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Ex Homini Lupus est

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Romance

Author: BornToSurf

Published: 19 June 2018

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Bob Jones, for the most part, is a very typical guy, He’s happily married, has wonderful children, a house, cars, and had a very rewarding career. He also makes an obscene amount of money and has lived a very full, exciting life. However, unlike any other man, he has the ability to live in two worlds.

It wasn’t always like that he thought as he looked at the two Dell ultrasharp thirty-eight-inch curved widescreen monitors sitting on the black walnut executive desk. He peered into the desk while his reflection looked back at him in the high gloss polished surface. It was an image of a ruggedly handsome man with some stubble across his face and chin. He had an almost full portion of dark brown hair with just a hint of silver. No, not too bad for a fifty-something six foot, one hundred ninety pound man.

While he looked at the reflection in the desk, he also saw something else…. Something different… Something subtly familiar, but deeply unique.

His hazel eyes were now a deep, penetrating green but there were residual remnants of his eyes too. His stubble turned into a full beard but much fuller… resembling fur… a thick, silver, gray fur.

His hands were on the desk, but simultaneously there were two huge, hairy paws there as well. However, this wasn’t a mask which could be removed. This was something more… Which one was real?

He had always loved wolves. A beautiful painting of a gray wolf hung in his office where it could be seen from his desk. In the forefront was a magnificent large gray wolf sitting proudly atop a rock in the forest. In the near foreground was a smaller silver, gray wolf that was just as striking in beauty as the male was in stature. He had acquired the painting in an estate auction a few years back and he looked at it often.

Several months ago Jones started frequenting an erotic story site on the web. It offered a large number of stories in various genres. Additionally, it also had chat rooms, forums and allowed the users to create a profile for others to see. Jones called himself BornToSurf. He felt it suited him. Much better then WhoseYourDaddyDom, mybigdickforyou, Iwanttolayyou, or some of the other common male names.

He found one woman intriguingly fascinating. Her avatar was Melanieatplay and they had gotten to know each other, and over several months had become quite close. Their relationship didn’t replace the relationships with their spouses, if anything, it made them stronger. Eventually, they knew each other in the biblical sense as well.

They spent a lot of time together and became online friends and lovers, they shared every aspect of their lives together.

About a month ago on a cold, rainy, moonless winter’s night, Jones was at his desk. He had been reading a very dry proposal for a new business development a friend had sent him. He was fairly certain he wouldn't be committing any funds to the project, but he wanted to keep an open mind for the sake of his friend.

He picked up a Waterford crystal glass and poured two fingers of The Balvenie Forty scotch into it. While sipping his drink, Jones looked at the picture of the wolf hanging on the wall.

He started thinking of his online lover and found himself comparing her to the female wolf in the painting. A sharp clap of thunder brought him back to the now. While sipping his scotch, his mind wandered to the writings of David Eddings and his book, Belgarath the Sorcerer. Belgarath was a shapeshifter who could transform himself into a wolf. His wife was also a Sorceress and shapeshifter, who also could change herself into a wolf.

Intrigued by the thought, Jones rose from the highback quilted Cordovan leather executive chair and walked into the library that adjoined his office. He found Eddings’ book fairly quickly and returned to his desk just as another peal of thunder ripped across the sky.

Although the book was purchased new from Barnes and Noble many years ago it was a signed first edition copy. Even though it had a very generic look at first glance, the book had an ornate, gold raised Celtic Cross embossed on the back which was hidden by the inside cover. Under the cross was written, “Ex homini lupus est, Ex spitit ut monstrante spirtu, A vita ad Vivere.” The first time he read the words his curiosity got the better of him and he translated the text into English which meant: From Man to Wolf, Spirit into Spirit, Life into Life.

Jones took another sip of Scotch and then repeated the words out loud.

“Ex homini lupus est, Ex spitit ut monstrante spirtu, A vita ad vivere.”

A blinding light flashed through the large picture window, followed by a thunderous boom that sounded like it was right outside the window. The temperature in the room suddenly dropped and there was a strong smell of sulfur. The atmosphere around Jones seemed to change as he gripped the glass of Scotch.

As the air began to clear, I realized I wasn’t in my office anymore. I had no idea where I was but it felt as if I was detached from the world I knew and displaced from my body. I looked around trying to get my bearings. My perspective was all wrong because I was looking at everything from a height of about two and a half feet. My hearing and vision had been affected as well. My sense of smell had also been acutely heightened and I was almost overwhelmed by it. All of my senses in seemed were heightened and I felt more alive then I'd ever been.

Damn it!!

I no longer held the glass of Scotch. However, as I licked my lips, I could taste the smooth drink so much more vividly than ever before. Rich, elegant floral flavors, with dried apricots and crystallized citrus peels and ginger. It tasted of vanilla pods with just a hint of warm oak, cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme, and honey.

I looked down.

What the Fuck… What the Fuck is going on?

I didn’t actually speak but heard my voice reverberate in my mind.

Then I heard another voice, a melodic voice, with just a touch of anxiety in it.

“Who are you?”

I jumped up and back at the same time and bounced off a nearby tree and rolled on the ground. Slowly, I regained my feet, all four of them.

Four of them? What the Fuck, Over…

Then, I heard the melodic voice in my head again.

“Oh My God… Bob is that you…?”

“Ahh... yeah... it’s Bob… Who are you?

My mind heard English but I was actually listening to growls, yelps, and snarls.

She laughed in my head.

“Honey, it’s me, it’s Mel. Think to me and don’t try to talk.”

I could hear laughter in my head and I reasoned that she had read that expletive once or twice before in my stories on Lush and she recognized it.

“Mel… My Mel, Mel?”

More laughter.

Baby, what’s going on? I’m a frigging wolf and you are a frigging wolf too!

“I am, yes… and yes… you are… and a very handsome one too.”

“I wonder what it will be like to have him fuck me as a wolf.”

“I think it would be hot as hell, why are you talking in the third person?”

“She is so fucking hot I can't wait to mount her.”

“Oh, shit... we are hearing each other's thoughts.”

“We are what? You can hear what I am thinking?”

I thought to her while trying not to let all of my thoughts be heard.

“How did you get here… How long have you been here, and where is here?”

“I was thinking about us, the sex we had earlier tonight and how close I felt to you. Then I was here and I had just realized I was a Wolf when you just appeared. Honestly, I have no idea where we are.”

She came over and sensuously stretched, her legs out in front, almost doing a downward dog, then coming back up and stretching her hindquarters. If was really very erotic. She then laid down next to me, her paws laying on mine. I moved down on all fours stretching out my body with my paws still touching hers. I felt like it was a very natural position, one I was comfortable in.

I looked into her mesmerizing eyes. They were very blue with flecks of green throughout. I’ve seen those eyes before… The painting. She was the wolf from the painting! I’m not an expert on the conformation of wolves by any means, but the wolf lying next to me was flawless.

I could feel the heat from her paws on mine, feel the soft luxurious fur touching me. I could smell her scent, heady, strong but not overpowering, definitely feminine. When she spoke in my mind it was almost musical. My God but she is so beautiful laying here next to me. Is she really my Mel?

“Thank you… and yes, I am your Mel..”

“Ah yes, our thoughts are shared…”

“I don't mind honey. I like being this close to you, this intimate and you can keep describing me if you want.”

If a wolf could blush I think she just did. I looked into her eyes again. There was a strength there and also a vulnerability. Can wolves feel these emotions I was feeling right now?

“I don’t know about other wolves, but I can, I read somewhere wolves mate for life?” I heard her thought, Was there a statement inside that question?

“They do, once they physically mate, they are bonded mates for life.

‘Do I really want that with Bob? I think I do... No, I’m sure… I do want that!’

“Are you sure, Mel?”

“Damm! My thoughts betrayed me. Yes, Robert Jones, I want to be your mate!”

“Melanie, baby, we don't know where we are, we don't know if we can ever return home, we might be stuck here, like this.”

“I don’t care as long as I am with you.”

We sat and talked as wolves side by side for hours it seemed. We thought about what wolves eat, where they live, and how they spend their days. We also discussed puppies, as in a litter of six to seven wolf pups. It was interesting watching Melanie as she processed that information.

Mel sniffed me and licked my face. At that moment there was a huge lightning bolt that lit up the sky followed by a thunderous boom.

Afterward, I no longer feel her presence in my head and I was a man again lying naked on the rough, hard ground. Melanie was lying next to me licking my neck, and she was she a woman again. I could feel her naked body pressing up against me. She was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen.

“Holy Shit!” She exclaimed as she realized what had just happened.

“My God you are absolutely beautiful!...!” I said in my normal voice.

I looked at myself and realized I looked pretty damn good! I had the body and face I had when I was twenty-something. I also noticed I had a tattoo I never had before on my right upper arm. It was a female wolf, It was Mel. I looked at Mel and realized I had never seen her in person, only her pictures. She looked like she was twenty again. She also had a tattoo on her arm of a wolf that was an exact image of me when I was in wolf form.

I felt very conflicted. Part of me wanted to take her right there and make mad, passionate love to her. Part of me wanted to figure what the fuck was going on and where we were. Reason or passion? Passion won out.

I need a blanket on the ground now.

Nothing happened. Hey, It was worth a shot.

I did see a nice grassy knoll about ten feet away. I got up, pulled her up to me, picked her up, carried her to the grass, and laid her down.

I knew her body intimately from the little birthmark on her left breast to the spot just below her right ear which caused a soft moan every time I kissed it. Notwithstanding, this was the first time I was actually going to feel her and hear her moan. I must admit, it was quite overwhelming.

I turned and looked into the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. Wordlessly, our mouths met every so softly as my hand moved to stroke her face. Like I had done so many times in the past, but this time I felt a warm soft real face and was kissing real lips.

She slid closer and I could feel her hand on my chest. It was like an electric current passed through me. A growl escaped my mouth and her eyes grew big. There was a look of pure lust on her face. She grabbed me, pulled me down on top of her, and wrapped her legs around my body.

Melanie was always very passionate online, but she was even more so in real life. I kissed that special spot on her neck and she emitted a low moan. I grabbed her very firm ass and she ground herself harder into me.

I felt the wetness of her desire as my fully erect cock lay across the enlarged lips of her sweet pussy. I kissed her harder, our tongues locked in an embrace of their own. I broke our loving, passion filled kiss and started to move down her body. Suddenly, she held me in place.

“No! You can eat my pussy later… right now I need you inside of me… Right NOW!”

I looked into her eyes as if to ask, are you sure? In response, she moved forward and positioned herself under me and lunged forward. Because of her wetness, I slipped in about three inches before the muscles of her vagina contracted around my thickness. I immediately pulled back out and teased her clit with the head of my cock and rubbed the blood engorged head across her swollen clit several times.

“Oh my God… Bob… don’t tease me... please just Fuck Me…” she moaned

I never took my off eyes off hers and pushed myself into her slowly until my balls rested against the smoothness of her clean shaven mound. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips up to meet me. I remained motionless inside her sweet, wet, tight, pussy, basking in her warmth. I began to move in and out of her with slow, steady strokes while kissing her deeply.

I started to increase the tempo of my thrusts while squeezing her nipples between my thumb and forefingers which elicited an ongoing stream of gentle moans. Mel had her legs wrapped around me so tight I was plunging deep into her and then fighting my way back out. I stopped playing with her nipples long enough to detach her legs from my body and move them up to her shoulders.

Her eyes got big and she let out a long groan as I penetrated her even deeper. I arched forward now with each stroke which put increased pressure on her clit. Between the deep passionate kissing, tweaking her nipples, and driving my cock harder and faster into her; I felt her body start to shake and buck hard against me. I could tell she was very close to having her first orgasm with my cock inside her rather than her own fingers while my words caused her to cum. This was the real thing… as real as it gets.

I watched in awe as her body shook and spasmed while she released an orgasm.

I continued to drive my raging cock deep into her pussy as I felt her juices drip down my thighs. I was pounding her very fast and deep and my balls hurt from slapping against her ass so hard. I purposefully wasn’t giving her a chance to recover from her first climax because I wanted to bring her quickly to her second. I had to move one hand to her pubic bone to hold her down as she thrashed, screamed, and bucked because it was becoming increasingly difficult to stay inside her.

While she quickly rose to a crescendo of orgasmic ecstasy, I pulled out of her with a loud pop. I quickly got between her legs and sucked on her swollen clit while simultaneously inserting two fingers into her wet sex and wiggled them vigorously.

I could hear her moan and pant incoherently beneath me.

I moved between her open legs and roughly entered her again. The sweat poured off my body and I could taste her juices in my mouth. I leaned in and kissed her, sharing her flavor with her. I had been fucking Mel online for months, typing how I would cum deep in her wet tight sex. Now I was actually going to do it. I was actually fucking this gorgeous woman. My mind reeled with this realization. Mel and I were actually making love. It wasn’t online, it wasn’t some wild fantasy in our minds, we were really here sharing this wonderful moment with each other.

Melanie’s body shook hard and started to convulse and she was beginning to babble almost incoherently. I could tell she was close again. I drove into her with wild abandon as hard, deep, and fast as I could. My orgasm almost took me by surprise as we released together.

She moaned beneath me as hot, thick, streams of semen shot deep into her vagina.

For a brief moment in time, I was that wolf mounting my mate. I felt a raw, animalistic lust while simultaneously feeling a strong sense of affection and love. Was this who I really was? Was my human persona a mask, or was this a mask I wore with her, for her?

I continued to drive into her until I was spent and last of my seed was deep inside her. I collapsed on top of her still shaking body. Slowly, I regained some semblance of control and I rolled off of her. I then slid next to her and spooned her tightly while listening to her softly breath. She gently pushed back against me and I kissed the back of her neck and felt her long blonde hair between my chest and her back.

I whispered in her ear, “Melanie Ann, I love you.”

She murmured an acknowledgment and at some point, we drifted off into a deep, restful sleep.

I woke up first. I could smell the very strong scent of sex, her sex, my sex, our sex, overwhelming my nostrils. I looked down at my nose, four inches down my nose.

Oh my God!

I was in wolf form again laying on my side with one forepaw and leg draped over her body. Mel, was also in the form of a wolf, was snuggled up tightly against me.

I looked at her sleeping body and thought how absolutely beautiful she looked. No matter what form she took, she was mine.

We had just made love, and it was amazing.

“Yes, it was incredible,” was the sleepy thought that entered my mind. “And Mr. Jones. I love you too.”

Again I thought, Was this who I really was? The Wolf. Was my human persona a mask, or was this a mask I wore with her, for her?

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