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The banging of Girlfriend, Best friend, and Enemy

Categories True Story, Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM

Author: The reader that writes

Published: 20 June 2018

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My name is Jackson. I'm 21 and this is a story about me banging my girlfriend, best friend, and enemy.

My name is Jackson. I'm 6 foot, white with a wirey muscular build. I have a 6 inch cock that's maybe an inch wide. My girlfriend’s name is Skylar. She is 5’ 6”, cute with C sized tits. My best friend’s name is Lynnsey. She is 5’ 8”, hot with 34A sized tits. My enemy's name is Jackie. She is 5’ 7”, hot as all get out and has double D’s.

So I was sitting at home playing videogames while Lynnsey slept in my lap like any other day. Now usually she's a deep sleeper so it's really hard to wake her up. Surprisingly though, I startled her awake when I got mad at the game I was playing.

She jumped up and clung to my body like it was her lifeline. As she did this though,her lips somehow met mine.

We both flushed a deep red before she ran off to compose herself. I say there for a couple minutes just trying to figure out what the fuck happened.

My game completely forgotten, I went to the kitchen to grab some food.

Now I guess I should explain something. Lynnsey and I were probably closer mentally than me and Skylar. Also, Skylar and I live in the same room while Lynnsey is our roommate. We have the best dorm on campus with 2 bedrooms.

Lynnsey finally came out of her room, blushing like mad.

“You hot?” I asked. “You're very red”

“Shut up Jackson. In case you didn't notice, you're red too”

“Haha, make me shut up. I dare you”

I looked at her with a smug look on my face because she never could think of anything to shut me up.

That's when she did the most unexpected thing I could ever think of.

She went right up to me and kissed me. I was so surprised that I just stood there for a second before she released me.

I took a second but I grabbed her, pulled her body closer to mine and kissed her back.

It was at exactly at this moment where Skylar walked in. She looked at us, just dropped her the groceries that were in her hands and sprinted off. I gave chase, hollering her name as I ran. Eventually I caught up and grabbed her

“Skylar I'm so sorry. It wasn't what it looked like. She just came on to me” I tried twisting it to make it look better on me

“No she didn't. You were holding onto her and kissing her in a way I've never even got.” She said in-between sobs

“No, I wasn't doing anything. That was me trying to push hey away”

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. What reason would I lie to my girlfriend for?”

“Well I guess that means we need to punish her”

I looked at her in surprise. “Wait what?”

“You heard me!” She shouted as she stalked off like a panther hunting prey

We walked back together to our dorm. Lynnsey way in the doorway and as soon as she saw us she said “I'm so sorry-”

Skylar interrupted her “stop taking. Come with us”

She pulled us into our bedroom.

“What are we doing here?” Both Lynnsey and I asked at the same time.

“Jackson grab her by the arms and make sure she can't struggle” Skylar shouted

“What? Okayyyyy” I drew out the word in confusion but did it anyway

“Skylar what are you-” Lynnsey was cut off as Skylar grabbed a pair of panties that were lying on the ground and stuffed them in Lynnsey’s mouth.

“Jackson, pull off her shirt and shorts!”

It was at this point where Lynnsey really started struggling and I started to get where Skylar was going with this. I pulled them off but kept her restrained. I wasn't about to deal with Skylar's wrath. Skylar pulled off Lynnsey's panties and literally ripped off her bra. Skylar and I both looked down at Lynnsey and saw a tampon in her pussy. I mentally thought that this would be an interesting evening.

Skylar looked at me and said “take off your pants and underwear”

I did. She then got out lube and lubed up my 6 inch cock and Lynnsey's asshole. It was at this point where I knew exactly what I was to do. By the time I was fully hard, Skylar had 3 fingers up Lynnsey's ass.

I lined up and pushed into her tight virgin ass.

“It’s so tight!!”

I kept pumping for a bit before I came in her ass. I was a rather fast cummer but I could cum many times in a session which Skylar loved to take advantage of.

Then the doorbell rang. There was only one person with the guts to do this. So the neighbors knew not to knock on our door. We loved our privacy.

Skylar looked at me and said “I'll bring her in here. She'll be punished as well for interrupting us” She grabbed Lynnsey's panties and pair of handcuffs from out drawer for when we wanted to do stuff along the lines of that.

She came back a minute later with Jackie bound and gagged. Lynnsey was let up and she immediately took out the gag.

“Skylar!! That fucking hurt!!”

“Well that's what you get for kissing my boyfriend”

It was at that point where I interjected “Yeah that was a little far babe”

“Meh, she'll survive”

We all looked at Jackie. Now let me give a bit of a background about her. She was a complete asshat to me in highschool. Almost to the point of bullying. She even purposely went to the same college to me just to fuck with me. Needless to say, we all wanted revenge on her. So in our collection of toys, we had 2 strapons just for when something like this happened. We had got these a while ago for this plan actually.

One of the strapons is of medium size, about the size of my dick. The other one though, was overly large. It was 12 inches in length and 3 inches in width.

We grabbed Jackie and completely undressed her. She also had a tampon in her pussy She was actually quite hot. Double D’s with a huge ass. Skylar got the large strapon and stripped down while Lynnsey got the smaller one and put it on. Skylar looked at the lube and decided against it. We wanted her to pay. Lynnsey shoved her strapon right into Jackie's pussy, even with the tampon still in there. Jackie moaned in pain through the gag. But then Skylar joined in. She shoved her massive strapon right up Jackie's dry ass. It was at this point with Jackie started to scream in pain. I just stood back and watched. I would shove my cock in her mouth but I didn't want her to bite it.

I decided to push into Skylar’s warm, wet, and Velvety pussy. It was still quite tight, even with the amount that we go at it. As I fucked her, I rubbed her clit and pushed a finger in to her ass. It was at that point where she and I came at the exact same time. I pulled out of her, pulled out Lynnsey's tampon and pushed into Lynnsey hilt deep. She moaned in pleasure and pain. I had already came twice so I had a ways to go but I had already made her cum twice somehow. I looked over at Jackie and saw her face contorted in pain and pleasure. I realised she liked this stuff so I pulled out of Lynnsey and looked for my opening. I got in-between Skylar and Lynnsey and shoved into Jackie's poor battered pussy. She screamed again with the triple penetration. We then started using fingers. She was surprisingly stretchy so we all had at least 4 fingers in her. That means she had 2 six inch cocks in her, 1 twelve inch cock in her and 12 fingers. She finally spit out the gag and said the first words she's said since we started.

“Stop please! I'll do anything!”

“Anything?” I said.


“Well I want a nice tit fuck while you bounce on the strapons.”

“I'll do it!! Just stop!!”

We all pulled out and she sighed in relief. The girls got in position. Lynnsey now taking Jackie's ass and Skylar took her pussy. Jackie slid down onto them and I got in position in between her big tits. She started moving up and down and the feeling of her tits on my cock were just absolutely amazing. We were in that position for 5 minutes before I started getting close

“Get ready!”

I pulled her up off the girls and pushed hilt deep in her pussy before blowing the biggest load I've ever had. It went deep in her pussy and I made sure to stay there for few mins to make sure none got out and it had sunk in.

After a few more hours of fucking and many different positions, we ended the torture and finally let her leave. When she left, her pussy and womb were saturated in my cum. I hoped it got her pregnant.

After that fateful day, our relationship changed. We now had a polyamorous relationship and loved each other very much. We married the day I turned 22. Skylar was my exact she while Lynnsey was 24. At that point, both girls were pregnant. We never saw Jackie until years later where she walked up to us, showed us a 5 year old next to get and announced it was mine. After many many many apologies, she joined our relationship all was fine.

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The banging of Girlfriend, Best friend, and Enemy

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