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  1. Sinful Needs of the Flesh Chapter 1
  2. Sinful Needs of the Flesh Chapter 2

Sinful Needs of the Flesh Chapter 1

Categories Diary, Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Incest

Author: Syzoth

Published: 27 June 2018

  • Font:

My wife Amanda is, quite frankly, is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. No other woman I’ve ever met has ever come close to matching her hotness…her perfect 34C tits, toned ass, washboard 6-pack abs, her naturally tan skin and freckles… and her beautiful face. And a wonderful personality and humility that actually exceeds her physical perfection.

But when I was 22 (a fairly long time ago!), I met a girl who a completely took my heart. I was in love with her at first sight.

Her name is Samantha. She's my cousin.


I grumbled to myself as I finished unpacking the rental car. I had just finished my 3rd year of college. There were many other things that I wanted to do this summer, and spending a week in California with my parents for a family reunion wasn’t exactly on the top of my list. I had never been close to my extended family on my father’s side. My parents and I lived on the East Coast, and the rest of his family were clustered in California, with some random family members in between. I basically never knew any of my aunts, uncles, or cousins while growing up and, quite frankly, it never bothered me. I never even gave it anything thought.

The flight itself was 5 hours---not including the damn 2 hr layover in Chicago---and after we finally landed, it took another 3 long hours to claim our baggage, pick up our rental car, and drive to the campsite where the reunion was being held.

The campsite was actually a resort. Situated on the coast, it consisted of a large, luxurious-looking hotel with a huge campground surrounding it. The entire property had direct access to a pristine beach that seemed to have perfect sand. All in all, I had to admit that the resort was scenic and gorgeous, and I started feeling better about the trip.

My father had a bad back at the time, so I discovered we had reservations for a hotel room. I assumed we’d be toughing it out in the sticks for the entire week, so I was a bit surprised. But I was fine with it. Less hassle than camping.

We checked it, quickly freshened up, and began walking around the premises looking for family. It was the middle of summer, so the resort was packed. Throngs of people were everywhere. But we randomly encountered family members…aunts, uncles, and cousins whom I hadn’t seen since I was a child or had never bet before…and there were hugs, laughter, and lots of catching up with my parents. I smiled, and tried to act interested.

These people were, after all, my family.

At one point, after my parents and I had wandered onto the campgrounds, we found ourselves talking with my Uncle Bruce, who was my father’s younger brother. I barely remembered him. I knew he was married to a woman nabbed Tabitha, whose face I could barely remember, and that they had a daughter named Breanne, whose was slightly older than me and whose face I definitely did not remember.

As my parents and I made conversation with Uncle Bruce, I suddenly noticed a girl hovering nearby. She was tall, around my height at 6’2, and athletic-looking, and her long blonde hair was braided into a side ponytail. She was wearing a thick pink hooded sweatshirt, so I couldn’t make out how big her tits were, but she was wearing cut off denim shorts that were rolled tantalizing up her leg, showing off her muscular thighs. But the thing I noticed was her flawless face.

She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

My parents’ conversation with my Uncle Bruce quickly became vague background notice as I gazed admiringly at her, feeling a tightness quickly developing in the front of my pants. In fact, I stared at her until she noticed and made eye contact with me. I smirked at her, not bothering to hide the fact that I was undressing her with my eyes, and boldly letting her know what was on my mind,.

She blushed, which was such a beautiful sight, and covered her mouth to hide her embarrassed grin. There was something peculiar about her reaction, and I suddenly felt suspicious.

Uncle Bruce turned to the girl and beckoned her over. She approached us, smiling angelically, and came to stand right next to me. I was so awestruck by her physical appearance that I didn’t comprehend yet where this was leading.

“Dear, come meet your family… Uncle Ned and Aunt Tina,” my uncle said to his daughter. Then he gestured towards me to my sudden horror. “And this is your cousin.”


Damn it!

I was hoping to make this a trip to remember by getting to know this girl and hopefully fucking her before I returned home, but that fantasy, obviously just went down the drain.

I shifted awkwardly as I desperately tried to save face. “Hi….uh, Breanne, right?”

My cousin laughed, and it still took my heart away. She spoke, and had a very pretty voice. “No, Breanne is my older sister. I’m Samantha. But you can call me Sam or Sami. It’s nice to meet you…cousin.” She said the last part with a subtle trace of humor, as if she was the only one in on the joke.

I looked at my feet, desperately hoping no one noticed my blushing.

My parents and uncle chatted for a bit longer. Uncle Bruce mentioned that Breanne would be arriving on her own later that day, but a look of sadness and disappointment briefly flashed across his face. Quickly recovering so no one would notice it, he joked that I probably wouldn’t recognize his older daughter since I had only been around 3 years old since I last saw her.

Samantha, or Sami as I called her, simply stood next to me and grinned at me. Clearly, she was relishing in my discomfort.

Eventually, Uncle Bruce said to his daughter, “Sam, why don’t you show your cousin around for a bit? Just make sure you both make it to the conference room at the hotel by 5pm. That’s where we’re meeting with the rest of the family and having dinner.”

Despite my dismay that this gorgeous girl was my blood relative, I still looked at her hopefully.

To my delight, she said, “Sure, dad! We’ll be there on time. See you soon, Uncle Ned and Auntie Tina!”

“Stay out of trouble,” my mother told us playfully as she turned and left with my father and uncle.

Once they were gone, I looked at Sami. She was still openly smirking at me. I coughed and fidgeted nervously, trying to think of something flippant to say.

“Aaawwwkkkaaarrrdddd…” she teased me, drawing out the word.

In spite of everything, I began to chuckle, and we burst into laughter together. The awkwardness suddenly vanished.

“I’m really sorry about earlier. I had no freakin’ clue you’re my cousin!”

“How about let’s try this again, but without the sexual tension?” She extended her hand to me. “Hi, I’m your cousin Sami.”

I shook her hand and told her my name.

After we exchanged initial pleasantries, we began to talk as she gave me an impromptu tour of the campgrounds and beach. I learned that Sami was almost 19, which was why I didn’t remember her; she hadn’t even been born yet the last time I saw my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Tabitha! She had just graduated from high school, and would be attending University of Southern California in the fall, which wasn’t too far from her home, but far enough to be away from the watchful eyes of her parents. Breanne, who was older than her by almost 5 years, was her only sibling.

Sami had an extremely open and easygoing personality, and within the first 15 minutes of meeting her, I felt as if I had known her for years. I found myself as sexually attracted to my cousin as I had ever been to any female, and I had to keep reminding myself that she was family.

Sami, in turn, asked me questions about my life, including family, school, and, personal life. She appeared surprised that my parents and I had no family living close to us, not even from my mother’s side. In contract, Sami had lots of extended family living close by in California and, for the first time ever, I began feeling a sense of longing, regarding family.

I talked to my cousin about school, and how I was entering my 3rd year of undergraduate studies, and that I had pledged a fraternity my second year. I talked about my girlfriend, whom I had met as school. Sami seemed particularly interested about her and asked a lot of questions about my girlfriend. At one point, I wanted to tell my cousin that my girlfriend wasn’t nearly as attractive as she was---not by a long shot---but I didn’t want to be a total creep.

We eventually found ourselves strolling on the beach, sandals in hand. The sun was high in the sky, but the temperature was perfect. The sand felt pure and soft between my toes. Waves were higher and more powerful than anything I had ever seen on the East Coast crashed resoundingly. Surfers were everywhere, and I marveled at all the fit, beautiful bodies, both male and female, all around us. Perhaps it was just my perception, but it seemed as though almost everyone on the beach, including Sami, could pass for a model. As I stood next to my hot cousin, watching all the glistening skin frolicking on the beach, I feel another stirring in my shorts.

So this is what California is like, I thought contently to myself.

Sami noticed me peering out into the blue ocean. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” She spoke softly.

I looked at her profoundly, without even realizing, and smiled. “Yes. Yes it is.”

She merely blushed and looked at the sparkling waters with me in silence.

After a while, Sami suddenly asked me, “Do you surf?”

I snorted. “I wish! About the only thing I do at the beach is splash around in the water and kick sand.”

Sami pursed her lips. “You definitely gotta try it while you’re here in Cali. Meet me right here tomorrow, I’ll give you a crash course in surfing.” She paused, then quickly added, “If you like.”

The idea of learning how to surf almost excited me as much as the thought of my cousin in a bikini.


“That sounds totally awesome. I’d like that lot.

It was close to 5pm, so we made our way back to the hotel. We located the conference room, and I was fairly stunned to find it jam packed with people. I never realized I had such a huge family!

Family whom I barely knew or had never met before.

But Sami seemed to know them all. She hugged and laughed with and spoke with everyone who came our way. Strangely, I began to feel like an outsider, a stranger to my own extended family. But my cousin quickly sensed my discomfort, and my overall shyness around large groups of people, so she started making a concerted effort to introduce me to everyone and involve me in conversations.

Looking back on that kind but simple act, I appreciate it even more now, all these years later.

“Hey, Sam!”

We were looking for our parents when Sami turned around. A girl wearing a tube top barring her sexy midriff and ripped jeans quickly ran up to her. Both squealed in delight as they embraced. It appeared as though they hadn’t seen each other in quite sometime.

I didn’t get a good look at this new girl until they let go of each other. She was a few inches shorter than Sami, which still put her close to 6 feet tall, but possessed the same blonde hair, which was tied up in pigtails. She work dark eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick which gave her a decidedly Gothic look, and I thought I noticed glitter in whatever other makeup she was wearing on her face. She also had tattoos adorning her arms, shoulders, and lower back.

Although the new girl wasn’t as slim as Sami, and bigger boned, she was still built close to perfection. She had nice tits that looked on the verge of being too big for her frame, and showed off a navel ring on her exposed tummy, which I found oddly sexy. The girl seemed quite different than Sami, both in her body structure and personality. Sami seemed like more of an “All-American girl” while I wouldn’t have be surprised to find this other girl at a rave.

I immediately categorized the raver chick just below Sami in terms of hotness.

Although a stranger probably wouldn’t be able to figure out who was younger---or older---between the two, their similar facial features immediately gave them away as sisters.

The girls spent a little bit of time talking animatedly to each other before Sami turned to me and formally introduced me to her sister.

Breanne smiled, making them look even more alike. “I remember you, it’s been such a long time!”

I nodded, marveling at both of my beautiful cousins. “I think I was around 3 years old when we saw each other last. According to your dad, anyway.”

Breanne face immediately darkened when I mentioned her father. She turned to her younger sister. “Where is dad, anyway?”

“He’s around here someplace. Probably taking pictures of everyone, knowing him.

Breanne sighed. “I better go find him and get this over with.” She gave us both a curt nod and left.

“Whoa, what’s going on there?”

Sami shook her head sadly. “Dad isn’t happy that my sister’s boyfriend got her pregnant. He’s really old fashioned, and wants us both to be married first before we have children. The last time Breanne and my father saw each other was when she told him, and they haven’t spoken to each his other since. That was almost a month ago.”

I pictured Breanne sexy tummy and belly ring in my mind; she definitely didn’t appear pregnant to me.

Sami and I continued to mingle with our family, and as the night progressed, I found myself actually happy that I had attended our family reunion. It was nice getting reacquainted, and getting to know, my extended family.

Especially Sami.

We spent the entire evening talking and getting to know each other more. When the end of the night had arrived---way too soon, it felt like----she asked me to accompany her back to the campsite. I did so happily.

The sky was completely black by the time we made it to her tent. She turned to me and smiled, making my heart pound hard in my chest. “Thanks for walking me back.” She casually waved her hand at her tent. “It’s a single person tent, but I feel like I could fit another person in there.”

I stared curiously at my cousin. In the darkness, I couldn’t see her expression, but noticed she was looking down at the ground. And perhaps it was a trick of the moonlight, but I could’ve sworn she was blushing...

A thousand naughty thoughts immediately came to mind and made my dick throb as I fantasized about getting in that tent with her.

But I sighed and politely inclined my head at my cousin. “I should probably get back to my hotel room.” I almost regretted those words as soon as they left my mouth. “I had a great time with you today, Sami. I’m really glad that I met you.”

“Me, too. I think we’ll have a lot of fun together on this trip.” My cousin surprised me by giving me a soft kiss on my cheek. It was probably my imagination, but it felt as though that kiss lingered a bit longer than was appropriate.

Glad that the darkness hid my burning cheeks, I wordlessly turned and began walking away, unsure what to think.

“Oh, remember, you’re meeting me at the beach at 10am for your surfing lesson. Don’t forget!”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


I wandered back to my hotel room, my mind totally preoccupied with Sami. I was embarrassed, and almost horrified to admit it, but I was totally infatuated with my cousin. My hard-on was practically bursting out of my pants as I entered my hotel room and headed into the bathroom where I promptly masturbated in the shower.

I shook my head and chuckled. Jerking off while thinking about Sami was obviously as close as I’d ever get with her!


I headed to the beach at the assigned time after breakfast. Dressed in board shorts and a tank top I was anxious for my surfing lesson, but especially to see Sami again.

It was hard not to miss my cousin laying out of on the sand on her oversized beach towel. She was in a supine position propped out on her elbows and looking out at the morning waves. Her hair was rolled up in a tight bun and her surfboard was planted upright in the sand like a tombstone.

However, what truly captivated my attention was the hot pink 2 piece bikini that adorned Sami’s tight body. I tried not to stare at her breasts. I had definitely seem bigger, but on her athletic frame they seemed perfect. And her ass was equally as fantastic! Her bikini bottom had those sexy side-ties that I really wanted to reach out and untie. It wonderfully accentuated her hips and lower back, those tantalizing areas on every woman’s body.

Sami suddenly struck me as the quintessential California girl: a tall blonde, athletic, and hot-looking surfer chick.

I felt myself growing hard, and immediately tried to will it away. How embarrassing would it be walking around the beach with an erection!

Sami noticed me and flashed me a smile. “Good morning, Sunshine! I’m glad you made it!”

“Like I said, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

I sat next to her, and we talked for a bit. Sami reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of suntan lotion. “Need some?” she offered.

“Sure. Thanks.”

As we applied the lotion to ourselves, I tried to sneak a peak at my cousin through the corner of my eye.

Sami abruptly turned to me, and I was momentarily afraid that I had been caught. She handed me the bottle. “Do you mind?”

“Uh….sure…not at all….” I wasn’t even sure what she was asking me.

Sami rolled her body and lay flat on her stomach, turning her head to the side. Then, to my confusion, she reached behind herself and undid the tie to her bikini top! She laid the straps out to the side away from her body.

I stood rooted in place and stared at her exposed back. Sami clearly spent a lot of time in bikinis and on beaches, but I didn’t notice any tan lines, which I found way, way sexier than Breanne’s belly ring.

“My back?”


“My back. Will you rub suntan lotion on my back? Please. There, I asked nicely.” Sami laughed, teasing me.

“Uh…yea, sure. I can do that. No problem.”

I lowered myself next to my cousin and squirted a copious amount of suntan lotion into my hands. I rubbed it in my palms to warm it up. With hands that were surprisingly trembling, I began applying it all over my cousin’s backside.

I instantly felt a catch in my throat and a flutter in my heart the moment I touched her. Sami’s skin was so warm, firm yet smooth, and I found myself gently kneading her flesh.

Sami cooed softy. “Mmm…that feels good…”

I began wishing that she’d roll onto her back so I could rub the lotion all over her tits. Instead, she began undoing the side-ties to her bikini bottom much in the same way that she had opened her top. I glanced at the exposed sides of her hips, and didn’t notice any tan lines there, either.

Goddamn, did my cousin sunbathe naked?

I began massaging the suntan lotion all over her Sami’s lower back and hips, wanting for all the world to pull away her opened bikini to glimpse what was underneath. I vaguely wondered if Sami was creeped out that her male cousin had his hands all of over her body. But by the sounds she was making, I knew that she liked it. Emboldened, I moved my hand further down to the back of her thighs, spending a great deal of time here before working to her calves. My cousin easily possessed the longest legs I had ever seen on a girl.

I must’ve swabbed Sami’s body with 2 extra coats of suntan lotion.

“Thank you,” she said matter-of-factly.

“No, thank YOU,” I thought wryly to myself.

We remained on her beach towel for a while longer to let the suntan lotion soak into our bodies, until Sami finally secures her bikini top and bottom again, much to my dismay, rolled to her feet, and pulled her surfboard from the sand.

She tried giving me some verbal instructions on what to do, but most of it went over my head. It was hard paying attention when all I wanted to do was stare at my cousin.

“Nevermind!” Sami told me, exasperated. “Just watch what I do.”

With that, she leashed the surfboard to her ankle, tucked it under her arm, and loped towards the ocean on quick and nimble feet. Once she was out far enough from the beach, Sami brought the surfboard underneath her, dove forward, and glided smoothly onto the water, all in one fluid motion. I watched my cousin as she lay prone on her surfboard and paddled further into the ocean. She was so graceful in her every move.

Sami eventually turned so that she was facing the beach. She only had to wait a few moments to catch the right wave. As the ocean water came rolling in, Sami stood up as the wave caught her surfboard and zoomed her forward.

To this day, I wish I would’ve had a camera at that precise moment. The way Sami crouched so athletically on her surfboard, riding that wave with the bright sun and sparkling ocean behind her…it was like a picture straight out of a magazine. My cousin looked so impressive and sexy, like some kind of blonde Californian surfer goddess.

Sami zigzagged on the water and coasted in, coming to a stop not more than a few feet away from me. She nimbly hopped off her surfboard and approached. I looked at her in admiration, and it wasn’t only because she was dripping wet in a 2-piece bikini.

“Ok,” she told me. “Let’s start you off slowly.”

For the next hour or so, I made a total ass of myself. I was athletic, and play a lot of sports, but surfing involved a different set of skills and athleticism that I was accustomed to. Sami couldn’t stop laughing at my utter lack of coordination. My feelings would’ve been hurt had her laughter not been so infectious and wonderful to my ears. Truth be told, I thought surfing was such a cool thing, but all I cared about was being able to spend time with my cousin, and doing together with her that obviously made her happy.

At some point, Sami hugged me, giving me credit for my genuine effort. I reacted instinctively, wrapping my arms around her waist and holding her close. Her breasts pressed against my chest, and my crotched rubbed against the front of her bikini bottom. Sami felt so perfect against me that I didn’t want to let go.

She didn’t pull away.

I knew this was inappropriate behavior with family, but I was starting not to care anymore. And I was beginning to suspect, much to my astonishment, that Sami didn’t, either.

We held each other close, closer and longer than was appropriate for 2 cousins. Finally, she slowly withdrew from me, her nose gliding so tantalizingly against the side of my face. Had I turned my head even slightly, my lips would’ve been on hers. Instead, Sami took my hand and looked directly at me.

“Let’s take a walk on the beach,” she said softly.

Planting her surfboard into the sand next to her beach towel, we began to walk. We didn’t say anything to each other at first; the way we held each other’s hand spoke volumes about our feelings toward each other. I knew what I felt for Sami was wrong and taboo, and that even the more thought of having sex with her wouldn’t end well.

Then again, as the saying goes, people always want what they can’t have. And Sami was the very definition of “forbidden fruit”.

Sami sighed and finally stopped, pulling me to a halt with her. “Do you feel it, too?” There was a touch of melancholy in her voice.

My heart skipped a beat. “What do you mean?” I asked cautiously.

Still holding my hand, she placed it over her breast; her heart was palpating rapidly.

There was no use pretending anymore.

“I’ve wanted you the moment I laid eyes on you.” I spoke softly but fervently.

She smiled sadly. “I know. Me, too.”

Hearing those words made my heart soar even higher. But her bleak expression tempered my emotions.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. I…. I don’t know why we’re even talking about it. It’s not like anything can ever happen between us.”

I swallowed hard. She was right, of course. We were family. Cousins. The mere idea of incest wasn’t something that was palatable or even worth considering.

At least, that’s how I felt before I met Sami.

“You feel that same way as I do, don’t you?” I asked her gently.

Sami didn’t say anything for a while, and couldn’t even look at me.


“Well…” I hesitated, frantically trying to think of some way to legitimize our feelings for each other and, at the same time, put my cousin at ease. “This is kinda like summer camp, right? I mean, haven’t you ever spent time away from home, met someone you really liked, and hooked up with him? And then when summer camp was over, you both went on your separate ways like nothing happened, and everything was cool?”

Sami stared at me. “Are you comparing our family reunion to summer camp?” she asked incredulously.

Then she burst out laughing, and I couldn’t help but join her in laughter. Finally, after we calmed down, I leaned in towards her and touched my forehead to hers. I still couldn’t believe that Sami was my cousin, and that we were acting this way towards each other. But she clearly felt the same way, and it all felt so right even though I knew it was terribly wrong.

“These next few days can be whatever we want them to be,” I told her quietly, taking both of her hands into mine. “All I know is, I want to spend them with you. And…” I hesitated before taking the plunge. “I want you. Badly.”

Sami blushed and shifted in embarrassment. I would’ve kissed her right then and there if there hadn’t been a risk, however slight, of a random family member spotting us.

“Tonight,” was all my cousin said.

I looked at her quizzically.

“I’m going to the spa with my mom and sister later today.”

I swore. “Damn it, I forgot my parents and I have some events planned with other family.”

Sami playfully tugged at my hands. “So let’s meet up again later tonight,” she insisted in a playful tone. My cousin paused and smiled and smiled mischievously. “In my tent.”

“Oh? And what are we going to do there?”

This time, Sami didn’t care if anyone saw us. She kissed me on the lips. She tasted like wonderful sweet nectar.

“You’ll have to wait and find out.”


I couldn’t stop thinking of Sami during the afternoon excursion with my parents. Even they had noticed my distant expression, and repeatedly asked me I was ok. Naturally, I gave them some generic reassurances each time.

Strangely, I had thought that spending some time away from my cousin would clear my head and bring me back to reality. There was no doubt in my mind that having feelings for Sami was just going to end in heartbreak for the both of us. But the longer I was away from her, the more I missed her. And I knew in this instance that my heart was going to win out over my head. But I wondered what Sami was thinking right now. Would she comes to her senses and realize that we were making a huge mistake? Or did she still feel the same way as me?

Sami didn’t let me down.

It was already dark when I approached her tent. I make a fist in preparation right knock when I almost slapped by forehead with my palm, realizing that there wasn’t a door. I was nervous, and wasn’t thinking straight.

But before I could call out to Sami, a small lantern snapped on inside the tent, and I could see her tall silhouette. There was an unzipping sound followed by the tent flap opening. My cousin poked her head out. She had her long blonde hair down which gave her a different, but still sexy, appeal, and she work a sundress that clung beautifully to her athletic body.

Sami quickly ushered me inside. She and I were both over 6 feet tall, so I had to drop to my knees as I entered. She quickly zipped the flap closed again and turned off the lantern. Only random lights from the outside kept the interior from being pitch black.

Before we could even say anything, my cousin threw her arms around my neck and pulled me close. Our passion and energy had been building up to this moment, and we kissed with such passion and ferocity that I was certain someone would hear us. Our lips smacked, and our tongues explored each other’s mouths, hands exploring each other. Sami had such a tight body. I squeezed her ass, and she moaned into my lips.

After a wonderfully long kiss, we reluctantly pulled away from each other to catch our breaths.

“I’ve been dreaming about that ever since I laid eyes on you.”

“Shhh!” Sami warned. “We’re going to have to be quiet. There’s people all around us. And my parents are in the trailer right next to us.”

I suddenly remembered Breanne. “What about your sister?” I asked, lowering my voice. “Is she staying with you?”

Sami snorted. “Are you kidding me?” She struggled to keep her voice to a whisper. “Bree’s too high-maintenance to sleep on the ground or in a tent. She has a room at the resort.”

Even in the darkness, I could see Sami’s mouth curl into a smile. Then she sighed. “All day, I’ve been trying to convince myself not to do this. I’ve been telling myself that we’re both crazy, and that this is a really, REALLY bad idea. But I came to a painful conclusion.” She put her arms around me again, and touched her forehead to mine once more. “I want you to be with me tonight.”

A lump formed in my mouth. There were many ways that I could interpret her last sentence, but instantly understand what she meant.

And what she wanted.

We kissed again, and as we did so, I began sliding the sundress down her body even as she commenced undoing the buttons of my shirt. It was too dark to see the color of Sami’s panties and bra; in fact, I could barely see Sami at all.

Without the sense of sight, I had to resort to the sense of touch. I reached out and felt Sami’s body, placing my hands on the sides of her neck and gliding them downward…down the length of the arms… then up again and over her breasts. They were perfect and firm like the rest of her body. I lingered my hands there for a bit before I explored the rest of her figure, feeling her toned tummy and coming to a rest on her hips.

After since I had seen Sami in that 2 piece bikini earlier, I couldn’t stop thinking about her hips, and how the top of her bikini bottom perfectly highlighted her lower back and ass.

I squeezed her hips gently in my hands, playfully twisting her pelvis so that her body rotated back and forth. I ran the back of my hand against her flat stomach, hooked my index finger into the waistband of her panties, and tugged suggestively.

I should’ve been nervous; I should’ve been scared to get caught; I should’ve been repulsed at the thought of committing incest with my cousin.

But I wanted this more than anything.

“Take off your clothes,” I commanded Sami quietly.

I heard the rustle of clothing followed by a soft, nervous breath.

In was dark in the tent interior, so I could barely make out my cousin’s nakedness. But I just make out her long and lean outline, and her V-shaped upper body that clearly indicated how fit she was. It was too dim for me to discern her breasts or see what was between her legs, but my imagination ran rampant.

I reached out to touch Sami, caressing her face between my hands and drawing her near me again. I could feel my cousin trembling. I felt such overwhelming affection for her at that precise moment, and all I wanted to do was be gentle and make her happy. I kissed her once more….softly, reigning in my raging lust. Sami’s seemed to melt into mine, and I could feel her growing much more relaxed. Our tongues were in each other’s mouths now, and my hands found their way to her hips once more. Every part of Sami’s body was magnificent, but I absolutely could not get enough of her hips and her ass, and her lower back.

With the need to please my cousin overriding all other thought, I instantly dropped to my knees. My hands were still on her hips as I leaned my face closer between her thighs. I inhaled deeply, and there were a wonderful fragrance emanating from her that made me think of the ocean.

How appropriate, I thought to myself.

“What are you doing?” she demanded in a subdued voice.

I peered up at my cousin, and I sincerely hoped she could see the loving smile on my face. “I just want to make you happy, Sami.” I inhaled again, and squeezed her hips affectionately. “God, you smell so good.”

Without waiting for a response, I extended my tongue, and buried my face between my cousin’s legs.

I heard a sharp intake of air, and felt Sami’s body stiffen. But she didn’t resist. Pressing my face flush against her sex, I began enthusiastically lathering her clit with my tongue. I was delighted to discover it was bare and smooth, which heightened my arousal even more.

I ran my hands up and down the back of her legs as I continued to tongue her, eventually sliding my hands up the back of her thighs to palm her asscheeks. They felt equally as first as her breasts.

My mouth was, literally, watering as I gently parted Sami’s legs. I bathed all around her sex with my tongue, and could taste her thin saltiness in my mouth. Then, licking my lips, I protruded my tongue and penetrated my cousin’s vaginal opening as deeply as I could.

Sami gasped again and recoiled in surprise, but I kept my hands squarely planted on her ass, keeping pelvis in place before my onslaught. I initially kept my head still, and my tongue motions swift and compact. But once I felt her hands on the back of my head and whimpers of encouragement, I began to bob my head back and forth rhythmically, trying to keep my tongue firmly extended to penetrate her as deeply as possible.

Sami widened her stance, and flexed slightly at her knees, gaping her sex even further for me. She began slowly gyrating her hips against my face.

“Mmm…fuck…” I murmured into her. Sami tasted just as salty as before, but her essence felt thicker in my mouth as I rolled my tongue. The scent of her sex was still amazing, yet I longed to be able to see it with my own eyes; that, and the rest of her body.

I would’ve happily given my cousin oral sex all night, buy she abruptly whispered “No!” and withdrew from me.

I felt as if a cold hand gripped my heart. “What’s wrong? Are you ok? Is this too much?”

“This is absolutely perfect, and better than I could’ve ever imagined.”

My entire being soared at her words. “Then what’s wrong?”

Sami was already guiding me towards the center of her tent when she responded softly to me, “I want you inside of me. Right now.”

My erection, which was already rock-hard, surged even more with excitement. Cousin or not, I had been fantasizing about Sami ever since we met, and I had been waiting impatiently for this moment to oblige her. I felt a momentary pang of guilt at the wrongness of it all, but I easily cast it aside.

Then I realized a serious lack of oversight on my part.

“What’s wrong?” Sami demanded as I began to swear.

I cursed again. “I didn’t protection,” I told her in a strangled voice.

Sami’s voice was impatient, and I was surprised, yet proud, to discover that her sexual need right now matched my own. “It’s ok, just pull out before you cum.” She reach out and, despite the darkness, easily found my throbbing erection. “I need this inside of me right now.” Her voice was stern and left no room for argument.

Sami slowly laid down onto her open sleeping bag as she guided me over her by gently pulling on my manhood. It pulsed in her hand like a beating heart, and I moaned at her touch. I crawled closer to my cousin as she brought the tip of my penis to her vaginal entrance.

Clearly, this girl knew what she wanted.

Before I could ask Sami if she was certain about this, she spread her thighs out. Feeling like everything was suddenly right in the world, I gently lowed myself onto my cousin

My erection slid into Sami’s wet, gaping hole easily, like a knife through butter. I didn’t stop until I was completed immersed in her, chest to chest and hip to hip. Our foreheads were touching as she wrapped her long legs and arms around me.

For a long while, we remained in that tight, intertwined position as one. A single entity. We didn’t speak; we didn’t need to. My cousin and I both knew what we felt for each other, and realized what the future, unfortunately, had in store for us. But we didn’t care. We just wanted to be knowingly selfish and short-sighted, and enjoy the moment.

Sami kissed again, a long, wonderfully drawn out process that was gentle and filled with the utmost affection. Feeling my manhood screaming for attention inside of her, I began slowly pumping my pelvis into her. Slowly at first, in rhythm to Sami’s soft moans, then gradually faster as I heard her beginning to breath more rapidly and ragged.

She tried to control my pace by keeping her legs wrapped around me, but I eventually shrugged them off my waist as I began driving in and out of her more fiercely. We were both sweating now, and grunting like animals. Instead of trying to control me, Sami suddenly reversed her tactic and spread her legs into a wide V-shape, offering her sex to me completely.

I slid my hand behind her head and mashed my lips hard onto hers, kissing her furiously and devouring her mouth. Sami gave as good as she got, and for a moment, I thought she wouldn’t stop until she shoved her tongue completely down my throat!

All while we continued to fuck.

I, quite literally, couldn’t contain myself any longer. I began to feel the telltale surge deep within my groin.

Sami was holding onto my so tightly that I had to tear my face away from hers. “I’m going to cum,” I gasped.

I felt my Sami’s limbs ensnaring me even tighter.

I suddenly began to panic. A crazy image flashed in my head: my cousin noticeably pregnant, and the two of us having to answer some very awkward questions from our family and friends. I even vaguely wondered if our child, the product of incest, would be born misshapen.

Half driven by fear--- although part of me actually wanted to remain inside Sami--- I pulled away and physically detached myself from my cousin. I squeezed my penile muscles tightly, unsure where to erupt, straining to contain my load. But, fortunately, my cousin solved the issue for me by reaching for my engorged erection in the darkness and furiously stroking me off.

I bit my lip to keep my moans low as Sami ruthlessly finished me off. In the darkness, I couldn’t see where I had ejaculated, but I did know was that this was easily the longest and hardest climax that I had ever experienced.

Sami’s palm continued to quickly slide up and down my shaft until I begged her to stop, my manhood feeling so extremely sensitive orgasming. My cousin was actually chuckling when she finally stopped masturbating me.

In a daze, I collapsed on the sleeping bag and blindly crawled next to Sami. A million thoughts raced through my head.

I just slept with the most beautiful girl in the world…

Did I REALLY just fuck my cousin ???

Something else occurred to me as I felt the pungent odor of my own semen.

“Did… did you just jerk me off all over yourself?” I asked in disbelief.

My cousin snorted. “Where else was I supposed to put it? I didn’t want you to ruin all my stuff!"

Vaguely, that made sense. We were in close quarters, after all.

Sami and I both froze as we suddenly heard footsteps right outside the tent. There was a brief pause, and I found myself unconsciously holding my breath.

“Sami, is everything ok in there?”

The voice belonged to my Uncle Bruce.

Sami’s father.

“Yes, daddy,” she answered in a casual tone that still sounded wildly strained to me. “I’m fine. Just about to go to bed.”

“Oh, ok. I…um…I thought I heard something…another voice…” He left his sentence unfinished.

This time, Sami actually did sound exasperated. “Dad, I don’t have a boy in here. I know you’re still upset about Breanne, but you don’t have to worry about me.”

Ouch. It seemed harsh for Sami to use her father’s own emotions against him, but it work.

Uncle Bruce stammered an embarrassed apology. “I love you, Sam,” he said finally.

“I love you, too daddy.”

We listened as he trudged away. There was a sound of a metal door opening and closing, then silence.

I sighed in relief.

“Hold me,” Sami said to me in the darkness. “I don’t want this moment to end just yet.”

I felt her roll onto her side, and I snuggled up behind her in a spoon position. My penis dug slightly into her butt, and I felt myself growing immediately hard again. But my cousin lay still, and I could tell that she was lost in thought.

“Do you think this was a mistake?” she asked quietly.

The question caught me by surprise. However, my answer was immediate. “No, not at all. In fact, I was just thinking to myself how right this all feels.”

Sami exhaled sharply, and I imaged she was smiling. “Me, too,” she said, taking my hand in hers and squeezing it tightly. “But I don’t see any way that this can end well for us. And… and once you leave California to go back home…” There was an audible catch in my cousin’s voice as it trailed off.

The realization that I’d be returning to the East Coast with my parents in just 3 short days tore at my heart. I couldn’t image leaving Sami just as I was getting to know her. Everything felt like it was happening for a reason, and in that vulnerable moment, I felt an overwhelming emotion for her

Such was the naiveté of my youth.

I stroked my Sami’s soft hair and held her close. Her body was so warm and firm, and felt perfect against me, like a key in a lock. I kissed her affectionately on the neck, just below her ear.

“I won’t ever regret anything about this trip.” I spoke softly in my cousin’s ear, but the conviction in my tone was fierce. “And I definitely won’t regret anything about you. About us.”

“ ‘Us’… mmm…I like the sound of that.” A pause. “Promise me something?”

“Of course, Sami. Anything.”

“Let’s make the most of the time we have left together. And whatever happens after that…we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

I snuggled against her and rubbed my nose against her neck, making her giggle and squirm in my embrace.

“I promise.”

I held my cousin close for a long time, and didn’t leave her tent until the sun was just about to rise.

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Sinful Needs of the Flesh Chapter 1

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Comments (2)
Pfiredude — 27 June 2018 13:59
I LOVE this story!!! You've gotta continue !!! I had a cousin that that made my sticker peck out as well. Unfortunately in those days it wasn't even considered and I was too young to be original ! DAMN IT !!!
Pfiredude — 27 June 2018 13:57
I LOVE this story!!! You've gotta continue !!! I had a cousin that that made my sticker peck out as well. Unfortunately in those days it wasn't even considered and I was too young to be original ! DAMN IT !!!
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