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  1. Mom has a great time 2
  2. My School projest mom helps

Mom has a great time 2

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cheating, Cuckold

Author: biggoxx

Published: 27 June 2018

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Mom has a great time part 2

This is the second part of a three-part story in this episode Rita discovers she should have listened to Joann.

Tuesday afternoon at around 4 pm Rita’s phone rang it was Bru, “hi big guy how is it hanging”? she heard him laugh “judging from that greeting I’m assuming you can talk”. “yes, what’s up not you guys yet I hope because if so I didn’t do my job”. She was giggling “no what I want to know is if we can get together Friday. We have a friend who really wants to fuck you he has a very full sack”. “That sounds wonderful give me until tomorrow I’ll call you back”. He told he ok and hung up.

Since her husband was out of town for the next two weeks she had plenty of time, she just didn’t want the guys to know it, at least not yet. She called Bru about 9:15 but he didn’t answer she left no message and hung up. Forty-five minutes later her phone rang it was Bru, “Hi lover I’ve got this worked out”.

She told him they could meet at 9:30 like they had and be done by 12:30 if that could work. He told her it could work but Alex the guy they were bringing had a van, they didn’t have enough money for a motel room, so they were going to use the van. “No fucken way are we fucking in a van Bru, give me a half hour and I’ll call you back I may have an alternate”.

After hanging up she thought we could do it here, Josh is in Asia so I’m free except for the kids who will be home at 3. She was wrestling with the idea of having them over the house, but her pussy was tingling with anticipation.

She called Bru back, “Ok lover here’s the deal you guys can come to my house, but we need to observe the same rules. We start at 9:30 and by 1 your out of here”. Without hesitation Bru responded “that is fantastic Rita, text me the address”. She texted him the address.

Since was Thursday she decided to go to the mall for some sexy underwear. In her driveway she saw a young girl pushing a stroller. The girl smiled “Hi I’m Sarah Jane and this is Margie”. Rita headed down the end of the driveway to say hello. My god she thought this girl has the biggest set of tits I’ve ever seen. For the next half hour, the two-woman talked. Rita asked if she’d like a cold drink, 5 minutes later they were in the kitchen, the baby slept.

The conversation finally turned toward sex, Sarah claimed since her second kid she was horny all the time. Her husband was a computer repair guy who seemed to have lost interest.

Rita told her about having a boy friend and getting fucked on a regular basis, Sarah seemed very interested, “but Rita with kids, the house and a husband how do manage a boyfriend”? “I met the guys at work, they have enormous stamina and can fuck for hours. We party either at there house or I have them here”.

Sarah’s mouth dropped open with astonishment, “as a matter of fact tomorrow morning there coming over to fuck my brains out”! Sarah looked quizzically at her, “would you consider sharing one of them with me”? Rita smiled she knew four guys were coming over to fuck her why not add miss big tits it might be fun

She went into detail about the rules and Sarah nodded like she was ok with it. Rita smiled “ok let’s call Bru and see if the guys are ok with this”. Sarah smiled at her as Rita dialed “he may want to talk to you so remember dirty as you can come up with”. Bur answered the phone “what’s up sexy”? “I was wondering I have a girlfriend her name is Sarah, she’d like her cunt dripping cum if you think it can be arranged”? “It a possibility describe her”, “well she about 5’2” brunette with shoulder length hair, a very large pair of tits great ass and nice legs”. “How big are the tits”? Sarah quietly told Rite 44FF, when Rita told Bru he told her to give her his phone and have her call in the next hour.

“Ok girlfriend here’s his number, go into the den and call him, remember dirty talk they love it”. An hour later she cam back into the kitchen, her cheeks we flushed red, she was sweating but had a great look on her face. “Wow talk about explicated sex talk, do they really do everything they say they are going to do”? “Girlfriend I’ve still got cum stains in my panties from them”.

Friday morning at 9am Rita heard her front door bell she hurried down to see who it was. There was Sarah Jane, she had a small bag in her hand. “Hi girlfriend can I put my makeup on over here”? “Sure, but I thought you had to drop of Margie”? “My sister picked her up so I’m good till 4 if necessary”. Rita was in the master bathroom while Sarah used the guest room, Sarah came in just as Rita was adjusting her boy shorts. Sarah was wearing a black lace bra, black lace cheek hugger panties a black garter belt and black stocking. She put a hand on her hip “Rita do I look fuckable”? “My god they may cum in their pants when they see us how do I look”? Rita had on Red boy shorts a size to small, so she had a create camel toe, red lace half bra with red stockings.

She heard a car in the driveway they went downstairs, and she opened the garage door so Bru drove in, the had come in the van. The girls moved away from the door as the guys files in Bru and Hector kissed Rita as did the other guys Hector made the introductions.

“Ladies this is Alex, Rick, Jesus and Rod this is Rita and Sarah”. After a hello kiss and grope they headed for the den. They had brought beer and pot, Rita you want a bone”? she giggled “yes but let’s relax first”. The guys all laughed as he handed each girl a joint. Rita and Sarah finished their joints and lit a second. Hector and Bru were standing beside Rita, “Rod walked up to her so you’re the little lady who take every inch of cock, am I right”? Rita smiled “if you’d like we can head for the bedroom and you can find out for yourself”.

Jesus had his tongue down Sarah’s throat while Al and Rick worked on her nipples and clit she already had a nice wet stain. Hector took her hand “which way babe”? As she wiggled off she turned and looked over her shoulder, Sarah was standing legs spread as an orgasm rocked her body as she squirted all over the floor and herself.

“He Sarah get to the guest room if your going to make a mess”. By the time the door closed Rita’s panties were off, she looked at Hector who turned to Rod “hey Rod fuck her pussy for us as when you’ve cum were going to do a dp right babe”? “Yes, we are the first of many I’m hoping”.

As Rod took her in his arms and kissed he she groped for his cock, he stepped back as his shorts fell to his ankles. She looked in amazement “my Rod your cock is longer then Hectors, how big is he”? Smiling from ear to ear he proudly stating, “this big boy is 12 ½ inches long”! She got a coy smile on her face “well Hector think this pussy can handle him”?

Hector and Bru looked at her Hector spoke “my money is on the pussy girl”.

“Ok Rod join me on the bed and let’s try”. Hector and Bru were sucking her nipples which were rock hard, Rod was eating her pussy slowly, her clit was rock hard, she was very close. She was wiggling her ass in circles and moaning softly, suddenly she shuddered she had an orgasm. It took a bit for her breathing to return to normal. Rod got between her legs and pushed gently as the head slipped in. She knew he must have at least an inch or better on Hector.

The cock got to her cervix they looked into each other’s eyes she nodded he pushed forward. His cock was balls deep in her, all she could do was moan “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck it feels wonderful oh fuck”. Rod was working up to a slow steady rhythm, he stayed deep enough so the head never left her cervix. Her pussy was contracting on his cock as if she was giving it a hand job. He started moving faster, she pushed her mound up to meet his every stroke. He was now pounding her pussy “Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk” came out of her mouth as she shook violently, an orgasm flowed from her. That caused Rod to stiffen push deeper into her, she felt hot cum being pumped into her pussy. “Oh, uggggggggggggggggggggg” she had another violent orgasm.

They both lay there for three or four minutes she looked into his eyes, “thank you baby that was great”. She had a Whiley look on her face, in a very sexy voice she stated, “honey you cock is still nice and hard I’d love another load if you wouldn’t mind”?

He grunted and pushed the cock deep in again, they could here squishing noises as her pussy gave up so of the cum. She had several orgasms before he unloaded another generous amount of cum in her pussy.

He rolled off her Bru handed her, her panties. She looked at Hector and Bru “guys I really want you to fuck me but first I need to lick the big guy clean”.

Five minutes later his cock was clean, she had cum in her mouth on her tits and in her hair. She got off the bed, her pussy was leaking cum even with panties on. Hector was sitting at the edge of the bed with a tube of lube, she walked over and bent over slightly so he could get some in her ass.

Now what happened surprised her, he grabbed her hips and with her back to him she felt the cock slip in. She helped him work it in until it was balls deep. Bru stood in front of her, Hector gently pulled her back while forcing her legs to straddle his, her pussy was spread wide open. Bru moved forward and put the head of his cock at her pussy lips. She started moaning as the anticipation of both cocks being unrestricted to do their magic was exhilarating.

As the thick black cock pushed deep into her stretching her to accommodate him she moaned “I love big black cock, spick cock and all the cum they have”. Bru cock was making the three of them build to a frenzy. He was pumping her pussy as deep as he could, Hectors cock could feel him rubbing the three were about to explode. “Oh my fuckkkkk” was all she said before a orgasm racked her body both guys grabbed her and exploded huge volumes of cum deep in her.

Sarah was having the best time of her life; the guys had fucked her pussy her ass and she had given a blow job and swallowed every drop. Each time she had a great orgasm.

They sat on the bed as Jesus and Rick got a tube of lube, since she had been fucked in the ass once she was somewhat lubed up, but they wanted her completely lubed. Rick smiled at her “come her big tits sit your ass on my cock I want it in deep”. She giggled shook her tits and started getting the 10-inch cock deep in her ass. It took a few minutes, but she finally had it all the way in. Jesus came in front of her and moved her legs to the outside of Ricks, her pussy was wide open, it was leaking cum and the clit was rock hard. Then she realized what he was going to do, before she could protest the second 10-inch cock was half way in her pussy.

Her eyes shot open she had never experienced feelings like this before her ass would be sore but the stretching her pussy was getting was wonderful.” Oh, my fucken god fuck my cunt deeper please, no my ass hurts, yes deeper in the cunt and ass it hurts but is wonderful deeper please”! The guys were working up to a rhythm she was bucking like a wild animal. She grabbed Jesus legs as an orgasm erupted deep in her pussy and ass at the same time. Electric shocks reverberated through her she lost consciousness for a few seconds.

Just as she was regaining her senses she felt both cocks stiffen, she felt her womb and bowels being flooded with warm cum, the sensation caused her to have another orgasm that lasted for quite a long time, she wailed like an animal!

As they were getting there breathing back she looked at Jesus, “honey I’m realizing both your cocks are still hard, would you be interested in depositing another load? Because I’m very willing the feeling in my cunt and ass was fantastic. Since your deep in me anyway why waste a good hard ons, besides the cum flow is beyond words”. She shook her big tits, Jesus smiled at her and started a slow rhythm.

Rita had sat the alarm for 12:45 but before they left the room it was 1:15 as she had to suck off Bru before he left. She knocked on the guest room door, she heard Sarah wailing so she figured it may be a few more minutes.

Rita and her guys were standing at the bar as Sarah and the boys emerged, the two women looked at each other. They both looked a mess they were covered in cum. The red panties Rita had worn were completely soaked and cum had dribbled down her leg and drying. Sarah realized she was a complete mess as well. After a couple of pictures, the guys voted Sarah as todays cum bucket.

A couple of tit squeezes and kisses later the guys all pilled into the van and left. The two women stood in the kitchen looking at each other. A knowing look on there faces.

Rita asked, “is our pussy and ass satisfied for the moment”? “Very much so I just can’t wait for them to come back”. Sarah looked thoughtfully for a moment “I just never thought I’d like being a black cock cum whore”. “I know it took me a while to realize I’m a black cock whore but now I dream about black and spick cock it’s all I want from now on”. They headed for the bathrooms to shower. Rita was in the kitchen when Sarah walked in, “how you feeling girlfriend”? “I’m really great but I have a confession”. “Oh, really what is it”? “Jesus asked me to keep the cum soaked panties on all day, so I put them back on, I’m wearing them now”.

Rita smiled knowingly at her “girlfriend I’m wearing mine as well. They both laughed.

A day later Sarah called Rita “I got a call from Jesus a few minutes ago he and a friend want to come over at 7:30, I’d love to get fucked but my husband will be home”. “Well that really sucks”. There was a short pause “Rita he told me they would take care of my husband what do you think they can do”? “I’m not sure girlfriend let me know”.

Rita saw the van pull up and two guys got out and walked up to the front door, it opened and in they went. The next morning at 8:30 Sarah called and told Rita to come over she wanted to show her something.

Rita and Sarah sat on the sofa as Sarah turned on the computer which was hooked up to the TV. She saw Jesus and the new guy Gabe talking to her husband about yard work, they were drinking beer. Her husband was already slurring his words. After a couple of minutes three large black guys appeared in the yard (they were in the van waiting). They started telling him he looked like a cockold.

Three minutes later they are dragging him into the house he was protesting weakly. Jesus looked at Sarah strip down to your underwear now”! They took him to the guest room, Jesus spoke, “ok fairy boy you and your big tit wife are getting fucked, when I’m done you will be eating her cunt out got it”!

Jesus smiled at Sarah would like a slow fuck”? “Oh yes but what about him”? They turned to see the guys had removed his underwear lubed his asshole and she gasped as the first of several black cocks fucked his ass. “Let’s do a lot of fucking as I want this cunt completely full when the guys have emptied their nut sacks in him”.

Almost two hours later her and Jesus entered the room, the guys were sitting on the bed smiling, “Jesus he has a great ass he is really a rump ranger watch this”. Another one of the guys said asses up fairy boy”. He instantly stuck his ass in the air. Jesus looked at him, “ok fairy boy we’ve just fucked your wife 5 time now eat the cum”! For then few minutes he slurped her pussy until it seemed empty it wasn’t, but she knew a lot more would be leaking out later. They left, she left him in the guest room all night.

She thought “Well ok so what happened this am”? “At breakfast he asked if the guys were coming back soon”! She asked him if he enjoyed his ass being fucked, he gave her a thumbs up “I just hope they come back soon”.

“Jesus told me this morning I was getting a tattoo under my tit with his name on it, it seems were all members of the big dick club”. Rita smiled “well we certainly do like big black cock”. “Oh by the way Bru was with him when we spoke your tattoo is on your pubic mound”. Rita sat there stunned.

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Mom has a great time 2

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