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Fun with the Boys

Categories Fiction, Gay, Exhibitionism, First Time

Author: BadWriter69

Published: 07 June 2018

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Me, Dan and Pete arrived at Pete's house after rugby practice. We were all covered in mud and needed a shower. Even though Pete's parents were out we knew his mum would be mad if we dragged dirt through the house so we stopped in the rear porch and began undressing.

"You done well today Toby. You're so fast on the pitch nobody can catch you." Dan said to me.

"Thanks but I wish I had your strength." I replied to my bigger built friend.

Quickly we had stripped to our underwear. I noticed we were all wearing briefs, better support for sports, and I couldn't help but check my friends packages. I quickly looked away hoping nobody noticed. We stuffed our dirty kit into our kit bags and walked through Pete's house to his bedroom. As we walked we talked about the practice and tactics for the next game as well as bad mouthing the team we were due to play next week.

"Yeah he is a pretty mean winger," Dan said about a boy from the opposite team as we entered Pete's room "but have you seen his sister, Claire, she's so sexy. Maybe after we beat her brother's team she'll want to go out with me."

"I doubt it, her brother losing won't turn her blind." Pete joked.

"Dan's right though, she is so hot. Mike told me he felt her up in the park once." I said.

"Boobs or pussy?" Pete asked.


"Mike's a liar, she never let him do that." Dan said and threw his kit bag on the floor of mike's room. Me and Pete also dropped our bags.

"Come on, the bathrooms this way." Pete said and started to walk out of his room. We all walked down the hall and into Pete's bathroom and that was when it struck me that we had no reason to all go together. Pete and Dan didn't say anything so I didn't either. After all we're all boys.

"It's my house so I'm going first." Pete said in the bathroom and switched on the shower. I leaned against the counter and Dan stood in front of the mirror and started flexing his arms and checking himself out. "A girl like Claire would love a body like mine." Dan said. I had to admit he did have a pretty good physique. He was definitely more muscular than me and Pete.

"Like it matters. You wouldn't know what to do with her." I smiled.

I glanced over to Pete. He had already removed his underwear and was now naked, stepping into the shower. He had his back mostly to me so I only got glances of his dick as he moved around washing himself. It looked nice. Quite like mine, maybe a little bigger. I was surprised I was actually checking out my friends dick but I assumed it was normal to be a little curious.

"What do you think of the team changes for next week's game, Dan?" Pete asked. Dan didn't answer and I looked up at him realising I'd been staring at Pete in the shower. Dan was staring too. He was in a much better position to see Pete's cock than me and he was obviously taking advantage of that. Pete turned in the shower so he was directly facing Dan "Can you see it better now?" Pete laughed and pushed his hips forward and shook them a little making his dick wiggle.

"Huh, what... I, no." Dan stammered realising he'd been caught out. "Sorry. It's just that I've never seen an uncircumcised willy before. It looks strange."

I had noticed straight away that Pete had a foreskin but I didn't think anything of because I had one too. Now he had turned in the shower I had a much better view of his dick as Pete held the head with his thumb and finger and very slightly pulled his foreskin back then let it go again. "It doesn't look strange to me."

"Well it does to me." Dan said.

"Are you saying you are circumcised?" I asked Dan.

"Yeah, I just assumed most people were. What about you?"

"No I'm not. In fact I've never seen a cock without a foreskin and I'm curious what your's will look like."

"You should have just asked." Dan smiled and pulled the front of his briefs down. His dick was exposed. The first thing I noticed was how odd it looked without the skin covering the head but the second thing I noticed was how big it looked. It wasn't massive but definitely bigger than mine and probably bigger than Pete's.

"Now that looks strange, you're missing a bit." Pete laughed. "I don't think Claire's going to like that."

"Are you kidding, girls always prefer a cut boy, especially when I show them my moves."

Pete finished in the shower, stepped out and started drying himself on a towel. Dan pulled his briefs off and got in the shower. "What moves? You've never done anything with a girl." Pete continued to tease Dan.

"I have too. I've kissed Becky once and she let me feel her boobs, and she said it felt good."

"Really? What was it like?" I asked excitedly.

"It was amazing. She let me put my hand under her shirt and feel her naked boobs. Her nipples got hard as well. Then she rubbed my dick until I came."

"That's not what she told me." Pete said "She told me she only touched your dick a little bit through your trousers and you came in your pants."

"What! Well it still counts."

Dan then got out of the shower and I pulled down my briefs and got in. "I don't think it counts towards impressing Claire though." I said as I started washing my body.

"Well it's still more than either of you two have done."

"I've kissed Becky too. And felt her boobs." Pete pointed out.

"I am the only one that hasn't felt Becky's boobs?" I asked.

"Yes." Dan and Pete both said at the same time and started laughing.

Our showers finished and dried off we went back to Pete's bedroom, naked, to get dressed. When we went into the room Dan went straight to my bag. "What are you doing, that's my bag."

"I know I wanted your phone." Dan took my phone out of my bag.


"Talking about girls has got me in the mood and I bet you've got some nice pictures of your sisters." Dan smiled. I wasn't about to let Dan perv on my sisters and I definitely didn't want him seeing the pictures of my dick. I tried to grab the phone. I forgot about our nakedness as we started wrestling around, at first. Dan held my phone out, away from me, in one hand while trying to keep his body blocking me from reaching it. I tried to push past him and get my phone but Dan was to big for me and instead our bodies kept rubbing together. Mostly it was just our upper bodies that were touching but occasionally my dick brushed his legs, and his mine. I couldn't deny it felt nice but I assumed that was just because it was nice for my dick to touch something other than my hands.

I was getting nowhere near my phone so I suddenly grabbed Dan around the waist and tackled him. We both fell on to Pete's bed. I almost got my phone when Dan threw it over to Pete. "Here you go Pete. I'll hold him down you find the pictures." Dan then had both hands free to wrestle with me. We rolled around for a minute, each of us trying to get on top but finally Dan overpowered me and pinned me down on my back with him on top facing me. Dan looked over his shoulder at Pete. "Found anything good?"

"Not yet. Just a few dick pics."

I felt myself blushing knowing Pete was looking at the photos of my dick. Dan looked at me "Don't get embarrassed, we've all got dick pics on our phones" he smiled. It suddenly occurred to me the position I was in. My friend was lying on top of me naked. Not only that but I was sure the thing I could feel my dick pressing against was his dick.

"Oh, here's a good one." Pete said "It's Sarah's butt in panties." I looked at Pete and he was actually stroking his soft dick while looking at the picture.

"Lets see it." Dan said. Pete held the phone up facing us. It was a picture I had sneakily taken of the back of my older sister. She was wearing a pink t-shirt on her top but only a pair of white panties on her bottom. Dan took a good look "Wow! She's so sexy. Any more?"

I took a good look too. It was a picture I'd looked at a lot, and wanked over. My body responded to the picture and blood flowed to my dick.

"Here's another good one but I'm not sure who it is." Pete was still stroking his now semi-erect dick. He held the phone up to me and Dan again "Who is it?" He asked me. It was an upskirt picture taken under the table. The girl was sat opposite me wearing a short denim skirt with her legs slightly apart. Her black panties were clearly visible between her thighs.

"It's my mum."

"Really?" Dan grinned and moved to get a better look, loosening his hold on me. I took the opportunity to push him off, leapt up and grabbed my phone from Pete.

"Yeah, really. If you want to perv on someone how about we see some pictures of your mums."

"If I had any I'd share them," Dan said " and it looks like you two were enjoying them the most." He gestured at our crotches. My cock had become semi-erect but Pete had a full on boner.

"I've got some." Pete smiled while still touching his hard-on.

Pete dashed out of his room and came back a moment late holding a shoe box. "I found these under my parents bed. I often look at them while they're out." Pete put the box on the bed, opened it and took out some polaroid photos. We could see the one on top was his mum, looking slightly younger than she was now, wearing sexy lingerie. She was a sexy brunette with large breasts wearing a black, lacy bra and panties and black stockings. Pete showed us the next photo. His mum was doing sexy poses. I had started stroking my dick. I noticed Dan and Pete had too. Pete went though the photos, his mum was getting naughtier in each one. Then she started removing clothing. First her bra came off, then her panties and finally her panties. In one photo Pete's mum was on her back with her legs spread, her hairless pussy fully on display to us. The next one was similar but now there was a large cock with the head just pushing into her pussy lips.

"That's my dad's dick" Pete said "I reckon my dick will get that big when I'm older."

"No way. You're much smaller. I'm that big now." Dan boasted. The three of us looked down at our erect members. Dan's and Pete's were a similar size but mine was definitely smaller.

"You're not that big" Pete argued "You're the same size as me."

"No way, I'm bigger." Dan moved to try and line his dick up against Pete's. Their hard dicks rubbed together trying to get into position.

"Hang on, I'll get a ruler." Pete opened a drawer in his desk and took out a ruler. He held the ruler in one hand and his dick in the other and lined them up. "See, four and a half inches. That's good."

"Alright now my turn." Dan said. Pete moved the ruler to Dan's dick then held his dick to line it up with the ruler. "Well?" Dan asked while his friend held and measured his dick.

"Nearly five inches. Ok, you're bigger." Pete let go of Dan's dick "Now Toby's turn."

"I don't think I'm going to win this." I admitted while Pete took hold of my dick and measured me. The first time anyone other than me had touched my dick and I had to admit, it felt nice.

"Only just over four inches. Bad luck Toby."

"I guess it'll have to be me that pleases your sister for you." Dan joked.

I wasn't that bothered I had the smallest dick. I liked it.

"If either of you two want to know what it's like to hold a real man's dick you can feel mine." Dan continued to joke.

"That sounds fun, thanks." I joked and grabbed his shaft. Dan obviously wasn't expecting me to call his bluff but he wasn't going to back down either. My fingers found his circumcised head and I gave it a gentle squeeze. I had never felt a circumcised penis, I'd never felt any penis apart from my own, and it felt weird. I felt a little wetness on my fingers from Dan's pre-cum.

Dan reached out and touched my dick. He felt the head and gently pulled my foreskin back. "I still think it looks odd with a foreskin." He said. Me and Dan looked each other in the eyes and I realised me and my friend were wanking each other off.

"You'd better let go or you're going to end up making me cum." Dan said and let go of my dick.

"I don't mind, if you return the favour." I laughed while still stroking Dan.

"What!?" Dan gasped.

"I'll do it." Pete said while stroking his dick watching me and Dan.

"Really?" I smiled and let go of Dan's dick.

"Sure. I don't mind helping you out if you help me out." I felt a bit nervous but the idea excited me. I had been enjoying Pete and Dan touching me and it would be nice to have a different hand doing it for a change.

"Ok." I said.

"Hey what about me." Dan said. "I didn't say I wasn't interested. I don't want to stand here playing with myself while you two have all the fun."

It seemed strange that three boys rubbing each others dicks had become 'fun' but I was looking forward to it.

"Ok," Pete started "I'll wank Toby, Toby can wank Dan and Dan can do me."

"OK." Me and Dan agreed.

Pete went to his desk drawer and took out a tub of vaseline. "I always use this when I wank." He opened the tub and rubbed some onto his hand. I sat on Pete's bed and picked up my phone.

"I'll need something to look at." I said opening the picture of my sisters butt. Pete sat next to me and wrapped his fingers around my dick and gently rubbed the lube in. Then he gripped my shaft more tightly and began wanking me. It felt great having a different hand on my cock and I easily imagined it was Sarah's hand.

"Sarah's butt looks great." Dan said sat on the other side of me looking at the picture on my phone. "I would love to put my dick in her."

Pete paused "I'm up for it."

"I don't think she'd let you." I said.

"No. I mean I'm up for it with you two. You know, practice sex."

Me and Dan sat silent for a moment while we tried to process what Pete had just said. Dan spoke first. "You want to have sex, with us?"

"Well, yeah."

"Isn't that kinda gay?"

"No. It's not like we fancy each other. It's just a bit of fun and good practice for when we get to do it with a real girl."

"You really want to put your dick in my butt and have mine in yours?"

"Girls and boys have the same butt holes, your dick won't know the difference when it's inside. I don't really want to take it but it's worth it to give it."

Finally I spoke up "Ok. I'll do it."

I didn't know if it was Pete making good sense or the fact that he still hand his hand on my dick but I was definitely up for it.

"Ok. I'm in too." Dan agreed.

"How do you want to do it?" I asked Pete "Who does who?"

"You're already worked up. How about you do me then I'll do Dan and Dan can do me."

"No." Dan said nervously. "I want Toby to go inside me. He's got the smallest dick."

"Ok." said Pete "Then you can go in me and I'll go in Toby."

We all agreed. I felt nervous but excited. Dan looked nervous as well. Dan stood at the side of Pete's bed and bent forward. His upper body was lying on the bed and his legs hung down the side with his arse pushing out. I stood behind him and looked down. He was trembling slightly and so was I. I could see his butt hole between his cheeks. I bent my knees slightly and lined my slippery dick up. "Are you ready?" I asked Dan. He nodded.

I held my breath as I put the head of my dick against his anus and pushed. At first I didn't think it was going to go in but then it ease into his ring. Dan grunted as I slowly slid my dick into him. "Are you ok?" I asked him.

"Yeah." he nodded "Just give me a minute. I held still then Dan nodded again "Ok, keep going." I pulled my hips back then pushed forward again. Slowly at first but building up speed as I went. I had my hands on Dan's buttocks and gave them a squeeze. It was an incredible feeling having my dick inside somebody else. It was warm and tightly gripped my dick. I thought about my sister, Sarah, and wondered if her butt felt the same.

The more I humped Dan the easier it got and the easier it got the faster I went. I was panting with each thrust but Dan just stared ahead. I imagined Sarah underneath me taking my dick and with a grunt I started cumming. My hips jerked forward as my spunk squirted into Dan's butt. I twitched and bucked as my orgasm ran through me. When it finish I stood catching my breath with my quickly softening dick still inside Dan. "You can take it out now." He said over his shoulder. I pulled out of him and stepped back. Dan stood up straight and turned to face me. He was close enough that his fully erect dick poked my now soft dick. He put his hand gently on my chest and looked at me. For a moment I thought he was going to kiss me but he just pushed me back.

"Wow! What was it like?" Pete asked.

"It was ok." Dan said.

"It was great." I said.

"It's my turn now." Dan smiled at Pete. Pete smiled back and got a handful of vaseline and rubbed it onto Dan's large dick. I watched him do it and felt glad I only had to take Pete's. Then Pete took his position on his bed and Dan lined up behind him. With one thrust Dan pushed into his butt.

"Aaahh!" Pete screamed "Be gentle."

"Sorry." Dan smiled and held still for a moment so Pete's body could adjust then started humping him again. Dan put one hand on Pete's hip and the other on his back pushing him down. I was playing with my dick watching them and it started growing again in my hand.

Dan was slamming his hips against Pete. Both of them were panting and smiling. "Ready? Here it comes." Dan said and pushed as deep into Pete as he could. I could see his butt cheeks clench and knew he was cumming. When Dan was done grunting he stepped back from Pete looking very pleased with himself. "That was great. I bet you liked it too."

"It was ok." Pete smiled as he stood up. "I think the best part might be giving and now it's my turn."

It was my turn to pick up the tube of lube and put some on my hand. I stood in front of Pete and rubbed it onto his dick. Pete looked at me while I did it and even gave my dick a little stroke. I put the tub down and took my position on the bed. Pete stood behind my bent over body and I felt something poke my butt hole. I felt it push forward into me. It hurt a little bit as Pete pushed deeper. I clenched my teeth until he was full in. Pete put a hand either side of me, lent forward and whispered in my ear "Are you ok? Shall I go on?" My body adjusted to the new sensation and I nodded.

Pete stayed laying over me as he gently moved his hips back and forward. It was an unusual feeling having something moving in my butt like that but it wasn't unpleasant. My body was loosening up and it was much easier to take. My dick had started to stiffen underneath me, I was starting to enjoy the experience. I looked over my shoulder and Pete. Our eyes met and we both smiled. Suddenly Pete groaned and pushed into to me. I felt a strange wetness in my butt, he was cumming. Pete collapsed onto me and I felt his dick twitching inside me as the wetness spread. Pete laid still for a moment then climbed off me. His dick slipped out of me but the weird wet feeling stayed. I stood up revealing my dick was hard again. Pete touched it "I'm glad you enjoyed it too." he said.

There was an awkward feeling in the room for a moment until Dan said "At least we'll all know what to do with a girl when when we get one."

"I had fun as well, better than having wank." I added.

"The best part was getting to see Pete's mum's pussy." Dan laughed and picked up one of the polaroids.

"I'd better put them back before my parents get home." Pete collected up the pictures and the box and took them back to where he found them. When he came back into the room we all got dressed.

Dan said he had stuff to get on with at home and left me and Pete playing computer games for the rest of the day. It was odd sitting with my friend while I could still feel his cum in my butt.

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Fun with the Boys

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Comments (1)
jonyoungau — 13 June 2018 10:28
if I had three friends like that id fuck them too
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