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  1. Asian Dream 1 (revised)
  2. Asian Dream 2

Asian Dream 2

Categories Fantasy, Asian, massage

Author: lovtwoplz

Published: 16 June 2018

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Kim and I continued getting together, and Linda had joined in twice. One late morning I got a text. Kim asked me to drive over immediately if I could. I was there in 3 minutes.

There was a man in the middle of the street yelling. Linda and Kim were standing on Linda’s front porch. The guy was holding something in his hand, it was something metal and looked like a knife. He didn’t see me, I grabbed him from behind and threw him on the ground. Within a minute, the police were there. They hand cuff him, took a statement from me, and asked Linda to come to the police station. Kim hugged me and so did Linda, as they were getting into their car to go to the station, Kim said, she would text me.

The text from Kim said they were at the station. The both appreciated what I did, and ask me to go to the address they posted. I texted back, I would go, and I wanted them to check on the boys at school.

An hour later I arrived at the location. I was surprised to find it a massage parlor.

The message from Kim told me to ask for Lilly. As I walked thru the door, a young Asian woman welcomed me. I said hello, and asked for Lilly. “Yes, Mr. Mike, please come this way.” They knew I was coming?!

As I follow this young Asian woman through the parlor, I noticed each room with its own door, some doors were open. Inside each enclosed room was a massage table, shower, and nicely decorated. The place smelled good too.

We reached the back of the parlor, she knocked on the wall near a door way with curtains. A voice said come in.

Lilly was a middle aged, good looking Asian woman. She stood and welcomed me.

Lilly told me I did a wonderful thing. Linda had called her son’s school after my suggestion, and found her ex was there earlier, the police had to be called to remove him. He left before the police got there and he came to Linda’s house to cause trouble. He was forbidden to go to the school – he was going to be charged with two felonies.

I told Lilly all sounded good.

Lilly asked me to go into her bathroom and take my clothes off. I was to get some special treatment. The room connected to the bath had a large massage table. I rapped myself in a towel, and Lilly was there to position me on the table. Lilly asked if I wanted a two hand or 4 hand massage. I responded by saying, “Lilly you are the expert.”

I was face down, naked and felt one pair of hands on my feet and legs and the other pair of hands on my arms and shoulders. Lilly was working on one arm and hand. So, at the moment, I assumed Sandy was at the other end. All of it was making me feel great.

It did not take long for me to want more than a massage. Sandy was working up my legs, she was close to my groin. Lilly had both her hands on my neck and shoulders while standing just above my head. My hands hung down. I found her leg and move my hand up to her butt. I was under her smock. Lilly leaned over me and whispered into my ear. “Mike, Kim told me to take care of all your needs.” I immediately said in return, “Lilly what are your and Sandy’s needs?” “We will show you.”

Sandy was now stimulating my prostate, and my cock was growing under me. My fingers had found their way between Lilly’s legs, her pussy was already wet. I was helped to roll over. Lilly’s smock was open and her tits were rubbing again my face as her hands massaged my chest. Sandy was working on my cock. Soon Sandy was naked and up on top of me. My cock slid deep into her as she mounted me in reverse. She was still massaging my legs as she rode my cock. Her pussy was tight. She was a cute small Asian woman. Maybe a “B” cup with a nice face and figure. I had one of Lilly’s nipples in my mouth, she was moaning. Sandy’s orgasm came and she immediately cleaned my cock with a nice warm cloth. Lilly told Sandy that her 12 o’clock appointment was there.

Lilly and I were now alone. She moved to the top of the table and mounted me. “Lilly said, “I want to know why Kim thinks so much of you”

“Thank you, Lilly, she is very special to me.” “And Linda has been thru more than anyone should have too, I want the best for her too.”

“Mike, you are a very special man, and that is why you are here with me today.” I could feel Lilly’s vaginal muscles working on my cock. “Thank you, Lilly, I want to give you pleasure.” I leaned toward her and started to suck on one nipple. At the same time I started fingering her clit. “Oh Mike! You do know how to please a woman.” With that she had a tremendous orgasm. She kissed me as her body shook, then she moved off the table.

Lilly stepped out and in a few minutes Sandy was back. Mr. Mike Lilly wants me to help you clean up to go with her. “Yes mam.” Sandy took me by the hand and led me to the shower. Soon she was washing every part of me. She was stroking my cock really well. “Sandy, do you want to cum again?” “Yes please”. She turned her ass to me. In one moment I shoved my hard cock deep inside her. One the second stroke I hit bottom and she came. I kept pounding her. She said, “I love your cock, Mr. Mike!” She came two more times before I pulled out. Sandy had my cock in her hands, the head in her mouth and she shallowed every drop of my cum. She finished washing me and left.

Lilly was waiting in the parlor. “Mike will you take me home and help me pick up her daughter, Michelle from high school on the way there?” “I would be happy to Lilly.”

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Asian Dream 2

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