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  1. 2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins VOLUME 2
  2. 2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins Volume 1
  3. 2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins Volume 3
  4. 2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins Volume 4 & 5
  5. 2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins Volume 6 & 7

2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins Volume 6 & 7

Categories Diary

Author: Max.Perv

Published: 06 June 2018

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Volume 6 & 7 2 Boys 2 Girls Cousins

Well we left off on Sunday evening, we had worked on the neighbors farm, helping get the hay up and then into the Hay Mow. We were tired for sure, we had just returned from a refreshing skinny dip in the pond, it was not even 8 yet, but we were tired. Grandma said I bet you kids are beat, we all replied yep we worked hard today, that dip in the pond was really refreshing. PopPop said Mom's going the grocery in town tomorrow bet you will want to go, that money must be burning a hole in your pocket.

Grandma said we will go after we have breakfast and get the dishes done. I said I don't know about the others but I'm going to get a shower and go to bed. The other said that sounds like a good idea. So we gave our kisses and hugs and headed up the stairs, we got to the landing up top just before we would go into our rooms, I said are you too tired or do you want to come to our room, the girls said they would be there after they showered.

As we usually did us boys showered first, Doug and I washed even washed each others backs with a wash rag and soap, and we did not even do anything sexual with one exception. Doug was standing under the shower head, I was in front of him, he started to pee and took hold of his dick and aimed it all over me. Okay piss was and is one of my favorite kinks, I was going to piss in the shower too but not on him, but now he was fair game and I let it go on him too.

We finished up dried off and I knocked to let the girls know we were done, Doug and I went and turned the sheets down, I turned the radio on to the local Top 40's station, it was The American Top 40 with Casey Kasem. Doug and I sat on the bed naked, I said you think we will get lucky enough to actually fuck them sometime this week? He said I don't know but I hope so, I'm sacred to ask though.

I said I will break that ice, then he said if we do can I do Kim. I said you mean do Kim first?, I said if we get to fuck then I bet it will be more then once, especially if we do it early in the week. All of us would be going home next Saturday, in just another week school would start. (note I hated FUCKING school with a passion) Doug said you think more then once? I if we get to at all then I would say yes more than once and you brought enough rubbers. I said have you ever put a rubber on? He said no, I said that the correct way is to take it out of the wrapper place it on the tip of your dick and unroll it. If we get the chance and you are not sure watch how I do it ok. He said ok thanks.

The girls had finished up and the door opened and there were two very cute naked teen girls. That was all it took to bone us both, once again Kim said I see you are happy to see us. We all laughed a bit. They got up on the bed with us and we were in the circle again. Kim said got any ideas? I said you really want to know, she said yes. I said well we do have those rubbers, Have you girls thought about going all the way? Julie said we talked about it, Kim said yeah we talked about it.

I said well did you decide? Then Julie said I am afraid it will hurt, I said think of this, you see both of our dicks, you used that vibe right? She said yes, I said well where is that vibe? Kim said here, she had brought it and tucked it under a pillow. I said let me see it, she gave it to me. I held it beside my dick, sadly it was just a bit longer but it was also fatter. I said measure Doug so he did the same it was almost exact against his dick.

I said see if this went in and did not hurt then our dicks will not hurt you either, not like we are older with really big dicks. (I was selling hard here) Then I said don't you agree? They both said yes we do. I said Doug and I are new to this too, I do not know what to expect, I know that guy almost always have an orgasm, but girls sometimes need help. So I make a deal, if we do fuck, and you need more to get your orgasm, I will do what ever you want me to do. Doug said me too.

I said if we do it and you are not feeling anything you could rub your spot with the vibe while I am inside. Kim said I never thought of that, maybe that would be a thing to do. I said I am not sure but I bet I do not last long once I get inside, Julie said so who would go first? I said would you want one of us to do it as a couple so the other could watch? Or us all do it at once? She said watching would be fun.

Kim said yes that would be hot, I said well if it's a show then we would need to turn some light on, they said ok. Then I said well are you willing, are we going to do it? Julie said I promise I will do it, but I would like to watch Kim do it first, I said well Kim who do you want for your first, she said you 2 choose, I told Doug Best 2 out of 3 Rock Paper Scissors? He said ok, so we did, he won the first round then I won the next 2.

So it was me and Kim, To say I was boned is an understatement, I reached and got 2 rubbers out of the drawer, I said Kim keep the vibe handy, she said it's right here under the pillow. I opened that package, took the rubber and placed it on the tip of my dick, I unrolled it, It fit no problem not loose at all, even on my little dick. The rubbers were prelubed, I said Kim lay back on the pillow she did, I took hold of her legs and raised them at the knee.

I took a finger and rubber her slit, she was nicely lubricated naturally, I was on my knees and moved forward, I put her legs on my shoulder. I said her we go you ready? She said go slow please I said ok, I was up against her pussy hole, I slightly pushed and I was in, I then went all the way, she gasped a bit, I said are you ok? She said oh yes it feels so good.

Julie asked did it hurt and Kim said no not at all, you will be ok, Doug said wow that is the first time I have seen a guy fuck in person. I slowly moved in and out, I did not want it to end too quick. As I went in and out Kim seemed to meet my every stroke in rhythm. I said are you going to use the vibe, she was already reaching for it. She flipped the switch and turned it on.

She placed it on her special spot, and just slightly moved it, I could actually feel it on my dick too. I said I feel that, it feels good. She seemed to be in the best of both worlds, she was feeling something inside while also getting off with the vibe. I moved a bit quicker, I knew I was not going to last much longer it was feeling so good her warm pussy wrapped around my dick.

I said are you close and she said not long why?, I said I am really close, she said you can shoot if you want, just stay in me till I have my orgasm. So I started to pump harder and faster, within moments I was there, I said I am cumming, I started to pulse out my sperm into that condom inside her pussy. She said I fell that it is so awesome.

I stayed inside her pressed hard against her pubic bone, she was so close then she let out a loud moan, glad the radio was on. She had hers and I had mine and I had fucked my cousin and she had fucked me. I pulled out, I took the condom off, grabbed a couple Kleenex and wiped my dick dry, I took the condom and held it to my mouth and slid my finger down pushing the load of cum into my mouth, as soon as it was all in my mouth I moved toward Kim and snowballed her. We embraced for a few minutes, then I turned over and said well Julie and Doug showtime.

I asked them well what did you think, they both said it made them both horny, I said well Doug get your rubber on and lets see if you are up to it. So he followed my lead, got the rubber on and did what I did almost exactly, Kim gave the vibe to Julie. Both Kim and I said well do it. And they did, Julie had no pain and Doug did what he needed to do, Julie got off just a bit before Doug, he finished and did exactly what I did and snowballed Julie.

We laid there for about 30 minutes or so, the girls said they were going to bed, we hugged and kissed each other, and they went off to their room. Doug and I were laying side by side, I turned over and moved on top of him, I kissed him like never before and he kissed back the same way, we hugged and fondled each other, I said well thanks to your rubbers we both got to fuck our cousins.

I would say as much as we all enjoyed I bet we get to do it until it is time to leave Saturday, Doug said can I do Kim next time, I said your choice sure. I said how did it feel to you being inside her pussy, he said it was like nothing else ever.

Monday morning came and after breakfast and dishes we were off to town, we headed to the Ben Franklin 5 and 10. Julie knew what she was getting for sure, Doug and I just wondered around. When we were ready to leave we all met at the front at the register, Julie laid her items down and I put mine beside here, I told the clerk I was paying. It came to a bit over $5.00.... we got outside and Julie asked why I paid, I said well Tony and I bought the one for Kim, it's only fair.

Volume 7 2 Boys 2 Girls Cousins

We went across the street to the IGA to find Grandma, We found her, she asked well did you kids find treasures? We said sure now we need to get some snacks. So we went looking, we got some things, and checked out. Grandma was just heading to the checkout. She got done and the man brought her groceries out to the car. We headed back to the farm. Then helped get the groceries into the house and even helped put some away.

Grandma asked did we have big plans, we said not really, she said it's getting really hot, maybe a picnic and some swimming would be a good idea. She said you will need to be careful you don't get sunburned. Then she said how about I fix a picnic basket with some stuff and a cooler of Kool Aid, you can go to the pond. I said hey how bout while you and the girls get that ready Doug and I will go put up the canopy at the pond.

So Doug and I went to the pond, got the canopy out of the shed, put it in the row boat, we rowed out and then set the canopy up on the floating deck. PopPop had rigged it with holes and little straps to keep it from blowing off or getting knocked off. It was going to be a perfect place to spend the rest of the day.

We got back to the house and the basket was packed and ready, the girls were coming down the steps, Kim had my gym bag, I said why do you have that, she said I needed it for a few things, I said ok. So off we went heading to the pond, told Grandma we will see you later, she said if you not back by dinner I'll send PopPop out to bring you back, we said ok.

We got to the pond, loaded the stuff into the row boat, then I said well we going to undress here or out on the float? Julie being the somewhat logical one said if we do it here we won't have to worry about getting our clothes wet. I said sounds good to me, and I started getting naked, naked was one of my favorite things. The others followed suit.

We all got in and Doug took the job of rowing, Kim was the guide, we got to the float. I tied the boat off and went up the ladder and then they handed me stuff, Kim had brought the beach towels, well we got steeled and checked to see what lunch was going to be, we had bologna and cheese sandwiches, also peanut butter and jelly. There were Fritos and potato chips, some cookies.

We were hungry so we decided to eat, the canopy was doing a great job of keeping the sun off of us, there was a removable side you could move, we had it on the side where the sun was glaring. We poured some drinks, and got paper plates, put our food on them and then sat back to eat. I said hey Kim what's in my gym bag? She oh that, well here look. She grabbed the bag unzipped it, she pulled out 2 hand towels, I said what they for she said maybe we get messy, then she pulled out the new vibe that was Julies, still in the package and then her vibe.

I said oh you have some serious plans. Then she reached in again and pulled out 4 rubber, dropped them in front with the other stuff. She aid I got these out of the nightstand, who knows what might happen. Doug said yeah who knows. Julies said I think I do. I said well if that is what you want then I guess that is what we will do then. We ate then decided to swim and float in the tubes for a bit, Kim was in a tube, I was swimming, I swam over and grabbed hold of the rope on the tube.

I was able to just hold on and kick my feet, kind of just floated us around, I put my arm through the side of the tube next to Kim, then with my other hand I reached under and lightly pinched her butt. She let out a yell, and said damn something bit my ass. I said maybe a fish, then I said no it was me, and I put my hand on her butt, she said funny guy. We horsed around a bit, I was having a hard time keeping my hands off of Kim, She did not seam to mind.

I was thinking, I am going to be playing with Julie today, and if it gets to fucking then I get her and Doug gets Kim. I let go of the tube, I swam over towards Julie and Doug, I said hey Doug you might want to go visit with Kim, I said hey Julie, isn't this fun? She said yes it is, I'm going to hate to go home Saturday, I said you and me both. I was hanging onto her tube like I had with Kim, I reached under and just touched her with my finger, she said yikes a fish just bit me, I said no it was me, I put the palm of my hand on her ass.

I said are you sore from last night, she said not inside or anything just across my abdomen, I said that's from you orgasm, she said guess what Kim and I did after we went to bed? I said what? She said we both used the toy again, I said no wonder you are sore. I asked her do you do stuff with any of your friends, she said I have a friend that is an only child too, almost every other Friday I go to here house then the other week she says at ours.

I asked so what do you do? She said well we kiss and cuddle, we touch each other down there, we have both put a finger in the other. I said that sounds like fun, she said it is. Then she said I can hardly wait to show her my toy, she will love it. I agreed she will for sure. I told her talking to you has made my dick hard, she said isn't it always? I said believe it or not no it is soft most of the time, you girls seem to keep him up.

I said I'm going to get out for a while, she said pull me over too, so I did. We got out and laid on the towels, I was right beside her on my back and my little dick was straight up. She put her hand around it and lightly stroked,I put my hand in her crotch, 2 finger between, she opened her legs a bit, I moved down and slipped my finger inside. I rubbed on her clit a bit too, she did not resist at all. Kim and Doug were chatting it up and finally they also came in and got on the float. As Julie and I played I said Julie told me you and her played again after you went to bed.

She said yep we did, I said are you sore, she said just my abdomen muscles, not inside or down there. I said those orgasms are doing that. She said I guess so, she and Doug also laid down, Doug was boned too, Kim said maybe we need to do something about that, what you think Doug? Doug said like what? She said well I did bring our toy and rubbers, he said you mean fuck out here? She said why not?

She said I'm ready if you are, I asked Julie how bout you? She said if you are I am. I said ok, Kim tossed me a rubber and one to Doug, both of us rolled them on. I turned over and moved on top of Julie, she raised her legs, then she said wait, she fumbled to find her toy, she said here open it and put the batteries in. I did it no problem, I said you ready now and she said yep.

I got into position, I felt her pussy slit, it was all wet, along with the lubed rubber we were good to go. I moved in closer and put her legs on my shoulder, then I put the tip of my dick against her slit and pushed, it slid right in. She gasped a bit, then said That feels good inside me. I said it sure does, she said are you going to have an orgasm too? I said that's a silly question, you will find out Boys ALWAYS do.

She put her new toy to work on her clit, I said you know what that spot is called? She said it's my clit. She had closed her eyes and was working her way to an orgasm, she would rub then stop, then rub more, she would slide it down touching my dick. Then she would move back up, after about 10 minutes of me sliding in and out and her with her toy, she let out a muffled moan, almost a scream. She was in heaven.

I had been taking it slow because I did not want to cum first, now I could do it, I pumped harder and faster, in just moments I could feel the eruption coming, she said are you going to shoot, I said yes, and just then I let loose. She pushed towards me, as I pushed into her pubic bone. I pulsed and pulsed and pulsed. It was one of my best orgasms so far. I relaxed and Julie put her legs down I lay on top of her resting on my elbows so as not to be too heavy on her. I kissed her on the lips then on the cheek and her neck.

We both looked over to see Doug and Kim, I must say he was really doing a good job, Kim was using her vibe just like Julie did. Doug had Kim's legs on his shoulder like I did, He was pumping in and out. Kim started humping back and then she cried out Doug FUCK me harder, He took the cue and pounded her hard, In and out at a rapid pace, I said to Julie, he can't last much longer, I no sooner got those words out and he pushed hard and said I'm cumming. Then he pumped and pumped, Kim said I can feel your dick throbbing.

We I had gone soft so I slipped out and rolled over onto my back, I started to sit up and take care of my rubber, Julie said lay there, I did. She slowly removed the rubber. She held it to prevent any cum from coming out then she bent over and licked my dick clean. Then she sat up took the rubber open end into her mouth and then used her fingers to slide the reaming load into her mouth, she mumbled yum.

Then she pulled me up, I was right beside her, she kissed me and stuck her tongue into my mouth pushing my cum into my mouth. We kissed and swapped spit for a few minutes, then she said your juice tastes so good. We watched Doug and Kim, being able to share sex like this was a dream come true for us, I am sure many other cousins our age wish they had done it too.

Time had slipped away, we actually did not even have a watch or clock. We were putting stuff into the picnic basket and Kim was putting stuff into the gym bag, I took the little bag that the toy and rubber had been in and put the used ones in it, I said I'll throw these away at the house. We heard a horn honk, it was PopPop, we were buck naked and our closes were on the dock. We waved at him to let him know we saw him. The girls said what now? I said just wrap a towel around yourself, thy know we skinny dip.

All four of us wrapped up in towels, we put stuff into the boat and rowed back to shore. We unloaded onto the dock, the I grabbed the rope and pulled the boat further in to the shore, I slipped on my shoe and told Doug to do so too. Then the 2 of us pulled the boat out of the water onto the shore.

The girls had the rest of the stuff, I said hey PopPop is it okay if we just wear the towels back to the house, he said it don't matter, towels or no towels. We put the stuff in the back of the truck and we climbed in hanging our leg over the tailgate. PopPop asked you ready? We all yelled yes. We got back to the house and carried the stuff in. PopPop was last in, he said Mom look what I found 4 naked kids out in our pond. She laughed and said were you surprised, he said nope.

Grandma said go was off and get dressed Supper is ready. We all four headed up the steps, There was no modesty at all, really why would be be modest, after what we have been doing. All four of us were in the bathroom, I started the shower, and one by one we passed through, I look over and Kim is sitting on the toilet peeing, oh what a site that was, she had no idea how much she was feeding my fetish.

We went down and ate, Grandma said you kids have a good time? We all said we sure did, we lost track of time. She said I figured that is why I sent PopPop out to get you. PopPop was not at the table yet, I said he is not mad because we were skinny dipping is he? She said your PopPop mad about that no way Patrick, We are just happy you all like to be here and enjoy the same things. I said I hope we can come back next summer or maybe even spring break. The others said yeah me too.

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2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins Volume 6 & 7

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