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Honeymoon with Heather

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Coercion, Domination/submission

Author: cw5523729

Published: 15 June 2018

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Ok, despite the misleading title of this story, Heather and I did not get married. About two years after the events in “One Week with Heather”, I met my future wife, Jessica.

Jessica was twenty-six (two years older than me at the time.) She was curvy and weighed about 150, standing about 5' 3”. She had (and has!) long dirty-blond hair and had large, generous boobs.

We met at my college; she worked in the admissions office as a clerk. I had gone in for a copy of a tran and we hit it off immediately.

We moved in together within four months, and I proposed later that year. Our wedding date was set for the following year.

Being in a committed relationship, I did nothing with Heather other than speaking infrequently. She was very supportive of our relationship and respected my feelings at staying faithful. A few weeks before the wedding, Heather worked our (Jessica's and mine, that is) sex life into the conversation.

I was truthful that, frankly, it was boring. Jessica was a great girl, sweet, pleasant, and we were compatible in every like and dislike. In the bedroom, however, things never really sizzled. We had sex about once a week but it was never more than a missionary position wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. Any attempts on my part to spice things up never resulted in outright refusal or condescension, or anything like that; it was really of a more basic gentle nudging and guiding away from anything other than plain vanilla. Even my attempts to move down south on her for oral sex got me nothing more than a soft, yet determined to pull back up on top of her. We never really talked about it or addressed it. I really am not the pushy type and I would never pressure her into anything she was uncomfortable with. She was by no means a virgin and had had, by her account, 3 or 4 boyfriends before me that she had been sexually active with. Presumably, none of them got any further than I did though.

Heather surprisingly laughed when I told her all this.

“You didn't really think that all girls were going to plunge vibrators in your ass on the first date, did you?” she asked.

“No, of course not!” I said. “But still, a little variety would be nice.”

“Well, there is an option. I think I can get Jessica to experiment. But you would have to come clean about me and what I did to you. Do you think you could do that?” she asked.

I had mixed feelings for a few reasons. Number one, I really liked Heather, but I knew that if I kept talking to her on the side that I would eventually get caught and things would go badly. Number two, because of all the people involved in my exploits with Heather, I always had a small, nagging feeling in the back of my mind that somehow the details would come out. Heather had been kind enough to keep my real name a secret from her friends, but I still never knew. Number three, I had a hidden desire to get both Jessica and Heather into bed together, but I hadn't even voiced that to Heather, let alone Jessica.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked, dodging the question.

“Does Jessica love you?” she asked.

“Of course. At least, I think so,” I answered, unsure where this was going.

“Do you think she would do anything to protect you?” Heather asked, cryptically.

“I guess so,” I answered.

“Then, this is what you are going to tell her...” Heather answered.

Chapter One

I wasn't entirely comfortable deceiving Jessica, but Heather reminded me that I seemed to rather enjoy being deceived myself once everything was all said and done.

“Besides,” Heather said, “you're a guy. If the sex isn't good, I don't care how much you love Jess, you'll eventually cheat on her. You can protest all you want right now, but the fact is that all guys are dogs.” I thought that seemed rather harsh, but I let her continue.

“Can you honestly say that even now you haven't fantasized about me or my friends while you were banging Jessica?”

I had. I said nothing and my silence was her answer.

“That's what I thought. Well, 5 years from now, you're going to go from fantasizing to wanting the real thing whether you are in love still or not. Unless, that is, Jessica opens up and fulfills those desires. So, really, I'll be doing a public service by preventing one more divorce from clogging up our legal system.” How very noble of her, I thought dryly.

Of course, I was nervous that coming clean about Heather was going to jeopardize our relationship, but Heather insisted she would take all the blame for blackmailing me and convince Jessica that I was an unwilling participant.

“Jessica, I need to tell you something,” is how I began.

We sat down on the couch and I held her hands in my lap.

“There's something that happened to me that I need to tell you about. I tried to keep it a secret to protect you, but I can't marry you without telling you the truth.”

Jessica was clearly worried about where this conversation was headed, so I decided to just go full speed. Rip it off like a band-aid.

“About a year and a half ago, I had sex with a girl that I met on AOL,” I began.

“Ok,” she said. She was well aware that I'd had previous relationships, but no idea of what I was about to drop on her.

“Well, she told me at the time that she was nineteen. She revealed to me later that she was only sixteen. She had taken a sample of my sperm and photos of me and threatened to accuse me of rape if I didn't comply with her wishes.”

“Oh my God!” Jessica exclaimed. She raised one hand to her mouth in astonishment.

“She told me that if I did as she said for one week, she would let me go back home without telling anyone. I knew no one would believe me, so I did as she said.”

“Do what?” Jessica asked, still in shock.

“Chores around her house mostly, but she also forced me to pleasure her for the week as well as humiliating me sexually. ” Heather had warned that I should probably not go into too much detail. If Jessica wasn't adventurous in bed, I could possibly freak her out and send her running no matter how much she loved me.

“You're kidding me!” Jessica said.

“I wish I was. She was true to her word and did let me go and nothing happened to me. Until now that is,” I said, and left the sentence hanging.

“What do you mean?” Jessica prompted.

“Well, apparently Heather saw our wedding announcement in the paper. She called me last week.”

“Ok,” Jessica said, hesitantly.

“She wants to meet you. And she wants to be invited to the wedding.”

“Absolutely not!” Jessica almost screamed.

“She said you would probably refuse and that when you did, I had to give you her number to call her. If you don't, she said she would carry out her threat and call the police. She still has my sperm and photos of me.” I felt bad saying that part, since I had destroyed both items myself. Heather told me to tell myself that I couldn't know FOR CERTAIN, that she DIDN'T have more evidence, now could I? So it wasn't a lie, not really. And who knows, maybe, just maybe, she was serious about her threat. I couldn't know for sure, right? The feelings of guilt helped me play up my look of “sorrow” anyways.

I gave Jessica the number. She took the paper in her hand and simply stared at it blankly.

Her eyes never left the paper as she reached over and took the phone from the coffee table. She dialed the digits at roughly the same speed as glaciers moving across North America.

Our cheap cordless phone at the time was viciously, and unchangeably, loud, so I could hear everything said by Heather on the other end.

“Hello?” Heather answered.

Jessica swallowed. “Hello, this is Jessica, Aaron's fiancée.”

“Hello, Jessica! Nice of you to call!” Heather said, sweet as pie.

“Since you called me, I assume that you refused to invite me to your wedding,” Heather said, and it wasn't really a question.

“Listen, I don't know what you are trying to pull with Aaron, but you aren't going to blackmail us with-”

Heather cut her off with a tone that turned much more menacing. “No! You listen! Your fiancée fucked me and I have the proof of it. So, you two are going to do what I say, unless you'd rather I contact the police right now. I'm thinking it'll be tough for him to attend the wedding from jail though. Maybe you can move it there? You know child rapists don't get bail, right?”

“Child rapists! Aaron would never rape anyone!” Jessica was shrieking now.

“Well, I guess we'll find out at trial then who the jury believes.” Click.

Heather had hung up on Jessica. My heart was pounding hard in my chest, even though Heather had told me to expect this tactic. Sure enough, just as Heather predicted, Jessica was slamming redial.

“Wait! Don't!” she shouted into the phone.

Heather was calm and composed once again.

“Don't? Why shouldn't I?” she inquired.

“You can come to the wedding! We'll do as you ask!” Jessica was clearly panicked and I felt a pang of guilt again.

“See, now was that so hard?” Heather asked.

“You promise to leave us alone after this?”

“I promise no such thing. Especially after making me angry like that. I don't like to get angry, Jessica,” Heather said with venom.

She continued. “But, I let Aaron go almost two years without calling on him. So I think just a little entertainment for me is in order.”

“What are you talking about?” Jessica demanded.

“We'll talk more at the wedding next week,” Heather stated and hung up.

Chapter Two

Jessica placed the phone back on the coffee table in a slow, exaggerated motion.

“Jessica, I'm so sorry,” I began.

“It's OK, Aaron, really. I know you would never rape anyone and certainly not an under-aged girl. We'll get through this. That girl is obviously a psychotic bitch!”

'Psychotic bitch' seemed a bit harsh, but it didn't seem politic to say so. I simply nodded my head slowly in agreement.

“And I'm sorry I almost made her call the police. I don't know what is going to happen, but I won't let you go to jail,” she said. She threw her arms around me and kissed me hard for almost two minutes. “We'll get through this,” she said again.

We tried to forget about the phone call and focus on the wedding itself for the next week. Like all weddings, there were plenty of last minute preparations to take care of.

We had a table in one corner that wasn't yet full and set Heather at that one. She hadn't mentioned bringing a 'plus one', but decided to leave an additional empty spot just in case. We figured anything to keep her happy would be to our benefit.

The day of the wedding came and everything went smoothly. We made the rounds to each table after the ceremony, with Jessica dreading Heather's corner, but finally, we had to go over.

Heather very politely shook Jessica's hand and congratulated her. She introduced herself as an old friend of Aaron's as if the conversation on the phone had never taken place. She gave no sign of having spoken to her at all. She gave me a brief, friendly hug, and pulled away. I noted that, oddly out of place for a wedding, she had a gym bag stuffed under her seat.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened until we got back to the head table later and Jessica found Heather's place card set at Jess' seat. Inside it was simply written, “Come see me outside when you read this.”

Jessica turned pale and held my hand as she showed it to me.

“We should probably go and see what she wants to stay on her good side,” I offered.

Outside the reception hall, Heather (who had come alone in fact), was waiting for us with a smile on her face.

“Congratulations you crazy kids!” Heather was all smiles. Jessica, not surprisingly, was not.

“What do you want?” Jessica demanded.

Heather frowned theatrically. “Gosh, Jessy, this is your wedding day! You're supposed to be happy!”

“I would be if you weren't here,” Jessica said angrily.

Heather wagged a finger at her. “Temper, temper, you don't want to piss me off.”

Jessica sighed. “What do you want from us?”

“Where are you going for your honeymoon?” Heather asked.

“We have a reservation at the Fireside Hotel, in the honeymoon suite,” Jessica stated.

“That's it? Nowhere else?” Heather asked. In fact, she already knew all this since I had already told her. Neither of us had vacation time at our jobs yet and had opted to take only the weekend off and staying just at the hotel, forgoing an actual honeymoon for now. Heather couldn't let on that she knew any of this yet, of course.

“No, just there, just for the weekend. We don't have vacation time yet,” she said.

Heather sighed and frowned, “Well, if that's all the time we have, then we'll have to make the best of it.”

“What do you mean, 'We?'” Jessica demanded.

Heather said simply, “I'm coming with you. We're going to have fun together.”

“No way! Forget it!” Jessica yelled. I hushed her to avoid attracting attention from inside the hall.

“Yes, way. Didn't I make myself clear before?” Heather said. “Or would you prefer I just head over to the police station now? Actually, that would be unfair. I'll let you wait until the end of the reception before I call them.”

“No!” Jessica yelled, then lowered her voice. “You can come. Whatever you want.”

Heather smiled. “Good, that's more like it. Now go back and finish your wedding and come get me when it's time to leave.”

Chapter Three

We all drove in the car together in silence; Heather rode in the back seat while I drove with Jess to my right. Heather had been dropped off by a friend at the wedding and was apparently confident that she would have been leaving with us. Obviously, she was correct. She had brought the gym bag with her which she stowed in the trunk without talking about it..

The Fireside was only about forty-five minutes from home, but the awkwardness made it feel like an eternity. Inside, my stomach was doing somersaults at the prospect of what was to come. I was excited and terrified at the same time.

Other than to tell me about her intention of coming with us on the honeymoon, Heather hadn't elaborated on her plans. She told me that she had the entire event mapped out already, but she said it would really be better if I acted genuinely surprised as things played out; if Jessica thought for an instant that I was working with Heather, things would go bad for me very quickly. Also, I think Heather knew that I was a pretty awful liar, so that was for the best. Plus, she thought I would rather enjoy the suspense anyway. She was right.

We checked in at the front desk and took the room key. Jessica was still in her gown and veil and I was still in my tuxedo. Heather wore a long, pale blue dress (surprisingly conservative, though I imagine she didn't want to attract attention at the wedding) and walked quietly behind us up to the room. She carried a small purse.

I used the key to open the door and walked in first.

The lights were already on. The room wasn't overly large, despite being the “honeymoon suite.” It had a king-sized bed in the middle with a sofa and chair off in one corner. To the right was a small wet bar with a few cabinets. The bathroom was off to the left. Supposedly it had a Jacuzzi. Presumably, that's what made it “honeymooney.” We were young and didn't have much money left after the cost of the wedding.

Jessica turned to Heather with a scowl and said, “Now what?”

Heather made a big show of looking hurt. “Really Jessica, I just want us all to have a good time. Try to loosen up!”

Jessica crossed her arms over her bosom and frowned at Heather.

Heather sighed again. “Come on, Aaron, kiss your bride.”

I turned to Jessica and kissed her lightly on the lips. Heather threw up her hands in disgust.

“You just got married! Kiss her like you mean it!”

Heather grabbed Jessica by the shoulders and twirled her around so they were face to face . Jessica's eyes widened in surprise and Heather landed her lips onto Jessica's without warning.

Heather closed her eyes and placed a hand behind Jessica's head as she kissed her long and hard. Jessica, caught totally off-guard, made no effort to pull away. After fully half a minute, Heather released Jessica and Jessica stumbled backward.

“There! That is how you kiss your new wife!” Heather exclaimed.

Jessica and I just stared at Heather in shock.

“Well? Kiss her already!” Heather said in exasperation.

I pulled Jessica to me and kissed her slowly, savoring the smell of her perfume as I held her tight against me. She got herself together and placed her hands around my waist as she tilted her head up and returned my embrace. We finally released and we smiled as we stared each other in the eyes.

“Geez, now was that so hard?” Heather said, hands on her hips. She continued, “Ok, enough of the lovey-dovey. It's time to get you guys undressed so the real fun can begin.”

Jessica stared blankly back at Heather, unable to believe what she had just heard.

“What did you think we came here for? To play scrabble and watch pay-per-view?” Heather asked in frustration. Still Jessica stood motionless.

Heather sighed and moved behind her. She grasped the zipper on the back of the gown and pulled it down; the gown opened up and revealed her bra. Heather slipped the gown off Jessica's shoulders and it fell to the ground around her feet. Jessica's eyes went wide and she stiffened, but she said nothing. She was standing in the middle of the room in a white bra and matching plain white panties.

Heather moved her hands up to Jessica's veil, paused, and then said, “No, I think we'll leave the veil on. I think it will look cute on your smooth, naked body.”

Heather moved her hands back to the rear of Jessica's bra and unclipped it. She pulled the bra out from around her and tossed it to the floor on top of the gown. Jessica's hands flew up to cover her exposed breasts. She had turned beet-red.

Heather then returned to Jessica's front and stared at her covered chest for just a moment.

“Put your hands down,” Heather commanded. Jessica just stared into Heather's eyes. Heather waited only a heartbeat before slapping Jessica's cheek. The flesh-on-flesh crack was shockingly loud in the hotel room.

Jessica's hands shot up to her face where she'd been hit and her jaw dropped open.

“Listen, Bitch, I'm not going to keep repeating myself. Things can get much worse for both of you. When I give an order, I expect it obeyed instantly. Is that understood?” Heather said with surprising authority.

“Yes,” Jessica said softly.

“Say 'Yes, Miss Heather, I understand,” Heather said.

“Yes, Miss Heather. I understand,” Jessica repeated.

Heather's anger filled face suddenly cleared and a warm, glowing smile filled it instead. She took Jessica's wrists in her hands and gently moved them down to her side.

Heather's hand went up to where she had struck Jessica's cheek and rubbed it lightly.

“There, there. I don't want to hurt you. I want us to all get along. You understand that, right?” Heather said lovingly.

“Yes, Miss Heather,” Jessica said. She sniffled.

“Good, good,” said Heather. Heather turned her attention to Jessica's breasts.

She studied them intently for several moments before reaching out and cupping one massive boob in each hand. She hefted them a couple of times as if weighing them.

“Jessica, your rack is amazing! I'm sure Aaron loves playing with these!” Heather said, sounding genuinely impressed. Jessica blushed an even deeper red.

She continued to hold Jessica's boobs as she put out her mouth and took one nipple lightly in her mouth. She held it in between her lips for several seconds before pulling away. She stared at the nipple, checking for a reaction. Apparently unsatisfied, she repeated the process two more times. Jessica's nipple responded by stiffening noticeably to the attention. Heather smiled down at it and then gave it a small tweak with her thumb and index finger.

Heather then dropped to her knees in front of Jessica. Jessica tried to step back but Heather reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks.

“Stay still!” she said sharply.

Jessica settled down and Heather placed her hands into the waistband of her panties. Without preamble, she pulled them down to the floor, adding them to the growing pile of clothes.

“Step out of the clothes,” Heather said. As Jessica raised her feet, Heather picked up the pile and tossed them onto the sitting chair. Her slip-on shoes followed.

“We don't want the dress to get soiled, now do we?” Heather said cheerfully.

Heather turned back to Jessica's pussy. Jessica had a thick bush covering her crotch, though she did keep it trimmed. Heather ran her fingers through it and pulled lightly on some hairs. She frowned and shook her head sadly.

“Oh no. This will never do. This will have to go. Didn't Aaron ever tell you he liked the bald-eagle look?” she said.

I had not, in fact, though it was perfectly true.

Jessica's eyes moved upwards to meet mine for the first time since Heather had started undressing her. It was my turn to blush now.

“Sit down on the edge of the bed,” Heather ordered. She dug through the wet bar and found a bowl which she took into the bathroom. She returned a minute later with a disposable razor, a small trial-size can of shaving cream, and the bowl filled with water. Over her shoulder was a bath towel.

“Spread 'em,” Heather demanded. Jessica opened her legs and her eyes widened a bit.

“You won't cut me, will you?” she asked, frightened.

“Huh?” Heather asked.

“Will it hurt?” she repeated.

“Hurt? I'm just going to shave the hair. You've never shaved your pussy before?” Heather asked, incredulous.

“No, never,” Jessica replied.

“Well, don't worry. I'm an expert. I promise not to slice anything off,” Heather said.

She knelt down in between Jessica's legs and placed the bowl on the floor. She slid the towel under Jessica's thighs and pushed it beneath her ass.

Heather took the can of cream and squirted a small amount onto her crotch.

“Oooh! It's cold!” Jessica exclaimed.

“Suck it up, girl,” Heather said. “Aaron, why don't you have a seat on the side of Jessica. I think you'll enjoy the view,” she said with a smile.

Heather then went straight to work and started scraping across Jessica's pubic mound. After each pass, she took the razor and rinsed it off in the bowl. Jessica stared down, fascinated, as all her big-girl hair disappeared, one stroke at a time.

When it came time to do the labia themselves, Heather licked her index finger and middle finger on her left hand and inserted them into Jessica's pussy without warning. Jessica cried out “Oh God!” and tried to slide back.

“You really don't want to move around much while this razor is flying,” Heather cautioned. Jessica immediately stopped fidgeting.

Heather returned to her shaving, using the two fingers plunged into my new wife to hold each lip apart as she carefully removed every single hair from her vagina. Jessica began to moan softly as Heather fingered her privates. Heather seemed to ignore it as she finished her work.

Finally, after twenty minutes of shaving, Jessica's pussy was as smooth as a bowling ball. Heather wiped it off with a corner of the towel and smiled down at it, proud of her work. She bent over and kissed the smooth lips lightly. “Beautiful,” she said.

“Jess, you seem to have gotten a bit wet down here. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't from the water. What do you think could have caused that?” Heather asked with a grin.

Jessica didn't answer and just bit her lip. It was at that point that I fidgeted uncomfortably as my erection strained against my pants. Heather saw the movement.

“Oh dear, I think Aaron needs some attention himself. Stand up,” she directed me.

“Jessica, take off Aaron's tux and put it with your gown. I'm pretty sure his rental agreement won't cover semen stains,” Heather said, all seriousness in her tone.

Jessica took a moment to compose herself and stood up in front of me. Her gorgeous nude body, freshly shaved and still sporting the white veil, was astounding. I wanted to throw her back on the bed right then and there, but I knew better.

Jessica unbuttoned my jacket and slid it off my shoulders. Onto the pile it went. My shirt followed it a minute later. I kicked my shoes off to the side. When she got to my pants, she paused with her hands on the zipper, obviously reluctant to undress her new husband in front of this stranger.

“Come on, I'm sure he doesn't have anything under there I haven't already seen,” Heather said in mock exasperation then suddenly feigned a horrified expression. “Wait, you don't, do you, Aaron?”

“Uh, no, still the same stuff,” I said uncomfortably.

She was right that she had certainly seen (and played with at length) everything down there, and yet I still blushed a bit at being undressed in front of her by my naked wife. Of course, my hard-on was also raging at the prospect of it.

Jessica pulled my pants down to the floor in one swoop. I stepped out of them and Jessica looked at my underwear. They were obviously tented out and right in the center was an obvious wet spot as a result of my pre-cum. Jessica frowned at it but didn't say anything. Heather noticed it as well, however, and *did* say something.

“Whew! That was close! Looks like we caught it just in time!” she exclaimed.

I averted my eyes to avoid Jessica's gaze. She grabbed both sides of my underwear and yanked them straight down, exposing my erection to the room. Jessica turned away from my crotch in disgust but stayed kneeling in front of me.

Heather came over and placed a finger on the tip of my penis, wiping a bit of the pre-cum off and rolled it between her fingers.

“Jessica, honey,” Heather began, “you really need to cut Aaron some slack. He's a guy. Guys get horny. Especially when their hot, naked wives are hovering inches away from their cocks.”

Jessica jerked her eyes back to my penis and then looked me in the face, this time a little brighter; apparently, she felt better about my erection if it was for her.

Heather squatted down behind Jessica and pushed her middle finger up into Jess' pussy from behind, without warning, causing her to stiffen and jerk up a bit, but Heather caught her by the back of the neck and held her in place. Heather pumped the finger in and out a few times before withdrawing it. She put it up to her nose and smelled it.

“Besides, it seems like Aaron isn't the only one who's aroused,” she said with a grin. Jessica reddened noticeably.

“Damn, this is making me hot too,” Heather said, standing up.

Without preamble, she pulled her dress up over her head and I was surprised to see she had neither bra nor panties on underneath it. Then again, I'm not sure why I was surprised. She added her dress to the pile of clothes. Her breasts were just as nice as I remembered. Not as large as Jessica's, but still respectable with hard, perky nipples. I caught Jessica checking them out, then her gaze dropped to Heather's vagina; it was shaved of course.

“Much better!” Heather said, ignoring Jessica's gaze on her pussy.

Chapter Four

“Ok,” Heather began, “Jess, it's time to attend to Aaron.” Heather went back to her bag and rooted around for a minute before returning with a small item that I recognized, but Jess obviously didn't. Heather handed it to Jessica.

Jessica frowned at the item which looked vaguely like a rubber band and just held it.

“Haven't you ever seen a cock ring before?” Heather asked. Jess hadn't.

“You do know what one is, right?” Heather asked. Jess nodded but didn't move.

“Well, put it on him already. It looks like he could blow any second.” I looked down and saw another bead of pre-cum dripping onto the floor. I groaned softly as I wasn't particularly fond of cock rings, but didn't protest.

Jessica knelt down in front of me and studied the ring for a moment before sliding it onto my shaft. She pushed it halfway down on me and then stopped.

Heather sighed in exasperation and knelt on the side of her. She pushed the ring the rest of the way until it bottomed out on my hairy pubic mound.

“You need it to be on fully in order to prevent ejaculation,” Heather explained in her best professor tone. Then she grasped a few curls of my pubic hair and commented “and obviously these are going to have to go as well. Are you up to it?”

Jess' eyes opened wider but she didn't answer so Heather prompted her “Either I handle your husband's junk and shave him or you do, which will it be?”

Jess responded quietly, “I'll do it.”

“Before you begin, you need to stroke him until he cums,” Heather explained.

“But... he's wearing the cock ring. How can he come?” Jess asked like an inquisitive seven-year-old asking why the sky is blue.

“He can't. It'll leave him with blue balls, but it'll ease the sensitivity long enough for you to shave him without him suddenly spasming while you have a razor to his business.” Heather thought of everything.

“Grab his balls and start playing,” Heather continued.

Jess did so and despite the good feeling, I didn't relish what was going to happen.

I was already very aroused so in just a few moments I felt the urge building. I closed my eyes and felt Jess' hand continue to move up and down on my shaft. All at once I went to burst then felt the frustrating feeling of the orgasm blocked by the ring. I groaned loud enough that I'm sure the next 3 rooms heard me. Heather sat down near me and stroked the back of my head. “There, there, I know. I promise, you'll get your needs taken care of eventually.” Turning to Jess, she said, “Ok, get to work. Go slow! I want him to keep everything he has down there.” So did I.

Jess did so, lathering up my pubes just as Heather had done to her. With the speed of a snail in molasses, she stroked across my mound with the razor. I watched the fur fall onto the towel.

“When you do his sack,” Heather instructed, “cup the balls and pull them taut. That will expose all the hairs so that he ends up as smooth as glass.”

Jess did exactly as instructed and, sure enough, fifteen minutes later I was as bare as the day I was born. She patted me dry and cleaned up without being told to.

“Ok, let's get the formalities out of the way,” Heather began. “Time to consummate this marriage already,” she said, hands on her hips. “Jessica, on all fours right there,” she said, pointing to the middle of the room. She did as she was told.

“Aaron, I want you to take her from behind.”

I hesitated just a moment before taking position behind her, my engorged cock pointing menacingly at her bum.

“Well, get going,” Heather urged. I couldn't see it at the time, but Jess had her eyes closed tightly trying to forget about the fact that the first time she had sex with her husband, she was going to be doing it doggie style while a nude stranger watched on.

I reached underneath and found that she was indeed dripping wet, so I had no problem sliding in at all. I moved slowly in and out, savoring the sensations, but know what was to come (or not cum, that is.) Jess moved her hips back and forth in time with me as I pushed into her, but it was clearly mechanical. I felt her slick tunnel gripping my member. After several minutes I felt the same urge build up and then the same anti-climatic drain as I failed to finish. I moaned in agony but kept going. Jessica obviously wasn't progressing from my thrusting while she was being watched, so I reached underneath to look for her clit but Heather chastised “Uh Uh uh, none of that. There will be no cumming right now for either of you,” she said, gesturing her finger in a Tsk-tsk motion. “If you want to play with a pussy, you can play with mine,” she said, motioning me to slide out of Jessica.

Heather threw herself on her back onto the bed and slapped her thighs. “Hop on, big boy. Jess, I want you to sit on the bed and watch.”

Jess reluctantly moved to the bed. I was excited about the prospect of fucking Heather again, but it still felt somehow like cheating, even with Jess sitting naked next to us. Of course, I also knew that what I felt didn't mean much.

I climbed onto Heather and noticed her scent for the first time. It was intoxicating and I slid easily into her. She moaned with pleasure and I reached my hand down in between her legs to search for her nub. I could see Jess out of the corner of my eye, silently watching.

I rubbed the pad of my thumb across Heather's clit while she writhed underneath me. It felt pleasurable, but I resisted the urge to cum again into the cock ring. The frustration from it was unbearable. I wasn't complaining about having to screw Heather though.

For ten minutes I pumped into Heather as she pushed her pelvis against mine. Suddenly she turned her head and screamed into one of the pillows on the bed (which was still made, incidentally) as she climaxed under me. I kept rubbing for several more seconds before she pulled my hand away and cried “Stop, please, stop.” I did as she said and slowly slid out.

I sat down beside Jess and we both just watched as the remaining waves of orgasm finished over Heather. At last, she sat up.

“Damn, you certainly haven't lost your skills,” she said. Jess frowned at that, presumably indignant at being reminded that I had bedded Heather in the past. If only she knew the half of it.

Heather laid her hand down on the inside of my thigh and brushed the base of my penis which twitched in response.

Chapter Five

“Ok, I think Aaron has earned a little relief,” said Heather. “Aaron, sit on the edge of the bed. Jess, down on your knees.” We both did as instructed.

“Take off his cock ring and go down on him.”

Jess reached over and slowly slid the rubber ring off my member, dropping it on the bed. Just the sensations of removing it were nearly enough to push me over the edge. I began dribbling pre-cum immediately. Jess just sat motionless and stared at my crotch without doing anything.

“Haven't you ever given a blow job before?” Heather asked.

“No,” Jess said quietly.

“Good God, girl. Just take him into your mouth and suck. He is so wired right now, it'll be over almost immediately anyway. We can work on technique another time.”

Jess paused another beat before doing as she was told. I felt her lips encircle my head and gasped. Heather was not wrong and I had to struggle not to shoot right then. Jessica removed her mouth for a moment and made a face. I think she didn't care for the taste of both her, and Heather's, pussy juices on my shaft. She went back on though and gave me a somewhat clumsy but still excellent blow job. (There aren't really any BAD blow jobs.)

Heather leaned in and whispered into my ear. “I want you to scream, I LOVE YOU JESSICA! just before you cum.”

Jessica's lips traced down my shaft twice more before I couldn't contain myself anymore. I shouted out my love, probably much louder than I should have in the small hotel room. As soon as I did, Heather quickly moved her hand to the back of Jessica's head. At the same instant, I exploded into Jess' mouth. As my seed rebounded off the back of her throat, she instinctively tried to pull back but, conveniently, Heather's hand was there to prevent it. That made her reflexively swallow. I'm not thinking she was a fan of the taste as she grimaced but she knew better than to try and fight Heather. Four more squirts shot into her mouth, all of which she swallowed. Spent, my cock immediately began to shrink and slid from her face. Heather then released Jessica's head.

Heather, from behind Jess, gestured with her head. I took the cue and slid off the bed next to my wife who was wiping her mouth.

I put one arm around her waist and my other hand on the back of her head and kissed her slowly. She seemed startled by the action but didn't pull away. A moment later she reciprocated and put her hands on the back of my head as well. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Heather giving a thumbs up.

“I love you, Jess,” I said softly. “I love you too, Aaron” she responded, eyes twinkling.

“Damn, Jess, that looked tasty. It made my hungry, too. I think we need to order some room service and have a bite to eat while Aaron recovers,” Heather said. She stepped over to the phone and started dialing. Jess leaned back and glanced down at my, now tiny, penis, dribbling left over cum onto the carpet. Heather spoke softly into the phone for a long while.

“That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be,” she said softly to me. Not the best compliment I ever received, but one takes what one can get sometimes.

Heather returned the phone to the cradle and came over.

“While we wait for dinner, I'm ready to go again and I'd like to take that tongue for a test drive myself,” Heather said. Jess stared blankly, clearly not understanding. By way of explanation, Heather plopped down on the edge of the bed, spread her thighs apart, and gestured to the spot on the floor in front of her. Jess's eyes went wide.

“I'm not gay!” she shouted. At this point, I should probably mention that Jess is a bit of a homophobe. She's also a bit of a bigot, though that is unrelated to this story. I love her anyway in spite of all that.

“Who said you were? Or that I am?” Heather inquired.

“Then, I'm not going near your crotch,” Jess said defiantly and crossed her arms over her huge boobs, while still wearing her veil, and exposing her freshly shaved pussy. Somehow that made her even sexier, if not particularly forceful.

Heather apparently wasn't impressed either as her face quickly turned into a scowl and she leaned across to grab Jess' left nipple which she pinched hard before twisting viciously. Jess was totally unprepared for the attack and screamed while pawing at Heather's hand which made Heather twist even harder. “Put those hands at your side!” Heather shouted. Jess did so and I noticed a tear in one eye. Heather loosened her death grip on the nipple ever so slightly.

“You listen to me. I don't really care about your sexual preferences. If you like cock so much, I'll see to it that every guy in this city pounds away at every hole you have. Maybe even simultaneously.” Jess' eyes went wide. “But for right now, you WILL do what I say.” She punctuated the WILL with another sharp twist of the nipple, making Jess wince. “Now get down on your knees and start licking.” One more twist before releasing the tortured nipple.

Jess rubbed her boob for just a moment before getting down as Heather retook her seat on the edge of the bed and spread her feet. Jess leaned in but didn't seem to know where to start.

Heather reached down with one hand and used her fingers to spread her labia apart while using her other hand to push Jess' head in.

Jess tentatively pushed out her tongue and brushed it against Heather's nether lips a few times.

“Aaron is a much better pussy licker than you. Maybe I should have him take over,” Heather mused.

That apparently did the trick as Jess drove her face into Heather's pussy hard and began lapping like a puppy. She was fairly enthusiastic but clearly unskilled despite having all the same equipment down there; either that or she just didn't relish the job. Personally, I would have loved to sink my face in there, but I figured I probably shouldn't say so. Either way, it clearly wasn't doing it for Heather who was frowning down at Jess.

In an effort to keep Heather happy, I knelt down on Jess' side and reached over to spread Heather's pussy open further. Jess shot me a quick dirty look, but I ignored it and gestured towards Heather's clit. Jess took the hint and refocused her licking in that area and was rewarded immediately with deep moans from above.

Heather moved her arms to the bed, closed her eyes, and began slowly rocking her hips in time to the licks.

Brush, brush, brush, went Jess' tongue against Heather's love button. Before long Heather was gasping as she laid her hands lightly on Jess' head. I moved my hand in and let my index finger flick her clit. Heather twitched noticeably and I repeated the motion several more times. I watched her body tense and then she squeezed both thighs into the sides of Jess' head as she cried out in ecstasy. Jess gasped into Heather's pussy and wiggled her head (probably because Jess is claustrophobic) but Heather released her a moment later as she collapsed back onto the bed, waves of pleasure still going through her.

While we both sat there and watched her, I ran my hand down Jess' back to her bottom, running my finger lightly along her crack. She shivered at the touch but didn't pull away, or even look at me, seemingly mesmerized by Heather.

Heather recomposed herself and sat up, smiling broadly.

“Not bad,” she said. “We will have to give your mouth some more practice to improve your skills, but not bad at all for a first attempt.”

Chapter Six

Then there was a knock on the door followed by a call of “Room Service.” Heather quickly slid down the bed to the floor on the side of Jessica and cupped a hand around her ear, whispering something to her. Jessica's eyes went wide and she said “No way!”

Heather immediately made a motion with both hands to go for Jess' nipples, but Jess was quicker and moved her hands to cover them. Sensing the futility, she bowed her head and said “ok, ok. Let's just get it over with.”

Heather grabbed me by the arm and hustled me into the bathroom. I was totally confused but just followed along.

Heather closed the door, leaving it open just a crack so we could see the room and I watched Jess just stand for a moment, motionless in the center of the room staring towards the door. The knock on the door was repeated.

Jess shouted “Coming!” and moved at a glacially slow pace towards the door. It was at that moment that I realized, with shock, that she was not going to cover up in any way. She put her hand on the doorknob, took a deep breath, and opened the door just enough to see out.

Heather cleared her throat loudly, and menacingly I thought. Jess must have heard it because she swung the door open halfway and I saw the huge eyes of the server standing on the opposite side of a food cart. He couldn't have been more than 19, wearing standard bellboy garb, and he made little effort to control his eyes wandering over the body of my nude bride.

Jess forced a smile and said, “Bring it right in.” The bellboy seemed to debate it in his head for a brief moment, but in the end my, wife's huge tits seemed to be the last thing he focused on before pushing the cart into the center of the room. Heather pushed the bathroom door closed a smidge further so he wouldn't see us watching them. I was totally unprepared for what came next.

The bellboy had regained his professionalism a little bit as he uncovered the food trays and prepared the meals at the small table in the corner. I could see plates with steak, lobster, shrimp, and what appeared to be chocolate covered strawberries on the cart next to a bottle of champagne. I wondered idly what this was going to cost me a checkout time but said nothing, of course.

“I'm sorry, “ Jess began, “but I don't have any money for a tip.” It sounded quite fake, but then Jess is not an actress by trade. “How about I tip you in a different way?” she said, stuttering slightly. She paused a beat before reaching her hand out and cupping the boy's crotch. He jerked slightly at the touch but didn't pull away.

He just stood there to see what she would do. I saw Jess take a breath, and then start lowering his zipper. She pulled it halfway down then looked up into his eyes, probably hoping he would stop her. He didn't (ha!).

She pulled it down the rest of the way, her face dropping a bit, and then unbuttoned his pants. Without flourish, she reached for his waist and pulled his pants and underwear both down at once to the floor, apparently hoping to move things along. Heather and I watched in silence from our post inside the bathroom.

Jess looked at his exposed cock, rock hard from ogling my wife for the past several minutes. My heart dropped a bit to note that his penis was much longer and thicker than mine. Heather must have noted it on my face, because she whispered in my ear very quietly “It's how you use it, you know.” Sure it is.

Jess didn't seem to care about the size. She immediately went to work, wrapping her fingers around his shaft and started pumping. She was all business as she pounded away, obviously trying to be over with this as quick as possible.

For his part, the bellboy held on much longer than I thought he would (or, at least, much longer than I would have) but eventually, he tensed up and grunted. Jess stood out of the way as he launched five huge streams of cum into the air, landing on the carpet in several puddles. There was no way I was getting away from this weekend without a cleaning surcharge.

Jess took a napkin from the cart behind her and wiped his cock of the leftover semen before reaching to the floor and pulling up his underwear for him. I saw a wet spot develop there as he must have still been oozing, but Jess didn't seem too concerned about the condition of his undies. The boy tried to lean in for a kiss but Jess moved with the quickness of a cobra with a finger to block his lips.

"Nope, uh uh. Time to go now. Thank you for the food," she said, rapid fire. The boy slumped his shoulders a bit and bent over to pull up his pants. Nothing else was said as he straightened his clothes, and left, taking the food cart with him.

As soon as the door was closed, Heather opened the bathroom door and pulled me by the arm.

"Wow, that made me wet!" she stated. "Aaron appears to have enjoyed it too," she said, staring down at my cock which was erect again after watching my wife first eat out Heather, then jerk off another guy. "We better get that thing locked down quick," she said.

She moved over to the bed and picked up the cock ring from where Jess had removed it. Without preamble, she bent down in front of my crotch and slipped it on, trapping my love juice and patted me lightly on the sack.

“You aren't going to be cumming again for a while. I still have lots planned for us.”

Chapter Seven

“Let's eat,” Heather said, pulling out a chair at the table. I did the same, as did Jess, but she was stopped by Heather.

“You can eat in a bit. Right now, you are going to provide the entertainment for the meal,” Heather said, sitting down.

“What do you mean?” Jess asked.

“Masturbate for us,” Heather said bluntly.

“What?” Jess asked. “You heard me. Play with yourself. Don't act like you never have.”

If she had, she had never done it in front of me. She went to sit on the bed but was stopped by Heather again. “No, stand. I think you'll be cuter that way. Aaron, dig in. You're going to need the energy.”

I cut a piece off a steak while Jess just stood there.

“Come on, we don't have all night. Well, we do, but I don't want to wait all night. Unless you want me to do it for you,”

Jess quickly moved her hands down to her pussy. She rubbed them over the newly shaved mound a few times before pushing one finger in and pulling it back out, soaked in her juices.

I ate slowly as I watched Jess clumsily finger herself. Whether from the awkwardness of standing up, or the awkwardness of doing for an audience, she was clearly struggling to work up a rhythm. “Come on, baby, do it for me.” I encouraged.

She smiled weakly and picked up the pace a bit. She then spread her lips apart and found the little nub at the top and began to strum it.

She closed her eyes and sped up, running her nail across her clit again and again. Her head tilted back and her breathing increased as she approached orgasm. She started moving her finger in a circle, right on the edge of cumming when Heather leaped from her chair and viciously twisted Jess' left nipple.

She shrieked in pain and her eyes shot open. Her hand immediately left her dripping vagina to grab Heather's. “What are you doing?” she cried out. Heather answered by twisting again, then releasing slightly.

“If you want to cum, you ask for my permission first,” Heather spat out. “I own this,” she said, cupping Jess' pussy.

Jess sounded whiny as she asked, “Please, Miss Heather, may I cum?”

“No, I don't think so,” Heather said, as if she had given the matter serious consideration. “Maybe later, but not yet. Come, have a bite with us for right now,” she said, releasing her grip on my wife's nipple.

Jess groaned and massaged her wounded boob, but pulled up a chair. She tried to sit opposite Heather but Heather stopped her and insisted that she sit to the side of her.

The food was all delicious, of course, though it was hard to focus on. Heather picked up a strawberry and moved it to Jess' mouth. After everything so far, she wasn't about to refuse that but she learned that it came with a price tag as Heather reached her hand in between Jess' thighs and forced them apart. Jess knew better than to struggle and let her have access. Picking up another berry, Heather's other hand quickly found Jess' clit and began lightly brushing it.

Jess moaned as Heather fed her a shrimp. For several minutes Heather continued to feed Jess various foods while molesting her. Suddenly Jess started to tense up and she moaned “Please may I cum?” and Heather immediately removed her hand. “Nope, not yet.” Jess made a big show of putting on her pouty face. Heather returned to the food and ignored her.

After we finished, Heather said “Aaron, do you think Jess should be able to cum?”

“Yes, ma'am, I do,” I answered, without knowing why I called her ma'am but it made Heather smile. “Jess, lay back on the bed.” Jess didn't waste any time throwing herself up onto it. “All the way back, against the pillows and spread 'em.”

Jess did so. “Aaron, use those fine oral skills of yours. Jess, remember the rule about asking permission.”

I climbed onto the bed, chest down, and moved in between Jess' legs. She spread them further apart giving me easy access.

Ducking down, I pulled both lips apart and slowly dragged my tongue up and down the inside of both walls. I glanced up and saw Jess had her head back and was moaning softly.

I inserted my first two fingers into her and move them in and out as I moved my tongue towards the button at the top.

Jess had already been tormented all this time and it was only moments before she asked “Ok, Miss Heather, may I please cum? Please?” Clearly begging this time.

Heather didn't answer verbally but pushed my head up and away from her privates. Jess' eyes shot open and she started to protest. “But! You said!”

Heather reached over and put a finger to Jess' lips. “Shhh, calm down. I want you to turn over and get on all fours. Close your eyes and keep them closed.”

Jess did so without question immediately. Heather got up and went over to her bag and removed two items I was very familiar with.

The lid of the baby oil bottle made a click sound as she opened it. She motioned with it towards Jess' bottom for me to hold it open. Jess and I had never done anal or even any anal play. I had no idea how she would react.

I pulled her cheeks quickly apart and Heather immediately squirted onto her hole. Jess tensed and started to get up but Heather said in a stern tone “Don't you dare move.”

Jess stopped moving but started to protest. “But I don't do that. I never have.” Her eyes were still closed.

“Oh, so you don't want to cum? Ok, we can stop. Aaron, go get cleaned up,” Heather said nonchalantly.

“NO! WAIT!” Jess cried.

“Yes?” Heather asked innocently.

“Ok, please, ok. I need to cum. Please!” I had never heard such anxiety in her voice. Heather rubbed the back of Jess' head and smiled. “That's my girl.”

Heather reached back and lubed up the finger that she pressed against Jess' hole without going in. She teased the hole a bit then began to slowly, slowly work it in. Jess tensed when it finally popped through, but she didn't protest or move away.

Once inside, Heather kept it there for a few moments and then began to slide it in and out. She had been quite liberal with the baby oil so she met no resistance.

She picked up the bottle with other hand and gestured towards mine. I cupped them and she squirted into them. I just looked at them and she rolled her eyes and gestured towards my cock. Duh.

I lubed myself up as best I could while Heather slowly reamed by wife's butt with her middle finger. When she pulled out, I needed no encouragement to move into position.

I positioned my rod at the entrance and just pushed it lightly against it. I heard Jess take a deep breath and then I slowly pushed into her.

Heather hadn't prepared her for the size of my member, despite the fact that I'm not well endowed, but still a fair bit bigger than Heather's finger.

As I pressed in, Jess gasped again, and I saw her clench both hands onto the pillow she was laying against so I stopped but didn't withdraw. “Easy, Aaron,” Heather cautioned.

I let Jess recover and then pushed all the way in. Jess groaned and I felt her sphincter try and close in protest. That only made it feel even better. Not that I would get anything out of this.

Heather let me thrust in and out five times before she made use of the other item she had brought to the bed.

She turned the knob on the end of a vibrator and it began buzzing. She brushed it against Jess' leg and I watched, and felt, her shiver. She moaned, though I don't know if from discomfort or anticipation.

Heather moved it underneath and started running it up and down Jess' slit several times before digging it in at the top and letting it linger there. Jess gasped and said “Oh, God.”

Heather pulled the toy away a bit and said, “Remember the rule.”

Jess frantically said “Please, Miss Heather, please let me cum. God, please.”

Heather returned the vibe to her clit and leaned over to Jess' ear as she said “Yes, baby, yes you may. Cum for me. Cum for Miss Heather.”

Jess did. She screamed at the top of her lungs as I bottomed out against her cheeks. I just held myself there, impaling her as Heather continued to work the vibrator against her nub.

Jess slammed one fist against the bed over and over as she was rocked with pleasure.

It seemed like it lasted for hours, but at last, Jess collapsed against the bed and I slid from her bum. She seemed to have trouble catching her breath as she recovered but eventually she began to.

“Oh god, that was incredible. Incredible,” Jess said, still gasping a bit. Heather slid over to her side and put an arm behind her back.

“You did great,” Heather said, rubbing her hand up and down Jess' back, caressing it. “Thank you for sharing that experience with us,” Heather said, as if it had been voluntary.

Jess looked into Heather's eyes and said, “No, thank you, ma'am.”

She leaned into Heather and put her arms around her and moaned softly in contentment. She started to run her hands down Heather stomach and came to the top of her slit but then suddenly seemed to realize what she was doing and pushed back up a bit. She looked into Heather's eyes and said “I'm still not gay though. Just so we're clear.”

“Crystal,” Heather said with a smile and a chuckle.

“Bring Aaron into the bathroom and clean up his cock,” Heather instructed, getting serious again.

Jess took me by the arm and led me like a little kid into the bathroom. She grabbed a wash cloth and put soap on it.

She wrapped the cloth around my dick and cleaned all of her goo from it. Heather yelled from the room, “Make sure you clean it well! You don't know where I might find to stick it next!”

Jess paused for a second to consider that and then squirted a crap load more soap on the cloth. She made sure I was fully lathered then had me step into the shower. She took the shower sprayer down, adjusted the water temp, and cleaned my entire pubic area. Finally, she took a towel and polished my scrotum as if she could make it sparkle. Heather walked to the bathroom door and looked in.

“I probably should have given both of you enemas,” Heather mused thoughtfully.

Jess turned to me and asked, “she gave you an enema before?”

“Uh, yeah, Lots of them actually,” I said slightly embarrassed at the admission, in spite of everything that I had already experienced.

Chapter Eight

Freshly cleaned, we returned to the bedroom. I sat on the bed and massaged my raging erection which was exacerbated by the attention it received in the cleaning process.

“Ok, princess,” Heather said to Jess, “it's time that you learned how to handle Aaron. You should probably remove your veil. Things may get messy.”

She continued, “Have him stand up and remove his cock ring. Aaron, I'm going to apologize in advance but some lessons are painful.”

Jess seemed to take to the task with renewed vigor having finally gotten her release. She bent down and slid the ring off me as Heather exclaimed “Careful! He's going to be sensitive and it's not his time yet.” The ring was tossed aside. Heather went back to the duffle bag. She hid something behind her back with one hand and was holding a blindfold with the other.

“Here, put this on him and have him stand at attention,” Heather instructed. Jess took the blind fold and slipped it over my eyes. I knew the routine so I straightened up and put my hands behind my head.

“We are going to need this,” was what I heard Heather say, followed by Jess exclaiming “Holy shit! Are you serious?”

“Jess,” Heather began, “I think there are some things that Aaron hasn't been totally honest with you about. For one, he rather enjoys being dominated and requires a very firm hand to control him.” She punctuated “firm hand” by squeezing my balls, not hard, just enough to get the message across.

“Is that true, Aaron” Jess asked softly.

“Y-Yes,” I croaked.

“Aaron is going to tell you some stories when you guys get home later. With every detail. That is an order too, not a suggestion. Am I understood, Aaron?”

“Yes, Miss Heather.” That would be a long conversation.

“One of the things that I enforced,” Heather continued, “was that erections were only allowed with permission. Actually, that was my sister's idea, but let's not split pubic hairs.” - she chuckled at her wit - “Aaron,” - her tone had changed - “did you get permission for that erection?”

This seemed just a bit on the unfair side all things considered, but I understood the point of it.

“No, Ma'am,” I replied like a good boy.

“And what happens if we disobey?” she asked, really drawing out “disobey.”

“I get punished, Ma'am.”

I had barely finished Ma'am when I felt a sharp crack against my left ass cheek. I found out later it was a riding crop. I didn't even know Heather had had one of those. You learn something new every day, I suppose.

I screamed.

“Check him,” Heather said. “For what?” Jess asked.

“His erection. He gets punished until it goes down,” she stated flatly.

“Oh, I get it... No, no change,” Jess said. I felt a finger tip touch the head of my penis.

CRACK again, this time against the right cheek. I bit my lip and grunted, but kept from screaming this time.


Crack, again on the right cheek. “It's working!” Jess cried.

And again on the left cheek. I felt tears welling up on my face.

“It's going down, Heather. Perhaps we should give it a second?” Jess asked. Thank god for her.

“Fair enough,” Heather replied.

I just stood there thinking about anything except my nakedness or the nakedness of the two girls in the room with me. Or of anything we had done tonight.

I felt a finger tip again and realized that I had gone soft.

“It's down!” Jess sounded triumphant.

“You'll have to practice this yourself. It's all in the wrist. Obviously, we aren't looking to cause physical harm. Just keep him on his toes. I'll email you a list of things you'll need to buy.”

“Another thing about Aaron,” Heather continued, “is that he is into ass play.” I felt a hand tap my cheek and I blushed. It stung from being whipped and I jerked a bit.

“Stay still!” Heather barked.

“Is Aaron gay?” Jess asked, sounding hurt and dejected.

“No!” Heather exclaimed. “Geez, haven't I taught you anything tonight? Just because he is turned on by having something in him” - I felt a finger, presumably Heathers, poke at my ass crack and retreat - “doesn't mean he likes men. Do you, Aaron?”

“No, Miss Heather. Absolutely not,” I answered.

“I think I can personally attest to Aaron's love of the vagina, but if I asked Aaron to take in in the ass from a guy, he would do it, wouldn't you, Aaron?” Heather asked.

“I would, Ma'am, but I wouldn't like it.” I felt it important to emphasize the 'wouldn't like it' part.

“I knew you would, baby,” - she patted my butt lightly - “you are very well behaved.”

“Anyway,” she continued, “you eating my pussy as instructed doesn't make you a lesbian, and Aaron getting pegged doesn't make him gay. This is all about pleasure. And submission, of course.”

“Aaron, get down on all fours,” Heather commanded. I heard her walk away and heard the zipper on the duffle open, rustling, then close.

“Get the bottle of baby oil from the bed and lubricate this,” Heather said.

I heard squirting. “There too,” she said. This time I felt a squirt as the oil hit my butt crack. Fingers, I'm not sure whose, spread my cheeks (still sore) and a finger found my hole. It pushed into me without fanfare and plunged in and out several times lubricating me.

“Turn it on,” Heather instructed. I heard buzzing. No mystery here.

Two hands held me apart as I felt the toy push against my hole and buzz for a few seconds. I realized I was getting hard and started to panic.

“Heather, Miss Heather, Ma'am, may, may I get erect?” I blurted out.

I heard Heather chuckle. “Yes, you may.” The toy pushed slowly into me. The sensation of fullness was quite pleasurable and the vibrations were tickling my prostate.

“Go slow, and try to go in as far as you can until you feel resistance,” Heather instructed. Jess was apparently following instructions to the letter because I felt the buzzing phallus work its way in and bottom out inside me. I grunted loudly but was loving it.

“Now reach under him and begin stroking him. Slowly!” Heather said.

I felt a hand encircle my cock and began milking it while Jess continued to ream me with the vibrator.

“Aaron, you are not to cum until I say. The consequences will be SEVERE,” Heather said forcefully. I wasn't calling her bluff.

“Yes, Ma'am.” Jess continued to pull on me. I was losing control fast and the vibrating in my ass wasn't helping.

“Make sure it all goes in this cup,” Heather said from somewhere behind me.

Tug, tug, tug she went. I gulped hard as I approached the point of no return.

“Please, Miss Heather, may I cum?” I asked.

“Don't ask me, ask your wife. She is the one fucking you right now,” Heather said dryly.

“Jess, may I come?” I asked. I felt her hand tighten painfully around my cock.

“Call me 'Mistress',” Jess said right in my ear. I didn't see that coming.

“Mistress, may I come? Please?” I begged.

“No, I don't want you to. But if you need to, you can. But there will be a consequence, just as Heather said.” The tone was one I had never heard from Jessica before.

Consequences or not, I couldn't control myself any longer and my whole body spasmed as I blew my load. I couldn't see it, but Jess caught every last drop in the cup that Heather had positioned below me.

I felt like I was shooting forever and Jess managed to ram the dildo home in time with my spurts. “Say my name,” Jess whispered in my ear.

“Jessica! Mistress Jessica! I love you!” I screamed as she continued to milk me.

I felt her lips touch mine and I instinctively kissed back.

She pulled away and said, “I love you too, Aaron.” Her hand brushed through the hair on the back of my head. Suddenly the blindfold was pulled away and I saw her squatting in front of me.

“However,“ Jess began, her tone suddenly much more menacing, “I did warn you that there would be consequences. You understood that, right?”

“Yes, Ma'am.” I nodded as I said it.

“Heather, the cup please,” she said, reaching behind me. Heather handed it to her.

Jess stuck a finger into the cum filled cup. I glanced down at it and was impressed by my volume considering it was not my first cum of the day. I would wish a moment later that my volume had been less impressive.

Jess' finger came out of the cup and she held it before my face.

“Open,” was all she said.

I am not homophobic, but the thought of eating my ejaculate was very unappealing and I kept my mouth closed, shaking my head vigorously.

“You didn't have a problem with me swallowing it earlier,” Jess said, unsympathetically. I couldn't argue with that but I still hesitated. “I can assure you I can find worse things to do to you,” she said. Who was this new girl squatting in front of me?

I opened my mouth reluctantly and she stuck her finger in before I could change my mind. It was warm, salty, and pretty much as disgusting as I expected it would be but I closed on it and licked the finger clean to make Jess happy. She smiled from ear to ear and ran her other hand down my back. Unfortunately, making her happy meant licking my semen off her fingers six more times until the cup was empty. I nearly gagged several times but didn't. How do girls do that, anyway? Maybe I shouldn't judge the 'spitters'.

After the last finger, she leaned in and kissed me again, this time routing around in my mouth with her tongue for leftover cum.

“You did excellent, baby,” she said, rubbing the back of my head as she drew back.

Heather, from behind, said “Shit, even I never made him eat his own jizz! That's pretty fucked up, Jess,” though she was laughing as she said it. Jess ran her hand slowly down my face and then kissed me on the cheek.

Jess said, “I think it's time we called it a night.” I swung my head towards the clock and saw that it was after 2 am. Suddenly, I felt completely exhausted and drained.

We all climbed into bed with me in the middle. I spooned Jess from behind, my sticky, soft penis rubbing against her ass, while Heather spooned me from behind. I felt her pert nipples pressing into my back. 'God, I loved them both' was my last thought as I fell to sleep.


I awoke the next morning to a knock on the door. “Room service” the call came.

I was disoriented for a moment as I rolled away from Jess. On the opposite side of the bed was a bathrobe and a note that said, “Put this on.” It took me another moment before I realized that Heather was missing.

The knock came again; I shook my head and put on the robe, hurrying to the door.

I opened it and apologized. “No problem, sir,” said the young man with a food cart. I stepped aside and he rolled it in. Jess was laying on the top of the bed covers, fully exposed and rather disheveled. The server glanced at her, then back to the cart with pure professionalism.

“Would you like me to set it up for you, sir?” he asked.

“No, thank you. I'll do it. I'm sorry, but I don't-” I started to say, then realized that my hand was gripping something in the pocket of the bathrobe. I pulled it out and found a $10 bill with “Tip” written on a slip paper-clipped to it. I handed it to the server who thanked me and departed.

I lifted the lid on the cart and found a huge assortment of breakfast dishes. Eggs, fruit bowls, pancakes, the works. I looked around, still a little confused when I noticed two notes on the nightstand where the bathrobe had been.

The first one said, helpfully, “Read me first.” I opened it.

“Dearest Aaron. I called my friend and had her pick me up. You deserved to wake up next to your beautiful wife alone for the first time. I hope everything wasn't too much for you and that I helped to bring you two closer. I really do wish the best for both of you. I hope we can do this again some time. Love to you both. Heather. PS: My mom sent me with the other note for you.”

I put it down and picked up the other note. Her mom did?

“Dear Aaron, Heather told me about her plans for your honeymoon. Sorry I couldn't be there for that! I hope to meet your new wife someday. You two need to come by here for a playdate! For now though, I felt I owed you a wedding present for everything you put up with at my house, so consider this weekend a gift from Betty, Mama, and myself. Love, Linda.” Inside the note was a paid receipt for the hotel stay and everything Heather had charged to it.

I put both notes back down on the nightstand and slipped the bathrobe back off.

I slid back into bed behind Jess and put my arm around her, cupping a boob. She woke slightly and turned her head to me and smiled.

“Good morning, husband,” she said sleepily. “I have lots planned for us,” she said before drifting back to sleep.

I had no doubt that she did.

The End.

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Honeymoon with Heather

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