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  1. Desert Road trip with Elysa
  2. Desert Road trip with Elysa (Day 2)
  3. Desert Road trip with Elysa (Day 3)
  4. Desert Road trip with Elysa (Day 3) [re-write]

Desert Road trip with Elysa

Categories True Story, Asian, Exhibitionism, Hardcore

Author: TheCunningLinguist

Published: 07 June 2018

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“Woohoo!" she shouted out the window. "We're off!”

Elysa and I were at the outset of our week long desert road trip, and newly in love. We had met in school, growing closer as we shared the stress of a year long thesis. Initially we were just friends, but as we spent long days and late nights together, a mutual attraction built. Soon we were secretly making out in campus hallways or sneaking off on long lunch breaks to fuck in her downtown studio. Needless to say, the new relationship exhilaration was still in full swing as we set off for the open road.

I had been planning this trip as a post-graduation retreat for myself, and after we started fooling around I invited Elysa along for the adventure. What could be better than eight days of rugged backcountry, open highways, and secluded campgrounds than all of that plus a gorgeous new girlfriend? I'd grown up in the outdoors, and was thrilled to finally get back into nature. She was less experienced, having grown up in the California suburbs, but no less enthusiastic.

Once we were far enough outside the city, I brought the car up to 80mph. With the windows down and the sunroof open, the dry air screamed through our ears. The late morning sun radiated off Elysa's dark skin and reflected off her big green-tinted sunglasses, amplifying her joyous smile. As I thought about the road ahead, I shot a satisfied grin her way, and she blew me a kiss. This was going to be a great trip.

Elysa was in her early 20's, a few years younger than I. The daughter of Thai immigrants she had a perfect mix of South Asian complexion and Southern California attitude. She had creamy mocha skin, a thin build, and angular cheeks. A smallish mouth, but with succulent, full and dark lips. Her eyes were opal black with wide upturned lids and she had a long, subtle nose. Framing her face was a perpetually tussled mane of thick, straight, black hair that ran to her mid-back. Her features gave her an effortless look of refinement and maturity well beyond her years. This look belied her true personality, though, which seemed to alternate unpredictably between biting humor and insatiable horniness.

This morning she was wearing short denim shorts that made her legs seem as long and slender as the road laid out ahead of us. They sat low on her waist, accentuating her narrow hips and taut butt. To keep cool in the desert heat she had thrown on an old t-shirt that she'd cut the sleeves and collar from. She had small, pert breasts, and hardly ever wore a bra. Today was no exception, and in the right light I'd occasionally catch the profile of her nipples – and the barbell piercing on her left one – against the threadbare cotton.

We arrived at our first camp mid-afternoon. Our destination was a remote hot spring on the edge of a dry lakebed. We took an open site – a simple fire ring with a ragged picnic table – and got our tent set up quickly. I unpacked the cooking gear while Elysa took care of the bedding. After a few minutes, she emerged from the tent wearing her bright red string bikini and flip flops.

“Let's wash this road dust off already!” she chuckled as she threw my swimsuit at me.

“Suits?” I asked with a gesture towards the emptiness.

“There's a couple of vans down there. Let's scope out the vibe first.”

“Fiiine.” I feigned annoyance as I took off my shorts and tossed them into the tent. I had no problem changing out in the open. I spied Elysa peeking at me, so I decided to give her a little show.

I'm an athletic guy, with a thin build from years of running and rock climbing. With a shirt on I look skinny, but underneath my shoulders are broader than you'd expect, with muscular arms, defined pecs, and a hint of a six pack. I took my shirt off slowly, intentionally flexing for her. Pretending not to notice her noticing me, I threw my shirt into the tent, then stretched my arms out and above me while inhaling deeply. I ran my hands through my reddish blonde hair and scruffy beard, letting her stare all she wanted. Then I bent and slid off my boxer-briefs and stood for a second fully nude by the tent. I turned to face Elysa and put my hands on my hips, giving her a full view of my cock.

“Oh quit showing off,” she rolled her eyes slightly but kept her gaze fixated on me. It always feels nice to be desired.

“Alright then,” I replied as I put my swim trunks on. “Your loss!”

“Plenty of time for fun later.” she replied, pulling a red triangle of her bikini top aside to flash her pierced nipple, touching her tongue to her top lip and winking. She let out a giggle, and darted off to the spring.

Like I said, funny and horny.

We eased into one of the concrete pools, slowly adjusting to the hot mineral water. There were a few other bathers already soaking. We made small talk with various folks and basked in the immensity of the playa. As we talked, I noticed two of the men in the pool seemed fixated on Elysa. I watched them from the side through my sunglasses, and sure enough their gaze was not subtle. But who could blame them? I'm not a jealous person, and if Elysa looked hot in her cutoff tee and short shorts, she was a goddess in that string bikini. The suit screamed a fire engine red against her deep tan skin. Its high lines and halter strap seemed to extend her already elongated limbs. Freed from their earlier denim covers, her legs softly met the twin crescent curves of her ass, a triangular gap leaving a hint of daylight between them. Her torso was anchored to her lower half by a pair of subtle dimples in her lower back and equally subtle hipbones protruding just above the red fabric. She had a flat but supple tummy with a high, deep belly button, and her top – a pair of red triangles tethered by thin red cord – carried her breasts without effort. Too small for real cleavage, her chest instead held a sinuous curve that, in the light, displayed the gravity-defying roundness of her youth. I alternated between watching these men admire her, and admiring her myself. I wasn't upset by their gaze, but I was disappointed at their presence. Elysa in that suit was irresistible. I suddenly wished we'd been alone.

I'd get my wish later.

After our first soak, we returned to our site to organize and get dinner started. I cooked up a good camp meal, and we ate by a small fire, exchanging laughs at the events of the past day's drive and wistful predictions of the coming week. The light had dwindled, and as the fire died down and the temperature dropped, we sat peacefully at the picnic table with her head nestled on my shoulder. Elysa rolled a joint, our little after-dinner ritual, and we passed it between us in familiar silence.

“Hey Lys.”

“Yeah Andy?”

“Once it's dark,” I said between puffs, “let's get another soak in before we sleep.”

“Great idea.” replied Elysa.

I took another drag and blew a tiny smoke ring her way. “...and I'm not wearing a suit!”

Great idea!” she encouraged.

The desert gets chilly at night, even in the height of summer. So I donned pants and a sweatshirt for the walk. Elysa put her suit back on – I've always been the bigger exhibitionist – saying she wanted it in case the pools were busy, and a zip-up hoodie to keep warm for the walk.

We went to the hottest of the three pools and found it quiet except for two older women chatting to each other on the far corner. It was difficult to see their features in the dark, but they said hello to us and resumed their conversation. I smiled calmly at Elysa as I tossed my clothes by the bench and stepped through the dark fully naked. “Go for it!” I whispered to her. “It feels so free!” And boy did it feel free. The cool dry breeze on my bare skin made my body hair stand on end, and in the moment I felt the tingle start to arouse me. Not wanting to offend the other soakers, I quickly slipped into the hot water, shielding my semi erection until it subsided in the heat.

Seconds later, Elysa stepped in and cozied up beside me on the bench opposite the two women. Eased by the darkness, the lack of gazers, and perhaps the joint, she was topless. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered into her ear that she looked fantastic. She smiled and in the faint light I could see her eyes brighten to me. My eyes slowly adjusted to the glow of the rising moon and I began to be able to see the droplets of water reflecting off the two delicate arches of Elysa's chest. She was perched upright on the bench, the water-line at her breasts, and each rise in the wind from across the lake bed whipped the calm water up into tiny waves that lapped at her nipples and tickled them into taut attention. She was clearly enjoying the feeling, and I was very much enjoying the view.

“Incredible, isn't it?” said one of the women, breaking the silence. It took me a second to remember she was talking about the springs.

“Worth every dusty mile,” I replied.

They laughed. “First time at the playa?” the other one chimed in.

“It is, we just drove out this morning.”

“I'm sure it won't be the last.” the first one responded. “We started coming out here a couple of decades ago and...”

The women were close enough to carry on a quiet conversation with, but featureless except for the blue-white outlines of their hair. By the sound of their voice they seemed into their 50s, though their figures appeared to cut an athletic profile of someone much younger.

“...this desert is just so peaceful. Nothing else quite like it...” I began to relax further as our chatter drifted into tales of past trips, and other camps and springs in the area. I let my legs stretch out, and propped my arms on the wall of the pool, letting my left arm fall around Elysa's shoulders.

I was describing our week's itinerary to the two women when I felt Elysa's hand on my thigh. I tensed slightly but made every effort to continue talking as if nothing had happened. Silently, she ran her palm up the inside of my leg and brushed my balls. “So... we, uh, we're headed toward Montana...” I carried on. I was already hard when she wrapped her hand around my cock and started stroking – ever so subtly. Still talking, I turned my head to her and she met me with a fierce gaze. Her bare shoulders motionless and her face studying me intently. To the women she appeared simply to be listening to my story, but closer up the moonlight reflected the intensity in her opal eyes, and her smile held an air of devilish satisfaction. “I've never been to Yellowstone.” she chimed in, talking to the women but never breaking eye contact with me and still slowly working my cock beneath the shroud of the black water. “..when he invited me, I just couldn't say no!”

“You two are in for a real adventure! I'm envious.” said one of them.

I breathed deep and let out a long, blissful sigh, then chuckled “We're pretty lucky.”

Elysa's grip tightened. “We sure are.” she cooed.

I slid my hand from her shoulder, into the water, and down along the crest of her naked back. The women continued on to us about camping and hiking. My hand came to rest on Elysa's ass and without a word she shifted her weight so that my middle fingers could reach the soft mound of her pussy over her bikini bottoms. I curled my hand slowly back and forth across the fabric, teasing her just as she was sneakily teasing my cock. She brought her head to rest on my shoulder and shifted again, pushing her weight down on my hand in response and letting out a barely audible moan.

If only those women knew what was going on under the water! We both managed to hide our building energy - although our responses had become shorter and less attentive - and they kept on conversing with us and each other. I was still rubbing Elysa gently over her bottoms; I didn't want to be too obvious. She returned the favor, continuing her slow caressing handjob just enough to keep me hard.

Thankfully the two women left first. Once they were safely out of sight, I pulled Elysa closer to me and gave her a long kiss. “You're fucking incredible,” I said to her. Then I lifted myself out of the water and sat on the deck to cool.

She moved in the water between my legs and rested her head against my inner thigh. “Holy shit that was fun!” she said. “They had no idea!”

“I see my exhibitionist tendencies are rubbing off on you.”

“Oh you can rub anything you want on me.” she said, turning to face me. She put her hands on my legs, then brought her head down and licked the base of my still rock-hard cock. Her tongue traveled up the length of my shaft and she finished the move by briefly wrapping her lips round its tip.

“Is that all?” I cajoled.

Without a word, Elysa slid back in the water, her hands still firmly planted on my legs. She pushed herself up until she was standing facing me in the thigh-deep water. She brought both hands to her sides, and slowly lowered her panties into the water, revealing her soft, black pubic hair. Her gaze still fixated on me, she stepped toward me onto the bench and let her bottoms fall into the water. She moved further forward, put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me onto my back on the deck. My dick stood at full attention. She rose onto the deck, straddling me on her knees. The moon was higher now, and I could see the detail of her body in cold-sepia above me. Her dark nipples were as erect as my cock on the twin mounds of her small breasts. Below the hair on her crotch I could barely make out the subtle folds of labia. She lowered herself onto me, kissing my chest, my clavicles, then my neck. I felt her pussy brush slightly against my erection. Finally she met my lips and my eyes. She pressed her tits against my chest and gave me a heavy, strong kiss. I brought a hand to her hip and nudged her crotch down onto mine. I could feel her wetness on the head of my cock. But before I could go any further, she grabbed my wrist.

“Not here.”

“What? Too risky?”

She sat up straight, her hips lightly gyrating on my dick, and looked off at the desert for a few seconds, then back at me.

“I want you to bend me over that picnic table and fuck me from behind.” and suddenly sprang to her feet.

I dried myself off, then wrapped the towel around my waist. Still hot from the soak – and Elysa's teasing – I slung my pants and shirt over my shoulder and let the calm desert breeze cool me. Elysa donned only her hoodie and took off in front of me along the narrow boardwalk, bottomless. Her bare ass reflected ghostly blue, and bounced tightly with each step she took. I followed closely.

I was looking off to the east, admiring the playa and the stark emptiness of the mountains beyond. I was only a couple feet behind Elysa, and so when she stopped abruptly and thrust herself back, I comically bumped my crotch right up against her ass. “Oops!” she giggled, and gave a little bunny shake as she laughed off ahead of me again. I admired her from behind as we kept walking, and I pretended to drift off again. But I was ready for her when she tried to repeat her little joke.

She stopped, and just as she was about to back into me, I opened my towel to catch her. She flew back into me, and I nestled my dick between her two cheeks. I wrapped the towel shut again, with her now inside, and rubbed myself along the crevice of her butt. She let out a staccatto yelp and put her hand over her mouth to trap it inside. “..Oops.” I whispered into her ear from behind. I thrust one more time, pushing my cock against her asshole just enough to make her tense up. Then I let her go.

As soon as we were back at the campsite, Elysa made a bee-line to the picnic table. She planted her hands on its end and spread her legs wide. I tossed my towel on the table bench and sauntered up behind her, intentionally taking my time. I brought one hand between her legs toward her clit, and firmly slapped her on the ass with the other. Another short moan escaped her. She shot a look back over her shoulder, and heaved two passionate, wanting breaths as I massaged her pussy. “Get your cock in me already.” she moaned.

I squared myself behind her and grabbed both her hips with my hands. I pressed my erection – fully engorged after all this teasing – into her crotch and she pushed back into me. I slid into her with surprising ease. She was dripping wet with anticipation. We both moaned as the tension of foreplay finally snapped, and I slowly thrust forward until I was fully inside her tight pussy. I paused for a few seconds, my cock already pulsating in excitement.

My heart was racing and my breathing quickened. I looked around and basked in how exposed we were. Invisible in the darkness, but with no cover in the desert foothills, I could see in every direction for miles. This was truly a fantasy come to life. Elysa wearing only her half-zipped hoodie, and me fully nude, behind her, inside her. I struggled not to cum in that first thrust.

Once the rush had subsided enough for me to continue, I pulled back slowly, and thrust into her again, this time quicker. She gasped. Quicker again. Quicker, then harder. I worked up to a pounding rhythm. Keeping one hand gripped on her hip for leverage, I grabbed her by the hair with my other hand and pushed her down onto the picnic table. She was panting audibly, doing everything in her power to keep her moans soft enough to not give us away. My hips slammed against her ass again, and again. Her tight wet pussy hugged every inch of my cock as a I slid in and out of her. Her breaths were getting shallower and faster, and I could feel her hips start to spasm and her legs shake beneath me. I held her tight to me as she started to lose control, and gripped the back of her neck with my free hand. She took my hand in hers, and brought it around to the front of her neck, signaling that I should choke her slightly. She loved to be choked. “Do it.” she whispered. “Harder... fuck me harder, Andy...” I squeezed and she gasped a barely audible “Yess.” I thrust faster, more violently, struggling to remain control of my own orgasm until she came. It didn't take long. Another pounding thrust and I felt her entire body buck under me. I held myself inside her, my grip still firm around her neck, and she bit her knuckles to stifle a scream as she came. Her pussy tightened around my cock and I could feel each wave of energy shooting through her, convulsing against me.

I pulled out and was about to push in again when she reached back, put a hand on my pelvis and said “Wait.” She stood, turned to face me, put her arms around my shoulders and hit me with a long, wet, tongue-heavy kiss. “I want to watch you cum.” she whispered.

I grabbed her by the ass with both hands and lifted her onto the table. She unzipped her sweatshirt, wrapped her legs around my waist and pushed her skin against mine, her hands on the back of my head, her full lips dripping kisses around my shoulders and neck. She rolled her hips forward and I felt her pubic hair graze across my erection. I adjusted slightly and we both moaned as it slid into her again.

After all this, I was ready to explode. I looked at Elysa intensely as I fucked her, the eye contact heightening my exhilaration. I could feel the warm tension in my groin building towards climax. Her hands were tight against the back of my neck and we stared deeply into each other, nose-to-nose, as I pumped again and again into her, each inch bringing me closer to the point of no return. “Tell me,” she whispered. “Tell me when you're ready to cum all over me.”

That was all I needed. Lightning bolts of energy shot from my chest to my balls, and with a few quick, jolted spasms, all I could respond was “Fuck...now!”

She let go of me and laid back on the table, her sweatshirt falling open past her shoulders. She was rolling her barbell piercing between two fingers, and with the other hand she pulled my spasming dick out of her pussy and pressed it against her mound. She lifted her head to meet my gaze and purred “Drench me, baby.”

I gripped my erection and tugged as my whole body tensed and shivered. All the buildup of the day – her skimpy car outfit, that bikini, the teasing and groping in the dark water –flowed through me, and out onto her. Time stopped, the waves seemed to go on for a full minute as I shot pulse after pulse of thick, white cum up Elysa's tummy, over her tits, to the base of her neck, each stream glowing pearlescent in the full moon.

Finally, I let out a heaving sigh, and loosened my grip, shivering again. I looked down on my gorgeous Asian beauty, sprawled out on her back, still gently rubbing her pussy, glistening with my release. She dragged a finger through a line of cum, across her tits, and then put it in her mouth, circling the finger with her tongue. “Mmmm” she said softly. “You're such a good fuck.”

We toweled off and slipped into our dual sleeping bag still nude, exhausted from the day and the night's adventures. “God damn,” I thought to myself before nodding off, feeling the warmth of her bare skin against mine. “This is going to be a good week.”

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Desert Road trip with Elysa

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