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  1. A mom helping
  2. Helping Mum

Helping Mum

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: tonysex23

Published: 06 June 2018

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Paul was worried about Jill, his mother. She had been in a bad mood for over three weeks. Paul was in the final year of his Law course at University. Jill had a very successful hairdressing Salon. It was more than a Salon; it covered cosmetics, beauty treatments, in fact, everything that could pamper a woman. Paul had worked there since he was eight as a Saturday job. He had started sweeping the floor. Then washing the client's hair. Then he had studied hairdressing. He was excellent at it. He was very creative and he enjoyed doing it. He was also inspirational in advising on colour coordination.

He worked every Saturday in the Salon. He took twenty clients and charged them fifty pounds a session. Jill didn't charge him a chair rental, so it was all profit. He was very popular with older women. He flirted with them, and they loved it. Paul's dress sense was impeccable. When he left school all his suits were tailored. His shirts were handmade in London. He was a stickler for detail. Over the years Paul was often asked by his clients to act as an escort when they needed to attend a social event with a partner. Jill knew he was doing this as he had a flyer for it in the Salon. What she didn't know was that he was fucking a lot of mature women. He loved to fuck older women.

Paul's phone beeped he had a WhatsApp message from Jill. It read, "Paul, I have finally done it. I have thrown Bill out of the house. The last weeks have been dreadful for me. He has cleared all his samples from the garage, and all his clothes are gone. I have changed all the locks at the house. I will be home around four. If you need to get in earlier, then come to the Salon. I need a drink tonight. I just couldn't take any more. We will eat out tonight or will we stay in and have an Indian takeaway?"

Paul checked his watch. He wouldn't be home until after four. He replied, "I feel for you. The Indian sounds good. I want to comfort you tonight. I have always remained neutral. When I hear the two of you arguing, it really pains me. Father, has not asked me once, in five years at University, how was I doing there. One thing I do know is the house will now become a home and a happier place to live. I will be home at four-fifteen."

She replied, "Thank you, darling, I love you. You are the only good thing to come out of that fucking relationship. Apart from having you, I wish that I had never met him."

Paul thought of his father. He was an agent for several European companies manufacturing porcelain, crystal and other household ornaments. He covered the United Kingdom and Ireland. He also was an agent for Irish Crystal. He used the garage at the house as his storeroom. He travelled a lot. Sometimes he was away for six weeks at a time. Paul had never been very close to him. Jill was always there for him. They spent a lot of time together when he was younger. They would often go out for meals and the cinema together.

He arrived home, and her car was in the garage. It was the first time Paul had seen the garage empty and with a car in it. Jill was in the kitchen. She poured him a glass of Chablis. He hugged her and held her close. He kissed her neck and then sucked gently on her earlobe. He could feel the substance of her massive breasts on his chest. She moved her hand to his chin and slid her thumb into his mouth. He licked her thumb with his tongue then sucked it. She removed her thumb then kissed him lovingly. Her tongue was buried in his mouth.

She said, "I hate that bastard with all my heart. He had been away for five weeks. He arrived back, and we had sex. Three days later I had to go to May's for a checkup. I was in so much pain. My cunt was sore every time I peed. My throat was sore. My ass was in constant pain. He had given me gonorrhoea. May had me clean in a week. You and May are my best friends. Luckily I had my sister that I could go to. Imagine that I had to go to a doctor who I didn't know. May told him exactly what she thought of him and refused to treat him. I feel so down. This, is the fourth time that he has infected me."

Paul said, "If I see him I will wallop him. He has committed a criminal offence by reckless transmission of infection. Did May treat you on all four occasions?"

Jill replied, "Yes, after the first infection she told me to through him out. I didn't because I wanted you to have a stable childhood. I should have done it. I will divorce him now. Can you recommend a lawyer?"

He smiled and said, "I will do it for you. I have contacts in a Law Firm that will do it for me. I will fuck him for every penny he has. Do you know anything about his financial position?"

She replied, "He was drunk one night and fell asleep at his laptop. I had access to everything. That was two weeks ago. I have everything copied to a USB stick. In checking his emails, I discovered that he was staying with different girlfriends all over the country. He has several Bank Accounts. His largest Account is in Northern Ireland. He has a girlfriend there that he spends a lot of time with. I am so happy that we have had this conversation."

They kissed again. The density of her massive breasts he felt on his chest again. He also felt her hard nipples. She was pushing her pussy against his leg with a slow circular movement of her hips. She said, "Take the wine into the lounge and I will change into something more comfortable. We are both adults. I loved how you kissed. I love to kiss and touch. I want you to be my lawyer and much much more."

He went into the lounge and sat on the sofa. He sipped his wine. His cock was hard and the outline of it looked good on his tight-fitting trousers. What he thought is this the moment that I have wanted for years. Is this the time I have waited for when my hard cock will go deep into her hot wet cunt. Jill came into the lounge. She looked stunning. She had a red nightshirt on which covered her legs to the middle of her thighs. The buttons on the top were undone to the center of her massive cleavage. The buttons on the bottom were undone to one inch from her pussy. She was wearing nothing underneath.

She sat beside him on the sofa. She sipped her wine. With her free hand, she gently gripped and squeezed his hard cock. It felt good. She deftly undid his belt buckle then unzipped his trousers. Slowly she slid her hand into his boxer shorts. She said, "Wow, that feels wonderful. Let's get naked and have some naughty fun."

He replied, "I'm comfortable with that. Do you have any problem with the incest aspect of what we will do? I have wanted you for years."

She answered, "I am comfortable with it too. I am bisexual. I have had many women over the years. Bill was the last man to fuck me since I married him. I love sex. I need sex. I love being submissive. I want to be your mummy slut. Your cum slut. I love it in every hole. I have had sex with May and her daughter many times. I love incest. I will go on the pill as I can still conceive. We can have a wonderful time. I can be your lady when we are socialising. I hear excellent things about your sexual prowess from your escort clients. You must revise your prices as they are far too cheap."

As she spoke she undid all the buttons of her nightshirt. She then took it off. Her vulva looked incredible. She opened her legs and slid two fingers inside her cunt. She pulled them out, and her wetness was dripping off her fingers. She offered her fingers to his mouth and said, "My cunt juice is so sweet."

He licked her fingers clean and said, "Sweet and tangy. I love it. Jill, I want you to be comfortable in what you do. Let's spend time together and get to know each other. I think that you are right with my escort clients. We can talk about that later. I am looking forward to our first fuck."

He stripped naked. His cock looked magnificent. It was rock hard. Jill said, "No wonder your escort girls love you. That's the biggest cock that I have ever seen. It's incredible. Any woman seeing that would want it inside her. I am going to make you so hard now."

They kissed, and he got her into a position where he had access to her cunt and ass. They started to sixty-nine. Her tongue was everywhere. She was taking the full length. His bulbous head was in her throat. She knew how to suck. She would then bring it out of her mouth and tease her hard nipples with the tip of his cock. She had a fantastic clit. It was big. He was circling it with his tongue as he finger fucked her with three fingers. She was very wet but still tight. She was gripping his fingers with her cunt muscles.

When he started to suck her massive clit, she went into overdrive. She opened her legs wide and pushed her cunt into his mouth. He was now fisting her. He was making the come here sign with his middle finger on her G-spot she immediately moaned with pleasure. He got more aggressive with his middle finger; she was now powerfully pushing her cunt against his mouth. Then it happened. She had a massive orgasm. She squirted and flooded his mouth with her cunt juice. It tasted wonderful. He knew now that she was ready for him. He then lay on the floor and told her to get on top.

They kissed, and he gave her some of her delicious cunt juice. She was so caring and delicate with her kissing. She said, "Thank you for asking me to go on top. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about taking your massive and thick cock for the first time. You lie back and enjoy. I am going to give you the fuck of your life. I feel so happy. The nightmare is over."

She then squatted over him and teased her clit with his mushroom headed cock. She then took the full length with a gentle push. She then got into a compelling rhythm. She was gripping his cock tightly at the base, middle and tip of his cock. He was rubbing her clit as she rode him. She then, with the sexiest look on her face she brought one of her massive breasts to her mouth and started to lick and suck her hard nipple. As he saw this, he got more aroused. She had been right when she had said lie back and enjoy.

She pounded into him for the next forty-five minutes. She was a dream of a ride. She alternated between her licking and sucking of her nipples. She had a powerful and balanced movement. They both orgasmed within seconds of each other. Paul squirted inside her, and she felt it. She held his cock inside her as she bent over and kissed him. It was a loving kiss. She said, "Two hours ago I was thinking of asking May for some antidepressants. I felt so low. I am now the happiest that I have ever felt in my life. I am so happy that we fucked. I am going to become addicted to that gigantic cock. It felt wonderful inside me. I can't wait to be ass fucked with it."

"Darling, I have been your Guardian Angel for a long time. Every one of your escort clients has had a medical from May. May and I offer a relief service to our clients. With me in the Salon and May in her Clinic, we have access to many oversexed women that need relief. It's a very lucrative business. Both of us are very busy. You are far too cheap with your escort clients. You are the only person in my life that has made me squirt. I have had a lot of cunt eaters. No one has ever done that before. I feel so comfortable with you."

They kissed again. He said, "Thank you for looking after me. I will look after you now. Give me the USB stick. Tomorrow I will research it. We may need some Private Detective assistance. I will also need access to your medical records at May's. One of my escort clients is the Senior Partner in an outstanding law firm. Mrs. Grant, I would use her firm. She likes me a lot."

Jill said, "I was thinking the same as you. Sally, has been a private client of mine for years. Yes, she will do it for us. I'm feeling hungry. I will order the Indian. I am so happy that we are staying in tonight."

Forty minutes later the meals arrived. They were so tasty and still hot. They were now on their third bottle of Chablis. He gave her an oral orgasm only using his tongue. Then he fucked her cunt after she had cum she finished him off in her mouth. He squirted down her throat. The then went to bed. They kissed passionately and were asleep in minutes.

The next morning Paul woke and Jill was giving him a blow job. He was now hard. He started playing with her cunt. She was so wet. His fist slid in easily. She moaned and gripped his fist with her cunt muscles. He moved to a position that allowed him access to her cunt and ass. He then started to finger her ass using her cunt juice as lube. Soon he was fingering her ass with four fingers. She loved it. Photos http://cpmlink.net/pMBAAA He then made her kneel on the bed. He went behind her, and with a gentle push, his cock slid fully inside her. He gave her five deep strokes then pulled out and rubbed his bulbous head around her ass.

Then slowly he slid into her ass. He soon had a dominant rhythm going. Soon with these powerful strokes, he couldn't go any deeper. He was rubbing her clit as he ass fucked her. Her cunt was flooding with her juices. He kept pounding her ass for the next fifteen minutes. He pulled out then went into her cunt doggy style. On the first thrust, she was squelching. She was also gripping. It felt good and tight. He continued rubbing her clit as he ground into her cunt. She was pushing her cunt against his thrusting cock. Thirty minutes later they both climaxed simultaneously. Jill trembled and shook with her orgasm.

He pulled out and turned her around. They kissed lovingly. Gently caressing each other. Jill said, "The only word to honestly describe your cock is the masterpiece. My cunt and ass are pricking. It feels wonderful. Let's shower now, and I will make breakfast. I have a private client at eight, so we gave ninety minutes left. They showered and dressed. Paul had a beautiful suit with shirt and tie. Jill in blouse and leggings. Her vulva looked incredible.

Jill cooked a full breakfast for both of them. She said, "You are too cheap with your escort clients. They are just wanting to be fucked, with varied sex, with an intelligent and attractive man. A lot of my private clients are in the majority submissive. Mrs. Grant is very submissive. If you treat her like a slut, then her cunt juices start to flood. Mrs. Grant is a widow. Her younger sister is married but has had no sex for over fifteen years. She is very submissive. You know Jan in the Salon on Saturdays? She is studying law. She is three years behind you. She started off washing hair. Now she is in the Personal Beauty section. Her father is a minister."

Paul replied, "Yes I know here. She often asks me law questions. She is an attractive girl with a lot of confidence."

Jill said, "Yes, that's her. She has a lot of confidence. You could even call her dominant. She has a vigorous sex drive. Her Saturday job is in the Personal Beauty section. She has a room with a shower where her clients come, and she makes them cum. This is a top-rated service. She makes money, and I make money. She is fucking her mother. Val, her mother, is her slut. Val has a powerful sex drive too. Within the church community, Val has a lot of excellent connections. It would do the Salon and me a lot of good if Val introduced her parishioners the services that we can offer them."

"Do you see where I am going with this? If Jan and Val become your sluts, it would be great for the Salon. Val is getting nothing at home. Her husband has a drinking problem and ninety per cent of her time is spent covering this up. May and I have a lot of plans to take both our business forward. Now that I am free this is possible. Would you like to help me?"

He took her in his arms and kissed her. He said, "I will help you all I can. You could develop this into a huge business if you took it online. I reported on the online sex business, and it's a very lucrative business. We can talk about it tonight. Message me when you can."

They kissed again then both left the house. Paul to the University and Jill to the Salon. Paul had only one lecture this morning which was from ten until eleven. He went to the library and went through all the information Jill had got on Bill. He could face four police charges for reckless contamination. He thought that if he didn't respond to the initial contact, then he would use this very quickly. He did a lot of research and found many good leads. By the time of his first lecture, he had it all worked out. He messaged Sally. It read Darling; I have a favour to ask. Is it possible we can meet at eleven-thirty? If so I will come to your house. I hope that you are hungry for my cock as I have a lot of cum that I want to leave in your hot cunt. I may if you are good leave it in your tight ass. My lecture finishes at eleven. Paul.

Two minutes later he had a reply, it read, Darling, you know your cum slut is ready for you any time. I will be at home from eleven. I will be in the lounge. Use your key. I want to fuck you in the armchair again. I have a meeting at two. We will have a lot of fun. I want to be on top. I want ass fucked with you on the chair and me on top. Your slut Sally

He then phoned May. She told him that Jill had spoken to her this morning saying that he would call. She told him she had photocopied all the medical reports. The thing that stood out was that Jill was never at the doctor for anything until he infected her. She told him that she would be home at ten-thirty and to pick them up then as she didn't want the secretaries knowing about this. He told her it would be eleven before he got there. He then messaged Sally saying it would be eleven-thirty before he got there.

The lecture started at eleven. The lecturer told the class that the lecture would finish at ten-thirty as he had a funeral to attend. He gave them some references that he wanted them to research. Paul noted them and arrived at May's at ten-forty. She led him into the kitchen and poured him a coffee. She was very similar to Jill. She was married but her husband was doing nothing. She had her own Clinic. Her daughter Carol was studying Medicine too. She told him that the records proved that he was the culprit. She had also added that she had got Jill to record their sexual activities before and after with the dates and times. May said, "When you read this you will know immediately that he was an in and out merchant."

Paul smiled and said, "May, thanks for these files and your lovely coffee. I will do my best for Jill. I won't take any more of your valuable time. I have another meeting in thirty-five minutes."

May came over and hugged him. She kissed him on the lips. Her tongue was thick in his mouth. She said, "Jill tells me that you are wonderful. Do you have time for a quicky? Take me and fuck me hard."

He did that. She was naked a minute later. She went on top. She was a fantastic ride too. She had a massive orgasm. They had a quick shower. They dressed, and she thanked him. She gave him three packets of Viagra saying with Jill he would need these. She also told him when he needed more just to ask. He arrived at Sally's at eleven-twenty. He took one of the pills then opened the door. Sally was in the lounge. She was naked. Paul put the files on the coffee table then he stripped. His cock was hard. Sally went down on him. She gave a great blow job.

Soon he was in the armchair. Her cunt was so wet. She was riding him and his cock was hard in her cunt. He was rubbing her clit with two fingers. His other hand was taking her cunt juice and using it as a lubricant for her ass. He could get three fingers in, but it was still tight. She was grinding on to his hard cock. Gripping at the base and at the head. She had a small orgasm ten minutes later. He raised her off him then put his mushroom head between the lips of her ass. He positioned the head of his cock on her ass hole. Very carefully she pushed down on his rod. After two thrusts he was entirely home.

She soon developed a compelling rhythm. Pounding his hard cock inside her ass. He was fisting her cunt and also rubbing her clit. Sally had a large sensitive clit. She came easily when he sucked it. She was moaning with pleasure with this ass fuck. Paul was enjoying it too. He was telling her to cum for him.

She said, "I love your cock. I know that I have to share it but I don't mind. Do you like how I am riding you? Is your slut a good fuck? I want your cum inside my ass today."

With that they both orgasmed. He sprayed inside her ass. They kissed then Sally said, "That was fucking amazing. I don't know how many times that I orgasmed, but it was a lot. I felt it when you squirted in my ass. I enjoyed that. Your cock felt so hard today. I want to give you a bonus at our next escort rendezvous. This one will be different. My daughter Viv, she is a lawyer too and now works part-time in my firm. She is a single parent. One of her professors banged her at a Christmas party. She was six months pregnant at her graduation. And her daughter was born three months later."

"She has an outstanding daughter who is now eight. They stay with me in this house. I bought a flat for her, but she rents it out. She has no social life. I was with you on Friday night as she had taken her daughter to the cinema. That's why you were out of here at nine as she would have been home at nine-thirty. I didn't want the smell of sex here, but she smelt it. She put her daughter to bed then joined me for a glass of wine in the lounge as we do most nights. She asked me if I had had a good evening. I told her that I had had an amazing evening in the armchair with me on top."

She then tongue kissed me. She said, " Mum, I am bisexual. I haven't had a man since the prof banged me. We are both adults. We are both alone here at nights. Most nights I hear your vibrator purring. I am the same, but I use mine under the duvet. I find you very attractive and would like you as my Mummy slut. I want you to suck my big tits now then eat my hot cunt."

"Paul I have fucked every night since. She is much happier now than she has been for years. She spends more time with her daughter and she has more time with me. I will get her to arrange a sleepover for her daughter. When I know the night, then I want us to have a threesome with you. I will give you double your normal fee."

Paul then explained Jill's situation. He showed her May's Medical Records for a criminal charge. He gave her all the papers and information from the USB stick. She said, "We have him by the balls, and I am going to squeeze so hard."

Paul offered to do as much work as he could. She told him that the case was so strong that he would have to pay all legal fees. She also told him Viv would handle it. If she needed any information, then she would contact him.

She then noticed that his cock was still hard. They were both still naked. She then took a lot of pictures of Paul's cock. Then she made a video of his cock going inside her cunt and her riding him. Then one of her ass fucking his cock. She said, "Viv will love this."

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Helping Mum

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