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Lawan, the right Thai at the right moment

Categories True Story, Asian, Hardcore, Interracial

Author: mystyque

Published: 01 June 2018

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One of my first ever posts on here was about a weird, yet awesome night I once had with a Thai ladyboy. I was on a business trip in the country, and things led to another and shablammo, things happened. Big whoop. But! Something else happened as well. And that didn't involve a ladyboy. Or a boy. Or even a lady. Hang on, sit back, and I'll tell you all about it.

Now for the record: this happened after I had the little penis-plus-boobs-in-one-package adventure. I knew I was going to have to wash away the dirt somehow, and banging a legit female creature was the only option. Bear in mind, that's not a huuuuuuge issue when you're 6'7 and blond, but still, it had to be done.

One night, I was walking through a somewhat dodgy part of Pattaya, when I spotted a girl sitting on the side of the road. I couldn't tell whether she was bored, sad, drunk, high, or whatever. I stopped and looked at her, and she smiled. That's a universal sign to walk up there and say hi, so that's what I did. Turned out, after a loooong time (her English sucked for real) that she did this pretty much every night. Just sit there and look at people walking by. It's a miracle she was even still alive.

I sat down next to her, lit up a cig, gave her one and watched her almost choke. Then we stared at the people passing by, commenting on their looks. She actually turned out to be a fun girl to talk to, even though I could barely understand her. But there was something more important: she was cute. Like really cute. I mean I have a thing for Asians, I'll gladly admit that, and she wasn't your average-looking Asian hottie, but something about her made her really frckn attractive to me.

When I asked her whether she lived in the neighborhood, she pointed at the house behind us. Made sense for her to be sitting right in front of her own place, right? So I asked if she could show me around, maybe even make me a drink, 'cause I hadn't had a beer in over an hour. She stood up and opened the door. I had the shock of my life when an entire family was chilling at the dinner table, barely even looking at us, let alone introduce themselves.

I followed her up a pair of very flimsy stairs (great view on her tiny ass though!) and through a door that wasn't really a door, but more like a large towel hanging from the ceiling. Her room was - how do I put this delicately - a total mess. Clothes everywhere. Empty beer cans everywhere. Ashtrays everywhere. There was a hole in the wall through which I could see what looked like the neighbors' bathroom. Very off-putting - to most people. But I was here with a purpose, and the environment was just about perfect for that purpose.

We sat down on her bed, and for a brief moment, there was silence. (Figuratively speaking, of course, 'cause I could hear people fighting upstairs, people cleaning the dinner table downstairs, and, I think, people banging each other's brains out somewhere on the same floor. I decided silence was now a no-go, so I put my hand on her (naked, 'cause shorts) thigh and kissed her lips. She returned the kiss, then stood up, told me to wait and ran out the door. I could hear her in the room next to me, and when I realized that was actually the bathroom, I quickly grabbed her wallet off of her desk and looked inside. Her ID told me she had just turned 19 (*breathes signs of relief*). I also learned her name was Lawan.

When she returned, I was already chilling back on her bed, without a shirt. Lawan sat on the bed and crawled towards me, kicking off her shoes. As I helped her get rid of her clothes, I started to realize how well my luck was turning out.

Top: gone. Barely any boobs, very Asian-like. Bra: gone. I had nothing to do with that, she wasn't wearing any (no need to, I guess). Quick kiss to slow things down a bit. Shorts: gone. Tiniest of thongs that tried to hide between her butt cheeks. Thong: gone. Massive amount of pubic hair, just the way one would imagine any Asian girl. Her body was adorably tiny, I barely felt it when she climbed onto me. Whatever had happened in the bathroom, I had no idea, but when I reached between her legs and felt her up, she was already more than ready. And I was in no mood of waiting, either.

She seemed impatient, waiting for me to unbutton my jeans and make myself hard enough for her to sit on me. As she did, there was a brief moment in which I seemed to be stuck half-way through, but she leaned into it with everything she got (which was way too much, if you ask me) and finally, her ass rested on my thighs. She paused for a few seconds, closing her eyes and breathing in, before she started to slowly lift her body into the air, only a few inches, and lower it again. I grabbed her barely existing boobs and played around with her nipples (she loved that) and pushed her backwards to give myself a better angle. The moment her hands rested on my shins, and I could gaze upon that tiny body wiggling about on top of me, was the moment I grew fully hard. And boy, did she feel it.

Lawan screamed as I spread her pussy lips - just for the sake of a better view - and moved my hips upwards, hitting her G-spot with the tip of my dick. And she kept screaming as I fucked her - legit screaming, decibels that could be heard all around the block, given the pathetic state of the walls and ceilings.

In fact, Lawan's screaming was so loud, the people downstairs stopped doing whatever it was they were doing, and moments later, loud feet ran up the stairs. The door opened and and I looked straight into the face of a very angry middle-aged man, shouting words I didn't even remotely understand. Lawan started to shout back, but she didn't stop moving. The man, who appeared to be her dad, came into the room and tried to pull her off of me - unsuccessfully. After a few more words that sounded like curses, he disappeared. Lawan looked at me, smiling. I smiled back, for I had no idea what else to do.

Back to fucking, then, I thought. I pushed Lawan off of me and pulled her off the bed. She bent over and held onto a chair as I stood behind her. I had to bend my knees a fair bit in order to be able to even have the tip of my dick slide between her pussy lips, but when it did, I thrust my hips forward and slid back inside her. I could hear my lower belly slam against her ass over her moans. The chair on which she leaned squeaked and I was positive it was going to give way, when a face appeared behind the hole in the wall. I could have sworn it was Lawan's face, but it couldn't be (I wasn't that drunk). The face, even though I had expected it to vanish the moment I took notice of it, stayed.

I kept fucking Lawan from behind, and I kept looking at the face through the hole in the wall. Lawan had to have noticed it herself as well, but she did nothing about it, nor did she tell me to stop - so I didn't. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer towards me every time I pushed my body forward. At this point - and I can't be sure this actually happened but I'm pretty damn sure it did - Lawan came, screaming even louder than before, holding tight onto the chair. I kept going, however - if there was one thing I would get out of this freakishly weird experience, it was going to be an orgasm.

Now, I don't know how much all you guys enjoy the fantasy (or maybe even the actual memory) of girls and their twin sisters, but for me, the realization of that sheer possibility did something to me. To this day, I still don't know whether the face in the hole in the wall was actually Lawan's twin sister's, but the second that very thought entered my mind, I was all gone. I think (I hope!) I pulled out just in time for the first wave of cum to hit the back of her leg, and I can safely say everything else landed on her tiny ass and lower back. I kept staring at the face as I blew my load over Lawan. She let me, waiting for me to finally let go of her. Then she stood up, cum dripping down her leg, as she walked towards the face, that vanished just in time for Lawan's hand to hit it.

My dick was still twitching when Lawan picked up my shirt from the floor and pushed it into my chest. Go, she screamed, go go go go go! I put my shirt back on, but didn't even have time to button my jeans back up: I got pushed down the stairs with my half-hard dick still out. I ignored the screaming in the living room and quickly ran outside to avoid being chased by Lawan's angry dad. She followed me outside and waited for the door to be slammed shut behind us.

The peace outside brought the both of us back to our senses. I laughed, and even Lawan chuckled, before she kissed me on the cheek. It wasn't until she had disappeared back inside and the screaming had once again started before I realized my dick was hanging out. I finally hid it safely back into my pants, stared at the house for a few moments and took off. As I walked away, the noise eased down. I was back in the dodgy part of Pattaya, with the fresh memory of a tiny little Thai girl in front of me, and the imagination of that very Thai girl, fully naked, having to explain what had happened to her dad - and possibly to her twin sister as well.

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Lawan, the right Thai at the right moment

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