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  1. Astral’s Tale - Volume I
  2. Astral’s Tale - Volume II - Magical Feelings
  3. Astral’s Tale - Volume III - Immense Connections

Astral’s Tale - Volume I

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Author: Long Scepter

Published: 07 June 2018

  • Font:


If you don’t find my girl, I’ll string you up by your legs and let the wolves get you, you hear me?!” Spat a bearded old face, the reek of alcohol flying from the opening. The cabin rattled in the violent winds as the men spoke.

“We’ll have her soon, sir”, spoke a ragged and sickly voice from the corner of the room in response.

“We have it covered, Bill”, chimed in a well spoken Englishman, with a deep sigh.

“Then get the fuck out there”, choked the stocky mountaineer, raising a fresh bottle to his messy and food covered mouth. The Englishman moved to the doorway, lifting his weapon from a three legged chair.

Charles quickly exited the small building, slamming the rotten door angrily as he did. On the uneven porch, he wrapped the fur of his coat over his face and pulled on his thick gloves. Out he stepped, into the bitter gale of winter. He gripped his scratched, wooden rifle tightly; The oaken stock stuck to his scruffy leather hands. His body stiffened. The cold shocked him. Each time he stepped into the frozen frontier, he would jump at the spiteful breeze. The coming of spring brought something close to a smile beneath his face cover. The young man’s tough boots waded in the thick snow, the white sea swallowing him below the knee. He moped onwards, his sight set on his meagre lodging; a logged box atop the frozen falls that was constantly battered in the harsh weather. After trudging the distance of half a mile, he stopped just before the front door. The snap of a twig and crunching of snow stopped him in his tracks. He turned slowly to face the huge trees of the forest, from which a string groaned and stretched. The figure was covered, their identity kept hidden under a rough hood and tan overcoat, and snowy drifts blew from behind their steady arms. Charles’ heart was nearly thumping out of it’s cage at the sight.

The figure pulled harder on the bowstring as if to let it fly. Charles prepared to leap away in the hope that he might get away with his life, at the very least; he held tightly to his trusty weapon and bent his knees unnoticeably. Before he could prepare, the figure turned and dashed speedily into the pines; A disappearing shape. The man was planted in place, his heart still pumping loud enough to be heard through the whistling draft. Confusion clouded his mind and clouds of warm air burst from his mouth and up into his squinting eyes. His curiosity took hold and without warning nor regard for any preplanning, his legs took control and dragged him into the woodland after the figure, bearing no mind to the deep snow which was trying desperately to swallow him whole. Nevertheless, he continued to fly past dark pine trees that swayed and creaked in the air, bashing through heavy branches that thumped into his chest and face. He didn't even know where he was going. He continued straight on in the hope that he might find the lone hunter. After minutes of exhaustive sprinting, he prepared to stop and turn back, as his breath continued to leave him.

He was brought to a halt, as he slammed into a wide tree trunk; he was sent spinning to the floor. After picking himself up in the assurance that nobody saw that, his mind drifted and noted that he found himself in a perfectly measured circle of trees and foliage. He observed the lack of snow on the pale green grass, and the shade created by looming tree leaves. The oddest element was the perfectly vertical, ornate arrow that sat dead centre in the clearing. The butt of the arrow held three striped crimson feathers and strings of beads, which dangled from all sides. The hunter found it less intriguing than he found it queer.

Charles had become so held by the scene, that he'd forgotten entirely about his chase, and bent down to pull the arrow from the earth. As his gloved hand gripped the shaft of the arrow, his ears twitched at the familiar sound of a bowstring stretching. He froze and raised his hands into the air with his rifle. “Drop your weapon and step forward”, spoke a sharp female voice, with a surprisingly weak accent, from his rear.

“Of course” he chimed, “if you would promise not to shoot me in the back.” He replied, attempting to sound far less jumpy than he knew he was.

“Why would I not have done this already?” The youthful voice asked.

“Fair point. I'm putting my rifle on the ground okay?”, as he did so, the speaker thudded to the ground behind him, causing a small jump inside Charles; he stood slowly with both hands raised high into the air once more, taking a step forwards towards the trees.

“What are you?” , The woman asked, slowly approaching him.

“How do you know English?”, he asked, receiving a hit on the back with his own rifle”

“Answer me”, the woman demanded.

“I'm just a hunter. I live up in the hills.” He replied quickly, “please I was just tracking a-“

“You chased me.” She interrupted, mockingly, poking his legs with her bow.

“Well you were going to shoot me!” He exasperated, waving his arms to exclaim the point.

“I was not. I was curious.” , she continued while remaining behind the man, “I’m sure the elder will be too”. Before Charles could respond, a sharp pain came with a shrouding of darkness.

Astral stepped nimbly along the snowy ground, carrying the fur-clad hunter atop her shoulders. The woman barely sunk into the meter thick snow, as she made her way towards home. The man was strange to her, his voice was different to the others and she wondered with intrigue where he came from. He was also paler than the other settlers she’d seen. She held the man’s weapon in her left hand. It was ugly. She found that these people often spent no time to make things beautiful and she found even its texture was ugly to the touch. She had been walking for almost an hour, when the man started to stir atop her shoulders. She set him down against a tree and stepped back into the shadows of the forest. Charles slowly opened his eyes and felt a thrashing pain in his head. He moved to grab his neck but found his hands bound together. The rope rubbed harshly against his skin and left it to sting him cruelly. He realised that his limbs were all bound and he immediately struggled to get free.

“Hello? Get these off me, please! It's freezing out here.”, he shivered as the snow fell on him.

Charles scanned the tree line, before shimmying his way up the tree until he was standing. He hooked his wrists around a low hanging branch; he then rubbed the rope along the branch furiously, as it brought searing pain to him. The rope snapped after what felt like an age and he collapsed to the cold ground after his sudden loss of balance. As he bent down to untie his ankles, a female voice spoke from beyond the trees once again.

“I am almost impressed”, spoke the woman, calmly, as Charles remembered her doing before. He released a sigh and let his head fall to his chest. The woman stepped out from the trees to his front, with a spring in her step; for the first time he saw her without her leather and fur outerwear. Instead, she wore a simple vest that barely covered the middle of her chest, and fur bottoms, with a heap of bags and sacks over her back. She was young, perhaps even younger than himself. Her face was slim and pretty, her big eyes of pale blue stared at him with an untrusting look. Her dark, long hair waved smoothly in the wind, as if it disobeyed the power of the wind.

All of a sudden, Charles wasn't as frightened of her, even as she held her bow to him and unsheathed a small decorated knife from her side, he was stunned by the unknown beauty of her features. She cautiously walked towards him, holding her knife up. “Be still.” She commanded. Charles didn't move a muscle, as he continued to stare at her in awe. She grabbed the rope between his ankles and ran the knife through it, setting his legs free from one another. As soon as she had he scrambled up to his feet and moved back into the tree. He gulped, asking “Where are you taking me?”

“To my village. I hope you will come without being forced.” She said with a reassuring, but also threatening, smile.

“Then why did you hit me?”, he asked quickly.

“I thought you would be more violent, I apologise.” she spoke sincerely, as a less unfriendly look took its place on her features. She asked whether he would come with her peacefully, and maintained an air of uncertainty.

“I suppose I don’t have much choice, I just hope you don’t plan on hurting me.”, he replied after a second of thought, “what’s so interesting about me though?” He quizzed the light-footed native, whose small feather headdress waved into a cold breeze.

”I think you are different to many settlers and hunters that my people have known, like someone I know well” she responded openly, “ that is how I speak your tongue”.

“It’s not as though I’ll be missing an exciting time, and I’m curious to meet your peoples, so lead on” Charles said politely, like it was a colonial innkeeper.

“I am glad. What do I call you, and where are you from?” She asked, as if she had never tied him up and lugged him through the forest.

“My name is Charles Longsborough, good to meet you..”, he stared at her for a while before jumping in, “Oh... yes I'm from England, I hope you know it.” He spoke nervously, but without fear in his words.

“I know of it, your people are one of many that took land that belonged to mine” she replied sourly. Charles stood silent for a second.

“I’m sorry but I was just a child, I’m only here to make a life for myself”, he responded apologetically. She nodded her head and exerted a quick smile on her face, one that held a bitter taste. Astral turned on her heel and strode through a line of trees, towards a reasonably large opening in the forest.

“I am called Astral, Charles Longborough, follow me”, She said, whilst moving through the low branches, as if she were a squirrel in its natural habitat.

Once the couple had reached the open ground, the young woman stopped and dropped her packs in a patch of thin snow. “We will have to stop here”, speaking wisely to him. “We can’t navigate at night”, she added.

Charles nodded his head; “Do we have any equipment to camp with?”, he asked worryingly.

Astral pointed towards the sacks and pouches she had piled on the floor nearby.

“How did you carry me and all that, you can’t be that strong.”, he asked with shock, “and why are you so far from your home?” he inquired. “I was sent by the elder to locate settlements close to our borders”, she responded, ignoring the other questions.

After constructing a worryingly small teepee – only fit for one person, which the Englishman made some fuss about - making a fire just to the front of it and killing a small rabbit, the sun had gone entirely and darkness surrounded warm flames. The cold was nearly unbearable now and even fire couldn’t resist the cruel frost. Charles’ fingers had gone numb as he sat upon a log of rotten wood. He was jamming chunks of skinned meat onto skewers, before placing them above the fire. After skinning the meat, his hands were covered in a deep crimson; without speaking, Astral moved around behind him and watered his hands down, washing them of blood. He smiled in thanks.

They had hardly spoken since the two set up camp and the time was filled with silence. Considering there was little trust between the two of them, and Charles’ uncontrollable attraction towards her radiance, it was seemingly natural. To him, though, it became unbearable and he spoke up. “Astral, how old might you be?”, Charles questioned her out of the blue.

“Why?”, she retorted quickly; glancing at him. She moved past the fire and sat cross legged on the cold ground opposite Charles.

“I was just curious… You look quite young after all.” She hesitated a moment, but then spoke,” I was born twenty three years ago. What of your age?” She requested with a less-than-innocent look on her face. In fact she was examining his face at that moment.

“I’m twenty one, so I suppose I was wrong.”, he smiled, “You look younger, that’s all” he added awkwardly as he chewed on a tough chunk of rabbit.

“I will take that as a kindness”, she replied, covering the hint of a smile with her hand.

Charles wasn't anything incredible, however his thin face could easily be called handsome; a perfectly straight nose and somewhat chiselled jaw. His face was topped with some stubble after a day or two without grooming, and his head was topped with flowing brown hair that brushed along his neck. This all rested on a six foot tall and pale frame. Astral found his complexion curious, the purity of his skin was washed with a pretty red at times and she struggled to find this anything but strapping amongst his princely features.

“Is there a story behind the arrow I was holding?” Charles said, breaking another silence, as they both gazed nervously at one another, their cultural differences creating a mist of confusion around the fire.

“They mark the area around our territory. They are placed in a circle a small way from each other. If they are not there, other tribes can move into our land without knowing.” She explained, grabbing Charles’ attention. He had more questions for this mysterious native.

They continued to talk into the late night, starting with small things about their activities and slowly revealing things about their personal lives and their pasts, as the night sky watched overhead. Charles told Astral about his home and how different it was in; he found them both beautiful, but he adored the wildness of her country. They began to grow a quick fondness for one another, finding their natural attraction to one another impossible to resist. They talked long into the night, smiling and laughing across the fire. As the dark grew older, the two started to speak as if they had known one another for months rather than hours. Astral imposed herself on the conversation and was very forward; Charles found her personality incredible, she rarely held things back and spoke more openly than anyone he’d met once they started speaking frankly. It was a fresh change from his English acquaintances at home and even the barbaric settlers he mixed with.

After their small supper, the two of them agreed that the cold was too much. They both slipped inside the tight teepee, which forced them up against one another, which Charles found unbearably uncomfortable, and was unable to look her in the eye. The warmth of the teepee compared to the outside was astonishing to Charles; the small candlelight flickered above the two of them.

“Before we sleep, why are you taking me to your village? I still don't understand.” He inquired.

“The people of the village will want to study you, how you live. It may even be that we ask you to teach your language.”

“Wait, so I have to stay? What if I want to return home?” He inquired swiftly. Astral completely ignored his question. She stared into his eyes, ordering him to remove his clothing and lay them outside outside, reminding him that they needed to retain their heat. Charles removed his fur coat and then his thick leather shirt, revealing a toned athletic torso. His abdomen glowed in the light and the warmth of teepee brought glistening sweat onto the surface. Astral observed the art in front of her for a while before she prepared to do the same, with a feeling of surprise and joy expanding in her mind. The unstoppable force of her attraction was impossible to resist, and she chose to indulge.

“The rest”, she commanded. She couldn’t help smirking, as she removed her own fur overcoat, followed by removing her revealing wolf-fur vest. Charles felt a twitch in his midriff, a sensation he was used to, but never understood; her supple, perky breasts fell from her garments, freezing him where he stood. The first he had seen since he was but an infant. Her penny sized nipples poked out and brushed up against his solid chest, it drove him wild and the swelling in his trousers accelerated.

He wanted to remove the rest of his clothing, but he was stuck admiring the paler skin covering her perfect breasts. Astral, on the other hand, had begun to remove her lower body clothing; revealing her smooth vagina, which gleamed in the candlelight and the soft pink left her companion bewildered. Her slender, toned thighs lead down to her gorgeous calves, which she removed from her bottoms. Her body was unnaturally hairless, Charles failed to see anything, and while he kept his own body and groin area well groomed, her skin was as flawless and smooth as a newborn’s. Now Charles’ member strained at the restraints of his own bottoms, as his excitement grew more than ever at the image of pure arousal in front of him.

“I don't know if I should-“ he began.

“Let me help you with that, Charles.”, She interrupted with an adorable giggle, reaching down to the waist of his slim fur trousers, above the large bulge stretching the material. She yanked the material down to the floor to reveal his white briefs, which were almost tearing due to the large object twitching behind them. Astral got down on her knees and looked up into Charles’ wide eyes, smiling seductively as she licked her lips. Then without warning she ripped the dampening briefs from his muscled thighs. Eight inches of engorged cock swung from his waist, slapping her cheek with an oozing drip of precum she glanced from his swinging dick to his glazed over eyes and back again, with a huge grin on her face.

“Oh my, that’s big Charles.” She said with a squeal, as the head rested millimetres from her lips. Her eyes were wide as she stared down the long barrel. She breathed heavily, running her hands over her incredibly stiff nipples. She looked up into his face and smirked with her plush lips.

“Is that a good thing?” He asked out of confusion, with a shaking anticipation in his voice.

“Oh, it is to me”, she replied in a seductive voice, bringing another twitch to the huge rod in front of her.

“Astral… I've never even touched myse-“, he said, but was cut off quickly. Suddenly, she spat on her slender hand and gripped his stiff pole.

“Then I'll have to introduce you and your big cock to pleasure.” She whispered, as she started to stroke his member slowly, from the base all the way to the tip. Charles groaned heavily as pleasure flashed through his body, his breaths becoming deep and slow as the incredible and unusual feeling flooded through his cock. Astral grabbed his large testicles, juggling them between her fingers.

“Oh Charles... you feel so big and you're all sensitive!” She moaned and giggled onto the head of his penis.

“Ugh.. Uh it feels so good”, he sighed, “I’ve never felt like this bef-“ , he shuddered hard and stumbled slightly, as a wet warmth surrounded the head of his member; sending an incredible feeling along his shaft and up into his groin, he moaned loudly “Ugh holy shit! That feels so good.”, as the gorgeous woman moved her mouth further down his long pole, whilst continuously juggling his balls with her wet hand. She flicked her tongue along the width of his shaft as she moved down. Her free hand wandered down to her own midriff where she moaned at the touch on her pussy lips. She slid a finger inside of her, thrusting it in desperately. Astral continued her envelopment of his hard penis into her throat, as she began to furiously rub her clit. Both moaned loudly at the pleasure surrounding them, vibrations running up the stiff shaft. She was nearly two thirds of the way down on his cock, with his hand on the back of her head pushing her down, swallowing and contracting her throat as she went. Not once did she cough or gag; it was as if she was born for it, and his organ fit perfectly into her throat like perfect partners. Both nude bodies were sweaty and glistening in the light, as they groaned as one, Astral working furiously away at her nethers whilst she worked Charles’ barrel.

Suddenly, Charles panted, “I think something’s happening… What's happening?” He began moaning louder and louder, unable to control himself. Astral rubbed harder on her clit, moving one of her man’s arms down to massage her breast. She took his cock from her throat and mouth. She started breathing heavily.

“You're about to cum Charles, and you're going to do it all over me, you’re going to cover me in that big cock juice.” She said sensually, as she bit her lip.

“Just look into my eyes and let me take care of you.” She half moaned half croaked. She started to pump heavily on his cock with both her soaking hands, squeezing up and down the shaft.

“Yes Charles! Yes! Give it to me, all of it!” She moaned as she stroked faster and faster.

“Oh fuck, I think it's coming! Ughhhh”, he moaned loudly, almost roaring through the pleasure as his huge cock swelled and burst after twenty one years, with the most extraordinary pleasure. A huge jet of white liquid exploded onto the face of Astral who was almost screaming with joy and pleasure.. She pumped harder and harder, as more and more cum to sprayed her. Stream after stream fired onto her face and chest, dripping down her soft tits like a river of milk and spurting into her open mouth, dripping from her tongue and trickling over her juicy lips. Charles bellowed out in pleasure as it filled him completely. Astral slowed the strokes and started to squeeze, as more gushes oozed from his big dick down to her waist, they came and came and refused to stop, until both partners were fatigued from the bursting dam of ejaculate. Charles moaned and shook as the final waves of pleasure began to subside and the final streams leaked and dribbled from the swollen head. She let go as the last streams poured out. Charles collapsed down onto the soggy fur sheets in shock, gushing for air. As he lied there panting, she moved to her hands and knees, taking his length into her mouth again. Charles gasped with shock at the sensitivity of his groin as Astral started to suck the liquid from his head and shaft, like she needed it to stay alive. Eventually she removed her juicy lips and lied on her back, atop a panting Charles. Astral wiped the waterfall of cum from around her face, allowing it to pour into her open mouth and sucking the thick liquid from her fingers.

She lied down next to the exhausted man she’d just sucked dry and curled her body around his to fit into the tight space, her thigh resting against his wet member that began to soften after its exercise. She looked around at the cum soaked interior of the teepee and down at her own white-painted body, the semen over her globes still glistening in the dim light. She moved to kiss Charles, as he still panted in astonishment. When their lips touched, it was like an electric shock to them both and they broke quickly from it. With tired eyes, Charles put his hand around the name of her neck and brought her in again; the couple launched forwards uncontrollable with a flurry of lips and tongues battling each other. Their hands explored their bodies desperately, like a search for the holy grail, and Charles’ fingers stroked at the lips of her tidy pussy, forcing a gasp from her lips. Though he had no experience, he rubbed the area with his fingers, bringing moans from his partner, until she brought her free hand to his and guided it to her opening; his fingers were led into her vagina and two squeezed through the tight entrance. Astral pushes her body into his out of pure pleasure and squeezed her other arm around his back, as he turned onto his side and had her follow. As he spooned his sexy companion, her bubbly rear pushed into his naked member, once again flushing a feeling of gentle excitement through his genitals. His balls pushed against her ass and the shaft became rigid while nested upwards towards her back, between her soft and fat cheeks.

While he hooked his fingers into her intimate parts, bringing her to moan and thrush against his hardening tool, the two embraced in another kiss and she gently wrapped her moist hand around muscular neck.

“Right there Charles, keep pus-… pushing”, Astral squeezed out between moans and kissing. He did as he was told and pushed his finger into the spot over and over again until her body started to stiffen and her voice stuck in her throat; he slowed his fingers to a slow but powerful movement, just before her body unfroze and started to writhe against his body uncontrollably. She let out the most beautiful moans and squeals, and Charles covered her mouth with his to stop her waking up the wilderness, while he continued to finger her and grind up against her thick behind. Her body shook, twitched and ground against his own which excited him to beyond his belief for what seemed like a lifetime. As her movements began to calm and she stopped screaming into their kiss, he broke the kiss and removed his hand from her glistening pussy. “

Oh Charles…”, she panted, “I thought you were new to this…” she spoke through a relieved sigh. She turned back over to face him, and interlocked their legs. She smirked and was about to speak before she felt his engorged cock poking her soaked pussy lips.

“I see you liked what you saw Charles.” She giggled, reaching down to grip his slightly sore pole. He moaned again, feeling the sensations coming back to his genitals, and stared down at her still glistening – cum soaked body – with a look of unbearable excitement on his face. He pecked her lips and grinned at her. “Did I do well?” He asked genuinely.

“What do you think?” She laughed with the most wonderful sound he’d ever head, and started to stroke his long instrument of pleasure. Astral unlocked her legs and rolled them both onto his back, she kept her hand on the shaft and continued to pump it while straddling his legs.

“Are you ready to lose your purity young Charles?” She asked seductively, while gazing into his stunned eyes.

“I haven’t already lost it?”, he asked in amazement. She grinned and shook her head, “Not even close”, she whispered, “but I can help you with the next part too”. She spat a few times on his cock and smothered it in wetness, then lifted herself up over his long cock; the glowing native rubbed the head over her lips before descending towards pleasure. The companions held their breath while they stared into one another’s eyes. The end of his member penetrated the opening of her tight pussy, bringing a deep moan from Charles and a high pitched squeal from Astral. She lowered herself even more, pleasure bursting inside of her, as Charles’ weapon expanded and squeezed into her tight vagina. They both breathed fast in anticipation and shivers of pleasure struck them between their bodies. Astral lost the ability to hold on and dropped onto Charles’ groin, letting out a squeal of pleasure that shocked her and forced her mouth open. The two held that position as the pleasure absorbed them both. The slender young woman lifted herself to his tip, before drop back down with a slap.

Each time she bottomed out on him, the pleasure was unbelievable and she flew into a rough ride of bouncing and grinding on his gigantic beast. For minute after minute they slammed into each other, excitement shivered up Charles’ cock every time and his white seed boiled in his balls. He grabbed onto her bouncing tits as she arched her back, the slapping of moist body parts filled the air and cracked through the forest. They both moaned and groaned constantly while they pounded away, and they grew closer to finishing.

“Astral.. I think I’m going to cum again… this feels so good”, Charles rasped through his lack of breath.

“I already came twice on your beautiful cock, and you’re going to do it again!” She replies in an erotic moan, just before letting out a long and sexy squeal; she froze and went rigid before cumming for the fourth time. She twitched and groaned, as her eyes rolled back, on his fat cock as he continued to pound away alone now. The sight of the magnificent woman writhing on his tree trunk sent him over the edge and he felt his seed brewing.

“Fuck I’m going to blow Astral!”, he warned her, but she refuse to budge and pushed his torso to the ground with her own. Still shaking from her own finish, she clung to her partner as his cum streamed into her nethers and filled her up. Charles moaned and humped at her pussy desperately with wide eyed enthusiasm. The feeling was even better than before and with each jet of semen a spike of excitement leapt up his spine through his member. After their orgasms, they collapsed with each other, exhausted and breathless. As they both passed into sleep, Charles’ cock softened and with it his river of cum leaked out of Astral’s moist lips.

A cold light bloomed at the entrance of entrance of the teepee, lacking the colour of the sun and trying hard to break through and engulf the couple in winter. She felt warm though. Her chest and face were covered in pools of dried cum. She giggled to herself at the amount that covered her body and the excitement it caused. She felt the same dried substance at the entrance to her midriff and remembered the river that flowed from it the night before.

After reflecting on the previous night, she realised that she was alone in the teepee and she was no longer atop her new companion. Her slender body leapt from the pile of leather and fur. She stepped out from the shelter to find Charles sliding his shirt onto his torso in the warm sunshine. Though the heat was evident, the breeze caused her to shiver in her nudity. Quickly, she bounced playfully towards her own pile of clothing, throwing her coat of fur over herself. Hearing the commotion, Charles turned with a snap, before setting his eyes on the adorable figure of his previous captor. He stared longingly at her, all thoughts leaving him. A familiar feeling started bubbling at his lower half. He snapped out of his daze when she stared back at him with a smirk. His heart thumped.

“How did you rest?” She asked with a big smile. He thought before replying.

“Like a baby, thanks to you”, he answered shyly.

She laughed lightly. She stepped slowly over the thin snow, moving to her tip toes when she reached him. Her arms moved around his muscled neck and pulled his face to hers. Their lips touched sensually, as their eyes shut slowly. Charles moaned almost unnoticeably; his face tingled at the texture of her supple lips. He put his hands around the waste of her coat, carefully sliding them inside and wrapping them around her bubbly cheeks. He squeezed gently and then firmly and then started to knead them without control, as they pushed their lips harder together. Astral moved towards Charles as he squeezed her behind rousingly. She pressed her tight abdomen against his obvious bulge, which lead up to the border of his trousers. Charles broke the erotic kiss to moan; he observed the sexy image of her dark body pressing against his groin.

Suddenly, a bark burst through the creaking and swaying of the forest; a sharp and harsh sound above the bushes and along the ground. Charles and Astral leapt from one another and turned to scan the trees. The bark morphed into a menacing growl that somehow came from all directions. Another growl pierced through the tree line, causing a jump in Charles. Astral, meanwhile, slowly backed towards the teepee, while pulling the coat around her bare skin. Disturbingly, another ferocious bark jumped in among the growling orchestra, a constant of ear piercing shouts. A pale wolf crept through the foliage, planting its paws gently in the paler snow. It's long teeth were revealed by its growling face of anger. Astral stepped in front of the still hunter, passing him his rifle behind her back. She planted herself in front of the two approaching predators. The growls grew louder as the two figures readied their weapons. Without warning, the pale wolf leapt towards the native woman, its partner following. The darker wolf quickly found a long arrow planted in its shoulder, causing it to fall back to the ground. The paler wolf was flying towards Astral, jaws wide. Charles started to press the ignition. To his surprise, though, agony struck through his left calf, shaking his aim and sending a ball of led into the forest’s shadow. Astral swung her bow across the face of the wolf, sending it off to the side. It shook its scarred face, then burst forwards again, which sent her stumbling to the ground onto her back. It jumped on her, scratching at her coat while gnashing desperately at the woman’s neck. The native wrestled with the wolf’s neck, as the jaw battered away at her bare hands.

Charles watched the attack, shortly before he was dragged backwards to the cold ground, sending his musket into the white powder and his face to the earth. He yelled in pain as the animal continued to scratch and maw at his wound. Desperately reaching for the scabbard by his knee, he yanked a small skinning knife from it as he growled through the pain. His eyes watered through the sharp sensation and he swung desperately at the wolf behind him. He was stuck on his stomach as he was mauled. Charles forced himself to kick at the beast with his free leg and turned quickly to slash at the skin. The animal whined and dodged back a step. Bending joints, the wolf leapt towards Charles’ head. However, it dropped faintly onto his torso with a whine, panting roughly. Crimson cascaded down the blade onto his white hands. He threw the animal off, and swivelled to face the ongoing struggle. He began to crawl slowly, wincing and leaving a deep trail of blood all the while as he did, towards his new companion. Just as he reached her, he felt fangs sink in to his left arm and a paw once again scratching at his body. Once more, he swung his hand around and felt it buried into flesh; another whine was prompted and the corpse of an arrow-pierced wolf flopped to the ground, as blood pooled from its skull. More red seeped from his new wound and he became faint in the cold of the snow. He choked out a groan.

Astral was weakening from the unforgiving biting; her hands beaten by the wolf’s jagged jaw. She heard a shuffling behind her, a slow movement followed by a human sigh. “Charles, please!” She cried desperately, fear shaking her soft voice. Instantly, Charles jumped along the ground, using his good arm and sliced the animal along its left eye. The white-furred beast whined loudly before scrambling off of Astral, in a mad movement of limbs, sprinting back into the woods. After a few seconds, an injured mate moved in a limp behind it, blood still pouring from its belly.

The two of them lied there; breathing heavily; staring up into the sky. The snow around Charles’ leg turned a deep, deathly red. Astral rested her hands in the melting, the aching becoming painful. A small stream of blood flowed from a small gash below her right eye; a souvenir from her struggle.

“Charles, are you okay?”, she asked with exhaustion in her voice. No response. “Talk to me Charles.” She rose with a groan, turning her head towards him. Her eyes grew wide at the site of blood pooling around him. Astral jumped to her feet, moving towards him and resting on her knees alongside his legs. “You must stay awake, Charles!”, she shouted at his pale face. His chest continued to rise and fall faintly. Speedily, Astral scooped the knife from his hand and used it to cut off a portion of her coat sleeve; she wrapped it tightly around his wound, then took some rope from the teepee’s head and sealed it on. After dragging Charles back to the teepee and undressing him, Astral proceeded to butcher the wolf corpse and make a meal to restore Charles’ energy. It was getting dark already. As it cooked, Astral walked into the teepee under the orange sunset; Charles was watching her from under the same pile of covers and fur. His pain was evident on his face, and each time he moved he would wince and groan. He smiled as she lied next to him. She propped herself up with her arm, placing her clenched fist on her slim face. The small gash on her cheek was sewn together with a thread. Charles lifted his arm weakly to caress her chin, shaking, he asked “Did it hurt?”, with concern.

“Not much no”, Astral smiled back, before lifting the sheets by his legs to check his wound. Her hand slid along his lower leg, as she checked for sensitivity. “How does it feel?”, she inquired with a grin; she squeezed the area close to his wound.

“Everything around the wounds is fine”, he exhaled, with a look of determination on his face.

“It feels even better when you do that”, he added slyly. Astral started to giggle, until she spotted the big hill in the fur sheets by his groin. She shook her head, stating that he needed to “gain energy, not use it”.

“I'm sorry”, he said with genuine innocence, “You just excite me so much.”

“I'll get the food ready”, she informed him, trying to ignore that statement, before leaving the teepee.

It was pitch black outside of the fire’s glow when they had finished eating their meal. Charles lay under the piles of material, watching Astral as if he were entranced. This time he could watch carefully. She shrugged off her heavy fur coat, revealing her slender figure and bare arms. She tossed it onto the pile of clothes by the fire. After that she slowly hooked under her shirt and started to shimmy it off, as if she knew he was watching. Subconsciously, Charles moved his hand down to his groin, where his member was growing at a fast pace. As the top reached her neck, her soft boobs bounced out and Charles gripped his pole. He squeezed his testes with his other hand. He watched as she stripped in profile. She pushed her bottoms down to the ground to reveal her dark, slender legs of purity. Charles began stroking up and down the length of his cock, as the familiar sensation of pleasure spread over its length. He started beating faster as Astral moved slower. As she went to push her undergarments down, she turned away from Charles and bent all the way to ground. This act of sexiness drove him insane, and he started pounding away as she turned towards him. She started walking slowly and seductively towards him. Charles slowed his strokes as she moved towards him, as if he didn’t want her to know. Soon enough she was standing over him, closing the teepee, a figure of beauty and sexiness. Charles let go of his genitals and leant back to look at her. She did a double take as she glanced towards to massive tower of fur by his midriff. All of a sudden, she whipped away the covers to reveal his still surprisingly large member, standing at attention below her. She bit her lip and imagined the streams of cum that left his rigid rod the night before. She slowly sat between his thighs, creating an X of legs. She stared down longingly at the big cock and then into the eyes of its owner. Astral spat onto his penis, allowing her to pull the foreskin back with her hand.

“Mm thank you Astral”, moaned an aroused Charles.

“I should be thanking you for saving me.”, she replied, “and that’s what I’m going to do.”, she said while she licked her lips. Slowly and seductively, she slid her cold hands up his warm thighs, as she stared longingly into his widening eyes.

“I’ll be gentle, it won’t hurt a bit” she reassured the aroused virgin, while her fingers crept ever upwards; her hands reached his groin and grabbed excitedly at his huge balls, striking a shock of cold and pleasure through Charles, before her hands began to steal the heat from his genitals. A wonderful tingling sensation was emitted from his testes as they rolled around the beauty’s hands. Astral’s own excitement built in her, as the giant member twitched and bobbed inches from her busy limbs; the woman’s flexible body kept its position between his legs as she bent her wet mouth towards his enticing globes; her lips stretched around his sack as she took his balls into her mouth and started bathing them in her tongue.

“Ugh holy shit you’re amazing” mumbled Charles, Astral laughed with his wet bollocks on her tongue, making Charles moan through his closed mouth. She popped his bag out of her mouth.

“Don’t move at all, I don’t want you hurting yourself while I’m working” she smiled and gently slapped his twitching length. She grabbed onto his scrotum roughly and positioned her beautiful lips over his head; she ran her tongue over it and spat before suddenly engulfing the entire eight inches into her throat, nearly choking herself as she did. She coughed from her chest and her eyes watered, but Charles was embraced by the feeling her contracting throat muscles gave him. The sudden movement left Charles groaning loudly into the air, his eyes closed as she harshly groped his ball-bag. The feeling was so incredible it was like he’d cum at any second. Astral held his cock deep in her throat, breathing through her nose, she started to hum loudly. The vibration moved around the meat in her neck and sent Charles into overdrive;

“It’s coming already! You’re an animal” he groaned and clenched his teeth. She moaned and giggled onto his cock through her throat, continuing her pleasuring hum and making it even deeper.

“Shit.. oh god, I’m cummi-… ughh”. His cock started to twitch and pulse inside her, so she started swallowing while she moaned on him. He shut his eyes again and dropped to his back as his prick exploded with pleasure that shook his very insides and made him let out a long moan. She felt the first stream shoot down her throat, and it was followed by at least six more, each one making her cough and sputter on the base of his big dick. She left herself on his eight inches, starting to slide it out gently. She’d coughed and gagged so much that she didn’t even clean his length afterwards, instead wiping it on a patch of fur and falling down next to him and sliding under the fur sheets. The couple dozed off again in each other’s warmth.

Astral awoke to a warm ray of sun blasting through the skin of the teepee, heating the couple through and through. It was relieving. She turned her head to observe her handsome lover in his slumber, his chest rising and falling slowly. She ran he hand across his chest and kissed his shoulder lightly before standing and leaving the teepee. It was as though it was a different world, the snow was mostly melted or frozen in patches; the trees were clean of white powder and silhouetted in the sun. Astral’s slender body sauntered into the clearing by the fire and the blue sky danced over her with fluffy clouds. Her beautiful body glistened as she pulled on some of her thinner layers and picked up her bow and quiver, equipping them along with her dagger. After cooking and eating some of the dried wolf, leaving some ready for Charles, she set out at a steady pace in search of a water source to drink from, and bathe in. After half an hour or so, she ducked under some hanging boughs, to reveal a glimmering pond that bounced the blinding sun off its surface. She kneeled by the bright water, sipping a small amount into her dry mouth and it would be clean enough after boiling it – if a little salty – but she’d acclimatised to swallowing salty liquid recently. She filled a large leather container with as much as possible, made note of the rough direction and made her way back.

Charles was sliding into his bottoms when Astral burst through the trees – bow in hand – and lugging a leather flask of sorts, he’d eaten the meat left out and had limped his way to the fire. He was bare in the eyes of the sun and was so far failing to bring the fur legs up to his naked waist, with his left arm all but useless much like his right leg.

“Charles stop, I’ll do it” shouted Astral, as she jogged towards the sweating spectacle. He dropped the clothing upon hearing her voice, and she saw that his wounds were clear of blood with the string still holding them together. “I don’t want you bleeding to death” she breather as she reached to feel his injuries. She moved away from his scars to his bottoms and gently lifted them up to his waste, gazing into the majesty of his still impressively large flaccid member, that shone with dried ejaculate and spit.

“You and me are in need of a wash”, she laughed as she fastened a leather belt around him.

“No thanks to you”, winced Charles through the soreness of his groin. She smiled and kissed his lips, resting her hands on his firm gut.

“I have water to boil for us”, she grinned, inches from his face; Charles couldn’t help but silently stare in the glorious shape of her eyes that brought out her youth and lust. Her lips were just thick enough to give him filthy thoughts about how succulent they were; her light-dark skin was imperfect and glowed in the spring light; her face was unlike that of other natives, with a cute and straight nose, a slim mouth. Her eyes and skin were all that confirmed her origin. She was a goddess to him, though.

After the two woke from their fixation, Astral stepped away and cast a rudimental, stove-looking item over the sticks of the fire, pouring clear water into it for a red-leather flask. The fire burned under it and brought steam from the liquid. While they waited, she deconstructed the teepee and packed everything on her back. After boiling the water, the still topless Charles sipped at warm water from his hands, gulping desperately after a day without water.

“Thank you for this, Astral, I’m sure I’m becoming more of a problem than you predicted” he coughed, kissing her cheek as she sat topless at his side.

“You’ve brought me a lot of joy, and I’m the reason you’re here anyway, you deserve my help”, she grinned as she held his thigh and kissed him deeply. The two talked for a while before they chose to move on, pulling his shirt on and covering her stiff nipples under her vest. The two moved slowly in the pond’s direction, with Charles leaning on her and gripping her hip. With his limp and rest stops, it took them an hour to make a twenty minute walk, indicating the damage done to the young man’s leg. Eventually, they broke through and found the lonesome pond that was circled by prickly trees. Sun broke through the ceiling of the trees and rayed onto the pond; it’s a miniature paradise, he thought silently once he rested on the bank of the water. Astral dropped her packs and stripped her vest to reveal her still dazzling breasts; while they weren’t big and juicy to her partner, they held their own gravity and stuck happily from her slim torso. She sauntered over to the resting figure, her boobs bouncing elegantly with her bouncy walk.

“Let’s get you up”, she said while she his healthy arm around her neck, feeling the tense muscles pushing into her.

“Now let’s clean ourselves up” she smiled at him as he held her side, and allowed her to shrug off his top by lifting his arms. After his muscled and scarred torso was revealed, he reached for her bottom and slipped his hands around the firmness of her inspiring butt. His warm hands stroked over their area, and she looked into the darkness of his eyes in their dark grey colour.

“What are you up to back there handsome?” Laughed Astral, grasping the bulge that formed again behind the fur bottoms, no longer held back by the briefs she’d destroyed. It throbbed behind the harsh texture at the touch of her hand.

“I’d never felt this strongly before the last two days, what have you done to me?” He questioned as she gripped his rod and he clutched at her meaty cheeks with a regained energy. Her hands moved up to unfasten his belt, dropping his protection to the floor to reveal his raw, stiff penis. The foreskin covered his head, so she peeled it back with an arousing motion and lovingly kissed his bell end. His large balls hung from his heavy shaft and she observed it while she moved to remove his boots and trousers. As she did, he reached over the bent down figure and pushed her trousers over the shapely ass that held them; they dropped to the grass and her big cheeks now swayed in the air as she moved her hips seductively. He grabbed and slapped at the gorgeous skin that held all of that ass in a firm state. After both were naked once again, Astral gripped the base of his still-sore cock lightly and led him to the water by his groin. It was cold as her toned legs sunk into the deep water, bringing out a shudder in her and a stronger grip on her boy’s third leg. He moaned and moved in the water in front of her, feeling the cold water wash over his hot body and painful wound; he moved closer to her, poking his long prick into her shapely stomach and gripping her arse with his good arm. They moved slowly into the water, moving closer into one another, crushing his extremity between them, until they dropped calmly into the centre of the water, finding that only male feet made contact with the ground. Astral found her naked body floating in the cool waters, so she wrapped herself carefully around her partner, wedging his member under her ass as she curled her legs around his.

“You are the most beautiful thing in the world…” whispered Charles, as they embraced each other under water, only their necks and heads felt the warmth of the surface.

“I could say the same to you” she replied coyly before dipping her head into the cold pond for a second. As she brought her face back to his, its beauty was even more founded as drops of water cascaded her slender face and her long hair fell wet down her back, which arched her tits into the torso she clung to. Charles did the same, coating his pretty face in a shiver of cold, he ascended with his chin dripping the liquid back to its source. She felt her excitement grow as she moved to kiss his tasty lips that seemed oh so inviting. Their mouths locked and moved passionately into each other, as they made out under the streaks of sunlight; his aching cock twitched and bobbed in the water against her seemingly bigger ass cheeks.

“Mm I thought that impressive cock of yours was hurting…” moaned Astral, as she ground her firm rear along his length.

He found his body under her spell, “it’s not so bad in the water”, he breathed into their kiss, “and it’s even better when you do that”. She continued to slide along the top of his even harder dick, and he questioned how she could have such a slender figure, but such shapely hips and such a glorious behind, but the thought didn’t stop him from rubbing along her base, reaching down to massage his submerged testes. Just as he did, they both broke their kiss at a rustle coming from the trees. They froze and watched the saturated grass around them, a hushed voice spoke from meters away; Astral crawled silently out of the water, drawing her bottoms up her legs and pulling on her vest, as she dragged her bow for her packs, drawing it and the arrow that headed it. More rustles came from a new direction and she motioned Charles to crawl up to her, pointing to his clothes and her dagger. He followed her instructions and painfully pulled on his trousers, pulling her weapon from the bundle of fur bags. Whispers and hushes moved past them as they clung to the ground with their weapons ready. The unsheathing of a weapon struck the couple through the shrubbery; Astral drew back on her bow in the same direction. A native female voice shouted from the trees, followed by another, then another, all surrounding the small pond’s area. She dropped her bow an arrow and stood with her hands open, pushed away from her. Charles followed suit, slowly struggling to his good leg. He dropped his dagger to the ground and it buried itself there, then he raised one arm and allowed the other one to stick lightly to his side. “Who are they?”, asked the half naked hunter.

“Hold my arm Charles, don’t let go”, Astral commanded him in a whisper. He did so without question and moved close to her body; as his hand gripped her forearm, he felt it warming beneath his touch, as though it were water being brought to boil. He grunted at the pain and moved to release his grip.

“Do not let go!” She cried, just as a blinding flash blurred his vision and blinded him from the surrounding world. He found his hand stuck to her burning arm, bringing searing pain upon his fingers. Then darkness and he fell out of consciousness.

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Astral’s Tale - Volume I

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