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  1. The Look 2
  2. The Look 3

The Look 2

Categories Fantasy, Mind Control

Author: gwcozzier2

Published: 16 June 2018

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The look 2

After my consultation at the vets hospital, I needed a better understanding what I was dealing with.

I took a day thinking about the overall issues.

On the one hand; women that wanted to do anything to make me cum was a good thing. I imagined tons of them, the best most fuckable dick milkers. I viewed this as good.

On the other hand, this condition was pretty nonselective. I couldn't just have every woman follow me around. I pictured a women following me home and getting in my house. There are plenty of crazy women in the news that stalk and murder the ones they think they love.

The dark sunshades seem to work. I considered buying contacts to experiment but logically I didn't think it would work. I heard they hurt and they can cause infections.

I decided that I just needed to be careful. Definitely keep my house out of the picture. Stay away from teenagers, jail is no fun. If you can have the entire orchard of apples, aren't you most interested in the best ones, or atleast the juiciest? For me the best tasting fruit is the ripe forbidden kind. The married kind. I'll tell you why but that story is next time.

One thing I've always fantasized about was the salesgirls at the Victoria's Secret store at the mall. They look so sexy. I wondered if they ever modeled the sexy clothes and underwear, in the store for customers. Maybe for the right guy?

While I was laying around thinking and planning, my mind reflected on my vet visit. I was getting horny thinking about Emily. Impregnating her while her husband waited in to other room was pretty hot.

I decided to go to the mall. I selected some comfortable shorts and skipped the briefs. I felt I could pull them down fast if there was a need. Those saleswoman at the mall were really sexy. I was just trying to be thoughtful.

My first stop at the mall was the store that specialized in sunglasses. My sunshades were beat up and scratched. I bought them in a convenience store maybe three years ago. Five dollars was all they cost.

This was a weekday and early, the stores were empty. I breezed in and went to the big money glasses. These things were hundreds of dollars. Fortunately the salesperson was a cute tall woman.

She had jet black collar length hair. It was curled thick and shiny. Her red lipstick was the center piece, drawing attention to her thick lips. She was wearing a tight dark grey skirt, just above the knee and a flowered blouse that she tucked inside. She wore simple two inch black heels.

"Can I help you sir? I see you are drawn to the finer things. I'm Sue. These wrap arounds are state of the art. They just came out. Care to try them on? Wow you've got a set of eyes on you. It's a shame to cover those up. They fit you well. You are one handsome dude." She smiled and leaned closer.

"Oh, thank you, Sue. So tell me honestly. When I wear these glasses am I as exciting as without them?" I asked as I took off the new glasses and looked in her eyes.

"Well, honestly, with these glasses,,, you are handsome. But without, when I look in your eyes, I,,, feel," she said.

"Little tingle down low? A need to express our more basic instincts?" I finished her sentence.

"Yeah,, Ha!,, Guess we are alike. Hey, You know there is a free set of those in the back. I could get them for you. They are up on a top shelf. Maybe you could help me?" Sue smiled and stared at my eyes.

"I'd love to. Need help with a ladder?" I asked naively.

"Uh sure. Just wait a sec. Let me close the security door." She operated the lock and put a sign up 'back in 10.'

We went into the back of the storeroom where there were metal warehouse shelving almost to the ceiling and several rows.

She turned to her right and opened a door. She walked into a white restroom saying 'just a minute.' The door closed as she was pulling up her skirt.

After only 10 seconds she walked out of the restroom and to the metal shelves. She stared into my eyes and began to breathe a little faster.

"Ok, I think the box is up there. We just usually climb up the racks without a ladder. I can't let you climb for me but maybe you could hold my legs? Ok, good, so I'm sorry but this skirt is so tight I'm going to have to pull it up a little to climb. I hope that doesn't embarrass you." Sue smiled as she pulled her skirt up her shapely legs until the hem was only 2 or 3 inches from her crotch.

She threw one leg up and lifted herself up onto the shelving. Her ass was near my face. She had a tight grip on the top shelf and stretched her leg to try a side step.

"Uh, can you pull up my skirt a little more? I'm trying to hang on and step over. Thanks, that's better. Hold me, I'm going to look in this box." Sue said.

When She asked me to pull up her skirt a little, I pulled it all up above her hips. Her ass hung out without any underwear. If she was wearing any to start with she must have dropped them in the restroom.

I liked that nice round ass next to my face. I hugged her leg and pushed my face into her butt cheeks. She smelled like perfume. I nuzzled deeper.

"Good, hold me. I'll just be a little bit. I like that." She said.

I was holding her knees and worming my face between her soft ass cheeks. She bent forward and pushed her ass rearward gently. I slid my hands up her thighs and to her butt cheeks. I pulled them open and pushed my way to her labia.

"Oh, that's good. Yes, OK,,, FUCK! YES! suck it." (I sucked up her clitoris and surrounding labia lips into my mouth) "Right there. Oh, my God. YES,,I want,,let me get down. I want to see something."

Sue lifted off my face, pulling her lips out of my mouth with a soft pop. She dropped down to the ground. She immediately kneeled and opened my shorts. I pulled them down to let my cock spring up toward her face.

"Oh, damn. You're big. I can't suck that. I thought you might be smaller. Like my boyfriend."

"Did you want to try something else? I don't want to ruin your make up. Or is this all a bad idea?"

"What! NO! This isn't a bad idea. I want it but I just choke and make a mess and,,, will you,,wanna fuck my pussy? Just give me time to get used to you."

Sue stood while talking and turned around. By the time she had finished the 'get used to you' she had raised one leg onto a pallet and bent over. She arched her ass and flared her thighs to invite me.

I could see her dark pink pussy lips just below her brown anus. What man could resist such an invitation. I walked up to her and put the head to her wet labia. I stroked her vulva from vaginal opening to clitoris. Her clit was sticking out firmly and I massaged it with my urethra. Sue grunted a little as I did that.

Sue suddenly turned her head and looked at me. She started saying "please don't teas-." She was looking deep into my eyes and suddenly began to orgasm. Apparently the look had triggered an orgasm in her.

I know enough about women to know that not all of them are multi-orgasmic. Some cum and quit. They get too sensitive to continue. I knew I better get at it or I may lose out.

I drove up her twitching pussy. Sue inhaled sharply and thrusted back onto me. I worked it up into her slowly and by the time I was firmly rooted and touching bottom she was coming out of her spasms.

"That was soo good. I haven't cum like that since my first orgasm with a candle at grandmas house. You got in me at just the right time. Go slow now. I'm so full. Doesn't it feel tight on you? I can hardly ever cum a second time but it sure does feel good."

Sue started a slow rocking motion, slipping me out an inch and then back inside. After a couple minutes she was able to enjoy full thrusts. I felt like I could finish early but I had really enjoyed watching and feeling her orgasm.

I decided to see if I could trigger another orgasm in her by looking into her eyes again. I maintained a steady rhythm with her.

"Sue, look at me Sugarpuss. You are gorgeous. Your pussy is so tight! I love how you are fucking it onto my cock. Does it feel good to you too?"

Sue was staring deeply in my eyes. I saw her take a big breath and her vagina started to tense and spasm. I could actually see her pupils grow huge as she let loose a generous amount of liquid. She turned her eyes up and slowly closed them. I thought she may passout. She raggedly breathed deep. I started to cum.

My hips pounded her faster and faster. I knew my cock had swelled bigger and I enjoyed the intense pleasure centered on the head of my penis. I felt the first spurt of sperm rocket out of my cock to coat Sue's birth canal. She was having a prolonged orgasm and not moving, only breathing fast.

Spurt after long enjoyable spurt of my cum left my body to play inside Sue's. After what seemed like several minutes I stopped. I truly felt drained. I pulled my penis from her and it swung low as it exited. I stepped back to look at pretty Sue.

Her vagina was still open and had a noticeable gap. Our fluids were beginning to collect at her labia lips where they would grow until gravity allowed it to run out and down her legs. She pulled her leg off the pallet and lower it to the floor. Just as her foot touched the cement floor a glob of fluid landed on the space between her legs.

Sue mumbled "I need to sit down. Help me."

I closed my shorts and took her hand. I led her to a chair. She seemed dazed and weak kneed. She sat but kept her legs wide apart. Cum started pooling on the chair as she looked at a box to the side.

"I can't take looking at your eyes anymore right now. I almost passed out cumming this last time. Please don't come back here. I think if I look at you again it will just make me cum all over myself. Oh God! What if I'm walking with my fiancee and see you and those eyes? Please, keep the glasses. You earned them. But don't come back."

I told her I was glad I pleased her and I was sad it was too intense for her. I also thanked her for the glasses.

Sue rested for 5 minutes and stood. She wiped her thighs and pussy with a polishing rag. Finally she smoothed her skirt down and walked into the showroom. She looked at the floor as she walked to the door and unlocked it.

"Thank you. That was absolutely the best I've ever experienced. You can come back but give me a month or so to get normal. I'm actually kinda numb down there right now. What's your name?" Sue closed her eyes and leaned forward, pursing her lips.

I said 'Stan' as I kissed her red lips. They were soft and slippery. She sucked on my lips and then released me. I walked into the mall.

I thought the glass shop was an excellent experience.


I had wanted to go to the Victoria's Secret store and see if I could have a fashion show but something was a buzz in the mall, people were expecting something to happen. I stopped and got a bite to eat in the food court. I think I probably looked strange eating with sunglasses on but that was the best way.

After a couple hours of people watching and waiting to see what was going to happen, I saw a channel 12 news van stop outside the entrance to the food court. I asked a guy if he knew what was going on and he said some lottery winner bought a store.

I was about to move on when I saw Kerry Murry and Denise Jones from the channel 12 newsroom outside at the van. Denise is a seasoned field reporter. She was talking to Kerry, gesturing with her hands, explaining things. It appeared like Kerry was being trained for field reporting.

Kerry Murry was a red headed weather woman who was known for her athletic body. She usually wore a thin dress that tied together wrap around style. Her up and perky tits with her little bubble butt. All that combined with her thin toned torso made her stroke material for every man that could watch channel 12. She was shorter than I thought. Today she was wearing her signature red dress.

Denise Jones was a field reporter that I had watched on TV for the last year. She was a tall black and busty woman. Her light skin and straight hair made her look exotic. She never really showed much cleavage, but they were large. I think she had to be like a 36Ecup. I always watched her, hoping she would show more. Today she was wearing a black jogging suit that zipped up the front. Her name was embroidered over one breast and Channel 12 News over the other.

I couldn't resist this opportunity. I had no plan. I suppose I would just look at them and see what happens. Maybe they would be inventive getting me alone with them. This would be interesting. The worst thing that could happen is,, well, nothing.

A newscrew cameraman was walking around. Raising a large dish on a stand attached to the van. I walked right by him to the two newscasters.


Both girls turned to look at me. I made sure to look at their eyes. I got closer and both of them started to smile at me.

Both of them said in unison, "Hi."

"I'm Stanley. Can I get a selfie with both of you? I just love you guys!" I played it up.

"HEY, STEP BACK SIR!" The cameraman said rounding a corner and coming at me.

"IT'S ok, Marvin. He is a fan. We want to talk to him. Just prep the camera, maybe go pre-interview the guy. Give us some time. Let me see the van keys. I need my bag." Denise said in a commanding voice.

I took my phone out and leaned back as both girls leaned in toward my face for a picture. The photo showed they were both looking at me. Both women casually took one of my arms and encircled it around their waist. Both were leaning toward me enough that their tits were touching me.

"This is just awesome. It's too bad there isn't someplace we could sit and talk. Your work must be fascinating." I said.

I saw Denise looking at Kerry and them nodding together in a silent communication.

"Stanley, Denise and I would love to show you the newsvan. We keep lots of video equipment and machines to transmit the news. You have such pretty eyes. I'll bet you are a good kisser too. You're going to have to be nice to us. Will you be nice?" Kerry asked taking me hand.

I smiled and whispered "Yes."

Denise unlocked the side door and motioned for me to come right in. I smiled and climbed inside. They followed me in and Denise locked the door.

The far wall was loaded with instruments for broadcasting. There was a single old school chair with four metal legs and a green pleather upholstered seat cushion. After the door was locked both girls attacked me.

Kerry took my head in her hands and pulled me to her face. She started open mouth kissing me. I felt hands opening my shorts and pulling them down.

Kerry let me go after a minute and pulled back from me. I looked down to see Denise stretch her mouth open and move it over my hard cock. Kerry was opening her dress. She was in a red bra and panty set. She discarded her dress onto the front passenger seat and then removed her bra and panties. She had nice large red areolas and a small landing strip of red pubic hair. Denise pulled off me.

Kerry pushed me to the rear of the van and laid down, pulling me down ontop her. She pulled her muscular legs up and searched for my cock.

I saw that Denise was out of her running suit and pulling her panties off. She was shaved completely bare. Her bra was a really big, heavy, black one. It didn't look like she was going to take it off.

Kerry had me lined up and zeroed in on her vagina. I took her knees and pushed them up to her shoulders and glided up into her pussy.

"OH FUCK! DAMN!" Kerry yelled.

"Shut up Kerry. You're going to get us caught. I want some too. Quit yelling." Denise scolded Kerry.

"Sorry. God it feels good!" Kerry apologized. She looked so unbelievably erotic. Laying on her back, her hands on my shoulders, her knees pushed up near her chin and her feet above her head. She stared at my eyes as I fucked deep into her wet pussy, touching bottom.

Denise leaned over Kerry and bent toward my face. She opened her mouth and it found my mine. She pushed her tongue in to the back of my mouth. Her lips were soft and buttery. She only stayed there for a minute as leaning over Kerry's body was awkward.

Kerry was pulling at my neck trying to get me to kiss her next. I was about to lean down to do just that when Denise started moving the chair.

Denise had been just rubbing her labia but apparently she reasoned out a way to join in. She placed the chair with the front legs on either side of Kerry's head. She then sat in the chair with her legs up and spread. Her ass hung slightly over the edge of the front of the chair. She jerked her open pussy up at my face.

Her hairless labia was a thing of beauty. Her fat thick lips were opening slowly. Her moisture was only between her lips but it started to collect at the bottom of her slit and looked about ready to bridge the gap and run down to her dark brown asshole.

I leaned forward to her offered sex. I licked her clitoris up and down while short stroking Kerry. Her pussy had a strong sexual smell that I liked. Denise moaned "oh fuck yes. Eat my pussy. You're being very nice, Stanley."

"Yes. God! This is very nice." Kerry told me.

I sucked up Denise's clit and sucked hard. She was thrusting her pussy up at my face. Her lubricating juices were flowing heavy now. They ran down her lips to her anus and then down a cheek of her ass. They dripped off her asscheek and landed in Kerry's hair.

Both women were thrusting their pussies at me and I was in 7th heaven. I felt that if I continued to fuck Kerry, I would cum in her and time would run out before I could get erect again to enjoy big titted Denise.

Kerry started pushing her pussy up at me more urgently. I considered breaking from Denise's clit to give Kerry a look to send her over the edge, but she was achieving a nice climax without any extra help.

"Oh fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck! I'm cumming Stanley! Your big dick is making me cum all over it. Oh fuck-fuck." Kerry whispered.

Kerry slowed after a few minutes, then her jerking thrusts stopped. Denise nudged my head back from her puss and lowered her legs.

"OK Kerry. You've had your turn. Move out of the way." Denise said.

"Oh, Sorry." Kerry crawled toward the empty chair.

"Stanley could you be any nicer! You are the best! Can you lay down for me? I want to ride that big white cock." Denise asked.

I layed on the padded carpeting and Denise climbed over my hips. She raised up some and took hold of my slippery penis.

"Damn boy! You're bigger than Jerry. And I damn well know you can stay longer than him." Denise sat on my hard cock.

"YOU'VE FUCKED JERRY?" Kerry cried.

"Of course. Jerry fucks all the girls. Or else you don't get on the screen. You are no different than the rest of us. What? you didn't know? Sorry Kerry but you were going to have to find out sooner or later. Just don't tell your husband. I don't want that out everywhere." Denise casually talked while riding my cock in and out of her pussy.

"Well he was a good fuck. Stanley here is way better. You're right I don't want a scandal either. Are you going to cum soon? I want him again."

"IF you stop talking to me." Denise said. She had her eyes closed as she pumped her cunt up and down my cock.

"Take your tits out. I want to see those fat black tits." I told her.

"No. I don't want to. Just enjoy my pussy." She replied keeping her eyes closed.

"DENISE JONES." I said. Her eyes shot open. We locked eyes. "I want to feel your fat tits. Take them out or I won't fuck you."

Denise pulled her big tits up and over the top of her bra. She struggled and used both hands but after a couple minutes the big breasts were revealed. They were huge and had black areolas at least 3 inches across. Her nipples themselves were flat with a small raised point where her milk later would come out.

I used both my hands on her left breast. Picking it up and squeezing it. I went to the other heavy hanger. They were big sacks of rolley suck fun.

"They are awesome. Why didn't you want these big girls out? Every guy loves your tits." I asked.

"They make men cum too fast. They shoot off and go soft before me. When my boobs are played with they swell and don't fit in my bra. I just feel like a set of tits with legs."

"Oh, don't feel like that! You are gorgeous. Your tits are just extra. That nice tight pussy, your sweet cock suckers lips. I'll bet your ass is tighter than any girls around. Your whole body makes guys cum. Not just your boobs." I stared into her eyes as we talked. I could see I had triggered an intense reaction to my staring.

Denise spun off into orgasm. "MOTHERFUCKER! FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING, FUCK MY BLACK PUSSY HARD!" Denise screamed.

The van had to be shaking. Denise pounded my penis inside her. I was sure there would be an audience outside with the van shaking and the loud cursing. Still this was very exciting. If I hadn't given Sue a big sperm sample earlier I'm sure I would have blown my wad 5 minutes ago. She bucked and jerked for several minutes.

Denise's orgasm had literally drained her. Her juice was puddling under my ass. She slumped forward, resting her giant tits on my chest.

Kerry was hovering next to my face, kissing me again. It felt like she might have pushed Denise off me. She seemed like she had passed out. Denise ended up laying next to me. My arm was around her shoulder and her big boobs were pushed against my side.

Kerry was all smiles. She raised a leg up and tucked me inside her little pussy. She sat down and pushed until she had me nosed into her cervix.

"Cum inside me Stanley. You know you want to cum in the weather girl. Tonight you can see me do a sound bite from here at the mall and know your cum is inside me. You know you want it."

Denise's eyes were open now. She had a hand between her thighs and she was moving it gently. Kerry was thrusting her hips up and down my hips. I loved the feeling and knew I would cum soon.

Kerry pushed down hard on me and made my cock pinion back and forth inside her body. I was just on edge to blow. I decide to make her cum with me.

"Look at me Kerry. I'm going to shoot it. Look in my eyes as I give you my cum." I told her.

Kerry smiled sweetly and lowered her head to gaze deeply into my eyes. I started to cum inside her. My cock swelled and my first shot felt mammoth. I saw her mouth drop open and she stopped all movement. Her pupils grew, her tits were still giggling slightly and her entire areolas were drawn up tight and hard. Her hands balled up into fists.

I saw her bare her teeth and I felt a wetness gush out onto my groin. All this happened as I drained my balls into the channel 12 weather girl.

After what seemed like a half hour but was really only a few minutes, I laid my head back and enjoyed the after glow. Kerry slipped off me and I had both girls under each arm. I think Denise may have finished herself off watching Kerry and I cum.

'KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.' "Denise, Kerry are you in there? We are all set. Are you ready?" Marvin the cameraman asked.

"Uh, ok. Give us a few minutes. Hey, can you get us some coffee. Just give us 10 minutes." Both girls scrambled for their clothes. I looked at Kerry as she grabbed her bra. She saw me looking and handed it to me.

"Here Stanley a trophy from me." She said smiling.

"To remember me by." Denise handed me her panties. I took both happily. Denise tried to stuff her big boobs back into her bra. They bulged a lot at the top.

Both girls got dressed and quickly tried to fix their makeup. I pulled my clothes back on and just sat in the back corner of the van.

Denise opened the doors and they stepped out. As both girls stood on each side of a guy that was smiling. I put my new glasses on and slipped out of the van unnoticed.

I was kinda tired and decided the Victoria's Secret show could wait. I went home.

That night I watched channel 12 news. The news piece was a small one. Kerry and Denise looked great. Denise's boobs looked gigantic. Her bra made them pumped up toward her chin. Kerry's dark areolas could be faintly seen as she talked to the new store owner.

Marvin did a great job of including full bust shots when the girls were asking questions. He was even able to get a quick cameltoe shot of Denise.

The camera split away and both women appeared together. They said they wanted to express their appreciation to their fans. In particular a fan that they met today. Stanley, we are YOUR biggest fan. Then in unison they said "We love you Stanley."

Kerry was right I did like the knowledge that she had my sperm inside her as she was on television. I rewatched the broadcast on the net. Their viewership was skyrocketing. It had been viewed over 100k times in 24 hours.


My next look story deals with revenge.

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The Look 2

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clr124 — 17 June 2018 00:14
Athletic guy with a huge thick 8 inch c*ck.. Looking for GIRLS ONLY to have fun and get naughty with.. I am also very dominant and open to being a master to any girls... Intellectual guy can hold a great conversation.. Hmu on KiK.. CLR124
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