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  1. Wandering Through Life..A Look Back At The Ladies I've Known and Loved....- Chapter Two..
  2. Wandering Through Life..A Look Back At The Ladies I've Known and Loved....Chapter 3
  3. Wandering Through Life..A Look Back At The Ladies I've Known and Loved... Chapter 4.
  4. Wandering Through Life - Chapter 5
  5. Wandering Through Life. A Look Back at the Ladies I've Known - 7

Wandering Through Life. A Look Back at the Ladies I've Known - 7

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Author: Sticker Patch

Published: 07 June 2018

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I was back on leave again and getting ready to ship out for Vietnam. I planned on seeing Susan and family but needed to see some other people first. Liz was still across the street but in school so I crossed the street to the house next door. This family had two boys both at private school in Alaska so I figured they would be gone. They were social friends of my folks and Ginny had always been "real" friendly in the past and with the recent sexual encounters with Susan's Mom peaked my interest in "older" ladies !!

I knocked on the door and waited..I heard "who's there" from Ginny. I answered that "it's Al from across the street". She said "come on in" and I opened the door. I looked around and heard her say "I'm just finishing a shower and I'll be right out". I went into the kitchen and grabbed a soda from the fridge. I heard the bathroom door open and heard her come down the hall.

She rounded the corner and to say my eyes about popped out of my head would be an understatement! She was wearing a slip that covered to mid thigh and I saw no bra straps or panty line. She was rubbing her neck and shoulder and her boobs were jumping around inside the slip top unrestrained! Her left nipple looked like it liked the rubbing against the inside of the slip. She said " I hurt my muscles in my neck and down my back trying to put a dish on the top shelf" and pointed to the dish on the counter.

To describe Ginny she was about 5'6" about 145 lbs and a "Full Figured Woman"..her son had told me she wore a 36 EE bra and through hugs over the years I found she led with her chest..I grabbed the dish to put it away and turned around facing her. She said "thanks and welcome home" and grabbed me for her customary hug. This hug seemed to linger a bit longer than usual and included a cheek kiss. She winced a bit an said "damn that hurts!".

I said "maybe I should head home and let you suffer in peace." She said " unless you could rub my neck and shoulders"? She was kinda smiling and had a pleading look in her eyes. She went into the living room and sat on the couch. Her slip raised another couple inches and the view was getting better! I sat down behind her and said "show me where to rub"? She leaned forward a bit and pointed to her necks left side and down her back to her shoulder blade. The boob view increased and I felt a rise in my levis! I started rubbing with both hands on her neck and she said "the pain radiated down her back and also the front towards her boob". Holy crap..did she just give me permission to rub her boob too?

I continued to rub her neck and started down her back. She started moaing a bit and said that was really helping her relax..not me..but I continued to rub for 10 minutes or so. She said " that seems to really be helping and she leaned back into me and scooted her butt against me. She said time for the front and I glanced down the front of her slip and could see both nipples standing up proud.

She glanced down and saw her nipples sticking out and pushed back against me more and said " when I was nursing the boys I really enjoyed it and if I was alone I would masturbate to orgasm!" I must have turned red and she said "why the embarrassment"? I said " a lady had just told me that a year ago and I thought it was very sexy"! She asked "just how old was this lady"? I said "same age as you"! Her eyes opened wide and her turn to be red.." so you like older women?" I said no doubt I appreciated their knowledge and willingness to do different things". She asked " what things?" I said "they tell you what the like and don't push to get it over with"! "like what specifically?" I said "she was unbelievable in giving a blow job, where she liked her pussy fingered, how she liked her nipples sucked and especially licking and sucking on her pussy and clit".

Again her face got red and the redness spread down her chest to her boobs and she clenched her thighs together. I smiled and she said she had orgasm-ed.. She stood up and grabbed my belt and undid the buttons on my levis.. she smiled and said 'commando" upon seeing no underwear. She turned around and lifted her slip to her waist and sat down on my cock nestling it between her ass cheeks. I could feel the warmth from her asshole and the wetness of her snatch on my balls. She leaned back and slipped her straps down her arms exposing her boobs and "said one for you and one for me" and lifted her nipple to her mouth and I ducked under her arm and attacked the other one. She started grinding her ass on my cock and I reached down with my unbusy hand to her pussy. She spread her legs a little and my fingers found her lips through the softest pussy hair. She was so warm and wet I about shot my load while she reached down and started caressing my balls. I pushed through her lips and started rubbing from her G spot to her clit and her wetness was spreading down onto my cock.. I asked if she wanted a poke in the ass or her pussy. She said" I want a couple more orgasms and then I'll decide where you put that cock!"

She started to tense up again and her butt cheeks were moving like we were fucking and I wanted to blow my load right there! She asked "did you like eating your older lady?" I said "yup and how about you letting me eat your pussy now?" She stood up and laid me out on the couch and got on top of me with her legs by my head. I scooted around to where her pussy was over my head and I pulled her to my mouth. She grabbed my cock and gave it the lollipop treatment and sucked the head into her mouth..this about set me off and I was leaking pre cum like a faucet! She grabbed the base and gave it a firm squeeze to delay my ejaculation. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and licked her back to her anus and she tasted so good from her previous orgasms. I pulled her cheeks apart and started rubbing her anus and was also licking into her pussy opening and sucking her clit. She was sucking me hard and thrusting her hips back and forth like a machine while she grunted around my cock. She lifted and said let's cum together and sucked me to the back of her throat while swallowing me.

I let go my cum and she damn near suffocated me putting her thighs together and let lose a face and mouth full of her girl cum. She held this position for at least 30 seconds still thrusting her hips while she had me in her pussy vice! She rolled off of me and spun around and licked her cum off my face while she frenched me and giving me a mouthful of my cum. she asked me " how do like your taste?" and I said " just fine with your girl cum mixed in". She blushed and said " sorry I get so wet and I hope it's not pee?" Then she shocked the shit outta me with " do I taste as good as Liz next door?" Now my turn to blush.. "how did you find out about Liz and I?" She said "I went outside to have a smoke and I saw you two making out under the tree".

We laid there and continued caressing each other while she questioned me about Liz and how far we got. I told her " Liz was very concerned about getting pregnant and wouldn't let my cock close to her pussy". I also told her about her personal and private feelings and wanted to eat her to a climax but only got finger tastes..and masturbated alot!

She said " I had a partial hysterectomy and can't get pregnant and your cock is welcome in my pussy". I started sucking on her nipples and fingering her pussy and she started lifting her hips up and saying "time to fuck..NOW". She got up and laid me on my back and straddled my hips. She was dripping her cum all over me and rubbing her pussy on my cock. When she reached her clit she would gyrate her hips while my cock head rubbed her.. this was wonderful and I felt my cum starting to rise in my balls. She grabbed me by the base again and leaned forward rubbing her nipples on my chest and slipped me into her pussy.

To say this felt wonderful on my cock ..she wasn't tight but it felt just right with the wetness and she started to orgasm again and smiled. She asked how she compared to my other "older" lady and I said.."I never compare and take each pussy as their own". "Good answer and just who is this older lady?" She continued to grind her hips on me and I could feel her cervix rubbing the end of my cock which was getting me close again..I just smiled and she seemed to forget the question. I reached down to her pussy and covered my fingers with her cum and stroked her nipples with my wet fingers. She continued to raise and lower on me and would rub her clit on my pubic bone and quietly grunt. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her ass cheek and said "please rub my back door..I'm getting ready to cum big time"..I complied and two more down strokes and she shrieked "I'm cumming!" and let lose..that drew a big cum out of me as she seemed to faint quietly on me..her pussy was pulsing with contractions and pushed me out along with a bunch of our mixed fluids..

She lifted off me and was cupping her mons with her hand and said "I need to pee bad and clean up this mess"! She waddled down the hall with her knees closed and hand over her pussy. I could see the mess running down the inside of her thighs when she reached the bathroom she said "come in here and let's get you cleaned up!" I headed into the bathroom and stood before her still dripping her and my cums mixed and she grabbed my cock and commenced to suck and lick me clean..again she said " so how do I compare to Susan's Mom?" I said "where did you get that idea?" She smiled and said "your Mom..she's afraid you are going to knock her up because she sees the same condoms in your pants so your obviously going bareback and I know about her Dad"! I just smiled and said "I'll never tell". She looked up and said "you know this is a first and last time for us"..I told her "you keep sucking and rubbing my cock and we could do this again"! She gave me last last lick on the head of my dick and said "don't pick up any diseases or foreign attachments in Vietnam" and pushed me out of the room...

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Wandering Through Life. A Look Back at the Ladies I've Known - 7

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