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  1. Becoming my wife
  2. Becoming My Wife - Part 2
  3. Becoming My Wife - Part 3

Becoming My Wife - Part 3

Categories Fantasy, Cuckold, Group Sex, Mind Control

Author: mrpiggy

Published: 06 June 2018

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One thing I have found in this body is that having an orgasm only seems to stop me feeling horny for the very briefest time. Having an orgasm with a school boys cock in my pussy and his two friends standing there with their cocks out waiting for their turn only seems to make me more turned on that I was before.

I lift myself off of Dan, my pussy juices sliding down my thighs and glistening on his fully erect cock, and turn to look at the three boys.

"I meant what I said earlier, I want you to pretend you are blackmailing me and to treat me like a slut. Don't be shy about saying or doing anything and don't worry about what I say unless I say the safety word."

Neither Mike nor Steve have spoken yet but seeing me orgasm on top of Dan's cock has given them confidence, as well as raging erections.

"Strip for us Miss" Mike says as he unconsciously strokes his cock.

"Let's see those tits" Steve chips in.

Dan stands up, his cock dripping with my juices and I start to strip out of my dress until it falls around my ankles. All three boys have their hands on their cocks, watching in anticipation as I reach behind my back and unclip my bra, something that I had been practising. As the clasp comes undone I move an arm across my breasts to hide them as the straps fall from my shoulders.

"Don't be shy Miss, move you arm. It's the least you can do after coming on my cock" Dan says.

I keep eye contact with Dan and slowly move my arm revealing my 34D breasts. I have always been amazed at how firm they have been and it is certainly one of the reasons that I first noticed my wife, It's great that they are now mine to use.

I then bend to remove my shoes, letting the boys see my slip body and large boobs in motion. All the time my pussy has been dripping from both my orgasm and from the juices that won't stop flowing due to how turned on I am.

Standing there naked, with the three boys in front of me Steve suddenly says something that really appeals to the dirty side of me. "Tell us how much you want our school boy cocks"

Dan likes the idea and continues, "Yeah, I want you to beg for us to stuff you"

"Please, I'm married" I plead, before continuing "Isn't it enough that you've made me strip"

"Well, I guess we are going to have to tell your husband about what you have been doing then"

I look down, appearing to be sad, but loving the way this is going. appearing to make up my mind that I have no choice in the matter, but really relishing what is about to happen, I sit on the edge of the bed, spread my legs slightly and start stroking my clit with my left hand, ensuring that my wedding ring is flashing.

"I really want your cocks inside me" I say in the lustiest voice I can manage. "I need to feel your school boy cocks in my slut wife pussy. Only your young cocks can satisfy me and I only became a teacher so that boys could fuck me"

I say this whilst making eye contact with each of the boys and I can see their cocks twitching as quite frankly this is every boys dream come true.

I'm desperate to grab any one of them right now, but I want to try and stay in character and let the boys lead. Luckily I don't have to wait long as Mike walks the few steps towards me.

I reach for his cock with one hand and his head with the other pulling his down in to a kiss. As his tongue explore mine I lean back on the bed until he is leaning over me, and with my hand on his cock I guide his head to my entrance. He needs no further invitation and pushes inside of me, with no issues due to what feels like a river of my own juices flowing out of my pussy.

It's a slightly awkward position for him so I slid further on to the bed and he follows with his cock still inside of me until he is no longer standing on the floor, but is now laying on top of me with his legs almost straight in-between mine. I pull him down for a kiss and for a few seconds it feels like it could be just Mike and me in the world as his gentle fucking and kissing is all I need, until I feel the bed move either side of me and opening my eyes see both Dan's 6 inch cock and Steve's monster 9 incher either side of me.

Smiling up I reach for their cocks with my hands as Mike now lifts himself up to a kneeling position and whilst holding my legs starts fucking me harder, each stroke causing his cock to almost fully leave me before being ploughed back in.

"Tell us how much you love being our slut" Dan says whilst smiling and looking down at me, my hand tugging on his cock.

"I love.. being your.. fuck toy" I breath out between Mikes thrusts.

This appears to be too much for Mike who starts pounding me like a jack hammer and lets out a few grunts with a few final slams in to my pussy. I feel his cum shoot deep inside me and his penis pulsate as my pussy is filled with his semen.

Dan and Steve have been still briefly whilst Mike was cumming, I guess this was a bit weird for them and I wanted to make it easier.

"Thank you for making me your cumslut Mike" I say, smiling up at him. "I hope you aren't completely spent..."

Needing a cock inside me I get up on the bed and take a position between both Steve and Dan so that resting my elbows I on the bed I alternate between blowing them both. I kind of want to take both their cocks in my mouth but I'm not sure they are ready for their dicks to be in such close proximity yet, but this does give me an idea.

I turn to Steve and say "I need you inside me now"

Gently pushing him down on to the bed I move to straddle his raging 9 inch erection and lift myself above the tip. Knowing that I didn't take his full length earlier I started to sink myself slowly down on top of him. Surprisingly I just about managed to bottom out on his cock, I guess Mikes cum that had shot inside me was acting as a pretty decent lube. It felt as if he may be touching my cervix but it wasn't the sharp pain that I was expecting, maybe because of how exciting I found all of this. I slowly raised and lowered myself on Steve's spear a few times until it felt comfortable and then I moved my legs wider so that I really did have as much of him inside me as I could take. He was certainly now pressing against my cervix but it was a somewhat pleasurable feeling.

Steve reaches up to fondle my breasts and play with my perky nipples as I start to grind back and forth on him. With my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation, I feel a hand on my head and it is Dan, standing on the bed moving my hair behind my ear. It sends tingles through me when he does this and I smile up to him before reaching out to grab his cock and take it in my mouth.

I enjoy grinding on Steve whilst using my mouth as another fuck whole for Dan to plunder. My pussy feels so full and the feeling of my hair and earrings moving back and forth as I take as much as Dan's cock in my mouth as possible is incredible. This leads me to start bouncing on Steve's dicks with at least half of it leaving me only for me to them slam back down with the sound of my bum smacking on his thighs each time. I find that it is nearly impossible to give a good blowjob when riding a dick like this.

Still bouncing on Steve's cock I turn to Dan and look him in the eye and say "I need you in me Dan, please fuck my arse"

Now Michelle has never had anal sex apart from one or two failed attempts with myself that resulted in her saying it really hurt and we stopped. but I have with a dildo at least. But I am in Michelle's body and so far my experience has been that the sensations that I feel are her sensations. I am expecting this to hurt, more so because my pussy is filled with cock.

As I lay flat on Steve, my breasts pressed against his chest and his arms around my back holding me down on him, I rest my head to the side of his but looking at him as I wait for Steve to move behind me. I feel what must be his spit on my butt hole as I then feel a pressure build as he starts pushing his cock against my bum.

I can feel how lubed his cock is from my blowjob, but for whatever reason it does not seem to be going in. I use my hand and reach around to my pussy which is quite frankly a mess with cum and my juices and smear this on my arse. I then take Dan's cock and press it against me. Still looking at Steve I move my head and kiss him which he happily reciprocates and whilst are tongues are dancing I feel Dan's bellend finally squeeze it's way inside my bum. There is certainly a slight pain, but if anything the knowledge that I am about to not only get fucked in the arse, but to also be double penetrated is enough to get me passed the pain threshold.

Kissing Steve more passionately I reach to Dan's thigh and try to signal him to push in to me by pulling him forward. He certainly does, as I feel inch after inch slowly sink up my shitter to places that no cock has gone before. I can feel him his balls pressed up against me and know that he must be fully inside of my arse.

With Steve's huge cock in my penis and Dan fully in my arse I feel incredibly full. I slowly lift myself and place my hands on Steve's chest. seeing my hands on his chest, with my long nails and wedding ring it, just reminds me how awesome it is to live out my fantasies. I'm not simply dressed as a woman with a dildo in my arse, but I am a beautiful woman getting fucked in both my arse and pussy. Not only that but I am literally my wife which is even better!

I can't believe that Dan's cock in my arse doesn't hurt more, either my wife has a much lower pain threshold than me or the fact that I am so incredibly turned on to be doing this is simply bypassing the pain. Either way, with my hands on Steve's chest for support I very slowly start to move myself back and forth so that I am fucking both dicks.

As I start to ride both of the cocks, Steve moves his hands to fondle my breasts again and I love it when he plays with my nipples. It's almost like the feeling when someone whispers and kisses your ear, when you feel it through you entire body and this drives me on to fuck them harder, so that I must be taking about five inches of both cocks on each thrust.

The sex is phenomenal , but the boys seem to have forgotten about the role play and quite frankly, I really wanted to hear them talk dirty. It was another one of my twisted fantasies to have my wife blackmailed in to sex, so why shouldn't I live it out myself!

Luckily for me, Dan seemed to enjoy it too...

I could feel down start to thrust with me so that each backward motion of my arse would be met with him pushing in to me. It made a satisfying slapping noise each time he bottomed out inside my arse and my bum cheeks met his thighs. I then felt him reach my hair and scoop it away from my face in to a pony tail that he then held in one hand forcing my neck and back to arch back so that it didn't hurt. This allowed my hoop earrings to swing even more and feeling them bounce of my face and neck only acted to turn me on even more.

"You must love fucking school boys miss, I can feel how wet your pussy is and that only from my nuts smashing against it as I fuck your dirt box" Dan says as he wraps my hair around his hand so that he can pull me back harder with each thrust of his cock. "I want to hear you moan like a porn star and tell us how much you love having our cocks inside you"

Liking Dan's thinking and not wanting to disappoint I do as he says.

"Ugh, Ugh, fuck" I say each time my arse hits both Steve and Dan. "This is the best.. Ugh.. sex I have ever... Ugh!.. had..." and I mean it. "I love having your young, hard cocks inside me and I want to take all your cum in my pussy and arse. I want your schoolboy cum to fill me up so that I am your little married slut" I say as I start to fuck them both harder and faster, my breasts bouncing on each thrust and Steve also grinding his dick in to me deeper from underneath. I realise that I am near orgasm and hearing me say all this in my wife's voice is such a turn on I can't hold it much longer.

Steve reaches up and pulls me down towards him, warring his arms tightly around my body so that my breasts are pressed in to him. I start to kiss him, as he moves his legs slightly so that he can now move his hips and thrust his nine inch monster up in to me from beneath. I am being held so tightly by Steve that I am helpless as Dan lets go of my hair and moves in to a better position so that he is almost squatting over my arse and starts pounding me like there is no tomorrow. Both boys are now fucking me, but their thrusts are not evenly matched, making the feelings inside my arse and pussy incredible. With my arms pinned in Steve's embrace all I can do is kiss Steve and regardless of Dan asking me to moan before, I can't help but do it of my own accord now whenever my mouth is not pressed against Steve.

"Fuck fuck fuck FUCK" escapes my mouth, as the onslaught of both cocks continues.

"She fucking loves it Steve" Dan says whilst he treats my arse like a fuck toy.

"She is so fucking wet mate, I think my cock is smashing in to her womb"

"Is that right Miss? you fucking love this don't you? You are a filthy slut and love are schoolboy cocks"

"I love it so much. Please fuck me harder. I'm so close to cumming on your cocks..." I almost beg.

I'm so close now and I can feel that is going to be my most intense orgasm yet. I manage to twist my arms within Steve's grip so that I can reach back to my bum and part my arse cheeks, giving Dan a great view of his cock fucking my arse with my engagement ring shining on my finger. I don't know whether it does anything for him, but the thought of it, and the hammering from both cocks in my arse is the final straw and an intense orgasm shoots through my body.

"FUCK!!!!" I scream uncontrollably. "Don't stop! fuck ME!!!!"

Both boys starts to smash me even harder than before as the orgasm rips through my body. I can feel my pussy convulsing on Steve's massive dick, before I feel his arms hold me even tighter. With the orgasm still gripping me I really, really need to kiss Steve and start to snog him with all I have. I feel a warmth deep in my pussy and Steve give some very hard thrusts as to what must be him cumming inside of me.

As Steve's pounding subsides his grip on my arms and back is loosened and I move my hands from holding my arse cheeks to under Steve's head so that I can keep kissing him. Steve moves his hands to my upper back and head as we start to passionately kiss like two lovers. I guess cumming together is something pretty awesome to experience.

During our kiss Dan has not relented on the deep arse fucking that he is giving me and just as the last ebbs of orgasm leaves my body I can hear him grunting behind me as with a few final thrusts I feel a familiar warmth but this time in my bowels as Dan empties his balls up my arse.

I continue kissing Steve, as I feel Dan slowly pull out of my arse, with an audible popping sound as his helmet final leaves me. My arse doesn't feel sore but it certainly feels used and I would love to think that Dan is now looking down at my gaping arse. I feel Dan give my arse cheeks a squeeze and then a trickle of what I imagine is Dan's cum starts to escape my bum and flow down my crack to meet the cum escaping my pussy.

Still held in an embrace with Steve, out tongues exploring each other's mouth, cum pouring out of my arse and slowly finding its way out of my pussy from around Steve's cock, I feel like I was made for this body.

A thought suddenly hits me. I wonder if all these feelings are just me, or if my wife feels like this as well. If she enjoyed sex half this much then surely we would have sex more often. I decided then that tomorrow, I would go and see what my wife was up to.

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Becoming My Wife - Part 3

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