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Categories Fiction, Boy, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Authror: Margossecret

Published: 20 June 2018

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As I walked out across the parking lot to my route home, I saw four others, Danny a trumpeter, Vicky a petite black haired sax player, Clunk another drummer like me (his real name is George) and Al, a tubist. They were getting into Clunks beat up old Chrysler (hence his name). The car was a monster so I figured there'd be room for me and I asked for a ride. I ended up in the back seat with Danny and Vicky. She was in the middle.

Even before we got going, Danny had his hand on Vicky's leg pushing up the little red skirt she had on. I had heard that Vicky was a – let’s just say she had a reputation – and anyway, she didn't seem to mind his touching her that way. In fact, she put her hand on his crotch. So what the heck, I reached over and grabbed a tit. I guess she really liked that because it wasn't long before both of her hands were engaged in our crotches.

As the car pulled out of the lot, Danny said, "Let's go to the farm." Al turned around and leered. Clunk smiled in the rear-view mirror.

Vicky flopped down across the back seat with her head in Danny's lap and her legs across mine. Danny was somehow trying to get her bra off and I was staring at her silky black panties. Her tits emerged and Danny was playing with them. Vicky helped him take off her top. Vicky parted her legs a bit. Her panties were clinging to her sex – the shape of her

tauntingly revealed. I put my hand on her belly and rubbed the silk lower and lower as she took one deep breath after another.

Vicky let me reach thru the leg holes and play there - it was so exciting and she was so nice and wet - but it was uncomfortable at that angle and I really wanted to see.

Just then, Al chimed in, “Take her panties off.” I reached up to the waistband of her panties, and with her assistance, managed to pull them down off her legs and over her sneakers. She started to unzip her skirt and I took over that duty as well.

There she was laying across our laps. Naked except for her shoes and socks. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I had had sex with two other girls and more than once each, but the girls' near-virgin shyness and the awkward situations had made it more a physical experience than a visual one.

Vicky's tits were small but perfect – Danny rubbed one and then the other. Her waist was narrow and her belly flat. Her pubic hair formed a beautiful black triangle and added to the mystery between her slightly parted legs. She let me lay my hand flat against her sex and moaned softly as my fingers parted the lips. My rubbing and playing there got her whole body trembling and then bucking.

Al, who was leering as this all went down, croaked, “Put your fingers in. Put your fingers in.” Vicky dropped one foot to the car’s floor and let me push a finger and then two into her vagina. It was so hot and wet in there and I could feel a lump near the opening that seemed to excite her even more. It was so amazing.

It was at that moment that a very agitated Vicky rolled on her side and started to grope for Danny's fly. She wasn't having much success so I watched as Danny pulled out his own cock and Vicky wrapped her mouth around it!

Now she had one knee up and I was still watching my fingers slide in and out of her love hole as her muffled moans grew more intense. I pumped her harder and harder as her bobbing head and slurping mouth made a stronger and stronger attack on Danny’s organ. Finally, Danny started moaning and soon his cum was leaking out of her lips around his cock. When she was sure he was satisfied, she let go, swallowed and sat up on my legs. Her arm wiped off her face and she started pulling my fly down.

She uttered one word, "Protection." I wriggled my wallet out of my back pocket and retrieved the two condoms I kept there. I tore one off and started to rip it open but she grabbed it and tore it out herself.

As she unrolled the condom over my cock, she said, "I hope you boys up front are ready." I realized we had been parked behind a barn at the Nathan farm for some time.

"Oh, yes," came the laugh filled reply.

I slid down a bit in the seat and Vicky moved over me and held my cock at her opening. She used it to tease herself and me as she rubbed in back and forth between her lips. Then it was under her opening and she slid down over it as I bucked to push it up as far into the heat of her body as I could.

She was so beautiful. Her jet-black hair, her green eyes, her bobbing tits. She seemed to know I wanted to see because she leaned back against the front seat as far as she could. I watched my cock disappear repeatedly into her black bushy sex as I held my hands on her waist. Finally it was my turn to moan and over several strokes, my condom filled almost to overflowing.

As we got out of the car I slid off my condom and threw it in the dirt. In the interest of privacy, I buried it with my foot.

Al already had his condom on when Vicky pulled him out of the front seat and around the car to the side next to the barn. I guess she had a modicum of shyness after all. She knelt in some grass and gave him a few moments of oral sex and then stood with her hands against the fender. We all watched in wonder as she arched her back and pushed out her rear so all could see her glistening wet pubic hair.

Al had to kneel awkwardly because Vicky was so short, but he knew what to do as he pushed his cock inside her and grabbed her tits. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I was getting hard again. I'd swear it took him 10 minutes to cum and I watched her climax twice. I knew I would have to try that someday with a girl.

For Clunk, she sat up on his fender and opened her legs. He sucked on her tits first and pushed his fingers in to make her cum yet again. Finally, he bent down and licked her pussy and she really went over the top with that. This was something else I would have to try some day. Meanwhile, I just stood there masturbating. While she was panting he stood up and entered her. She wrapped her legs around him and laid back on the hood. His pumping ended a few minutes later and my cock shot its second load into the dust.

Now Danny wanted another turn but he was disappointed. Vicky was too sore and that was the end of that. I never had another chance to partake of Vicky’s pleasures, unless you count the many fantasies and the cum landing on my chest in the middle of the night over the decades.

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