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One Fine Night

Categories True Story, Bestiality, Cum Swallowing

Author: Stormy8330

Published: 26 June 2018

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Hey there, so again, I have changed the names. I changed the when. The rest of the story is true or is it? This is my second story so feedback is always good.


This encounter happened just at our Anniversary. We went out to eat at a local Shushi we enjoy. I ordered a glass of wine, and Sara ordered a Blue Hawaiian. This was our norm. We ate and as we did we just chatted. I only had one drink as I was the driver. Sara, on the other hand, had one drink, then another, then another. All told, she had six Blue Hawaiian's and she was at the happy giggly stage. I paid the bill and poured my slightly stumbling wife into the car. By the time we got home, the alcohol had really hit her. She was singing out loud and a little stumble. She turns to me in the living room suddenly enough I thought she was going to fall over. She said, "let's go to bed and you can fuck my brains out". Three things about my wife and drinking. It makes her happy, and giddy, and it makes her horny as hell. God, I love my wife.

Before I could get her in the bedroom she was already dropping clothes on the floor. First her blouse, followed by a bra, followed by a pair of shorts and pink panties. We went less than twenty feet and she was stripped naked. She crawled on the bed and looked at me. I started to undress as fast as I could. Once I was naked Oliver, our Golden Retriever, jumped up with his paws and gave me a push. This was his way of saying he wanted to fuck me. Oliver and I have had sex together for several years. He was taught if I am naked in the bedroom it was ok.

I looked at my wife who just chuckled. She said to me "come up here and bring him with". This was kind of strange as Oliver was not allowed on the bed during sex. My wife while very supportive of my relationship with our dog, has said for years she didn't want that herself. I have never pushed it or even brought it up after she said it. So I got on the bed and called Oliver up. He looked at us for a moment. I could see his mind trying to figure out why he wasn't getting sex, and if he should listen to the command. It would seem he gave up on the sex and hopped up on the bed. My eyes went to his red member that was hanging down. Sara's eyes went there too. She got on all fours and looked at me and said: "I want to fuck him tonight". I was so surprised I was stunned. I couldn't talk or move. Sara patted her ass and called Oliver in a very warm and subductive voice. Oliver responded quickly. I asked my wife "are you sure and here? on the bed?" She looked at me and responded, "Hunny, I am not a bitch or a slut for dogs, I will not get on the floor that's your job." This was both humiliating and erotic at the same time.

Oliver walked over to my wife sniffing. Perhaps perplexed at this different sex that was being offered. He mulled around behind her a while, just sniffing and trying to figure out what to do. He had never had a woman before. When I thought this was not going to work. Oliver took a lick at her pussy, from the bottom to the top. My wife sucked in a breath. I was sure that she was changing her mind. Oliver, however, didn't care so much about how she felt. He started licking faster. I moved to them on the bed. She quickly said "leave him alone. This is fucking amazing". I backed off and just watched as Oliver kept licking. My eyes went back and forth between Oliver's lapping of her cunt, his hard-on, and my wife's face.

My wife suddenly started to have what I was guessing her first orgasm. She started to mutter "oh my God yes, lick it. That's right huny, oh yes there". My dick was raging. I went to grab it to jerk it off, and my wife opened her eyes and said "No not yet. You don't get to yet. Help him to fuck me. I want his cock in me". I didn't have to be asked twice. I reached over and pulled Oliver away. I put his paw up on the back of her ass. Oliver got the idea at once. He didn't need much in the way of coaxing.

Oliver mounted my wife, and I moved down and lower so I could look between them. My wife's pussy was so wet she was almost dripping. Oliver was working hard to find his mark but kept missing. He would bang her clit, slide near her ass. Each time I could her breath just a little heavier. My wife reached under herself and just guided him to the opening of her vagina. That was all Oliver needed! He thrust into her as hard as he could and she was so wet he went in almost all eight inches. My wife yelled "Oww, my God he is splitting me" I moved forward again to stop it. She screamed "Leave us alone" I was like oh shit, ok. Oliver didn't care about any distress he was causing. He started to fuck her so fast it was like a blur. I moved to watch again. My wife started to moan. She was muttering "oh my God, Oh my God. Jesus this feels so good. shit shit shit" Then she let out a moan like I have never heard from her. I looked over in time to see her eyes roll up. Fuck me it was so hot to watch. Oliver oblivious to what was happing under him just kept going. I saw his knot start to form. I said to Sara "He is going to knot you. Its growing fast". About that time the knot starts to slap against her pussy lips. Oliver was trying so hard to ram it in there. The knot had grown to the size of a small orange when I watch as in one push it went half way in. My wife cried out in pleasure. Then in the blink of an eye, they were tied. Oliver continued to fuck her for a few more minutes. My wife was in bliss the whole time. Oliver was drooling on the back of her neck. This was a sure sign that he was about to cum.

I watch silently as Oliver stopped moving. My wife shouted out "Oh my God he is cumming! He is cumming inside me I can feel his cock throbbing"! She launched to another orgasm. This time all she could do is pant. Sucking in the air as fast as she could. I watched Oliver I could tell was done. He was trying to move. My wife still not in her right mind didn't seem to notice. Oliver kicked his leg over and they were now locked butt to butt. My wife was in a state of constant orgasms. I could see her face, her jaw-dropping, her eyes closed so tight. I knew they were stuck for the next ten to twenty minutes like this. All I could do is watch with a dick that was just dripping pre-cum.

After a while, my wife came back to herself still with them together. She said "I can feel him getting smaller" she had a sort of disappointed tone to that. She moved suddenly as I first heard a wet plopping sound, followed quickly by her hand slapping her own pussy hard. She looked at me and said "lay down fast" I didn't even question or think about what she was doing. I just lay on my back. With her had still tight on her vagina, she straddled my head and squatted down with her pussy just half an inch from my mouth. "Open your mouth wide" she said. I did, and she removed her hand. With that stream of dog seaman mixed with my wife's cum dripped into my mouth. It was so salty, so runny and so amazingly good. I felt her hand wrap around my rock hard dick. Her hand was slick with dog cum. She started to jack me off. I was under her and lapping as much dog cum as I could. I stuck my tough as far up as I could get. Then I started to orgasm. I was shooting my own sperm everywhere.

My wife got off me and laid down on her side facing me. I moved up to her and she wrinkled her nose at me and said: "babe your breath stinks, either stay down there or get behind me." I cuddled up against her soft pubic hair and just laid there silently in an afterglow. My wife said, "Well Oliver wouldn't let you give him a blow job how did this work?" I responded by kissing that soft mound. As we fell asleep with my face in her crotch, I wondered if this was going to be a new chapter in our story or if this was a one-off thing. The last sounds I heard before sleeping was my wife's very quiet snore and the dog cleaning himself on the floor.

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One Fine Night

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