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  8. Reunion

Reunion Ch. 6

Categories Fantasy, Romance

Author: Firebolt

Published: 19 June 2018

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Chapter 6

The next morning, I woke up alone. Both girls were gone. I went downstairs to find the house empty, and the Ferrari was gone. Cindy's car was still in the driveway. So I knew that she hadn't gone home yet.

I fixed up a pot of coffee, and took a cup out onto the back deck to have a cigarette. I was really enjoying the peace and quiet. It was a big difference from living in L.A.

I finished my cigarette, and first cup of coffee. I had just poured my second cup when I heard the door open.

“Oh, good. Your awake.” Katherine smiled, as she came into the kitchen. She gave me a kiss as she set the bag that she was carrying on the counter.

“Where did the two of you run off to so early?” I asked.

“Katherine drove me out to USM to get a copy of my tran.” Cindy answered as she came in. She gave me a kiss too. “I wouldn't have had time to get them before leaving for Canada. So, we went to get them, and let you rest. We picked up some stuff at Dunkin while we were out.”

I sifted through the bag, and pulled out a couple of onion bagels to go with my coffee. The girls set themselves up with coffee and bagels, and joined me out on the back deck.

“I could get used to this.” Katherine commented, as she enjoyed the morning air. “It's completely different from L.A., and London. It's so quiet, and relaxing.”

“I was just thinking the same thing before you two came back.” I chuckled. “Then again, I also know how the Winters are here.”

“What about as a summer house?” She asked.

“What, you want to buy this place?” I asked. “Isn't it too big for just the two of us?”

“Why not? And, it would be for the three of us. I'm sure that Cindy would want to come back here with us.” She said, looking over at Cindy, who nodded her agreement. “And, don't even tell me that this place is too big. Our house in L.A. is bigger than this, and you had that before you even met me.”

“Yeah, and I entertain clients at that house.” I explained, then gave in. “If you really want, I'll call up the owner to see if he's willing to sell it.”

“That's why I love you. You treat me so good.” Katherine smiled, and gave me a kiss.

I picked up my phone, and made the call. It turned out the he was willing to sell it. Not many people could afford the price that he was charging to rent it, but he had to charge it that high because of the taxes. We haggled on price, and settled on seven hundred fifty thousand, as long as the appraisal was within a hundred thousand. That included all the furnishings, and the boat.

“Looks like I'm staying a little longer. At least until the deal is finalized.” I told the girls.

“I'll extend the rental on your car.” Katherine smiled.

A ten bedroom house, on the lake. I never thought that I'd ever have that. I'd have to make arrangements for the care of the boat while we were away. I figured that I'd give Richardson's Marina a call after everything was finalized on the house.

Cindy gave me a kiss goodbye. She told us that she probably wouldn't be able to come back until Friday, because her parents probably expected her to stay home in order to go with them on Friday.

“Well, be a good girl, and I'll give you a treat after tomorrow.” I said to her, giving her a wink.

“Yes, Daddy.” She smiled, and left, swaying her hips as she did.

“Where's my treat for being a good girl?” Katherine asked, with a Smirk, after Cindy had left.

I pulled her over onto my lap.

“See, I don't know if you've been such a good girl.” I told her. “You encourage me to come here when I really didn't want to. You invite people to live with us without asking me. You make me buy a house. Those aren't things that good girls do.”

“But, I let you sleep with other women. We never would have met Cindy. You will still be able to sleep with her back home. And, you even admitted that this place is a nice summer spot.” She countered. “If you still think that I've been naughty, I guess that you'll just have to spank me.”

She bit her lip, and wiggled her ass on my dick.

“I don't want to bruise your ass before everybody gets to see you in your bikini tomorrow.” I smiled. Then stood up, cradling her in my arms. “But, I am going to fuck the shit out of you. It's been a month, and I've missed you.”

“I've missed you too.” She said, as I carried her inside.

I carried her up to the bed, and laid her onto it. I pealed her shorts, and panties off in one motion. She pulled her shirt, and bra off as I pulled off all of my clothes.

I crawled up between her legs, leaning down and kissed her. She reached down, and guided me into her silky hole.

“God, I've really missed you.” She moaned, as I sunk into her.

I don't know if it has anything to do with how I felt for her, or there was actually something special about her, but her pussy always seemed to feel better to me than any other pussy that I've ever been in. The tightness was perfect, the feel was extra silky, and she never seemed to dry up.

We didn't fuck, we actually made love. We were slow, and concentrated on each other. We stayed missionary, with either me on top, or her, with our bodies and lips pressed together. Our hands were roaming, and exploring each other's bodies.

“I'm cumming!” She cried out, breaking our kissing.

Her pussy tightened up as she came, and she sprayed, lubing herself up even more, allowing me to continue through her bliss. I was only able to hold out slightly longer than her before I came inside her.

We remained joined as we came down, and went back to kissing, and caressing each other. We stayed intertwined until I deflated enough that I fell out of her.

“I think that it's time to clean up.” She giggled. “I have, what feels like a river flowing out of me.”

We got out of bed. It wasn't that bad, but we hopped in the shower. We continued to kiss, and rub each other while we cleaned each other. I was just nice to be with her again.

She ushered me out the door soon after we got dressed. She wasn't trying to get rid of me. She just didn't want me to be late, and knew that I'd procrastinate, and come up with excuses for me to hang around with her more.

I hopped in the car, and headed out to Freeport. Freeport was where the flagship store for L.L. Beans was. Beans was a great place to shop. Everything that they sold had a lifetime guarantee. There were a ton of other shops, and restaurants all around it too.

I arrived right on time. I parked right next to the girls, and they had just got out of Heather's car as I pulled in. We were all meeting in the parking lot. Then we were free to break up into our separate groups to do whatever we wanted.

There was a crowd gathering outside of the main entrance. So we headed that way. The Class President was in the center of the group.

“Ok Guys, and Gals! L.L. Beans has given us all fifty dollar gift cards to spend here today.” She announced. “All that they want in return is for us to post fun pictures on our Facebook pages, and to tag them in on it. So, if that is something that you want to do, line up in front of me, and I'll hand them out."

Everyone started lining up, and I spotted Candice on the other side of the crowd with Matt, and his crew. She didn't look very happy. She went to go towards the line, but Matt grabbed her by the back of her neck, and yanked her back. Then dragged her off in the direction of the Mall with him, and his crew. I couldn't see her eyes, because of the big sunglasses that she was wearing, but by the way she was walking, and that she was trying to get out of his grip, she looked like he was hurting her.

I was going to go over, but thought better of it. They were married, and it was their business. Besides, Matt might be out of shape, but he had friends to back him up.

The girls, and I got in line as they walked away from everybody . We got our cards, and went into the store. The girls were excited to be on a shopping spree. I gave my card to Heather, because she mentioned something about getting her kids new backpacks.

“Thank you!” She smiled. “That is so sweet of you.”

Then she gave me a kiss. It wasn't a romantic kiss, but it did last longer than it should have.

We spent the rest of the morning in the store. We all honored the agreement, and took pictures of ourselves having fun, trying things on, and goofing around. It was a nice way to spend our time.

The girls wanted to hop over to the Mall for lunch. There was a chain restaurant that they all wanted to go to. We got a booth, and started looking at our menus, when we heard a commotion over at the bar. We looked over, and saw Matt, and his crew being obnoxiously rowdy. We also saw Candice in the middle of them looking miserable. She still had her sunglasses on, and did not look like she was having fun.

“She texted me this morning, and told me that Matt wasn't very happy about yesterday. So, she was going to have to spend the day with them today.” Kim told all of us. “She's going to try to get with us at the lake tomorrow.”

“She married a real winner in that one.” Rachael shook her head.

The rest of their conversation focused around how much of a loser Matt was for the rest of lunch. I just sat there listening to it. Every time that Matt, and his crew piped up in rowdiness, I'd glance over. Every time, Candice would look that much more miserable.

We left after eating, and shopped at all of the other stores that surrounded Beans. It was fun watching the girls go nuts at every store. The girls would try on clothes, and get my opinion of them. The lingerie store was interesting. They would each pull me into the dressing rooms to show me what they looked like. The bikini store was the same way.

We all said our goodbyes at the cars. I drove back to the lake house. I kept getting flashes of how simple life was back when I was a kid, before my senior year. Katherine was laying out on the back deck, trying to catch the day's last rays of sun. She sat up when I stepped out onto the deck.

“The owner stopped by to drop off the paperwork. He seemed like a really nice old man.” She said. “He said to give him a call after you get the house appraisal, and inspection. He has a lawyer friend that'll notarize the signing, and transfer.”

“Alright, thanks. Why don't you go get yourself dressed up, and we can go out.” I told her.

“Ok, is everything ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that being back here has drudged up some buried memories.” I told her. “We're going to go visit my mom.”

“Oh! I'll be quick about it.” She said, smiling, and giving me a kiss before heading upstairs.

I stayed on the deck, and lit a cigarette. My phone buzzed in my pocket. So I pulled it out, and l looked at the text from Cindy.

“I'm so ready to leave here. Tell Katherine that my bags are already packed, and in my car.”

“Everything ok?” I replied.

“You'll find out tomorrow. I'll see you 2 at the park.” She answered back.

I put my phone back into my pocket, and finished my cigarette wondering what Cindy was so upset about.

Katherine came back out looking every bit the movie star that she was. She was wearing a dress that came down to the middle of her thighs, with matching heels. Her hair, and makeup were done up tastefully, but still made her look beautiful. She was one of the rare movie stars that didn't really need to wear makeup, and you could still recognize her.

“Wow! You look amazing.” I told her.

“Well, we are going to see your mum.” She said. “I want to make a good impression.”

“I don't think that you're able to make a bad one.” I told her, giving her a kiss.

We left. I had Googled my mother's address, and found out that she was living in Buxton now. It was a few towns over, and took us under an hour to get there. I was surprised by the house that we pulled up to. It looked really nice. Then my skepticism kicked in, and bad thoughts popped into my head. I was wondering who she was fucking to live here.

We parked behind a nice Tahoe, and got out. The front door opened as we were approaching it. It was an older guy that opened it.

“Can I help you?” He asked.

“I'm sorry, Sir. I think that we might have the wrong house.” I apologized. “We were looking for Mary D’Angelo. We obviously have the wrong house.”

“No, Mary's here. Wait just a moment.” He stopped us as we were about to leave. “Mary! There's a couple at the door for you!”

“Who is it? I wasn't expecting company.” She asked, as she came to the door, and looked out at us. She looked at the two for us, but didn't seem to recognize me. I couldn't blame her. I've been gone for 20 years.

“It's me, Ma.” I told her.

Her eyes looked harder, then widened as recognition set in.

“Luke! Oh my Lord!” She exclaimed, and stepped out of the door, and down the steps to me. Her hands cupped the sides of my face as she examined it with her eyes starting to well up. “Oh my Lord! Look at you!”

She pulled me down into a hug just as the dam burst with her tears. I hugged her back, to help her calm down. It took her a few minutes to get a hold of herself. Then took my hand in hers as she dried her eyes.

“Look at you. My baby boy is all grown up.” She said smiling at me, as she continued to look at me. Then she looked over at Katherine. “And, who is this lovely lady?”

“This is my girlfriend, Katherine.” I told her, reaching out, and taking Katherine's hand, and pulling her next to me.

“You're beautiful, you both are.” My mother smiled. “You make a lovely couple.”

“Thank you, Ma'am.” Katherine smiled.

“Oh, and you're British!” My mother stated in surprise. “You look familiar, but I don't know from where though.”

“Katherine is an actress, Ma.” I told her. My mother studied Katherine for a minute, then brightened up.

“You're the star of that movie about the second world war!” She exclaimed. “We love that movie!”

“Yea Ma'am, and thank you.” Katherine smiled.

“Oh, stop with that ma'am crap.” My mother told her, letting go of my hand, and taking Katherine's. “It's Ma, or Mary.”

“Yes, Mum.” Katherine smiled.

My mother ushered us into the house. She introduced us to Joe, her boyfriend. She brought us into the kitchen. She was in the middle of cooking dinner, and asked us if we wanted to join them. I declined for us, telling her that we were going out for dinner. We just stopped by to say hi, and catch up a little.

She looked sad by that, but forced a smile, and nodded. Then asked me what I've been doing with my life. Last that she knew, I had joined the Army. It was Katherine that spoke up.

“Luke here, is a successful Producer out in Hollywood.” She bragged.

“Really?! That's wonderful!” My mom smiled. “Is that how the two of you met?”

“No, he doesn't Produce any of my movies. It's something that we both agreed on when we started dating. It could cause us some conflicts if he did.” Katherine explained to her. “We literally bumped into each other at a coffee shop, and he asked me out.”

“That's a good idea. No good can come from mixing business, and pleasure.” My mom said. “So, what exactly does a Producer do?”

“Well, there are different kinds of Producers. Luke is a Financial Producer. He puts up all the money needed to make a movie.” Katherine smiled at me.

“Oh! I've heard that movies cost a lot of money to make.” My mother said. “So you're in charge of loaning the money out for the company that you work for.”

“Something like that, Ma. Except I don't work for a company, I own the company.” I told her.

My mother's jaw dropped. It took her a minute to recover.

“You own a company that loans out millions of dollars to other people for them to make movies?” She asked, still not believing it full.

“Yeah Ma, I'm doing pretty ok for myself. All these superhero movies that have been coming out, are all financed by my company.” I told her. “We make a pretty good return on them.”

“Pretty good my bum. You're a billionaire.” Katherine snickered.

I just looked at her, chuckled, and shook my head. Katherine, and I spent our time there catching up with my mom, and Joe. My mom told me that it was Matt's father that owned the house that we lived in, and she got booted when Raymond got into his legal problems. The house was one of the first properties that got sold to help pay for Raymond's legal bills.

My mom stayed with friends in Buxton, who went to church with Joe. They introduced the two, and they had been together for almost 20 years.

I guess that everything happened right after I had left. She also apologized to me for the string of bad boyfriends that she had brought around me while I was growing up, and for the way that she had raised me. She was in such deep depression when my father left her, after finding out about me, that she just couldn't function properly. She thought that she needed a man to take care of us, which is why she was always dating, and bringing them home. It wasn't until she had met Joe, and started going to church, that she realized that she was stronger than she ever realized. She was now the office manager for some insurance company, and doing well.

That shed a lot of light on my past, and my perspective on it. I felt bad about how I thought about my mom, but she never opened up to me when I was younger. I only had my perception, and all I saw was a revolving door of guys coming around, and spending the night.

We continued to talk while she cooked, and left when she was done. She walked us out to the car, and gave us a hug.

“Will I see you before you leave?” She asked.

“We're buying the house out on the point, on Sebago Lake.” I told her. “I'll come by to get you once it's all finalized.”

She smiled, and nodded. Then stood in the driveway, waving as we pulled out.

I was quiet for the first few miles, thinking about what my mother had said. Katherine took my hand, snapping me out of my own head.

“Are you alright?” She asked, kissing the back of my hand.

“Yeah, just going over my mother's explanation in my head, and comparing it to my memories.” I smiled, and kissed the back of her hand in return.

“Did it help?” She asked.

“It shed some light on things, and started the healing process, but there is still a ways to go.” I told her.

We went into Portland, and found a really nice place to eat. I couldn't believe how much the city had changed in the time that I've been away. We walked around after dinner. Just enjoying the night air. I pointed out places, and told her about events that happened in different areas.

We went home, and mixed a couple of drinks. Then went out into the back deck. I sat in the chair, and Katherine sat on my lap. We were both looking out over the lake.

“This is going to be a nice summer home.” She said, still looking out.

“It'll be the first thing that we own together.” I commented. “Are you ready for that?”

She looked at me, took both of our drinks, and set them on the table. Then turned, so that she was sitting on my lap facing me.

“I'm ready for anything, and everything with you. I've never fallen this fast, or this hard for anyone before.” She said, wrapping her arms around my neck. “I love you so much. You're dealing with some baggage right now, but I want to help you with that. You helped me with my baggage from being married, now I want to be here for you.”

I put my hands on her ass, and smiled up at her.

“Just knowing that you're on my side is helping me more than you know.” I told her.

“Always.” She smiled. Then leaned down, and kissed me.

I pulled her closer to me, as the two of us kissed. She fumbled with my pants until she got them undone. Then stood up, pulled her panties off from under her dress. I lifted my ass to help her when she pulled my pants down to my ankles.

She sat on my knees, as she stroked my dick until it hardened. Then moved forward, and slid down onto it.

I pulled the straps of her dress down over her shoulders until her tits popped out of the top, and latched my mouth onto one of her nipples. She held her head onto her breast as she began to ride me. My hands stayed latched onto her ass as it bounced up and down.

It didn't take long for her to cum, and I was right there with her. We came together in the night air, with nobody around for miles. We did apparently disturb some of the dogs around the lake. There were several of them howling, and barking.

We both laughed, had more to drink, and went to bed.

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Reunion Ch. 6

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