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  1. My sister and me
  2. My sister and me-part 3
  3. My Sister
  4. My sister-Part two, the next day
  5. My sister-the consequence

My sister and me-part 3

Categories Fantasy

Author: quigley

Published: 06 June 2018

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My parents glared at us with a look that I never could have imagined-a cross between utter shock, disbelief, and just a hint of interest.

“Mom, Dad, don’t go ballistic on us, we were just fooling around”.

“JUST FOOLING AROUND”, they screamed in unison.

As I cowered in fear and uncertainty at what might happen, I happened to glance at my father’s pants bulging and was certain that he was erect and sexually excited. Maybe I could exploit that to my advantage.

“Hey Dad, if you are so mad and upset with us, why do you have a huge bulge in your pants”?

My father looked somewhat embarrassed and left the room in a hurry, with his hands trying to hide his erection.

My mother still seemed to be in shock and just left, while saying, “you two get dressed and I’ll deal with you later”.

My sister and I scrambled to get dressed, and separated to our rooms, waiting for the aftermath.

As I sat on my bed, I could hear my parents arguing in their room, and it seemed to be pretty heated.

“What the hell is the matter with you becoming aroused and erect watching our kids fucking around”?

“I don’t know; I just got hard and couldn’t help it”.

“Look at you; your cock is still hard”.

All of a sudden, the voices stopped and I wondered what was happening. I got up and wandered into the hallway, to listen more closely. As I got close to their closed bedroom door, I thought I could hear slurping sounds. What the hell was happening?

I moved cautiously and placed my ear to their door, and then was totally shocked to hear my dad say “suck hard honey, I’m about to cum”.

“That’s it-swallow for me”.

I got the hell out of there and returned to my room, with a raging hardon. Should I jerk off, or go find my sister and ask for another blowjob? No, that would be going too far after we had already been caught.

Just as I pulled out my cock to do a quick jerk, my door opened and my mom walked in, still red in the face from sucking off my dad.

“Oh my god son, why are you doing that”?

What could I say to that? I just released my cock and covered myself in shame.

“Are you some kind of sexual deviant”?

“Mom, I just got aroused listening to you guys”.

“What are you talking about”? “Listening to what exactly”?

“I heard you sucking and swallowing Dad”.

With that, my mom stormed out of my room, and slammed my door.

After what I had heard in my parent’s bedroom, I felt like I could be a little daring, so I wandered down to my sister’s bedroom. As I was about to enter and ask for a blowjob, I heard voices.

“You know what you did was wrong and now you have to be punished”.

“But Dad, it was just some fooling around”.

“Well, I have decided that your punishment is to do your brother again, while I watch and record it”.

“What the hell dad”?

“You heard me. Just go get your brother, while I hide in your closet with my camera”.

I hurried back to my room in shock and my erection was long gone.

As I opened my bedroom door, I was shocked to see my mom sitting on my bed.

“Come over here and sit-down son”.

“What is going on mom”.

“I’ve decided that I’m going to punish you by having you repeat what you two did, and I’m going to watch and record it”.

“Go get your sister, while I hide in your closet with my camera”.

While kind of dumbfounded at my mom’s suggestion, I suddenly had an idea.

“Mom, I’ll do it but It has to be in my sister’s room, and you hide in her closet”.

As we walked down to my sister’s room, I had to figure out how I could get mom into the closet without alerting my sister.

“Mom, you wait here, while I talk with her”.

I went into her room and asked her to come out to talk. I turned her around so she wouldn’t see mom sneak into her room and closet.

Let’s see how they will explain that when they realize that they are both hiding in the closet, and each with a camera?

I heard no sounds from the closet, so my sister and I went into her room and sat on the bed.

“Sis, we are already in so much trouble, we might as well enjoy ourselves before all the punishments start”.

She winked at me and then dropped to her knees and got my pants down and proceeded to suck my cock. I asked her to undress and we could do 69 and make each other feel good.

As we gyrated and groaned approaching orgasm, we could both hear slight moans from the closet.

Next thing we hear is the closet opening and my naked parents coming at us. My cock erupted in my sister’s mouth and as she swallowed, my dad approached her ass which was riding my face.

Before we could react, my dad was pushing his cock into my sister’s ass, and my mom was helping him, while squeezing his balls.

This must have been a strange sight, but somehow, I was totally aroused watching dads cock slamming into her ass. I licked her pussy to help her cum, and she humped my face in time with dad’s thrusts.

Mom had taken my cock from my sister’s mouth and began sucking on my balls and then my cock. She was so good, I knew that I would cum quick. As I unloaded in mom’s mouth, my dad groaned and ejaculated in my sister’s ass.

In less than a minute they both left my sisters room, leaving us to try and figure out what the hell just happened.

To be continued………………………………….

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My sister and me-part 3

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