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Beauty at the mall

Categories Fiction, Black, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Author: shadowdoom

Published: 21 June 2018

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Cole Williams is an average teenager who was shopping one day looking for clothes. He just turned 17 a few months ago and he was excited because he just needed to wait one more year before he was grown. He has been shopping for over 2 hours and didn't realize it. He realized he hadn't checked his phone battery in a while so he pulled out his phone as he noticed the time.

Noticing that it was six he was pretty shocked because he couldn't believe he actually stayed that long. That was not his intention. he was just supposed to go to the mall to get what he needed to get and leave. After he found out about the time he went to McDonald's to quickly get something to eat. When he was done he proceeded to the front door to go home. On his way to his car, he noticed a black van pulled up into a driveway. By that time he was right by his car door. He was about to open it when he heard a voice that sounded like an older woman. The van door slowly opened as a couple of teenagers came out. “alright! Kiddos we are here! Now, do you remember what to do in case you get lost? Mom! We're not little kids anymore! We know what to do.” a sexy white girl with huge tits black hair came out of the van. She has on blue shorts that were way up to her waist. Her shorts were so tight I could see her firm ass. Not to mention I can also see her thick body and her sexy white legs. She was wearing sandals and I can see her feet because she didn't have any socks on.

as the girl was talking to her mother I was too busy staring at her firm ass. The blue shorts had to have made it a little uncomfortable. at that moment I imagined someone throwing water on her. Since she has a white shirt on the water would have made her shirt see through which means you would be able to see her bra. Just thinking about it was driving me crazy. I was already getting a boner from staring at her nice ass.

For a second she looks over and I quickly turned away because I didn't want to come off as a creep. I only got to look at her face for just a second but I could tell she was wearing black glasses. Holy shit her body is arousing as fuck not to mention she's wearing glasses. I got in my car as I started fantasizing about having sex with this white girl. Staring at her firm ass made me a little aroused. it's a good thing I got in the car because my 10-inch woke up.

I was about to jerk myself but first I had to wait until they walk away. “Shit! That white girl got me so hard! Fuck man I have to jerk off I can't wait any longer! Her body is so sexy! I would love to put my dick in that nice tight pussy of hers. Jesus Christ, I know I sound so thirsty but fuck she's hot!”

“mom, can I ask you something? Sure sweetie. Go ahead. I'm happy you let me have company over from time to time and I've noticed you only want girls over. Why is that? because last time you bought a boy over you were doing stuff you had no business doing. Mother! Did you really have to say that out loud! Well maybe if you learn to keep your legs closed I wouldn't have mentioned it. I can't help it. I have hormones mother!” the other siblings were giggling at their sister's outburst. The brother name was Daniel and his sister's name was Chloe. Daniel is 14 and Chloe is 13. Samantha is the oldest out of her siblings. the heat of arousal was really starting to get to me. I had no choice. I pulled out my huge black cock and slowly started stroking myself while staring at that white girl. If her mother saw what I was doing she would call me a horndog. Out of embarrassment, Samantha pulls her mother to the side while her siblings stood there. She spoke to her mother quietly so her brother and sister wouldn't hear.

“mom you can't be saying stuff like that around them. So what? So what. you're embarrassing me! Tell me Samantha and don't lie to me. How many boys have you been having sex with? Mom, what are you talking about? I only did it with one boy. No, you didn't quit lying. There is no way in hell you're telling the truth otherwise I wouldn't have been seeing multiple Boys in one week. so you might as well tell me the truth or you will be grounded. I don't want my baby girl to be looked at as a slut. listen I know sex is a very pleasurable thing but you have to learn to keep your hormones under control. It's bad enough you were fooling around. Did you at least make sure those boys were protected? Yes, mother, I am not an idiot.” she signs and they walked passed my car going to the mall. As they were walking her mother didn't want to think of her own daughter as a slut. which is why she's telling her to keep herself under control. I was free to do whatever I wanted now that they were gone.

Cole was stroking himself a little faster now he needed something to help him get off. He takes out his phone and watches porn while masturbating. I was watching a lot of interracial videos of black men fucking the shit out of white women. I don't know what it was but black men are drawn to white women or vice versa. after I was done taking care of business I drove out of the parking lot going home. I hope to see that girl again. When I got home I laid down for a while and ended up falling asleep. A couple of hours flew by and he got up as he started thinking about this girl. He woke up from an erotic dream about him having sex with that white girl. He looks around the room and notices that it was 10 PM so he quickly got in the shower. When he was in the shower he still was fantasizing about sex with Samantha and it causes his dick to get hard. He slowly started stroking himself thinking about ramming her pussy with his huge black cock. After he was done he was feeling really turned on so he went up to the closet and opened it up. He pulls out a vagina-flashlight and lays on the bed with it in his hand. He puts his cock in the pussy-flashlight and begins moving it up and down as he started moaning softly. “ahh Samantha your pussy is so tight! It feels great! Do you want me to stretch it out? I'm going to fuck the shit out you with this big black cock!” he moves it up and down and imagines that it's Samantha riding his cock. Pretty soon he started shooting semen in the pussy flashlight. He had to get up and go to the bathroom to clean it and once he was done he noticed that he was still so hard. “Shit still not satisfied! I guess I'll have to get my other toy.” he went back over to his closet and pulls out a white girl sex body. The toy had huge tits pink nipples and a pink pussy. he walks over to the bed and sits on top of it and takes the toy and pushes his cock into the vagina hole. Once it was in he started moving the body up and down as he was moaning. He had more than one sex toy and his mother doesn't know about his pleasure toys. That was one of his presents from his father. Knowing about his sexual urges his father took him out and got him a couple of sex toys. he already had sex but this was used in case he couldn't get any pussy. So if he needed to he could fuck this toy. he was fucking it for about 20 minutes and after the climax, he had to clean it. When he was done he laid on the bed thinking about that girl and just how kinky she is.

“just thinking about this girl is going to give me another hard on. her riding my dick would be so arousing! I need to get to bed because I have stuff to do in the morning.” he slowly starts going to sleep. Meanwhile, at Samantha's house, she was in her room rubbing her pussy. she knew she shouldn't be doing this because all it's going to do is make her want to fuck someone. She knew her mother wanted her to maintain control but at the same time, sex is wonderful. She had been rubbing herself for about 10 minutes. She was dying to be penetrated because it's been a long time since she's been fucked. When she heard the knock on the door she had to quickly stop what she was doing because her mom came and checked up on her. “Samantha, what were you doing? Oh, nothing mother just on my phone. Well don't stay up too late we have stuff to do in the morning. Mother, why do we have to go to the mall all the time? Because this type of mall is cheap and unique clothing not to mention I have to get your siblings something. Alright so when are we going? We are going to go Wednesday after I get off of work.” Samantha was feeling a little frustrated because she's about to have her orgasm and then her mother came in bothering her. Now she has to rub her pussy all over again to get the sensation.

"Samantha have you thought about what I said earlier? Yes, I have. Then repeat what I said. Ugh!” she signs. "that I will keep my legs closed from now on. Good girl. Anyway goodnight. Night.” her mother left as she was sitting on the bed thinking about earlier. For some strange reason or another, she felt like someone was watching her. Like earlier, she has the strange feeling she was being watched. She just couldn't put her finger on it but something wasn't right. when she knew for sure her mother asleep she continued to her business. after 5 or 10 minutes she started squirting so she had to put her hand on her mouth. It was to stop her from screaming so she wouldn't wake up her family. she is really not supposed to be touching herself but it was the only way to keep her hormones in check.

she never told her mother this but all of those guys she slept with were previously her boyfriends. each and every one of them broke her heart because they ended up cheating on her. It hurt her first but eventually, she got over it. It didn't hurt her as much because she figured they just wanted her for her body. She actually cared about them but now that she thinks about it it's whatever. She got done with her masturbation and went straight to sleep. Cole wasn't able to sleep so he stayed up watching interracial porn. Nothing hotter than seeing a white bitch being fucked. All he ever did was watch black and white porn never anything else. Not even Latinos or Asians but he's a pretty open-minded person. The reason he couldn't sleep because his mind was filled with lust. He just couldn't keep his mind off of Samantha. All he has to do is figure out when she was going to be at the mall again. The only problem is he doesn't know if they go to the mall occasionally. And even so, he would have to find her in order to talk to her.

He was just sitting there watching porn on his laptop as he slowly started stroking himself. “damn white bitch is getting fucked hard. That black man is stretching out her white pussy. When he's done that shit is going to be loose.” Nancy Grace is such a white slut for big black cocks!” this was a type of stuff I wanted to do to Samantha. I wanted to stretch her pussy out and make her mines. Watching porn for at least an hour and when I was done I went back to sleep. I knew I could definitely stretch out Samantha because my dick was 10 inches. First things first I need to introduce myself to her. I'll take her out treat her nice and eventually when she starts liking me then I'll fuck her. Now I know it sounds like just I'm craving white pussy and I am the first I want to get to know her. When I woke up I had to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready. I quickly went downstairs when I was done and my mother was fixing eggs and grits. “Cole after you get done eating I need you to go back to the mall. You have to get your brother some new shoes. Not to mention you might need some stuff as well. Normally I would send you to another store but the mall is close by. After all, it only takes like 10 minutes to get there and back. Yeah, that's true mother and I don't mind going.

Excellent! I know you enjoy going to the mall to hang out so it should be okay. well, mother, I'm not crazy about the mall but it beats staying here. True you got to get out the house sometimes.” I started eating while talking to my mother. Soon enough my father came into the kitchen as he kissed his wife and looked at me. “Hey, son! What's up, Dad? Nothing much going to be working late tonight. Oh really dear? Yeah, my boss told me to because somebody who was supposed to do the night shift didn't come in. That's okay more money for me.

So son have you found a girlfriend yet? No, not yet but there is one girl that I want to get to know. I'll talk more about her in private. That's understandable son. After all, you don't want to say certain things around your mother. What's that supposed to mean dear? Nothing sweetie it's just man talk that's all. yeah, you're right sweetie now sit down and eat your breakfast it'll get cold.” he sat down at the table and started eating while looking at me wondering what I wanted to talk to him about. after we were done eating we went outside to talk about stuff. Sometimes we like to go outside and talk about personal stuff. We could never do that inside the house because the walls Echo. “so what's on your mind? Well, Dad, it might be kind of strange but a couple of days ago. A family pulled up in the driveway at the mall. A sexy girl with a huge bust got out of the van. I was staring at her for a minute but I couldn't help it. She was so sexy and my dick was getting hard. Did she catch you staring? No, she hasn't. Good thing she didn't. it's okay to stare but sometimes if you're staring for too long it will get very uncomfortable for girls. I mean you can stay or just make sure you don't give a certain look. I guess maybe the reason I was staring so hard it's because she was white. Hehe, so you're another one who likes white girls. before I Met Your Mother I was screwing a couple of white girls in high school. It's natural for you to lust after them. White women are known for being very kinky which is something we love as black men. Now in days, white women want black men. So it'll be easy for you to get laid if you look for white girls. There are white sluts right now begging for black dick. So yeah farther I do want to fuck her. Nothing wrong with you having urges but remember this. She is still a woman at the end of the day so make sure to treat her with respect. You too can fuck as long as you want just make sure she's cool with it. I don't want you fucking her and then it makes her uncomfortable because then that's rape. If you're going to do anything with her just remember one thing. Make sure she is comfortable. If she is uncomfortable and it's telling you to stop you might want to but you already know this.”

we were chit-chatting for a while and eventually, I got in my car driving off going to the mall. Ten minutes later I got there and I noticed that black van was on the other side of the driveway.

There is no way it could possibly beat them. Could it? There are millions of Vans out there. What are the chances it's actually them? deep down I truly believed that it was them so I went into the mall. when I got inside the mall I looked around for a bit and I was about to start looking for her. Suddenly I realized what would happen if I look for her. I don't want to come off as a creep because that will make them feel like I'm stalking them.

So looking for her is definitely not an option. The only thing I could possibly do is run into them or something. If she is here hopefully I'll run into her. I can't go look for her. I Got My Mind Made Up and looking for her will only bring trouble.

I started walking through the mall going to Footlocker. I needed to get my brother some Michael Jordan shoes. I know how much he likes Michael Jordan so he will be happy with whatever I get him. Five minutes later I went into Foot Locker looking around. I couldn't find anything that was for a size 10 so I have to go up and ask somebody. I went up to the guy at the front. “hey do you have this shoe for a size 10? Actually yes we do. Let me go get a pair. Okay thank you.” it was s white shoe with blue stripes. I knew my brother was going to like these because they are tight. he came back a couple of seconds later and showed me the price. It was $56. I paid for the shoes and I was walking out of Foot Locker. as I was walking my stomach started growling because all I had this morning was breakfast. “holy crap! I'm actually hungry even though I just got here. Well, I guess I can get some pizza from Dominos. The store should be close by. Let me use Google Maps to find Domino's in this mall.” he pulls out his phone and begins looking for locations in this mall. he was able to find Domino's and he knew exactly where it is.

I continued walking as I turned going down the elevator. When I got down there I was going straight up to Dominos. To my surprise, my eyes lit up when I saw Samantha sitting at a table playing on her phone. This time she was wearing a dark pink shirt with white shorts that was around her waist. Her white legs were still visible. This time she had white shoes on. She didn't have her glasses on today. I don't know why she has shorts like that maybe she likes showing off a little skin. Or maybe she just enjoys showing off her sexy thighs. She looks so sexy. She just stood there texting on her phone didn't even notice I was there. I stayed there for a minute trying to figure out a way to talk to her or start a conversation. Now that she's alone and separated from her family I can talk to her. after 5 minutes of thinking I quickly came up with something. “I got it! I'll go up to her after I get my food and randomly started a conversation. Yeah, that's what I'll do.” he went over to the store and ordered his pepperoni pizza. I waited for about 10 minutes and when I got my pizza. I went over to the table where she was as I sat down next to her. I stayed quiet for a few seconds as I started eating and then I looked over at her. “So what brings you here?” she looks over at him as spoke. “Oh because my mother wanted to get my brother and sister something. I don't really like the mall like most teenagers. I would rather be home listening to music and doing other stuff than being here.

What do you mean by other stuff?” she looks over at him wondering if she should tell him or not. she didn't really know him so she doesn't know if she should say too much right away. She stayed quiet for a few seconds trying to come up with a response. “oh I get really busy at times and sometimes I have company over. That's pretty cool. I don't do anything these days except take care of my little brother and clean up the house. So are you up older sibling? Yes, I am. Then we got something in common! My siblings are so annoying! Hehe, they can kind of get on your nerves at times.” he was slowly starting to get hard listening to her sexy white girl accent.

The conversation was going along better than I thought. This girl seems a little easier to talk to. Her personality was unknown because I just met her but she seems sweet. it's easier for me talking to black women but it's kind of difficult talking to white women and I don't know why. Her voice sounded excited knowing someone else understood what it's like to have siblings. Samantha has never had friends with siblings so she felt like no one could understand. Understand what it's like to be annoyed by siblings and having to take care of them. Keep them out of trouble and set a good example.

“what is your name? My name is Cole. Nice to meet you cole I'm Samantha! So what are you doing here? I had to get my little brother some shoes. Omg, you two!” her voice sound a little more excited. “I'm sorry for getting a little excited it's just we got a lot in common. As far as having to deal with siblings.

Yeah, that's true luckily I only have one sibling. Even so Cole you still understand. Yeah, that's understandable. It's hard finding people who don't get it. Nice to know we connect on certain things.” I want to compliment her but I don't know how she's going to react to it. I'm the type of person where I would say what's on my mind. Saying this might either get me slapped or cursed out. Better wait before I get to compliments.

I went quiet for a moment thinking about what to see if she looks at me excitedly. Her expression by saying that she thinks I'm pretty interesting. She probably was enjoying the fact that we click on certain things.

She puts her hands into a thinking position showing that she's listening. That she's paying attention. “yeah my mother is always telling me to do things for my kid brother. My mother is the same way! We seem pretty similar Cole. Yeah seems like it.

So where's your mother now? She's in one of those stores picking clothing. So Cole! Do you want to hang out? Yeah sure but what about your mother? she was never that type of person to not let me hang out with people I just met. Besides you're not a stranger anymore. I don't know why but I feel like I can talk to you about anything Cole.” she sat there maintaining a smile on her face. I must have really made her day by introducing myself to her. she was starting to feel more comfortable talking to me which is a good thing. Make a girl feel comfortable and she won't think you're a creep. She grabs her soda and drinks just a little bit. At that moment I started thinking about her sucking my dick. “So can you drive? Yes, Samantha, I can drive. Excellent! if we're going to hang out one of us needs to know how to drive. I don't have my license yet so that's why I was asking if you could. Yes, I can. Well, what are you waiting for! Let's go!” she said excitedly to me as she stood up from the table. She didn't give me a hint of where she wanted me to take her. She looks at me as I stood up walking with her. “Hey, Samantha what about your mother? Oh yeah, I'll just text her I'm going with you. I'll text her and say I'm going with a friend. But what about if we run into her and she doesn't know me? As I said my mom is a pretty friendly person and she likes meeting new people. Besides, you don't come off as a bad guy or anything so things will be fine. Okay well, where do you want to go?

We can go to the ice skating rink or bowling or something like that. I just want to go do something fun. It's been a long time since I actually hung out with a boy. My mom is very protective of me being around the opposite sex. Why is that Samantha? Because of things I used to do with guys. Like what? That's kind of personal. When we develop a stronger friendship then I'll tell you. Fair enough.” I already knew what she was doing. she was having sex with boys but she didn't want to say it. I'm not going to pressure her I need her to be as comfortable as possible. 5 minutes later we got inside of my car as I drove off and she was texting her mother. She told her mom that she just met someone and he's cool. They had a long conversation through text while he was driving. the conversation was about to strange teenager meeting her. Eventually, her mother calls her and they started talking while I was driving. She looks at me and hands me to phone. “my mother wants to talk to you. Okay, Samantha.” I already knew what to say and I never came off as a creep or anything like that so I was going to be okay.

I put the phone to my ear. “hello? Hello, there is this cole Williams? Yes, it is ma'am. Okay good. My daughter says you seem like a pretty nice person. Yeah, I am. Well, I'm not receiving any bad vibes from you so far. Just want to know where are you taking my daughter? She wanted to hang out so I was going to take her bowling if that's okay with you. If not I can bring her back. You can take her bowling. Maybe I can pick her up from the bowling alley. I don't want to give our address right away until I fully trust you. That's understandable ma'am. I must admit you seem pretty cool. You're not half bad Cole and you're very respectful. Thank you, ma'am. My mother raised me to always be respectful. Well, keep up the good work. Anyway, I'll pick up my daughter from the bowling alley. Okay. Nice to meet you. Same here I guess I'll see you soon. Yea.”

We've reached the bowling alley and we got out the car going inside of the building. we played about three games and when her mother pulled up. I was waiting as she got out of the car. She slowly approached me as she smiles knowing immediately I was okay. “Hey Cole nice to officially meet you. Same here!” he shakes her hand and Samantha looks at her mother. “see mom I told you he was okay. Hmm, it's true he is a very friendly and respectable young man. When I saw him just now I was able to look into his eyes and I saw nothing Wicked. he doesn't give off bad vibes I can tell he's a good person. I have that skill when it comes to analyzing human beings. So, ma'am, I guess I'll see you later. Yeah. You will.” they went out to her car and before Samantha forgot she came running up to me. She gave me a piece of paper in my hand. And turned around running back to the car. “call me!” she got into the van as they drove off. I was so excited I thought I was going to scream out of excitement. I got into my blue car and drove off headed home. a couple of weeks later I and Samantha started hanging out a lot more and I slowly started liking her. My Lust For Her increase dramatically. Today would be the day I was going to fuck her. I don't care if I have to seduce her but I'm going to get in her pants. I was in my room playing video games with my phone started ringing and I knew it was her. I answered the phone as I heard her voice. “Hey, Cole wanna hang out at my house? my mother is working overtime so she won't get home till 1 a. M. Tonight.” why would she tell me her mother is working late? Maybe she's saying we could do whatever we wanted because she won't be home anytime soon. I can't say no to this. If there's a chance I can get white pussy I'm going for it. “sure I don't have nothing else better to do. Besides, I have to share some things with you. Okay. I might have to as well. Okay, I'm coming over. Okay, I'll be waiting.” my dick was getting slightly hard thinking sex. I waited for this for about 3 weeks or so. the reason I was waiting a long time it's because I wanted her to get to know me first. She might have done it with all of the boys but she's not going to fool around with anyone at least I don't think so. I quickly put on some clothes and I went up to my car driving off headed to her house. I got to keep my lust under control. I never told her I was lusting after her for 3 weeks. I guess I'll tell her when I get there or whatever. a few minutes later I reached her house and I went up to the front door knocking Softly. Samantha came and open the door smiling. “ah good you're here! Come on In!” she had her small shorts at this time they were black. Her house was two stories. I didn't even know why she was walking around barefooted on the cold floor. I closed the door behind me as I went inside. We went up to her bedroom. When we went into the room we sat down on the bed as we started watching TV. A couple of minutes flew by and we didn't really say much but we were talking. I moved over a little closer to Samantha as she looks at me smiling. “Samantha now that we've become good friends I can say what's on my mind. Sure go ahead. When you've been in the parking lot have you ever felt like anyone was watching you? Yes, actually I have. well I want you to know that feeling was because I was staring at you.” she looks at me shocked for a few seconds. “why were you staring at me? I was staring because I couldn't get my gaze off of you. Because you're hot!”

Samantha started blushing and she turned her head slightly and then looks back at him. “hehe thank you-you're not too bad yourself Cole! Yeah, Samantha. Can I be straightforward? Sure go ahead Cole!” oh boy here we go. I'm about to go where no one has dared to go before. I have to be brutally honest with her. when I was in my car I was actually stroking myself looking at your firm ass.”

Samantha blushes a little more taking back and trying to come up with a response. She was getting excited because she always adored being lusted after. knowing that he was stroking himself because of her was making her excited. She started to get that tingly feeling in her crotch. “oh shit! It's happening again! What do you mean Samantha? What is happening!

Cole I'm starting to get a tingling sensation below. Hehe, are you turned on? Y-yes. Well guess what I've always wanted to have sex with a white girl.” the conversation was getting very perverted and Samantha was still trying to keep herself under control. Her eyes were starting to feel up with lust. “so tell me Samantha baby have you ever went black before? No, I haven't but it's one of my fantasies. I've always thought about having sex with black men.” her tone sounded so erotic as I started kissing her. To my surprise, she started kissing me back as we made out. “so your mom wanted you to keep your legs closed? Yes, but I can't help it! Whenever I get that tingling sensation I can't control myself. Hehe, the feeling to be penetrated. Yes, that feeling!" I'll take care of you.”

we continued to make out and I placed my hand on her crotch rubbing as she starts moaning slightly. She touches my crotch as well slowly rubbing. We continue to rub each other and I was getting excited. “I've always been lusting after you, Samantha. Mmm, when I met you I started lusting after you as well Cole. I'm going to fuck the shit out of you Samantha!” Samantha moans getting even more turned on when she heard him say that.

She Whispers under her breath saying fuck as she stood up and slowly started taking off her clothes. She sexually smirks at cole. “hehe since you've been thinking about me naked I'll make your day. You have a nice huge bust, Samantha. Thank you Cole baby!” eventually all of her clothing was off and I was getting a super boner. My dick was so fucking hard as she came over and started unzipping my pants. It was so arousing to see a naked white girl in front of me. “what will your mother say if she knew what you were about to do? I don't care! I really like sex. Plus I need this! I've been controlling my hormones for weeks. I'm tired of waiting! I'm ready to be penetrated by your big black cock Cole!” Samantha was really turned on and she wasn't going to take no for an answer. Hehe, she was acting like a dog in heat what you really excited me. She takes out my huge black cock and begins licking it. soon enough she started sucking the head of my penis and eventually sucking it. “ugh! Fuck yeah Samantha baby!” she giggles out of excitement and continues sucking. She pulls away and spoke to me. “you like it don't you! Yeah, I do!” she sucks and strokes his cock.

Holy moly this feels incredible! Her mouth is so damn good and it's so warm. I feel like I'm going to shoot semen in her mouth any minute. He just stares at her on her knees sucking his penis. Eventually, she started sucking faster while stroking him and it was amazing. Her hands feel so soft which was great. This is why I love white girls most black women wouldn't suck cock Unless they are really perverted. She pulls it out of her mouth and spits on his cock while jerking him. She just continues moving back and forth doing both motions. She sucks his dick Strokes him and spits on his cock. She was getting amazing and soon enough he starts coming into her mouth. “ugh!!! Yes!” he feels her mouth up with semen and her giggles and swallows it all. “now that's what I'm talking about baby! But we're not done yet. It's time for you to put that black cock in my tight white pussy!”

She slowly stands up and gets on top of the bed. She looks at him as She lays down spreading her legs for him. She gives him a very sexual expression. “come on baby fulfill one of my fantasies! This pussy is not going to fuck itself.” I got onto the bed and when I was right next to her I got into position as I slowly pushed my black cock into her pussy. At first, it was a little harder to get in because of how tight it was. Eventually, I rammed it in as she started moaning passionately. She was really starting to feel the pleasure now. I slowly started pumping. I was taking it easy just to get started. “Fuck it's so big! I love it! None of my boyfriends was half your size! So this is a big black cock!” when I started to really feel arousal I started fucking her like I was doing push-ups. I was holding onto the pillow while pumping in and out of her. “oh fuck! It feels so good! I feel like I'm going insane! Ugh! God! No no. Yesss!” she screams out as she starts squirting all over me.

“Oh fuck! You're so good! I have never came that fast with my previous lovers! Oh, you haven't seen anything yet.” I continue to pumping again as she was moaning loudly. she was holding up her legs and I can see her beautiful thighs and her feet. I started going deeper inside of her clit trying to make her squirt again. Her moaning made me so excited! I moved up to her and I started kissing her passionately while fucking her. "I've always wanted to fuck you, baby! Mmm, me too!” seconds later she started squirting again. “ooh! Yeah! Fuck yeah, Daddy! Yes! yes! Fuck me Daddy!” that made me so hard as I started humping her even harder. She said they're taking each and every one of my poundings. “sit up for me baby. Okay daddy!” he bends her over and slams his cock into her pussy pounding away. “mmm, that's so good Daddy! Oh, fuck yes I'm gonna bounce okay daddy. Go ahead.” she bounces back. “the feeling was so fucking amazing. Glad you like it daddy!” she bounces even faster and harder than before. He looks at her white ass moving back and forth!

"You like that Daddy! Yes, I do baby. Ahh!” he pulls out his cock and shoot semen on her butt. “ahhhh fuck yes baby! Daddy can I rid your cock! Go ahead baby I don't see why not.” I pulled my cock out of her pussy as I laid on the bed. She gets on top of the bed and gets on top of me positioning herself. When she was in position she grabs my cock and pushes it inside her cunt. She begins moving up and down as we both started moaning. Oh my goodness, it feels wonderful. As time progressed she started moving faster and better. It felt good to have my dick in her pussy! “ahhh yeah daddy! It feels so good! I just can't get enough! Mmm. Why don't you ride Daddy's dick as much as you like.” she rides his dick a little bit longer and then she gets off and starts sucking his cock again. Seconds later he starts feeling up her mouth once more with his semen. I stood up as I bendid her over to bed not ram my cock back in. We were going at it for a couple of hours maybe two. After we have sex I tired her out laying her on the bed and asked that we've been having sex ever since. I'm so fucking happy

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Beauty at the mall

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