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Lindsey: An unlikely Romance. Part 4

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Romance, School

Author: theheathenjay

Published: 07 June 2018

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Chapter 4:

That night when I came home and my wife was nowhere to be found, the boys had no idea where she went. And she didn't respond to any of my texts.

In the back of my mind she had followed me to Lindsey's. I was getting paranoid.

As it turns out, she went out with some friends, and they got too drunk and grabbed a hotel room and slept it off. At least that's her story.

For two months I did everything I could to try and normalize my relationship with my wife. But she wasn't interested.

One afternoon, Karen dropped by. She had some bad news, she had spotted my wife with another man, they were at a bar.

It was Karen's sisters birthday, and they went out for drinks without any kids. In a back booth at the bar, there was a couple making out the entire night, it had become a running joke between Karen and her sister. They never even came up for air. But about the same time Karen was leaving, the couple got up and left. It was my wife and some guy Karen didn't recognize.

That night I confronted my wife about it. She didn't deny anything. We immediately began talking divorce! She wanted out, she didn't even bring up custody of the boys! When I asked she said, "They can live here with you, I'm getting an apartment." She sounded like it was rehearsed.

That night she started packing! Within a week it was official. She had been so distant for so long, it was hardly an adjustment.

The boys seemed ok with the situation. They stayed the first weekend at their mothers helping her get moved in.

At the end of the first month apart, she moved in with her boyfriend.

Karen was the only parent that knew my wife left me, the others didn't think anything of no longer seeing her around.

Graduation was near, my oldest was graduating, and the band was playing the ceremony. We were at the final rehearsal, when Lindsey snuck up behind me and slipped a pice of paper in my back pocket.

I pulled it out, it was a note. I didn't want to open it here, she had slipped away and I didn't see where she ran off to.

Later that night, I was in my back yard with a fire roaring in my pit. The boys were at their friends, Josh was headed off to college in a few months, so they were spending lots of time with their friends.

I opened the note, it smelled like the perfume Lindsey wears. In the note Lindsey said how sorry she was about coming on to me. And she was heartbroken that that made it so we can't be friends anymore. It was killing me not to even be able to talk to her. I tossed the letter into the fire. My hand still smelled of the perfume.

Graduation night came around. It was a hectic night, and My ex showed up with her new boyfriend. I recognized him, he went to college with us. But we never really knew each other.

After the ceremony, we were all standing around taking pictures. The boys were taking pictures with their mom and her boyfriend. Lindsey came up and I herd her ask Karen who that guy was. Karen , not thinking, told Lindsey. Lindsey's jaw dropped. Karen knew right away what she had done. I had confessed to Karen that Lindsey had come on strong a while back, and she had helped me keep Lindsey at a distance. We had agreed that telling Lindsey about my divorce might make things worse. We talked about me getting a girlfriend to let Lindsey know I still wasn't available, but with work and graduation, I just don't have the time!

I managed to avoid Lindsey the rest of the night. Until I was walking to my car. She was following me, and I had parked pretty far away. I got to my car pretending not to notice Lindsey behind me.

There was one other car in this lot next to mine. The cars automatic door locks opened. I turned and Lindsey had her key fob out. "You like it?" She asked. It was a BMW like her mom drove. A little two seater Z4. I knew her parents were well off, but this was a extremely nice car for a first car.

"Wanna race?" She joked. She showed me the car, and offered to take me for a drive. I said I couldn't.

She begged. "Come on! Your boys went to that graduation party, and I know your not going home to your wife!" She immediately apologized for that last bit. She begged again.

Reluctantly I accepted. I was still in love with this girl, I couldn't have refused if I wanted to.

We jumped in, and she sped off. I commented on how nice her car was. She looked like she wanted to say something, but stopped herself. There was an awkward silence.

"You should see how it handles!" She said. She turned down a road that led to a windy mountain pass. We were headed down a dark mountain road that led to about a dozen make out sites! I knew what was on her mind! I know I should have put a stop to it right there. But I didn't. We drove in silence for about ten minutes. Then she pulled to a parking spot, and shut the car off. We didn't say a word, just sat there for a second. Then I got out of the car. A minute later Lindsey got out.

I stood leaning against the rear quarter of the car. Lindsey came up to me. She leaned on the car beside me.

"When did you and your wife separate?" She asked quietly.

I told her about us just growing apart for years, and nobody got hurt, we just figured it was better this way.

"Is that why your avoiding me?" She asked.

As I spoke, the warm summer evening turned humid, the storm clouds have moved in, we were about to have a shower.

"Look, this thing between us, as the adult, I just can't let it happen." Just then the clouds opened up.

In seconds we were drenched. We got back in the car. I explained that she was just infatuated with me, and soon as she met some smart college guy she would forget all about me.

"Your too young and beautiful for an old guy like me!" I added. That triggered something in her. She practically leaped over the center console and pulled me in and kissed me deep and passionately!

I'm six foot two and two thirty, and I was powerless against a five foot eighty five pound girl!

For a moment I lost my self and let her unbutton my shirt. It was when she took my hand and placed it on her breast through her shirt, when I came around!

I pulled back, and she sank down to the drivers seat. She apologized. "Don't be sorry!" I said. "I think we should head back. Somebody probably saw us leave together." I said, trying to regain my composure.

Reluctantly she agreed. She started the car and we pulled away. She drove very slowly through the rain, I wasn't sure if it was her being unsure of the wet road or something else. We pulled into the parking lot, there wasn't a single car left but mine. She pulled next to my car. And again, went in for a kiss. She had tears in her eyes.

I was torn up inside. "You don't want an old man like me, you have a long life ahead of you, I'm going to be old and feeble when your in your thirties!" I consulted.

"I don't care!" She shot back in tears.

"I need to go." I said and got out of the car.

I sat in my car, Lindsey drove away. I followed at a distance to make sure she made it home fine. I stopped at the end of her street, she pulled into her garage. Then texted me.

: thanks for making sure I got home ok. :

Then I drove home.

I didn't sleep a wink that night!

A week later, Lindsey showed up at my house. "I'm going to Europe for the summer, I'm going to miss your birthday so I got you this." She handed me a wrapped gift. Before I could thank her she jumped up wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me! My son just came down to see who was at the door. I pulled her off of me. And thanked her for the gift. Josh just smiled and went to the kitchen. After she left, I went to the kitchen, not knowing what the hell to say!

"It's cool dad! Everyone knows Lindsey is obsessed with you!"

I felt my face get red with embarrassment. Then fear! This could get me in deep water!

With Lindsey in Europe, there was no chance of another incident. It was a pretty usual summer. The boys spent every other weekend at their mothers. I did get almost daily texts from Lindsey, all perfectly innocent, just showing me all the sites they visited.

By the time and camp rolled around, this was going to be the first year I wasn't a chaperone in four years. I was driving Josh to college on the other side of the country, it was sorta a last father son vacation before he was officially off on his own.

Day one of band camp and Sean my youngest told me that Lindsey was asking about me, and why I want there. I never told Lindsey about Josh and my trip. We rented a sports car and had a blast! Josh was trying to hook me up with every single woman we met!

When we were saying our goodbyes, Josh made a point of reminding me that Lindsey turns eighteen in October. "Thanks son!" I said sarcastically.

I was on the road still on my birthday, but I had brought Lindsey gift along. I opened it, it was a picture of my chevelle, up at the band camp. It had to have been taken the first day she arrived. It wa s in a beautiful frame. With it a note.

"I keep a copy of this picture with me all the time. I feel like I was just born twenty years too late. I can't help the way I feel, but I understand the problems I could cause for you. Just know that I love you and I will always be ready when you are to continue whatever this is."

I made it back in town for the last day at band camp. It's parents day but my ex didn't show. This years routine, had all three songs revolving around Lindsey's brilliant violin playing, she had singe handedly carried the band to a sweep in competitions last year and was bound to do it again her senior year as well.

Midway through the performance Lindsey and I made eye contact. Her face lit up. I caught myself before anyone noticed our little moment, and found Sean on the field and waved, even though there was no chance he would have seen me from the way he was facing.

As usual, Lindsey brought the crowd to their feet with her performance. She truly was something to behold.

After the performance. Sean found me right away. He showed me where his luggage was and I loaded it up.

I had just put his trumpet case in the trunk of my Chevelle, and out the corner of my eye I saw Lindsey headed my way. I was trying to figure out how to dodge her without being obvious. Just then one of the band moms intercepted her. And soon she was surrounded by parents complementing her on her performance.

Sean was finished saying goodbyes and was ready to go. As I pulled out Lindsey shot me a look of disappointment as I drove by, she was still swarmed by parents and students. And with all the talk about her crush it's still best that I kept my distance.

On the way home Sean had filled me in on all that went on at camp. He mentioned Lindsey keep asking about me when she caught Sean alone. Sean was smart enough to know what was going on, he didn't seem to have a problem with it. But knew not to talk about it with his friends.

When we got home, I got a text from Lindsey.

:"you didn't even say hello!" :

I told her I had to run to the grocery store. I told Sean I was going out to grab some beer.

I arrived at the store and Lindsey was already there. She had to haul ass! She lived ten minutes farther away than I did. I walked in the store like I was minding my own business, and Lindsey followed a short distance behind me. We talked and walked through the store. She asked me how Josh was, and about our trip. I asked about band camp and we had a pretty pleasant normal conversation. I expected her to try and jump me soon as I saw her, but it just seemed like she wanted to spend time with me.

I only went for a six pack, but ended up with a cart full while taking. After I paid, Lindsey helped me load my car. I told her I should get going. She pulled me down for a kiss. I expected her to slip the tongue, but it was an innocent little peck on the cheek.

That night I couldn't sleep. I was thinking about how this school year would go. I was going to need Karen's help to

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Lindsey: An unlikely Romance. Part 4

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