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Girlfriend Can't Be Left Alone pt. 1

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Cheating, Female Domination

Authror: take2sexstories3

Published: 20 June 2018

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One day, I went to a party at a friend’s house where a young brunette caught my eye; seeing the way she moved turned me on. I walked up to her and started dancing, soon we were dancing together. After a while we sat down and started talking. I introduced myself as Robyn, she told me her name was Chrystal. Not long after, Chrystal and I noticed that the party was dying down, and people were leaving. She asked if she could get a ride home since she had Ubered to the party. We left the party and I drove her home. As we pulled up in front of her apartment, she asked me if I wanted to come in for some more drinks, I accepted.

I sat on the couch as Chrystal went to the kitchen to make some cocktails. After grabbing some drinks, Chrystal joined me sitting on the couch. After a while of talking, I put my hand on Chrystal’s thigh, and asked if she’d ever been with a girl. Chrystal said no and that she has a boyfriend, but they had talked about having a threesome. I told her that it would be a first for both of us then. I then leaned in gave her a short passionate kiss. After I broke the kiss, Chrystal said she’d like another. I gave her another and this time she kissed back. As we made out I took off Chrystal’s shirt and put my hands on her wonderful breasts; I could feel her erect nipples through her bra. Chrystal took off her bra and dropped it on the floor. I started to play with her amazing breasts, putting them in my mouth sucking on her nipples, and making her moan. Chrystal lead me to their bedroom, where I pushed her onto the bed and removed her shoes as Chrystal unsnapped and unzipped her pants. I pulled off her pants exposing her wet panties. Her panties were so wet it looked like a dam had burst. I put my mouth on her soaked panties and started to lick her pussy. The taste of her pussy was amazing! I couldn’t wait any longer, I pulled off Chrystal’s panties and started licking her shaved wet pussy making her moan loudly. My pussy was getting extremely wet eating her out. In a minute I made her cum in a powerful lesbian orgasm that made her moan loudly in passion.

I stood up, undressed and joined Chrystal in bed. She gave me a passionate kiss while I gave her a taste of her pussy with my tongue. After breaking the kiss, I asked her how she was liking her first lesbian sex she rolled on top of me and said that it’s amazing and kissed me again. I started to guide her hands and lips down my body to my breasts where she started to suck on my nipples making me moan. I told her to keep going and continued to guide her hand down my body to my soaked pussy. At first all she did was look at it, then she gave my pussy a gentle, short, kiss. I told her to stick out her tongue and to lick my clit. She did one quick lick and asked, “Like that?” I replied, “Yes! Keep going that felt so good!” She was a natural. After a while I told her to suck my clit, and to play with it in her mouth. As she did, I could feel an orgasm building. She pulled away for a second saying “Your pussy tastes really good!” As I pulled her head back into my pussy I said “Good! Now keep eating me out until I cum!” After I said that I could feel her eat my pussy faster. I could tell that she wanted to make me cum but I kept holding back my orgasm because something inside of me made me want to give her the biggest orgasm I had ever had. I pulled her head away from my pussy and told her to lick her finger and put it inside of my pussy while she ate me out. As she put her wet finger in my pussy, my whole body started to shake in passion. I had no idea how much longer I could hold back this powerful orgasm. I told Chrystal to take her finger out and to put her tongue inside me. She stiffened her tongue and started tonguing my pussy. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I came in ecstasy as I thrived in pleasure. That’s when we heard the door open…

Chrystal looked at me and said quietly “Rob is home, I told him I was bringing someone home with me! He probably thinks its one of my girlfriends. He’s going to be in for a surprise.” Chrystal told me to act normal and keep kissing me when he walks in. So I gave her another kiss and she said with a giggle, “This is probably every guy’s dream, but honestly I might like it too.” I smiled and gave Chrystal a passionate kiss. We could hear Rob in the kitchen making a ruckus. Chrystal asked, “What should we do when he walks in?” I asked with a devilish smile, “Can he join us?” Chrystal’s face lit up with a smile and said, “Maybe, but not so fast. The waiting and watching will make him even harder.” I rolled on top of her and started licking her nipples making them fully erect again. Now she knew what she wanted, she started to guide me down to her pussy. I said impressed “Wow! You really know what you want me to do to you.” She ordered, “Shut up and eat my pussy!” and she pushed my head into her pussy. After a while of eating her out, she pulled me towards her and said she’d like to try scissoring and see how it feels. With that, we pinched our legs between each other and started grinding back and forth. The feeling was incredible, we were sliding against each other, our pussys’ were so wet. The movement felt so good on our clits we were both moaning loudly. We started playing with each other’s nipples and making out. It was incredibly sexy. With both our heads tilted back in pleasure, we were shocked to see Rob standing in the door watching us. “Hi baby like what you see?” Chrystal said with a wink. He replied, “Yes, I’m feeling a little behind. Do you mind starting from the beginning?”

Neither of us were complaining, so I kissed my way down Chrystal’s tight ass body to her soaking pussy and began eating her out again. Rob was too eager to get involved and Chrystal told him, “Patience. It’s Robyn’s turn, I love her eating me out, so you’ll have to wait your turn!” Rob quickly stated, “Fine, but I am going to watch.” He took off all his clothes and started stroking his growing cock. Shortly thereafter I made Chrystal scream out “OH MY GOD ROBYN YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!” She let out a powerful orgasm and Rob started stroking his cock faster, I kept thinking how lucky I got tonight. I rolled off her and sat up against the back to the bed with my legs spread and said, “Your turn.” As Chrystal maneuvered down and started to eat my pussy I said “You must be Rob. Fuck your girlfriend from behind while she eats my pussy.” Shocked at my demanding tone, I grabbed his cock gave it a nice tug and positioned him just behind his hot girlfriend. Chrystal kept licking my pussy as Rob started to vigorously fuck her. We were all moaning with the smell of sex in the air, it made me incredibly wet.

After a while, I could feel the orgasm building. It was so hot watching Rob spank Chrystal and pull her hair all while fucking her pussy. I screamed, “Oh my gosh you two are going to make cum, Chrystal keep licking my clit.” I could hear Rob start to breathe faster and could tell he was going to cum soon, so I reached for his balls and cupped them while he pumped into his girlfriend faster and faster. Soon, he couldn’t contain himself any longer and moaned, “Oh Chrystal, you feel so good, I’m going to cum.” He then buried himself deep inside her and came. The site of this sent me over the edge and I yelled “Oh yes, oh yes, I’m cumming” as my body started to spasm in ecstasy. I couldn’t remember the last time I had so many orgasms in one night.

Chrystal then positioned herself above me and I was face-to-face with her soaking pussy. She told me to “Lick her pussy” as she lowered herself onto my face. Her pussy combined with Rob’s cum tasted so good. She started to moan uncontrollably, while her nails dug into the sheets. I was licking her pussy clean. She snapped out of her pleasure when she saw that Rob was still rock hard after orgasming. Sensing her surprise, Rob said, “You don’t think I couldn’t hear you from the kitchen. I figured it was going to be a long night so I took a Cialis before I came in.” His cock looked so hard. I wanted him to fill my pussy, I was soaking wet. He looked at Chrystal and she gave him a slight curl of a smile and a nod as he positioned himself in front of my pussy. In one thrust, he started fucking me slowly. He then leaned over and started to make out with Chrystal as I was beneath them. I wish someone was filming because it looked so hot, Chrystal grinding her pussy into my face, while Rob started to fuck me faster, while I worked my tongue all over Chrystal’s pussy with them making out. After a while I told Rob to go a little faster. Chrystal’s head was tilted back in ecstasy while I continued to lick her pussy. I decided I would test my limits and lick my way down to her ass and back up. I took it as a sign of approval when she started to moan even louder. Then Chrystal told Rob to fuck me harder. As he did I could feel an orgasm building, I decided to try to hold back like I did before when Chrystal was eating me out earlier. Every time Chrystal or I moaned Rob would fuck me faster and faster. Just then, Chrystal screamed out, “Oh yes Robyn that feels so good. Keep going!” I could tell Chrystal and I were holding back orgasms, however, one silent look from her sent us over the edge and we screamed out together grabbing onto anything in site. Without hesitation, Rob pulled out, threw one of Chrystal’s legs over the other and fucked her for at least another 10 minutes until his eyes finally rolled back and he released his cum inside her. He collapsed on top of her. We all laid there for a little while longer until I felt it was time to go. As I left, I could hear her moans as he started to fuck her again. It’s a shame I never got their number, but some things are only a one-time deal and I wasn’t complaining!

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Girlfriend Can't Be Left Alone pt. 1

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