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Tina's College Adventure Chapter One

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, First Time, Virginity

Authror: Harley Raven

Published: 20 June 2018

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Chapter One

Tina's dorm

Stormy Coast University

"You know what I just noticed, Lulu?" Tina asked her friend Lulu.


"I'm not going to care if I lose my virginity in college."

"That's so random! We were talking about cat memes!"

"I know, and I love cat memes. But it's been bothering me this whole time... And so from here on, I don't care. I'm going to do this with pride."

"Oh, good. Now you should really get ready for the party."

"You're right."

Tina grabbed her red dress from her closet and set it on her bed. She undressed herself, and Lulu couldn't help but stare. Whoever got to take Tina's virginity was going to be very lucky, Lulu thought. Not in a creepy way. Lulu was definately straight, and she did ackknoledge the fact that her and Tina were friends, only friends. But that didn't stop the fact that Tina was totally sexy.

Tina dressed herself, probably noticing that Lulu was staring.

"Well... Are you ready?" asked Tina.

"Ready. And by the way... 100% chance you get fucked tonight. I promise you. 'Kay?"


The two friends left the dorm and found the room where the first party of the year was being held. It was the biggest room in the dorm building, because it belonged to the headmaster's daughter, Dana, who was in her last year. Dana always hosted the first party.

"I'm so exited! It's our first party away from home!" Tina said.

"Yeah, I wonder--"

But whatever Lulu was going to say was cut off, because when she opened the door, a blast of music overpowered her voice.

Tina quickly joined the party, while Lulu was casually looking around, a bit nervously. And then something caught Tina's eye. A drink table. And it wasn't like the parties from high school. There was actual alchohol on the table.

"Um... Is this stuff free?" Tina asked the guy behind the table.

"Yeah-- Wait, are you under twenty-one?"


"You know what, I don't actually care. What do you want? We have--"

"Just choose something good."

The guy handed Tina something in a fancy glass. Subconciously, she kept coming back for more...

Then, before she came back for her fifth glass, someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around. It was a guy, a bit older than her. He had black hair and green eyes. He matched every single detail of sexy in Tina's mind.

"Hey, sexy," he said, "Wanna come to my room? We could have some fun there..."

He didn't have to say more. Within a few minutes, he and Tina were in a dorm room.

"I'm Tina, by the way," said Tina.


Felix pulled Tina into a kiss, and he undid her dress. Tina took off his shirt, and she took off her bra. She bent down and unbuttoned Felix's pants. She took off his boxers and put her mouth around his cock. It was surprisingly... Good. That was the word for it. Great, maybe. It wasn't what Tina had expected, but she really hadn't thought too much about what her first blowjob would be like.

She finally pulled off her lacy panties and slid onto the bed. Felix climbed on top of her. At first, he sucked her nipples, then moved to her pussy. Finally, he came face-level to her and thrust his cock in her.

It was unlike all the fantasies she had before had. The two of her friends who had already lost their virginity had given her plenty of details.

"It hurts a lot," her friend Mila had said.

"It barely hurts at all," her friend Abby had said.

But... it wasn't like either of them had described. Sure, it did hurt... A tiny little bit. Maybe more. But in a good way. And it was... Warm. Definately. It was kind of like hot cocoa on a winter day.

Then, Felix took out his cock and smiled.

"You were a virgin, huh?" he asked.


"I kind of thought so. You're good, but definately a virgin. Wanna do anal?"


Tina bent over, onto her hands and knees. Felix grabbed her by the shoulders and stuck his cock into her tight asshole.

"Oh my god!" she screamed, "That... That really feels good! It hurts a lot! But... In a good way."

"Do you want me to go harder?"

"Yes! Go harder! Please!"

So Felix pushed harder into her.

"I'm about to cum!" he told her.

"Cum, then!"

He came in her. She loved it. It was warm and cool at the same time.

"Oh god! Fuck! That's amazing!"

Soon, they were both out of breath, so they stopped and just lay on the bed, staring at eachother.

"Hold on," Felix said.


"You were on birth control, right?"


"Oh, thank god."

"And Felix?"


"You're not my boyfriend or anything... But will you fuck me again sometime?"

"Of course I will. You give wonderful blowjobs, by the way."


And with that, Tina got dressed and went back to the party.



Author's note

I'm new to writing this type of stuff. I've always written stories, as an author, but never sex stories, so tell me what you think. Also, chapter two is in the making. Will Tina get fucked by someone else tonight? Stay tuned. Also, don't just vote. I mean, vote. But also, please comment. I like having worded opinions. Thanks!

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Tina's College Adventure Chapter One

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