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Caleb’s Date with Ashley gone wrong

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Blackmail, Boy

Author: ThaKid15

Published: 20 June 2018

  • Font:

“So,” Caleb said as they walked out of the movie theater with the large crowd of people. “How did you like the movie?”

“I thought it was great!” Ashley giggled. “I’m so glad I got to see it with you, I wouldn’t have wanted to see it any other way.”

She laid her head on Caleb’s shoulder as the young couple made their way out of the movies. Both Caleb and Ashley were thirteen and had begun dating at the start of middle school.

They had known each other for three years during elementary and had been friends, but as they grew older, Caleb had begun noticing how pretty Ashley was and how her body had begun maturing, and a romance blossomed. Ashley was tall for a girl and for her age, about 5’4, and had a pretty face with long blond hair that reached down to her shoulders. She wore a pink blouse now that clung on to her body loosely, but just enough for Caleb to see the tent in her chest that was her budding tits which was already more shapely than most other girls her age. She also wore tight jeans, which made her petite ass look really firm and shapely.

Caleb pushed his blonde hair out of his eyebrows to a side. He was, meanwhile, a track runner in school, which helped him stay fit, but he wasn’t overly muscular or big as some of the boys in school. In fact, he wasn’t even normal sized. Caleb was small for his age, he had a wiry frame and he was short, shorter than Ashley even. He stood at 5’2, and was smaller than most of the other boys in his class. However, he compensated for that by having a much bigger package down under than anyone else he’s seen when he’s in the shower. His one was even bigger than all the older boys.

It was getting late, nearly eleven at night now, and Caleb and Ashley began to walk down the emptying city streets as they made their way back home. Suddenly, a car pulled up beside them.

“Hey man, I’ve been looking for you guys!” The man in the car said. “You had me worried for a sec there, I thought I was gonna be in so much trouble with your parents.”

The man was Xavier, a twenty year old college student back for the summer. Caleb’s parents had gone out of town for the weekend, and they had gotten Xavier to take care of Caleb while they were gone, even though he thought he was old enough to be home alone by himself by now.

“Come on man,” Xavier said. “Hop in.”

Both Ashley and Caleb jumped in the car and Xavier began to drive. They both trusted Xavier. He was a local superstar, he had always been a little football prodigy. Caleb remembered seeing him on the local news ever since he was little, and he had watched Xavier’s rise to fame from a high school to university level.

How his parents got such a star to babysit him, Caleb would never know, and why he even agreed to do this, Caleb would always find weird. It was a weekend, and Caleb was sure that Xavier could be in ten different parties all around town, hooking up with sorority girls and hot chicks.

“How was the movie?” Xavier asked casually as they began driving.

“Great.” Caleb replied, smiling lightly.

“I loved it!” Ashley, ever so bubbly, giggled, holing Caleb’s hands in hers and intertwining their fingers as she spoke.

Xavier laughed at the show of affection. “That’s great to hear that you guys get along so well. So I’m guessing we’re dropping her off at her place first, Caleb?”

“Oh, no.” Caleb replied. “She’s asked her parents to stay over at my place tonight and they said yes, so we can just head home now.”

“Did they really?” Xavier narrowed his eyes back at the two kids and they began laughing.

“What?” Ashley asked. “Of course. I wouldn’t lie to my parents like that ever. I told them I wanted to sleep over at Caleb’s and they said yes.”

“Well, cool I guess.” Xavier said. “It’s just that, I guess I find it weird that any parent would allow a thirteen year old girl to stay over at her boyfriend’s place when his parents are away.”

Caleb blushed and Ashley began stuttering.

“Unless,” Xavier chuckled. “You didn’t tell them that Caleb’s parents were out.”

“I-I didn’t lie to them.” Ashley began saying, her face flushing red. “They just... They didn’t ask about it, and they said yes immediately, so I never told them.”

Caleb and Ashley remained silent as Xavier laughed at the two preteens’ embarrassment. Caleb had to admit, he knew what inviting Ashley to stay over night when his parents were away meant, and he knew that Ashley did too. They had been dating for months now, and besides the pecks and kisses, and the rare make out sessions, the young couple hasn’t done much yet. It was more than time that they started taking things further, like all his friends boasted about doing, and both he and Ashley knew that, and that was why she came without even telling her parents that his parents would not be home.

Even with Xavier home, Caleb was sure he and Ashley would be able to have some fun together. Of course, Caleb wasn’t thinking that he was about to have sex with her, though it was on his mind, but he knew that when Xavier went to bed and he and Ashley were all alone, they could get up to some naughty fun together, to do things they haven’t done yet. Caleb looked at her now in the car. Her neck was slender and beautiful and her tits were young and perky. He wanted to be able to kiss down that beautiful neck, and feel those firm tits in his hands.

The car finally stopped as they arrived back at Caleb’s house, and the three of them got out. Caleb and Ashley immediately ran to the living room, turning on the tv as they sat cuddling together on the couch while Xavier went to clean the kitchen before he headed to bed.

Caleb glanced over at Xavier. He was a big man. Most adults never really called him a man and always called him “kid”, even though he was already twenty and much bigger and stronger than them. He was about six feet tall, and built like a truck. His arms were thick, his chest was thick, and his legs were like tree trunks.

On top of all that, Xavier was a handsome man, his cheekbones protruded well and his jaw was shapely. His eyes were a glittering hazel, and his brown hair sat on top a head of fair skin. All the girls loved him, and Caleb knew why. Hell, even Ashley had been sneaking glances at him during the car ride, looking at him with eyes Caleb had never seen her look at him with. It was a carnal want for something, a lust, as she eyed his biceps, his big strong hands gripping the wheel tightly.

Caleb looked away, blushing. He felt a tinge of jealousy when he thought about how Ashley looked at Xavier, but he realized that was stupid. Of course she looked at him like that, but not at Caleb. Xavier was a full grown man, with all the charisma of having been a local hero since he was a teen. Xavier could give Ashley what he could not, and could surely make her feel things that Caleb could not. He grimaced as he mentally admitted that, and quickly tried to focus on what was on tv.

“Hey guys, look what I found.”

Xavier reappeared from the kitchen with a box of cards, grinning happily as he sat himself down beside the two kids.

“It’s some sort of adult game.” Xavier looked to Caleb and winked. “I never knew your parents were like that.”

Caleb gulped and shifted uncomfortably. “Me neither.”

“What is it?” Ashley asked, leaning forward with wide eyes curiosity.

“It’s a card game.” Xavier explained as he took the deck of cards out. “A party game really, at school when the frats throw parties we play games like this all the time.”

“You do?” Ashley was very interested now, and Caleb just remained silent as he watched the conversation unfold. “How do you play it?”

“It’s simple really.” Xavier explained as he showed a couple of the cards to them. One card said ‘I’ve kissed a person of the same sex’ and another said ‘I’ve had the most sex here’. “The cards make a statement, and if it’s true for you, you take a drink. The cards mostly ask about grown up stuff though.”

Ashely giggled at that and looked to Caleb. Her green eyes were excited. “Sounds fun. What do you think?”

“I think maybe we shouldn’t play.” Caleb shrugged. He didn’t like how this night was going. Xavier was supposed to have been too cool for two middle school kids and left them alone for him to initiate something fun with Ashley. “If it’s my parents stuff, I don’t think they’d be happy if we were playing with it.”

Ashley looked from Caleb to Xavier for a response. Xavier laughed.

“Oh come on, loosen up a little Caleb. Your parents would never have to know. The cards would be right where I found it by the morning, and I won’t say a word of tonight to them.”

Looking back to him, Ashley pleaded with Caleb with those big, doe like eyes.

“I don’t know...” Caleb sighed. “You said we have to take a drink if what the card says is true for us. We aren’t supposed to be drinking yet.”

“That’s okay.” Xavier shrugged simply. “I mean, since it’s mostly adult stuff on the cards, how many of them would even be true for you guys? You probably won’t end up drinking very much, if at all...”

“Come on Caleb.” Ashley pleaded, snuggling up close to him so that her lips were at his ears. “Please?”

It was hard to resist Ashley’s sweetness but Caleb honestly didn’t want to play. This was messing up everything he had thought of for tonight, and anyway he didn’t want his girlfriend to be playing a sex game with an older guy she was obviously attracted to.

“Aw, are you chicken Caleb?” Xavier teased and Caleb blushed as even Ashley giggled. “Are you afraid of some alcohol?”

“No I’m not.” Caleb said defensively. “I’ve had a drink of alcohol before, I’m not scared of doing that again.”

Xavier chuckled at the younger boy’s defensiveness. “Then are you afraid of talking about sex?” He paused and eyed Ashley, perhaps for a second too long. “In front of such a pretty girl?”

Ashley giggled and Caleb felt his face redden to a deeper crimson.

“No I’m not.” Caleb said as he turned the tv off. “We can play, come on.”

“Great!” Xavier jumped up and headed to the kitchen. “I’ll get some drinks from the fridge, you guys set up the cards.”

Caleb remained silent as he and Ashley began to shuffle the deck and sat down on the floor. He glanced at his girlfriend. He noticed that she was slightly flushed, possibly excited about the prospect about playing something like this with a guy like Xavier. He was even sure that her nipples were standing out now, slightly visible through her blouse. He’s never seen her like this, not even when he made out with her. Caleb turned away.

“So I got some beer from the fridge.” Xavier said as he returned with a six pack and some cups. “And there’s a bottle of vodka in there too.” He put the cups down and began mixing the vodka and beer with water. “So since I’m assuming you guys haven’t drunk much before, I’ll mix water in so it isn’t too strong, but I’ll also put vodka in the beer to give it some kick.”

“That’s such a good idea.” Ashley quickly agreed, nodding her head and Caleb rolled his eyes. He couldn’t wait for this to be over.

“Alright.” Xavier said as he finished preparing the drinks in the cups. “Let’s get started then, who wants to be the one to draw the cards? I’ll be busy preparing drinks, so it’ll have to be someone else.”

The three looked at each other.

“I think Ashley should.” Xavier suggested without waiting too long. Ashley looked at him and blushed, giggling as she asked why her. Xavier smirked and did a mock bow. “Go on, m’lady.”

That only got Ashley more flustered and Caleb frowned. He wondered if Xavier was actually flirting with his girlfriend. It couldn’t be, he was too much older, why would he go for Ashley when he could get literally the hottest girls anywhere?

“Alright, read it out Ashley.” Xavier prompted as Ashley drew the card.

“It asks to divide our age by two, and asks if we have slept with more people than that.”

Caleb shrugged and Ashley looked at Xavier, who chuckled. “I guess I’ll have a drink then.”

Xavier swallowed the whole contents of the cup in one gulp, and proceeded to refill the mixture. “Next.”

“This one says to take a drink if we have a steady partner right now.”

Ashley glanced to Caleb, and Xavier laughed.

“This must be the only card you guys would have to take a drink without me.”

“You don’t have a girlfriend?” Ashley suddenly asked, with a interest that made alarm bells go off in Caleb’s head.

“No,” Xavier admitted. “Not right now.”

“Well,” Caleb said, cutting in. “I think we should take a drink then, Ashley.”

“Y-Yeah.” Ashley said as she picked up a cup. “We should.”

The two of them downed the cup, Caleb with some difficulty and Ashley very slowly. Caleb had told the truth, he had drunk several times before, but the sting of alcohol was still a stranger to him. Ashley, however, had never ever tasted anything close to alcohol before, and she was visibly having trouble keeping the drink down in her stomach.

“I’m fine.” Ashley said after several seconds of coughing.

“You are.” Xavier said. “You really took it like a champ, I like to see that in girls.” He winked openly at Ashley and she smiled at him, while Caleb pretended not to see the exchange.

And so the game progressed. The cards mostly asked stuff that both Caleb and Ashley had never done, and Xavier ended up drinking the most, as he made several offhanded comments that Caleb thought to be inappropriate to Ashley, flustering the young drunk girl and confusing Caleb.

The game was also not as explicit as Xavier had made it out to be, and there were more than a fair share of cards that asked about very simple stuff like kissing and light petting. For those cards, both Ashley and Caleb had to take drinks, and it did not take long for Caleb to start feeling funny as the alcohol did its job. Ashley had it worse, however, and was totally wasted before an hour had even gone by.

“Alright,” Xavier said as he drew a card. He had taken control of the game by this point, as Ashley became unable to read the cards coherently and Caleb, while insisting he was fine, was honestly in not feeling so well too. “Has anybody here ever kissed someone of the same sex?”

Xavier immediately grabbed another cup and downed it, ready to move on to the next card as he didn’t think the two preteens would have ever done such a thing. And while it was true for Caleb, his first kiss had been Ashley, she surprised both Caleb and Xavier as she suddenly began reaching for a cup of her own.

“No way!” Xavier roared with laughter as Caleb looked on confused. “You too Ashley? Oh my god I would never have thought! You have to tell us about it!”

Caleb looked on and Ashley turned to him and shrugged.

“It wasn’t anything like that.” She began explaining. “Me and my girl friends were having a sleepover and we were talking about boys. And then while we were doing that we talked about kissing.” She shrugged at Caleb, who had thought they both shared their first kiss with each other. “Things just got out of hand from there.”

“Wow, Ashley!” Xavier reached over and squeezed her thigh lightly. He had begun to be more touchy with her as both Caleb and Ashley had slowly gotten drunk. “I never knew you were that type of girl!”

“I’m not.” She insisted, giggling as she lay leaning back on the couch. “It was just for fun.”

“It always is for fun.” Xavier said suggestively as he caressed her thighs before pulling his hand away. Caleb didn’t know what to say and averted his eyes as Xavier looked to him, pretending not to see what he did. “How do you feel about that Caleb?”

Caleb tried to say something, but couldn’t find the words. His mind was heavy, like a thick fog had come down on him, and he couldn’t put his sentences together. He ended up just shrugging.

“Haha.” Xavier said as he passed Ashley a drink. “Well just because of this surprising turn of events, I’m gonna have to drink again. Cheers to you, pretty girl.”

He raised his cup at Ashley and she giggled at the compliment. They both drank the cup, and Caleb watched. Xavier downed the cup quickly once more. The alcohol seemed to almost have no effect on him, but Caleb knew different. Xavier had been making comments more often and more inappropriately as the game went on, surely because of the alcohol.

Suddenly, as Caleb watched them drink, Ashley dropped her cup and fell back to the floor. She had passed out, her drink only halfway finished and spilled the alcohol all over her blouse.

“Damn.” Xavier said. “She’s totally wasted.”

Caleb ignored him and struggled to reach for the deck, trying to continue the game before Xavier made another inappropriate comment that he could no longer ignore because it was just the two of them now. Caleb’s hands reached for a card, but accidentally knocked a cup over as he did, spilling the alcohol on the floor.

“Here, let me.” Xavier smirked and drew a card from the deck. Caleb sighed and sat back down. He was too drunk to prove anything.

“What is it?” Caleb asked. Xavier shrugged and reached for a drink. “Hey wait, what does it say?”

“It says to take a drink if you have the biggest cock in the room.” Xavier replied as he paused for a second, reaching for the last cup.

Caleb frowned and quickly moved forward, almost knocking the cup over in his drunken state, but managing to grab it before Xavier.

“Hey, what gives?”

Caleb held on to the cup protectively.

“Come on, Caleb.” Xavier laughed. “If you wanted the last drink, you could’ve just asked. I mean, you almost knocked it over!” Xavier studied Caleb for a second. “But, you don’t really seem well at all. I think you’ve drank too much. You should give it to me.”

Caleb shook his head. “No, I have to drink it.”

“Do you?”

“Of course! It’s what the card says. I have the biggest cock in this room.”

Xavier raised an eyebrow and smirked at the thirteen year old boy. “Oh, so you’re saying you have a bigger cock than me?”

Caleb nodded vigorously.

“Heh.” Xavier shrugged. “Well sure, I guess, go ahead then. I’ll let you have the last drink.”

“What do you mean go ahead?” Caleb put the cup down angrily. “You may be older, and you may be bigger and stronger than me, but I have a bigger dick.”

The older boy, a man really, scoffed. “Hey, listen Caleb, I’m trying to be nice here, but if we’re talking about facts here, no, you don’t have a bigger cock than me. I’m hung like a horse, ask all the girl I get every weekend.”

“Yes I do!” Caleb insisted.

“Sure, whatever.”

Still unhappy that Xavier didn’t believe him, Caleb managed to somehow struggle to his feet. He pushed the cup back between them.

“I have the biggest dick in my class.” Caleb proclaimed drunkenly. “I’m bigger than any cock I’ve seen, even all the older boys in the showers are smaller than me.”

“Yeah,” Xavier said, the stupid smirk still on his face. Caleb started to get frustrated. “But you’re in middle school. The oldest boy there is like fifteen. Hell, you’re only thirteen for crying out loud, you can’t compare to me.”

Caleb fumed at those words. He didn’t like to be looked down on just because he was smaller or younger than anyone. It was patronizing and frustrating.

“Oh yea? Then prove it!”

With a yank of his shorts, Caleb pulled down his pants to reveal the tent in his boxers. While it was true that he did not enjoy Xavier ruining his night with Ashley and his not so subtle flirting with her, he had to admit that the game still turned him on. He and Ashley had been close, but never intimate in conversation, and just learning so many new things about her turned him on.

“Go on then.” Xavier challenged. “Let’s see it.”

Pulling his boxers down, Caleb revealed a hard, seven inch cock that sprang up, slapping up to his shirt. There was not much hair yet, just a little peach fuzz at the base and nothing on the shaft at all. While it was long and big for his age, Caleb was not yet a man and had not finished puberty, and therefore it was still the cock of a boy, no matter how big it was. His balls were small, and his cock was thin and smooth, the skin on it just as fair as the skin on his face.

Xavier looked at the cock for several seconds and allowed himself to admit he was impressed.

“I have to say.” Xavier shrugged. “I guess it is pretty big for your age indeed.” He paused then looked up at Caleb devilishly. “But it isn’t bigger than mine.”

Caleb suddenly felt unsure of himself as Xavier began to take his shirt off. He didn’t know why Xavier had to do that, if they were just comparing sizes, but just looking at the muscular and chiseled body the older football player had was enough to make Caleb insecure about his own manhood. Xavier’s biceps were huge, his shoulders big and strong, and his abs were lean and cut like Caleb always imagined a man’s abs should be.

But none of that were anything compared to Xavier’s cock.

Xavier pulled his jeans down and revealed the very definition of a monster cock. It was hard, it was throbbing, it was veiny. The skin on his cock was slightly darker than the rest of Xavier’s body, and it was so large that Caleb thought that it surely had to be a twelve inch dick at the very least. The shaft was sticking up straight and solid, and his foreskin was pulled back, revealing a purple engorged tip.

Caleb could only let his mouth hang open in silence as he laid his eyes on the cock of a fully grown and developed man, both physically and mentally in his prime. Caleb had always thought that Xavier was something different and something more godly than man because of his athletic achievements, but just seeing his cock was enough to convince Caleb that Xavier was more god than man, because no man could be endowed with anything like that.

“It...” Caleb said, trying to regain his composure. “It’s huge.”

“And very real.” Xavier said as he pointed the cock at Ashley’s sleeping figure. “All ten inches of hard dick.”

“Wow...” Caleb could only say, unable to keep his eyes of the huge cock in front of him.

Xavier chuckled. “You really like it huh?”

Caleb felt his face, already flushed from his drunkenness, turn redder as he blushed. “What? No... It’s just that I’ve never seen anything that huge, to be honest...”

“Haha.” Xavier chuckled. “Just imagine how it’d feel in your hands.”

Xavier began to laugh but Caleb shook his head and forced himself to look away.

“No,” He said. “I-I’ve never done held anyone’s dick before. And yours is huge.”

“Do you want to hold mine and stroke it for me?” Xavier asked. There was something different about him, and Caleb began to feel uncomfortable, even as the alcohol inhibited his senses.

“No...” Caleb said after a long pause, glancing back at Ashley. “I have a girlfriend. I couldn’t do that, I-I love her. I couldn’t...”

“Ah.” Xavier, as if suddenly remembering about Ashley, turned to look at her.

Both Caleb and Xavier, in their drunken state, stared at the sleeping girl for several seconds with their cocks out and hard.

“She’s fucking hot, you know that?” Xavier said as he eyed her with unbidden lust, his eyes traveling up and down her petite body and resting on her chest.

Caleb could only nod, swallowing awkwardly.

“Have the two of you done anything?” Xavier asked, and Caleb could see that he was undressing his girlfriend with those hungry eyes. “Have you taken her bra off, Caleb? Have you touched her tits and felt her nipples, sucked on them and made her moan for more? Have you put your finger in her panties and slipped them in her wet and juicy pussy? Did you make her cry out for your cock and scream for more as you plowed her virgin pussy?”

Caleb shook his head, still letting his gaze remain on the floor as he tried to ignore this man objectify and fantasize about his girlfriend.

“None of that, huh?” Xavier said. “Well I’ll be damned. She’s still a virgin. If I were dating someone as hot as this, I’d never allow her to stay a virgin. I’d be on that ass every single day.”

Caleb heard a familiar fapping sound, and glanced upward to see Xavier stroking himself as he stared lustfully at a sleeping Ashley.

“Oh just imagine that.” Xavier moaned. “Ramming this thick cock into that virgin hole. She’ll ask for more. That slut would want it all inside her.”

“She’s not like that.” Caleb began to speak up. “She’s not crazy about that, she’s not a slut. She’s sweet, and she’s kind. She wouldn’t do that with you, she wants to wait until the time is right.”

“Oh, is that what she said?” Xavier laughed and shook his head. “That she wanted to wait? Well trust me about this Caleb, it’s the sweetest girls that are the sluttiest and the cock hungriest. And judging by what you said, if she’s not getting cock from you, she’s probably getting cock somewhere else.”

“Don’t say that!” Caleb said angrily, slamming his fists down to his side.

“Oh but it’s the truth kid.” Xavier shrugged. “And besides, if she’s as innocent as you say, I don’t think it’ll matter. I’d probably be able to get her to open her legs wide for me. Have you seen the way she’s been looking at me all night?” Xavier winked at Caleb. “I’ve seen it before. She’s a slut, I’m telling you.”

Caleb didn’t know what else to say. Xavier was jerking off right in front of him, eyeing his girlfriend and openly talking about how he was gonna shove his huge cock into his small and petite girlfriend. It was weird, and the worst part was that Caleb was sitting there, with his dick hard and out too.

“Xavier,” Caleb finally began saying, unsure about how to go about it. “Could you stop it...”

“Hm? Stop what?” Xavier asked, looking the younger boy dead in the eye as he continued to stroke his cock. Caleb let his gaze fall to the monster cock and blushed.

“With that... And Ashley...” Caleb swallowed hard. “She’s my girlfriend man. Please.”

“Oh.” Xavier said as if surprised. “You don’t like it?”

Caleb shook his head.

“Man,” Xavier laughed. “And here I thought you were such a bro who understood my pain and were willing to share and help me out.”


Xavier frowned. “Don’t you know? I’m here volunteering. Your parents aren’t paying me any money to watch you. And right now, I could literally be anywhere around town, anywhere at all, banging the hottest chicks your adolescent mind can’t even imagine. But no, here I am, looking after two kids.”

He glanced at Ashley again, but then looked back to Caleb in a way that made him nervous.

“Two very cute kids.”

“Xavier... Please stop...”

The older man was still stroking his cock, in fact he was stroking it faster now. Caleb didn’t like the look in his eyes, and the boy began to get nervous now.

“You know,” Xavier continued to say. “She may tell you that she’s not ready to have sex, but you only believe that because you’re a dumbass. She’s just waiting for someone to come along and make her feel really good and handle her like a real man.”

Xavier looked at Caleb’s cock again.

“You may have a big cock, bigger than any boy in your class, but she’s not looking for a boy’s dick. That pathetic thing won’t make her scream for more like I will. She needs a man cock, and I have one to give to her. If I fucked her right now, I would bet that she won’t do anything to stop me. In fact the slut would ask for more.”

“You can’t do that!” Caleb yelled.

“Heh. But why not?”

“Because she’s wasted and passed out! She wasn’t even supposed to drink, she’s too young. She’s only like this because of you!”

Suddenly, two and two was put together in Caleb’s head. Xavier had been flirting with Ashley and his charms had been working all night. He had gotten her drunk knowing she never drank before, all so that he could fuck her. It was all premeditated. Suddenly, Caleb became very scared as he realized Xavier always had ill intentions for tonight.

Xavier, seeing that Caleb had finally figured out what his intentions were, smirked.

“There’s no one who will stop me from getting what I want.” He said threateningly. “She’s too wasted to care, and even if you weren’t drunk, you’d be nothing more than a short obstacle.”

Caleb glanced at his phone a short distance away. It was still o the couch, and all he’d have to do to get it was reach for it.

In a flash of movement, Caleb sprung to the couch and Xavier did the same. The boy was closer but the quarterback was quicker and more explosive, catching the young boy just as his phone was within his grasp, grabbing him by the collar.

Spinning him around, Xavier’s hands closed around Caleb’s throat, choking him and the younger boy began to panic as he felt himself unable to breathe. He tried to wriggle his way out of the hold, and was close to freedom, but Xavier changed positions and put him in a chokehold under his right arm.

Xavier’s arm was huge, and it was smothering and suffocating him. Caleb could already feel his airways closing in and began retching as he struggle for breath.

“You see? Easy as pie.”

Caleb opened his mouth to plead with Xavier, but no words came out, and the stronger man laughed as he watched the boy struggle.

“If I let you go, will you promise to be good Caleb?”

Caleb couldn’t breath anymore, and was now feeling close to passing out too. He tapped on Xavier’s big arm frantically to concede as he writhed for air.

“Is that a yes?”

Caleb was hyperventilating now, I’m desperate need for air as he clawed at Xavier’s twenty inch biceps.

“Well since you asked so nicely...”

Xavier finally let Caleb go, and the boy began gasping desperately as he crashed to the ground, knocking the cups and cards over.

“Good boy.” Xavier crouched down so that he was face to face with Caleb, and then looked at Ashley. “Now Caleb, listen. I’ve not had sex in a week, and I desperately need to get off. I’ve had my sights on Ashley all night, but with your little struggle just now, I think you’ve made me even harder than before. So here’s your options: Firstly, you can either sit aside, and let me get off on Ashley without interrupting. It’s gonna be real nice for me, but I’m really hard to satisfy and I’ll take all the time I need. Second, you can help Ashley please me, which will make things less painful and prolonged for both you and her.”

He paused and looked to Ashley’s sleeping body, then back at Caleb.

“Now the third option is only on the table because you’ve asked me nicely so many times to leave Ashley alone.” He paused. “If you love her so much, I’ll let you take the full brunt of satisfying my sexual needs, and I’ll leave her alone.”

Caleb bit his lip.

“So what’s it gonna be? Will the brave boyfriend save his petite little girlfriend, or will he let her take all the punishment?”

Caleb was at a loss for words. He want gay, he knew that, and he would never bitch himself out to any other guy ever. But at the same time, Xavier was a god of a man, and his dick could very easily hurt an unconscious Ashley. Caleb knew what he had to do.

“I...I could probably do it myself.” Caleb said nervously.

“Hehe.” Xavier stood, his boner sticking out in the air. “Whatever you say.”

“I could,” Caleb insisted bravely. “Really.”

“Well, I don’t doubt it.” Xavier looked down at Caleb, kneeling on the floor in front of his dick. “And I guess that this will be your first time doing anything with a guy, but you really do seem to like my big cock.”

Caleb turned red in shame as Xavier laughed. It wasn’t true. He did find it amazing that a cock was so big, and could barely keep his eyes off it the entire time, but he wasn’t gay.

“What’s wrong?” Xavier asked as he noticed a change in Caleb’s expression. “You don’t want to?”

“Oh, no... It’s just,” Caleb glanced at the cock centimeters from his face. “It’s really big.” He looked up at Xavier, scared that he’d be angry. “I’m sorry. Please don’t get mad.”

Xavier looked at him disapprovingly, but didn’t shout.

“That’s understandable.” Xavier said. “But don’t keep me waiting. Go ahead, hold it.”

Caleb reached out with both hands and placed them around the cock. It was so huge, that Caleb could not close his hands totally around it. He waited several seconds as he got used to the feeling of another man’s cock in his hands.

“Don’t be shy. Explore it.”

Reaching for his balls with one hand, Caleb began to stroke the cock’s full length with his other hand up and down, going up to the very tip and rubbing his palm on the tip, and then back down to the base so that both his hands touched. He knew what he liked when he jerked off, and knew what other guys would like.

“That’s a good boy.” Xavier muttered under his breath. “See? Things could’ve been a lot simpler. It’s just like jerking yours off, but it’s obviously different because it’s not yours, and I’m a lot bigger.”

“Very much bigger.” Caleb admitted shyly.

Xavier sits back and enjoys as he allows Caleb to work his cock, sliding his hands up and down the full length of it.

“Lick it.” Xavier suddenly commanded, surprising Caleb.


“Use your tongue and mouth.” Xavier repeated without even looking down to Caleb. “Lick it.”

“That’d be gay.” Caleb began to protest.

“Not really, but even if it is, it’s alright to try something new.” Xavier urged. “Anyway, we don’t care about that anymore by now,” He glanced at Ashley. “Do we?”

Caleb gritted his teeth. “Okay.”

“And if I feel any teeth I’ll knock all your teeth out.” Xavier warned darkly suddenly, and Caleb shifted nervously as he opened his mouth.

Caleb started by licking and flicking at the head of Xavier’s dick, causing the bigger man to grunt in pleasure. He worked his tongue all around it, circling the tip and licking up and down the shaft, and as instructed earlier, began to try to take the cock in his mouth.

But just the sheer thickness and size was enough to make Caleb stop before any of it really got in. The feeling of a foreign object, so big and throbbing so warmly, was enough to make Caleb gag as soon as it touched his tongue, and he realized it wouldn’t fit in his mouth.

“I don’t think I can take your dick in my mouth at all...” Caleb began to say nervously. “It’s too big.” He cowered as Xavier looked up, annoyed at his pleasure being interrupted and instructions disobeyed. “B-But I’ll still lick the tip, so that you’re happy.”

“You could maybe get a few inches in still, Caleb.” Xavier coaxed, with a hungry look in his eyes. “Come on, try.”

“N-No, it can’t, I can’t. I’ll choke.”

Xavier reached out with a hand and grabbed Caleb’s head, pulling it closer to his cock. “You never know. I was surprised at how much some people could take during their first time.”

Caleb looked at the cock. There was really no way. Xavier’s cock was a behemoth cock, it wouldn’t fit, he would suffocate Caleb.

“Please Xavier.” Caleb begged, his eyes tearing up as he stared down the huge cock in front of him that Xavier wanted to shove down his throat. “Its too big, and I’m too small. Im small for my age-“

“-You think I can’t see that?” Xavier interrupted. “And does it look like I care?”

Caleb began to sob as Xavier got angry, tears running down his cheek and falling onto Xavier’s cock.

“Listen, it’s simple.” Xavier said. “If I’m not satisfied, I’ll just go use your girlfriend over there. She’s unconscious and wasted, now that’s someone who’ll REALLY choke on this cock.”

Reluctantly obliging the older man, Caleb began to put the cock down his mouth. Ignoring the initial nausea and discomfort, he continued to force it down his throat until the tip touched the back of his throat, which resisted the foreign invader.

Caleb’s throat resisting, he began to pull back out, but Xavier quickly caught the boy’s head and forced it back down.

“No,” Xavier said soothingly, his eyes closed and head laid back. “Just relax your throat muscles Caleb. Just let it in, relax, don’t fight it.”

It was easier said than done, and Caleb began thrashing around as he gagged and choked, as the cock impaled his throat. Xavier pushed hard, and Caleb let his neck go limp so that he was free to use his head as he pleased, but his throat was still resisting, and Xavier, with all the strength of a quarterback, forced his head down the cock, and his cockhead finally broke through the resisting muscles in Caleb’s throat.

Caleb screamed, but his screams were middle by the cock, and his writhing in pain slowly stopped as he let his body go limp and eyes roll back in his eye socket, as he got used to the pain and feeling of a huge cock sliding up and down his throat.

After several excruciating minutes, Xavier’s grunts grew louder and more often, and he finally pulled the entirety of his cock out of Caleb’s mouth as he shot his load on the boy’s face.

A huge cock meant that Xavier shot a powerful ejaculation, and the first ropes of cum that slapped him in the eye actually stung, causing Caleb to flinch, and he closed his eyes and waited as Xavier held his face there for his cumming cock to shoot on.

Finally, it was over.

Xavier let go of Caleb, and the boy collapsed to the floor. He began to rise, wanting to immediately clean himself, brush his teeth and clean his face from the filthy feeling of being violated, but a strong hand grabbed his arm before he could leave.

“Did you think we were done?”

“You said that I’d take care of you, and you’ll leave Ashley alone.” Caleb whined. “That was the deal, and I took care of you!” He wiped the cum from his eye and stuck his hand out at Xavier’s face. “I made you cum!”

Xavier, who had a smile on his face as he enjoyed the euphoric after effects of ejaculation, suddenly and quickly grabbed Caleb’s wrist, squeezing and twisting it painfully.

Caleb screamed as his arm was twisted and forced around his back. A leg kicked at his heel, sweeping Caleb off his feet and sending him crashing to the floor face first. He felt a hot breathing on the back of his head as Xavier leaned down to his prone body.

“Listen Caleb,” Xavier began. “When I said you’ll take care of me, it means I need you to satisfy me.” Caleb suddenly felt a huge object poking at his thigh. “And obviously, I’m not satisfied yet. I’m still hard.”

Caleb felt the tears run down his face and onto the floor as he wept, as Xavier pulled his hard cock away.

“I came once, yes, you made me cum and that was amazing. But I’m a fucking stud, Caleb. I’ll cum again and again, all night if I want to. And right now, I’m not satisfied.”

Xavier’s hands grabbed at Caleb’s butt, squeezing and groping at his tiny ass, and Caleb immediately felt a pang of panic.

“W-Wait Xavier, wait just please listen-”

“Be quiet Caleb.” Xavier pressed the cock against his butt cheeks. He could feel it sliding between them now.

“No! It won’t fit!”

“It will. Just relax and let it open up.”

“It’s too big, no one has ever touched my butthole before, you’ll hurt me!”

Xavier ignored the younger boy’s pleas and pushed forward.

“I’ll scream!”

Xavier continued to ignore him.

“It’s too big! It’s too-ah!”

Caleb gasped in shock as he felt the very tip of Xavier’s huge cock forced it’s way into his butthole, popping his anal cherry. At this point, Xavier was past the point of no return, and was grunting like an animal as he began to push deeper.

There were no more words coming out of Caleb’s mouth anymore, no words could have described the pain. Caleb simply screamed in agony as the cock inserted deeper into him, stretching Caleb’s butthole wider. He could feel Xavier sweating, spilling on Caleb’s bare back as he continued to jump forward, and the young boy continued to scream louder as the cock went deeper into him until Xavier put a hand over his mouth to muffle his wailing.

At one point in time, Caleb was sure that the cock could not possibly go in any deeper without doing any real damage, and he felt a sharp pain in his bowels as the cock met resistance. He sobbed into Xavier’s hand as he hoped that Xavier would simply start fucking him without trying to push in any deeper, but the football star was not satisfied as long as his cock had not gone in all the way, and with one forceful thrust, pushed forward hard enough for his cock to pierce through any remaining resistance.

Caleb screamed into Xavier’s hand, biting hard down into his thick fingers as he felt blood begin to gush out of his asshole. Xavier, however, was satisfied with being able to push his dick in all the way, and began to fuck Caleb with an animal instability as he continued grunting into the young boy’s neck.

It was not long after the rapid fucking, that Caleb felt Xavier begin to speed up, and he knew that the older man was close to cumming. He remained still as Xavier muttered groans of pleasure under his breath, as he continued to ram his monster cock into the small boy’s ass, holding both his hands down by the wrists and pinning his legs down with his knees.

“Oh yea baby, give it to me.”

Caleb’s ass and slim thighs were slick with blood by the time Xavier thrusted powerfully forward once, and and another hot stream of cum shot out into the blond boy’s bowels. Xavier was finished, spent, and he laid on top of Caleb’s punished body for several seconds.

The last Caleb remembered, Xavier had gotten off him, and grabbed him by the shoulders and begun dragging him somewhere. This was all too much for the young boy to handle, and he lost consciousness as Xavier dragged him.

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Caleb’s Date with Ashley gone wrong

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