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My Brother and His Friends

Categories Fiction, Ass to mouth, Blowjob, Boy

Author: AnalEaz

Published: 20 June 2018

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My brother was my first and I was not a willing partner. He's four years older than me and when we were kids that meant he was a lot bigger and a lot stronger. Dad worked the swing shift so he was never home in the evenings and when mom's father got ill, she was with him a lot so my brother was left ‘in charge’.

I think I was eight or nine and he was well into puberty when it started. First time we were in the front room watching TV and I couldn't believe what he did. He opened his jeans and pulled his penis out and it was huge at least to my young eyes. Sharing a bedroom with him I'd seen him a lot of times but nothing like this.

He started moving his hand on it and I sat transfixed watching having no idea what he was doing. Then he grabbed my head and forced it down to his cock and he said suck it. I was fighting like crazy to get away but he was so much stronger than me, it was hopeless. He forced my head even closer and told me suck it again. No way was I going take that in my mouth and kept my mouth closed tight but he just held my nose so when I had to open my mouth to breathe, he shoved his cock in.

"Now suck it." He told me as he raised his hips and pushed even more of his cock in my mouth. I tightened my jaw to try to bite him hoping he'd stop. He stopped alright but he only stopped trying to push it further in. He boxed my ears and warned me to not do that again.

So there I was, my brother's cock in my mouth and he's still telling me to suck it. At least that I could say no to, he couldn't force me to do that but he just lifted his hips and pushed my head down at same time and his cock hit my throat and I gagged big time.

"Suck it if you want to breathe." He told me letting me pull my head back just enough that he wasn't chocking me.

What else could I do? He’s way bigger and way stronger than I am so I sucked.

"Yeah, like that." He told me as he started to lift his hips up and down which made his cock move in and out in my mouth.

I guess he was so turned on by dominating me that he couldn't hold back and he started squirting in my mouth. Had no idea what it was and didn't care. I wanted no part of it and opened my lips to let it fall out.

"No way, swallow it." He told me putting one hand over my mouth sealing it tight as his cock kept filling my mouth with whatever it was.

"Open your mouth and don't spit it out." He warned me taking his hand off my mouth but just moving it down to my throat.

"Open your mouth, show it to me." He told me.

What could I do, I opened my mouth.

"Oh yeah, my cum looks so good in your mouth. Swallow it." He told me clamping his hand over my mouth again. I didn't swallow until he pinched my nose closed so I had to swallow to breathe. After I did, he let me go and I jumped up and ran to bathroom and locked the door. I brushed my teeth to get that taste out of my mouth.

I heard the doorknob rattle then heard him through the door.

"You can't stay in there all night. Open the door."

“I’ll stay here until mom or dad comes home. I'm going to tell them what you made me do."

"Unlock the door or I'll break it in and tell them you did it. Who do you think they'll believe you or me?"

I was trapped; of course they'd believe him. They always do because he's older so I unlocked the door.

"That's better." He said after opening the door. "You say one word to anyone and I'll beat the shit out of you and tell mom that I stopped another kid from beating you more. Get out of here, I gotta piss."

Got around him and out and went to the front room and sat on the floor scared shitless.

"Know what you just did?" He asked me and I barely looked at him. "You just gave me a blow job. I like it so you’re going to be doing it a lot more. Stop fighting and you might even find you like it." He told me and I shook my head violently.

"Keep fighting then, doesn’t make any difference to me. You’re going to keep doing it one way or the other. Why make it hard on yourself."

"What did you put in my mouth?" I almost screamed at him.

"Not so loud; my cock."

"Not that, the stuff."

"Do you mean my cum? That's what gets a girl pregnant. I sure don't want to do that so from now on, whenever I'm horny, you get all my cum and don't ever spit it out."

"Why?" I asked him.

"Why I'm telling you not to spit it out? Because I like watching you swallow it, turns me even more."

"NO, why did you make me do it?"

"You'll find out in a couple years and your little cock starts to get hard. Nothing feels better than a good cum. Been using my hand and wanted something else and now you're the something else."

Looked at him but knew there wasn't anything I could do about it.

That was the first time into what became an almost nightly ritual. I learned it was easier to not fight him and just let him do it. Maybe a month or so later I was getting into it as I found that I actually liked the flavor and didn't say or do anything when he told me to suck his cock. I even got the point that I'd ask him if he wanted me to do it for him.

"You like it now? Know what that means? You're a queer."

"What does that make you then? You're the one that's doing it to me."

"I ain't a fag. You are though because you like it now. Get over here and suck my cock and do it right." He told me.

I was on the floor and he was sitting in dad's chair. Crawled over to him expecting him to have his cock out but he didn't so I opened his pants and got it out.

"Lick it fag." He told me.

Didn't like being called a fag but maybe he was right because I did lick his cock then sucked him off.

"Show me." He said and like every time now, opened my mouth stuck my tongue out enough for him to see his cum then he'd tell me swallow it. Now I was looking forward to swallowing it.

"Suck my cock." He told me in our bedroom one night when mom wasn't home again.

"OK, get it out."

"You're the one that likes to suck cock, you want it, so you get it out."

This was becoming almost every time now. Opened his pants and got his cock and started licking it and his balls.

"Think I want to do something else. Take your clothes off." He told me.

This is something new but I knew if I didn't he'd just slug me so I got undressed watching as he did the same.

"Suck it some more and get it real wet."

No idea what he was up to but since I liked sucking his cock now, I did what he said.

"That's enough. Get on your hands and knees."

Did what he told me and saw him get on his knees behind me then felt his cock against my butt hole and started to pull away.

"Don't move." He told me still pushing with his cock.

When it penetrated me, I screamed it hurt so much. He clamped his hand over my mouth and warned me to shut up. Since I couldn't breathe again, I nodded my head.

"That's better. I'm going to fuck you; all fags like to have a cock in their ass." He told me pushing his cock in more and more.

"Please stop, it hurts." I begged him for all the good that did.

"Don't fight it, you'll lose anyway, just relax your butt muscles and let me get it all the way in."

Figured there was no way out of this now so I tried to relax like he said and now he could pull his cock back a little then push it deeper in me. Felt like a telephone pole was in my ass and it burnt.

"You got it all fag." He told me and at least that part was over.

To this day I still can't say why he did it because he'd never really thought about me in any way but he stayed still and my ass adjusted to his cock and the burning stopped.

"Still hurt fag?"

"Huh uh."

He pulled his cock almost all the way out and real slow pushed it all the way back in again and it felt good and I must have moaned.

"Like it huh fag?"

I didn't want to tell that it felt good now so I didn't say anything but the more he pulled his cock back a shoved it back in again the better it felt and the more I moaned.

"You must like it fag. Your butt is moving all over the place and pushing back to get my cock back in. Tell me fag, like it?"

"Yeah, yeah, please don't stop." I answered giving in.

"I knew you were a fag. Now you’re going to feel what it's like to really get fucked." He told me and started fucking his cock faster and faster and the faster he went, the better it felt and the more I moaned.

"Here it comes fag, here... here... here." He stuttered as I felt his cock jerking in my ass like it does in my mouth and felt his cum flood into me.

As he was cumming, he kept trying to get deeper in me and I wanted him deeper so as he pushed forward into me, I pushed back trying to get more cock in me. Then it was over and he let out a loud breath.

"Whew. Damn fag, that's good. Think I like your ass better than your mouth." He told me as he started to pull out.

"Please don't?" I turned my head to ask him.

"Still want my cock in your ass fag?"


"I'm wiped out, lay on your belly." He told me and as I did he came with me and pushed his cock back in again.

"Thank you." I told him feeling his weight on me and his cock, still hard, in my ass.

"I always thought you were a fag. Damn, my brother the fag. Wait until the guys find out." He told me.

"Please, don't tell anyone?" I begged again.

"Want to suck my cock more?" He asked.

"Yeah and swallow your cum."

"Want my cock in your ass again?"

"Yes, whenever you want." I told him.

"Well then fag, only way you'll be able to suck my cock again or have me fuck your faggot ass is to do it for my friends."

"No, please no. I don't want everyone calling me a fag. You're my brother, aren't you supposed to protect me?"

"I'll think about it but I can picture Larry fucking your ass and the picture looks real good."

"Please don't. Anytime you want, wherever you want. I'll suck and swallow. Your right, I do like it, it tastes good. Anytime you want to fuck my ass, it's yours but please don't make me suck or fuck anyone else."

"I told you I'd think about it."

"Your still hard, fuck my ass again. I felt you’re cum and I liked it. Please do it again?"

"You’re turning out to be more of a fag than I though. OK, you want me to fuck you again fag, you got it." He told me pulling his cock back and ramming it back into me forcing the air out of lungs. Each time he rammed back in, I grunted and moaned now.

"Ready for it fag?" He asked.

"Yes, cum in my ass, fuck me harder." I told him and he fucked faster and harder.

"Here it comes bro." He told me and I felt his jerking again and his cum shoot out of his cock and flood my ass again and I moaned feeling it.

He stayed in me for a few minutes then pulled out and I groaned because I wanted his cock to stay in my ass. Watched as he rolled to his back next to me then he looked at me.

"Know something bro, you're a great little fag brother."

"I'm your fag." I told him wanting him to know I was only a fag for him.


Chapter 2

Mom had taken over the lunch counter in a market so it was just the two of us after school as mom didn't get home until after seven. As soon as he walked in the door, he'd tell me to strip as he did locking the door.

Now I always sucked him off first and made sure he saw his cum before I swallowed it, then I'd get on hands and knees and he'd fuck my ass. Since he'd just cum in my mouth, he could fuck me longer before he came again and most of the time he'd fuck me twice.

On the school bus, I could hardly wait to get home because I wanted to suck him off so bad and taste more of his cum and to have his cock fucking my ass. Sometimes it's all I could think about. I'd started to strip before he got home and would wait in our bedroom for him.

One day though he told me from the doorway that he had a surprise for me.

"What?" I asked.

"More cocks." He said as he walked in and three of his friends came in behind him.

"I asked you not to."

"Tough. You're a faggot and fags don't get enough cock. Guys, watch this. Suck me fag." He told me and as much as I hated seeing the other guys in the room, I needed his cock and cum more.

I opened his pants and got his cock out and licked it all over then sucked his cock in my mouth. After a few times of him pushing his cock so far in my mouth, chocking me, I learned how to relax my throat so now he was almost always in my throat. I was bobbing my head wanting him to cum I needed it so bad when he grabbed my head and pulled me off his cock.

"Want cum fag?" He asked.

"Yes." I answered begging him.

"Get it from my friends first then you can have my cum."

By that time I needed cum so bad I just knelt in front of Larry, opened his pants, got his cock out and started sucking it.

"Damn, your right. He's good." Larry said pushing his hips forward. His cock was bigger than my brothers and it slid right down my throat.

"He's deepthroating." Larry moaned and pushed his cock as deep as he could.

"Wanted to surprise you guys with that. The little fag learned how to do it on his own. C’mon guys, strip." He told them and he and the other two did but Larry just kept fucking my throat."

"Aww shit." He said and I felt his cock starting to jerk and felt his cum shooting down my throat. Pulled my head back to taste it and to be able to show him his cum on my tongue before I swallowed.

Even after I'd let him cum a lot down my throat, he still filled my mouth before he stopped. Slipped my lips off and looked up at him to be sure he looking at me then I showed his cum then swallowed it real slow.

"Damn kid, best blow job I've ever had."

"Thank you. I need more cum." I told the other two and both walked close to me.

Took a hard cock in each hand and grinned. Don't know why I didn't want my brother not to tell anyone. Now I had four cocks for me. I started stroking them as I alternated from one to other licking the heads. Then I took one in mouth and kept stroking the other.

"Porn blow job?" I heard one of them ask.

"Do it, three of us. Larry, if you can cum again, on his face and in his mouth." My brother said and I got excited and sucked hard then moved to another cock and sucked it hard to then did my brothers cock the same way. Seeing Larry hard, he got sucked too while the three were jacking off.

Then my brother pulled my head off Larry's cock and turned me to see his.

"Open your mouth, cum loving little fag brother." He told me and then I understood what they were going to do and opened my mouth wide.

"Oh fuck yeah." He moaned then held his cock in front of face and his cum shot out all over my face with some landing in my mouth. I was going to swallow when he stopped me.

"Huh uh fag. Keep it in your mouth; guys are going to give you more. Then you can swallow and show them how much you like cum."

I liked the idea and nodded my head being careful to not let any slip through my lips. Then another hand turned my head just in time. Tilted my head back to not lose any cum and opened my mouth even wider. This time, most of it went in my mouth but a lot landed on my face and felt some cum dripping down my chest. Then Larry turned my head again and came shooting it all over my face. Moved my head forward to get some of it in mouth then I leaned back and looked up at them.

"Show `em." My brother told me so I opened my mouth and showed them my mouthful of cum.

"Swallow." One of them said so I real slow swallowed it.

"God that's hot." One of them said.

"A lot is going to waste." Larry said.

"I've got an idea." My brother said heading out of the bedroom coming back with a spoon.

He used it to scoop some cum off me then feed it to me then I licked the spoon clean.

"Who wants to feed the fag?"

"Gawd that's hot, I have to." A boy said taking the spoon scooping more cum for me to swallow. He gave me three spoonfuls before the third guy took the spoon to feed me more.

"Give," Larry said taking the spoon. "Not much left and I want to feed him cum."

Larry scrapped the last of it from off my face and neck and I licked the spoon clean again.

"Here fag; eat what's on your chest." He told me giving me the spoon.

I took it and looked down seeing a lot of cum and started using the spoon to eat it like it was cereal.

"Damn. Your brother really is a fag." Larry said.

"How longs he been giving you blow jobs Rog?"

"Couple months now but he's not done. Tell `em what you want now fag." Roger told me.

"Please fuck me?" I asked them.

"He really wants all of us to fuck him?" Larry asked.

"Me first." My brother said pushing me to my hands and knees.

"I've been in his ass so much; he can take all of it. Watch." My brother said and I knew what was coming and braced for it. Felt the head against my ass then he just fucked all the way in me, burying his cock deep in me.

"Shit. Tried that on Sally and she'd scream like hell."

"He did the first time, not anymore though. He likes it hard and fast guys." My brother told then and started pounding my ass. Like always, real fast the good feeling took over and I was moaning with each thrust he made.

"Ever suck cock getting fucked?" I think his name is Steve, asked.

"I never tried. Just been the fag and me. Give him your cock, let’s find out." Roger told him without slowing at all.

I opened my eyes waiting for the cock as the idea had got me real excited. Opened my mouth as soon as I saw and starting sucking letting my brothers fucking my ass to slide my lips up and down on the cock.

"Oh yeah, damn. Fuck him faster. He's sucking my cock as fast as you fuck him."

That got my brother's attention and he started going even faster and slamming his cock in me.

"Here fag." I heard him then felt his cock shooting his cum in my ass and hearing that triggered Steve because he shoved his cock down my throat and came.

The feeling of having a cock cumming at both ends was so far out.

"Who wants to fuck the fag now?" Roger asked.

"I want a piece of that ass." I think Bill said as he got behind me.

"Larry, give him your cock."

I liked hearing that as Larry knelt in front of me. Took his cock in my mouth and let Bill set the pace for lips on his cock.

It didn't take Bill that long before he came and I moaned with Larry's cock in my throat and that must have felt good to him because his cock started shooting his cum in me. When Bill pulled out of me, I just laid forward and smiled I was feeling so good.

"Look at the fag..." My brother said. "...looks like he really had fun getting all the cum we had. Tell ya guys, I ain't got any left. If any of you have another load, go for it."

I heard and opened my eyes to see if I would get more but they all just waved their hands.

"Your brother is a cum slut." Bill said.

"Know what a slut is fag?" He asked me.

"Huh uh."

"A slut is any girl that can't get enough cock. Just like you. She's called a cum slut. You're a cum slut too."

"OK, I think I really like being a cum slut." Told them then closed my eyes again.

"Fag, you’re leaking." Roger told me and I did feel cum leaking out of my ass.

"Would you get a towel? Sure don't want mom to see it on the carpet."

"Fag's right." He said getting up then coming back throwing me a towel.

"Thanks. Next time we do this, how about a towel first."

"Here that guys, my cum slut fag brother is already talking the next time. Bro, that ass of yours is almost the same as cunt."

"You've fucked girls?" I asked him as I sat on towel letting the cum run out of me.

"Yeah, you were my first blow job though."

"You got his mouth cherry and ass cherry?" Larry asked.

"Both of `em and he fought it at first, now look at the fag."

"What's a cherry?"

"He doesn’t know nothing does he?"

"He'll learn. Fag, a cherry is a piece of skin in a girl's cunt that a guy has to break through first time she's fucked. Kind of has carried over to mean the first someone get her mouth and her ass. I got both of yours."

"OK, guess you did. Can I ask a favor of you guys?"

"Ask it and we'll let you know." Roger told me.

"I'm a fag now and I like being a fag and hearing all of you calling me a fag but would be careful and not say it around my mom and dad or the other kids?"

"Sure won't around mom and dad fag. What kids are you talking about? I've got more friends."

"Bring `em on. I mean the kids my age."

"He's right Rog. Think of how we'd beat up on any kid we thought was a fag when we were his age." Steve said.

"I'll go along." Larry said.

"Same with me." Bill answered and that left Roger.

"OK bro. You're a fag but our fag. We won't let the kids find out you are a fag. What happens when you get to high school? No way are you going to see all the guys in shower and not get turned on."

"Mean like having my cock get big like yours?"

"That's exactly what he means fag." Larry answered.

"That's two years away so for now, why should I worry about it."

"Smart kid." Steve said.

"Yeah, sometimes my fag brother is OK. Little prick actually helps me in math. I don't have clue what algebra is about and he does."

"Really, you understand Algebra?" Larry asked me.

"Yeah, it's really kind of simple." Told him

"Guys, the fag is straight A's." My brother told them. "I get real confused with how the teacher is explaining something in class but the fag makes it easier to understand. I actually got a B on the last test."

"Fag, can help me with algebra?"

"Sure if I can suck your cock?"

"A blow job and get a tutoring lesson? You got it."

"Know anything about history?" Bill asked.

"Sure. Show me where you’re having trouble and I'll help if I can for the same charge."

"Damn fag, you got it.

I wound up agreeing to tutor all of them on different subjects and when they showed me where they were and why they having trouble, I explained what they were doing wrong and showed them how to do it right. Then I gave them a blow job and I got cum.

Chapter 3

That went on right trough to the end of school. Sometimes Roger would bring other boys for me to suck and fuck and I took `em all on. No cock was too big for my throat or ass. During summer vacation the only time I could get to suck and fuck guys didn't happen very often so when it did I took advantage of every minute.

One time Roger had eleven guys that wanted me to suck `em off and that was the greatest. Asked `em to stand in a line and I just went from one cock to next, sucking until I got his cum. By the time I finished all eleven the first guys were harder than before and started fucking my ass. I almost had to beg to get some of the guys to kneel in front of me so I could get their cocks in my mouth again.

I have no idea how many loads of cum I swallowed or were shot in my ass. All I knew is I was feeling good. Even the taste of cum when I burped was good but not as good as a cock shooting it in my mouth.

That was a turning point in the summer as one guy would find a place and Roger would take me. One time a boy opened the door naked and his cock was already hard. Just dropped to my knees and started sucking.

"Christ, at least let me close the door." He told me so I took my lips off.

"Get your clothes off." Roger told me so I stripped just letting my clothes fall as I was walked to another room and saw more naked guys with hard cocks. I know I was grinning big by what Roger said.

"Guys, this is my little brother, the fag." He told them.

"Better blow job than any girl has done it for me." Another said.

"Wait until you feel how tight his ass is." Another added.

"Get started bro." My brother told me so I did.

I was sucking cocks getting fucked for a long time. Swallowed so much cum I felt full but that didn't stop me. Any guy that still had cum for me; either fucked my ass or shoved his cock right down my throat. Then nothing, no more hard cocks.

"Come on, please. I need more."

"Told you he's a cum bucket slut didn't I?" Roger told the others.

"Don't think I can get it hard again." One boy said kind of laughing.

"How many times did you cum?" Larry asked.

"Five. Damn he's good. Almost might make me give up girls. A joke guys, really just a joke." The boy said when the other guys started putting him down.

"Anybody beat him?" Roger asked and nobody answered.

"How ya' feel fag, finally get enough cock and cum?" Roger asked me.

"I could still use more. Was this like a gang bang?" I asked.

"Sure was little bro fag." He told me then looked at the other guys that were sitting or lying all over the room. "Guys, no one tells anyone what my fag brother just did or you answer to me. He's a fag but he's my brother."

Hearing Roger say that made me feel good.

For the next two years it was that way, me sucking and getting fucked by my brother’s friends but after he finished high school and turned 18 my dumb brother enlisted in the Air Force and was gone to boot camp in Texas. I knew a few of his friends but didn't know any phone numbers or where they lived. After having all the cocks I almost needed for so long, now nothing and I needed cock.

Some of the guys that had been fucking me talked about a queer restroom that had the holes. Didn't know what he meant but he'd said queer so I rode to it on my bike. Finding the bathroom was no problem but there wasn't any place to lock my bike to so I rode around the front and locked it with the chain around a street sign then walked back.

When I went in it didn't look any different to me than any other bathroom. Didn't see any holes anywhere but when a man came in and looked at me, I got in the back stall acting like I needed to dump. I was sitting there listening to him piss then the door opened and closed so I guessed he'd gone. I'd been staring straight ahead the whole time but with him gone I relaxed a little and looked to my side and there was a hole between the stall I was in and the next stall with a lot of writing around it and drawings of big cocks. The writing got my attention as some of it said for a good blow job to call a number. A lot of those but it isn't what I wanted, I wanted to suck a cock. Roger had tried a couple times to play with my little dick but it didn't do anything for me so he stopped and just kept fucking me.

Heard the door open and close again then the door of the next stall open as a man came in. I'd been looking through the hold and turned my head away fast so he wouldn't see me.

"Hey kid, wanna blow job?" The man asked me real soft, almost in a whisper. Turned and saw his eye looking at me through the hole.

"Huh uh." Told him and I was real nervous.

"You can't be dumping with your pants still on so why you in there then?"

I was so desperate I told him.

"I need cum bad." I told him.

"You suck?"

"Uh huh." I answered and his eye moved away then I saw a huge hard cock come through the hole.

Looked at it for a few seconds then leaned over and started licking it then I took it in my mouth and started sucking and moving my head back and forth sliding my lips that were tight on him, back and forth.

Felt him push his cock as far forward as he could with a wall between us then he came and he came a lot. Swallowed as fast as I could but even doing that, some was leaking out of my lips so I caught it with my hand. Then he stopped pumping so I just held his cock in my mouth sucking real soft then he pulled it out. Saw the eye again and showed him his cum then tilted my head and swallowed. Then I licked my hand clean and swallowed that too.

"You're the youngest cocksucker I've hard. Damn you're good." He told me.

I was going to answer but he stood up and left the stall and heard the door open and close again. That cum tasted so good but I still needed a lot more. In the next hour maybe, I sucked six cocks and swallowed huge loads. Looked at my watch and knew I better get home.

Nobody was in the bathroom when I opened the stall door and I almost ran out and bumped right into a guy.

"Sorry sir."

"Don't worry about it. You were in this bathroom?" He asked in a strange tone of voice.

"Uh huh, I had to go real bad."

"Anybody bother you in there?"

"Huh uh."

"Where do you live?" He asked so I told him which street but not the address.

"That's a long way from here. Is that your bike out front?"

"Yes sir."

"My names Bob, what’s yours?"


"OK Andy, let’s go sit on that bench and talk." He told me putting a hand on my shoulder.

Don't know why but I trusted him more that some of the guys whose cocks I'd sucked.

How old are you Andy? 14?"

"No, 12 but I'll be 13 in two weeks."

"You do know about that bathroom?" He asked.

"Uh, not sure what you mean sir."

"It's a well know as a place for homosexuals to give and receive blow jobs. I was sitting on the bench for 30 minutes and saw three men go in then a few minutes later they'd come out. Can you explain why they all went in and came out and I didn't see you go in?"

"I had to crap real badly."

"You’re no good at lying. Tell me the truth."

"Sounds like you know then."

"How many guys today?"


"You’re taking one hell of a chance. Boy your age that gives blow jobs and is attractive won't last long around here. Now tell me why you're here, all of it."

"I barely know you."

"OK, you’re right; you have no reason to trust me. I'm going to show you something and I don't want you to get up and run." He told me taking a wallet like folded leather and flipped it open and my eyes opened real wide seeing a cop's badge.

"You're a cop?" I asked knowing if mom and dad found out what I'd been doing, I was screwed big time.

"In a way; I’m an assistant district attorney. Do you know what that is?"

"Only part of that I know is attorney. Means you're a lawyer and not a cop?"

"That's right. My job is to prosecute and put in jail those that break the laws. By right, I should be calling for a black and white to pick you up. Take it easy, I'm not going to do that if you'll promise me you stay out of that bathroom? A lot of men have been arrested in there for doing what you told me you did. There is nothing wrong with being gay, just means that sometimes you have to be more careful."

"What's gay mean?"

"Gay means a homosexual that doesn't hide it. You hide it from your parents don't you?"

"If they knew, I'd be in big trouble."

"Can you stop?"

"No, my brother went to boot camp two weeks ago and I'm going crazy."

"You gave blow jobs to your brother?" He asked.

"Yeah, almost every day and he'd fuck me too. Then he started bringing his friends home and I'd do them too. At first with my brother, I hated it. He forced me. He's a lot older than me and stronger. Tried to fight but forget that. After a few weeks, I liked it."

"When did it start?"

"I was eight almost nine, he was 16."

"Your parents have no idea?"


"You’re going to be in the eighth grade?"


"Any kids your age know that you’re gay?"

"Hope not, I don't think so. My brother made his friends swear they wouldn't tell any younger kids about me, about me being a fag."

"Fag is not a good word, use gay instead." He told me.

"My brother and his friends all call me fag but not nasty like. More like a nickname. I really don't mind, kind of like it."

"Tell your brother your gay, not a fag. What would your parents do if you came out?" He asked.

"I have no idea what that means."

"OK then, homosexuals that hide what they are, are referred to as being in a closet. Don't ask me why because I don't know. When they accept what they are and stop hiding what they are its called coming out like coming out of the closet."

"Think I already told what they'd to. They'll kick me right out the door."

"They can't do, it's against the law. Whether they approve or not, they are still obligated by law to care for you until your 18."

"To my parents that wouldn't mean a thing. Both my sisters got married as soon as they were 18 just to get out of the house. My brother graduated high school and enlisted in the Air Force so now it's just me."

"Another question and I was the truth. Have they hit you? And that means more than just a normal spanking."

"Tell me what a normal spanking is then maybe I can answer."

"OK, normal spanking is getting turned over a knee and walloped with a bare hand."

"That used to happen but not anymore. I'm told I'm too old to feel that so now I have to pull my pants down and mom uses a big board."

"Not good. That's called child abuse. When did it happen last?"

"Month ago maybe I didn't take the trash out fast enough for dad."

"So both parents use that board?"

"Sure do and I think mom is stronger than my dad. Really stings for a long time after she spanks me."

"How many times are you spanked at one time? Four smacks, five, ten?"

"Sir, I don't keep count. All I can do is stay there and take it."

"Is there any chance of you living with a sister?"

"Don't even know where they are. Each of `em got married and took off, no one knows where. Neither one has called or even wrote a letter."

"Have the spankings been getting worse, taking more time, hitting harder?"

"Oh yeah they try to make me scream and I won't. At least I have some control."

"Do you love your parents?"

"Tell me what love is first."

"That is a very difficult question to answer. To me love is deeply caring about someone. Worried if they're sick or injured and wanting to be with them as much as I can. I trust them to not hurt me and I try to not hurt them. Accidents happen though but I don't deliberately hurt someone."

"If that's love, sure wish my mom and dad did that. Made mom mad one day when I was ten and was sent to my room for a month after being spanked. I was allowed to go to school then right back in my room. I wasn't allowed to have dinner at the table. Mom brought me a plate that was usually just some vegetables and a potato."

"That's more child abuse Andy. If you had the chance to get out, what would you do?"

"How about laugh and cheer my ass off. I'd run away but not sure I'd be any better off on the street."

"I agree but we have to get you out of there. Andy, I'm gay and I don't hide it. My friends all know just as the people I work with do. To me there is no sense in trying to hide who and what I am. Just met you and like you already. You sound like a good kid. I'm not saying this to have sex with you, never have had sex with a teenager except when I was a teenager. I'm sure I can have you out of that house tonight if you'll take a chance on me. I want you to live with me and do what I say. I'm the adult and your almost 13. What do ya' say?"

"You mean like starting right now?" I asked him.

"It's as good as time as any. Do you know where your brother is?"

"Think its called boot camp in Texas."

"Air force?"


"Then I can get his address and I'll want you to right him a letter to tell him what's been happening and tell him I have become your guardian. Give him our address to write to. I live in those apartment buildings about a block away. I'm in building D, apartment 212. Get your bike and ride over, think I'll make it faster with my car."

"Oh wow, too much. I'm on my way." I told him grinning.

Had my bike unlocked and rode fast but he still beat me. Found the apartment and knocked on the door.

"C'mon in. Want a soda?"


"You got it. Show you where they are." He said leading me to the kitchen telling me to open the fridge and help myself. Got a can out, opened it and took a big drink.

"Thank you."

"You’re welcome, show you around." He told me and led me through the apartment showing me a guest bedroom that would be mine then his bedroom and where the bathrooms were telling me to keep them as clean as they are now.

"You can turn on the TV." He told me sitting down at his desk.

"Hi-def?" I asked seeing the set.

"Yeah, with a 36 inch screen. I really wanted the biggest but no way in an apartment." He told me as I turned the TV on with the remote and just stared at how great the picture is. Went through a couple channels and saw my favorite nature show and just sat and watched.

"Like shows like that?" He asked putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Lot better than the crap my parents watch. All those stupid situation comedies I think their called. Stupid and lame, I think their meant for people with no grasp on reality."

"That's quite an observation from an almost 13 year old. What is your favorite show?"

"Up till now, Natural Geographic's but this has it beat."

"Tune to channel 832." He told me.

"Channels that high? OK." I asked him pushing the buttons.

"Far out, National Geographic's in hi-def. What a picture." I told him focusing on the show."

"When that's over, we do have to go back to your home. You’ll need your clothes and any other personal things you want."

"Dad's going to blow his gasket."

"Don't worry about that." He told me so I didn't. Watched the show until it was done drinking my coke then turned the TV off.

"Hi-def is incredible. Never saw it before."

"About the only channels I watch anymore are the hi-def ones. A lot of channels are on hi-def that aren't available to anyone without hi-def. Time to go and where is your bike?"

"I chained it up downstairs to the stair railing."

"Safe for now but when we get home bring it up here."

I gave Bob the directions to my house. I was reaching for the doorknob when he stopped me.

"Ring the bell." OK I thought he's the adult.

The door opened and there was my dad and he really looked pissed.

"Where the hell have you been? You’re going to get a whacking that you’ll remember, get in here."

"Sir, you won't lay a hand on him." Bob said and that’s when dad realized someone was with me.

"Who the fuck are you?"

"For one thing, I'm the one that's going to be sure you do not hit Alan in any way. If you'll excuse us." Bob said forcing dad out of the way.

"Pack up your clothes and anything else that's yours." He told me so I headed for my room.

"Are you his mother?" Bob asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"I'm going to say this once to both of you. You will never strike him again. To make the easier on you, he will be living with me from now on and you two will not interfere in any way."

"You can't walk in my house and pull that kind of shit. That's my son, not yours."

"That can be changed in two ways. First one is the easiest on you and him. With your signatures on these documents, you relinquish all parental rights to me. Or we can do it the hard way for you but the results will be the same. He will no longer be your concern."

"Fuck you. Get the hell out of my house." Dad said as I came back from my room with two suitcases.

I saw dad swing, try to punch Bob but that didn't work. Bob barely moved an arm and dad was on the floor.

"I strongly suggest you don't try that again." Bob told him getting his badge holder out showing it to both mom and dad.

"I am an assistant district attorney and any further attempts to strike me will only land you in jail for assault on a court officer. It's the same as assaulting a police officer. Get up." Bob told him and dad got up with more anger on his face than I'd ever seen.

"Sir, frankly I don't care one way or the other whether you go to jail or not. That is your decision. Both of you will sign this." Bob told them taking something out of his coat pocket.

"Why would I do that? Mom asked him.

"Primary reason is to remain out of jail. I am prepared at this time to have police officers to come here to take both of you into custody for child abuse. Sign or jail, it’s up to you."

"I don't sign anything until my lawyer reads it." Dad told him.

"Fine, get your lawyer here now because either you sign it tonight or you go to jail tonight. I am prepared to wait thirty minutes and no longer. If at the end of that time, your lawyer is not here or you have not signed the agreement. I'll have you both arrested." Bob told them.

"You can't just come in our house and take our son away from us." Mom told him.

"You both have 28 minutes left. Ma'am, when was the last you saw your daughters or even heard from them? Do you have any idea where they are?" Bob asked.

"Ungrateful bitches. Raised `em and now nothing from them." Mom told Bob.

"Lady, there is an old saying. "What goes around comes around.” Perhaps if you had shown love instead of what I've already seen, you might still have a family. Your other son, Roger do you hear from him yet?"

"He's in boot camp, too busy to write." Dad answered.

"Sir, in any boot camp the recruits are given time the first day to write letters to family and friends. You've lost two daughters and one son already and when Alan and I walk out, you've lost him also. YOU NOW HAVE FOUR MINUTES LEFT." Bob told them.

"Sign it, Joseph. He's as ungrateful as the rest." Mom told him. Then I saw dad sign whatever it was then mom signed it. Bob gave them a copy then put the rest back in his coat pocket.

"Is that everything Andy?"

"All I want from here."

"Let's go then. Want to say goodbye to your parents?"

"Yeah, I think I have something to tell them don't I?" I said looking at Bob.

"That is your decision and once said can never be taken back."

"That's fine with me. Mom, dad; I'm a homosexual. I'm gay." I told them and walked out the door with Bob right behind me.

"Feel OK?" He asked when he got behind the wheel.

"I feel better right now than I ever have. I had to tell them, they did have the right to know."

"I agree hungry?"

"I wasn't until you asked. I'm starved."

"Like in n Out?" He asked.

"Does the Pope shit in the woods?"

"I'll take that as a yes." He said laughing a little pulling away from the curb. I didn't even look back.

I gulped down a double cheeseburger and wanted more but held off asking. Bob has already done so much for me.

"Do you have any partners your age? He asked while I was eating.

"No one my age just. So far it's only been Roger and his friends. Don't even have telephone numbers to call them."

"Then you make new friends and this time you won't have to hide."

"I didn't think of this until just now. Can I actually invite someone over?"

"Of course but how about just one or two at time now?"

"I think I can do that. You have to have friends over too?" I said then took another bite.

"Of course I do, but only one at a time."

"You said you could get Roger's address? I'd like to write and tell him about all this."

"Good idea. I've got a laptop you can use. It's one I don't use anymore."

"Mean you’re just going hand me a laptop?"

"Yeah, so?" He said then took a bite.

"Roger and I begged for a computer. I've used the ones in the library but to actually have one that's mine; wow!"


To be continued

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My Brother and His Friends

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