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Wendy and the Purple Potion

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, First Time, Hardcore

Author: The Midnight Talebearer

Published: 19 June 2018

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I knew it was going to be an awkward day the moment I stepped into my lab. Okay, calling it a lab is a bit of a stretch. It's a shelf with a bunch of chemicals on it, a table, and two beakers. But I'm still in college, so it's all I can afford. The whole setup sits in a corner of my bedroom. So when I walked into my bedroom then, I saw Wendy there waiting for me. And in classic Wendy fashion, she was reaching for the most dangerous thing in the area.

"Don't touch that!" I shouted, running toward her as fast as I could. Thankfully, it's a very tiny room, and I was beside her in a second or two. She immediately put her hands at her sides and turned to face me wearing a very guilty expression.

"I wasn't going to touch anything. Matt," she lied brazenly. I simply shook my head. Wendy was a clever woman. When it came to mathematics, no one could touch her. But the woman couldn't lie to save her life.

"Well, the vial you weren't about to touch," I replied, indicating the small, glass, bottle on my table, "is full of the precise combination of chemical compounds that cause sexual arousal in women. If even a little bit gets on you, you're bound to end up absolutely insane!"

"Why on Earth do you even have something like that?" she asked, eyeing me strangely.

"It's a by-product of the favor you asked me for two days ago." I replied. Right now you're asking yourself what the hell kind of favor results in the creation of what is basically super sex juice. Trust me, we'll get to that in just a moment.

Now let me take a moment to talk about Wendy, because when she isn't about to end life as we know it, she really is a sweet girl. I grew up in DC, but when I got interested in chemistry, I transfered to San Francisco to join a more advanced program. I was studying in the undergraduate library when I bumped into Wendy. Or, more precisely, she bumped into me. She's a slim girl, about 5'7, with curly, auburn, hair, a winsome face, soft, brown, eyes, a playful, little, smile, and few curves to speak of. Basically, she's the kind of girl that usually gets ignored completely. In fact, when she and her armload of books crashed into me, not one person made a single move to help her. She apologized breathlessly, sounding a lot like an auctioneer, and I helped her get eight heavy calculus books to the nearest table.

That was two months ago, and I assure you, it wasn't the last time Wendy involved me in a collision. You get used to it, and like I said, she really is sweet. Plus, about a week ago, the woman had been dead useful. As you might have guessed from the potion on my desk, and I swear we'll get back to that, I happen to be absolutely brilliant at chemistry. I'm very proud of that fact, but it has the downside of making me what is professionally known as "boring as hell." Yes, I'm a little, let's call it portly, but I'm 6'3 and handsome. Hazel eyes, strong features. If I could talk about something other than corvalent bonds, I might be dating someone instead of telling this story. As it is, no one of the opposite sex tends to pay me that much attention. But last week was the exception to the rule. Midterms were upon us.

There's a woman in my class named Sarah Corr. Long, wavy, black, hair. Nearly as tall as I am. Exotic face. Deep green eyes. I'm pretty good at guessing breast sizes, and I'd put hers at 34 C. Her butt looks like she robbed a Kardashian at gunpoint. You get the general idea. She likes to run around in tank tops and booty shorts. For the record, I have zero problems with that. I bring her up because she sucks at chemistry. So she cornered me and demanded I do her work for her.

"Let's be clear," she'd opened. "you're fat and sleep-inducing, but I'm not failing this shit again, so you're gonna help me cheat, and I'll let you fuck me ragged. That's the deal. This'll probably be your first time with something besides your hand, but, again, I can't be picky right now. Get to work!" she ordered,, and despite her bitchy attitude, I was very sorely tempted to comply. Just the phrase "fuck me ragged" had my cock at attention, and she was deliberately jiggling her tits before my eyes. She'd clearly planned this because her nipples were tenting the tank top, brazenly advertising her lack of a bra. I wanted to leap right at her, but what was left of my brain reminded me that I had not come across the entire country to risk being expelled for the sake of a booty call.

When i told Sarah that, she was livid. People don't say no to Sarah, especially people like me. She took a second to make sure no one else was in the classroom with us. Then she seized me by the shirt with a shocking amount of force.

"You can do what you're told, and get fucked," she said in a low growl, "or you can make me upset!" At the world "upset", she yanked my shirt fiercely. She slipped a square of paper in my pocket. "I want you at my house in an hour," she finished, turning to leave. And now, finally, here's why I own a vial of purple liquid that super makes women horny. I went to my house instead, and called Wendy over to ask her advice.

"Fucking bitch!" she said the moment she understood everything. "I'll take care of her, Matt. Just leave it to me."

"What on Earth do you mean, 'leave it to you', Wendy?" I asked, incredulous. "Sarah'll snap you in half like a twig!"

"She'll do no such thing. Trust me. I know how to handle her. "

"Yeah, I can't let you do that," I replied her patiently, trying desperately not to focus on the sex joke that had just popped into my head. "Friends don't let friends get pummeled to death!"

"Oh, I won't die," shre returned with a sort of quiet laugh. And she gave me a peck on the cheek and ran out of my apartment before I could stop her.

I didn't hear from Wendy again for nine hours, and that whole time, I was feeling guilty as shit. But, of course, she didn't die, after all. I couldn't get her to tell me what she did, but Sarah never came anywhere near me afterward. At that point, I figured I owed Wendy a good deal, so I asked her what I could do to return the favor. At first, she wouldn't hear of it, but two days ago, she'd come to my apartment to make a request.

"I don't know whether you can do this or not, but I thought I'd ask. Can you make me something that'll get a boy to like me? Pheromones or something? I know that probably sounds a little weird, but there's a guy on the track team named Trevor. I've liked him forever, but I doubt he even knows my name. I'm a little short on things to make him notice," she said, indicating her twiggy frame. "I just want a little help, Matt. Can you do something like that?"

I didn't know if I could, and there was certianly the ethics of weaponizing science like that to consider. Besides which, I had just suffered a sharp pang of jealousy. I didn't want to make Wendy what she was asking for, but I told her I would and set myself to work right away. I owed her, and I wanted to make her happy. I worked out the right formula this morning after more than a day of soul-crushing labor and no sleep. In finding it , though, I'd discovered variants. One of them made a woman more likely to form a friendship with a man. Another would make two women fall in love with each other. A third did the same thing for two men. I found eight variants in total. I added a dye to each one, so that I knew them by sight. The one that Wendy had asked me for was white. I walked over to my shelf, took it down, and handed it to her.

"Swallow two drops in the vicinity of Trevor," I instructed her. "Your body will produce specialized pheromones to attract him. Try to stay with him for about five minutes to allow them to set up shop in his body. Do not swallow more than two drops, Wendy. Not until this time next week."

"I really appreciate this," she replied quietly, carefully slipping the bottle in her purse. "I'm glad I could help," I answered her. And I started to pack the other potions away into a part of the shelf that locks. Then the alarm rang.

I have an alarm that lets me know I'm about to be late for class. When I start mixing chemicals and conducting experiments, the time can get away from me. I put everything down at once, gave Wendy a quick hug, and dashed for the door at top speed.

"Sorry, I'm going to be late. See you later, Wendy, and remember what I said. Two drops, and only two!" I ran out so fast, I never heard what she said. As it turns out, I should have stayed to listen. Oh, and fair warning, you'll want to buckle up now because, thanks to Wendy, everything after this point is batshit insane.

About three minutes after class ended, my phone rang. I smiled and answered it. Apparently, Wendy knew my schedule by heart. The moment I heard her voice, though, I started to worry. It sounded distant, trembly, and hollow. She was stammering badly. Her breathing was ragged, and every now and then, she would struggle to suppress a moan.

"I...I...swallowed it all, Matt," she rasped before I could say anything. "Your pur..pur..pur...ple potion. T-took it h-h-home. S..S...S...pol...o...oh, God,...gize. I'm sorry..." her voice was suddenly drowned out by a loud, gutteral, moan.

"You did WHAT?" I shouted in a voice of pure horror. "Dear God. Wendy, tell me where you are right now!"

"House," she moaned, her voice suddenly dripping with lust. "M-m-my h-house. Basement. I..i...got you...present. Get over here and fuck my cunt!" she yelled. That was followed by a series of wet, sploshing, noises. "No, no, no, no, no," she cried in something closer to her normal voice. "T-t-trying...focus....Matt, there wasn't any other way. You were never gonna...oh, fuck yes! Take it, you little, focus....I was never going to tell..oh yes, slut...tell you how I God, fuck me! I want you to fuck me, Matt! My God, I've been trying to say that to you for two...oh my fuck I love you...for ever since I...please get over here..."

"I'm comming," I told her, breathlessly trying to process everything she'd said. Her house was just a few blocks away, and I was running full tilt. Wendy had no idea what she had done to herself. Hell, I had no idea what she had done to herself. When I finally reached her door, panting for air, I went inside, and the smell of pussy attacked my nostrils like a thick fog.

Wendy usually kept her house neat as a pin, but now there was perfect chaos as far as the eye could see. Her white carpets were stained a deep brown in several places. Two empty Hershey's syrup bottles next to the overturned love seat seemed to explain that. I saw a pair of panties that looked like it lost a fight with a paper shredder, two slimy, glass, soda bottles, an electric toothbrush, and a flashlight. The kitchen was even worse. Raw eggs, maple syrup, milk, honey, and soda plastered everything. The floor was littered with serving spoons, ladles, and spatulas. Anything, I noted, that had a long handle. The fridge was wide open. Sausages had been torn out of thier packages. Everything in sight spoke to a lust bordering on madness. Then I saw the basement door, wide open and covered in messy handprints. From somewhere below, Wendy was screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Spread'em you dirty slut! Spread those fucking, little. legs of yours wider! Come on! Take all five of those fingers. Churn your fucking fingers in that oven of a pussy! He's here, you know that, right, bitch? He can hear every word you're saying. He can see what the fuck you did to the kitchen, you horny cunt! Oh God, Wendy, you filthy little whore, tell him what you want. Go on! Tell him what you've been dying to say. For two whole months, you've been trying to tell him...fuck! Get down here, Matt! I love you, goddammit! You too. You love me too...oh Christ, we've both been fucking little chickenshits. I never could have told you without the damn potion...what the fuck did I swallow? I've never been this soaking wet!"

"Why the hell did you swallow all of it?" I demanded when I got to her side. She was covered in a sheen of sweat, cunt juice, and a dozen sticky substances. I didn't give a shit. I pulled her into my arms.

"Because you're in my house, and I'm butt naked with a dripping cunt, and you're holding me in your arms. We've been friends for two God, Matt, finger my sopping cunt. Two months, and this has never happened once. Every time I try to fuck, kiss me, make it, I get scared you'll say something about focusing on school or preserving our friendship or bend me over and finger my ass. Oh, God, or about how nasty I can be. Or even worse, that you'd rather-" at that moment, she stuffed her tongue in my mouth. "That you'd rather," she groaned between kisses, "have some girl with an actual body. I had to make sure you'd come to me no matter what, and I knew you wouldn't let me go insane on my own." She directed my right hand to her pussy, carefully sliding the fingers inside. The girl was on fire and tight as a vise.

"I love the way you look, Wendy," I said, fingering her with gusto. I'd secretly wanted to do this to her for weeks, and I suddenly noticed my cock throbbing in my pants. "I might have mentioned school or friendship, but I never wanted...just a min...oh, my God!..."

"You never told me," she grunted, fishing my boner out of my jeans. She spat in her hand several times and lubed my shaft. Her eyes never left the thing as she began slowly pumping. It twitched in her grasp when I saw her licking her lips. "If she wasn't such a bitch, you'd have plowed Sarah's fucking cunt, wouldn't you? You'd have slurped her tits like a starving dog! Uh huh, look how stiff you're getting just hearing me talk about that little slut! You wanna smack her huge, jiggling, ass right now, don't you? You wanna watch the whore twerk it like a stripper before you ram this big cock up her hole balls deep!" The more she spoke, the faster she jacked me, and the deeper I fingered her, struggling to stay sane.

It was true that I liked the way Wendy looked. She might not have been curvy, but she was very, very, pretty. It was also true that I wanted to fuck Sarah. I certainly wanted to do every perverted thing Wendy was shouting at me. I wanted to shove the cock Wendy's hand was blurring across down her throat, and yank her hair, and cum all over her tonsils. But I didn't love Sarah one bit. I loved Wendy. If she didn't stop what she was doing. I was bound to come soon, but after that, I would still give a damn about her. I was struggling to give her pleasure with my fingers, and we were here right now because of a potion I'd slaved over to make her happy. But I realized I'd never told her. Not even now, with a good bit of my hand lodged in her cunt. One of my fingers suddenly bumped into something, and Wendy shuddered, slipped my hand out at once, and grew quieter.

"I promised you a present," she nearly whispered, looking straight into my eyes, "and despite all the craziness today...focus, Wendy...I've managed to save it for you. Oh, Jesus, it was hard! You've seen the house. I nearly broke it six times before you got out of class, and I could call you."

"Y-you're a virgin?" I stammered disbelievingly. Wendy struggled to hold herself together long enough to nod.

"I didn't bump into you by accident when we met. I'd watched you for a while, and I wanted to meet you. I just wasn't brave enough to do it properly. The more we hung out, the more convinced I became convinced that...fuck! I'm losing control of fucking eat me! No! Yes! Eat that cunt! No! Not now! Please, Matt. I need you to take it before I lose my fucking mind. I want to remember my first time. At least for a little while before I turn into a give me that goddamn dick!"

She was shivering badly now, squirming, and bucking on the ground. I should have called for help immediately, but I was horny and very confused. Besides which, my skin was warm to the touch, my heart was beating faster, and more than anything, I wanted to kiss the woman in front of me. Two thoughts found their way into my head at that moment: Trevor probably didn't exist, and it had been roughly five minutes. I had always loved Wendy, but at that moment, as I thought of everything she'd done to get me here, that feeling was dialed up to eleven. The part of my brain that considered consequences and avoided risk like the plague shut itself down. I simply pulled off the rest of my clothes and pulled the girl into a sweaty, sticky, embrace.

"I love you, Wendy," I breathed, affectionately stroking her hair. "With all my heart," at which point, I started passionately kissing her. Wendy cradled my head with one of her hands and sent the other tripping down my back to squeeze my ass. There was a hunger in her kisses, and as our tongues entwined passionately, she pushed our heads together a bit more forcefully. At last, she broke the kiss so that she could inhale properly, and I took the opportunity to slide my dick into her pussy.

"Finally!" she moaned eagerly, directing my head to her left breast. "Oh, God, that feels good," she groaned, bucking her hips wildly. I tried to match her pace as I thrust into her sloppy hole. Nothing had ever felt so good on my cock in my life. Her walls were warm and pulsing, struggling like Wendy herself, to force me in deeper. "Oh, yes, Matt. Suck it for me! Suck my nipple just like that. Pump it into me, Matt. I've dreamed about this for so long. I've rubbed my poor, little, pussy so much I nearly sprained my damn wrist twice! Yes! Yes, you lovely, nasty, boy, grab my ass! Squeeze it while you pound my...oh God, yes! There's your present! Jesus! Take your fucking present, Matt! If you love me at all, take my cherry while I still know my name! Fuck yes! That's it! Plough right through! Ream that nasty cunt, you fucking bastard...Fuck me, Matt. Fuck me and tell me you love me. That's the last thing I want to hear before...fucking chew that nipple!"

I was now balls deep in her and thrusting like mad, feeling virginal blood and pussy juices cascading down my ever tightening balls. I didn't know whether Wendy or my potion wanted me to bite her nipple, but I acted on instructions, eliciting a small groan of pain. At once, I tried to remove my mouth, and she instantly clamped it down with her hand. Her groans were becomming louder still, and the hand on my ass was rubbimg the rim of my butthole. Suddenly, she slapped my ass fairly hard. For a second or two, Wendy waited, as if she expected some sort of protest. When none came, she timidly repeated the dose. Then she let herself go and began spanking in earnest. Yes, it hurt a bit. No, I didn't care. In fact, I would have encouraged her if I didn't have a mouth full of tit. Besides which, my fingernails were digging deep in her ass flesh at the moment so near as I could tell, she was fully justified.

"Oh, fuck! Eat that tit! God, take that fucking spanking! I've wanted to beat that cute, fucking, ass, for so long! My God...you're humping your ass into it, aren't you? If we weren't such damn cowards, I could have been doing this for weeks! Fuck yes! Dig your nails in! You can hurt me. I won't break. Fuck that cock deep im my womb, you dirty bastard. God, I'm close. So goddamn close! If I live long enough to buy more chocolate syrup, I'm going to get you to eat from my fucking cunt! Tell me to keep spanking your ass, you filthy pervert! I want you to call me a fucking bitch! Wendy, your cock-loving whore of a girlfriend who wants you to drown her fucking ovaries in your cum! Fuck me, why are you being so quiet?" That's when she realized I was starting to turn blue. "Oh, Matt! I'm sorry!" she apologized, releasing the death lock she had my head in. Due to my constant sucking, her nipple was now a shade of purple. I took a deep breath, and did just what she asked.

"Spank me harder, you dirty little bitch!" There's a sentence I hadn't expected to utter this morning. Nor had I expected to have a finger lodged up a girl's asshole, but that's precisely where my middle finger was now.

We were grunting and thrusting and sweating and shouting every filthy idea that popped into our heads. Within a minute, Wendy started to squeal at the top of her voice as her orgasm crashed over her in waves. God only knew how I hadn't cum ten times by now in the middle of this honey trap Wendy had me build for myself. But I was coming now, shooting more cum than I ever thought possible, roiling with love and affection, and shaking with lust. At last, we collapsed beside each other in a hot, sticky, pile of fluids. I looked thoroughly exhausted while Wendy wore a quiet, satisfied, smile. For six seconds. Then her features twisted into a mask of lust.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!" she cried at once, exasperated. "I'm going to die alone in my basement. I'm going to become a sex-crazed animal!"

"You won't die alone." I interjected quietly. "Even without the pheromones, there's no natural way I'd leave you."

"Yeah, about that," she returned with a sigh. "I truly am sorry about how much lying I've done. I get over here, you fucking cunt-hungry stop that! I really did need the white potion for Trevor. I gave Sarah one dose right after you ran to class. She's liked Trevor forever, but because she's a fucking bitch, Trevor never really liked her. I told her I knew a way to change that, which is why she left you alone. I may have also done every stitch of her chemistry work and secured her a copy of the..."

"Wendy, don't you ever do anything like this again! Promise me! I want you to look me in the eyes and say 'Matt, I swear I won't ever swallow a potion that was largely untested and could have easily killed me again. Nothing is worth dying for."

"Love is worth dying for, Matt. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for love. I saw your face when I said I loved Trevor. You looked like I shot you. I thought for sure you'd say no to me. Instead you nearly killed yourself making an impossible potion in record time. You agreed to give me up and help me drug a stranger just so I would be happy. That kind of love is worth anything. Even destroying my house, and losing my mind."

"Well, love is worth fighting for, too," I replied, kissing her deeply. It went to my heart to push her off me a second later, but if I hadn't, she'd have fucked me all over again. "I'm going to think up a way for you to keep your mind. Some sort of suppressant until I can find a real antidote. Until then, I''ll stay with you as much as possible-"

"And fuck my brains out," Wendy moaned.

"And take care of you," I replied firmly, staring down a challenge from my cock. "I need to give you a bath without that turning into a porn scene, and then, I have to go to my apartment and fetch my chemicals. Yes, you'll be alone for ten minutes, but there's no other way."

"You'll have to tie me down!" she giggled. "Naked and spreadeagled and helpless! Lord, I won't survive that long. You will have to tie me down. I can't possibly go with you."

"One problem at a time," I said. "Let's start with a bath." I had to fight her to keep her hands away from her pussy.

And that was how things stood a month ago: I was the male nurse of history's greatest nymphomaniac. The bath had turned into a porn scene, and I hadn't been able to get away from her until she passed out from sheer exhaustion. It took me a week of constant tinkering to devise something that would allow her to leave the house long enough for work and school. The moment she got home, however, she became the filthiest thing alive if I wasn't very careful. These days, Wendy jokingly calls me the Potion Master because I keep slaving away to find her a permanent cure. She seems perfectly happy with the Jekyl and Hyde routine, and often interrupts my work with blowjobs and spankings. And let me tell you something you might not believe. The thing is, you get used to it. As I said before, Wendy really is sweet.

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Wendy and the Purple Potion

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