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My lesbian sister part 2

Categories Young, Lesbian, Exhibitionism, Incest

Author: Laotamst

Published: 24 June 2018

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We rushed out the door and down the road to the bus stop, the other kids had just gotten on so we weren t as late as we thought.

"We made it!" Said Jess seeming out of breath

We got on the bus and headed to the back of the bus

"Hey Alice" said Betty, a shy brunette with a really nice ass and tits

We got to the back of the bus and sat down, almost all the kids sat towards the front so they could get off the bus faster, I looked around and saw it was just me and Jess in the back.

"Now we can finish in privacy" wispered jess as she pulled her shirt up to reveal her boobs and hard nipples

"It s getting me so wet that were doing this here" I said as Jessica crawled onto my lap, I grabbed her as and squeezed it in my hands.

She let out a little moan as I kissed her, I grabbed her thong and pulled it up causing it to rub against her pussy and ass hole.

"You know you wanna play with my pussy" she wispered in my ear as she pulled her thong off and put it in her bag.

"Hell yeah" I said as I played with her clit between my fingers

I scooted her closer and began sucking her boob and playing with her nipple with my tongue, I then slipped my middle finger into her pussy, she let out a soft moan as she played with my hair. with one hand I was playing with her clit and with the other I was fingering her pussy, I could see it was starting to affect her as she had to cover her mouth to hold in her moan. I began fingering her faster until her pussy tightened around my finger and her body shook from her climax she then took my hand and licked her juices off my finger.

She then kneeled on the floor in front of the seat as she pulled my pants and panties off in one motion. She looked at me then at my shaved pussy, then she buried her tounge deep in my pussy, I almost screamed at the sudden burst of pleasure. She began licking up and down my pussy then she would thrust her tounge deep in my pussy, I could feel the pleasure boiling over, I tilted my head back, and looked forward to see Betty fingering herself while watching us. I winked at her as I wrapped my legs around Jessica s head, Jessica bit my clit and sent me over the edge. My juices filled Jessica s mouth as I watched Betty cunvulse from her orgasm.

"That was hot" I panted as Jessica got back up off the floor

I looked out the window to see we arrived at school

"you gonna put your thong back on?" I asked as I pulled my pants back up

"Nah it s funner this way" she said as she shaked her ass

We passed Betty on the way out, we glanced at each other and we both knew what the other had done.

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My lesbian sister part 2

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