so close she was almost bald. I don't remember who messaged whom first, but I remember we enjoyed talking to each other. I mentioned how just the other day I told a friend of mine that I thought women with very short hair were sexy, she confined in me that she thought the same about men with longer hair and beards. We both wanted to see more of each other.

After couple hours of texting, and a quick turn towards talking dirty and exchanging some rather juicy pictures, we decided to meet up that same day. She told me there was a coffee house near her apartment, it wasn't that far from where I worked so we made plans to meet and get some coffee there around 10 am, plenty of time to talk before I had to go. I was hoping we would be too busy using our lips for other things to do much talking though.

I arrived at the coffee house first, by the time she told me she was around the corner I already had a cup of coffee and a nice seat by the window. It was brisk outside, not too cold but the morning chill was biting enough that it was better to wear a jacket rather than face it bare. I noticed her entering the coffee shop from the corner of my eye at first, she wore a longer jacket that draped over her shapely ass clad in tight black jeans like a waistcoat. She glanced to me as she came up to the shop's counter and placed her order, my eyes following the sway of her ass, imagining what it would be like to peel those tight jeans off of her, slowly revealing the shapely dark skinned body underneath. She told me she worked as a yoga instructor, and it showed.

My train of thought was disrupted by the chirp of my phone, alerting me to a text message, I took a glance at it, it was from her, "You're even cuter in person ;)" The message read, it made me smirk, bite my lower lip briefly, "Thanks, I can't stop looking at your ass" I replied. I saw her look at her phone a second later, glancing back at me with a smile before my phone chirped again, "Any ideas about what you want to do with it?" she asked and I wrote back quickly, "I'll start by making it blush."

Not long after I heard her say "hi" as she got her coffee and came up to my spot, sitting down on the opposite site of the small table I was occupying. I don't remember what we were talking about, I just remember her smiles, the feeling of her skin when my fingers brushed up against her hand, the feeling of her tight jeans when I sneaked my hand under the table and found her leg, feeling her knee, her thigh through the material. She was eager to return the favor, meeting me in every movement, when nobody was looking our way she raised her leg under the table, brushing up her foot against my crotch, pressing in playfully on the hard bulge visibly forming beneath my own jeans. We had chemistry, not just for conversation but so much more than that, and we were hungry to explore just how far our compatibility would go in the more carnal dimension.

She asked if I wanted to go to her place, I eagerly agreed. We grabbed our coffee cups and went into my car. Her place was somewhere nearby, as she said before, so she directed me there, as she told me where to turn, how many blocks to go, her hand ventured over into my lap, running up my thigh. She found my crotch and grabbed the bulge of my hard cock pressing up against the though material, straining against it. She squeezed my prick through my jeans, running her fingers back and forth as she took in its shape, exploring every contour she could feel, from the bulbous fat tip, to the hard hard thick shaft that stretched out along my thigh. We drove for only a couple of minutes, but it felt like eternity. When I finally parked I turned the engine off and looked to her. She looked back to me silently, gazing into my eyes, and froze. I leaned in then, cutting down on the distance between us and locked my lips against hers in a kiss. She groaned out and opened up her lips, I did the same, feeling her tongue brush up against mine as I reached towards her hips, following their edges and wrapping my arms around her to give her ass a nice hard squeeze. She planted her hands on my chest and pushed me back, gasping out in the process, "Not here," She said, still breathless, her lips wet from our kiss, "Come on~" She hurried me up as she got out of my car and I followed, heading towards her apartment.

When we went up the stairs leading to her door I could not help but to look at her ass, dancing in front of me with every step, reaching up to steal a squeezing grope a couple of times, eliciting out a groan from her along with a "Keep it in just a bit longer~". Fortunately, I did not had to wait too long. I pulled her close against me as soon as the door closed behind us with a click and we were alone, there was nothing else I could think about at the time. I wrapped my arms around her waist and chest and pulled her close against my hard torso and taller form. My hands wandered hungrily over her body, groping and squeezing wherever they pleased as I leaned against her neck and whispered one word, "Finally."

I grabbed two handfuls of her ass, causing her to groan again, as I started to grind against her and caress her smaller body, letting her feel my heat and excitement pressed up against her so intimately as I pushed her up against the closest wall. The impact of the hard surface against her back caused her to gasp out, a gasp that quickly turned into a horny groan as I leaned in into her neck and pressed my lips against it, kissing her and suckling her dark skin past my lips, teasing her roughly. She raised one of her legs, bringing up her knee to my hip, opening up herself wider to me as I rolled my hips, grinding and dry humping her right there just past her door. She brought one of her arms up and bit on it, muffling herself as she moaned out hard, afraid that the next door neighbors might hear.

I loved teasing her, slowly driving her mad against the wall of her apartment, letting her feel just how badly I wanted her. Finally I moved my hands up to her shoulders, pushing on them to keep her pinned against the wall while I ripped myself off of her neck, leaving a sloppy wet mark from where I was kissing and sucking on her skin. She looked me in the eyes, breathing hard, groaning, her body arched with one of her legs still at my hip, a huge grin on her face. I reached down to the edge of her shirt, her jacket was already wide open at that point although still hanging down her back. I begun undressing her slowly while she was pinned under my grasp, my hand reached to her throat, closing in on it lightly as I pulled her shirt up higher and higher until finally I uncovered her breasts. They were smaller, with dark hard nipples like pieces of chocolate, already standing at attention from all the excitement rushing through her, clearly visible as she did not wear a bra.

My hand squeezed her throat likely, pressing her against the wall harder as I leaned down to her chest, my hot breath washing over her skin lightly as my hungry lips opened up and my tongue lolled out. Like a thirsty man lost in a desert I reached out with my tongue and ran it against her nipple slowly, not believing the treat presented to me. "Fuuuck yes~" I heard her groan out in a heated whisper, her hands reaching up to grab me by the back of my head, digging her fingers into my black hair and clutching my manbun. Goaded on by her demanding touch I opened up my mouth wider, kissing her breast in all my earnest, sucking it in as deep into my mouth as I could. I looked up to her, with my lips agape, licking and sucking on her breast, teasing and massaging her hard little nipple with my tongue. She looked back down to me, looking into my dark brown eyes as she let go of my hair, instead she reached down to her jeans, unbuttoning them quickly and opening up slightly before slipping her hand into her pants. "Oh god~" She whispered, watching me still as she fingered and rubbed her pussy lightly while I kissed and teased her chest. I considered that as enough of a sign to move things further.

I pulled away from her, grabbing my dark skinned beauty by her shoulders and spun her around so that she would face the wall. I pushed on her back to force her to bent over, my hand reaching out to her head, feeling over her hair cut so close to her head. I grabbed on the tiny locks, pulling on them lightly as with my other hand I pulled on her jacket, slipping it off of her shoulders and arms, letting it drop down to the floor before I took my dark colored leather jacket as well. It fell down to the floor in a heavy thud, making a little pile as my arms wrapped around her, giving her chest another squeeze, tweaking and pinching her nipples lightly, tugging on them as I rubbed my crotch against her ass. I grabbed her by the back of her neck then, squeezing it and keeping her pinned against the wall as I reached down to her jeans. I started to tug on her jeans, peeling off the tight material slowly, inch by inch her body was being uncovered for me, revealing more of her dark skin and lovely shapes. I stopped when the waist of her jeans was around her thighs, keeping her legs bound together and her ass exposed so perfectly for me.

I leaned in, whispering against her neck hotly, "Fuck, you look so good." My hand rubbing over her asscheeks in tight little circles, patting and massaging her beautiful rump, getting it nice and heated. I raised my hand then and suddenly brought it back down, delivering a quick, sharp slap to her ass that caused her to jolt forward a bit, yelping out in surprise, kept in place by my hand on her neck. She turned her head, looking back over me with one eye as she bit her lower lip, wiggling her ass towards me playfully as I raised my hand again, bringing it down like a hammer against her ass, delivering another audible sharp spank, this time to her other cheek. She jolted again, moaning out softly, "Fuuuck, baby~" from between her teeth as her pert ass jiggled for me from the impact. My hand raised again and another spank was heard, then again, and again, and again, by the time I pulled on her neck and pressed her against my chest, leaning in to kiss her throat again, her dark skinned ass was nice and reddened from the spanking, blushing like I promised her I would make it earlier that day.

While she was breathing hard, catching her breath from the rough treatment I bit down on her neck, pressing my teeth in harder on her beautiful dark skin while suckling on it, causing her to start moaning and grinding against me all over again. One of my hands squeezed her breasts, wrapping around her, the other wrapped around her waist and reached down to the black satin panties she wore. My fingers danced over the smooth fabric of her lacey panties, pressing up against them hard and rubbing it back and forth. I could feel the material growing so hot and so moist, already slightly damp from the teasing the girl received, now getting soaked through so nicely against my touch. She mewled and whimpered with my teeth on her, rolling her hips to rub her panties-covered pussy right back against my fingers. I hooked one of my fingers against the fabric of her panties, pulling the material aside and revealing her pussy to the world before I pressed my fingers against it directly.

She reached back and grabbed me by my hair again, pulling on it hard as I sucked and bit her neck, my fingers caressing over the folds of her pussy, massaging and petting it so nicely before pushing my digits in harder and harder against her wet, slick opening. "Ooooooh my goooood" She breathed out in shuddering voice as I kept teasing her neck and my fingers pushed deeper and deeper inside her, inch after inch I felt her tight opening start to stretch around them, hugging them so close and sucking my fingers in hungrily, coating them in her delicious pussy juices. She felt so hot inside, before I knew it I bottomed out my fingers in her, my knuckles rubbing up against her opening harshly, my thumb pressing up against her clit and rubbing it in small little circles, causing her to moan out harshly again. I held her like that for what seemed like eternity before finally starting to pull them out, only to push them back in, causing a shuddering wave to go through her all over again. I pumped my fingers in and out of her slowly, letting her feel every movement and savor every inch as I teased her, her juices rolling down over my fingers onto my hand. Finally I pulled my digits out of her and brought it up to her lips, with my teeth still on her neck as I sucked and teased her skin, I watched her take my wet fingers into her lips, licking them hungrily and sucking them in deep. She locked her eyes with me and bobbed her head slowly before finally letting my fingers go with an audible pop. I pulled back from her neck and licked my own fingers, tasting the lingering flavor of her soapy wet count and saliva mixed together before she pulled in close towards me and pressed her lips against mine, kissing me again.

We opened up our lips and our tongues danced against each other, moaning out against one another as we hugged and groped our horny, heated bodies. I started to pull back again, grabbing her lower lip with my teeth and biting it softly before finally letting her go with a grin and a wink. She smiled back and I pressed my hands on her shoulders, pushing her back in against that wall once more, forcing her to bend over for me. I knelt down then, dropping behind her as my hands rubbed over her spanked, still-blushing, ass, causing her to shudder lightly as she felt my soft touch running against her reddened skin. Squeezing and groping her ass I pulled her asscheeks apart slightly and she leaned in further with a coo, showing off her pussy for me. I couldn't hold back anymore, I needed to feel her on my lips, I needed to taste her on my tongue.

The room filled up with the wet, sloppy sounds of my tongue lapping at the ambrosia of her wet pussy, her panties still kept pulled aside on my finger. I was so hungry for her, licking and sucking on her sex, I pressed my face hard into her cunt, forcing my tongue as deep into her delicious wet opening as I could. I heard her moan out roughly in a muffled scream of pleasure when I did it, her legs buckling, hips rolling as she grind herself back on me, fucking and riding my face as I ate her out. Drinking up as much as I could I pulled back slightly, my tongue reaching up to rub up against her clit, licking and rubbing it as I lapped and licked her pussy petals rapidly, audibly slurping and smacking her wet sex with my lips. She reached back and grabbed me by my black hair, pulling on it as if it was a leash, pulling me further in between her asscheeks, pressing my face so hard against her wet, drooling pussy as I squeezed her ass and took my thumb, pressing it in against her nether lips, forcing it inside, spreading her sex a bit wider on the thick finger as I licked at her. I pulled my hand back for a second, licking my own finger to taste her juices on it and get it nice and wet, going back in I returned to teasing her pussy, but not only, as my thumb pressed in against her sex to slip inside it so easily once more, my other finger pressed up against her asshole. At first I only teased her tight little pucker, prodding at it, rubbing it in little circles, spreading my saliva over it which caused her to moan out and show her approval with a little groan of, "Ooooh yesss~" those were the magic words I was waiting for. Slowly I pushed the finger in against her asshole, spreading it wider and massaging it as I slipped it gently inside her. She almost went wild, her juices gushing out from her thoroughly licked pussy as I still lapped and teased at her clit and petals, while my fingers spread and massaged both of her holes.

Even this heavenly feast could not last forever, unfortunately. After what seemed like eternity I stood up again, my face drenched in her delicious pussy juices, the copious amounts of her nectar staining my beard and mustache, causing the damp facial hair to clump together. She turned around, grabbing me by my shirt, almost falling against my hard chest as she pulled me into a passionate fiery kiss. We moaned out in each other's embrace, my hands reaching down to grab her uncovered ass and squeezed it hard as I lifted her up off of the ground. She jumped up, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my waist. Holding her like that I moved over to a nearby khaki-colored couch I noticed in the large open living room I saw from the doorway. Before she knew what happened I placed her down onto the couch cushions, climbing over her and pinning her down into the furniture as I kissed her again. She grabbed the edge of my shirt and pulled on it to uncover my stomach, I got the hint and pulled back, pulling the shirt the rest of the way and tossing it aside. We undressed there and then hastily, stripping in preparation for more lustful please, however, as I reached to unbuckle my jeans she stopped me. She reached down and grabbed my belt herself, pulling it from the buckle and tugging on the button holding my jeans together next, she peeled the jeans off of me, much like I've done to her earlier. With my pants opened up the large bulge of my underwear was revealed, outline of my hard fat cock visible clearly, along with a shining wet spot over the bulbous tip from where my precum stained and soaked through the material. She grabbed my shaft through my underwear, squeezing it again as she sat up on the couch, stroking my shaft with the material.

That did not satisfied her, however, as she pulled my underwear down, freeing my cock and allowing it to bounce up joyfully now that it was not held back within the confines of my underwear. It sprung out with so much force that the hard bone-like shaft slapped up against her cheek, leaving a wet spray of my wanton precum on her dark skin, causing her to gasp out in surprise. She looked up to me and our eyes locked again. She smiled and leaned in, opening up her mouth wider as in one smooth movement her lips traveled down along my shaft, kissing and teasing the skin of my prick as she swallowed me up. From between her lips came out a gagging sound, her eyes watered before she closed them and she opened up her mouth wider. Slowly wiggling her head she pushed in deeper, my cock slipping into her throat, causing her to gag again as she took more and more of it until finally her cute nose rubbed up against my rough patch of pubes adorning my pelvic region. She held it like that for what seemed like eternity before finally leaning back, letting my cock bounce out from between her lips with an audible sloppy plop sound. Long drops of saliva rolled down my shaft onto my ball sack, ropes of precum and her spit connected from my cock to her lips in long strands before finally breaking off and splattering down over her naked chest. She gasped and breathed heavily, grabbing my shaft by its base and watched it as she stroked it, nice and slow in delicious long movements. Leaning in again she took my cock into her mouth again, giving out a delicious hungry little sound. She did not deep throat it this time, instead she started to bob on it hungrily, groaning and moaning, muted by the thick length of my prick between her lips, looking up to me as she sucked on me so nicely, getting my cock so nice and wet with her spit, drinking down all the precum she could handle.

I still wanted more, and from the look in her eyes, I knew she did too. I reached down and grabbed her by her hungry throat lightly, pulling her off of my cock I sat down and reached to grab my pants. From one of the back pockets I produced a condom as she leaned in to kiss me again and my grip on her throat loosened up, allowing it. We kissed deep and hard, our mouth opening up to allow our tongues room to dance, exchanging the exquisite tastes of each other's sex still fresh on our lips. I slipped the condom on my large, thick cock and pulled her towards me. She straddled my lap and faced me, pinning down my cock between my legs as she rolled her hips, rubbing up her naked, sweet cunt against the shaft of my cock slowly, groaning out hungrily in the process. The latex surface covering my prick was dripping now with her juices before she took hold of my shaft and angled it up, kissing the bulbous tip of my fat prick with her nether petals before lowering herself down on it harder. I grabbed her hips, controlling her descent as my fat cock stretched out her pussy petals out wider and started to impale her. I made sure that my cock slipped inside her slowly, teasingly slow, letting her feel and savor every inch, every contour of my large manhood. Finally she sunk my dick all the way inside her, I felt her wet pussy petals squeezed and rub against my pelvic region, and her inner walls massage my fat cock so tenderly. It felt like her very sex tried to milk me, squeezing and gripping, jerking me off in slow, hot contractions. I reached over to grab her legs and she leaned back, supporting herself with her hands on my knees as she rolled her hips in quick but little movements, starting to fuck me eagerly. Lifting up her legs I wrapped them around my waist and she leaned in back towards me, wrapping her arms around my waist as she moaned out hotly and her movements grew larger, hips rolling in towards me more eagerly, the couch underneath us starting to creak painfully as she bounced rapidly up and down on my cock. The noise of her ass slapping down on my thighs and her wet pussy being abused on my fat, slick length filled the room.

The couch gave out one more terrible groaning creak, this time as I pushed myself off of it, with my beauty still wrapped around me so deliciously. She gasped out in a surprise as she found herself lifted up into the air suddenly, hugging me even closer as I stood up with her secured in my grasp by my fat cock forced to the brim inside her, anchoring her to my embrace. With my hands on her ass, I pulled her back, letting her cunt relax a bit as my cock was forced out of her a bit, only for me to release her and watch her swing back towards me like a pendulum, slamming back on my cock with a delightful little slap and an audible hungry moan that escaped past her lips. I repeated the process, holding her by her ass as I pulled her back and slammed her back down on my cock, squeezing and groping her delicious rump in the process. My hips joined the process, starting to roll and buck into the rhythm as I bounced her harder and harder on my cock, ramming my fat cock inside her to her heart's content. I took a step then, accompanied by the cacophony of her body slapping up against mine over and over again through our delightful humping, as I started to parade her through her apartment. Her pussy felt so wet and hot, the sound of her being filled by me over and over again while we rutted like that, with her held up in my hands, emanated through her apartment, and I loved every second of listening to this lustful, carnal concert our bodies were giving to us.

I carried her over towards one of the windows the living room had, pushing her up against the wall next to it as she still bounced on my fat prick so deliciously hard. I looked through the window, it had blinds but through their gaps I could see the street, people walking below, I wondered, if any of them could hear us, or better yet, see us. She gasped out in a moan, casting a glance at the window and voiced her protest, her hand unhooking from around my neck to reach over and brush her fingers against the blinds. In her lust-dazed state she tried to close the blinds further, only causing a commotion as she slapped them crudely. I did not linger by that window however, parading her over to another window in the living room while she bounced on my manhood without any signs of slowing down, if anything she was speeding up now, fucking me right back in her earnest. I felt my orgasm starting to build up inside her as her cunt squeezed and massaged my prick so deliciously, pressing her up against the all next to a window again. She gasped and moaned, her voice was straining, I could tell she was on the edge, so close. She glanced at the new set of blinds and reached for the cord to close it tight, this time managing to grab it and pull on it hard, shutting the blinds as she leaned back against the wall, her hand reaching back to grab me by the back of my neck. I could feel her pussy start to spasm and shake then on my prick, juices gushing out over my cock as her climax reached her. That familiar pressure building up within my balls made itself known as I felt it crawl through the shaft of my cock, slowly, almost painfully so, slithering further and further, until it finally reached my tip. I gasped out in a hard, harsh groan and leaned in against her, holding her close as I rolled my hips into her in wild abandon, rutting her like an animal as I kissed her neck hard, biting it and suckling on it as I came with her, filling up my condom with my cum. My hot semen pumped inside the condom and expanded it out like a balloon as we kept rolling our bodies into each other, although as we surfed the waves of our climaxes together, rolling through them, our movements started to slow down, and our energy quickly subsided.

I carried her back towards the couch and lowered her down again, sliding in to lay down next to her. For what seemed like eternity we said nothing, just listened to each other breathing, hard, hot, trying to catch our breath after the energetic, wanton fucking we just went through. We started to talk again then, about our plans for the day, the week, the future, when was the next time we could meet, fantasies that we could fulfill. As we laid there, still naked, she hurried me from time to time, telling me that I could not stay too long, it bothered me slightly but I tried to pay it no mind. Before I knew it however, our conversation turned towards flirting again, which in turn led to us teasing each other. She stopped hurrying me for a moment, as I rolled on top of her and we were kissing again. My hard cock pressed up against her crotch, already hardening between her thighs. She reached down, grabbing it and stroking it slowly in a nice, tight grip, picking up on pace quickly. Breaking our kiss she pushed on my chest, forcing me to sit up on the couch as she smiled and looked into my eyes, she promised me she would take care of me before I'll go. My hand ran against her head, stroking her short hair, pulling on it from time to time as the sound of her slurping and sucking on my hard cock emanated out from between her lips. She was kneeling down while I sat on the couch, her hand on my shaft, lips around my cock head, as she bobbed her head rapidly and stroked me. All this fucking and she was still so hungry for it. It did not take long before her skilled lips and fingers elicited out another orgasm from me, building up that pressure within my churning heavy balls, pushing my cum through my shaft until it exploded out all over again. First few shots sprayed out inside her mouth and she groaned out in a hot little moan, opening up her mouth I could see it was filled with my creamy semen as she pulled my cock out, rubbing my cock quickly to jerk it off as the rest of my load sprayed over her beautiful slim, black face.

She drained me completely, I gave her all the cum I could, and then some, and she sucked me dry, cleaning up my cock. When we were dressing up she asked if I could give her a ride to a nearby supermarket. I obliged, after the treatment she gave me I could not say "no" to her, plus it was no issue to me. On our way there she disposed of my used condom in a nearby trashcan. On our way to the supermarket we chatted a bit and made plans to meet again. I dropped her off, we shared another kiss before she left, and afterwards I went to start my work.

We texted each other still throughout the day, I could not stop thinking about her, and I could not stop feeling her delicious, hot, wet sex hugging my shaft still. There was still something that bothered me- why was she in such a hurry to get me out of her apartment? I kept asking and pushing as we texted each other, trying to get her to stop dodging the question. Finally in the evening, when I was going back home from work, she caved in and gave me and answer.

She did not want her girlfriend to walk in on us and catch her fucking a guy in their apartment.

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Dating App Yoga Adventure

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