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The Island Get Away

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Author: Male Lesbian

Published: 07 June 2018

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Denise was finally off work and it was the long Memorial Day weekend. Her boyfriend, Stan was supposed to meet her here, but at the last minute he called and said that a pipe had broken at the school where he worked and he would be delayed for a couple of hours. So, Denise was sitting back, her feet propped up on the ottoman at her favorite book/coffee shop. A book in her lap and not many people in the shop at this time of the day. She knew the owners and they always said that she could sit and read for as long as she wanted.

She loved reading romances and erotica stories. The latest one was out by Alan Pine and it was pretty steamy. She found herself wanting to touch herself, she looked around and there was only one other person in the store at the moment and the owners were not at the bar, they were probably in the back. She looked again at the girl sitting reading intently by the fireplace. The girl was reading a novel herself and looking down.

Denise checked one more time and was glad the owners installed that bell for the front door. She lifted up the hem of her skirt and put her hand under her skirt, skimming her own thighs, she moved her hand back further and found her panties were wet. She pulled her panties aside and inserted a finger into her pussy. She moaned out at the sensation, quickly she looked at the girl, but she must not have heard her moan as she was still reading her book.

Denise went back to reading and as the characters were getting into their own little tempo of thrusting and kissing. She played with her pussy and thought of Stan’s tongue on her clit and his fingers making love to her pussy. She laid the book down beside her so she could read it and put her hand up to her medium size breasts, her nipples were already hard and she started playing and pinching her nipples.

Her hand was quite wet and her pussy dripping onto the leather chair she was sitting in. She pulled out her very wet finger and brought it to her lips and tasted her pussy juices, when she did that, she opened her eyes and saw that the girl at the fireplace was now looking at her and smiling. Denise quickly blushed and pulled her finger away from her mouth and made a show of brushing some imaginary crumbs from her shirt. The other girl, went back to reading.

Denise’s panties were quite soaked and she could feel her pussy excretions running down the chair seat to her legs. As she was straightening her skirt she heard a voice say.

“Hi, I was wondering if I could sit with you? That chair and the rest of them in here are quite uncomfortable and this couch looks so inviting.”

Denise said “Yes, you may, I was getting ready to leave anyway, so it’s all yours”.

“Please don’t go, my name is Tina and I’m new in town and haven’t met anyone as sexy as you are”.

Denise blushed and said “excuse me that’s a bit forward of you to say, seeing as you do not know me”.

“Oh, I’m sorry, but I really couldn’t help noticing you playing with yourself and to be quite honest, it was really turning me on to hear you moaning. I see you’re reading Alan Pine’s latest novel. He’s one of my favorite erotica novelists. I’ve always wanted to meet him and to ask him where he got his insight into the inner emotions and workings of the female body. I’ve often wondered if that pen name is just a pseudonym and if he’s really a she.” She said while smiling and chuckling.

“I’m not really into men, I like women, which is why I was watching you. Forgive me for being a peeping Thomasine. But you looked so intent and when you had that little orgasm, I was playing with myself as well.”

“What? Are you a lesbian?” Denise replied.

“Yes, I am. Is that a problem for you? Do I make you uncomfortable sitting next to you, my leg rubbing up against you”? Said Tina a little defensive and irritably.

“No, it’s not that, but I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone that actually confessed to being a lesbian”. Said Denise

“Well, I liked boys up until I graduated from high school. My parents set me up with a man 20 years older than me from my Dad’s factory. Butch or Bruce or something. He took me to the movies and then we went parking and he started sticking his tongue down my throat, his hands all over my body, touching me roughly and then he reclined my seat, jumped on top of me and I lost my virginity. He was just pounding away and then he pulled out and shot that sticky stuff all over my face and the laughing he did was at my expense. No, I will never let another man ever touch my body!”

“I’m so sorry Tina. I’ve never had an experience like that with a man or a boy. I lost my virginity at a summer camp, but I was willing and wanting the camp lifeguard to make love to me. I thought he was knowledgeable, having all those strong muscles, but he was a college student working the summer at camp and he was a virgin also. It wasn’t the best sex I’ve ever had, but we did have fun”.

Just then Stan walked in, spotted Denise and walked over to her. “Sorry, I was late but I got here as soon as I could. I have the second shift mopping up the water and I welded the pipe and everything should be ok. Are you packed up and ready to go?”

“Yes, everything is sitting in the living room in my apartment. I figured you want to take your Jeep so we could drive out on the beach, so I walked down here. Oh, where are my manners, this is Tina. She just moved to the area and we have been chatting and discussing our favorite author, Alan Pine.” Denise said.

Stan blushed and said “Yes, I know that’s your favorite author”.

Denise started laughing and both Stan and Tina looked at her. Then Stan said “Well, are you going to share the joke or the reason for your mirth.”

“Tina told me that she always wanted to meet Mr. Pine to see if he was actually a man or if he was a she and using a false name”.

“I just don’t see how any man can write such in depth lovemaking between a woman and a woman or a man and a woman. The name has to be false and that is why I told Denise that I always wanted to meet the elusive Alan Pine. You know he has never been to a public book signing. I’ve visited his web page and there’s very little mention of his personal life. Most authors brag and brag on their lives, but not Mr. Pine.” Tina said.

While Tina was talking, Denise had stood up and was now standing beside Stan, holding his hand. When Tina finished talking, Denise looked at Stan and said “I think it would be ok. I know Tina and I just met. But, while you were busy welding pipes, Tina and I shared some stories and got to know each other a little bit. I think you will be ok in telling her”.

“Are you sure, you know how I feel about that” Stan said.

“Stan, the reason I say it’s safe to tell Tina, is that she shared her story with me and she is a true lesbian and you won’t be hounded by her lustful stares or requests for bed time play. Tina, your secret is safe with me and I won’t even tell him about the story you shared with me.” Denise continued. “Yes, I’m quite sure. Your secret will be quite safe with Tina.”

“Well, okay. If you think it’s alright to do so, why don’t you make the introductions.” Stan replied.

“Tina, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Alan Pine. Story teller and erotica writing specialist”.

Tina’s mouth popped open and like most women, lesbians it seems included, her eyes went instinctively down to his crotch and then quickly returned to his face. “You’re Alan Pine. You write lesbian, bi-sexual and heterosexual novels?”.

“Yes, my pen name is Alan Pine. Alan is my middle name and Pine is the street I grew up on. I read about doing that somewhere and it sort of stuck in my mind.”

“The reason he doesn’t attend book signings or have his real picture on his novels is that women used to flock to him at malls, grocery stores, etc. and hound him to sleep with him, marry him, teach them how to make love to their significant others. I can attest that he is every bit as good as his stories suggest” Denise said with a huge smile on her face.

“Well, it was really nice meeting you Tina, but Denise we really need to get going if we’re going to catch the ferry over to the island. It leaves in 3 hours and I know you say you’re packed, but we ought to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.” Stan said while he released her hand and had placed it under her skirt and was actively fondling her ass cheeks.

“Stan, can I speak to you for a minute” Denise said.

“Listen, I know what’s going to happen once we get to the island, you will either lock yourself up in your writing room or say you’re going to go out and go fishing, but we both know you want to finish your latest story and I’m going to be stuck over there by myself all day long and only get you at night. Now, while I really love the nights on the island. My day is quite boring with no one to talk to. Why don’t we invite Tina to come along? She doesn’t know anyone here and I bet she’ll be bored silly all weekend as will I being there by myself.”

“Are you sure? Because what do you really know about her and yes, I need to get that story done and off to the presses before the end of the month. I finally figured out how to end it, but it’s going to take some time.”

“Yes, I’m sure” Denise said.

So, they walked back to Tina who had retrieved her book and purse. Denise said,

“Tina, I know we just met, but you seem like a very nice woman and as I explained to Stan. I’m going to be over there by myself because Stan needs to finish his third novel in the series “The Winds are Changing. Would you come over with us to the island and then you and I can pal around.”

“The Winds are Changing, no one said anything about a third book in the series. I’m reading the second one now”. Tina said as she held up the book that she was reading. “I read the first one and it was so good, that I …” but she didn’t finish and she started blushing and turned away from them. Denise reached over and laid a hand on Tina’s shoulder and said “It’s ok Tina, you and I and a whole lot of women get the same reaction from reading Stan’s, er I mean Mr. Pine’s stories”.

“I don’t know, this is all kind of sudden”. Tina replied

“Do you have other plans for the weekend?” Stan asked

“No, not really. I was going to read and maybe walk the beach. I’m a mountain girl and I don’t really get to see the ocean much or walk the beaches. But, if you’re sure it’s not too much of an inconvenience, I wouldn’t mind staying out on an island.” Tina replied.

“Ok, it’s settled. Give me your address and we’ll pick you up in about 2-3 hours I think Stan and I are going to have a little fun first and then we’ll be on our way to the ferry.” Denise said.

As Tina made eye contact with Stan, now it was Stan’s turn to blush.

The Apartment

Denise opened the door to their apartment and said “see I told you I’m all packed, now why don’t you pack up the Jeep and then we can …” She never got to finish the sentence because Stan picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. “My packing can wait, I’m so horny for you right now”.

I laid her down on the bed. I moved over to the center of the bed and we started kissing again. I loved the way her lips felt, soft, moist, warm. The way she moaned into my mouth as my tongue searched out her tongue. Our lips opening and closing in tender kisses. I moved my hands behind her back and undid her bra. Her eyes popped open and I stared into those eyes, kissing her. Then I moved my mouth to her chin, her neck, down to the base of her neck to the little hollow of her throat. Kissing her and licking up the side of her neck to her ears. I felt her shudder. My hands had found her breasts, cupping them and running my fingers over her nipples. I flung her shirt and bra off the bed. She reached down and took off her pants.

We lay side by side, I swung my good leg over her hips and her hand reached down and took my cock out of my pants and she began stroking it from the base to the tip. I kept kissing her lovely breasts and then I reached down removed my shorts and straddled her, I moved my hips until I could place my cock between her breasts. She took off my shirt and ran her hands over my chest muscles. She licked her lips and I suddenly turned around and my cock was poised above her mouth. I lowered myself and at the same time her mouth came up and encompassed my cock head, her hand stroking my cock.

I pulled her over so that we were both laying on our sides and I slid down her panties and began kissing her labia lips. Blowing cold air over her clit. She sucked on my cock and stroked me. When I thrust my tongue into her wet pussy I heard her moan and her tempo on my cock increased. I took one finger and applied pressure to her clit and started circling it while my tongue thrust in and out of her pussy. Her lips were sucking on the head of my cock and the pressure felt so good. Her one hand stroking my length, her other hand started playing with my nut sack and her mouth, oh her mouth was so damn good.

I knew from experience that it might be awhile before I came, so I concentrated on her pussy. I inserted my middle finger and then my ring finger into her pussy and began sucking gently on her clit. Pulling the clit out with suction and then letting it spring back under its hood. I started ramming my fingers into her pussy harder and faster. Then I let go of sucking her clit, turned my hand around so that my palm would slap up against her clit on each stroke. I took my mouth and went down and started licking that spot of skin between her pussy and her butthole. Making small circles with my tongue. I heard her breathing become faster and faster. I could feel her heart beating against my navel. She stopped sucking on my cock and I had her full attention.

Faster and faster now I rammed my 2 fingers in and out of her. She was writhing on the bed, her hips moving with my finger thrusting. She arched her back and let out a moan and I felt her orgasmic juices running between my fingers down on to my palm. I pulled them out and licked them, they tasted so good and then back in and began again. She was moving all over the bed, arching and moaning. I continued with the fingers and then I moved my mouth up to her butthole and began running my tongue around the outside of her asshole. I took my other hand and reached over and lubricated my other hand with her pussy juices and then inserted my index finger up to the first knuckle into her ass. She screamed out and I slowed my movement of the fingers in her pussy.

I asked her “Denise, in my latest book I have the characters enjoying anal sex. I know we’ve never done that, but have you ever had anal”. In between gasps as she tried to get her breathing under control. She said “no, I was always afraid of ever doing that.” I asked her if we could try and she just nodded her head. I reached over to the bedside table and got out the KY jelly and applied it liberally to her asshole.

I then slowly inserted my index finger into her asshole and I felt her butthole muscles grip my index finger. I turned my hand around and started pushing downward on her pussy and then I inserted just one finger into her pussy and moved it so that I could feel the index finger in her butthole and moved my mouth back to her clit and began sucking on that. I gently slid my index finger deeper into her butthole and kept pressing downward inside her pussy, my hand pushing my finger deeper into her pussy against the inside wall. She was moaning and slowly moving her hips, arching her back and I pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved further up her chest, so that my cock was between her breasts and began moving my hips fucking her breasts. She pushed her breasts together tight onto my cock.

I now had my index finger all the way into her butthole. I pulled out and plunged that finger into her pussy re-lubricating it and then inserted it all the way into her butthole. My other hand had resumed with my 2 fingers fucking her pussy and my mouth was sucking on her clit. I increased the pressure against the back wall of her pussy and the index finger in her butthole. I could feel them both pressing against each other. She suddenly arched and let out a scream as she orgasmed again, her pussy juices thick on my fingers, dripping off my chin, wetting the sheets. I started moving my fingers in and out of her pussy and butthole, my mouth sucking on her clit as she came again. Her body glistened with sweat. My face was wet with her pussy juices. She gasped out “Stan, I can’t take it anymore fuck me, I want you in me now!!!”

I rolled over on my back and I looked over at her lying on her side. She had a crazed look in her eyes and she said “Oh yes this going to be so fucking great!” She immediately straddled me, reached back and grabbed my cock and put it in position and rammed her pussy down onto my cock. I almost came, the wetness, the heat, the intensity, the tightness of her pussy enveloped my cock and she started raising herself up and down on my cock. I bent my knees and she never stopped humping me.

Faster and faster she moved her hips up and down the full length of my shaft. I could see daylight between my legs and then back down again she would come until both of our pubes were but one. Then back up. I reached up and grasped her breasts with both hands, working my thumbs over her nipples. I felt myself getting ready to release and warned her of this. She said she was on the pill and not to worry. I pulled her down so that our chests were touching each other as I used my hips to continue thrusting. I wanted to taste her mouth, her tongue and look into her eyes as we both came together. Both of us moaning, feeling the release coming I rammed my cock all the way into her pussy. She let out a scream that I muffled with my mouth, my tongue delving deep into her mouth as I felt myself release. I screamed into her mouth and but I kept ramming my cock into her. I rolled her onto her side, my cock still deep within her. Our love juices mingling together and running down the insides of our legs.

I was still rock hard and ready for her. I reached around and held her close as I felt her try to pull off of me. I said “No, Denise I’m not quite through”. She said, but you came, you’ll be getting soft and I’m wore out. That was so awesome, no one has ever…” She couldn’t finish her sentence because I had lifted her one leg and I started plunging into her; pumping her pussy with my still hard cock. Faster and faster I pumped her. Not breaking stride. My one hand on her breast the other I reached around and found her clit and squeezed it and then released it, faster and faster my hips moved my cock in and out of her pussy. It was still so fucking tight but slopping wet from my cum and hers. My fingers playing with her clit. She arched her back into me, her head tilted back and I sucked on her throat. She screamed and I felt her clit harden and release as she came again and then again.

I kept pumping her and she was breathing so hard. “Stan, please, no more… Stan, please” she screamed and I slowed down to a slow rhythm of stroking and then stopped with my cock still hard inside of her. “Don’t you ever cum” she said. “Normally, I would maneuver right about now so that it would be in your mouth, but…” I never got to finish my sentence as she peeled away from me, pushed me onto my back and just about dove onto my cock with her mouth. “Oh Denise” I yelled as she engulfed my cock in her mouth. She stared sucking on my cock and with her other 2 hands wrapped them around my shaft and was stroking me hard and fast. The pressure on my head and whatever she was doing with her tongue was too much to bear. I didn’t even get to shout a warning before I arched my back and shot my load into her mouth.

Fortunately, for her she had her hand on my balls and felt them constrict because as soon as I was about to cum she let go with her mouth, but continued stroking me and I shot my load all over those wonderful breasts, down her belly and onto the sheets. She then came up and laid her head onto my chest her breathing slowing as mind did as well. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her over onto her side. She looked down at my cock and with a smile said “Well, I’m glad that beast is relaxing, I’m wiped out. You were amazing”. I looked over at her, reached out with my hand and rubbed the side of her face and then cupped her chin. Brought her lips to mine and kissed her and said “No, Denise you were the amazing one. I’ve never experienced anything like that and uh oh…”

“What do you mean uh oh?” Denise said.

“We told your friend Tina we’d be by her place in 2-3 hours, well it looks like the 3 hour mark has come and went, you better call her and I’m sorry I never fully entered that sweet ass of yours. But we have a couple of weeks on the island and since your ass got to feel my fingers, I want you to feel my cock in there too”.

“Yes, I think I would like that too” Denise replied.

As Denise went about calling Tina, I packed up my clothes and gear that I was going to need or thought I might need. As I’ve always told her “it’s better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it”. When I was finished packing, I took my bags and hers down to the Range Rover and loaded it up. Denise came down and said that Tina was understanding and that she was running late also, because just having moved here she hadn’t had a chance to do any shopping. She said she took an Uber to the mall, so we can pick her up there. Denise got in and I just couldn’t help myself, I leaned into her and kissed her passionately and then my hand went down to her open legs and found she was not wearing any panties.

She smiled, looked up at me and said, “well, it’ll be dark by the time we get to the beach house, I didn’t want to waste any unnecessary time getting you in me when we got there. I rubbed her clit and I felt her dripping onto my palm… “We still have a few minutes before we really need to pick up your friend” I said.

She removed my hand and smiled and said “drive, I have other plans for you…”.

At The Island

Denise, was heading to the kitchen for a glass of wine and as she passed by Tina’s open door she looked in and seen Tina lying on the bed naked, her breasts, her nipples were erect. Her eyes looked at her whole naked body and she noticed everything as Tina slept. She had such perfect skin, she was shorter and she had her hair spiked and cut short. I wish my body was just like hers, well except for the large breasts. I like mine just the way they are, medium and with my tight little nipples. Little nipples that Stan loves to touch and suck on. I think he can spend days just touching my breasts and sucking on my nipples.

At the thought of She reached down and touched herself and fondled her clit, her other hand moving up to her breasts. Then to her amazement she seen Tina reach up and play with her breasts, her nipples and her hand went down to her full mound of hair. She noticed Tina’s eyes closed and realized she was thinking or dreaming of someone or something.

As Denise watched Tina playing with herself, she reached down inside her slacks and moved aside her panties and rubbed her own clit, she felt her juices flowing. She thought to herself, here’s a self-acclaimed lesbian and I’ve never been with a woman and yet she’s turning me on, thinking of kissing her nipples and stroking her pussy, running my fingers through her mound of pubic hair.

Denise inserted her finger into her pussy and found herself quite wet. She pulled her finger out and sucked off her own juices. She moaned to herself and then she noticed Tina’s hands clench into a fist and her face took on a frown and then a scowl and then she noticed Tina crying.

Denise opened the door fully and raced over to Tina’s side and slid onto the bed with her and wrapped her arms over her breasts, her body and hugged her to her. Tina put her face into Denise’s neck and sobbed. “Why do men have to be so mean. I told Daddy that I didn’t want to go out with that man, yet he made me and that man hurt me so bad.”

“I know Tina, but I’m here. I’m here and I’ll hold you and I won’t let anyone hurt you like that. Please stop thinking of him. He’s miles away and he can’t touch you or hurt you anymore. Tina look at me, I think I would like to be with you Tina. In the few short days we’ve been here I’ve thought of nothing else but you. Stan is busy writing and has no time for me”

Then Tina kissed Denise tenderly on the mouth. Denise, shocked at first pulled back, they looked into each other eyes and then Denise kissed Tina back and they lay together for several minutes, just holding each other and touching each other. Then Denise rolled over onto her side facing Tina. “I’m here for you Tina. We, together can make everything better. I won’t hurt you, I want you to show me how to make love to a woman. I want to caress you and touch you and let you touch me too. Please can you show me how to make love to a woman.”

Tina started unbuttoning Denise’s blouse and then she unzipped and unbuttoned her pants. Denise took off her blouse and bra. Tina lowered her lips to Denise’s breasts and kissed them. “Oh you have such wonderful nipples”, Tina said. She then slid her hand inside of Denise’s panties and fondled her clit and then inserted a finger into Denise’s tight pussy. Denise moaned with delight and wrapped her leg over top of Tina, spreading her lips even further so that Tina could insert another finger. They kissed, tongue to tongue as Tina gently and slowly fingered Denise’s pussy.

Denise reached down and removed her slacks and panties, threw them onto the floor. She then noticed the door was still open so she got off the bed, closed the door, came back and climbed into bed. Tina moved over and wrapped her legs over top and between Denise’s legs, her thigh rubbing Denise’s clit and they lay like that, kissing and fondling each other’s breasts.

Tina looked at Denise and said “Oh Denise, do you mean that. It would mean so much if I could make love to a beautiful woman like you, but for tonight can we just stay this way? You holding me for right now. Can we stay together like this through the night.” Denise said “yes my darling, for tonight then.” They kissed and after a few minutes they both fell asleep.

They woke the next morning still embracing. Denise overcome with embarrassment fled the room and left Tina wondering what just took place. Last night was only a brief interlude of sexual passion. Denise came onto me, why did she flee like that? Tina thought. Tina, got up and took a shower and got dressed. She spent all day walking the beach and thinking about Denise.

Later that evening, Tina found Denise outside sitting on the bench looking at the ocean. “Denise, you know you are a very sensuous woman. But, I have been thinking all day about last night. You came to me last night when I had that dream, we slept together. Now, I know we only briefly made love, but mostly we just slept, but it felt so good to have a beautiful woman in my arms. It’s been so long since my last lover. That’s why I moved out here to get a fresh start and you’re the first woman I find that I’m attracted to.”

“Tina, I was walking by your room and I seen you lying in bed, I was thinking of maybe covering you up. Any of the house boys could have seen you lying naked and, well I didn’t think it would be too good. Then I seen you touch yourself, your breasts and I felt something stir within me. It was lustful, I know, but you have such a lovely body”.

“Denise, I felt something stir in me when I first laid eyes on you in the coffee shop. Then you and Stan invited me over here. It was not my intention to seduce you. But you came into my bedroom and gave yourself to me, but now I’m the one confused. On one hand I’d love to make love to you, but you have never been with a woman before and I’m not sure that I want to seduce and take on a virgin. I’m set in my ways and while I find you attractive, so very attractive. I’m just not sure that we’d be a good couple. You still like men and I will never be with another man. To think that Stan would put that vile thing inside of you. I’m not sure I could handle that. I’ve only ever been with lesbians, not bi-women. Oh Denise, I don’t know. These questions are deep and I am tired. Maybe we ought to sleep on it. Talk about it tomorrow again. I think I am just going to go up to bed. I know you are probably tired too.

Tina walked up the steps and Denise stayed sitting on the beach. She yawned and thought of her feelings for Stan and for Tina. It was 4:00 pm and she thought that maybe a quick power nap would help her to sleep later on. So, she walked up the steps to her room. She paused and looked in on Tina. Tina was laying on top of her covers, her naked breasts full, her nipples slightly engorged, her legs slightly apart and something quickened in Denise’s pussy. She felt an intense desire to touch those breasts.

She walked over to Tina’s bed and when she was right next to the bed, Tina’s eyes opened and she looked up at Denise. Denise took off her robe and let the robe fall to the floor. Tina sat up in bed and Denise walked over, leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.

Tina reached around Denise and hugged her kissing her and then she sucked gently on Denise's lower lip. Denise sighed, ‘oh how I missed that’ she thought. She sat down on the bed and they kissed long and deep. Their tongues searching in their mouths. Lips touching, tongues delving into each other’s mouths. Denise reached up and cupped Tina’s chin and turned her head so that their mouths were firmly seated together.

Denise breathed in the pleasant aroma of Tina. Tina moved her arms and enveloped her in a warm embrace then pulled Denise down so that Denise’s back was laying across her stomach and Tina kept kissing her as Denise lay in her arms.

Tina, brought her hand around Denise’s waist and up to her left breast and cupped that breast with her hand as her thumb touched her nipple. Denise moaned out in pleasure as they continued their kissing. Separating their mouths from time to time, sucking in each other’s love saliva as they kissed and sucked on each other’s tongues, mouth, and lips.

Then Tina took her hand that was resting on Denise’s belly and slid it down to the bare skin at Denise’s pussy and then onto her clit and then down to her pussy. She started rubbing gently the clitoris and the labia lips. Squeezing them together and then opening them up with her fingers.

Tina then broke the kiss and leaned her head down to take Denise’s breast in her mouth, her tongue making small circles around her areola and nipple. Denise’s nipples hardened and she let out a small gasp. Tina’s hand was now palming Denise’s kitty and she inserted one then two fingers into her kitty. Denise let out another moan and moved her hips so that Tina could insert her fingers more deeply into her pussy.

Tina obliged and then with her other hand pulled Denise over on top of her, she pulled out her fingers and put them around Denise’s back. They were laying breast to breast and kissing. Denise started humping her hips. Immediately Tina sat up, dumping Denise to the side of her and she said “Denise what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Well, I was trying to push my clit onto your clit”

“But, you’re doing it like a man would, we don’t make love like men do with their grinding that way. We are women, we make love passionately, that is true, but I don’t like to have you on top of me that way and humping me like I was some piece of meat”, Tina said. “I don’t want you here tonight. Go back to your boyfriend and let him hump you like some dog in heat.”

Denise, started to cry, but she got up, put her bathrobe back on and went upstairs and crawled into bed. She started crying before her head even hit the pillow. She grabbed a pillow from Stan’s side of the bed and thought him and that damn novel. He makes love to women in his books all night long, while I lay here alone or worse get spurned from a woman that I find attractive, only she wants no part of me. I don’t know how to make love to a woman. She thought these things and then she slowly fell asleep.

Denise woke up and noticed that Stan never came to bed last night. That damn novel she thought, then she got up and showered, got dressed. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought I’d better get out and do some running. She walked past Tina’s room opened the door and looked in briefly at Tina. Tina was sleeping, so she shut her door and went down the steps, did her stretches and then took off running down the beach.

After her run she felt so much better. She thought things over while running and decided that she and Tina could maybe just be friends. She really liked her life with Stan and maybe it was only just curiosity that made her do what she did with Tina. She walked into the kitchen and Tina was sitting at the table eating breakfast. “Wow, that smells really good, did you happen to make pancakes?” Denise asked.

“Yes, sit down, I’m finished anyway I’ll heat you some up”. Tina said.

Denise sat and Tina brought over a large plate of pancakes and syrup. As Denise was eating, Tina came around to the back of her chair and put her arms on Denise’s shoulders. She leaned down and gave her a peck on the cheek. Denise looked up at her with her mouth full of the last bite she took of the pancakes. When she had swallowed she said, “what was that for?”

Tina said, “I’ve been doing some real soul searching since our talk yesterday and I got to thinking about what you said, what you didn’t say and what I said.”

“Yes” Denise replied.

“I was wrong to expect you to disregard your desires of wanting a man in your arms and even though I had hoped that, you would become lesbian. I cannot expect you to change overnight. I am also sorry, more than you might think, that I had said those words. You are very lovely young woman and I do not really think that you are incapable of being loved by a woman and a man. It was selfish of me and to be truthful, that man that abused me was still fresh in my waking mind and I conveyed that memory onto you when you started humping me like a man would do. To be totally honest, tribbing is something like that, but it is only a maneuver that two women can do. The revelation that I hurt you bothered me more than anything else did. I get terribly jealous of seeing you with Stan. I know and realize that you’ve known him far longer than what I’ve known you. However, for your sake I will be tolerable with him and not embarrass you in any way.

I do feel something special with you. From the first day in the coffee shop to all the days we’ve spent on this island. When we go shopping or running on the beach, I watch you and think of what we may be like in bed. I can make love to you in ways that a man can never make love to you. Can we maybe start over and go at this a different way?”

Denise pulled Tina down and kissed her on the lips.

“Ugh, you got syrupy lips” Tina exclaimed. Then she leaned down again and kissed her deeper and passionately. Denise dropped her fork reached up and pulled Tina down to her. She put her arms around her neck and kissed her, opening her mouth their tongues met and Tina moaned. Denise pulled the tie string and Tina’s robe separated exposing those large breasts.

Denise forgo the kissing and while still sitting took her mouth and kissed Tina’s breasts, her nipples. Her hand came up and caressed the other breast. Tina moaned and her nipples grew hard and erect. Denise lowered her other hand and found Tina’s pussy wet and inviting. She inserted one then two fingers into her pussy and began thrusting her fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster.

Tina gasped and Denise felt the love juices flowing down across her open palm. Denise dropped to the floor and opened the robe all the way, parted Tina’s legs and began sucking on her clit as her fingers probed in and out faster and faster. Tina was moaning louder and louder as Denise jack-hammered Tina’s pussy with her fingers. Tina screamed an orgasmed. Denise lapped up all the juices she could, the rest running and dripping off her chin.

Tina bent down and picked Denise off the floor, took her hand and said “Denise, let’s go to my bedroom and make love. Will you let me make love to you?”

“Yes, Tina I want you to show me everything and I want you to make love to me.”

They climbed the steps side by side holding hands. When they reached the bedroom Tina kissed her pressing her breast up against her own breasts, she hugged her tight their nipples hardening against one another. Denise pressed her leg in between Tina’s legs and started moving her upper thigh hard against Tina’s pussy. Tina moaned as her pussy grew wet. She looked at Denise, breathing hard she said “Oh I want you, I want you now”. She went and sat on the bed and then drew Denise toward her.

Tina pushed Denise onto her back and then climbed on top of her and began licking her pussy as she maneuvered her kitty around to Denise. Denise reached back and put a pillow under her head so that her mouth was right up against Tina’s kitty and began licking her. Denise could see up into the mirrors and see Tina making love with her tongue to her own pussy and she could feel Tina’s tongue darting in and out of it. She felt so alive and so wet too.

Denise, loved the aroma of Tina, and thought about that embarrassing moment in the coffee shop when she was reading that novel and playing with herself. Now, here she is tonguing my kitty and she has such a long tongue, not as long as Stan’s tongue, but oh she does know just where to put it and how to use it. My gosh, I can feel her touching and probing me with her tongue. Denise whispered “Tina, please don’t stop, your tongue is driving me crazy, please, don’t stop. I’m cumming, oh my sweet Tina!”

When Denise orgasmed she then redoubled her efforts on Tina’s pussy, mimicking the actions that she felt Tina doing. She remembered a conversation they had about Tina liking large vibrators, so inserted 2 fingers and began pumping them in and out of Tina’s pussy. She would extend her fingers in as far as she could then bend her fingers like making a miniature fist and at the same time bring those fingers outward.

Denise touched the inside walls of Tina’s pussy as she knew this drove herself crazy when Stan did it and she was right. Tina was squirming on the bed, she had stopped licking Denise’s pussy and she was moaning with little exclamations of excitement. She arched her back almost dislodging Denise from her perch on top of Tina’s body and then she was lurching from side to side as Denise kept up her ministrations and even increased the speed of her fingers thrusting in and out of Tina’s pussy.

Tina said “Denise, my sweet Denise, yes please just like that, faster, faster my love give me 3 fingers, ram them into me… oh Denise that is so damn good, I’m cumming now. Don’t stop.” Denise was getting tired, but she kept it up. She inserted her first 3 fingers almost a fist and pounding in and out of Tina’s pussy. Tina was sloppy wet and Denise tried to lick and taste those sweet juices, but Tina was thrashing around on the bed so hard that, finally Denise gave up her licking and just jack-hammered her fingers faster and faster inside of Tina.

Tina who was watching in the mirror as Denise continued pounding her with those long slender fingers, suddenly gave out a yell and jerked her body so hard that Denise came off the top of Tina and landed beside her. But she didn’t stop thrusting her fingers. Tina’s pussy was exceedingly wet as Denise kept going with her fingers, she pulled Tina’s body on to her side and with three fingers in her pussy she took the middle finger of her other hand and shoved that into Tina’s Pussy. After it was slopping wet she put it back at the entrance to Tina’s butt hole and then inserted it to the first knuckle.

Tina screamed as another wave of orgasm racked her body when she felt Denise’s finger push up into her butt hole. She thought to herself at how adept her young student was becoming. Tina thought does Stan even know how to pleasure my Denise or is he only a mindless man, banging away with his manhood in an attempt to mimic the love I can give her.

Denise suddenly stopped and pulled out her fingers and thrust her whole face onto Tina’s pussy area and sucked hard on her hole as her little tongue darted in and out. Tina arched her back and orgasmed again as Denise sucked on her clitoris and rammed her finger deep into Tina’s ass hole.

After the spasms of orgasm had dwindled they both lay on their backs looking up in the mirror. Tina motioned for Denise to come up to her face. Denise crawled over the bed and lay down with her head on Tina’s breast. Tina stroked Denise’s hair and ran her fingers up and down her spine, tickling her with her finger nails. “Oh, Denise that was so awesome and to think that I was your first pussy you have ever tasted. I think I could fall in love with you, Denise”.

“Tina, I think I could love you too. I never really thought that making love to a woman could feel so great, the way you move, your large breasts and taut nipples” she said as she rubbed her fingers gently over Tina’s nipples, cupping the large breasts and tickling them with her finger tips.

Denise lifter her head off of Tina’s breast kissed her and hopped off the bed. Tina, startled said “Hey what’s the matter where are you going?” Denise replied while still walking away from her and into her bedroom “Just wait I forgot to give you something. When we were talking the other day you mentioned that you really liked large vibrators, so I got you something I was going to give you for spending time with me on this island. I didn’t know that we’d become lovers, but since we have, I think now instead of later you might like to have them. Just hold on till I get them.”

Tina lay back and looked up at the mirror, her body still firm in places where other women her age had begun to sag. Her breasts real and untouched by modern techniques at firming lay naturally. She touched her nipples, sensitive but not near as sensitive as Denise’s. You could barely touch her nipples before she began squealing in delight or if you sucked on them to hard, she would squeal with pleasure.

Tina ran her hands over her flat stomach and down to her full bushy love area. I don’t care what these young girls think I am not shaving my love area. I might trim it, but shaving oh no, definitely not. She looked at her perfectly tanned body, hours spent in the warm sunshine of several nude beaches back home. Thought of the girls she had made love to over the years and she came back to the thoughts of Denise. Oh yes, my lovely California girl. She was her latest conquest. No not conquest she thought. She was my latest love.

How could Denise fall in love with a man of all creatures? I wouldn’t be so upset, well I don’t think I would if she had fallen in love with another woman, but a man, with his penis and his sperm shooting out and stinking everything up. His painful pounding and his rough body.

Denise came back bearing two wrapped gifts. She handed one to Tina as she unwrapped the paper of the other. They opened both packages and Tina smiled as she opened hers and said “oh yes, I think I can teach you quite a lot with these beauties. But, let’s lay these aside for the moment. I mentioned tribbing earlier, do you remember”

“Yes, I was going to ask about it, but then…” Denise said.

‘Well, let me show you what tribbing is all about”, Tina replied.

Tina kissed Denise and move her hands over her face touching and caressing her cheeks, down to her ears. Tickling her with her finger nails and moving her lips over her face to the underside of her chin, down her throat licking her and Denise slowly relaxed and started purring like a kitten. Tina moved her kitty on top of Denise’s breast and took hold of one of her breasts and pushed the nipple up against her wet hole and slowly, gently raised her body up and down on top of Denise’s breast and nipple. Denise brought her hand up and gently massaged Tina’s clitoris as Tina made love to Denise’s breast. Tina’s love juices oozed out, her wetness covering Denise’s breast. Tina slid over and up and down on her breast. Then she moved her body down until her pussy was touching Denise’s pussy. She scissored Denise’s legs and they went up against each other tribbing and making love, pussy to pussy. Clitoris to clitoris they ground their bodies together. They both screamed out in pleasure as they both came at the same time. Juices intermingling together they continued their love making.

Then they simultaneously slowed their tribbing action. Slower and slower until they were just touching each other. Denise started to sit up and Tina crossed her legs and sat Indian style in front of Denise. Denise looked at her and said “That was so wonderful Tina, I think that was probably the most satisfied I’ve been in a while. If I didn’t love Stan so much. I would not ever have sex with him and it would only be you. But I do love him. Can you forgive me for loving Stan?”

“Well, there is the dilemma. I’m a jealous, avaricious, selfish woman. I don’t want you with another woman and I certainly don’t want you with a man, any man. But I can’t keep you contained in a box and I certainly don’t want to destroy your spirit because that is what makes you so desirable in the first place. I guess the best I can do is share until he gets tired of you as all men do and then they throw you to the side like yesterday’s newspaper.” Tina sighed.

“No, Tina. Stan is different and when you really get to know him you will see. He is warm and caring. He is funny and intelligent. He is strong and faithful. I know in my heart that he will be faithful to me. I love him so and I love you as well.” Denise said

With those words said Denise moved over and lay beside her. She wrapped her leg over Tina’s body like Stan did just the other night and then crossed her arm over Tina’s breast and they fell asleep.

Denise woke up so refreshed, she glanced over at the sleeping form of Tina. Her breathing was calm and Denise watched Tina’s breasts as they moved up and down. The chilly air from the A/C unit blowing across the room touched Tina’s breasts and her nipples were pert and hard sticking straight up. Denise felt her pussy moisten as she thought about leaning over and taking one of those nipples into her mouth. She moved over on the bed and as she did Tina woke up and looked over into Denise’s eyes. “Good morning my lover how did you sleep?”

Denise answered “Oh Tina I am so glad you came with us to the island this time. She sidled over on the bed and laid her head on Tina’s shoulder. Tina put her arm around Denise and hugged her. Denise moved her hand over and began fondling Tina’s breast, then she leaned down and took one nipple and kissed it, sucking on it gently. “I do love your big, beautiful breasts. Your nipples have always fascinated me for being so long and when I suck on them, it’s like a miniature penis, I almost always think that they may spew forth cum”.

“Seriously Denise, my nipples remind you of a penis? I don’t know how you can suck on one of those things, they are disgusting.”

“Tina, haven’t you always been telling me to never judge something you haven’t tried? Isn’t that the premise that you said to get me thinking of making love with you?”

“Aren’t you forgetting my horrifying experience in the back seat with that jerk who took my innocence by force?” Tina replied

“Yes, I'm sorry and no I did not forget, because as you’ve said that was forced. But when you have a loving man make love to you and you share intimacy with that man, it is almost like you and I making love. It is wonderful and a joyous experience to watch his manhood harden, while I stroke it and when I put my mouth around him…”

“Please stop, I have no intention of ever again letting a man touch me in any way, shape or form. There is nothing a man has to offer me that I can’t get from a woman, any woman!” With that statement said, Tina kicked off the remaining covers and stormed out of the room and into the bathroom, she didn’t quite slam the door, but it still sounded loud in the now silent bedroom.

Denise, laid there and quietly wept. She thought to herself ‘I should have known better than to go on and on about that, but I was thinking of Stan when I had said it and oh, how I do miss him. It’s been three days since we’ve made love and I know the book he’s writing is important to him and he writes best when he’s on this island, but I miss his gentle touches and the way he makes me feel when he kisses me, his long tongue and those gentle probing fingers’. She thought about this as she lowered her hand to her pussy and played with her clitoris. She was quite wet and was just about to insert a finger, when she heard a loud crash in the bathroom.

She jumped up and ran over to the door, called through the door to. “Tina are you OK?”

“Yes, the towel rod came off again. That’s all”. Tina exclaimed.

After her shower, Tina had calmed down and after putting on a bathrobe, she made her way down to the kitchen. Denise, who is a wonderful cook, was busy preparing a salad. She had tossed the greens which lay in a large bowl and was slicing up carrots and cucumbers. Tina walked over and went behind Denise and put her arms around her waist and hugged her. “You need to go shower and freshen up. I can smell the aroma of our lovemaking still fresh on you. I can watch the roast and finish making the salads. I’ll just cover them and put them in the refrigerator till you come down.”

“Ok, thank you Tina, but don’t go getting any ideas like last time with those cucumbers” Denise said with a smile. Tina smacked her on the butt, “Denise, that was my first day here and I didn’t know you were looking in on me, watching me, stalking me even”. She said with a smile and glint in her eye.

“How could I forget the look of pure joy and the look of absolute horror as you opened your eyes and seen me watching from the doorway.”

“Well, it was pure bliss at first, I mean look at the girth on these things and I’ve always told you it’s not the length of a vibe but the width of it that makes me feel so good.” Tina said.

Denise went and took her shower and when she had finished her bath, she put on a bathrobe and made her way down the steps. Then she turned around and went back up the stairs to the studio where Stan was working. She knocked and then entered. Stan had fallen asleep again over his key board. She went over to him and kissed him on the cheek. He stirred at her kiss and then looked up into her eyes and smiled.

Denise seen that he was still in that half sleep, half-awake mode, so she got him to stand and then led him over to the bed. She undressed him and then pulled back the covers and got him into bed. She was looking at him as he fell asleep. His strong muscular chest, biceps and flat stomach. Then her eyes strayed to his crotch and she smiled at the size of his cock. She thought about waking him for some evening sex, but he always said that he thought better when he was deprived of sexual attention. So, she covered him up, signed and made her way down to the kitchen.

She saw Tina setting the table. When Denise walked into the kitchen Tina looked up and smiled. She pulled out a chair and motioned for Denise to sit down. “The roast is finished and cooling off. I have the salads in the ‘frig and what wine should I pour for you tonight?” Tina asked.

Denise replied “Even with the high falutin sophistication that Stan has tried to instill in this backwards farm girl, I’m still no good at picking out the correct wine for any given meal”.

“Ok, then we will go with the Cabernet Sauvignon. I think you will find it an excellent choice with the roast beef. It is a full bodied youthful red. Here have a taste and tell me what you think.”

Denise took a small sip and tasted it and agreed that it would be an excellent choice. Dinner was subdued and quiet. Each woman contemplating the words spoken earlier and neither could come up with a viable solution in their own minds. After they had finished eating Tina looked up at Denise and said “We both need to be loved and to be with someone. We both want to feel that we matter to someone and that someone matters to us. And making a commitment to another human being is the ultimate expression of our humanity. If you love Stan as much as you say that you do and that you love me unconditionally as well. I will try to be more open minded in your relationship with him”. Denise smiled and said “Thank you Tina”.

After dinner and clearing the dishes. Tina said that she was tired and was going to go up to her bedroom to read. Denise told her that she wanted to finish a puzzle that she was working on. Denise watched Tina walk up the stairs and then Denise got up and went to the back room, that served as their game room. She sat down and started eyeing up the pieces, the different possibilities and thought, this puzzle is a lot like my relationship with both Tina and Stan. So many different possibilities when you looked at the pieces, but each one must go into the other precisely or the puzzle would not be complete and the whole picture not revealed.

After a bit, Denise grew tired and decide to head up to bed. She looked in on Tina. Tina always slept naked and on top of the covers. Well, I’m not sleeping alone again tonight and she took off her bathrobe and climbed in beside Tina. She scooted herself over to her and laid a hand on Tina’s breast. Her other hand she slid underneath Tina’s shoulder and then snuggled up to her. Tina said “I was so hoping you would come to me tonight without me asking”.

They turned and looked at each other and then Tina looked down at Denise’s mouth and Denise looked at Tina’s mouth and then kissed. Their lips touching, the moisture of their lips mingling together. Denise slightly opened her mouth and Tina’s tongue found the opening and she inserted her tongue searching inside Denise’s open mouth. Tina’s hands moved over and fondled Denise’s breast. Cupping her breasts in her hands and rubbing her nipple with her thumb. Denis opened her mouth even further and they were kissing passionately. Each of them moaning. Kissing Denise, Tina thought was such a wonderful pleasing sensation. She spread apart her legs and Denise sort of slid, sort of fell between them. Her stomach was lying on the smooth pussy of Tina.

“Tina, why did you shave yourself down here. I love having your pubes tickle my chin and my breasts and … well everything.”

“My last girlfriend, was a woman I met from Japan she was smooth all over. I like her look and I like it also when, well you know and I thought I would give it a try. So, this afternoon I shaved it and I do like the look. I wanted to seem younger to you also. I don’t want you to think that I’m getting old and I don’t want you going after a younger woman”.

With those words said Denise moved her body into Tina’s crotch. Rubbing her hip up against Tina’s clitoris. Tina let out a moan and started moving around on the bed. They were still kissing, their tongues moving in and out of each other’s mouths. Moaning into each other. Saliva dripping out and down and off each other chins. Their hands rubbing and massaging each other’s backs. Denise actively pushing her hip harder and harder into Tina’s love spot, rubbing roughly against Tina’s clitoris as Denise knew from past experiences Tina craved. Suddenly, Tina arched her back and grabbed onto Denise’s ass and she orgasmed intensely.

Tina lay moaning and gasping on the bed as Denise reached down and flicked Tina’s clitoris with her finger. Tina screamed out as another intense orgasm released out of her body. Denise moved down to Tina’s breasts kissing them and sucking on her nipples. Tina grabbed her own breast and squeezed and pushed it into Denise’s mouth. Denise sucked hard on the nipple and then released it and moved down over Tina’s belly, kissing as she went.

Tina spread her legs even further and Denise came to rest, her face and mouth on Tina’s pussy. Denise took her tongue and licked Tina’s clitoris. Then she took her fingers and spread those beautiful pink lips. Spreading them open with her fingers and licking intently up and down the sides. Denise stopped and looked up at Tina and said “can we use those toys, the gifts I bought for you earlier”. Tina reached over pulled open the drawer and took out a nine inch vibrator out.

Denise put the head of the vibrator at the entrance to Tina’s pussy and inserted the fat head in. Tina gasped as Denise moved it in and out. Taking longer strokes and going deeper with each thrust. When almost all of it was inside of Tina, Denise flipped the switch on to low and the hum and vibrations sent Tina to moaning uncontrollably. Denise thrust the vibrator in and out of Tina’s pussy faster and faster. Tina screamed and moaned. Her body thrashing, her hips lifting off the bed and Tina reached over and grabbed the bed sheets moaning loudly. Her juices flowing out of her pussy. Denise lapped up the juices hungrily. Licking Tina’s clitoris and madly thrusting the vibe in and out.

Tina, screamed again as a massive orgasm racked her body. Sweat glistened on her tummy, her breasts, her face. She arched her back again and came; the force of the orgasm nearly pushed out the vibrator on its own. Denise pulled out the vibrator, it was soaked and her face was drenched with the love juices from Tina’s latest orgasm. She hoarsely said “Denise, oh my gosh Denise, that was unbelievably awesome!”

Tina scissored her legs tightly around the midsection of Denise and then flipped her adroitly on to Denise’s back. Tina was on top now and as she went to move down to Denise’s pussy. Denise said “Tina wait, can we use the other one that I seen in your suitcase? I wasn’t sure of its use before, but now I think I know and I’d like to try it.” Tina arched her back and turned to the night stand. Reached in and brought out a double dildo. The one end was nine inches, with a very thick girth. The other 7” and had a thick girth as well.

Then she lifted up her leg and slowly inserted the dildo into her pussy, moaning as she took the entire length. Denise reached over and held onto Tina’s hand as she pushed it in and out. Then Tina took up a position over top of Denise as if to tribble. Then she pulled out the dildo from her body and said, we’re going to use this, but I want to taste you first. As she said those words, she quickly dove down and stuck her tongue up inside of Denise’s pussy.

All in one smooth move. Denise grasped the sheets in her hands and let out a small yelp of pure joy as she felt Tina’s tongue inside of her pussy and felt Tina’s nose on her clitoris as Tina began eating out her pussy. Tina’s tongue darting in and out of her tight hole, then she moved her hand up and began making small circles onto Denise’s clitoris. Denise let out her own scream, arched her back and came. Tina was now doing the lapping and she used her other hand to cup Denise’s breasts and tease her nipples. It was all Tina could do to hold Denise down.

Denise was thrashing about on the bed. At one point she did a hip thrust that almost threw Tina off, but she kept up her ministrations on Denise’s pussy and clitoris. Tina then inserted her index finger into Denise’s pussy slowly and then started stroking her slowly in and out. Denise was now breathing hard and sweat could be seen on her tummy and breasts. Tina moved her finger from side to side as well as in and out. She then inserted a second finger and Denise gasped out loud. The bed sheets were ripped out from under the mattress as Denise lifted her ass and body up off the bed. Groaning, her heart beating wildly, her breaths gasping for oxygen. Denise said make love to me now Tina, please make love to me now!

Tina took the double dildo and gently inserted the tip into Denise’s pussy and then inched it in further and further until Denise took the full measure of the shorter side. Then Tina positioned her body over top and slightly leaning back, took a hold of the nine inch side and pushed it up and inside of herself. She then grabbed hold of the middle of the dildo and while holding onto it began hip thrusting into Denise.

On each downward thrust Denise and Tina groaned in unison in ecstasy. Slowly Tina thrust the dildo into Denise and Tina let the dildo come out of her pussy to that thick head before easing down the long shaft and then plunging into Denise’s pussy. Denise could not breath, her body plastered to the bed, each downward plunge into her pussy more awesome than the one before.

On the downward thrust, Tina’s hand would rub up against Denise’s clitoris and each downward thrust would cause Denise’s thumb to contact with Tina’s clitoris. Denise started bucking on the upward stroke sending the nine-inch end deeper into Tina’s pussy. Then Tina picked up the speed and the downward thrust and the upward were slamming both of them faster and faster the dildo worked both of their pussy’s. The sheets and the mattress were now soaked with both of their love juices

Faster and faster they thrust against each other. Tina removed her hand and each gripped the dildo with their vaginal muscles as they sought to outdo each other with the thrusting’s. Faster and faster, both moaning now. Both oozing love juice. When suddenly Denise arched her back, came to a sitting position and orgasmed. They kept up this mutual thrusting for five then 10 then 15 minutes. Pushing their wetness against each other, touching, caressing, telling each other how they felt about themselves, felt about each other. They ceased thrusting almost in unison and Denise sat up and put her arms around Tina’s back and hugged her. “Oh Tina, that was so awesome, so amazing, I love you” and she kissed her.

Tina, removed the dildo from Denise’s pussy and then out of her own and laid the dildo on the bed. Then she collapsed on the bed beside her. She reached over and drew Denise to her breast and said “Oh Denise, you are the most amazing girl I have ever known. Denise reached over and turned out the light. Put her arms around Tina and pulled her close. Their breasts touching one another, they both fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning Denise and Tina woke up, they looked at each other and smiled. Tina leaned over and kissed Denise and they lay like that arms wrapped around each other their legs intertwined. “Darling, today is the last day I can stay with you. I would love to spend more time on the island but I start my new job tomorrow and I have to catch the ferry back in a couple of hours. I’ve had the best time with you here and I hope that we can meet again on the mainland.”

“Oh, Tina, I had forgotten how quickly time flies over here. When Stan and I first came over we were always in each others arms and the three weeks we’d spend here was never enough. But since his stories have become so great and he really does his best writing on the island, my days have seemed to drone on endlessly. Having you here this past week has been an awesome experience and I too would like to see more of you again over there.” Denise replied.

They both got out of bed and Tina went to get a shower and dress. Denise went up to their bedroom and Stan was once again busy at his keyboard. She walked behind him and seen the page marker was at 382. Wow, Denise thought he has been busy. She silently moved about the room got some new clothes and then went and took a shower got dressed and met Tina in the kitchen.

“Well, Stan is really writing up a storm. I think his next book will be ready for editing in a couple of days, so maybe him and I can have some time to ourselves after that.” Denise said.

“I know I’ve said that I would be jealous if you took another woman as a lover. It’s still going to be hard for me to think of him making love to you, especially since you hold such a special place in my heart Denise. But, I know you love him and I’ll try to give you your space with him as long as you remember me too”

“Oh Tina” Denise exclaimed as she went over to her and wrapped her arms around her and kissed her passionately on the lips, her mouth opening and they kissed intimately. Tongue to tongue. “I won’t ever forget you. I do love him and I love you too, it’s a quandary to be sure of, but I don’t want to lose either of you”.

“Ok, Denise. I’ve got to go or I’ll be late. I have a lot of stuff to take care of over there, so would it be ok if I call you tomorrow after I get off of work?”

“Tina, you can call me anytime you wish and I hope to see you when we return in a couple of weeks. Goodbye my love”

“Goodbye Denise, I’ll call you tomorrow”

They separated and then Tina walked down the sidewalk, got into the taxi and headed to the pier and the waiting boat. Denise watched her go and felt a stab of loneliness sweep over her. Well, I guess I can always go for a run and then make dinner and maybe go shopping, she thought to herself.

Later that night as Denise settled down with a glass of wine and to watch TV, she turned on the TV to hear a news report that they were calling for gale force winds and heavy rain to last throughout the night. The alert advised to bring pets in from outside and to secure all outside furnishings. She thought about the boat and other items they had and decided all was secured then she heard a loud thump upstairs.

She put down her wine glass and ran up the stairs. Stan lay inside the door way soaked to the bone. “I just opened the door to get some fresh air in here and a huge burst of wind and rain came blowing in the opened door soaking me and knocking me down.” Denise ran over to him and helped him to his feet. “My goodness you are soaked. Here let’s get this off of you and dry you off” Denise exclaimed.

Denise removed his clothing and then went into the bathroom for some towels, when she came back he was standing naked the light from his desk basking him in a warm soft light and highlighting all of his muscles and curvatures. She stopped and thought to herself I really do love him. He is my man! Tina, I really like, but he’s the one that stops my heart when I look at him. She went over to him and dried him off, touching those muscles, his tiny ass, drying him off and then she put his bathrobe on to him.

Stan came into the room quickly, shutting the doors behind him and took her in his arms and she hugged him back and then they kissed. Oh, he tastes so good, Denise thought. She broke the kiss and said “Oh Stan, I love you so much, I have missed you badly” and she kissed him deeply, their tongues as one. They stood there kissing for some time, breaking apart to look at each other and then kissing again.

Stan said, “let me finish this one paragraph or two and then we can go downstairs and have a meal together.” Instead, Denise took his hand and led him into over to the bed. “I don’t want to wait a minute longer, I want you now. The only meal I’m interested in is devouring you”.

Denise led him over to the bed and he said, “well, hold on, I just need to finish off this one paragraph”. She watched as he typed away. What is taking this man so long to finish typing one paragraph, she thought. So, she went over and stood in front of him and removed her bathrobe letting it drop to the ground. Stan gasped at the sight. Oh my gosh, what a site. He stopped typing, stood up and moved into her, picked her up and threw her bodily onto the bed. He still had on his bathrobe, but he wanted to taste all of her now. He started kissing her, then his mouth ran down her chin, to her neck, sucking lightly on her neck. His hands found her nipples already hard, erect, her breasts firm to his touch. He moved his head down her belly to her pussy and then breathed in the aroma that he’d come to love so much.

He licked her clit and she grabbed a handful of hair and tugged as a small orgasm racked her body. Oh he does that so different then Tina, but oh so effective, she thought. Then she admonished herself. I am not going to compare qualities. Stan was tasting her and sucking on her clit and then his fingers found her wet and inviting and he slowly inserted his index finger. Denise screamed as she felt pleasure wash over her body. She looked at him and said “Stan, I really do love you. I know I have not said it, but I do. I do love you Stan with all that is within me.”

“Oh Denise, I’ve loved you since the first time I laid eyes on you in that little coffee shop two years ago. When you finally said yes, when I asked you for a date, I couldn’t believe it. I had to hear you say it again. Back then I was not Alan Pine, just a guy with an idea, albeit a sexy idea, but you said yes and we met at that hotel and we’ve been together ever since”.

“Stan for the longest time I was afraid of this very thing. I was afraid that I would fall in love with you and that you would leave or that you would be a one-night stand. I didn’t want that. But yet here we are together and it feels like I’ve always known you and that we’ve known each other for decades.”

Denise took her hand and untied the robe taking it off of him. Then she grasped his cock and she took him in her mouth and slowly took her tongue over the top of his cock, sucking on the head and then using her hands stroked him up and down slowly. She loved the aroma of his pubes and his cock. No other man has ever tasted or had his kind of aroma. She thought to herself, not that she’s had many men, but his smell was unique and she loved it.

She took all of him into her mouth and she heard him groan as her tongue played over the top of his head and her lips over his shaft. She moved her head up and down on him, then she took her hand and started stroking him as she sucked him hard on the head. She took her mouth off and just used her tongue, licking the front ‘v’ of his cock. She heard him gasp again and she quickly started stroking him.

“Denise take it easy, I have been writing with no relief for five days. I’ll put your eye out.” He chuckled

She slowed down her shaft stroking, but increased the pressure of her hand, squeezing and stroking. Then her mouth was back on him. Taking him in long slow strokes, enveloping his manhood and then back up.

“Oh Denise, your driving me nuts here” Stan sighed.

Denise, stopped and she laid back on the bed and spread her legs. “I’ve been thinking of you for a couple of days and I thought I’d want that tongue, but I don’t want your tongue. I want you and I want your cock in me now”.

Stan just looked at her then leaned over and kissed her as he maneuvered his manhood to her pussy. He felt the tip go up against her wet pussy, felt it’s silkiness, felt her warmth, he reached down with his hand and found her already very wet. He guided his manhood to her opening and then slowly inserted the head, when it went in she gasped and he pushed it in slowly, kissing her and holding her head in his hands. His tongue kissing her and their tongues meeting. They had their eyes open and he looked on her, looked at her beauty and thought back to when he only knew her as the coffee counter girl.

When she agreed to go out with him on a date he had no idea how it would turn out. he didn’t care about anything superficial, he just wanted to be with her and see her and here she was and then he pushed all the way into her.

Denise gasped and came up off the bed. Her arms went around him and she screamed into his shoulder as his cock went deep inside of her. Not with pain did she scream but with utter pleasure. He started stroking his manhood in and out of her, slowly. She felt so wet, so alive. Nothing she had ever done felt as great as it did when he was inside of her. She could see it in his eyes the love emanating from them. From his core and she knew it was real.

She never knew a man like this, so willing to please her, to love her, even when at first she didn’t love him back. Another wave of pleasure enveloped her as he continued making love to her. Yes, making love, not mindless stabbing and he fits me so well. Then she felt him stiffen and he slowed down. He’s waiting till I orgasm.

“Stan, you know we are both incapable of having children of our own. I want to feel your cum in me. Please make love to me without holding back”.

Stan looked down at her and he leaned in and kissed her passionately again. His eyes never leaving her as he increased his tempo. Her breathing became short gasps, her hands reached out and clutched the bed sheets as he increased his tempo. She cried out as a wave of pure joy rushed over her. Then he reached over and took both of her legs and spread them wide open as he increased the stroke, going deep into her. She gasped and then he was groaning and she felt his load being deposited deep within her. She came almost immediately. He continued deep stroking her, but slower and then he’d pull out just a bit and back in.

My gosh, Denise thought he’s come and he’s still rock hard. Stan pulled out and lay down beside her. His hair was damp from sweat, his body glistened with the moisture of their love making. She leaned over on her side and ran her fingers across his muscular chest and then down to his manhood. She grasped it and then leaned over and put her mouth on him and squeezed out a little bit of cum. Oh he tastes so good, but I’m glad that I didn’t swallow that first one, he’d of blown out my tonsils. She mused to herself.

Denise, kept sucking the last bit of cum out of his manhood and then Stan stopped her and pulled her head away and said, “now that you got yours, it’s my turn. I too have been waiting 6 days till you either tired of Tina or she tired of you.”

Denise’s mouth dropped open and she began stammering, “but…, I mean…., I know I should…,” and then Stan put his finger up to her mouth to silence her. “Denise, I know it’s lonely out here on the island when I’m writing. I had a feeling the way Tina was looking at you at the book store that she might like you more than you realized. I’m not upset Denise. Our love has weathered more than what she might seduce you in just a few days. I watched both of you one night and I seen how you enjoyed it and how she enjoyed you. I’m just happy that you’ve come back to me. I wasn’t sure how it would end as I stood on the balcony as you kissed her goodbye before she got into the taxi”

Stan, stood up and as he did, his manhood standing at attention, Denise made note of how thick it was. None of my toys are that thick. Gosh I want him in me again. Stan moved up further on the bed and then he went between her legs and put his manhood up against her pussy, just barely touching it and then he kissed her gently, deeply. Then he started touching her breasts and kissing his way downward. Kissing her chin, then her neck. Then his lips and tongue touching her breasts, her nipples gently. Sucking on her nipples.

Stan thought, she has the most amazing breasts, so perfect in size. She tastes so good. He cupped them in his hands and ran his tongue over her nipples and she gasped. His manhood was now resting on her clitoris and he was moving his hips ever so slowly back and forth and around in small circle. She moaned again. Her hand going around him and holding tightly to his back. Then she felt his manhood move away and she sighed.

She lightly pounded on his back. “No, I want you in me again, Stan, please make love to me again.” Stan looked up at her a smile crossed his face as he sucked on one nipple and then the other. “Nope, not going to happen. I’ve thought about this and I’m going to please you like no man or woman has done before. Like I have not done to any woman before either. This one is going to be your and my originals”

Stan moved his knee up between her legs while he continued kissing and sucking on her nipples. He knew they were sensitive to this touch, so he went lightly. But he brought his knee up and put it squarely between her legs, the knee cap touching her pussy and he began thrusting it gently against her pussy. Brushing her pubes as her pussy got wetter and wetter. Denise groaned as every time his knee made contact. Then his knee slid up past her pussy and touched her clit. She screamed and came. Her juices oozing out and coating his knee.

When he heard her scream out, he removed his knee and lowered himself so that his head was now between her legs and he licked her from her butt hole up over her pussy to her clit, sucked once then twice on her clit and worked his tongue downward, sucking in on her pussy, sucking her juices out of her pussy. Denise was now squirming and thrashing around on the bed. She couldn’t keep still. Stan’s tongue was driving her crazy and she just wanted him inside of her and she wanted it now. She said as much and he still had that stupid grin, that she wanted to wipe off his smug cute face.

He kept this up for what seemed like hours. She was breathing hard, sweat was running down between her breasts. She couldn’t take much more, why doesn’t he let me come. Then he stopped. Denise was like what the heck. He reached up and took one of the pillows and then lifting her up with one hand placed the pillow under her butt and then he started licking around her butt hole. She screamed when his middle finger went into her pussy and he began licking her taint.

He started moving his finger in and out of her slowly and then faster. She was breathing so hard, panting, her breath coming in gasps. She felt her orgasm building, she clenched the sheets and just as she was about to come he stopped. “What the hell? Why did you stop?” No sooner had those words left her mouth, he seen him reach over into his nightstand and pull out a small plastic bottle. “What’s that?” Denise asked.

“Just a little something I want to try tonight” Stan said.

His tongue started licking her kitty and she felt his finger soaking wet with her juices enter her butt hole. She reached down and said “No, Stan don’t do that. No one has ever touched me up inside there, not even”… she stopped herself from saying Tina’s name. This was neither the time or place to discuss Tina… “a woman or my toys has ever touched me there”.

Stan stopped and looked up at her and said “Denise, do you trust me? Do you think that I would ever hurt you? Please, let me show you another joy that I don’t think you’ll regret.”

“Yes, I trust you and no, I know you would never intentionally hurt me, but please, not tonight ok. Just make love to me the other way” Denise pleaded.

Stan, then lifted Denise up till she was on all fours. He reached his hand around and cupped her breasts and played with her nipples. He then started licking her pussy again and then back to the taint and then to her butt hole. She felt exposed but she had to admit his tongue around her butt hole was feeling pretty damn good. He used his other hand and began stroking her clit, pushing down on it as he continued licking her butt hole.

“Denise, trust me” Stan said as he lifted himself up and positioned himself behind her. He inserted his index finger inside of her pussy and then she felt him spit on her butt hole. The warmth of his spittle seeping into her butt hole sent shivers up and and down her spine. He went down and started licking her butt hole and then she felt his tongue go up inside her butt hole. His other hand still caressing her breasts lovingly and his other finger stroking in and out of her pussy. She was overcome with extreme pleasure but apprehensive as well.

“Denise, you will like it. I will go slow at the first sign of pain I will stop ok?” Stan reached over and squirted some lubricant from that squeeze bottle and as he said these words as he inserted his index finger up to the first knuckle into her butt hole. Denise bunched up, but realized that it didn’t hurt and that it almost felt pleasant. Stan pulled it back out, applied more lube and then then put his middle finger in and up to the second knuckle and just held it there.

Denise was unsure, she knew some of her friends said they liked it, but what if they were just lying to me to get me to try it and I ended up bleeding or worse. “I don’t know Stan, I’ve just never tried it and I’m afraid”. Stan hearing those words draped his body on top of her back reached up and turned her head and kissed her deeply on the mouth and while their heads were together, he pushed the head of his cock into her butt hole.

Denise gasped out loud and said “No, stop, Stan No, please stop.” Stan didn’t pull out, but he left it there. “Denise, do you feel pain, Denise calm down, do you feel any pain”, he said again louder to get through to her. Denise thought for a minute and then she did a mental probing for pain. “No, I don’t it just feels weird that’s all”. Stan said, “trust me, you will soon be liking it a lot” Denise agreed by saying, “OK, but please go slow”. She had reached up and grasped Stan’s hand that was touching her breast and held tightly onto his hand.

With Stan’s manhood just an inch inside. Stan moved it in even deeper and then pulled it all the way out. He applied more lube around her butt hole and up inside it. This time Denise felt desire well up within her. Stan positioned his manhood again went in to her butt hole and it didn’t hurt at all, in fact it was a weird pleasant sensation. Stan kept going, in an inch or two and then back out. The steady rhythm felt good and she released Stan’s hand and felt herself really enjoying the sensation. Soon she realized she felt his pubes up against her butt cheeks. He was all the way inside of her butt. “Oh, my that does feel good” Denise gasped.

Stan started going with longer strokes, this time pulling all the way out and then back in. She felt the head of his manhood leave her butt and then all the way in till his pubes were touching her butt cheeks. He increased the speed and she was feeling very good. He then reached around and began massaging her clit and he resumed touching her breasts and nipples. Stan was stroking long strokes and picking up the speed. Denise was gasping for breaths. Her head tilted back when she came. Her pussy juices running down the inside of her legs.

Just then Stan stopped and pulled all the way out. Denise said, “what are you doing now, I like it, there’s no pain why did you stop”

“I just noticed something in your bathrobe pocket that’s gonna make this even better”.

“What…oh, my gosh, what is that?” When Denise said the word ‘what’ Stan inserted the 7” vibrator that she had used on Tina the night before into her butt hole and turned it on low. “Oh, my, yes Stan, yes!” Then Stan positioned himself again and this time with the vibrator in her butt hole Stan entered Denise’s pussy and began almost immediately pumping her faster and faster. She was screaming and it was all she could do to stay upright on her hands.

Stan pushed on Denise’s elbows and her arms collapsed and she would have face planted onto the pillows had not Stan reached around and gently lowered her head onto a pillow. Stan was practically standing up on the bed thrusting his manhood downward into Denise’s pussy. She screamed as a wave after wave of orgasms hit her. She kept coming as the vibrator was vibrating in her butt hole and Stan’s cock was pummeling her from behind into her pussy. He touched her clit one time and she raised her head and howled like a wolf.

“Stan. Oh my gosh, Stan. Harder and faster, Please harder and faster.”

Stan picked up the speed and the length of his stroke increased as well. He was pulling his cock all the way out and then driving deeper into her. Denise arched her back and she screamed as such a powerful orgasm racked her body. When this happened, Stan felt something different happening inside Denise’s pussy so he pulled out all the way and reached under and squeezed her clit gently. She squirted. She kept screaming as he rubbed her clit faster and faster, she screamed and squirted again and again. She was constantly screaming and squirting. Stan removed the vibrator and then ceased his rubbing and flipped Denise over onto her back and went down and licked her pussy. Licked her clit and then he went and laid down beside her. His hand reached down took her hand in his and they lay like that for several minutes, until Denise’s breathing evened out and her body stop shaking.

Denise rolled over and looked at him, then reached up and took a hold of his chin, leaned in and kissed him. I have never ever felt anything like that. It was so scary, but then so pleasant and then so awesome. I love you, not just for that, but I realized you would never hurt me. I realized you were going to take care of me and make love to me and I know now that you aren’t here just to have sex with me and leave me.

“Denise, why would you even think that? Have I ever done anything or said anything that would make you think that I am like that. All I’ve ever wanted to do at first was to meet you. Then all I wanted to do was see if we might make it work.”

They stayed kissing for some time and then Denise broke the kiss and went and moved down his body and kissed his chest, his nipples, went further south kissed his belly button and then grabbed a hold of his now deflated cock, put it in her mouth and began sucking on it as it grew again. She was stroking his cock with her hands when she felt him sit up and reach around her and pull her on top of him. Her pussy was in his face and then she felt his tongue sucking on her clit, she gasped at the suddenness of it and then went back to sucking on his manhood and stroking it.

Stan spread her pussy lips with both hands and licked her up and down beside her pussy and then he inserted his tongue into her pussy. Stan seen Denise arch her back and she began writhing on top of him as his tongue found her clit and sucked hard on it. Pulling it out and letting it snap back in place. Then he inserted one finger into her tight pussy and continued sucking on her clit. He felt and tasted her pussy juices oozing. He inserted another finger and started slowly moving them in and out of her pussy.

She tasted so dang good. She was so wet and my manhood in her mouth felt like it might have even grew another inch or so. Denise’s slender fingers began stroking him and soon he felt her mouth taking the whole thing into her mouth. Denise was licking the head like an ice cream cone and then she put her mouth around his head. Stan then pushed her onto her side and they lay side by side, she sucking on his manhood, he licking and eating out her pussy.

Denice’s body shudder and more juices flowed, Stan quickly lapped them up and then removed his fingers from her pussy and he heard her moan. He took his fingers and squeezed her pussy lips between his fingers and forced his tongue between them in an up and down faster and faster. He felt her tempo increase on his manhood and she sucked him and stroked his length. He took one finger and started tickling her taint and at the same time he caught her clit between his teeth and gave her a light nip on it. He felt her body arch as she came in his mouth.

Stan heard her moan with his cock in her mouth. He was moving his hips making his cock move inside of her mouth. Her suction was intense and when she came up to the top of the head of his manhood, he felt her lips tighten around it. It was an awesome sensation.

Stan took his tongue and went down and licked her taint and at the same time took his thumb and inserted that into her pussy, his other fingers teasing her clit. He moved his thumb in small circles inside of her pussy, touching the top, bottom and sides on the inside of her pussy. She started moving her hips and writhed on the bed. He felt himself getting ready to release, her tongue on the head of his cock was driving him crazy.

He inserted two fingers again into her pussy and started pushing them in and out faster and faster. He couldn’t hold himself much longer and he told her to release him, he was going to blow and then she grabbed his cock hard, squeezed it even harder and started stroking him faster and faster, her head going up and down on his manhood. He could barely breathe. He started fingering her harder and faster also, his tongue and mouth sucking on her clit. He felt her body go rigid and at the same time he released his load into her mouth. Stan lapped up her juicy orgasm as fast as it came out. His fingers were soaked and so were his beard and mustache the same way. He was still cumming as she released his cock and he shot another load onto her breasts.

Stan quickly turned around and came up to her and she let his cum drip out of her mouth and down over her chest. He had her juices on his beard and mustache and she still had some of his cum in her mouth. They both looked at each other and burst out laughing. “Gosh, what a sight we must be” Stan said as he reached over and grabbed his bathrobe and wiped off her mouth. Then when he went to wipe off his mustache and beard, Denise reached up and took his hand away and kissed him, then she sucked her juices off of his mustache and then resumed kissing him, her tongue in his mouth.

He was astonished at first but then he too got into the kissing. Her hands were all hugging him tightly and then she reached down and he was still hard. “Don’t you ever go soft” She asked. “No, doesn’t seem like I do when I’m around you”. He laughed. Stan moved his hand down to her wet mound and inserted one finger. “My gosh even through all that you are still wet and tight as can be. It’s so good to be here. Denise just purred as he started fingering her again.

Just then the vibrator which was still turned on, roll off the bed and thudded on the floor. Denise looked at Stan and said “I’ll get it” and she got off the bed and bent over without bending her knees. Stan said “Hold on a minute” Denise was still bending over and Stan said, “You told me once that in your gymnastics you could bend over and place your hands flat on the floor; well, prove it” Denise looked back at him “Okay, you mean like this”. With one swift movement Stan jumped off the bed, grabbed Denise’s ass, spread her cheeks and inserted his manhood into her pussy. She screamed from the suddenness of the move and tried to stand upright. But Stan had positioned his hands on her back preventing her from standing.

Faster and faster he thrust in and out of her. Denise, resumed with her hands on the floor not to prevent her from falling face first on the floor but more because the sensation of his manhood in this position was driving her crazy. Each thrust was deeper and she felt him hitting up against her cervix, but it didn’t hurt, just the opposite, it was extremely pleasurable. Stan kept up the rhythm, for several minutes, then he slowed down, reached over and lifted her upright his cock still firmly inside of her.

He turned her toward the bed and then gently pushed her down onto the bed. Then he scooted her to the center of the bed and lay her down with him behind her onto her side. He lifted one of her legs high in the air and resumed making love to her, in and out, faster and faster. She was writhing and squirming on the bed, her hand grasping the bedsheets and she was moaning louder and louder. Stan slowed down and then he lowered her leg and her pussy got even tighter and she could feel each thrust inside of her. She tightened her pussy muscles against his manhood and this time it was Stan who did the moaning. “Oh my gosh Denise yes, do that again, that felt so good, you are already tight on me” and before he could finish the thought she flexed her pelvic muscles onto him. He couldn’t help it, he shot his load of love up inside of her, When Denise heard him moan and with her muscles clamped on him, she felt herself release at the same time he came, she screamed again as another powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

They lay like that panting and breathing hard for several minutes. Stan’s hands on her firm breasts and Denise just resting and enjoying the pleasures she had felt from both Stan and Tina, oh what a wonderful week this has been. She thought.

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The Island Get Away

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