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Surprise Birthday Fuck

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Oral Sex

Author: redheadfukka

Published: 27 June 2018

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I laid naked on the bed with my head propped up on the headboard and a blindfold around my eyes. It was dark and my mind raced to what she could be planning for my thirtieth birthday. The excitement of the evening had caused me to develop a staggeringly hard erection that I gently massaged while I waited for whatever was next. Normally Kimberly, my wife of six years, was not exceptionally adventurous in the bedroom, although she did have an increasing interest in knowing my “fantasies” as of very recently there were still things I was wary about sharing with her. For instance, the fact that her sister Leah and I had always had a flirtatious rapport that I had never experienced to that level with anyone, not even Kimberly. I knew deep down that this knowledge would hurt her too much.

As my mind was wandering and my hand was stroking my cock I heard footsteps approaching and the door open gingerly. I heard something set down on the desk on the opposite side of the bedroom, which itself wasn’t large. Then I could make out distinct sound of clothes dropping to the wood floor. Two hands firmly grabbed my leg just above the ankle and slid up to my erect manhood. I could feel the weight of the bed shift as Kimberly kneeled on the end of the bed. I could feel hot breath on my cock as her hair fell down on my stomach and inner thighs. I felt her sweet lips on the head of my cock and without warning, she swallowed the entirety of the length of my cock. I gasped from the immense sensation and heard her gag for a moment as my cock bottomed out in the back of her throat. She lifted her mouth off my cock and I could hear her cough and breath heavily before going back again and again. All I could say was, “Oh fuck Kim, this feels so fucking good!” Every once in a while she would lick the underside of the length of my shaft.

She placed her hands on my shoulders, which I interpreted as her wanting me to lay flat on the bed so I complied. I could feel her repositioning herself next to me on the bed and I reached over to where I thought she was but stead felt her legs as she swung one leg over my head and lowered her sopping wet pussy near my mouth as she grabbed my cock with her hands. She continued giving me head and I took the hint and pulled her pussy down the rest of the way to my mouth. I must admit I was thinking to myself at this moment that this was probably the best blowjob she has ever given me in our years together.

With her pussy straddling my mouth I penetrated my tongue in as far as it could go. Her pussy tasted exceptionally sweet tonight and I moved my tongue in and out, still blindfolded as my hands found their way to the small of her back and pushed her down further into me. She let out a muffled moan as my tongue rubbed firmly against her clitoris. We continued in this position as her hips gyrated back and forth from the stimulation. She lifted herself up on me, letting my cock out of her mouth and putting even more of her weight on my face and muffled a loud moan by biting her lip. Her breathing increased rapidly and she put her hands down on my abs and moved her ass up and down, increasing her stimulation. She let out a loud, unhindered moan as she reached her first orgasm of the evening.

Still breathing heavily as I wiped away her sweet pussy juices from around my mouth. “That was amazing, baby. Your pussy tasted so wonderful”, I said as she planted a firm, sensual kiss on my lips. We began making out even harder and I slid my hand up her back and rubbed it through her hair. Immediately touching her hair I knew that something was off with this whole situation. Kimberly had straight dirty blonde hair but the head I was holding was thicker and curly. I broke off the kiss and ripped the blindfold off my head. Sitting on the bed next to me with a coy, sexy smile was Leah, Kimberly’s older sister by three years. My heart was racing to the fact that I was having oral pleasures with my sister-in-law and they were the best I had ever had in my life. “Leah…what are you doing here?” I said. “Happy birthday, David,” she said with a smile as she leaned over to kiss me again. I wanted to kiss her back but pulled away as she narrowly missed, opening her eyes and looking at me. “Does Kim know you’re here?” She smiled again and nodded up and down, pointing to a phone propped up on the desk five feet away from us. She leaned over and whispered softly in my ear, “I am Kim’s birthday present to you. She asked me to pleasure you in whatever way you desire and she wants to watch you fuck me. So let's give her a good show!” These words sent shivers down my spine and my mind raced again with what I wanted to do with and to her. This is the one-off event that I had fantasized about for years, I had to make it count.

I looked at the phone and winked, knowing that Kim was on the other end of that doing who knows what with herself. Leah and I kissed again and I repositioned myself on the bed pulling her on top of me. She straddled my throbbing hard cock and positioned it at the tip of her moist cunt. She lowered herself down slowly. When she was about halfway down, I thrust up my hips filling the rest of her pussy with my cock. She shrieked as I relaxed and part of my cock came back out. She lowered herself the rest of the way, consuming my whole manhood in her tight hole. She rose up again and back down, each time slamming down with more force. My hands found their way to her hips and guided her up and down on my shaft. She was in a straight, erect position and rode up and down, squatting on either side of me to allow herself to easily rise up my whole length. Looking up at her in amazement as she squeezed her breasts in each hand and bit her lip as she lowered herself down, grinding back and forth before rising again.

Before I continue with the story, I have to tell you a little about these sisters. There are three of them, each beautiful and cunning in their own way. Kimberly and I had met first when we were in college. We had a group of mutual friends and began to take a liking to each other. She is a 5’5”, 115 pound blonde with the largest breasts of the three with 34D’s. That was the only thing large about her though as her waist and legs were quite thin and she had not much of an ass. She was the outgoing of the bunch and six years later we had two children together. The youngest of Kim’s sisters is Molly, a redhead with a feisty personality. At 27, she is three years younger than Kim and six years younger than Leah. She has the smallest breasts of the group with little 36B’s but makes up for that shortage by having by far the best ass of the group. There have been many family beach vacations where I have pleasured myself to that beautiful ass in her bikini. When Kim and I were dating, I used to steal some of Molly’s panties and leave her presents of my dried cum in them. I never was certain if she figured out what it was in her dirty panties, but I always found it amusing when she’d bend over and I would see her wearing panties that I had came in. Last but certainly not least is Leah, the subject of our story and the most cunning but introverted of the sisters. She and her husband had three children together, but she worked very hard on her body and if you didn’t know otherwise you would never have guessed. She was tan with long slender legs, a toned stomach, 34C breasts, hazel eyes and a head of curly brunette hair.

Leah and her husband married a few months before Kim and I started dating, so I had only ever known her as a married woman. Her husband worked a lot of hours and had a demanding job that on occasion had him away Monday through Thursday, leaving Leah to raise the kids on her own. Kim and I had moved our family close by to help her and their parents, who were also getting on in age. I worked from home and had the flexibility to work from wherever I wanted, so it made sense to move back home to San Diego. Before this birthday encounter, as we started to see each other more we started to enjoy each others company. One time in the winter Kim, Leah and I were walking downtown and there was a brisk winter breeze off the lake. Leah and Kim both had their arms wrapped around mine and not having good gloves on, found both of their hands in mine inside the pocket of my winter jacket. Guys walking by us smirked as they saw me holding hands of two beautiful women at the same time, probably imaging I was heading off to partake in some erotic threesome which never took place. But holding Leah’s hand was electric. She intertwined her fingers in my in the coat and I had felt the blood start pumping to my crotch. It took every effort not to get an erection on the sidewalk on State Street. Never in my wildest dream though would I have imagined my wife picking up on the queues that I had a crush on her sister and fulfilling them wonderfully in a surprise birthday present.

She removed her hands from her breasts and replaced them with mine, which I promptly squeezed. They were surprisingly firm and gave good bounce. She placed her hands on my chest as she picked up speed on my cock. I pulled her down on me without warning and took over giving her five good firm thrusts before lifting her off me. I indicated that I wanted to enter her from behind and we positioned so Kim had a good view from the camera. Leah had her head and chest off the bed and her ass up in the air, presenting both her pussy and puckered ass hole to me. I spit in my hand, rubbing it onto my cock before placing it at the entrance to her pussy. Inch by inch I entered in, every few seconds pulling out before pushing back in. Her pussy and body, in general, were remarkably tight for having given birth to three babies naturally. It almost felt like my cock was stretching her out, which in my deepest fantasies I had not imagined being the case. Grabbing her hips, I thrust in again. She was on her elbows now with her head craned back and she was looking up at me saying “Oh god yes. Fuck that little pussy!” Being as reserved and introverted as she was I don’t think I had ever heard her use such wonton language and it was a big turn on. I thrust harder and faster and could feel her breasts flailing around as she moaned in pleasure again.

My body was telling me that I needed to slow down or else my free pass with this beautiful woman would be over too soon. I pulled out of her and we relaxed back on the bed, her in my arms as we kissed and fondled each other. I fingered her, bringing her close to orgasm before ceasing as she continued to softly stroke my cock. This gave me a moment to recover and think about which positions I wanted to try next. In my bedroom, we had a long double sliding closet door that was a full-length mirror. With us laying on our sides, I entered her pussy from behind as we watched my balls swing back and forth. My left arm was over the top of her and began stimulating the clitoris with my fingers while thrusting straight up, giving her unrelenting stimulation. With my right arm underneath her, I found my way to her neck and wrapping my hand around pulled her head back to kiss me. As she kissed me, she began to breathe heavily again as a second orgasm came over her body. This one last for what seemed like a full minute and I tightened my grip on her throat and began thrusting harder. With each thrust, her ass jiggled and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. Before I could finish that thought I could feel my cock get even harder and I pushed into her as far as I could, letting out stream after stream of my hot seed deep into her wanting cunt. I released her throat and we just laid there with me still inside of her, both of us trying to catch our breath.

After a few minutes, we got up together and held hands as I led her to the bathroom. We hopped in the shower together and washed each other off, taking as much time as we could to partake in soft, tender kisses. Off the record of the live feed she had setup with Kim, I told her that she was the best present I could have ever wanted or desired. She told me that the present was just as much for her as it was for me. She mentioned with Brian being gone all the time that it had been years since she had fucked like that and she really enjoyed herself. We dried ourselves off and staying naked got into bed together, this time under the covers and we fell asleep with her in my arms. The last thing I remember before dozing off was firstly thinking about how I could ever repay Kim for such an amazing birthday present and secondly how I could finagle my way into fucking Leah again.

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Surprise Birthday Fuck

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redheadfukka28 June 2018 15:21
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