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Cumming Clean with Daddy

Categories True Story, Incest, Teen, Virginity

Author: tom231002

Published: 28 June 2018

  • Font:

I stood in the shower and closing my eyes, sighed contently. There was nothing more enjoyable than standing in a hot shower, the steam giving me a warm drowsy feeling as the water hitting my body relaxed me even more. Well, no, there was one thing more enjoyable than a hot shower and that would be if there was someone in here with me.

As I slowly lathered myself with strawberry scented body wash, my soapy hands slid across my small perky breasts. I moaned softly when my palms grazed my hard pink nipples. I moved my hands over my breasts and down my soft stomach, enjoying my soapy touch. Spreading my feet further apart I washed the insides of my thighs.

I breathed heavier while imagining it wasn't my hands, but a pair strong hands rubbing my thighs. I leaned against the wall of the shower, visualizing it as a strong chest and titling my head, thought of a pair of hot lips pressed to my skin. My right hand strayed to the smooth flesh of my pussy, and sliding my fingers through my soft wet lips, moaned again.

My pink lips weren't wet from just the shower and as I eased a finger into my hot little slit, I pressed my thumb to my swollen clit. My other hand made its way up to my nipple and cupping my breast while stroking it, I yearned for it to be the hand of another.

I tried to envision Joey, the last guy I had fooled around with. I thought of him fondling my pussy and then turning me around to face him. Joey would look at me with his big blue eyes and leaning in give me a soft kiss as he wrapped his arms around me. He would...

"Oh, fuck it!" I whispered into the steamy air, Joey wasn't who I wanted in this shower with me and I knew it.

The strong hands and muscular body I wanted to be pressed against belonged to my father. Twisted as that thought was, as soon as my mind shifted to him I felt my pussy twitch around my finger and I rubbed my clit harder.

I could see us together in the shower, his well muscled, tanned body pressed against my soft creamy skin. Daddy's hands would be where mine were, one cupping my small tit, the other buried between my soft thighs.

But he would have two fingers inside and those fingers were long and thick and would be buried so deep! His thumb would be on my clit and my hips would be rocking against his touch.

Speaking of long and thick, my father's big hard cock would be pressed against me, rubbing against my firm little ass. He would get me off nice and hard, and then I would turn around, drop to my knees and...

"Oh, Daddy, can I please suck your cock?" I'd ask, batting my big blue eyes.

I would suck him hard and fast, taking him deep into my hot little mouth. I would show him just how good his little girl was at sucking cock so he would keep coming back for more! He would moan and grab my hair; fucking my eager mouth. I'd play with his balls and he would say my name when he came!

I bit my lip in order not to cry out as the thought of my father shooting his cum down my throat sent me over the edge. I clamped my thighs around my hand and ground my hips as waves of pleasure caused me to moan deep in my throat. When the last of the orgasm flowed through me, I remained leaning against the wall, not trusting my weak knees to hold me up.

Catching my breath, I stood up and standing under the hot water rinsed off before taking the shampoo and lathering my long red hair. I took my time, soaking up the steam and feeling more relaxed than I had before.

It was Saturday and I didn't have any plans, maybe I would slip back to bed for awhile. As I worked my fingers through my hair, I felt a little guilty about my getting off to my father.

I knew if I told a hundred people about it all hundred would say I was sick. I suppose maybe I was, but couldn't help it.

Fact was Daddy was the hottest man I'd ever seen and I so wanted to be with an older guy who would know how to take care of me rather than the stupid boys I'd dated. I mean after all, who could be better to a girl than her father? Better yet, wouldn't a good girl do anything to make her Daddy happy?

I knew from eaves dropping on some of their arguments mom wasn't taking care of him the way he needed it and that made me want him even more! Right or wrong, I was dying for a chance to show my father there was one woman in this house who would be more than happy to meet his needs.

Despite the fact I'd just came I felt a warm feeling growing between my thighs at the thought of Daddy behind me, grabbing my hips and burying his big cock inside my tight little pussy.

I wasn't sure exactly when it was I'd started having these nasty thoughts, but one thing I knew for sure they weren't going away. I'd been dreaming of and getting off to the thought of fucking my father for months now and lately I'd been starting to think it wasn't a one sided affair. Most likely it was some twisted wishful thinking on my part, but I swore I'd seen Daddy looking at me lately.

At first I thought I was imagining it, but a few weeks ago I'd been helping mom in the garden and on my knees pulling weeds. I had been wearing a pair of tight denim shorts and every time I glanced behind me, he quickly looked away.

By the third time I was so wet I could feel my panties sticking to my pussy. I moved over so I was in front of the glass doors that led into the kitchen and could see him reflected behind me. My heart started to pound when I saw he was staring at my firm little bottom.

I wiggled it back and forth and saw him shake his head and finally turn away. Since then whenever mom wasn't home, I started wearing short skirts and tight low cut shirts and always hung around whatever room Daddy was in.

I would sit across from him and make a show of stretching out my long legs and bending over in front of him. A couple of times I'd gone over and playfully sat in his lap while giving him a big hug.

Daddy seemed uncomfortable when I did this and the last time I was sure I felt something hard poking into my ass before he moved me over onto his leg.

The thought that I was teasing my father made me hotter than I'd ever been before. I was still seeing Joey when this had started and would always fuck his brains out whenever I saw him right after I'd flaunted myself in front of my father.

Joey was cute and always gave me what I wanted, but fact was he was my age and I was beginning to want more than an eighteen year old boy could give me. No, this horny girl wanted a real man! One that knew how to please and would appreciate a tight young body like mine more than a boy would.

Afraid I would end up playing with myself again; I shut the water off and stepped out of the shower. Grabbing a towel off the rack, I looked at myself in the full length mirror on the bathroom door.

I was tall and on the slender side, but my long legs were well shaped from cheer-leading and my tits, although small, were round and firm with tiny pink nipples. I had a thin waist, but just enough hips to give me a nice shape and many guys had told me I had a perfect little ass.

I wouldn't consider myself hot, more like girl next door pretty, but I had big baby blue eyes and a pair of full lips that when I pouted usually got me anything I wanted.

Like most red heads, my skin was fair and I had some freckles around my nose that Daddy always used to kiss when I was little, saying they were irresistible. Well I had some freckles around my tits that I would love him to kiss and there was something between my legs I knew he would find irresistible.

I dried myself off and frowned at that thought; would he? What if I did offer him? What if the next time mom wasn't home I just walked up to him in his chair and dropped to my knees? I licked my lips at the thought of giving my father a long slow blow job and hearing him moan my name.

But man would I be fucked and not in a good way if I were wrong about him wanting me. With a sigh, I tossed the towel into the hamper and slipped my robe on. I guess some fantasies were just that, fantasies.


I wandered down the hallway back towards my room. It was only nine and although I had planned on going downstairs and grabbing some breakfast, I was now so relaxed from the shower and orgasm, I wanted nothing more than to curl back up and get some more sleep. I was just walking passed my parents bedroom when I heard Daddy yell, "What the hell do you mean you have to go to work?"

I stopped and as I'd done since I was a little kid, slipped up against the wall just next to the door and listened to them argue.

"I'm sorry Mark, but they're shorthanded and need me."

"Well I need you because I'm getting tired of my sex life being one handed!"

"For Christ's sake," Mom snapped, "You act like you never get any, we just had sex..."

"When?" Daddy interrupted, "What night?"

"I...I don't know maybe Tuesday."

"And it's Saturday morning! And all we do during the week are quickies."

"Well excuse me, but I'm tired after a long day."

"And you promised we would start sleeping in on Saturdays and taking our time and doing more than fucking missionary!" Daddy said in frustration.

"So now we don't do it and I'm boring?" Mom yelled, "Well, hell Mark, maybe you should just go out and find yourself some little slut who'll make you happy!"

I couldn't help thinking he wouldn't have to look far; there was a little slut right down the hallway that would love to make my Daddy happy!

"Knock it off Debbie!' He yelled back, "If I wanted another woman, I wouldn't be frustrated we didn't do it." He paused, then began speaking softly, causing me to press my ear to the door to catch it, "I didn't think it was such a bad thing to want to have sex with your wife."

"It's not, but you want it all the time and you think we're still teenagers! You want me to blow you all the time and want me bent over and..."

"What, there's an age limit on fun?" Daddy demanded.

"Oh, so now I'm no fun?" Mom was stilling yelling, "You know what Mark? You watch too much fucking porn!"

"I have too," he retorted, "God only knows it's the only I way I'll ever see a blow job these days!"

Oh, I knew a way he could see a blow job, I thought. He could even be watching porn while I gave it to him!

"With cracks like that, damn straight it is!" Mom yelled, "Hope you like whacking off because that's all you're going to be doing for awhile now! But hey, from what you say your hands more fun than me so you should be happy!"

I heard a bang as she must have slammed her closet door shut and quickly slipped away from the door. I moved a couple of steps away, but still stayed close enough to listen.

"Look Debbie, I'm sorry." Daddy told her, "But I... you look so good and I just really enjoy it. We used to all the time and I don't know why we slowed down and..."

"Because one of us isn't a sex crazed teenager, now I need to go, do me a favor and don't play your porn to loud when you jack off, Mandy's home!"

Her voice was awfully close and I had just started walking towards my bedroom when the door flew open and Mom stormed out.

"Come on Debbie, don't be like that! Look, come home early and we'll..."

Mom had immediately started heading for the stairs and hadn't seen me, but Daddy had glanced my way as he was speaking and said, "Oh, shit."

Mom turned around to see me and rolled her eyes, "Mandy, did you just come out of the bathroom?"

"I...uh, yeah I was just going back to..."

"Great!" Mom waved her hand at him, "Now she knows I'm boring too! Way to start the weekend!"

"No, I didn't hear..." I started, but Mom cut me off.

"How could you not? Well whatever, just make sure you knock before you go into your Daddy's office today, he might be busy"

"Debbie!" Daddy exclaimed, "Don't say shit like that, she's..."

"She's eighteen, she knows what jerking off is," she shook her head, and then with a sigh said, "I'm sorry you heard us fighting Mandy, but I have to go, we'll talk later."

Mom turned and walking away reached the staircase and started heading down. Daddy looked at me, then began to turn away to follow Mom. He immediately stopped and turned back to me, his eyes fixed on my chest. I lowered my gaze and saw that the robe, which I had tied loosely, had fallen open. My nipples weren't exposed, but a good portion of my tits were and for a moment that seemed to last forever, Daddy's eyes widened and lingered on them.

I reflexively grabbed the robe to close it, but seeing he hadn't looked away, I took a huge gamble and rather than close it, opened it just a little bit more and gave him a big smile, "Something wrong Daddy?" I asked.

"I...uh...I have to catch your mother." He stammered and turned around so quickly he lost his balance and would have fallen if his hand hadn't caught the wall.

I watched him run to the stairs, but as he headed down he turned to look one more time. I turned around and making a show of pulling my robe closed, caused the back of it to flip up slightly giving him a glimpse of the backs of my legs right up to my ass cheeks. I went into my room and closing the door behind me, sat on my bed and felt my heart beginning to pound. He had looked! No doubt about it!

Lying back, I let the robe open and running my hands over my once again erect nipples, let my mind race. Not only had Daddy looked, but he and mom were fighting about sex. He wasn't getting any and she sure as well wouldn't be giving him any after this morning. Maybe my fantasy could come true! Closing my eyes and letting my hands wander down between my legs, I decided I was going to go out and lie beside the pool.

I had just bought a new red string bikini I had never planned on my parents seeing, but suddenly I felt it wouldn't be fair if I didn't model my new purchase for my father! I sighed and smiling up at the ceiling as my fingers slid through my pussy wondered if he had showered yet this morning.


Despite my excitement, I fell back to sleep for an hour. When I woke up I looked out the window to see Daddy had decided to go for a swim in the large in ground that he and mom had bought as an anniversary present to each other last year.

I sat there with my legs open, my fingers lightly caressing my wet pussy as I watched Daddy in the pool. He owned a small construction company and still did as much work as any of his employees. Daddy's body was deeply tanned and I watched the muscles ripple in his powerful shoulders and back as he swam.

When he reached the end, he got out and as he stood there toweling off, I took in his broad chest and muscular arms. I stared at the beads of water on his glistening stomach and yearned to wipe them off with my tongue.

That thought caused me to get up and going over to my bureau, I dug out the skimpy bikini I had hidden there and putting it on, tossed on a plain black t-shirt and headed downstairs.

As I walked through the kitchen, I noticed Mom's cell phone was on the kitchen counter, she must have been so pissed off she'd forgotten it. I paused and looked down at it. I wasn't sure why, but it seemed like a good thing it was there.

I stood there tapping my long pink nails on the table, and then smiled as a thought occurred to me. Picking up the phone I dialed her office extension and when she answered, she said, "Hey hon, I know, I forgot my phone."

"Okay, I just wanted to tell you it was home and you didn't lose it." I told her.

"Thanks, Mandy, and I'm sorry you heard us fighting about...well, you know."

'That's okay." I told her then trying to sound casual asked her, "So um, what time are you working to?"

"Well I was hoping to get out early, but we're really swamped here, so probably three or so." she sighed, "Don't let Dad eat too late, tell him I'd like to go out to dinner tonight to make things up to him, I was kind of bitchy this morning."

"Sure I'll tell him." I said, then feeling a little guilty added, "Love you mom" and hung up.

It was only a little after ten. I still didn't know what the hell I was going to do, but I had some time to do it. The only thing I knew for sure was it was time for my sexy father to get a good eyeful of his naughty little girl. Walking out onto the patio I headed over to Daddy, who was reading the newspaper and said, 'Hey Daddy!"

"Oh, uh hey Mandy." He answered, peering from around the newspaper.

He had sounded nervous, but when his eyes focused on me and saw I was wearing a t-shirt he seemed relieved.

"You done swimming already?" I asked.

"Yeah, my shoulders are sore, works catching up to me I guess." He laughed, "Sucks to get old."

"You're not old." I said with a smile, "Guys your age are in their prime!"

"Oh, okay!" he laughed, "That's good to know."

"That's why so many girls my age like older guys." I added, "They know exactly what they want and what to do with it."

"I..what?" he asked, his big brown eyes widening, "What does that mean?"

"Oh, nothing." I shrugged, and then figuring I'd get him going, giggled, "A couple of my friends told me that, because they think you're hot."

"Oh, please." He waved his hand, and then with a grin asked, "Which ones?"

"I don't remember," I said with a mock sigh then unable to resist added, "Some slutty redhead."

"Oh," he frowned in thought, "I don't remember..."

"Well, I don't feel like swimming, but my lily white body could use some color so I'm going to lay out for awhile." I interrupted him, before he really started thinking about that, because none of my friends had red hair.

"Oh, sure." He laughed, "You could use a little sun. I..."

Daddy trailed off as I stripped the shirt off over my head. I paused for a moment, making it seem as if I were tangled in the shirt giving him a second to check me out. The top of the bikini barely concealed even my small tits, not covering much more than my nipples.

I pictured my smooth soft stomach, directly in his face as well as the bikini bottom which showed my leg right up to my hips where it was tied on each side. I knew that between my legs, the thin strip of red material barely covered my pussy.

Feeling I had given him enough time for a quick look at the front, I tossed the t-shirt off. I quickly turned away from him and slowly walked away, giving him a good look at the back.

The top was only tied in the back with a red string and the bottom was really little more than a thong. I knew the cheeks of my ass were exposed and it was everything I could do, not to turn around to catch him looking.

I took a few steps, putting more swing into my hips than I needed to and stopped. I made a show of gathering my long red hair up and keeping my arms over my head, took my time, tying it into a bun.

I turned my head to the side and felt my nipples harden when I saw his reflection in the glass doors. Not only was he staring, but I saw him slowly lick his lips.

I turned all the way around and almost laughed at how fast he tried to bring the paper back up to his face. I wasn't going to let him off the hook that easily and walking back over to him leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"Uh, what was that for?" he asked, nervously.

"I can't give my Daddy a kiss good morning?"

"I..." he swallowed hard and I saw his eyes lingering on my chest. I was still leaning over and knew damn well he could probably see the pink skin around my nipples in this position. "Uh, is that a new bathing suit?"

"It is!" I exclaimed and putting my arms up over my head, twirled around for him. "You like it?"

"I..." he forced a laugh and said, "I hope you didn't pay full price for that third of a bikini."

"Oh, sorry." I put my arms down and gave him a pout, "I...I wasn't thinking, do you want me to go change?"

"No!" he said, then immediately turned red, "I mean uh...well it's just us, but don't be wearing that around any boys"

"Oh, okay!" I smiled at him, "But it's okay for my Daddy?"

"Well..." his eyes widened and the look of panic in his eyes, made me want to just whip the top off in front of him and see what happened.

Instead I stood there smiling, while he tried to come up with something. Finally he whispered, "It's okay, because I...I don't look at you that way."

"Well of course not!" I laughed, "I'm your little girl after all!"

I turned and skipped over to the next chair and grabbing a towel laid it out on the patio. As I did, I put my back to him and bent over, showing him my ass as I made a show of straightening the towel.

I took a chance and shook it a little bit and a glance in the glass doors and the look on Daddy's face told me he was not minding the show. I dropped to my hands and knees and very slowly slid out so I was lying on my stomach.

I crossed my arms under my chin and turning my head to face the doors, closed my eyes then opened them slightly. Daddy had the paper down in his lap and was now blatantly staring.

I opened my legs and as I saw him still looking, felt my pussy growing warmer by the minute. The thought that my father was staring at the thin material that covered his little girls pussy had me so hot I had to make an effort not to start moving my hips.

In the doors, I saw Daddy carefully fold up the paper and drop it next to his chair. He sat up straighter and turned to the side so he was now facing me.

I saw his lips moving as if he were talking to himself then felt a surge of heat go through me when I saw his right hand drop to his lap. That hand started moving back and forth, rubbing his hard cock through his bathing suit as he stared at his daughter's tight little body.

I could feel my pussy beginning to ache and my nipples were throbbing against the thin material of the suit. I had never been so horny! Daddy's hand was beginning to move faster and I frowned at the thought that since he thought I was sleeping, he was going to get himself off right there in his shorts.

Any other time the thought of my father jacking off to me would be a hot one, but I was beginning to think there was a much better place for that cum to go; right into my mouth.

Not wanting him to finish, I lifted my head, and lazily rolled over onto my back. I put my arms out over my head and made a show of stretching.

Arching my back off the ground, I pushed my tits out and when I let myself relax on to my back, I opened my legs again and let my head fall to the side. Again Daddy was staring, but his hand had stopped. I drew my right leg, up, bending it at the knee, then lifting it, stretched it out for a moment.

Daddy stood up and as he turned away, my eyes widened at the large bulge in his bathing suit. He started to walk away so fast he almost tripped over the chair and knocked his cell phone onto the patio. He quickly bent over and after picking it up, began to head inside.

As soon as he did, I sat up and wondered what the hell should I do next? Simply follow him upstairs and just throw myself at him? No, he might say no. I watched him stop at the doors and heard him swear as he dropped his phone again.

That's it! I thought excitedly, mom's phone. As soon as Daddy went inside, I jumped up and ran over to the doors. I saw him walking out into the living room and quietly slipping into the kitchen, grabbed mom's phone. I left the kitchen and walking out onto the patio sent Daddy a text from her phone,

"Hey, honey, you there?"

I waited a moment, my heart pounding then felt a thrill go through me when he replied, "Yeah, I'm sorry Debbie."

"Me too," I texted back, "Hey want some good news?"

"What's that?"

"I'm out of work and on my way home, how about you let me show you I can still be fun?"

I could feel my pussy getting hotter by the second when he replied, "Really? Damn that sounds good! When will you be home?"

My fingers trembling with excitement, I had to type my reply slowly, "Soon, where's Mandy?"

"Out by the pool. We'll meet in the bedroom?"

"How about the shower?" I replied

"Wow, you are in a good mood!"

"I have some making up to do," I sent him back, "But let's play a game okay?"

"What game?"

"Just let me slip in behind you and we go from there, okay baby?"

"Whatever you say! I'll head in there right now!"

"Good, don't you start without me!"

I leaned against the wall and tried to calm myself down. I was really going to do it; I was going to seduce my father. If he had a chance to say no, he would, so I had to take that option away from him.

Get him to the point he couldn't refuse me! Thinking more calmly than I thought possible, I deleted all the texts from mom's phone and entering the house had one thought running through my mind. "I was going to fuck my father!"


My heart pounding and my legs trembling, I went up to the bathroom door and listened to the water running. I took a deep breath; it was time to put it all on the line.

I quietly opened the bathroom door, just enough to enter, closed it behind me and turned to look at the shower. The doors were frosted glass and I could see Daddy's shadow behind them, but couldn't make him out, which meant he couldn't see me.

I walked up to the edge of the doors away from the water and untied the bikini top. I let it drop to the floor, and then shimmied out of the bottom. I let my long red hair down and standing there naked, looked down at the black tie I had grabbed from Daddy's closet.

I swallowed nervously and reaching out, slid the door open a few inches. I was struck by a wall of steam and the smell of soap. Peering into the steam, I felt a surge of relief when I saw he was facing the water.

I opened the door further and moving as quickly as I could, stepped into the shower. Taking a step forward, I put my hands on his shoulders.

"Wow, you made good time!" Daddy exclaimed and began to turn.

"Hmm-mm" I grunted and pushed hard on his shoulders.

Fortunately he didn't turn around, instead he laughed, "Oh, are we shy?"

My response was to take the tie and reaching over his head, place it in front of his eyes.

"Ohh, I like this game!" he said, as I tied it behind his head.

Placing my hands on his shoulders, I lowered my voice as much as I could and said, "Just don't turn around, okay?"

"You okay, Deb? You sound funny."

"Shhhhh!" I hissed then stepping back began to massage his powerful shoulders.

'Oh, that feels nice." He sighed.

Oh, yeah it did! The feeling of his hard muscles beneath his tanned skin felt damn good. Even better was the sight of his naked body. Daddy's ass was as firm and well muscled as the rest of him and dropping my hands, I gave it a hard squeeze.

Daddy laughed and reluctantly releasing his ass, I started rubbing his back. I pushed him gently, easing him forward, so I could get him closer to the water and reaching out, grabbed the soap. Lathering my hands, I began caressing his back, soaping him up. When his back was covered, I pressed against him and moaned softly as my hard nipples pushed into his back.

'Hmmm, someone is excited." He whispered.

Keeping my hands on his shoulders, I moved side to side, rubbing my aching nipples across his soapy skin. I moaned again and reaching around him rubbed his chest. I gave his nipples a playful pinch, getting him to yelp, then lowering my hands, began caressing his hard flat stomach.

My pussy was dripping and I could feel my hands trembling against his skin. I was nervous at what might happen, but excited as well. I was in the shower naked with my father and so far it felt as good as I imagined it.

I teased my fingers across his stomach and felt him tense up against me as my hands dipped lower. I began to breath heavier when I felt his pubic hair beneath my touch and as I kept my hands there, kissed his back and shoulders. Daddy sighed and said softly, "Oh, that's nice."

I closed my eyes and lowering my hand brushed it against his hard cock. I jumped when I felt him grab my wrist then gasped, when he placed it on his cock. I wrapped my slender fingers around it and as I gave it as squeeze, moaned. He was so hard!

Not only hard, but a lot thicker than the cock of any of the boys I'd fooled around with. Daddy moaned and feeling his cock twitch in my hand, I started slowly pumping it.

I was still kissing his back and reaching down with my other hand, I cupped his large, heavy balls and stroking them while jerking him off.

"Oh, honey, that feels so fucking good!" Daddy moaned.

His hips were moving back and forth, sliding his cock faster through my hand and I started pumping him faster. I was breathing through my mouth and my own hips were moving.

My pussy was oozing at not just the feeling of Daddy's hard cock in my hand, but the control I felt as I stroked him. He was moaning and totally at my mercy! I could keep playing with him and teasing, or I could jack him off hard and fast, feel his cum spurting!

I slowed my stroking at the thought that if my father was going to blow a load it shouldn't be against the bathroom wall. Still slowly jerking him and fondling his balls, I sank to my knees behind him. As I kissed his firm ass, he moaned, "Oh, you are feeling naughty today aren't you?"

I released his cock and putting my hands on his hips, pushed, encouraging him to turn around. I felt my heart beat faster as I hoped the tie would still be covering his eyes, if he saw... All thoughts left my head when he turned around and my face was inches from the longest thickest cock I'd ever seen. The head was swollen purple and was oozing pre cum.

I grabbed it and as I squeezed it, the pre cum squirted out and hit me on the lips. I licked them and moaned loudly at the taste of my father's sticky juices. Pumping his cock, I licked my lips again and taking a chance looked up. The tie was directly across his eyes and the expression on Daddy's face was one of anticipation. Good, he still thought I was mom!

I leaned forward and sticking my tongue out, ran it around the edge of the head of his cock. Daddy moaned and his hips twitched, sending his cock poking against my mouth. I slipped and giggled as the spongy flesh of his cock hit me in the cheek and Daddy laughed softly as well.

Grabbing his cock by the base to hold it still, I ducked my head and pressing my tongue to the side of his cock, ran it along the length of his shaft.

When I reached the head, I swirled my tongue around it, causing him to moan again, then ran it down the other side. I licked the softer skin of the underside of his cock and parting my lips, took just the head into my mouth.

Daddy moaned louder than before and holding him between my soft lips, I began running my tongue around his cock. He began breathing heavier and I jumped when he reached down and put his hands on my shoulders.

Opening my mouth wider, I took him about halfway down the length of his shaft and pressing my lips tightly around his hard flesh started to bob my head.

"Oh, yes." He moaned, "Hmm, suck that cock, honey!"

His words sent as big a thrill through me as the feeling of his cock between my lips did. I couldn't believe I was doing this! I was naked and on my knees, blowing my father in the shower! So what if he thought I was mom, I'd figure that part out later. All that mattered now was...

"Oh!" I gasped around his cock as his hands slid down and finding my tits began to fondle them.

I released his cock and moaned loudly as his thumbs started rubbing my hard nipples and wanting to return the favor, took him back into my mouth; sucking him faster and harder. Photos http://cpmlink.net/WrhhAA As his strong hands played with my tits, I found myself wondering if I should let him touch me, sure mom's tits were about my size, but...

I pushed that thought aside and rising up on my knees, opened my mouth as wide as I could and slowly, an inch at a time, worked almost his entire cock down my throat.

'Oh, fuck yeah" Daddy groaned.

His hands tightened on my tits and I moaned around him as I started bobbing my head as fast as I dared. My eyes rolled back in my head at the incredible sensation of having my mouth stuffed with my father's hard flesh and the feeling of his pre cum sliding down my willing throat. Reaching between his legs, I rubbed his balls and he jerked his hips, pushing his cock even deeper into my mouth.

I followed my mouth with my hand, jerking him off as I blew him and he was now moaning continuously. I began to suck him more slowly, sliding him all the way out until just his head was in my mouth, then working my way back down his hard shaft.

I was keeping my tongue pressed against him and my lips wrapped tightly around him. My hand was now just holding him while I was using my fingers to lightly caress his balls.

"Oh goddamn!" Daddy moaned, "This is the best fucking blow job, I can remember!" he paused then asked, "I want to watch! I want to watch my cock going into that pretty mouth!"

I froze and felt my stomach twist into knots. What the hell was I going to do? I moaned as Daddy started to rock his hips, sliding his cock in and out of my now still mouth. His fingers were still busy on my nipples and my poor little pussy was aching for attention. I had to...

"Come on Mandy," Daddy whispered, "Let Daddy watch you suck his cock!"

I pulled his cock from his mouth and as I started up at him, he removed the blindfold and smiled down at me.

"Oh, you do look good down there!" He said, shaking his head, "And goddamn, look at those perfect little tits!"

"You...you knew?" I managed to get out.

"I saw your mother's phone on the counter he said, "I...I wouldn't have let you, but Christ Mandy, you in that bikini and I...I need it so bad and oh my God are you fucking hot!"

"You," I swallowed hard and staring at his cock which I was still holding, asked, "You want me to..."

"Oh, God yes!" He moaned, looking down at me. "Please Mandy! I...I know this isn't right, but you...Oh yes!"

Daddy cried out as opening my mouth, I eagerly took his cock back into it. I couldn't believe it! He wanted me too! I swore his cock felt even better in my mouth as I bobbed my head rapidly and returned to stroking him as well.

"Oh, that looks good!" Daddy groaned

I squealed in pleasure as he squeezed my nipples for emphasis. I started rubbing his balls harder and his hands leaving my tits, he placed them on my head.

"Stay still." He whispered.

I did as he asked, then moaned softly as he started pumping his hips.

"That's right; let me fuck your mouth." He moaned, "You're going to be my good girl, aren't you Mandy?"

"Hmmm-mm!" I moaned around his thrusting cock.

"And I'm going to be good to you too!" He gasped as he sped up his fucking my mouth. "Going to suck on those perfect tits and lick that sweet little pussy! Oh, we're going to have a lot of...oh!"

He moaned as I began thrusting my mouth down on his cock in perfect timing with his plunging cock. I was sucking as hard as I could and he gasped, "Look up at me, let me see you."

I looked up at him with my big blue eyes and giving him a whimper, squeezed his balls as he buried his cock in my throat.

"Oh fuck, oh, don't stop Mandy, oh please I...oh!"

I squealed delightedly as my father's cock exploded into my mouth. My eyes rolled back as a huge spurt of thick hot cum shot down my throat and as he stopped moving his hips, I started jerking him off, pumping his cock and sending squirt after squirt of Daddy's cum into my greedy mouth. I sucked until there was nothing left and with a low moan, he slipped his cock from my mouth.

'Oh my God." He said, as he gasped for breath. "That was...so wrong, but oh, it felt good!"

"I did a good job?" I asked, looking up at him.

"Hell yeah, now come up here!"

I yelped in surprise as grabbing my shoulders, Daddy yanked me to my feet. As soon as I was standing he bent his head down and I cried out as he sucked my nipple into his mouth.

He quickly moved to my other tit and grabbing the back of his head, I held it while arching my back and shoving my nipple deeper into his mouth.

"Oh, God," he moaned around my swollen flesh. "Mandy, they're perfect!"

He punctuated that statement by taking almost my entire tit into his mouth while his fingers found my other nipple.

"They're all yours Daddy!" I moaned as his tongue swirled around my pink nub, "Anytime!"

"Be careful with that, because I'm going to want them a lot!" He dropped to his knees and grabbing my left ankle said, "Put your foot on my shoulder."

I did as he said and squealed loudly as he plunged his face between my legs.

"Oh, yes Daddy!" I cried out as his tongue found my clit.

"Oh, look at this pussy!" he moaned.

I leaned back against the wet wall and as I gasped for breath in the steam filled air, I reached down and spread my pussy open. Daddy's soft tongue swirled around my swollen button and my hips began to rock as my yearning pussy received the attention is so desperately needed.

Daddy ran his tongue down through the wet folds of my pussy and I released a loud yelp as he sent it inside me. I moaned as I felt him sick hard and get a mouthful of my sticky juice.

Daddy moaned between my legs and I could hear him slurping every drop from my oozing pussy. I reached down and grabbing his thick black hair, ran my fingers through it as he teased his tongue around the entrance to my hot little box.

I looked down and moaned at the sight of Daddy's tongue flickering against my wet pink pussy. My white foot looked good on his shoulder and the water beating on his powerful back looked damn good as well.

My attention went back to between my legs as his tongue left my pussy and was quickly replaced by two of his fingers. I cried out as his long thick fingers spread me open and started thrusting in and out of it.

"Man that is a tight little pussy!" Daddy moaned from between my legs, "I can't wait to fuck you!"

"I...please make me cum first!" I whimpered, "Please lick your little girls pussy, she's a good girl!"

"I don't know about that!" he laughed, "But my little girl always gets what she wants!"

I started to reply, but it was cut off by a long moan as his tongue once again found my clit and started tracing slow circle around it. I could feel my legs starting to tremble and moved my hips faster, driving his fingers deeper inside me. I cried out again as taking my clit between his lips, Daddy started sucking my clit as hard and fast as he had my nipples.

'Oh, yes Daddy!" I moaned, "Right there! Oh, I want to cum for you!"

I arched my back and reaching up, grabbed my aching nipples. As Daddy's fingers plunged faster into my pussy, I gave my nipples a hard pinch and between my legs, Daddy sucked on my clit so hard his lips were smacking. I gasped as I felt my pussy contract, then as Daddy added a third finger inside of me, I threw my head back and howled as my body exploded.

I cried out again and again as waves of intense pleasure tore through my body. My screams were echoing in the shower, but I could still hear Daddy moaning between my legs as his tongue and fingers worked his little girl's pussy, making her cum as hard and long as possible.

I released another loud wail as my body sent another surge through me and my convulsing pussy released a warm wave of fluid out and down my thighs.

As the last of the strongest orgasm of my life flowed through me, I felt my legs begin to buckle and started to slide down the wall of the shower. Standing up, Daddy grabbed the cheeks of my ass and easily lifting me up in the air, dropped me down on to his once again hard cock.

"Oh Daddy!" I squealed as he impaled me on his long thick cock, "Oh, easy!" I moaned as I felt my tight pussy trying to stretch around his hard flesh.

"Sorry," he moaned into my ear, "Oh damn, you're tight!"

I moaned softly and leaning forward wrapped my arms around his shoulders and my legs around his waist. Still holding me by my ass, Daddy began lifting me up and down, slowly sliding his big dick in and out of my pussy. I moaned in his ear and held him tighter as my pussy became used to him and I groaned at the feeling of being so completely full.

"Oh, honey," he whispered, "Oh, you feel so fucking good!"

"So do you." I moaned, "You can go a little faster!"

I didn't have to tell him twice and leaning me back against the wall, he started thrusting his hips, plunging his cock deeper inside of me. I whimpered as his big dick was still hurting a little, but the pleasure was far more intense; never mind the thought that I was fucking my father.

Daddy was moaning in my ear each time he entered me and I could feel my tight pussy clinging to his hard flesh. I started lifting myself up and down, causing him to fuck me faster and even over the water I could hear how wet my pussy was.

I could also feel Daddy trembling against me, and knowing he was holding back told him. "Go ahead, Daddy, you can fuck me, I know you need it!"

"I...Oh, I am going to be so good to you for this Mandy!"

Instead of an answer all that came out of me was a loud cry as pushing me completely against the wall, Daddy began hammering away at me, driving his hips and sending his plunging cock hard into me.

I clung to his wet shoulders, yelping loudly with each thrust and loving every second of it. Daddy was breathing hard in my ear then suddenly let my ass go. As soon as my feet found the floor, Daddy grabbed my hips and spun me around.

I felt a thrill of excitement go through me and bracing my palms against the wall of the shower bent over, pointing my hot little ass at him. Daddy didn't hesitate; grabbing my slender hips he slammed his huge dick deep inside of my no longer protesting pussy.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed as he fucked me

"Fuck is right!" He called out behind me, "Damn, your mother never fucked like this!"

"Oh!" I cried out as he started fucking me even faster, "I...I guess I take after my Daddy!"

Daddy laughed, and then squeezing my hips even harder started driving his cock into me so hard I could no longer speak. I leaned closer to the wall and was squealing over and over as he repeatedly drove his big dick inside of his daughter's hot little pussy.

The sound of out wet flesh was almost as loud as my cries and behind me Daddy was gasping, "Oh, Mandy, oh you feel so good! Oh, you and Daddy are going to be spending a lot of time together!"

"All yours!" I told him again, "It's your pussy Daddy, it's..."

My words turned into loud squeals as Daddy started fucking me so hard I could feel his balls slapping against my pussy. After several more savage pumps, Daddy cried out and slipped his cock from inside of me. I quickly turned around and dropping to my knees held up my tits for him.

With a loud cry, Daddy released his cock and I sighed, as a long thick stream of cum splattered against my right tit. Daddy was furiously pumping his cock, each stroke ending with another squirt of his sticky fluid striking my perky young tit.

He angled his cock so that he could spray some on my other nipple and began going side to side, painting his daughters pink nipples.

I moaned softly at the sensation of his warm cum dripping down my tits and onto my stomach. Daddy sighed and stopped jerking himself and I grabbed his cock, taking it into my mouth. He moaned again as I eagerly began sucking the sensitive head and was rewarded with a couple more drops of my Daddy's delicious cum.

"Damn you are a bad little girl." Daddy gasped as my tongue continued to bathe his cock.

"Hmm-Hmm" I shook my head, then popping his cock from my mouth, pushed my lips into a pout, "I'm always a good girl for my Daddy!"

"I guess so," he said with a sigh as he sank to his knees in front of me.

Looking down at my cum covered tits, he whistled, "I know that's supposed to be wrong, but that looks good!"

Scooping some of his cum up with my fingers; I slid them into my mouth and after greedily sucking them clean, giggled, "Tastes pretty good too!"

"Wow, oh shit!" he yelled.

"What's wrong I asked, hoping he hadn't suddenly become upset with what we'd just done.

"The hot water ran out!" he exclaimed and turning around, leaned over and shut the water off.

'Guess we were in here for awhile" I laughed "I love long hot showers, what about you?"

"I think showers may be my new favorite thing," he laughed as he turned back to face me.

We sat there staring at each other a little awkwardly and wondering if he were having second thoughts, I asked, "Are you mad at me, Daddy?"

Hell, no," extending his arms out, he said, "Come here, honey."

I eagerly folded into his embrace and as my head rested on his shoulder he put his arms around me and began playing with my long wet hair.

"Why would I be mad?" he asked.

"Well...I...I guess I shouldn't have done this, but I just wanted you so bad!"

"In case you didn't notice, I wanted it too." He sighed in my ear. "I've been watching you Mandy, and goddamn you're hot and I could tell you wanted to, but I'm your father and its wrong. But when you came in here there was no way I was saying no."

"So you knew all along it was me?" I asked while squeezing closer to him, enjoying the feeling of our wet skin pressing together.

"I knew mom forgot her phone and besides," he chuckled, "Your mother's tits are nowhere near that firm and she doesn't like to suck cock that much."

"I love to suck cock!" I told him "Especially yours Daddy!"

"Again, so wrong, but..." he laughed, "Who cares?"

"I'll suck it anytime!" I told him. "And I'll do anything else mom won't. I'll keep you nice and happy, Daddy!"

"Hmm, that sounds good." He nodded against my head, "I think you and I need to do a lot of Daddy daughter bonding from now on!"

"What about Mom," I asked, "I...I feel kind of bad."

"Honey, your mother not wanting sex was starting to cause real problems between us, but if you can keep me happy without going somewhere else then I'm not going to worry about it anymore. I mean, shit, it's not like she would ever suspect this."

"So, it's our little secret!" I told him, "And this will help you and mom stay together!"

"Oh, yeah," he said leaning back and smiling, "In fact I bet mom will be very happy from now on."

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Well think about it," he said, grinning mischievously, "I won't be bothering her for sex much anymore."

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Cumming Clean with Daddy

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