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Categories Diary, Bi-sexual, Cuckold, Erotica

Authror: CecilBCK

Published: 22 June 2018

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They were often a long way from home on business. Almost without exception these women would be very good communicators, uninhibited and able to articulate their sexual preferences. And if they enjoyed what I had to offer and recommended me to others that was an added bonus.

Julie told me she was in town for a few days on business and wanted a dinner companion to break her ‘boring round of meetings’. Then she added, “And I am hanging out for a really good fuck, and I mean really good.”

We arranged to meet in the foyer of five-star hotel she was staying in. “I am dressed in a black Chanel suit, I am five feet, four inches tall, have blond bobbed hair and just a bit overweight.”

“And a knockout out,” I mused when I sighted her.

We had dinner in the restaurant of the hotel. Between courses she told me in her very articulate and well-modulated voice she was forty-seven, shaved her pussy and loved being teased and licked before a good fuck.

“I am also very uninhibited,” she ventured, “though you must have guessed that by now. Would you like to know what I am wearing under my suit?”

“Nothing?” I flirted.

“You are almost right, I have a good dash of perfume all over my body.”

In the elevator she tongue kissed me and undid her coat to show me her very impressive tits. “Love having my nipples licked, especially when security is filming us on CCTV.”

As soon as we were in the door she took her coat off and let her skirt drop to the floor. “Like my naked body in nothing but my stiletto heels?” she teased as she walked me to the bed, highlighting her legs and arse.

“Your bio says you are well hung. Show me, and don’t disappoint me,” she ordered as she helped me undress.

“Love your crotchless jock strap. And love that cock hanging out of it. Magnificent, I am not disappointed. Lick my cunt and tease it with your tongue.”

I do and she has a series of strong orgasms in minutes.

“Hanging out for that if you hadn’t noticed. Now fuck me with your huge cock. Show me how good you are.”

I do and she urges me on.

“That is fucking good. You are fucking magic,” she screams as we orgasm together twenty minutes later.

Ellie phoned and asked if I was available for a three-some. “You, me and my minder. It is his birthday and I am bored and very horny. So an opportunity for some real fun.”

She told me she was married to a very wealthy, high-profile expatriate businessman who was overseas on business. He was so wealthy, he allocated her a minder in case of kidnapping or extortion. I explained my rules, no intercourse with a male, or giving oral sex to a male, though receiving oral sex from a male was a maybe.

At the appointed time I presented myself at Ellie’s five-star hotel suite. She was around fifty, five feet six inches tall, a voluptuous size 14, long blond hair, dressed in stiletto heels and a very short white dressing gown that emphasised her sun tanned legs and finished way above her knees. Obviously, a class act.

“This is Mobo, my minder and personal assistant. His birthday today, I want to give him a present he will long remember.”

He was a black French African, around six feet, three inches tall with a very athletic build, dressed in a short, white dressing gown that matched the one Julie was wearing.

“Change into the matching gown on the bed while we watch. Nice thick cock, but not in Mobo’s league. Show him what we have for him Mobo.”

Mobo obliges and Ellie smirks as she watched my reaction.

“Very impressive, eh? Wait until he gets his full twelve-inch erection. Watch this.”

She shrugs out of her gown and circles around both men completely naked in her stilettos, with an all over sun tan.

“Love your Mohawk and you have a great body,” I observe as I notice both Mobo and I have full erections – and his is awesome.

“Thirty six D tits and forty inch hips,” seeing you asked she boasts.

“And very, very horny right now.

“Mobo loves having me suck his huge cock. He also likes me watching him suck another man’s cock. Until now he has never had both at the same time. You are much bigger than the others I have seen him suck. So let’s get started.

Ellie stands in front of Mobo and runs her hands all over his body, scratches his arse cheeks and teases his cock. She positions Mobo in a chair and kneels in front of him.”

“Are you ready for me big boy?” she teases as she kisses the full length of his cock along both sides.

“And what about you?” she asks me, “Are you ready for Mobo to suck your cock? After that Mobo can watch you fuck me. He is just far too big for me. And very bad form to have intercourse with the staff.

“Get started while I watch. Show us what you can do Mobo. Turn me on while I watch and suck you.”

Having Mobo suck my very erect cock while I watch this naked voluptuous older woman sucking a twelve-inch cock, though she can only take around four inches of it, is very exciting.

After just a few minutes she stops sucking Mobo and tells him to stop sucking me.

“You like showing off your huge cock Mabo and you have always liked masturbating for me and my friends. This time I want you to masturbate while I sit on this man’s cock. Show us both how good you are at it. And I want you to last at least ten minutes. You can time yourself on the wall clock. Stand in front of the mirror so both us can watch you.”

As Mobo Strokes his huge cock with both hands Ellie offers encouragement as she expertly slides her cunt lips up and down my cock.

“Is it good doing that while you watch us? Do you like my big arse and tits being pleasured by another man?

“And what about you?” she asks. “Do you like pleasuring me while another man masturbates?”

“Love it, very much.”

“Good, cum for me at the same time Mobo does. Are you watching the clock Mobo? You are doing well, you have lasted twelve minutes, and so have we. I can see by the look on your face you are almost there. Now Mobo, now, now, cum for us!”

He does while we have simultaneous orgasms.

Mary was a regular visitor to my business. She was an attractive English blond with a sexy persona who always wore high heels that accentuated her good size 12 body and well shaped arse. She spoke with a rough English accent and always gave the impression of having an all over sun tan.

One day she came in wearing a very tight pair of leather slacks, which highlighted her legs and arse and really caught my attention.

“Do you lead a double life?” she smiled.

“You match the deion of a lover one of my friends paid to have recently. She said that he was very good and very well hung. I would very much like to have that. Is it you?”

“Well yes. And I have always fancied you. I have always fantasised about what your accent would be like in bed.”

“How about a contra deal? The thought of paying a man to fuck me is abhorrent to me. I am very good in bed, or any other position. And I love to talk dirty. If I buy that very expensive piece over there at full price can I have you gratis? You can deliver it and fuck me at the same time. Or now that we have broken the ice, maybe I will fuck you.”

“Would two-thirty tomorrow be suitable? Sex is always better in the afternoon.”

“Fine, what would you like me to wear for you?”

“High heels and a big smile,” I flirted.

I arrived with the delivery as arranged, rang the door bell and Mary called out, “Come in, I am in the bedroom.”

I found my way to a lavish bedroom and there was Mary in nothing but a very sexy pair of high heels, sitting on a stool in front of a full-length wall mirror with her back to me.

“Love looking at your naked body in the mirror. And love your arse hanging over that stool.”

“Good, I want you to kiss and lick it while I sit here. Before you do, take your clothes off and show me your big cock.”

I oblige and watch her reaction as my already rock hard erection is framed by my crotchless jock strap.

“Very nice, and a really good size thick cock. Come and lay on the bed and kiss and lick my big arse. I have been wet for you since yesterday.

I kiss and lick both of her glorious arse cheeks in turn.

“I love that, just love it. Now fuck me from behind. Slide all of that big cock into me big boy. Slap into my arse so it makes a noise. Harder, fuck me harder, harder.”

Mary is very good, after twenty minutes later she tells me to, “Roll me over and finish fucking me on top of me. I am ready to cum. Try and cum with me.”

“Make it better baby, hang on for a bit longer,” I whisper, as I slide the full length of my cock into her.

She does make it better by screaming, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, love you fucking my cunt, love your big cock, give it all to me.”

Next week I have a booking for a hen’s night and another with a lady who wants to cuckold her much older husband with his permission.

Watch out for my next instalment.

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